The Meeting

Sunday Morning was spent relaxing. Patrice and Corrine had left for the airport, Diane and I left to go home. As it was not expected that Tamara and Sofia would be spending an extra day in the UK, they stayed the night with Dee and Zack.

Diane was still having difficulty sitting in the car on the way home and I teased her about. She complained that the worst point was exactly where four of her strokes met on the middle on each cheek. I said “That was what I felt like after Kathy gave me a pattern like yours a few weeks ago.”

The next morning we got ready as usual and it was as Diane put it ‘a little less frenetic’ without Tamara and Sofia.

I went into work and as soon as I had got to my office, I was summoned to see David, the managing director of my employer. I was asked to take a place at the meeting table when my immediate manager came into the office.

David started “I have had an unusual request and I have agreed to it. I am not in a position to give you much in the way of detail; however I can say that I have agreed that you should attend the Bustards board meeting this afternoon as a representative of our company. I know that there are some proposals that could involve work for this company. You have my permission to accept any consultancy work offered on our behalf.

“The reason I have agreed to this is simple. Charles, you are the only senior person here that has experience and knowledge of Bustards after your work there last year. I have also been told there may a surprise or two when a presentation is made to the board.”

“Umm, I think I know a little about the surprise, but not the details.”

“What do you mean?”

“Well for the last two weeks, Diane and I have had two foreign students stay with us while they had some work experience with Bustards. On Friday evening they gave Dee a document that outlined some findings that they had made. They have been asked to attend the meeting to present the findings to the board.”

“That explains a lot. Anyway, just remember you are authorised to accept any work that is offered to this company. Further, you will be heading up the team and will report only to me.”

I looked a little startled and my manager said “I only heard about this a few minutes before you joined us, and based on what David has said to me, it is definitely for the best for all of us.”

After the meeting broke up, I phoned Diane and asked if we could meet for lunch. She replied “Sorry, I have a stacked diary this morning as I have had to re-arrange everything to able to attend the meeting this afternoon.”

“That’s strange, I will be there too. I have just been told by the big boss to attend as well.”

I could her in Diane’s voice the amusement “Oh well, I think we will have to ensure Dee and Zack get their just desserts for this in due course.”

I arrived a few minutes early for the meeting and saw Zack was on his own in the meeting room. I said to him “What is going on, I have had my big boss talk to me this morning and I have not got a clue as to why I am needed.”

Zack replied mysteriously “Well, don’t worry. All should become clear later. All I know is that Dee has something up her sleeve and it is to do with the two girls.”

I replied, “well if it is such a surprise, then I hope Dee and you are prepared to accept the consequences when we next get together in a play environment.”

Zack spluttered a little when saying “I have not had much to do with this, so I have no problem agreeing to Dee paying for it at a play session.”

Once everyone had gathered in the meeting room, Dee started “Ladies and Gentlemen, we are now resuming the meeting after the adjournment for lunch. I thank you all for re-arranging your diaries at short notice to stay on, but I feel that what we discuss this afternoon requires your consideration.

“I would like to introduce Charles, who helped us last year when we had our troubles. Also I welcome the two young ladies, Tamara and Sofia, who have been here on two weeks work experience with Diane. They provided Zack and me with a short report on Friday. I have asked them to explain their findings to you.”

Tamara and Sofia stood up and nervously started to present their findings. After a few minutes their nervousness had disappeared as it was clear that knew exactly what they were talking about. As they finished, there was a round of applause and a lot of thoughtful people sat around the table.

There were a lot of very detailed questions and they answered with ease. This lasted until one director who I knew was a well-respected fund manager said “Tell me, are you studying under Professor Stein at Lausanne?”

“Yes we are.” The girls replied in unison.

“I thought so; your presentation has all the hallmarks of the type of research and free thinking conclusions that he is so respected for.”

