A Shopping Trip

Diane here. Charles kindly decided that I should write up this episode of the story.

After Mike and Janet had visited us in the weekend of our the world cup bet, when I was in some form of rope bondage for the whole weekend, we did not hear from them for about ten days. When we did get a phone call they asked us to join them at a local pub for a drink.

We started chatting as usual, catching up with what had gone on in the last couple of weeks when Janet said “Changing the subject, that Sunday when I went home in the rope harness did wonders for both of us. I was so worn out that night, I had a hard job getting up to go to work on Monday. We have talked about this a lot since and have looked at the sites that you recommended. The ideas they have given us has made me feel really horny and I want to try more. However we have no idea of what to buy and need your advice and help. So will you both come with us on a shopping trip on Saturday?”

I looked at Charles and he just shrugged his shoulders as he hates shopping at the best of times. I then answered, “Sure, however you need to decide how much you want to spend and what you are after. There is one condition though, you need do anything I ask you to.”

Janet agreed and the following evening I received an email with a short list of things they wanted to buy. I replied quickly and suggested that she wore a summer dress or top and skirt when we went shopping.

They came over to our house and took us into the nearest town where there was a decent range of shops. As we got out of the car I whispered to Charles “Ring John and Kathy and make sure that we can visit them on our way home.”

Janet was very nervous as we entered the Bedroom Delights department of Bustards. I quickly showed her the various sections and getting out her list, I was able to guide her through what to look for when buying vibrators and other insertable toys. She selected a couple of vibrators, and a small butt plug. We then went to the bondage section and I helped her with the purchase of some cuffs and a few other items. As we finished I went back to the insertables section and picked out a couple of other toys that I knew she would enjoy. I popped them in the basket when she was not looking and I waited as she paid for the items. When the assistant picked up the couple of toys she did not realise were in the basket she was about to say something when I said “trust me, you will love them.”

We left the department and went to the lingerie area where she gasped as I took her through some of the more sexy items and finally persuaded her to buy a couple of matching bras and knickers that I knew would look good on her.

As we were about to leave, I said “before we leave, let’s go to the ladies.”

I directed her to the ladies where I knew were little used. Janet said nothing as we entered. I picked out one of the toys, took it out of the packaging and said “here is a test of how serious you are going to be getting into having fun outside the bedroom. Go into a stall, take off your bra and knickers and insert this in your pussy.”

Janet gasped “what, no underwear.”

“Yes, and when you get used to it, it is sexy as anything. Even more so when people around you don’t know. I promise you that it will be fun.”

She disappeared for a couple of minutes and when she came out she had her bra and knickers in her hand asking “what do I do with these now?”

“Put them in the shopping bag.”

“But….. There is a damp patch on my knickers.”

“Well, you could always put them in the bin.”

Janet blushed, but eventually put them in the bin.

We left the store and as we walked to the coffee shop where we agreed to meet our husbands Janet tried to slouch a little as if to hide the fact that she had no bra on. I laughed saying “Walk tall, and be proud that you can feel good. Look around and see if you can work out who is and isn’t wearing a bra. After a few strides she whispered, “I get it now, and my nipples are getting more erect from the movement against my dress.”

“Good, this is just the start of today’s adventures, but I promise that they are all enjoyable in the end.”

Janet looked at me with daggers exclaiming, “what, this is bad enough, knowing I am not wearing anything under this dress and there is something inside my pussy that has me getting horny.”

We reached the coffee shop and found Charles and Mike in a discreet corner. I asked Janet to get our coffees and handed Mike what looked like a car key fob saying “you can play with this, but I suggest you wait a few minutes until Janet gets back and don’t show it to her or let her see it for a while.”

He raised an eyebrow, said nothing and then when Janet had settled down into the comfortable chair, I saw Mike reach into his pocket. I watched Janet straighten her back in surprise. She managed to ask me quietly “What the hell happened, that thing inside me has come to life.”

I whispered back “It seems Mike has turned on that nice little egg. Just settle down and enjoy the sensations.”

A few minutes later Janet’s face was bright red and she was clearly finding it very arousing when she quietly gasped “Yellow.”

I immediately indicated to Mike that he should turn the remote off. He looked puzzled but said nothing. I then said to Charles, let’s get some coffee beans while we are here and pulled him along with me. Out of their earshot I quietly said “Janet has nothing on under the dress, and I made her put a little egg inside before we joined you.”

He smiled and said “You evil woman” before hugging me.

