Holiday fun- part 5

Wednesday morning found us all around the breakfast table. Maria looked particularly tired and when Corrine asked why she was so tired, the reply was “the vibrator seemed to go on for ages and I lost count of the orgasms I had last night.”

Corrine replied with a wry grin “Oh well that was the punishment for not controlling yourself. I hope it does not affect you when I see you later in court.”

As in previous days, the two girls, Diane and I were hobbled and had our wrists connected together by the short chains. We made our way up to the top terrace and continued work on the big frame and deck that we had been busy constructing in the previous two mornings. Today we had to construct a slope at the back to be made of decking. Diane and I looked puzzled at this addition until Patrice explained it would help protect the main deck in case of anything washing down from the hillside as well as having another purpose we would find out about later in the week.

The work continued on even after a short break until Corrine returned from her courtroom at around lunchtime. Patrice asked “How did Maria get on?”

Corrine quietly replied, “Not too badly even with her tiredness.”

Corrine inspected progress and declared that it was satisfactory.

In the afternoon, Corrine declared that we would enjoy the afternoon sunbathing. This sounded ominous to Diane and I.

Corrine said “Tamara and Sofia, as you spent yesterday afternoon sitting around, I think that you can stand whilst Diane and Charles rest their feet.”

She got Tamara and Sofia to turn around, connected their wrists together behind their backs. She had them stand with their legs apart and gently raised their wrists and guided them so that their bum cheeks met, she got Patrice to connect their ankles together which were secured to tent pegs about three feet apart. Their thighs were also tied together and their arms were allowed to rest on the other’s back. Her final touch to their predicament was a thin double ended dildo about 18 inches long that she carefully inserted into their pussies.

She then said to them. “If the dildo falls out, both of you will be subject to an exquisite torment this evening.”

Meanwhile, Diane and I were instructed by Patrice into our positions, back to back. Our feet were tied to the tent pegs that remained in the ground from the previous day. This kept them wide apart. Our hands were tied so that they were held back and effectively we held each other. His final twist was to add a very thin string from our nipple rings to each of our big toes so that our nipples were slightly stretched.

Patrice then said to us “you two need to keep fairly still, the string is very weak, and if any strand breaks, then both of you will suffer a punishment tonight.”

I realised that we were likely to be in this position for about two hours and time seemed to go slowly. The position we were tied in, whilst not overly strenuous, got progressively harder on our legs as the time passed. As the four of us were not gagged, we were able to talk that helped us get through the ordeal.

Patrice and Corrine laid back on their sun loungers. Patrice picked up a book, but whilst reading the odd bits from it, he was keeping a careful watch on the four of us. Corrine in the meantime was engrossed reading what looked like court papers.

When she had finished her reading, she came over to us, checked the strings from our nipples to big toes and was satisfied that they were still intact. She went over to the girls and looked carefully.

She turned to Patrice, “I think they will manage to avoid the torment this evening.”

Patrice smiled before replying, “Oh, I don’t know, although they are well trained, I will give them about half an hour before they fail the challenge.”

Corrine laughed, “Shall we have a little wager between us?”

“What do you have in mind?”

“If I win, then you are in the sleep sack tonight with a prostrate massager inserted that will milk you all night. If you win, then I am in the sleep sack with a vibrator like Maria last night.”

“OK you’re on.”

The four of us were left in our bindings as Corrine and Patrice sat back to relax in the bright sunshine.

Suddenly there was a light plop as the dildo fell out of Sofia’s pussy, quickly followed by another as Tamara let the go of the dildo and it fell to the ground.

Corrine looked at her watch and quickly had a look of dismay as she realised she had lost the wager.

Patrice got up, released us all from our ties, let us stretch before we all jumped in the pool for a swim.

When we had all left the pool and dried ourselves off we went into the house.

Corrine disappeared into the kitchen for a few minutes before returning. She got Tamara and Sofia to stand facing each other and quickly secured their wrist cuffs to the back of each other. She then put a chain through their ankle cuffs and locked it so that they had a moderate amount of movement. She did the same with Diane and myself.

She then announced. “Tonight Diane and Charles will prepare the main course for dinner while Tamara and Sofia will make the starters. However it is not going to be as easy as you think. I have left out the counter a set of ingredients you can use. You will remain as you are until dinner is served with the starter at 7 and the main course twenty minutes later.”

She told us that the main course could be left cooking whilst we ate our starters. She then continued “We will have a judge here whose task will be to decide which couple has produced the better of the two courses. The couple to be adjudged the winner will be allowed to choose how the losing couple is bound at bed time.”

The four of us shuffled off to the kitchen. Looking at the ingredients laid out, Diane and I quickly decided that we would make a Lasagne.

Sofia and Tamara had obviously been in this situation before and after a few minutes explained how we could complete the task whilst in our restraints. It took a while for me to get used to looking over Diane’s shoulder when preparing the ingredients.

