Pub and games

Both Diane and I were finding our temporary accommodation rather constricting whilst waiting for our new home to be completed. What was even more frustrating was that we were not allowed on site as James, our architect, and Tom were busy dealing with the interior.

We had agreed how the main living area was to be laid out and they had consulted us about how a play area would be incorporated into it, but we were none the wiser about the actual design. We were reassured by Tom that we would find it entirely to our taste.

The weekend before we were due to be handed the keys we went out to the local pub for a few drinks and a meal.

I was surprised to find that James and his wife Petra were there and Mike and Janet were there too. They waved us over and it was clear that Diane had made these arrangements as shortly afterwards John and Kathy appeared.

Despite our probing, James revealed nothing about the interior of the house. He would only confirm that we would be able to  move in on the Friday before Christmas.

After a few minutes, Diane suggested to me that we should combine the house warming party with a New Year one. I quickly telephoned Zack, Corrine, Tom, Susan and Tamara and they all confirmed that they and their partners would be there.

We enjoyed our meal and plenty of conversation. When it was time to order another round of drinks, James suggested we all went back to their house for some fun and games as it was not far from the pub.

On entering the house we were given a short tour of the downstairs area and then led into the games room that was a converted stable block for about six horses. There was a pool table and darts board. He also suggested that we had a little competition between us four couples. The winners would be able to dictate what the others would wear home that night and if they were not a winner, they would be restrained together and the winner would hide the keys to the restraints somewhere accessible for them to be able to escape.

The competition was a single game of pool and three games of darts between each couple. The winner would get two points and the loser none. If there was a tie for the winner there would be a simple toss of the coin to decide the winning couple.

This sounded like a bit of fun, so we all agreed.

The competition started with James and Petra taking on Mike and Janet at pool. It went down to the black ball and Mike managed to sink it to win the game. Meanwhile Diane and I managed to win our game of darts against John and Kathy.

The games went on and whilst we were all fairly evenly matched, the two couples tied at the top of the league before the final two games were James and Petra and John and Kathy. As it so happened, the final game was between these two. They tossed a coin to see who would break. John won it and proceeded to play a break shot that sank a striped ball but left James and Petra an awkward set of balls. Petra went up to the table and carefully lined up her shot but missed sinking one of their balls. Kathy went to play her shot and played a very defensive one that left James with virtually no chance of potting a ball.

James did his best on his turn, but the way the game had developed meant that John was able to clear all but one of the striped balls.

Petra went up to the table, proceeded to clear plenty of balls until an unfortunate bounce off the cushion sank the black, leaving John and Kathy the overall winners.

Petra apologised to James, who just shrugged his head saying, “That was just unlucky.”

John asked James to get out all their restraints and padlocks. James rushed off and returned with a large box of restraints, and on looking through he knew that they were missing one vital ingredient for his plans.

He turned to Kathy saying “as you are the driver, pop down to the pub and bring the car back here.” He then whispered something in her ear which elicited a big grin.

It took Kathy about fifteen minutes before she got back and passed John a little black plastic bag.

John and Kathy conferred for a couple of minutes before she disappeared and returned with another plastic bag.

Kathy invited Janet to strip and put her clothes in a pile on one of the chairs.

Janet nervously did as she was asked until she was in just a bra and knickers.

Kathy said “Don’t be nervous, you are not going home naked.”

She then instructed Mike to strip naked too.

Janet reluctantly removed her underwear. Kathy then asked “Have you ever tied rope underwear on Mike?”


“Well, you will learn one technique tonight.”

She carefully instructed Janet to start by wrapping his penis tight and the thin rope was tied off under his balls, she was then shown how to make the underpants so that every movement he made would be felt in his cock and balls.

Once Janet had completed the tie on Mike, He was ordered “First you need to tie a rope bikini bottom on Janet with a nice big knot that will sit on her clit.”

He did as instructed and when finished Janet was asked to move a little and each movement elicited a small gasp as the knot did its work.

Kathy then said, now for the fun part, “Janet needs a bra, so a nice rope bra with a twist is appropriate.”

He seemed to have great difficulty putting on the bra under Kathy’s instruction and Janet impatiently said “You better let them do it.”KONICA MINOLTA DIGITAL CAMERA

John checked with them both that they were happy for him to do it, before making the bra which which supported her breasts a little, but with a twist in the rope where each nipple showed through.

