Red bottom weekend part 2

This week’s story is inspired by Craig and Lizzie and their Red Bottom Days or Weekends. My thanks go to them for allowing me to use their concept. You can find last week’s episode here.

Although Diane woke first on Saturday morning, I feigned sleep when she came out of the bathroom. As she was brushing her hair I said “I can see your bottom faded overnight, so come and lay on my lap.”

She did as she was asked and I gave her a few light smacks to settle down. I laid down a few harder ones and she was squeaking a little. I paused for a moment to rub her light pink coloured bum. She said “Those hard ones were certainly stingy.”

My reply was simple “so what they say about spankings hurting more on a freshly showered bum must be true.”

I added a few hard spanks with my hand before I leant over to pick up her hairbrush. A few applications of the hairbrush had her bum a suitable shade of red.

She waited for me whilst I had a quick shower and went down to breakfast. I had no qualms in giving her some light top up spanks with my hand as we went downstairs.

As the breakfast was self-service I was able to see that John and Tom had the same idea as me in ensuring that their wives, Kathy and Suzy, sported the required red bottom.

William and Celia appeared, and whilst Celia sported a light pink bottom Corrine admonished them for not getting in the spirit of things.

William replied “I am not happy spanking Celia as I am afraid I will hurt her.”

Celia added, “He has always been like that. Corrine will you top me up so I am no different to the others?”

Corrine looked at Patrice and he nodded, before she said “Rather than me do it, William will, but I will teach him how to spank properly.”

It took a while for Corrine to show him how to use his hand properly. After about half an hour of instruction Celia was sporting a red bottom. Not only that, she was purring and squealing with pleasure as each spank landed.

William was still nervous, but Celia reassured him that the spanking was firm but not too hard. The morning progressed and there were plenty of top up spankings given so all the ladies had nice red bottoms.

At lunch Zack asked John, “Did you bring the items I asked about?”

“Yes, I have enough to go around and some spares.”

“Good.” He then continued, “I hope you are all up for a bit of exercise this afternoon.”

We looked at him slightly inquisitively.

Dee was the first to speak, asking “Does it involve maybe the odd bruise?”

Zack smiled as he said “If you get caught, then may be.”

Corrine picked up on this and said “Ooh paintballing then.”

“Yes, and the local farmer has kindly left out quite a few bales of straw around for us to use as well. I spoke to him earlier and he does not mind if it gets covered in paint as it will be used as bedding for his cattle in the winter.”

As lunch finished Corrine got up to help clear the plates when Patrice called her over and asked her to lay over his lap. He gave her a light spanking and then used the paddle to give her the appropriate colour on her bottom. A few other ladies needed a top up spanking to ensure that their bottoms were a decent shade of red.

Once we had cleared the dishes, we all helped carry the necessary equipment over to the field where we found that the farmer had laid out a clever design of straw bales so that there were both areas for shelter as well as plenty of open spaces to be crossed.

Zack then said “Although there is a slight mismatch in numbers between the men and women, If Tamara and Susan join the men’s team we can have a battle of the sexes. Dee and I will be team captains. There is a little ‘fort’ at each end of the field. On the top is a flag, and the aim is to capture the flag from the other end and return it to your own fort. The twist is that no defender is allowed to be within three yards of their fort, except one person when hoisting the captured flag. How does best of five games sound?”

We all agreed.

Zack then said “You can fire at will, but each of you will be given fifty balls each game, so you need to be careful. If you run out of paintballs, then there is a little penalty fishing competition tomorrow morning. If you run out in only one game then the penalty is to catch one pound of fish. Two games is two pounds and so on. Between Dee and myself, each game our team loses we have to catch two pounds of fish.”

Dee was about to complain when Zack noticed that Dee’s bottom needed a little extra colour and he asked Susan to do the honours. She set about the task and soon had Dee squirming as she made sure that Dee had plenty of colour in her cheeks.

We separated into our teams and there was a huddle so that we could discuss tactics.

A few moments later both sides were ready and we started the “battle”. As expected, the girls quickly started their raid and whilst most of us on Zack’s team held back in defence leaving Tamara and Susan to rush up the field to capture the flag, which they did having only been hit a few times. Our defence was steady and the girls found it difficult to get to our fort without being hit by loads of paintballs.