A couple of minutes before seven, Patrice released us from our restraints. He stayed with us in the kitchen before telling the Girls, “Time to serve the starters.”

They quickly took the large bowl of soup and plate of croutons into the dining area. Sat at the table was Antonio, the manager of the local hotel, who we had met the previous year when we were required to stay an extra day whilst he was dealt with in Corrine’s courtroom.

He greeted us warmly. We all sat down and enjoyed the tasty soup that the girls had prepared. It was now Diane and my turn to serve the Lasagne that we had made.

When we removed it from the oven I was relieved to find that it was perfect.

Once we had finished the main course, Patrice went to the kitchen and brought out the dessert that had obviously been made earlier.

Once everything was cleared away Corrine turned to Antonio asking “which was the better dish of the starter and main course?”

“Both were good.” He replied before continuing “and it is difficult to decide.” He paused before saying “However the Lasagne was one of the best I have ever tasted, so I will say that was the better.”

Corrine thanked him before saying “Well done Diane and Charles. I am sure your restraints made the preparation of the dish fun.”

Patrice then made some remark before letting Corrine continue with the conversation.

I noticed first Tamara then Sofia tense and blush before relaxing and joining in the conversation. Once Antonio had departed, the conversation continued, with both girls frequently tensing up before blushing with the odd sigh being emitted. The conversation continued for over an hour and it was clear that the girls were beginning to find it difficult to concentrate until Tamara tensed up, let out a big moan and blushed bright red down to her chest. She slumped a little before managing to sit back upright.

I looked with an enquiring eyebrow at Patrice who smiled before saying “Yes, this is their torture from this afternoon. After I say a particular phrase, they each have three innocent words from me and two from Corrine that will make them orgasm. This will continue until I say a different phrase which stops the effect of these words. The words can only be spoken by us, so they will not respond to you saying them. They know all about it, but they do not know what the trigger words and phrases are. I plan to keep this going until midnight and they will never know when or how often they will cum.”

Diane squirmed in her seat on hearing this.

She then said “that is tortuous, multiple orgasms without any stimulation and not knowing when they will come sounds terrifying but at the same delightful.”

Patrice then said, “Yes both delightful and a torture. I also have added a different set of phrases that prevent them from having an orgasm irrespective of the amount of stimulation they receive.”

Diane’s jaw dropped, “That is probably even worse.”

I interjected “maybe, but just think about the possibilities.”

We left it that, changing the subject.

The conversation continued with the girls having yet more orgasms as we talked. When it was time for us to go to bed, Corrine asked “now how about their restraints for the night?”

I said “quite simple I think, just their wrists secured to a waist belt and then secured that they cannot turn over.”

Diane then added mischievously “Also they should be wearing a butterfly clit vibe set at full power. This will keep them going until the batteries run down.”

The girls looked absolutely distraught when they heard this, but said wisely nothing.

We escorted them to their rooms, arranged their restraints, ensuring each of the clit vibes was in the right place, turned them on and left them to enjoy their night.

Wicked Wednesday

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Holiday fun- part 4

Part 3 of this series can be found here

Tuesday morning we were up, had breakfast and were ready for the day ahead at 9.00 am.

Patrice inspected the back, bums and chests of us four subs and he was satisfied that the welts from the evening’s session with the quirt would not be affected by what he had planned for the day.

We went up to the top terrace to the frame that we had prepared the day before. It was certainly impressive with two frames in the shape of an upside down V with a ridge pole connecting the two frames about 8 feet from the ground.

Patrice explained what needed to completed that day and Tamara and Sofia elected to put preservative on the timbers whilst Diane and I would help with work on the structure.

The girls had their hands secured behind their backs and their ankles were connected by a 6 inch hobble. Patrice picked up two gags with large paint brushes facing out. He secured the gags before saying “we need all this deck timber painted with preservative. Any bits not properly covered will earn each of you a punishment tonight and it needs to be completed before lunch.”

They looked at each other and then realised how devious Patrice had been in thinking up the scenario. They started their work and soon got into the stride of it. Meanwhile Diane and I had our ankles hobbled with 12 inch chains between our cuffs. He said “for the moment I am not going to restrict your arm movements as we will be using some power tools.”

He measured out the timbers and once marked Diane and I were required to use the electric saws to cut them to the right lengths.

About two hours later, we had cut all the timbers and Patrice then cuffed our wrists in front of us. We helped him put the frame for the deck together and when Corrine returned for lunch she inspected the progress. Using a spirit level she looked a little surprised when the main portion of the deck frame was not quite level.

Patrice “I thought we agreed that the main deck would be level?”

“We did, but I then realised that a slope of 2 or 3 degrees was needed to allow the water and rain to drain off without leaving puddles.”