John and Kathy turned their attention to James and Petra who were first instructed to strip naked. They did as asked and we were all surprised to see they both had rings in their nipples.

Kathy asked “Can you stand face to face for a moment?”

They did and she smiled when she saw that their nipples were at about the same height. She looked at John, then their nipples. John just nodded.

She continued “Before we go any further will you let us have a spare door key for your own safety.”

James disappeared for a minute and handed over a set of keys.

She had them lock cuffs on their wrists and ankles. She locked a short hobble chain through their ankle cuffs.

She then had them place their wrists behind each other’s backs and cuffed them. The final act was to connect their nipples together with a lock on each side. In the meantime John had got all their padlock keys put them in a bowl and mixed them together and took out of the games room.

He returned shortly, turned to Diane and myself and said right, “your turn. Both of you strip.”

We did.

Kathy then said “James and Petra, the keys to your restraints are in the kitchen in the bowl with all your other keys. Once we have left, you can make your way to the kitchen and release yourselves. When you are free text us and let us know. If we have not heard from you before 10, one of us will come and check on you.”

John then said “the rest of you will walk home exactly as you are. We will drop your clothes off to your some time tomorrow. And James, we will drop off your keys then too”

Kathy picked up our keys and handed them to us so we could at least get inside.

They carefully ensured that each couple’s clothes were kept separate and ushered Janet, Mike, Diane and myself out of the house, carefully locked the door got in their car and bid us goodnight.

We walked along the quiet road with Diane and me having to keep in the shadows to hide our state of undress.

Janet and Mike on the other hand not only had their partial nakedness to contend with. The devious arrangements were also having their effect with Mike wincing with every step and Janet letting out occasional moans of arousal.

We separated shortly after passing the pub and Diane and I had to take a slightly longer route home to avoid a well-lit street.

We finally made it home and it did not take long for us to warm up cuddled together in bed.

The next morning at about 12, Kathy and John returned our clothes with Kathy saying with a smile “James texted us at five to say they were free, and when we dropped their keys off, they had changed their restraints and he was in a serious hogtie as a punishment for suggesting the contest. Meanwhile, Janet is still wearing her bra, but apparently they were both a more than a little horny when they got home.”

Wicked Wednesday

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A business meeting

I have neglected in the last few weeks to update you what happened following Diane and my week long trip to Corrine and Patrice. The site meeting at our new house and subsequent “workout” were the main kink related activities in that time.

We were informed that the house would be ready for us to move into during the weekend before Christmas, and more importantly James and Tom were adamant that we were not allowed on site from when Tom’s workmen started until the completion of the work and the hand over of the keys.

This left Diane and I have been at a little bit of a loss of what to do, especially as we did not have a lot of room and the opportunities to play were limited.

Work for Diane was going well, and I was having a hard time keeping up with Tamara and Sofia who were working very hard on their project at Bustards.

Diane’s boss, Dee and her husband Zack, made work a pleasure for us all, as well as allowing us to introduce a bit of fun in our meetings, especially when it was just the six of us around the table.

It was shortly after Diane had participated in the workout, that we were all sat around the meeting table in Dee’s office. Tamara and Sofia were updating the others on their work and in particular they asked Dee “Why do you spend all this money on retail analysts when you already have the data available.”

Dee was a little taken aback at this but replied “Well we have to look at industry trends and make decisions based on them.”

“Yes, we realise that” started Tamara, “but you spent about £100k for them to produce an inaccurate analysis of customer spending in Bustards.”

“What?” exclaimed Dee.

“Yes, we have looked at their data and also the information we hold form the spending patterns of the card holders. The most significant discrepancy is in the demographics. The average age of customers in the analysis they produced is fifty one, yet the average age of a Bustards customer is forty. Also if you look at the spending patterns, you will find that Bustards have a higher average spend than the industry analysis.”

Dee exploded “F***ing hell, How has this F***ing happened?”

“Simple really, they asked for certain data sets that were supplied, however the data requested is not representative of the Bustards business. Having looked at the data, and having asked the company that did the analysis, there is a clear lack of understanding of the nature of the business.”

Dee just said “S**t this seems to be getting worse.”

Tamara quietly replied, “Actually not. What it shows is that Bustards is in many areas doing a lot better than thought.”

“At least there is some good news.”