The second game was closer, especially as the girls changed their tactics and defended rather better. I motioned to John and Tom to distract Kathy, Corrine and Dee who were defending their fort. Unfortunately for us just as I reached for the flag, Sofia planted our flag on their fort.

As we were in the huddle for the third game I noticed Diane needed a little more colour on her bottom. I shouted across the field mush to Diane’s annoyance. As it happened, both Suzy and Sofia also needed a little extra colour so we attended to that before we resumed the paintball match.

The third game was close, however when the girls sent Kathy out to distract us, I realised that Sofia was sent on a sprint to try and capture our flag. I managed to hit Sofia with a paintball on each breast which surprised her and she scuttled to hide behind one of the bales. In the meantime, Patrice has captured their flag and returned quickly so the men won the third game.

The fourth “battle was much closer and both sides defended well. After numerous tries by the girls to capture our flag, we managed to sneak Tamara up the field and with a remarkable sprint in a hail of paintballs she managed to get their flag back to us and plant it on the fort.

Dee in her impish way turned to John and asked him to fill up everyone’s gun with paintballs. He did as asked and when he had finished she turned her gun and fired all her paintballs at Zack. Her aim was not too good and missed with many, however his chest and wheelchair ended up a bright blue. When Dee finished, we all started firing at each other and as Dee had no paintballs left found that she was on the receiving end of more than the rest of us.

by the time we had used up all the paintballs everyone was well covered in paint in a riot of colours.

We cleared away our equipment and quickly made our way back to the house where we showered and cleared all the paint off us.

As Diane stepped out of the shower, I felt it was time to top up her now light pink bottom. I found her hairbrush and in no time she was sporting a bright red bottom. As I laid down the strokes there were a number of OWs which is unusual. After I had finished the top up she complained that I had managed to hit the bruises that she had received from the paint balls.


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Red bottom weekend part 1

This week’s story is inspired by Craig and Lizzie and their Red Bottom Days or Weekends. My thanks go to them for allowing me to use their concept.

Now I was spending a lot more time working at Bustards alongside my darling wife,Diane, Dee, the Chief executive and the two girls, Tamara and Sofia.

After a business meeting at Bustards had finished on Wednesday afternoon, Dee invited the four of us to stay the weekend with her and her husband Zack, at their country estate. She added that Corrine and Patrice would be over for the weekend and that John, Kathy, Susan, William, Celia, Tom and Suzy would also be there. We readily accepted as we enjoyed their company and especially the fun and games that we have taken part in over the last few years.

When I got home on Thursday there was an email from Zack. There were some very specific instructions which had me smiling. Diane checked her email and she asked “have you received an email from Zack?”

“Yes, why?”

“Well you better see for yourself.”

I went over and read the email.

Dear Diane

Thank you for accepting our invitation for the weekend. I am sure you will enjoy it.

Please ensure that when you arrive that you are wearing a skirt and the knickers that Charles gives you tomorrow morning. Let him pack bag for the weekend.

See you tomorrow at about 5 as we need to resolve a little business issue before we can relax and enjoy the weekend.



I laughed when I had finished. Diane said “what the hell does he mean by the knickers you give me in the morning?”

“All in good time my dear. All I ask is that you get your make up bag ready before you leave in the morning. As I am working from home tomorrow, I have plenty of time to do our packing and will pick you up at 3.”

“Yes, but what about the girls?”

“No problem, they can still come with us as that has already been sorted.”

“I’m intrigued, what have you two hatched up?”

“Not a lot. I have been given some instructions too, but I don’t know exactly what is planned for the weekend.”

The next morning as Diane got ready for her day at the office I handed her a thong saying “these are your knickers for the day.”

She replied “I may as well not wear any.”

“No. you will be wearing them when we get to Zack and Dee’s house.”

I picked up Diane and the girls and we arrived at Zack and Dee’s home in plenty of time. I was surprised that Tom, Suzy, Susan, Kathy and John were already there. We greeted each other with our usual hugs.

Once we were all gathered together, Zack said. “Let’s get this little bit of business out of the way.”

Tom explained that as we are shareholders in the company that he ran, he wanted our agreement on the way it was organised. He went through his proposal to separate the “dungeon furniture” part of the company from the rest of the furniture making business. A short discussion followed which quickly ended in total agreement to his proposals.

He then said, “by the way, I have a new design that I hope we can test over the weekend.”