“Well why didn’t you consult me?”

“It was only as I was measuring everything out this morning, that I thought of it and I wouldn’t have been able to get holds of you whilst in court.”

“Well let’s see how the girls have done.”

She and Patrice went over and inspected the timber that the girls had been coating with preservative.

They examined each piece of timber and inspected them carefully.

Corrine declared “I’m impressed, not a single bit missed, and you even thought to the ends.”

They looked relieved and she then turned to Patrice, “Since the girls have done such a good job, I will not punish you for the little oversight. However anymore changes will require you to notify me, and if I am not available you will have to leave a message.”

We all went down to the house, with four of us shuffling behind Corrine and Patrice because of our hobbles.

After lunch Corrine declared that we would have some more sunbathing to do that afternoon. With a giggle she said Diane and me “today you will just be able to stand around. The girls can sit around this afternoon.”

The girls looked at each other with a raised eyebrows wondering what Corrine had planned.

As we went outside, she got the girls to sit down on the grass facing each other. She placed four tent pegs in a rectangle that was about five feet by seven feet. She first secured Tamara’s legs with ropes from her ankle cuffs. Her legs were stretched wide and Corrine gave them each a slim, shiny vibrator saying “These must not come out until you have finished sunbathing.”

Picture by

Picture by

She then had Sofia sit between Tamara’s spread legs and quickly secured her legs to the other tent pegs. She produced a ball gag with four straps; first Tamara and then Sofia were fully gagged with their faces close together as if they were kissing. They were told to put their arms behind the other’s back and these were then tied off to the tent pegs behind them to give the effect that they were embracing.

Diane and I were instructed to put in the toys we were given, an vibrating egg for her and a vibrating butt plug for me, then told to stand up and our legs were secured to tent pegs set about three feet apart. Corrine checked the position of our nipples, and was satisfied so instructed us to remove our piercings. She thread a thin stainless steel bar through my right nipple, then Diane’s Left one, then my left nipple and finally Diane’s right nipple. She added a bead to each end and said, now you are nicely together, time for a gag and we were strapped in in exactly the same way as the girls. Once our wrists were secured behind each other’s backs, Corrine went over to join Patrice at the sun loungers.

To begin with it was most enjoyable being so closed secured to my gorgeous wife. This started to change as the toll of having feet secured wide apart was felt all through my legs. Adding to the frustration was being so close, holding my wife tight and secured at our ankles, chests and mouths but not being able to do anything to give her pleasure. The torment increased as the vibrators sprung to life at a low setting which did nothing but tease. Diane started wriggling a little and I could feel her movements resonate through my nipples.

I lost track of time. Corrine and Patrice finally released us when Maria and Eva appeared. They looked at our situations and commented that Corrine and Patrice had been too gentle with us.

Once we were released from all our bonds, the four of us who had been bound stretched our weary muscles before going for a swim in the pool.

As we got out we could her laughter and the four of us saw that Maria and Eva had been placed in the same bondage as the two girls. Corrine told us “they did not believe it would be tiring, so I have given them exactly the same as Tamara and Sofia, except they won’t be in for as long.”

I could see that after just a few minutes both Maria and Eva were pleading with their eyes to be released. Corrine took no pity on them and left them there for a full half hour before asking for our opinion. Tamara and Sofia each quickly said “they thought it was easy, so let them suffer a bit more.”

Diane and I were of the same opinion, so Corrine said to them “You have a choice, the same time again as you are or the same time tied as Diane and Charles were except you will be wearing clover clamps as you are not pierced.”

They thought for a moment before deciding to stay as they were.

They still whimpered and squirmed as much as their bondage allowed. When it was time for them to be released, Corrine untied the ropes to the pegs and let them undo the rest of their bindings. When the gag was finally released Maria said “OK, you win it was not as easy as I thought.”

“Great” replied Corrine, “at least we can have some entertainment tonight.”

After dinner had been cleared away, Corrine said to Maria and Eva, time for you two to get ready. They disappeared for about quarter of an hour and returned wearing corsets that had been tightly laced up. They jumped up on the table and quickly they were secured in a 69 position. Both of them were gagged with a penis gag with a small nub sticking out and told, “You have one hour to bring each other to orgasm. The second to come will have a good night’s sleep. If neither of you come, Maria will suffer tonight and Eva tomorrow night. The first to come will be strapped into a sleep sack on their bed with a battery operated vibrator inserted at full power.”

As soon as they were told, they worked hard to try and bring the other to orgasm. Once the half hour mark had passed, they were both in high states of arousal and at the same time tired from all their efforts. Once an hour and a half had passed, Maria started to tremble and Eva renewed her movements of the gag, and eventually Maria tensed up and the waves of pleasure swept over her. Eva soon followed suit knowing that she would be getting a good night of sleep.