There was a lot more discussion before Dee proposed “I move that we ask Tamara and Sofia to work with us for a year with the resources of Charles’s company behind them. In that year I would like them to enlarge their studies to cover all departments in all stores and report in six months. Following that they and Charles’s company can oversee the implementation of any changes agreed by the board.”

The girls blushed, before saying “we still have another three months of studying to do.”

“No problem, then I would like to invite you to work for us for a year starting 1 August.”

They asked for and were given a few minutes to chat between themselves in another room. When they returned they asked “We thank you for the offer and are very tempted to accept immediately, but we would like to discuss this with our mentor before we make a decision.”

“No problem, why not go to Diane’s office and talk to him on the phone.”

While they were out of the meeting the board agreed, assuming that they accepted the offer, to offer my company a long consultative contract to oversee their work.

I was able to agree it immediately following the discussion with my boss earlier.

Tamara and Sofia returned and were able to agree to work with Bustards for a year. The meeting ended and we saw the girls off. Dee invited Diane and me to join her and Zack in her office.

We all sat round her meeting table and Dee said, before we talk about other things, there is just one extra bit from this morning’s meeting. She turned to Diane “It was agreed that there is to be a new addition to the board. There is to be a new director responsible for the oversight of the general management of stores. I proposed your name, then both Zack and I left the meeting. It took five minutes of us sitting outside before we were asked to re-join them and they announced that there was a unanimous decision to offer you the post after the meeting finished. So, the offer is a promotion to the board of Bustards as the retail director.”

Diane was shocked to say the least and looked at me. I just nodded as I knew she was capable of being effective in the job.

She thought for a few minutes before saying “I am minded to say yes, but would like to think about it.”

Dee smiled, “that is what I thought you would say, but I sincerely hope you will accept as I know you would be very effective. What may help is that one of the employee representatives said to me ‘Do whatever it takes to get her to take the position.’ So I am agreeing with him.”

“Umm, anything?”

“Yes, anything.”

Zack interrupted, “I was told about this and I agreed to it very quickly.”

Diane said, “OK. Now what about the girls, how on earth have you managed to persuade them to work here for a year when they are so devoted to Patrice.”

“That was not so easy, we had a long discussion over dinner and then we all talked to Patrice and Corrine on the phone. When they had gone to bed, I then outlined my thoughts to Patrice and with Zack’s permission I have agreed to certain arrangements that you and the others will be party to. I can say, I am not quite as enamoured as I will, on at least one occasion, have difficulty sitting down for a few days. As the girls have agreed to work for Bustards, my first penalty is to be performed at the wedding in ten days, and I am rather nervous about it.”

We departed and after a lot of discussion in the car and at home Diane said to me, “I really cannot find an excuse not to do the job. However Dee needs to pay over next weekend. However before that let’s play one of our games to see who has two playthings.”

I laughed, “well if she joins us on Friday after work, why don’t we play the game at dinner and then she can find out who is in charge.”

“I love that idea.”

Diane rang Dee and told her of the decision and that she had to be here on Friday afternoon.

Just before I was to leave the office, I got a call from Dee. She nervously asked “Did you know I have to meet you at the station with nothing but a coat and a pair of shoes?”

“Yes, I will see you there in a few minutes. Diane will be at home when we get there. Oh, don’t forget just a coat and shoes. Nothing else.”

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A change of plans

On the train to London we were all able to sit close to each other. We enjoyed a pleasant journey teasing Tamara and Sofia about their performance the evening before in the fashion show.

As we approached the outskirts of London Patrice produced two bags, passed them to Tamara and Sofia and told them to go to a toilet each, and do what was necessary with the contents of the bags and return to him within five minutes.

When they had left he passed a remote each to Dee, Corrine, Maria and Sofia. “You have one each; use it as and when you wish. You can swap them, around, but no-one is allowed to have more than one remote at a time.  The aim is to make them come whilst you are out. To give you an incentive to make it nasty, I suggest that if they do not come then I will ask Kathy to teach Tamara and Sofia how to produce those nice patterns of hers on each of your bums tonight. And I’ve not forgotten that Dee has already offered her ass up for my attention too.”