Zack laughed “No problem there. I am sure we can test it thoroughly.”

William, Celia, Patrice and Corrine arrived and as we finished our dinner, Zack opened with “You have all had your individual instructions for the weekend. I hope that they have been followed as this is crucial for the fun of the weekend. I have called it a Red Bottom Weekend. All the women present, including Corrine, will enjoy having a red bottom all weekend. Except when sleeping, when it is considered that their bums are not sporting a decent shade of red, this should be corrected by additional attention. No spanking should be anything more than a ‘good girl spanking’.”

He continued “The top up redness can only be applied by their partner unless it is explicitly agreed by the couple and the potential spanker. For the purposes of this weekend, Corrine and Patrice are responsible for topping up Tamara and Sofia’s bums and Dee will look after Susan’s.”

We all looked at each other and smiled when he finished off. “All the ladies will wear thongs and may wear skirts.”

Corrine interrupted, “we have been unclothed in each other’s company often enough, I say forget the clothing, and we are all nude for the weekend.”

William and Celia, who were the latest recruits, blushed a little as everyone agreed. Corrine was the first and she unbuttoned her dress to show she was wearing nothing underneath. The rest of us quickly followed suit, with Dee helping Zack in his wheelchair to remove his trousers and underwear.

We drew numbers to determine the order in which the spankings were to be administered. Suzy drew the number 1, and was the first to get her ass reddened. Tom went over to a newroyal_paddle armchair, fiddled with it and in less than a minute it was transformed into a luxurious spanking horse.

Suzy approached it as he asked “do you want to be restrained?”

“No, I’ll manage.”

Once Suzy was in position he went to his toy bag, picked up a red marker pen and wrote on her left cheek “MORE” on the right “PLEASE”.

Suzy wriggled a little as this happened and asked “what have you done?”

“Just getting you ready.”

He started with a gentle hand spanking that had Suzy purring with pleasure, especially when he paused and caressed her cheeks. Once her bum was a nice shade of pink he picked up the leather paddle and applied some gentle slaps that soon reddened her ass. The lettering was hardly visible when he said “Just a few more.”

A few harder slaps followed and when he finished it was not possible to make out the writing. He caressed Suzy’s bum again and let her up. The usual hug was accompanied by some whispering between them before they returned to their chairs at the table.

Corrine was next and Patrice opted to spank her over the knee. Once a few spanks had landed Corrine was purring in delight. Once Patrice was finished it was clear that they were both aroused by the spanking and they cuddled together just like the newlyweds they are.

Kathy was up next and when she was bent over the horse we noticed that her bum was a light shade of pink. Zack raised an eyebrow before John said “I didn’t know about the plan for the weekend and Kathy had a good girl spanking when we left home. I can see that she really needs a top up now.”

Kathy wiggled her bum sexily as he caressed it. He soon quickly had her purring too and her bum was a nice shade of red when he finished with just using his hand.

The spankings continued. Celia was the last to have her ass receive the necessary attention. She leant over the bench and William started to lightly spank her upturned bum. He continued for a while until she said “You can go harder if you like.”

He tried some harder strokes and whilst her bum was a light shade of pink he seemed to be afraid of applying firmer strokes.

She then said “if you can’t deliver any harder strokes, you better let someone else show you.”

He then motioned to Susan to come over and Celia said to her “Please make me as red as the others.”

Susan picked up a paddle and laid down a few firmer strokes that had Celia squealing in delight. In no time her ass was suitably reddened. Celia got up, hugged her before whispering in William’s ear.

It was getting late as we all drifted off to our rooms. After we had both finished in the bathroom, I hugged Diane and asked her to turn around. I could see that the rosy red glow had faded. “I think some sexy girl needs a top up, and got her to position herself over my lap. I again warmed her bum to a nice shade of red. Whilst I was attending to her bum, her wriggling soon had me aroused, and between the spanks I took the opportunity to caress her bum and let my hands drift down to her nether lips. I felt moisture and knew that she too was finding it pleasurable. I continued with the spankings and caresses until I was satisfied that she was ready.

I let her up and her nipples stood proudly erect as she then pushed me back on to the bed and took control, telling me “I’ll do all the work.” In no time she had me at the edge before she slowed down a little for a minute before she brought me back up to a peak. This continued until she was ready to come, and finally she continued until we both reached our peak and as I erupted, she did too.