As we re-joined Mike and Janet, I discreetly handed Charles the remote for my clit stimulator that I was wearing. He raised an eyebrow and said nothing.

Mike laughed as he said quietly “what has this to do with ropes or bondage?”

I smiled and said “simply BDSM is all about giving up control, bondage is just a part of the BDSM lifestyle. The important thing is to think creatively about how you as a top can make the experience as pleasurable as possible for the submissive. Whilst Janet is not in any physical bondage, you can stimulate her and arouse without any physical contact. She has to trust you that you will not go too far whilst you are in public.”

Turning to Janet I asked “tell me honestly, are you getting horny with all this playing with the egg inside you?”

“Sort of. The sensations when walking here were great as was the vibrations inside me. The problem was I was getting close to the point where I could have lost control, and that is why I used ‘Yellow’.

“I have never been outside the house with no underwear, and whilst it is sexy it is also slightly embarrassing for me as I have always been a little shy.”

“This is where you, Mike, have to watch Janet carefully and make sure you stop or tone down the play before she uses ‘Yellow’.

More discussion took place and when we finally finished our coffees we went back to the car. On our way home, Charles directed Mike into the car park for John and Kathy’s shop. We walked in and Janet looked a little askance at what she saw inside. I reassured her by saying “The shop is run by some very good friends of ours and they are also extremely discreet. They are also into BDSM in a big way, and are more than willing to guide people into purchasing what is right for them, even if it means that they persuade you not to buy some things which they think are not suited to your needs at the time.”

John and Kathy came over, hugged both Charles and me before I introduced Mike and Janet. I explained that they are novices and that Janet had expressed an interest in some form of discreet hobble dress. Kathy then took Janet away and we sat chatting to John. We had to wait about twenty minutes before Janet came back with a big smile on her face. Mike looked and then turned on the egg that took Janet by surprise who just straightened her back and a rather loud “Oh.”

We left the shop and arrived back at our house. Mike and Janet accepted the offer of a quick drink. Whilst Charles and I made the drinks, I could see Mike and Janet in a deep conversation. As we served the drinks Mike said “would you two join us at the pub for Dinner?”

I replied immediately “Only if you leave your car here tonight, we all walk to the pub and later you two walk to your home, collecting the car tomorrow.”

Mike quickly agreed while Janet looked a little taken aback at his hasty decision.

Wicked Wednesday

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The Visitors

On Sunday morning I put Diane in her hobble again, simply because I loved watching her shuffle around not able to take her usual steps.

After we had lunch I prepared her for the visit of Mike and Janet later. I felt a body harness with a crupper was probably the best option as it was discreet and at the same time Diane could get teased as we sat and talked.

Mike and Janet arrived a few minutes after the agreed time, and it was clear that they were a little nervous. Diane went to the kitchen, made some coffee and as she put the tray down I could see that the crupper was doing its work in teasing her.

After getting the niceties out of the way, Janet nervously asked Diane, “Those panties last night, were they uncomfortable?”

Diane smiled replying, “Yes and no. The yes part was if I did not move around and they were not tied too tight, they were very comfortable. The no part was when I moved around, the extra knot inside kept teasing me. When they were tightened up later, the knot made them a bit uncomfortable, but it was still a very sexy experience.”

Janet nodded nervously before saying to Mike “Umm, I think I would like try that some time at home.”

Mike smiled on hearing this.

Janet then said “Mike and I are looking to spice up our sex life together. We have discussed this a lot and I want him to be more assertive in our relationship as I do occasionally overstep the mark. The problem is he is terrified of hurting me whilst I am terrified at the thought of whips and chains.”

Diane smiled “Well that is a major hurdle to overcome. However, I think you need to start slowly and find your feet together. What is most important that everything is consensual and that you have words or phrases that stop what you are doing.”

Janet and Mike relaxed a little before he said. “You were certainly discreet last night, it was only when I hugged you, and I felt the unusual contours under your top last night. Janet told me on our way home about your knickers, so what was all that about?”

I replied “That is very simple. We joined in a sweepstake for the World Cup and agreed the loser between us would spend a weekend wearing rope in some form.”

Mike replied “Wow, but Diane doesn’t look as if she is wearing any now.”

“Ahh she is.” I replied.

Jane looked surprised, before asking “Is it comfortable?”

Diane smiled “Very comfortable. It also makes for fun when I move around.”