Wicked Wednesday


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Holiday fun- part three

Part two of this series can be found here

Monday morning we got up earlier than normal, even for us, as we had been informed the night before that it was our turn to make breakfast that had to be ready at 7.30 am. Corrine was dressed in her formal work clothes.

When Corrine, Maria and Eva had left for court, Patrice said “Diane and Charles. While Corrine is in court this morning, do you want to help me with a little project I have planned?”

We both replied “of course.”

“Great and I think you will enjoy the result.”

After the dishes had been cleared away he instructed Tamara and Sofia to put their cuffs on and join us in the garden towards the back. Whilst waiting for the girls he marked out four spots.

When they had appeared he attached a short chain between the ankle and wrist cuffs. He told Tamara and Sofia “instead of your usual workout regime at the gym today, I require you to dig a hole at each of these spots that is half a metre square and 40 centimetres deep.”

He then turned to us and instructed us to go and get our clothes as we needed to get some supplies.

We joined him in his large pick-up truck and we drove for about half an hour and entered the large DIY depot. He quickly picked out 2 garden swing seats that comfortably sat two people. He also picked up a number of larger than normal fixings as well the necessary ingredients to make concrete. We left the store and then went to the local timber yard. We helped him load up the five long, thick round logs as well as a substantial amount of timber decking and larger pieces of wood. When the load was properly secured we made our way back.

Once at the house, we were required to strip, get our cuffs on and then help him move everything to where the holes were being dug. Thankfully when moving everything up there we were not restrained. However this changed quickly and we too sported a hobble chain and a chain securing our wrists together.

The girls had made good progress with the hole and when finished they looked at Patrice for approval. He carefully measured them. However when Patrice measured the depth of the last one he said “this one is 5 centimetres too shallow.”

Tamara replied “Sorry, but we hit the rock underneath. We did not think that it would be too serious.”

“Well the depth of the holes is critical, so go get a pickaxe and get it to the right depth now. I will deal with the lack of depth later.”

She scurried off as quickly as she could with the hobble, coming back with a pickaxe. She carefully sat on the side of the hole before dropping into it and started the work to get it to the right depth.

While the girls were finishing the holes Diane, Patrice and I made up two large side frames and prepared the top strut. This work took longer than usual and was made more interesting because of our restraints. Between us we were able to get the uprights into place and held by some struts ready for the holes to be filled with concrete.

When it came to mixing the concrete to secure the posts in the holes, the girls and us took turns at mixing the required amount for each hole. The task of shovelling the gravel, sand and cement was made that harder due to the restricted movements we had.

Just as the fourth hole was being filled, Corrine returned looking pleased with the progress we had made.

In the afternoon there was no work for us to do, so Corrine decided that we needed to have some fun outside. She produced two CDs each. She required the four of us to remove our piercings and place the CDs over our nipples and replace the piercings so as to hold the CDs in place.

She said “now for the game. Diane and Charles will form one team and Tamara and Sofia the other. You will each have a small paintball pistol, which is not very powerful. You have 20 balls each for five games. The target is the CDs. For each game you will start with 50 points. Each hit on a CD will earn the firing team five points. However each hit you receive on a CD will lose your team five points. Each ball fired that does not hit the target will lose the firing team two points and the other team gets three points. Each game lasts ten minutes, during which time you must have used up all your balls. We will sound a short whistle blast to announce that there is one minute in that game left. Each ball left in the pistol at the end of ten minutes will lose your team ten points.

“You have the run of the garden up to the top terrace and you can use whatever cover you can find. The one rule is that you are not allowed to lie down to hide your targets.

“Oh and the team with the lowest overall total will be on the receiving end of kisses from my favourite quirt tonight. The number kisses you each receive will be the difference in the points total. Additionally, the losing team will receive a further penalty of 20 kisses which will be very painful. You will not be told the result until after supper tonight.”

Diane and I looked at each other and I could see a faint smile.

Patrice then said “You have a few minutes to work out your strategies while we load up your pistols.”

We were handed our pistols and told to go our starting positions which were at opposite ends of the lower terrace.

Corrine started the game with a clap, and it did not take long for Diane and I to shuffle our way towards the girls. The CDs on their chests made an inviting target and when I judged that they were close enough both of us fired our pistols at them. One of the balls hit the target whilst the other missed. Just after I fired I felt a small impact just above my navel as one of their balls hit me.

We played cat and mouse and when we felt ready we fired towards the girls. Each of the first four games appeared us playing to be very close. In the break before the fifth game Diane and I whispered together and came up with a strategy that would make it very difficult for Tamara and Sofia to hit the CDs.

As each game finished Patrice and Corrine counted up the hits, refilled our pistols, cleaned off our targets, wash off all the misses and gave us a short breather.