She slumped down on me, and with a little difficulty I managed to get us both onto our sides. I continued to cuddle into her as she fell into a deep satisfied sleep.

Wicked Wednesday

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Yes-No Game

As we walked to the pub Mike and I led the way happily chatting away. The girls followed us and all we heard was some giggling and laughter. I turned to Mike saying “I think they are cooking up something.”

He smiled “Probably at our expense.”

We slowed down a little and let them catch up. As they caught up with us they continued chatting. The conversation we heard was nothing out of the ordinary.

We found a suitable table for the five of us and after we had placed our orders Susan looked at Diane and Janet who both nodded before she said “Mike and Charles, Janet has said she wants some training in the use of certain implements. Diane and I have agreed to help. On our way here we have devised a little game for tonight that could result in sore bums for both of you tomorrow. And yes I know yours is already sore Charles, so you need to be extra careful.”

I shifted uneasily as Mike gulped on hearing this.

Susan continued “We are going to play the “Yes/No” game until we have all finished our meals. Neither of you are allowed to say Yes or No during that time. Diane will note how many times Charles says Yes and No and Janet will do the same for Mike. Any hesitations will also count and I will keep count of them.”

Mike said “that is all well and good, but how does this affect us?”

Susan with a twinkle in her eye replied “Easy, for each time you say Yes or No you will get one stroke of an implement of Janet’s choice. The same applies for Charles, except Diane will choose the implement. I will decide on which implements to use for the hesitation and both of you will receive the same number of strokes which is the combined total of your hesitations.”

Mike replied “But…..”

“No buts. You can walk home tonight and collect your car tomorrow.”

I added “You can trust Susan totally, not only to be fair and she will take into account your lack of experience.”

Mike replied “OK.”

Susan then said “Are you ready to start?”

We both answered “I am”

The conversation flowed and both of us managed to avoid saying Yes or No for a few minutes despite the ladies doing their best to get us to slip up. However, we had both hesitated on a couple of occasions and I hoped that Susan had not noticed.

When Diane asked “Charles, it is time for another round, can you remember the order?”

I immediately without thinking replied “Yes.”

She smiled. Mike came to the bar with me and to get the round of drinks. When we sat down Janet asked some innocent question, Mike hesitated for a moment before answering “No”.

By the time we had all finished the meal both of us had slipped up a few more times, and there seemed to have been a few hesitations.

Susan then said “Right we have had a good meal, and the game is over. First Diane, then Janet, how many times did they slip up?”

Diane replied “14.”

Janet answered “9.”

Susan then smiled as she said “Aww Charles seems to have lost his concentration. Well, in addition there were 31 hesitations. I can imagine both of them will be having difficulty sitting down tomorrow afternoon.”

The rest of the evening was spent chatting pleasantly despite a little teasing of Mike and myself.

Mike and Janet appeared mid-morning and he was carrying a cardboard tube containing the implements I had helped him buy a few weeks ago.

Diane collected together a number of our implements including that dreaded tawse that she had tested out on me on the Friday night.

Susan took charge and said to Janet, now it’s time for their bums to receive their dues from last night. I think that Charles should go first so Diane and I can show you how to use some of these implements. I was ordered to the dining table and my legs were secured before my arms were stretched out so I was not able to protect my already sore bum.

Diane picked up the crop and showed Janet with a flick of the wrist how it could be used as two implements in one. The slapper part landed on my right cheek and the left cheek had the shaft which acted like a cane. The second stroke was another flick of the wrist with just the slapper landing on my left cheek. Another two strokes followed.

I yelped as each of the strokes landed much to the amusement of Diane. She then suggested to Janet she should practice a few strokes on a cushion. I heard the thump as her crop hit a cushion. Susan and Diane patiently guided her in how to apply the crop properly as I waited still bent over the table. Diane then directed Janet to watch as she landed a stroke on each of my sit spots with just the slapper landing leaving a bright red mark. These two produced a louder yelp as each landed.

Diane stopped and stroked my bum before picking up the Scorpion. imp500She showed Janet how each tail was a slightly different length. Diane then landed eight stinging blows to my ass, which had me squirming and squealing as each landed.

Diane got Janet to pick up their cat of nine tails and practice on the cushion. Janet practised her technique under the guidance of Diane and Susan until they were satisfied that she knew how to avoid doing any serious lasting damage.