Jane then said “Diane, I know that you head up the ‘Bedroom Delights’ department for Bustards. Apart from pleasure toys such as vibrators, I have seen all sorts of cuffs, whips and other things that look painful and plain nasty. How do people enjoy using these things?”

Diane smiled before saying “Well, some people like pain, but a flogger can be extremely sensuous when used properly. For the person using the implements, there needs to be a lot of practise so that they can make the whole experience pleasurable for the person on the receiving end. For instance has Mike ever patted your bum?”


“How did it feel?”

“Fun, as they were only ever gentle taps.”

“Well that is a good start. When they get serious, they can hurt, but if done properly they can be very sexy, especially when your bum is stroked in between the spanks.”

Janet looked a little quizzical when I added. “The body will produce endorphins when it is smacked. These build up so that you can accept harder spanks and they still feel great. When you are that stage you  maybe a little light headed, but that is fine. When the flow of endorphins gets very high, you can easily loose proper sense, and this is where the person giving the spanking needs to watch the body language so they do not physically hurt or injure the receiver.”

Diane added “I think you two need to do a lot of research. I can recommend some excellent websites that will help you understand more.”

I looked at Diane, raised an eyebrow and she nodded.

She then said “Mike and Janet, would you like me to show you some things that you can do that are light and fun with just rope and everyday items.”

They both said yes nervously.

Diane disappeared for a minute and came back into the sitting room with some rope.

“OK Janet, stand up.”

Janet stood up nervously. Diane then found the middle of the long piece of rope, put a loop in it and draped it over Janet’s shoulders with the loop at the back. As she did this, she said if you want to pause say Yellow. If you want me to stop altogether say Red.”

Diane crossed the rope at the base of Janet’s boobs, and ran both ends behind her back and through the loop at her back. She proceeded to make a diamond pattern that ran to just over her hips. She then brought both ropes under her crotch and tied them off behind Janet. Diane then said, “Move around a little and tell me how it feels.”

“Comfortable and the ropes are fun on my crotch.”

“Good. Now come here and let me finish the tie.”

She then proceeded to tie Janet’s wrists lightly to her thighs.

“In this tie, apart from your walking not being restricted, doing anything else requires Mike’s help. For instance I am sure you would want to sip some coffee. You cannot do it yourself, so Mike will have to help.”

“Umm yes, this is nice, but although I like the rubbing at my crotch, there is no other stimulation.”

“Well, I suggest you try this tie at home when you have no clothes on and Mike, put a knot in the crotch rope that will sit nicely at the top of her lips.”

“What do you mean?”

Diane looked at me, I nodded and she then said. “Do you mind if I take my dress off?”

Both looked surprised and murmured that they were OK with it. Diane then slokaradawly unzipped the back of her dress, shrugged her shoulders and the dress slipped to the floor. She stepped out of it and she was in a harness just like Janet’s. I called Diane over to me, I made her turn her back and then I took the loose ends and secured her wrists to her thighs just like Janet. The only differences were Janet was still fully clothed and there was no knot on the crotch rope.

I whispered some instructions in Diane’s ear, and she disappeared for a minute and came back with a bag containing the items I asked her to collect.

I then asked Diane to sit on my lap. I picked out a feather from the bag and started to brush it lightly all over Diane’s exposed flesh and she started wriggling and laughing as I started use it where she was most ticklish. Diane’s laughs were interspersed with sighs and sounds of arousal so I continued until she was close to her peak before I suddenly stopped. When she calmed down, she pouted at me deliberately.

Janet and Mike watched this with fascination. Janet stood up, “that looked fun, and I want to try it.”

Mike looked a little embarrassed, when I said “Mike, why don’t you undo her harness.”

He did as asked and when Janet was free from her ropes she immediately kissed Mike, stripped off her clothes and said “Now try making a similar harness on me.”

He nervously picked up the rope and started to put the harness together, however it was not very tight when Janet said “it’s loose, and I can’t feel it.”

I went over to Mike and guided him on how to make a tight but comfortable harness. I made him put the knot in her crotch and he then passed the ropes through her crotch tightened it before securing her wrists to her thighs. She moved around a little and blushed as she felt the effects of the knot.

I suggested she sat on Mike’s lap and he then felt comfortable enough to start tickling her. The sound of laughter echoed round the room until she shouted “Yellow.” He stopped tickling her and she took her time to calm down. She whispered in his ear and he then said “tell them why you said Yellow”.

She looked a little red in the face before saying “I was sooo turned on and didn’t want to embarrass you two by having an orgasm.”