“Yes, but it also shows where Bustards is not doing as well, and that is mainly in the high ticket items that are often the most profitable.”

The discussion continued for quite a while and Dee accepted that there were more changes that needed to be considered. Dee started to close the meeting.

Whilst this meeting had been going on and Dee had been raging, swearing and generally getting a bit hot under the collar, Zack had been quietly sitting there with a smile on his face.

The meeting was finished and we gathered up our papers.

Dee started to get up from her chair when he said “Dee, you better sit down.”

She looked a little surprised but did as asked.

Zack continued, “It is late, this office is soundproofed and you have been a very naughty girl with all your swearing.”

She looked at him with daggers before retorting “So what?”

“Well, it is time you enjoyed a new toy that I have got here.”

He then turned to Tamara and Sofia with a smile saying “and you two need a reminder on how important it is to keep Dee calm so she does not get herself into trouble.”

Sofia said “I hope Patrice does not hear about this.”

“Don’t worry, he does. He has given me permission to deal with it in the appropriate manner.”

He then showed them the text exchange on his mobile phone. The two girls shifted in their seats for a moment before resigning themselves to their fate.

Zack said “I think we will deal with you two first. Dee go and stand in the corner and you can hear the girls meet my new toy kindly sent to me by John and Kathy.”

He turned to Tamara and Sofia asking, “Which of you wants to go first?”

Sofia stood up saying “I will.”

“Good, bend over the table and present your bare ass.”

She did as she was told and Zack moved his wheelchair so he was in the right position. He retrieved a two foot long rod of steel about 1/8th inch in diameter and stroked her taught bum. With a flick of his wrist he landed the first strike on her left cheek. The swish of the rod followed by a mild splat hid the severity of the sting as Sofia squealed. This continued until she sported six thin stripes on each cheek.

Sofia was bleary eyed as she held back the tears and winced as she pulled up her knickers before she gingerly sat down again.

Tamara got up, took her position, lowered her knickers and as the first strike landed she said something in German. Zack immediately said “there is no need for that sort of language; I think an extra line on each cheek is called for. Anymore and the extras will increase.”

Tamara held still as the next stinging strike landed. Each strike elicited a gasp or squeal. As Zack finished Tamara was sporting seven vivid red lines on her right and eight on her left ass cheeks.

Tamara also winced as she pulled up her knickers and grimaced as she sat back in her chair.

Dee was called over and when she dropped her trousers it was clear that she was not wearing any knickers.

Zack smiled as he said “at least you did as you were told this morning. It is a shame for your ass that you broke one of your rules. For each F word you get six on each cheek and for the others one. I make that a total of 21 on each cheek.”

Dee was shaking as she leant over the meeting table. Zack carefully and slowly stroked her ass cheeks with the rod before with a strong flick of his wrist laid down the first strike. Dee gasped as it landed before exclaiming “S**t that hurts.”

Zack immediately replied “You never learn, so that is now 24 more on each cheek.”

He calmly administered the strikes on each cheek, making Dee wait on occasions and on others administering three strokes in quick succession.

Each strike produced a thin red line and Dee was in tears as the last strike on each cheek landed. These last ones were the hardest of them all and whilst not breaking the skin produced clear welts on the most sensitive part of her sit spot.

Dee slowly got back up, pulled up her trousers and slowly sat down. As her bum made contact with the chair she raised it slightly as if to prepare herself for the discomfort of sitting down.

Diane sat through this quietly, squeezing my hand as each strike to the three ladies bums landed.

A short while later we left the office. As we were driving home Diane said to me “I hope the girls are OK tonight.”

“I am sure they will be.”

“It depends on how intimate they are with their boyfriends.”


“Yes, they have each found a boyfriend, and they both seem very happy.”

“Ummm. I wonder what Patrice will have to say.”

“Oh he knows, and he has been in contact with the guys and has approved in principle.”

“I wonder if the boys know about what they like.”

“I expect so, as they met at one of the Fetish markets.”


The following morning I had a meeting with the girls to discuss the next stage of their work, following the meeting the previous day. They were as usual very efficient and focussed and it was not long before the business was finished.

As we collected our papers together I said “I hope you two sat comfortably last night.”

Sofia looked at me a little puzzled before saying “I didn’t spend much time sitting.”

Tamara immediately interjected “It was much more like lying down wasn’t it.”