Diane stepped back and said “He’s all yours now Susan. 31 strokes I believe.”

“Thanks Diane, and yes it is 31 strokes.”

I thought “Damn, this is going to be painful.” I carefully said nothing as I knew that it could provoke a reaction that may not be so comfortable on my tender ass.

Susan paused for a moment and decided to pick up the dreaded tawse. She inspected it and asked Diane about it. Thankfully Diane said it was very severe and explained how the ridged side was extremely painful. Susan thought about this for a minute before saying “well this is not a punishment session, so instead I will use the leather paddle.”

Susan picked up a leather paddle and demonstrated to Janet how effective it could be with me squealing as each of ten strokes landed. She passed it to Janet who practised on the cushion while I listened in and waited.

The wait for the first stroke was unnerving, but when it landed it was a hard stroke on my left cheek. She repeated the stroke four times before landing five on my right cheek.

Diane was obviously explaining to Janet how to make the paddle make its mark effectively and that a variation on pace and cheeks made fopr a more intense session. In just a couple of minutes Janet had satisfied Susan and Diane that she could wield one safely and effectively.

Susan then picked up the wooden spoon and demonstrated with 10 carefully applied strikes how it could produce nice oval marks. It seemed that in no time that Diane and Susan were satisfied with Janet’s technique on a cushion.

The final implement Susan selected was the dressage whip. This was shown to Janet and the technique demonstrated on my ass. Each stroke had just the 6 inch popper landing with a loud crack. I received 11 of these strokes and they produced 11 stinging bites that I was sure had broken the skin. As the last one landed Diane carefully stroked my ass, tracing her finger along each welt left by the last implement. She reassured me that I was fine and there was no broken skin. I was then released from my position.

I looked over to see Mike watching nervously as Janet practised her technique.

It took quite a while for Janet to master the technique, until eventually Susan was satisfied.

Susan then directed Mike to remove his jeans. He did as he was told and Janet smiled as Susan noticed that he was wearing a thong. Janet then said to us “I thought that would be a fair for him to being wearing that.”

Susan laughed “Normally I make the men drop everything, but as this is his first time I am happy as it will not interfere with his ass being reddened. I think it would be a good idea to warm him up with a hand spanking as he is not used to being on the receiving end of implements.”

Mike leant over the table and was secured down in the same way as I was just a few minutes earlier. Susan guided Janet on how to spank the prostrate Mike and before long his ass was a nice shade of pink.

Janet picked up the crop and laid down nine strokes that had Mike grunting as each landed. The marks were clearly visible from each stroke and whilst some included the shaft, most were just from the slapper.

Susan handed Janet the paddle and let her land the ten stinging strokes. Each splat elicited a grunt and Janet was careful not create a rhythm so Mike could not anticipate when the next stroke landed. Janet put down the paddle and picked up the wooden spoon which left 10 angry red ovals peppering his bum.

Janet then picked up the dressage whip, practised a few strokes on the cushion before starting on Mikes ass. The first stroke landed and Mike squealed before exclaiming “Christ that stings.”

Susan said “up to you Janet, but normally that sort of reaction should require some penalty.”

Janet hesitated for a moment then said “that stroke does not count. If you do it again there will be two extra strokes, three the next time and so on.”

Mike opened his mouth as if to protest and thought better of it as Janet landed the next stroke. Whilst he squirmed and squealed through the strokes he managed to contain himself so as not to incur any penalty strokes.

As Janet finished she stroked Mike’s bum. Diane passed her some arnica lotion that she tenderly applied before releasing him and giving him a long hug.

As we sat down for lunch I noticed that Diane had thoughtfully put a soft cushion  on his chair for Mike to sit on.

Wicked Wednesday

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I woke up on the Saturday morning to my darling wife playing with my groin. My cock was getting painfully uncomfortable in its tight confines of the evil cage she had me put on the previous night. My ass was still sore from her application of the new tawse.

As I stirred she gently said “good you’re awake now. Time for you start your day.”

I knew what that meant. Last night I had been given a list of tasks for the day. The first of these was to make breakfast for her. I was allocated fifteen minutes. I had just laid out the table as she walked in to the room. Just to make me more uncomfortable she was wearing high heels and nothing else. She sashayed up to me, kissed me hard and then sat down to eat her breakfast. She nodded to allow me to sit and join her.