Diane and I laughed. Diane then said “That would not have embarrassed us.”

I then said, “Would like to see me spank Diane for being a little naughty?”

Janet looked fascinated and said “Umm what did she do wrong?”

“When I was tickling her I told her she was not to wriggle, so she needs a little spanking.”

They looked a little embarrassed but agreed. I loosened Diane’s harness and had her lean over my knee. I made sure her legs were held down and slowly started to spank her gently. I explained that I was warming her up and that these spanks were just the start of a mild spanking. When her bum was a light pink I increased the force of the spanks and it was not long before she was moaning with pleasure.

I picked up the ping pong bat out of the bag and started to tap her bum lightly with the odd harder stroke interspersed. Every few spanks, I stopped and rubbed her now red ass, eliciting sighs and moans of arousal from her.

I finished off by giving her three hard swats to each bum cheek.

I let her up and then held her tight. As I was doing this I said “another important aspect is aftercare following a play session. This can be just a cuddle as we are now, or maybe something more, but it is essential that the person on the receiving end knows that are loved and cared for.”

Diane got up and asked me to retie the harness with the crotch rope tight but leave her arms free. She nodded at Janet and they disappeared into the kitchen.

This left Mike and I to chat and talk more. As the girls came out with Diane holding a tray with more drinks and some cake, Janet had a big smile on her slightly blushing face. She sat next to Mike, kissed him hard and said, “I want to stay in this harness till we get home.”

He nodded but said nothing.

After we had finished our drinks, Janet got up, asked Mike to release her hands. He did as requested; she picked up her jeans, pulled them up and then put on her T-shirt handing Mike her knickers and bra “Please look after these.”

They left shortly after.

A few hours later the phone rang and Mike said “thank you for today, I am totally exhausted” and Janet dreamily added “me too.”

Wicked Wednesday

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World Cup fun

My account (over the last three weeks) of the special party to celebrate the wedding of Corrine and Patrice left out one little detail.

This little detail related to the Football World Cup. Apart from the happy couple and Corrine’s bridesmaids, Tamara and Sofia, there were 31 guests present. Corrine announced “to add a little spice to the upcoming Football World Cup. You will all draw a team. I will make a note of who drew which team. Whilst I will not reveal exactly what the prize is, Patrice, Tamara, Sofia and I will be visiting you for a weekend which will be very enjoyable for the winner. The exact details of the prize will be forwarded when we know the final result.”

She continued “If the winning team is the one not drawn, then the winner will be the other finalist. In this situation the prize is changed slightly and again full details will be sent to the relevant person. To ensure fair play, once we know the result then all of you will be sent details of the prize.”

Once the draw was completed, the only team not drawn was Brazil.

Once this was revealed Patrice said with a grin, “umm this is interesting. They have a very good chance of winning.”

Whilst we were intrigued, Diane drew Italy, whilst I drew the USA. Whilst I expected Italy to get reasonably far, I did not think the USA would progress beyond the goup stages.

We decided that we would have our own contest and that the winner would be the one that got furthest in the competition. If there had been a tie, we had a number of backup ways of deciding the result. The weekend after the result was known, the loser would be in some form of rope bondage from the time we got home on Friday until we left for work the following Monday. If we had to go out, the loser would still be wearing rope in some form. As we all now know, the USA managed to qualify for the last 16, and Italy did not progress beyond the group stages. So Diane was in for a weekend of rope bondage. What disturbed her most was that we had arranged to go out for dinner with some vanilla friends who were not aware of our BDSM activities. She mentioned her fears to me and I assured her that I would be discreet and that it would not affect our plans at all.

When we got home on the Friday I placed a hobble rope on Diane so that all she could do was shuffle around our house. This made for great entertainment for me and some awkwardness for Diane as we have decided to sell our current house and we needed to start getting it ready for viewings.

The Friday evening was spent mainly boxing up unnecessary clutter. With her hobble Diane had some awkward moments as she and I worked together. At one stage when she was bent over, I could not resist giving her delightful upturned ass a playful spanking that had her panting with desire in no time.

That night I was kind to her and let her sleep with just the hobble as her bondage.

Saturday morning I let her shower with just a light tie. However once we had eaten breakfast I decided that she would have to work with her wrists tied in front attached to a waist rope so that she could not raise her arms to get at the knots with her mouth. In doing this I had made sure that the knots were placed so that she would not be able undo them easily.

I just smiled at her when I said, “if you manage to escape from your ties before we start to get ready to go out, then the roles are reversed for the rest of the weekend.”