Sofia just bantered back “and you probably were bent over most of the evening.”

Wicked Wednesday

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The workout

As we finished the site meeting with our architect James, his wife and our friends Tom and Suzy, James said “How about that we get some lunch and then give the ladies a bit of a workout?”

I and Tom readily agreed while our wives looked a little concerned but said nothing. They enjoyed the sensations of having remote vibrators in their pussies. To add to their enjoyment they each wore a rope harness and a large crupper on the crotch ropes.

The six of us went to a local pub and enjoyed a convivial lunch. Over lunch we kept the conversation very tame and we men played with the ladies using our remotes to alter the intensity and randomness of any stimulation from the vibrators.

James and Petra invited us all back to their home which was not far from the pub. The ladies walked ahead so Tom, James and I could agree on their workout.

Once inside, we were shown through to the exercise room and I was surprised to see amongst the various pieces of gym equipment three static bikes. Both Tom and I smiled and nodded towards James to show that we agreed with his idea for the workout.

James started the proceedings by saying “Diane, Petra and Suzy, you will now have an interesting workout. You will each use a bike and the resistance will be low. The ride will last half an hour and the aim is to travel the furthest. The winner will be rewarded with no penalty, the second placed of you will get a moderate dose of twelve strokes using one of Petra’s favourite implements and the loser will suffer twenty four hard strokes of her most hated implement. You will have the added distraction of the vibrators being on full power. For each orgasm you have in the half hour you will have three miles taken off your recorded distance.”

Petra pouted a little and said, “But I have had less experience of orgasm denial than Suzy and Diane.”

James simply replied “I know, however you regularly ride these bikes, so your fitness is probably greater. So it gives you an edge on the distance part of the challenge.”

We got our respective wives ready for their bike ride and once the seats were at the right height James started the race.

As I was adjusting Diane’s bike seat, to encourage her to win, I whispered in her ear, “If you come in second one week of chastity and if you lose it goes up to three weeks starting tomorrow morning.”

Petra started off pedalling at a furious rate to put some distance on the challenge; however her pedalling meant that the large knot assaulted her clit and in no time it was clear that she was highly aroused as juices started to seep from her stimulated pussy. She fought against the orgasm that was rapidly approaching.

Suzy and Diane took a more leisurely pace and whilst were clearly being stimulated and aroused, they were not fighting back against an impending orgasm.

None of us men could see how fast or how far each of the ladies were cycling.

Twenty minutes into the challenge, Petra was unable to hold back her orgasm any longer and came hard, leaving her breathless for a short while. As she recovered she started pedalling slowly to try to make up some of the lost distance. However this did her no good as the extra stimulation took her to another orgasm.

In the meantime, Diane was struggling to continue her pedalling as she was not as fit as the other two. Suzy was clearly struggling to supress an orgasm as the knot and vibrators did their devilish work. Literally one minute from the end of the challenge Suzy exploded with a powerful orgasm and did not recover in time to restart pedalling before James declared time was up.

The ladies dismounted their bikes in varying states of distress, Diane whilst not having come was clearly feeling the effects of the bike ride, whilst Suzy and Petra had smiles as they recovered from their orgasms.

Tom checked the mileage on each bike and declared that Diane had managed the least distance, and although she had not had an orgasm was still in last place. Suzy on the other hand had managed to clock up just under three miles less than Petra so was declared the winner.

Diane was mortified to find that she was to be on the receiving end of an unknown implement.

We decided that we would have a rest and a coffee in the sitting room before Petra and Diane received their penalties.

Once the ladies were fully recovered, James sent Petra to retrieve the two implements that were to be used. She quickly returned to the sitting room with the implements.

James asked her to get ready for her strokes and she quickly leant over the back of an arm chair, and James picked up the leather paddle and with a thwack, the first stroke landed. A further 11 thwacks had Petra squirming and her bum was a rosy red colour.

James then handed me a thirty inch long strand of wire about one eighth of an inch in diameter which had a handle at one end. Diane’s eyes widened when she saw it and started trembling. I felt it in my hand and tested it against my palm with a mild stroke that was very stingy. I tried some practice swings and whilst the wire did not bend that much, also I realised that Diane’s ass would be sporting some very visible stripes by the time I had finished.

James took the implement and using a cushion, he demonstrated the best technique so as not to injure the sub, but at the same time ensure that the stroke’s effect was felt to the full. I checked with Diane before I said “James, as it is clear you have used it before, Diane has agreed that it would be best if you administered her strokes.”