The girls returned and sat down opposite Patrice. He said “You now have an egg inside you and a clit butterfly. This is a challenge between the two of you, it involves self-control and at the same time you have to rely on each other. Until you reach Dee and Zack’s home neither of you is allowed to orgasm irrespective of how much stimulation you may get. If neither of you come during this time, tonight will be all about sensual pleasure in their play room. If one of you comes, you will both not find it sensual. Further if either of you comes during this time you will have one month in the belt for each time you come before midnight.”

Sofia and Tamara gulped as they heard this. Sofia then quietly said “with respect, that is going to be pure hell for both of us.”

Patrice smiled benevolently before saying “This is all about self-control, so you need to resist the urge to come. As an added incentive, if you last out, I will ask Kathy to teach you how to produce those nice patterns on your tormentor’s bums.”

On arrival on London we separated with Diane, Patrice, Zack and me going towards to Zack’s home. As a passing thought Zack said “why don’t we give everyone a surprise tonight?”

“Go on.”

“Well there is a big charity do tonight and we had intended to go, but circumstances have changed slightly. We will have time to give the necessary patterns on bums if the girls win, so if it is OK we will all go out tonight.”

Patrice immediately said, “Well I have not anything suitable to wear.”

“No problem, we can sort that out easily.”

Diane then said “what about the women?”

“Easy, a little extra bit of shopping will make them happy.”

Patrice laughed, “Sounds like fun.”

Zack after a quick phone call immediately told the driver to change the destination to the main Bustard’s store in Oxford Street. While we were still in the taxi he rang Dee, told her about the change of plans and to ensure that they had suitable gowns.

In no time those of us who needed some suitable clothing were sorted out and we made it back in time to greet Tom and Suzy as they arrived. Kathy and John followed shortly after.

Zack told them about the change of plan and they all quickly went shopping and managed to get back before the women returned.

As Tamara and Sofia walked in, it was immediately clear that they were both highly aroused. They were short of breath, very flushed around the face and grimacing. Patrice on seeing them kissed them on the head before asking the others “did they come?”

Corrine and Dee both replied sullenly “No.”

“Well done girls, you may come whenever you are ready.”

On hearing this both girls relaxed a little emitted loud squeals of pleasure and climaxed hard. We were able to get them safely to the sofas as they both trembled with the aftershocks of coming so hard.

Eva then said “well if we are going out, our bums will be safe tonight.”

Patrice immediately shot back, “No they will be attended to before we go out later.” Turning to Kathy he said “How long will it take to teach the girls how to make your pretty patterns?”

“Assuming they are fast learners about half an hour. But a few minutes practice before hand will be a good idea.”

“Great, then at six I would like to get the patterns on some female bums out of the way so we can enjoy the evening. Zack has arranged taxis to pick us up at 7, so that will give you all plenty of time to finish getting ready.”

The rest of us relaxed as the girls recovered from their ordeal of the day.

Shortly before six, Tamara and Sofia knocked on our door and asked us to come to the playroom. We followed them as requested and were surprised that everyone was there.

Dee sulkily said “I think Diane needs to have two of these patterns too as she is the one responsible for my ass being on the line.”

We all laughed, and I quickly agreed, provided Kathy would accept another pupil. A third pillow was brought out and Kathy patiently taught us the way she produced her patterns.

I quickly got Diane to get into position and without a warm up I laid on the sixteen strokes needed to give Diane a nice pattern on each cheek. Whilst she is not used to the cane on a bare bottom without a warm up, she managed to hold herself together.

Dee was next and with Tamara and Sofia on either side of her they started. The first stroke did not look as if it was hard, however Dee squeaked as she felt the effects of the first stroke. A red weal quickly appeared and this was followed quickly by the reaming strokes. Dee was almost in tears by the time they had finished. The skin was not broken, but the pattern was clearly visible.