After spending some time trying to get her fingers on the knots, she pouted before saying “I somehow think that I will not be able to escape.” We continued our work on tidying the house with Diane having fun trying to work out how to escape.

By late afternoon we had finished and I said to Diane “sit on this stool while I get you ready for tonight.”

I attached her ankle to the legs of the stool before releasing her wrists. I opened our rope bag and selected some lengths of hemp rope, which is slightly rough to feel, but perfect for my plans. The first piece of rope was long enough to complete the bra part of a rope corset leaving enough room for her nipples to poke through.

I released her ankles saying “now for the final part, stand up with your feet about two feet apart.”

I continued to weave the ropes in such a way that I was able to make a reasonably tight corset made entirely of rope. As I got close to her crotch area I noticed that her lips were already slightly shiny and asked “I think you are enjoying this.”

Her only reply was “Umm yes.”

I then prepared to weave the crotch part of some rope panties when I suddenly decided that a nice horny wife later would make for some interesting fun later. As I reached the point where the ropes would be nestled against her lips, I added a little knot inside before completing the weave so that it finished just past her sweet smelling pussy. I then proceeded to run two ropes up to loops already at the bottom of her corset, passed them be15da43171dfbf1c60bfd9a9cbc0498through, pulled them reasonably tight and then tied them off at her front.

She looked surprised at this saying “Why so easy to remove?”

“Well if you need to go to the loo, you can and then retie it yourself.”

I let her wander around for a few minutes before we went upstairs where I selected one of her tighter skirts and a smart black T-shirt that would hide her rope corset.

She put the skirt on and I had her turn around to make sure that the ropes were not visible. When we finished dressing I asked “Comfortable?”

“Yes, but that little knot is already teasing me.”

“That’s just what I wanted to hear.”

It was pleasantly warm evening so we decided that we would walk to the pub where we meeting our friends Mike and Janet who we had known for many years.

The walk was gentle, but Diane was clearly finding the knot in her panties distracting. As we approached the pub Diane said “Can we stop a moment while I regain my composure?”

We stopped and we enjoyed a cuddle as Diane recovered from the distraction.

We finally made it to the pub a few minutes later than planned, and Diane was blushing slightly as we sat down at our table. The company and food was good and somehow the subject got to the famous ‘50 Shades of Grey’ trilogy. As part of the discussion Janet said “I know it is fiction, but I can’t get my head around it. When I read or hear about these practices I associate them with whips and chains and quite frankly it scares me rigid to think that people actually enjoy being tortured.”

The conversation soon moved on to other things when Janet got up and asked us to excuse her for a couple of minutes. Diane got up, winked at me saying “Well I need to go too.”

As the ladies made their way to the back of the pub, Mike said nothing and we started talking about the football.

The ladies took longer than expected, and Janet had a strange expression on her face as she sat back down. We carried on talking until the pub closed. After saying our goodbyes and hugging each other Diane and I started our walk home. On the way she said “I think we may get a phone call tomorrow.”

I looked at her as said “Oh why?”

“Well you know Janet and I were in the ladies for a while.”


“After I had finished on the loo, I had her help me put my panties back on.” She added with a sly grin before continuing “Janet was initially shocked until I told what delicious things the rope did, she was intrigued. What is more, she admitted that she fantasised about being tied up and being pleasured. I didn’t tell her much, but just that we enjoyed playing a little to pique her interest.”

“You saucy minx. For that I think you need to be punished a little.”

I found a quiet place where I stropped, pulled her to me saying “Your punishment starts here. Drop your skirt.”

She did as she was asked and I undid the knot at the front for the ropes from her rope panties. I pulled it as tighter so that the knot inside was tighter against her clit. As he put her skirt back on I said “If you come before we get home, you will be in even more trouble.”

As we continued walking, I could see Diane struggling not to come as my mobile rang. I looked to see it was Janet. I answered “Hi, what can I do for you?”

“Has Diane told you about our trip to the loo?”


“Well I told Mike about it too, he mentioned he noticed the ropes as he hugged Diane and we would like to talk more about it. Can we pop round tomorrow?”

“Of course, How about about 2pm?”

“That is great, thanks.”

See you then.

Diane looked at me quizzically and asked who it was. I just told her “we will be having some visitors tomorrow” before we resumed our walk. About 100 yards from home Diane stiffened and came hard.