We started the last game with me behind Diane and she crossed her arms so as to hide the CDs from the Girls. I was able to fire over her shoulder at the girls, knowing that my targets were well hidden. It did not take long for the girls to adopt the same tactics. Once I had fired all my shots Diane and I swapped position. However Diane had great difficulty in firing although I crouched down a little to give her a better firing position, she was not able to fire all her shots by the end of that last game.

Shortly after the last game we heard sirens of the emergency services coming towards us. Corrine went to the front gate and was startled to find two policemen get out of the car and start putting on some climbing gear. They came around the back of the house and were highly amused when they saw the CDs secured our nipples. They had the good sense to see the humorous side as they sat down and explained that been a report of flashes of light coming from this area and it was thought that there was someone in distress.

After supper, Patrice said to Tamara and Sofia “I have discussed the shortfall in the hole with Corrine, and whilst there are some mitigating circumstances, you should have told me about the problem earlier, so Corrine will give you each thirty kisses with her quirt.”

Tamara and Sofia looked relieved that the punishment was not more severe.

Corrine got her quirt and had the girls stand up along a wall She had them raise their hands above their heads. A quiet whoosh and snap and a slap were heard as each of the strokes of the quirt landed. At the end, each of their bum cheeks had 10 thin short welts and their upper backs a further 10.

When she finished she said “Now for the result of the game this afternoon. It was very close up till the last one, with only a small difference of seven points. However, Diane failed to fire all her balls in the last game and that has earned her and Charles 65 kisses each for the points difference and a further 20 painful ones.

We took our places at the wall and I felt the first sting on my left butt cheek as the first kiss landed. Diane was struggling to hold position as she finds the sting of the quirt more difficult to handle. I relished the sting and I was sighing with pleasure as each stroke landed. All too soon we were told to turn around and face Corrine. She carefully took aim and I felt the sting of the quirt landing just above my left nipple. A moment later I felt the sting above my right nipple. She went to Diane and repeated the process and each kiss produced a low yelp. The first sixteen strokes landed all around our nipples, with some landing across welts from earlier strokes. Then I heard a whoosh, snap and felt fire as a stroke landed right across one of my nipples, followed quickly by another on the same nipple. Two more on my other nipple had me squealing as I processed the pain. Diane held my hand squeezing it hard as she received the same treatment on her nipples. She squealed loudly as each strike landed and at the end there were tears in her eyes. We were allowed to hug each other until Sofia produced a tube of Aloe Vera ointment which we gently rubbed onto our partner’s nipples to help ease the pain.

Wicked Wednesday



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Holiday fun- part two

Part One of the Holiday fun can be found here.

After our afternoon session of forced sunbathing, Diane and I were allowed to relax as much as we could with our ankles hobbled by 12 inch chains and our hands cuffed behind our backs.

After dinner which had been prepared by Tamara and Sofia, we all went to Corrine’s ‘office’. Once we were there, Corrine said “Now we have the punishments to get out of the way for your failures in the shopping. You won’t be alone in being punished as Tamara and Sofia will suffer the same as you two for their incorrect guess as to how many items you would get wrong. Luckily I have enough equipment for the four of you to suffer the same punishment.”

I was nervous about this, but as we had agreed to the ‘no safe word’ week we had no alternative.

Corrine and Patrice disappeared for a moment and when they came back there were 4 multi-channel TENS and 4 electrostim controllers on the tray together with loads of wires and pads.

Corrine then said “You will be put into 4 different bondage positions for half an hour each. Any movement one of you makes will be detected by the very sensitive movement detectors that will be hanging from your nipple rings. Any detected movement will automatically set of one of the 4 channels of the TENS units for the other three. The strength will be at random and will last between 10 seconds and one minute. Another feature of the setup is that if say Charles makes a movement, the three ladies will suffer. Any movement during this session detected from say, Sofia, will add more time to the controller for Diane and Tamara as well as starting on Charles. After five minutes of these shocks, the controller will shut off for a random length of time before resetting. The four of you will not know how long this will be. Once the first thirty minutes are over, the controller will beep at the end of the final session to show that that it is time to change position.”

Corrine continued “each position you will be put in will become more challenging. And for the third and fourth I will be adding an electrostim butt plug. Finally, each movement you make will be logged and this will form part of your final reckoning on Sunday.”

I looked at Diane and the two girls and all three had expressions of trepidation.

Maria and Eva came over to Diane and myself and started to apply the TENS pads. The TENS pads were placed on each of our calf muscles, thighs, groins, with the girls having them either side of their clits whilst I had them placed just by my balls, our backsides had a pair of pads on each cheek as did each of our nipples.

The wires were connected and Corrine sent a gentle pulse through each channel to make sure the set up was working.

Corrine and Patrice started to bind Tamara and Sofia; whilst Maria and Eva bound Diane and I. We were all put into identical positions of a gentle strappado in such a way that we could see each other.