Another task she had given to me was to stay silent for the whole day except when I had been given specific permission to talk or only if she asked a direct question that required an answer.

I kept silent until she had finished eating. She said “you have done well so far. Now you have half an hour to clear up and then get ready to go shopping. I have laid out your attire for the day on the bed.

I cleared up and went to the bedroom to find just a shirt, a tight fitting pair of shorts and a pair of sandals. I quickly dressed and joined her in the living room.

“Good, you are ready on time. Now let’s go shopping.”

In the car I maintained my silence until she said “You are allowed to talk until we get to the car park.”

“Thank you.”

We chatted a little as she teased me about the day ahead. As we parked the car, I went round to the passenger side, opened the door, as she slowly got out. When she was stood up, she kissed my cheek whispering “Good boy.”

We started off in the shops buying many of the more mundane items we needed. She stood next to me in each shop as we paid for items and I managed to maintain my silence.

Diane smiled at me as we entered the Bedroom Delights section of the local Bustards. I inwardly groaned. She was quickly drawn to a really sexy bra and knickers set. As she held the bra up to her chest one of the assistants, with a name badge saying she was Bridget, came over said to me “I think that looks good for her, what about you?”

Without thinking I replied “Yes, it looks really sexy.”

Diane heard me turned round with her sexy smile, “count 1”.

The assistant looked puzzled until Diane explained “He lost a bet last weekend and he is not allowed to talk for the whole day except when I say he can or I ask a direct question. He has now failed that task and he will suffer for it later.”

The assistant giggled before saying “and how will he suffer?”

“I thinking of some additional product testing of a new tawse that was sent to us to try out.”

“Oh you mean that one with the ridges on one side?”

“That’s the one.”

“That is one really mean toy. My husband called it ‘the Bitch’ and we both bawled our eyes out when on the receiving end. I just hope it gets approved for sale as I have a lot of regular customers who would love to buy it.”

Diane replied “It’s no longer up to me now.”

“I know, and congratulations on your new job.”

“Thank you. Now I need to find something to use on him for his breaking his silence earlier.”

“I have just the thing.”

She took us to the display of impact toys. Before I knew it Diane was looking at a thin metal rod with a rubber handle.

Bridget said “that is a really interesting toy. It stings like the devil when used hard, yet 1404647539107-1325880612when hooked up to an electrostim unit can produce the most amazing sensations.”

Diane tested it gently across her palm and said “umm this could be interesting.”

She put it in her basket alongside the lingerie she had already selected.

As Bridget rang up the items she deliberately tried to get me to talk again. Somehow I resisted the temptation to reply.

A short stop at the local supermarket was accomplished on the way home without me talking.

As we put away our shopping, I noticed that the answerphone was blinking, so I pressed play. It was our estate agent saying that we had received an offer on the house. I mimed to Diane could I ring her to which she replied an emphatic “No.”

Diane picked up the phone, rang the agent and listened before she agreed to accept the offer that had been made. After a short conversation Diane put down the phone. Diane said “this is really interesting. Mike and Janet are the buyers.”

About half an hour later the phone rang and it was Janet. She and Diane had a long conversation while I prepared our lunch. After a quick lunch Diane said “Mike and Janet are coming around later. I have agreed that we will go to the pub afterwards for supper. But before we go out you will still have your tasks to complete and I have a lovely treat organised for you later.”

I spent the afternoon in silence completing the tasks that had been given to me. Diane then said “Now it is time for your treat. You have 30 minutes of free time while I prepare your treat. Do not come in here during that time.”

I went to the study and checked my emails. I found there was one from Susan. As she was in the area, she asked if we were going to be in. I knocked on the living room door, showed Diane the email and she said “Leave it with me.” Before closing the door.

A while later, she came into the study and said, “now for your treat.” She put the blindfold on, and guided me into the living room. She made me stand with my feet apart and with cuffs secured them about 1 foot apart. She then secured my arms using cuffs behind my back. She then said “from the time I tap your bum, you will endure the predicament I put you in. If you manage 40 minutes, I will release you from your cage tonight. If you shout out ‘I surrender’ before the 40 minutes you will stay in your cage for one day for every minute left. Oh and before we go out tonight you will suffer twenty strokes of that cane that Bridget recommended for talking earlier.”