As we went to bed I let her undo the panties part of the corset and snuggled up together. I whispered “as you came before we got home, you are going to pay the price tomorrow.”

Wicked Wednesday... a place to be wickedly sexy or sexily wicked

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Diane wins

Diane won the last lot with a bid of 750 lashes.

Diane looked on nervously as Corrine then said to the assembled guests “This winner is the one who I have a special treat as mentioned at the outset. After 250 strokes of the quirt have been administered, we will change implements. Any one present may, if they so wish, apply 20 lashes as hard as they can.”

Corrine said to Diane quietly “Don’t be nervous, these lashes will not hurt or harm you.”

Diane was taken to the same spot that Sofia was in, and when securely tied Corrine then said “as many of you know, I do like some of my guests to really enjoy the sensation of the quirt.”

Sofia brought over a bottle of baby oil and invited me to apply the oil to her front and I checked with Diane that it was OK for Tamara and Sofia to help with her back.

Once Diane was glistening with the baby oil having been carefully applied, Corrine passed a quirt each to Tamara and Sofia.

They carefully positioned themselves and toigether they carefully aimed a flick of the whip so just a small part of the tip made contact with Diane’s glistening ass. Diane let out a squeak followed by a “AGHHHH” before the next strike of the quirt landed on her back. After the girls had given Diane over half the allotted lashes, Diane was clearly aroused as her nipples had hardened and the squeaks were more like moans of pleasureable sensations.

The girls nodded at each other, moved slightly and started to concentrate on ensuring Diane felt the sweet kiss of their quirts on her front. The sighs and moans of pleasure got even louder after each strike until there were just 10 left. The girls took careful aim and landed five lashes each around a nipple. As they finished, Diane had 250 little red weals were each strike had landed. None of them overlapped. I hugged Diane and said “Now for the fun part. You have 500 more lashes to come, and these will be fun for me to watch.”

Diane said nothing, but her look showed her nervousness.

The first person to use the flogger was Corrine who put all her might into the first stroke. There was a whoosh and a splat as the flogger landed. Diane did not react and those watching were amazed at this. More whooshes and splats followed with little or no reaction from Diane other than a purr of pleasure. The onlookers were aghast that such hard strokes produced such little reaction.

After 20 strokes, Corrine passed the flogger to one of the assembled guests. He raised it and laid down what would be considered a hard stroke with a normal flogger. Corrine laughed as she said “that was a feeble stroke. Try it as hard as you can.”

The guest did as instructed and Diane let out a moan of pleasure as the strike landed.

The flogging continued with many of the guests taking the opportunity to let rip with their hardest strokes and Diane’s purring and moans of pleasure increased in volume.

After 14 of the guests had taken their turn, a female guest who was clearly a Domme asked “Can I use it on her front?”

I replied “Of course, bur please do not go near her groin.”

The Domme smiled and was clearly pleased as she raised the flogger and with all her strength landed a stroke across Diane’s by now engorged nipples. Diane sighed as it landed. The Domme was clearly surprised at this and concentrated on flogging her breasts trying to get a squeal of pain. All the Domme’s reward was more sighs and moans from an aroused Diane.

The domme was baffled as she passed on the flogger to the next guest who again concentrated on Diane’s by now heaving chest and I noticed glistening as her juices started to flow from her pussy.

By the time all the guests who wanted to have a go had finished there were just 60 lashes left.

I whispered to Diane “Just a few more. Do not cum until I tell you. I let loose a few lashes at her now even harder buds of nipples before I started to target the strikes lower down her front. When there were twenty strokes left I started on her pussy, making sure that everyone could see that I was using my full strength on each of these lashes. After the first few had landed I said, “You can cum as often as you want.”

As the next lash landed right on her delicate lips, Diane groaned as she came, straining against her restraints. I let her recover for a short while before letting rip more strokes on her by now engorged clit. When there were five strokes left, I told her this and as each of the last four landed, she strained as she held back the on coming orgasm. When it came to the last stroke, I asked “are you ready for the final one?”

Diane muttered “Yes.”

I landed my last lash hard on her clit. Diane tensed, went bright red, Screamed “YESSSSSSS.” She squirted juices on to the floor and then slumped in her restraints. I quickly held her as other guests released her from her bindings. I carried Diane to one of the recovery areas and laid down alongside her. I held her in an embrace and she came round shortly afterwards.

Although she was trying to say something, all that came was a series of sounds that made no sense whatsoever. It took nearly half an hour for her to recover sufficiently to be able to sit up.