Before replying he hugged Petra and whispered something, to which she gave a hushed reply, I am fine with that.”

James then turned to Diane “are you happy for me to apply your strokes?”

Diane’s nervous reply was “Yes.”

James then said “Charles, it would be best if you hold her hands as she is leant over the arm chair”

Diane leant over the chair and I held her hands as he took up this position and stroked the cane back and forth across one of her bum cheeks before he flicked his wrist and truck Diane with the wire. It took only a second or two before she let out a loud squeal of agony. He waited for a few moments before he flicked his wrist again and another stroke landed, this time on the other cheek.

After each strike landed, Diane squealed and they got louder as the number of strikes rose. By the twentieth stroke she was in tears and he said, the last four will come fast and he quickly flicked his wrist four times and it was over.

I released Diane’s hands and she leapt up to stroke her ass. As I approached her I could see twelve evenly spaced thin welts on each cheek that looked extremely sensitive. I held her tight as she recovered.

She whispered between her sobs “do they look as nasty as they feel?”

I could only reply “well they look as if they will be uncomfortable for a few days.”

She sobbed again and it took a while for her to recover. She winced as she pulled up her jeans and buttoned the waistband.

We left James and Petra’s home a bit later and as we walked back to our temporary home Suzy asked “Is it as nasty an implement as it looks?”

Diane’s reply with a wry smile was “Definitely, and I think we need to get one for Zack to keep Dee in line.”

Tom and Suzy laughed at that remark before he added lovingly “and another to keep you in line too.”

I then reminded Diane “don’t forget you have three weeks in your belt too.”

She said nothing, but Suzy asked “What, on top of that penalty?”

Diane sheepishly replied “I was told that would happen if I lost.”

Tom and I removed the crotch ropes from Diane and Suzy and allowed them some rest time. Diane took great care when sitting down and winced as she finally let her bum take her weight.

The rest of the afternoon was spent relaxing. At about 6 Tom suggested that we met up with John and Kathy that evening. They were free so we agreed to meet at the pub a couple of hours later.

We decided that our wives had had enough stimulation to their crotches so much to their eae6de68e91ca79d42ce06d3b4339139relief we also removed the rope harnesses and with the ropes made a rope bra and panties.

John and Kathy were already at the pub when we arrivedwe sat down and were enjoying our meal when James and Petra walked in the door.

They did not see us to begin with and when I went up to order some more drinks I invited them to join us. They obviously had met John and Kathy as they addressed them by name.

James quietly asked Diane “How are you coping this evening?”

“Fine, but sitting is a bit uncomfortable.” She replied.

Kathy’s ears pricked up on this exchange. James then said “she had a little meeting with that severe cane we bought a few months ago.”

Kathy nodded before saying “You mean the metal one?”


“I know it is severe, just right for punishing naughty men and women.”

Diane interjected “Definitely, I need two, one for me to use on Charles and one for Zack to use on Dee.”

She smiled when Kathy said “Come by any day, and you can pick them up.”

Wicked Wednesday

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Interior designs

After a chaotic week at work following our holiday with Corrine and Patrice, Diane and I had to finish packing up the house so Janet and Mike could move in.

Our new home was nowhere near ready so we moved into rented accommodation for what we hope is just a few weeks. Previously, we met our architect on a couple of evenings. James, the architect, was introduced by Zack and is very understanding of our requirements. Once the basic ideas for converting the old building had been completed, we arranged for Tom and Suzy to visit us for a weekend which would allow for a bit of fun as well as business.

On the Saturday morning over breakfast we got into a discussion in which Suzy was adamant that one of our favourite bondage websites was set up and run by an American before his untimely death last year. Diane thought for a moment and decided to side with Suzy. Tom on the other hand was very non-committal, just sitting back and watch the discussion.

I knew that they were wrong so asked “what if you two are wrong?”

“How about us being in rope bondage for 24 hours?” Replied Suzy.

Diane looked a little concerned about this as she knew about our plans for later in the day.

I replied “Also no orgasms without permission.”

I quickly picked up the laptop and found the necessary information to show that the founder of the magazine which later developed into the website was a British man who started the business in a small rural farm in Wales.

Suzy was mortified when she read this. Diane did not look too happy either when she read it too.