For a few minutes there were no shocks as we all managed to stay still. Unfortunately Diane was the first to make a movement and three of us felt the effect of the TENS pads on our thighs. This made us jump and consequently we were all made to suffer for a while.

When the pulses stopped, we all let out a sigh of relief and started to stay as still as we could in this position.

After three rounds of shocks, the machine beeped to say that the first session was over. We were then manoeuvred over spanking horses and had our wrists secured on one side and ankles the other. This was a really easy position for all of us and there was only one round of shocks before the computer beeped.

We were given a short break to have a sip of water before applying lube and inserting the butt plugs.

The third position was rather more interesting as we were all put into an upright spread-eagle with wrists and ankles held about three feet apart. Whilst the upper bar was not pulled very far up, after twenty minutes it became uncomfortable. There were two rounds of shocks that had each of us quivering before the machine beeped.

For the fourth position we were put into a very tight ball tie and had to remain very still. This was the most difficult position for each of us and it only took about a minute before the first round of shocks started with the butt plug delivering a strong series of pulses. When it finished we were all panting and luckily we had enough time to gather ourselves together without restarting the shocks. This final tie in the end gave us four rounds of shocks that all lasted the full five minutes.

We were all greatly relieved when the machine beeped for the final time.

We were quickly released from our bindings and allowed to remove the butt plugs. We were each ordered to go and clean them and ourselves up. Tamara appeared a little slow in starting off and Patrice said “one punishment tomorrow for Sofia.” Sofia said nothing but gave Tamara an evil stare.

The session whilst uncomfortable had somehow made both Diane and I rather horny and once over we were allowed to go to our rooms and I used my mouth to great effect bring her to a few powerful orgasms before she laid back for a contented sleep.

Sunday morning saw us all up at a reasonable time. Once we had cleared breakfast up, Patrice ordered us four subs to get dressed. Two cars left Corrine and Patrice’s home and after a short drive we ended up at one of the many beautiful lakes.

As we got out of the cars, Corrine and Patrice started to remove their clothing and ordered the rest of us to follow suit. Once we were all undressed, he gave us each a fishing rod and said “Today is our version of a fishing competition. We will all be fishing for two, two hour long sessions with a break for lunch in the middle. Corrine and I will be against Tamara and Sofia whilst Diane and Charles will be against Maria and Eva. The winning team in each competition will be the ones who catch the most weight in fish. The winners will be able to give the losers 100 spanks each with either hand, leather paddle or strap for each full or part kilo of weight difference to be administered tonight after dinner.”

He continued, “Any fish that are too big to go in the net will be weighed as it is landed and the weight verified by all of us. It will then be released back into the lake.”

We settled down in our desired positions and got ourselves ready. When everyone was ready Patrice set the stop watch and said “time starts now.”

The first hour was relatively quiet with each of us catching two or three small fish. The second hour followed the same pattern until Sofia managed to hook a large fish that had her rod bend a lot. She had just started to reel it in when the timer went off. Patrice seeing the bend on the rod boldly said, “If you land it, it will still count toward your weight total as it was hooked before the time was up.”

It took nearly fifteen minutes for Sofia to carefully bring the fish to the bank and Tamara skilfully got it into a landing net. Corrine was a little alarmed when she saw the weight was 15 kilos and 250 grams.

Tamara gave Sofia a High five when she saw the weight.

We had a leisurely lunch and as it was a warm day, Maria asked if it would affect the fishing if we went for a swim before the second session. We all agreed that it would be great to have a swim and we all made our way into the cold water of the lake. As we got out we could see that all of our nipples had stiffened with the effect of the cold water.

We laid back drying ourselves for about half an hour before we got ready for the second session.

Tamara and Sofia seemed to have run out of luck as they landed just two fish whilst Patrice and Corrine had a steady haul of small fish.

Meanwhile Diane, Maria, Eva and I had were all catching a steady haul of fish that looked similar in size.

The timer went off and we all stopped fishing. The nets were carefully weighed individually and the weights noted by Patrice. When all the weighing in had been completed, Patrice and Corrine were still the losers by nearly three kilos, meaning that they had 300 spanks each to be delivered by Tamara and Sofia.

Diane and I did not fare well as our total catch was two kilos below that of Maria and Eva.

We all had a quick swim, dried off in the sunshine before donning our clothes and returning to Patrice and Corrine’s home.

After dinner, we all got ready for the spankings which were to be delivered over the knee. Corrine and Patrice carefully positioned themselves over Tamara and Sofia’s lap and were given a gentle hand spanking to start with. They then each picked up a leather paddle and administered what looked like some rather stinging blows that had both Patrice and Corrine wriggling. They were both receiving the spanks at the same time. When the girls put down the paddles, Tamara boldly said now for the final twenty, and they each picked up a strap. The blows landed with a loud thwack and a resultant squeal came from those being spanked. The last blow was an evil one to the sit spots that had both Patrice and Corrine yelped as they felt the effects. They were let up and hugged by their spanker before they then hugged each other.