As we returned to join the party, There was plenty of action as other guests took advantage of the facilities.

Corrine came over and aksed Diane “How are you doing?”

“Fine, I am feeling very high. Thank you.”

“Great, I just hoped you enjoyed it as much the other guests enjoyed the demonstration. I have had so many enquiries about the flogger, which I think is even softer than yours.”

I replied on Diane’s behalf, “It certainly did its magic.”

Diane just had her dreamy smile of contentment.

The party started to break up around 1 am and I escorted a by now exhausted Diane to our hotel room, laid down next to her and as soon as she closed her eyes, she fell asleep.

The next morning at Breakfast when the others had joined us, Kathy, Suzie and Celia all asked Diane about how she felt when being the target of the flogger. Diane could only reply, “It’s even more sensuous than mine.”

Corrine and Patrice appeared at lunchtime, thanking us all for coming and said they would be leaving that evening for their honmeymoon. They would not tell us where they were going, just that they will be enjoying each other.

A few days later, the arrangements for Tamara and Sofia’s contract were agreed and they joined the two of us and Zack and Dee for a long lunch.

Diane asked “It was delightful experience at the party, and although I was slightly sore the next day, some of the weals are still there as a reminder. How did you learn to use the quirt so effectively?”

Tamara replied, “Corrine told us that you would be winning an auction and we had been told that we could weild the quirt, provided they were satisfied that we could handle it properly. For four weeks both Corrine and Patrice taught us, and the final test was there were 100 inflated balloons each. We were informed we would only pass the test and use the quirt on you if we could hit each one without it bursting.”

Sofia added, “it was nerve wracking as in the early days we kept bursting all the balloons. But the final test a couple of days before the party was the worst as we knew exactly what was required of us.”

Diane laughed, “well I can testify that they trained you really well. It was a very exquisite experience.”


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The Auction

We continue from last week, at the post wedding “party” where Dee won the first auction with a bid of 170 strokes.

Dee smiled nervously as she took off her elegant dress to show her slim, well-proportioned body before mounting the spanking bench.

Dee was properly secured. Corrine whispered something in Dee’s ear before inviting Susan to warm her bum and upper thighs up by hand. Once the warm up was finished, Corrine announced to us all. “This nice machine will now administer the 170 strokes that Dee bid. The timing is random and all will be delivered in the next 15 minutes. So sit back and enjoy the show.”

The first strike landed, Dee emitted a quite grunt. The caning continued with the audience being amazed at how quiet the machine was. Some of the other guests could see the count reducing as every strike landed. Near the end, Dee’s bum was a bright shade of red. When the last few strokes were delivered, Dee’s reactions showed that she was definitely feeling the chastisement. The loudness of her grunts and moans had increased, and although not a scream of pain, it was not far off. Corrine then announced that there were only 10 left and all ten were administered in as many seconds. Dee was visibly shattered as the last stroke landed. Zack immediately wheeled his chair close and as Dee was released from the bench he held her as best he could. A signal from Corrine brought a young woman holding a tray. Susan was asked to help apply the special lotion that would reduce the bruising and help Dee recover from the very thorough caning that she had received. Zack held Dee close and they made their way to a private booth so that any further after care was in private.

Corrine announced the next auction; Diane looked at me and said, “I better have a go at this one.” The bidding again started at 10. Diane withdrew at 150 and the final successful bid was 230 strokes. The winner was one of Corrine’s friends and introduced as Terri. It was clear that Terri was delighted to win, until she picked up a card that read 230 hard strokes of the tawse to be administered by Eva. Eva looked delighted and Terri was visibly shaken. Terri stripped off her clothes and whilst she was not particularly overweight, her ass was a bit larger than I expected.

As we watched the warm up, Maria came over and she said “What delightful justice, Eva and Terri do not get on well together.”

Diane quietly asked “That does not sound good for Terri.”

“No, she is a very severe sadist and on occasions a pain slut, as is the case today. On one occasion Eva had to intervene when the bottom used his safe word and Terri had ignored it. They had a big argument and whilst they are civil in company, they try to avoid each other.”

The warm up finished and the first crack of the tawse landing echoed around the room. A loud “Owwww” was Terri’s only reaction. Cracks of the tawse landing continued to resound around the room and the volume of Terri’s moans and Grunts got louder. After a flurry of ten quick strokes had been applied Terri gasped out “red”. Immediately Eva handed the tawse to Corrine, released Terri and arranged for her partner to apply the cooling lotion. Terri was sobbing quietly. Corrine delayed the next auction for a few minutes before she quietly said “Let this be a reminder to you all not to over bid.”