I felt her fiddling around by balls and realised that she had put the spiked parachute on and them. I was instructed to get up on to tiptoes and I felt something being clipped to my nipple rings. She then put earplugs in my ears and I heard the sounds of crashing waves blocking out all sound. I felt her tap my bum and I let my heels touch the ground to find a painful tug on my nipples. As I went back on tiptoes I felt the parachute tightening as it was held down to the floor. I realised that whatever I did, I would suffer pain to either my balls or nipples. I was stuck and resting my feet would be much more painful than the spikes digging into my balls. I do not know how long I was able to stay up on my toes, but my calf muscles were crying out for relief so I rested them only to have my nipples suffer the agony of being pulled up.

I could not keep track of the time and suffered as alternately my nipples and balls suffered the agonies being inflicted by the predicament I was in. I resolved not to shout out and suffer the indignity of being in my cage.

Every time I rose off my heels to relieve my calf muscles and the time I could stay on my toes seemed to shorten each time.

Just as I was about to call out my surrender I felt the pull on each nipple stop. Diane removed my blindfold and kissed me before saying “you did it, so no more cage after tonight.”

As I was released from my bindings I blinked and was surprised to see that Mike and Janet were there as was Susan. Diane gracefully said “Your silence is suspended, but I may reintroduce it anytime later.”

I greeted our guests before Diane said, “Now bend over that chair and we will get your other punishment out of the way.”

I did as I was told and she picked up the cane. She tapped my bum a little before a really thin line of stinging fire was felt across my already sore bum. The second stroke landed and was just above the first. The lines of fire continued to be felt all over my upturned ass as the strokes I received mounted up. She landed the last stroke on my sit spot and as I felt the sting I bolted upright and tried to soothe the spot. Diane laughed, hugged me and said “all done now.” I was allowed a little time in private to get dressed.

As I entered the living room, Diane was showing Mike and Janet all the attachments that we had put in various places and Mike quickly said “whatever you do, leave them all as I am sure we will be using them ourselves.

Susan was amused as this was going on. I told Susan about the events of a few weeks ago and how we had shown Mike and Janet about bondage and spanking.

Wicked Wednesday

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Paying the price of losing

I lost the fishing competition between Diane and myself the previous weekend.

On the Friday morning at breakfast Diane teased me by asking with her wicked smile “are you ready for a weekend of fun?”

“As ready as I can be.”

“Good, when you get home, put yourself in this device.” She placed the most restrictive and severe cage I have on the table. “If you are not in it when I get home, you will have an appointment with that new tawse.”

Friday at work went slowly until late afternoon when I was asked to visit the office of the senior partner of the company at 5pm, when I would normally be leaving for the day. I knew immediately that I was going to be sporting a sore ass at some stage over the weekend.

I attended the meeting with the partner as requested and we went over what work I was doing for Bustards. He seemed really pleased, and then said “We have had an unusual request, but as you know more about that company than anyone else here, I have agreed to it. From Monday, you are requested to be at their offices on Mondays, Wednesday afternoon and Thursday mornings. The rest of the week you will either be here in the office or work at home. You will need to sort that out with your boss on Tuesday.”

He paused for a moment before continuing “Whilst you will not be a member of their senior management, you are requested to take part as if you were. You will not, however, be allowed to vote at any of the meetings.”

I was about to say something when he indicated I should not. He then said “I know it is very unusual, and more so because your wife has recently been promoted to Retail Director. However this is a direct request from both Zack and Dee as they value your opinions and professionalism. I too, agree that the work that you have done for them in the last couple of years has been exemplary as well as being very forward thinking. Further, we have had large quantities of new work come in from other companies that Zack has an interest in and he has explicitly said he has given it to us because of your efforts. I have therefore agreed with the management committee that these fees are included in your ‘billings’ for the year.”

I quickly said “Thank you. This is a bit unexpected.”

“I know, but it is a very unusual set of circumstances.”

With that I was able to take my leave from him shortly afterwards. I rushed down to my office, collected my things and what I needed for the Monday at Bustards before leaving for home. I looked at my watch realising that I was not going to be home before Diane.

As I got home, I saw Diane’s car already parked in the driveway. I was in trouble.

As soon as I walked in I saw Diane had already changed into her sexiest negligee that made my cock stir. “You are late and not in your device.” You have two minutes to get stripped and put the device on.”