Both Maria and Eva managed to hold back the tears as they received their patterns. Corrine was last. She nervously got into position and as the first strike of the cane landed from each girl she screamed in surprise. The next strokes landed precisely and she too was sporting the pattern on each cheek. She got up and there were tears in her eyes.

She quietly said to Patrice “Have you been training them?”

“No my dear, I have no idea how they have learnt this so quickly.” He then turned to the girls and said “have you been practising on each other?”

“No sir, we have just watched you and Corrine in the past and listened carefully to Kathy’s teaching earlier.”

Corrine tearfully added “They learnt too quickly for my liking.”


As we arrived at the Hotel where the gala was being held, we had to get out of the taxi about a hundred yards away. There was a team who ushered us into a small tent, and they quickly checked that the women looked their best. Dee smiled at the others saying now for worst bit of the evening. She took the lead with Zack and as Diane and I, who were the last of our party, followed them up the catwalk, it was immediately clear that the photographers were immediately focussed on Tamara and Sofia who looked totally stunning.

We made it into the hotel and were ushered to our table near the stage. We had a sumptuous dinner and although one or two tables got a little noisy as the wine flowed the meal. Shortly afterwards one of the top comedians came onto the stage and started the evening’s entertainment. After a couple of acts had entertained us, the comedian said it was now time for the main part of the fund raiser, the auction.

The first few lots of artwork and fetched respectable prices. The auctioneer then announced the next lot which was a week on Zack’s yacht that we had been on last year. The bidding was fast and furious and soon reached the final bid of £50,000.

The next lot which was aimed at the women present. It was a special meeting with a top fashion designer who would design and make a unique evening dress for the winner.

Dee got up, quickly had a word in the ear of the designer who was there. She came back and watched as the bidding slowly raised the price. Dee was a little impatient and jumped in with a bid that doubled the previous one. She was the winning bidder. Immediately the designer shouted over “Dee, double it and then I will make two dresses.”

Dee instantly replied “I agree.”

As the next lot started, Zack said to Dee, “you don’t need any new dresses.”

“I know, don’t worry, I have plans.”

Zack looked a little put out, but reluctantly said nothing.

After the auction there was time for dancing and we all thoroughly enjoyed ourselves. Tamara and Sofia were asked to dance so often that in the end they just collapsed in exhaustion as we went back to Zack and Dee’s home.

The next morning the girls asked for and got the afternoon free so that they could prepare for the next day’s meeting.

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The Surprise

This episode follows is a continuation of last week’s episode.

On the Saturday morning Diane suggested that I joined her and the girls on the store visits. We all arrived at the Croydon store and the girls were introduced to the manager. They asked a lot of questions and the manager was able to answer most of the probing questions. The girls seemed satisfied. Once they had finished their business we went to the Brighton store and the same thing happened.

Nothing much happened until the Wednesday evening when Diane said “Tomorrow we need to prepare for Friday and we will be staying in Norwich as it will be a very long day.”

I was already aware of these plans and had arranged for the Friday off to be able to support Diane in what would be one of the most important events in her position as head of the “Bedroom Delights” department.

Tamara asked “Can we meet with you and Dee for about half an hour at some time tomorrow or Friday?”

Diane replied “You can forget about Friday as we will all be very busy, but I will check with Dee about tomorrow. Can you say why?”

Sofia interjected, “Not really, but say it could be beneficial to the stores.”

About an hour later after Diane had talked to Dee on the phone, she said “can we discuss it over dinner tomorrow as that is about the only time we will have available.”

Tamara replied “if you don’t mind discussing business then we have no problem.”

They departed early on the Thursday morning for Norwich and I caught the train in the afternoon to meet up with them at the store.

Zack joined us for Dinner and we had finished our food when Tamara said “Dee, I hope you don’t mind, but Sofia and I noticed something on our first day when we visited two stores with Diane. She then supplied us with the data we asked for.”