The next auction progressed to 190 strokes. The winner was Sofia. She was invited to pick her card. Corrine read it out loud “the implement selected is the riding crop and will be administered by Patrice. The strokes are to be administered at a gentle level.”

Sofia quickly undressed and asked if she could receive the strokes standing up. Corrine and Patrice agreed immediately and her hands were secured to a spreader bar and ankles tied to anchor points on the floor. She was blindfolded before the spreader bar was raised so that she was in a standing spread-eagle. The effect was to accentuate her already fine figure.

Patrice asked if she wanted a warm up, to which she replied “No thank you sir.”

Patrice showed how skilled he was with the crop and before long Sofia was gasping and moaning with pleasure as each strike landed.

Patrice was careful to ensure that it was not only her pert bum cheeks got attention. The position that each strike landed and as the final strokes landed, Sofia’s bum, breasts and thighs showed had red marks. The last few strikes were directly on her nipples and pussy which produced loud groans of both pain and pleasure. The last strike landed directly on her clit and was the hardest of all. Sofia in moments wailed in ecstasy as the waves of an orgasm overwhelmed her. Tamara went over and held her as she was released from her bindings and helped her over to a sofa to recover from the ordeal.

Corrine then announced, after these three displays of bravery from the women, I have decided that we will deal with the four auctions for Males before moving onto the fourth lot for females. Diane tensed and clung onto my arm tightly before whispering in my ear “Shit, I have to wait even longer.”

The first three men’s auctions were relatively tame with the maximum bid not exceeding 150 strokes. Two of the selections were all of severe implements including a judicial cane. All three took all their strokes and I realised that many of the assembled guests were very much into being on the receiving end of the severe implements.

The final lot, however, reached 250 strokes. The winner was William, the male partner of the couple that were the latesimp705t addition to our group of friends. Celia, his wife said “oh good, I am looking forward to getting plenty of oral attention, which he knows he will have to perform.”

He selected a card nervously and grinned as he read it. Corrine took the card from him and said “We can now watch a demonstration of how the British play. William has selected the scourge applied with medium intensity, which is one of the nastiest implements I possess. Susan will be the one weilding the scourge.”

William duly took his position at the spanking horse was tied down and Maria gave him a hand spanking as a warm up. Meanwhile Susan had picked up the scourge, practised with it to get a feel for the implement and when Maria decided he was ready started giving him his required strokes. The first stroke landed and William gasped as he felt the impact of the small beads and knots in the loops of thin leather.imp705a

Susan deliberately varied the pace of the strokes and intermittently stopped to stroke his ass for a while before restarting the whipping. As the whipping progressed, William’s moans of pain became muted and I could see that he had reached the “happy place” where the pain was not felt to the same degree because of the high flow of endorphins. After the last stroke landed, he was released and on wobbly legs he was escorted to a private booth by Susan and Celia. The assembled guests gave both Susan and William a round of applause of appreciation.

Corrine waited a few minutes before saying, “now for the last of the lady’s auctions. I can see many of you are still desperate to play, so I expect the winning bid to be high. However I must remind you that there is the penalty of my special chastity device if you do not take all the strokes you bid for.

“Now let’s start this auction at 100.”

Eight women present raised their hands. As they started to drop out and only two remained, Diane raised her hand to bid.

Corrine amusedly said “Oh there is a new bidder, as she took the bid to 250.”

The other two bidders had dropped out when the bidding reached 350 strokes. As Corrine was about to close the bidding, another hand was raised from the middle of the assembled guests. Diane asked me if I could see who it was. I looked around and saw it was Tamara.

Diane was not amused as she heard this, but kept her hand up as she had agreed that she would win at least one of the auctions. The guests started to gasp in amazement as the bidding reached over 500 strokes. It was only when Corrine decided to increase the bid from 700 to 750 in one raise that Tamara pulled out.

Diane whilst relieved but also very nervous as she was declared the winner. I had to help her as she made her way to Corrine.

Corrine hugged her saying quietly, “At least you have kept your word on winning. Are you ready for a thorough going over? Whilst I would like to announce there is no safe word, I do not expect you to use it as I know you will enjoy your experience, and towards the end any guest can be involved.”

Diane looked on nervously as Corrine then said to the assembled guests “This winner is the one who I have a special treat as mentioned at the outset.”

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