I dumped my bags on the desk in the office grabbed the device from the kitchen table and ran to the bedroom to strip. Unfortunately her attire made it very difficult to put the device on and it took me longer than the two minutes to complete that task.

As I entered the living room Diane was sitting back in her usual arm chair. She indicated I should kneel in front of her which I quickly did.

She then quickly asked “why were you late?”

I explained what had happened.

She was not that impressed and said “You could have taken it to the office and put it on before your meeting, so that is no excuse. I was here 25 minutes before you, so that means that number of strokes with the tawse. In addition you took nearly six minutes to follow my order. I think that deserves a stroke for each second extra, and I make that a total of 198 strokes. As I am being generous I will round it up to 200. And for such a feeble excuse for not being having it on when I got home, I think half an hour corner time is called for.”

I gulped but wisely said nothing.

She ordered me to get the dining table ready. Quickly placed a pillow on it, grabbed my ankle and wrist cuffs put them on and bent down with my legs spread as normal. She approached me, Diane placed the tawse in front of me so I could help but see it. Before she grabbed each ankle in turn and secured them to the table legs. She clipped my wrist cuffs together before using a rope to secure them to the legs at the other end.

She gleefully said “Now I think you are ready.”

She picked up that tawse and slowly went to my side and tapped my bum gently with the tawse. These gentle taps, whilst not painful clearly indicated that it was not going to be a gentle implement. She laid down the first stroke and I could feel the effect immediately. The two strips were stiff enough to give a hard thuddy sensation, whilst the split provided the sting.

She then ordered Count.


As each stroke landed I managed to keep the count ticking along until it reached forty. The next stroke had me squealing and before I could complete the count the next stroke landed. I gasped “forty two.”

No that is not right; you missed out “forty one.” Now continue. If you miss out a count of a stroke, then that one does not count.”

I said nothing but I managed not to lose count again until I reached one hundred and thirty nine. That stroke had me in tears and I struggled to keep counting up to one hundred and seventy five.

She paused, saying “now for the last twenty five. For these you do not need to count as I expect you will be rather preoccupied.”

She caressed my bum for a couple of minutes, as well as tracing her fingers along the welts that were obviously visible.

The next stroke had me yelping as the pain was so intense. I realised that she had turned it over so that every time the tawse met my upturned ass the ridges bit in vertically as it landed on an already sore and tender ass.

The next few minutes were a blur as I yelped as each stroke of that awful ridged side of the tawse landed. She caressed my bum after the last stroke landed. She released my ankles and wrists before ordering me to the corner of the living room. I was told to keep my hands on my head and nose well into the corner.

As I followed Diane’s instructions she said, “Oooh that will make a reeally nice a nice picture.” I heard her move around a little before it went quiet.corner

The half hour dragged as I reflected on my failure to comply with her orders from earlier in the day. I heard Diane approach me, hug me from behind and whispered, now come to the sofa and lay on my lap.

I did so with trepidation and when I was comfortably settled, she kindly rubbed arnica cream into my throbbing bum.

When she had finished, she said with a giggle, now go and look in the mirror and see what that nice tawse has done.

I rushed upstairs looked in the mirror amazed to see a very red bum and a series on one inch vertical welts. While I was doing this Diane had cleared the dining table and served supper. As I took my usual place I could see that she had placed a pillow on the seat.

Over dinner Diane asked “You were unusually late today, so what happened at the meeting then?”

I explained what had happened and she was highly amused. She smiled as she said “I think Dee has been her usual spirited self.”

“Why” I asked.

“I told her about the bet, and she then told me about your being asked to spend more time in our office. I expect she and Zack had something to do with the timing, which was unfortunate for your ass.”

With a grin she added “Still if you behave over the weekend, your ass will have had time to recover by Monday.”

The rest of the evening we spent relaxing until she decided that she needed me to give her five orgasms. She was not too evil, just cuffed my wrists behind my back and ordered me to start using my mouth. Although she can hold back from orgasming, I was glad that she did not and it took me about an hour to finish the task leaving her twitching after the last one. she was kind enough to change the position of my joined wrists to the front before she laid her head on my shoulder. She quickly fell asleep leaving me to wonder what she had in store for me on the next two days.

The picture was found on the internet and there is no record of any credits. If it is yours please contact me and I will provide the appropriate credit or remove it.

Wicked Wednesday

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