Dee smiled “I know, Diane’s request was noticed and I had to agree to the exchange of data between the departments.”

Tamara blushed, “Sorry, it was us that instigated it. Anyway we have analysed the information and this tells a very interesting picture. The main finding we have is that if the “Bedroom Delights” Department is alongside the Lingerie areas, the sales of lingerie have risen considerably more than in the stores where they are not together. Further the Bedroom Delights departments have more diverse sales that those where the departments are physically separate.

We have written a summary report that I hope will explain our findings in more detail.”

They then gave Dee and Diane a copy of their report. Diane smiled as she passed her copy to Zack saying, “I am just a department manager, but Zack is a member of the board.”

After about 10 minutes passed in silence while they studied the report.

Zack finished reading before Dee and waited until she had finished. He then said “Bloody hell, this is incredible. I think the board should see this at the meeting on Monday.”

Dee then asked “What are you two doing on Monday afternoon?”

“I am not sure as we are due to go home with Sir on Sunday.”

Dee disappeared for a few minutes. She came back whispered something in Zack’s ear, to which he nodded and she disappeared again. On her return she said “I have just spoken to Patrice, he is delighted that you have shown such initiative and after much persuasion and a small sacrifice of my butt over the weekend has agreed that you can stay on until Monday evening. I would like you two and Diane to be at the board meeting and you can explain your findings.”

This startled the girls, and they said “but it is only a preliminary study.”

“So what, I think this need to be considered at the top, and as you are the ones that did the work, you should be recognised for the work that you have put in.”

Dee then had whispered conversation with Diane. She then said “Tomorrow is going to be a long day, and I think you girls need to rest.”

They looked at each other and as they got up Diane said “two orgasms each are allowed tonight.”

Over breakfast in the morning Diane said to Tamara and Sofia, “today is going be very different for both of you. When we get to the store you are to go and see the head of promotions. She will explain all about what you have to do today.”

Tamara asked “what are we going to be doing?”

“Wait and see. You may remember that Patrice was due to give you a punishment for your failure to obey an order. Well he agreed to let me sort it out and he does not know what is planned. This punishment, if you can call it that, will be enjoyable if you relax and get into the spirit of the day.”

Sofia and Tamara were intrigued, but realised that this was something that they had been “ordered” to do by their master.

After they had separated from us, I asked Diane “What has your devious mind been up to?”

“Just wait and see.”

The day passed uneventfully for me. At about 5pm I noticed that an area of the shopping centre had been closed down. About an hour later I saw four young women at the entrance dressed in the most figure hugging cat suits and wearing a mask. As guests arrived they guided them to their seats and passed them a programme.

I looked at Diane and said “Don’t tell me that Tamara and Sofia are two of the girls.”

“Yes, but don’t say anything to anyone.”

I saw Corrine and Patrice arrive and they were guided to their seats.

Exactly on time the music started and Dee walked onto the runway to welcome everyone to the show. She in her calm confident way provided the commentary for the evening. After all the usual new fashions had been shown, the lighting dimmed so only the catwalk was lit. Dee announced “Now to show some of our new lingerie ranges.”

The first few were nothing particularly unusual. As the catwalk emptied “Now to get into the mood for night time, Bustards is pleased to show you their new ranges from the Bedroom Delights department.”

The first two models had chains attached to the collars they were wearing and were led along the runway. They were two of the girls who had been at the entraC stringnce and they were still wearing their cat suits and masks.

There were a series of different design shown before the finale which was two women wearing nothing but the sheerest of robes and C strings that just protected their modesty. They had the most stunning hairdo and the makeup made it difficult to recognise their  faces. It was only when they got close that I got a clear view of the faces 11504-2that I realised it was Tamara and Sofia.

I turned to Diane whispering “Christ, they are stunning. You evil woman, those girls must be petrified.”