I turned to Tom saying, “I think a nice rope harness for the 24 hours would be appropriate for starters. To start with we also give them a crotch rope with a large knot directly on the clit. Then when we get back later, we can always make some changes.”

Tom smiled “I agree and to make it more interesting they should have a remote controlled egg inside.”

When I went to our toy box I sent a quick text to James before finding plenty of rope and Diane’s egg while Tom went and got Suzy’s. The girls had already stripped when we returned to the kitchen. After the girls had inserted their own eggs, we carefully tied a Karada body harness on our respective wives. In completing the harness we made sure that the ropes also included one on either side of their lower lips. I added a very tight crotch rope with a big knot, just at the right spot to torment Diane’s clit. Tom looked at what I had done and retied the crotch rope on Suzy so it had the same effect. It looked as if he had tied it even tighter than the one on Diane.

I handed Diane a pair of jeans and a T shirt. She wisely said nothing and put them on. Suzy did the same when she put on the skirt and T shirt selected by Tom.

As we left the house Diane and Suzy picked up their jackets and put them on. Diane was about to do up the front when I said “both of you are to leave the front of your jackets open.”

Suzy was nervous until Tom added “the harness hardly shows, and it needs a close look to see it.”

We drove the couple of miles to our new house where the four of us met up with James. He was accompanied by his wife Petra.

After making all the appropriate introductions, we inspected the work that had been completed. Diane and I were very pleased that the roof repairs had been completed.

We inspected the other work that had been completed carefully.

The various plans were laid out that showed that about one third of the building would have a mezzanine area which would house the bedrooms and en-suite bathrooms. The area under it would contain an office for the two of us as well as storage and a small snug.

James fiddled in his pocket for a moment before Petra let out a sigh.

James looked at her and with a gesture she stopped her sighing and her eyes grew wide with alarm. He went to his brief case, picked up a gag and applied it to her. While this quietened her, she moved around a little, so he said, “I hope you don’t mind, but Petra needs help to keep still.”

He instructed Petra to remove her T shirt and Suzy, Diane and Tom were amazed to see that she too was wearing a rope harness. James went back to the briefcase, lifted a flap and brought out some rope. He threw it up and over a beam and one end of it was attached to a big loop at the back of her harness. Her made her walk back to be directly under the beam and loosely tied off the other end of the rope. He cuffed her wrists behind her back before he found the broom and in a couple of minutes Petra’s feet were held wide apart. He took the slack out of the rope that ran over the beam until her heels were about an inch off the floor.

“That should help.” Was all he said before we got back to discussing the plans.

I turned on Diane’s remote to low and she gave me a smile that was both delight and dismay. Shortly afterwards Tom fiddled in his pocket I quickly glanced at Suzy who stiffened as she felt the effects of the egg starting to vibrate inside her. Suzy wandered around for a few minutes and was soon getting very red in the face and trying to hide the signs of an impending orgasm. Tom took no notice until Suzy let out a big moan of pleasure as she came.

Tom apologised to James saying “I am afraid I need punish Suzy now. James, have you got some more rope I can borrow?”

James replied “Sure.” He pulled out even more hanks of rope of differing lengths from his briefcase.

Tom looked around the open space, saw another broom. He then instructed Suzy to stand under another beam facing Petra. He secured the broom stick to her ankles to keep them wide apart. He then picked up a couple of short lengths of rope, removed Suzy’s T shirt, lifted her skirt and proceeded to secure her wrists to her thighs. Tom finally ran a rope over the beam, tied it to her harness and tied it off so that Suzy’s heels were lifted about an inch and a half off the floor.

He came back to us and we continued our discussions about how we would use the remaining space. James and Tom exchanged a number of ideas. I could see that James was impressed with the way Tom was thinking and remarked “are you sure you aren’t an architect.

Tom replied “Oh no., I am just a humble manufacturer of high end bespoke furniture.”

James laughed “I know it is good, I have seen some of it that you have made for Zack.”

“Those were just some of my early pieces.”

“Well I can’t wait to see what you do for Diane and Charles.”

I interjected, “that all depends on whether the idea you two have come up with will work in practice.”

James replied with a smile “No problem, I will get all the calculations done later today while Petra is kept well occupied.”

Once we had finished the main discussions, I noticed a series of hooks that were on the posts that were on either side of the space. I asked “will these cause a problem?”