Diane and I soon had ourselves over the laps of Maria and Eva and we started to receive or spanking. I felt every spank and I was sure that my ass was a bright red before they decided we needed to swap places. We the received the remaining strokes with just the leather paddle that had me in tears and Diane yelping at the end as each stroke landed with a resounding splat.

We were let up and hugged each our spankers before cuddling together on the sofa that was soft enough not to aggravate our by now sore asses.

Later as we were about to go to bed, Corrine gave me the key to my chastity cage and said unlock it now, but do not remove until you are in your room. I expect to see it back on the morning.

We went to our bedroom and it took a while until I was able to remove the constricting ring with the spikes. I managed to use the time released from the device to properly satisfy both Diane and myself.

Wicked Wednesday

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Holiday fun week- part one

As we sat watching some boring TV show late on a Thursday evening Diane asked “I don’t know about you, but I think we could both do with a really serious weekend of play without limits.”

“I agree as we have not had a proper holiday this year.” I replied.

“Umm, let’s see if we can get a week off together.”

“No problem, but how do we decide on who is top and who is sub?”

“I don’t know. I think we should ask Corrine for some guidance.” Suggested Diane.

“OK, but we will have do that tomorrow as its too late now.”

We left the conversation there and managed to get through the next day of our work. We had both got our bosses to agree for us to take the same week off.

After we had finished a light supper, we called Corrine told her of our thoughts for the week of holiday and asked for her guidance. She replied “I will think over tonight and call you in the morning.”

The next morning she called and asked “How would it suit you both to be subs for the week?”

Diane replied nervously “What do you mean by that?”

“Simple, you both come over here for the week, then Patrice, Maria and Eva and I will give you a week of exquisite experiences. The only stipulation is that there is no safeword except in the case of cramp etc. Anything else that we want to do goes. We have a good idea of your hard limits, but we will get you to confirm them before you come here.”

She continued “Think about it, talk to each other and let me know tomorrow.”

We discussed the prospect of a week in the Alps. We both discussed our nervousness of the ‘anything else goes’ part, and on Sunday morning we rang Corrine.

I opened the discussion with “we are very nervous about your comment ‘Anything else goes.’ Especially as we have not yet given you our hard limits.”

Corrine replied “Don’t worry. You know all of us and I can assure you that there will be no injuries to either of you. There will be some pain involved and also there will be pleasure too.”

Diane then said “But,”

Corrine interjected “No buts, what will happen will be ultimately enjoyable for the both of you, although it may not seem that way at times.”

We had both decided the night before that we would take up her offer, so I said “We will take up your kind offer of staying with you for the week.”

“Great, we look forward to seeing you on Friday night. I will send you the list of activities we think are your hard limits and please review it carefully and make any necessary alterations by tomorrow night. On Wednesday we will send you a list of what we need you to bring and some instructions. You need to book your flights to us on Friday and return the following Sunday.”

I quickly booked the flights. Once I had finished we had received the list from Corrine. We carefully examined it and it was fairly accurate. A couple of the activities that they had included, we decided could be removed. On Monday evening we rechecked the list and sent it to Corrine.

We quickly received an email saying “Well done.”

Wednesday evening we received her email telling us what we needed to bring with us. These were mainly insertables such as dildos and butt plugs, but one item had us puzzled. We quickly found out about it on the internet and were able to order it to be delivered at Diane’s office on Friday morning.

On Friday morning we both went to work. As I needed to be at Diane’s office that day we went there together. We were on an afternoon flight so we finished work at lunchtime. Diane closed and locked her office door. We followed the instructions precisely. I was required to wear the plastic cage with the most stringent spikes in the lower ring that would make me very uncomfortable when aroused. Diane was required to have a butt plug and her glass ben wa balls inserted. We were only allowed two pieces of clothing each excluding shoes and for me socks.

After finishing our preparations, we left for the airport.

Going through security was embarrassing for both of us as our bags were selected for a more inspection.

The security woman gently said to us “you seem to have a lot of battery operated items. Please open your bags.”

We opened our bags and she quickly pointed to one of the more interesting vibrators and asked Diane to turn it on to show it worked. She did as asked. This happened for a few other items in our bags before we were told “Fine, Thank you. It seems like someone is going to have a fun time. I’ve never seen so many toys in one bag.”

Diane blushed at this remark and we quickly closed up our bags.

The flight was uneventful and we were quickly through the arrivals process to be met by Corrine who innocently asked “any problems?”

She laughed as Diane told her about the security check.

“Just as I hoped, the start of a great week for all of us.”