James looked and quickly replied, “I hope not, but I think we need to check them out.”

He let Petra down from the rope over the beam, released her wrists before took he over to the indicated hooks. Her wrists were soon attached to the hooks and the spread-eagle was absolutely perfect.

Diane wiggled and smiled at me. I turned her egg up to full and in just moments I recognised that she was about to orgasm. I turned the egg off to a look of extreme annoyance before I said “we agreed no orgasms and as it was Suzy that got you into this mess, I am being kind to you at the moment. Also you have a small damp patch.”

As we finished the meeting, James said “How about that we get some lunch and then give the ladies a bit of a workout?”

Wicked Wednesday

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Holiday fun- the final reckoning

After relaxing on Saturday with Maria and Eva joining us for the weekend, we just had the final reckoning to come. Corrine told us it would happen after lunch as we had a good two hours before we had leave to catch the plane home.

When the time arrived we were ushered to Corrine’s office.

She announced, “I am pleased to advise that there will be four sore bums on the plane tonight. There are three bags here, the first bag is the implement, the second is person who uses it and finally the severity of which there are four slips each at of four different levels, mild, medium, hard and severe. Each of you will draw one slip of paper from each of these bags four times. You will not know what you have chosen until you get the first stroke of each implement. Each punishment you earned over the week has been awarded 12 strokes with other minor infractions 4 strokes. You will get equal numbers of strokes from each implement. As Diane has only a total of 64 strokes to endure, the lowest total, she gets first choice.”

Once Diane had selected her slips of paper from the bags she was ordered to bend over the spanking horse. She declined the offer of restraints.

Corrine picked up the first set of slips announcing “16 strokes with the naughty stick from Patrice and mild severity.”

Diane exhaled with relief on hearing this and Corrine smiled as she handed the naughty stick to Patrice. Patrice took up his position and gently stroked Diane’s upturned ass and applied his first stroke which landed with a dull thud. Diane hardly reacted as each of the sixteen strokes landed. Her ass was pink after receiving these strokes.

The next implement was announced as the quirt to be wielded by Maria at hard strength. Maria picked up the quirt and showed she was nearly as skilled as Corrine at using it. When Maria had finished there were sixteen short welts peppering Diane’s bum cheeks.

Diane’s third implement was the Martinet at mild strength from Maria again. I could see Diane visibly relax on hearing this and took her allotted strokes well, just exhaling and purring as each one landed.

The final implement Diane had selected was the leather paddle to be administered by Eva at hard strength.

Eva took up her position and landed the first stroke with a loud SPLATT and a groan from Diane. The groans and moans from Diane got louder as each stroke landed, the final four being on her sweet spot just where her cheeks met the top of her thighs.

Diane was allowed to get off the bench and she immediately rubbed her now red bum to try to remove some of the sting.

Patrice invited me to select four slips from each of the three bags. He then announced it was my turn adding “a total of 76 strokes, so 19 with each implement.”

I placed myself over the horse and agreed to being restrained. Corrine opened the first set of slips and picked out the heavy flogger from the wall of implements saying “This will be fun at the severe level of application.”

The first stroke landed with a loud thuddy THWACK on my exposed ass. I felt the impact and groaned loudly. Eighteen more heavy thuds landed on my ass and it felt as if it was on fire by the end of the allotted strokes.

The next set of strokes was announced as being of medium severity with the ping pong bat again from Corrine. Each stinging stroke landed with me grunting as each of the impacts were felt on my ass. I was glad that I had requested the restraints as I would have instinctively tried to move my hands back protect my ass from the assault.

The third implement I had chosen was the Loopy Johnny at mild strength and Eva picked it up took her position and with her expertise made sure that I felt each and every stroke on my sore ass.

The final implement I had chosen was the junior cane and Maria stepped up and efficiently applied the 19 medium strokes that I was due. I felt each line of fire as they landed and was almost in tears as the last landed.

I was released from the horse and I went and joined my wife who hugged me and helped me calm down.

Sofia was announced as the next to receive her reckoning of a total of 108 strokes. Sofia selected her slips from the bags and bent over the horse also requesting to be restrained. The first set of slips was opened and Patrice was handed the carpet beater to be at medium severity. Sofia was squealing as the final stroke landed. She was given a moment to regain her breath before Patrice picked up the crop and landed a really vicious hard stinging stroke on Sofia’s upturned ass which had her wriggling as if trying to escape. He calmly said, “Only another 26 of these severe strokes to go.”

As the final stroke of the crop landed Sofia was clearly feeling the effect of the assault on her ass.

The third implement Sofia chose was the wooden paddle which Corrine applied at medium severity. The paddle landed with a thwack and eliciting a gasp as each of the 27 strokes was delivered. At the end Sofia was squealing and there were moist eyes visible.

Her final selection was probably the nastiest implement that Corrine owned. Diane whispered in my ear “I hope for her butt’s sake that she selected mild.”

Patrice showed her the implement and said, “Luckily for you these are mild strokes.”

I looked at Tamara who was nervously waiting for her turn, but at the same time relieved that she had not selected the four cane bundle.

Patrice carefully but gently laid down the allotted strokes that had Sofia squealing and moaning as they each landed. Immediately after the last stroke had landed, Patrice released Sofia who felt her tenderised backside and joined Diane and I. Patrice whispered something to Corrine and she nodded as if in agreement.

Patrice approached Tamara saying “you have accumulated 29 strokes from each of the implements you select. As there are only hard and severe levels left, Corrine and I have agreed that you can elect to have the final set on your lovely breasts instead of your bum. If you agree to it, then the final set will be applied at one level of severity lower than you pick out.”

Tamara thought for a minute and said quietly “Yes, please.”

Tamara was secured over the horse and restrained as Patrice announced her first choice. The Scorpion at severe level to be administered by Eva.

Eva gently brushed the scorpion over Tamara’s taught ass and suddenly with a whooosh the first stroke landed that had her squealing with the pain.All the strokes of the scorpion elicited the same response. Tamara was breathing heavily as the last stroke landed.

Maria was the next to administer the alloted strokes, this time with the tawse, again at severe level of intensity. The first stroke landed with a crack and Tamara grunted before squealing in pain as the impact made its presence felt. As the last stroke landed Tamara cried out and the first tear ran down her cheek.

The next implement was the carpet beater which Eva handled with precision and whilst not as hard strokes landed it was clear that Tamara felt each and every one. She was released from the horse and allowed a few minutes to get her breath back before her wrists were cuffed behind her back. Corrine then put a blindfold on her saying, this is to stop you from trying to flinch and thus reducing the strength of the impact.

Corrine stepped back, picked up the soft rubber flogger that gives so much pleasure but leaves no marks. Corrine carefully raised her arm back and let loose the hardest stroke I had ever seen with that flogger that landed perfectly on Tamara’s right breast.

Tamara did not flinch as each of these strokes landed. By the end, it was clear that the flogger had done its usual trick for the recipient as Tamara’s nipples were standing proudly erect from arousal. Tamara was released from her bounds and sighed as her reckoning was over.

She felt her red ass and winced as she touched the welts that were all over both of her cheeks.

Before we cleraed away everything Patrice said “Sofia, we still have the little matter of you dropping the coin last night. I have two alternatives here and you need to choose which slip to suffer.”

Sofia shuddered a little before she chose one of the slips. She looked at it before saying “May I ask what was in the other?”

“Yes.” said Patrice before continuing “20 strokes of the Dragon Tail on each breast followed by five more on each nipple.”

Sofia brightened a little before reaching over the horse. She was not restrained as Patrice said “tell everyone what you selected.”

Sofia answered “Six punishment level strokes with the judicial cane.”

I whispered to Diane “Mega Ouch.”

Patrice picked out the cane, took a few moments to practice his technique befpore taking up his position and let rip with a really nasty stroke that was at the top of her bum. She shrieked and was given time to calm down before the second stroke landed a little bit lower. This and the next four strokes all produced a shriek from Sofia as angry red lines appeared, spaced carefully down her bum. The sixth and final stroke landed on her sit spot that elicited a howl of agony.

Sofia was allowed to rise and gingerly felt each of the lines running across her now well striped ass. She went to Patrice hugged him, followed by a hug for Corrine.

We all helped clear up the office and went back to Corrine and Patrice’s home for a quick cup of coffee before the four of us made our way to the airport for the flight home.

We were all allocated seats together and throughout the flight the four of us tried to keep comfortable, but our sore asses made it rather difficult to settle down into the seats for the whole of the two hour flight.

Wicked Wednesday


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