We soon arrived at Corrine and Patrice’s home and were greeted by him and Maria and Eva.

We enjoyed a sumptuous dinner. After our meal Patrice said “Your week starts tomorrow at 9.00 am and will finish the following Saturday at 9.00. On Sunday before your flight there will be a final reckoning session. You will do everything we ask of you. Any reluctance or disobedience will result in punishment for the other. So if Diane is slow in responding to an order, then Charles will suffer the punishment. Failures in joint tasks mean that you will both be punished. Punishments will be administered each evening after dinner and will count towards the final session on Sunday. In addition if no punishments are earned during the day, you will be allowed some pleasure between you that night.”

Corrine then added “from tomorrow morning you will be naked in the house and grounds. When we go out, which we will at times, you two are only allowed to wear a T shirt, a pair of shorts and a pair of shoes.”

We were both ready at 9.00 the next morning having had a light breakfast. Corrine then explained our first task of the weekend. We had to go food shopping. We were given a list in Italian, some money and told we had two hours in which to get everything on the list. We hurried upstairs, got our required clothes on and walked to the local supermarket.

As we entered the shop we realised that this task was not as easy as it sounds because all the labels were in French. The assistants tried to help, but they struggled with some of the items on the list. We finished the shopping and made it back just before the two hours were up.

We quickly undressed and Corrine joined us in the kitchen to help us unpack and put the shopping away. As we did this she was marking things off the list. Finally everything was put away in the right place.

Corrine announced “Well I suppose it was not a bad effort, however you got four things wrong. You managed to get the wrong beans, salad cream instead of mayonnaise, pilchards instead of sardines and you got sweet flour instead of ordinary flour. So that is four punishments each tonight.”

We were ordered to get our cuffs and put them on. We followed the instructions and Patrice came up, locked Diane’s hands behind her back and mine to my front. He also locked a 12 inch chain between our ankle cuffs and at the centre he locked the two chains together.

He then ordered “Today, together you will prepare a warm chicken salad for lunch to be ready at 1.00pm. This is not the only time you will prepare meals, but it will not be a regular occurrence.”

We shuffled off to the kitchen together and between us managed to prepare the required salad and managed to serve it on time.

We had laid six places at the table and when we announced that lunch was served we were surprised to see Tamara and Sofia enter as well as our four tormenters for the week.

“Well this is interesting,” said Corrine. “I suppose you thought you would join us at the table. Well, we cannot punish you for thinking that, however Charles will kneel beside me and Diane by Patrice and we will ensure that you get some lunch.”

After lunch, Tamara and Sofia were ordered to clear up and the two of us were ushered out to the lush lawn.

I noticed that there was a two rows of five tent pegs about two metres apart. The pegs in each line were about one and a half metres apart. Corrine announced “It is a great day for sunbathing, so we thought that you should not go home without a bit of colour.”

The connections between our cuffs were unlocked. Corrine said “To make this more interesting, I have a nice little vibrator for you Diane, and a little black box for you Charles.”

She handed Diane the vibrator which she quickly inserted and I attached the box around my balls.

Corrine the continued “You will each apply sunscreen to each other’s front.”

We did as we were told and it was rather stimulating for both of us. We finished applying the sunscreen. Corrine ordered us to lie down between the two lines of stakes. Our arms and legs were spread and secured to the tent pegs so we were in a moderately comfortable spread-eagle. We looked up to see Tamara and Sofia appear with a tray and they were soon secured to the other tent pegs in the same way as us.

She applied something with a paint brush to all our sides, groins and nipples. Corrine said “the fun really starts now. The vibrators and box on Charles will pick up any movements you make and will give you a tease. They will start off low, but will increase in intensity each time it is set off. Once it reaches the maximum, it will then reduce a bit before increasing again. So you all need to be really still.”

She bent down and flicked the switches on three vibrators in the ladies and then the one on my box.

Corrine, Patrice, Maria and Eva settled into what looked really comfortable sun loungers and watched us.

I do not know what the substance was, but it quickly attracted the interest of some insects that started to land on us and as they moved there was a tickling sensation. This was tortuous as we had to resist any movement. I soon felt a few sets of teasing, increasing in strength as I could not stop wriggling from the tickling sensations.

After an hour of being laid on our backs and frequently recieving shocks, Diane and I were released and required to apply sunscreen to each other’s backs. We were required to lay on our front and re-secured to our tent pegs. This time Corrine applied the substance to our bum cheeks close to our ass holes. The same happened to Tamara and Sofia.

The insects soon started to feast on the substance and tickle all of us unmercifully. Eventually we were released, the vibrators and box were removed and told to use the shower by the side of the pool and then we could go swimming.

The four of us rushed to the shower and quickly washed ourselves off before we relaxed in the pool. Corrine, Patrice, Maria and Eva soon joined us in the pool.

Wicked Wednesday

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