She whispered back “I don’t think so, look at their smiles.”

I looked again and they both had really bright smiles and their eyes had lit up as if they were really enjoying themselves.

After the show finished and everyone was making their way out. At Diane’s request I caught up with Corrine and Patrice and asked them to hang around a little.

It was not long before Dee joined us saying to Patrice, “The girls will join us in a moment, they have a quick job to do for me.”

As we stood around chatting, I noticed the girls walking towards us behind Corrine and Patrice. They were startled by both girls saying together “Good evening, we didn’t know you were here until we had finished and Dee told us. We hope you enjoyed the show.”

Patrice turned around “Definitely a good show and you both looked fabulous tonight.”

Tamara then said “Ahh, but who took you to your seats?”

Then a voice from behind them said “I did.”

We all looked to see Eva and Maria join us.

I looked at Diane “what is going on, I think we all need an explanation.”

Zack added “and you Dee have some explaining to do.”

Patrice laughed, interjecting “Well I have Dee’s bum to attend to tomorrow anyway, so this could be an interesting explanation.”

Diane started “I knew that this show was going to happen and I did not have any models for the last design. So after Patrice discussed the lost bet, I realised how I could solve that problem. I did not just speak to Dee, I also spoke to Eva and Maria who I knew were coming over this weekend for final fittings for their dresses. I persuaded them to help set it all up, although Tamara and Sofia were not aware of their presence until it was time to welcome the guests to the show. Maria and Eva were specifically instructed to show Corrine and Patrice to their seats, so that they still had no inkling of what was going on. Also I ensured that Tamara and Sofia were distracted so did not see you two arrive.

All they knew about the show was that they would model the final design of the evening. The professional models were all very helpful coaching them and they had some practise in their day clothes. It was only as they were getting ready that they saw what they had to model. I must say that I am impressed with how they carried it off.”

Dee added “they were superb and I would use them if ever they wanted to do it again.”

Patrice replied “I agree they looked stunning up there. However I would not call it a punishment.”

Tamara said, “Sir, we knew nothing about what we were expected to wear until the last minute. We were told this morning that we had to something and I was very nervous as I have never modelled before.”

Sofia added, “me too. I was so nervous I could hardly eat anything at lunchtime. However I am really pleased I did it, although I must have shown virtually everything in public.”

Patrice looked thoughtful, “umm, I need to think this over tonight.”

Zack finished the conversation with “Well, I too am surprised at these events. I am sure we can sort these ladies out tomorrow in our playroom tomorrow. I am sure I can persuade the others to join us to help mete out appropriate retributions.”

Next week we find out what happened in the playroom

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Guests arrive

On the Monday evening following our weekend with Kathy and John, I was busy catching up with emails when I received a Skype call from Corrine. I clicked to answer to find it was Patrice.

I called Diane over as Patrice said “I apologise for disturbing you.”

He continued with a smile “Corrine with a wry smile this afternoon told me that she had great difficulty sitting in court. Apparently it is a complicated case and she had great difficulty sitting comfortably and concentrating. I was amazed to hear about the bet and that my 2 girls were unable to make Diane come within half an hour.”

Diane answered “They nearly did, however the training I had when there was a challenge between Suzy and myself allowed me to resist. Another couple of minutes would have had me losing the bet. I am glad that I did not suggest longer, especially as Corrine had originally suggested just 20 minutes.”

He replied “Ummm, I feel that I should punish them for allowing Corrine to get a sore ass, but I want to be fair.”

Diane responded “Well they did spend the night in a cage together, back to back, and it would not have been that comfortable. I can also agree entirely that they are very talented with their tongues.”

“Yes, I heard, but that was Corrine’s punishment for failing her. I am, however disappointed that they did not fulfil a direct instruction and that was to follow all orders. Their failure to make Diane come is as far as I am concerned a failure to obey an order. They were very contrite when they told me about it as they knew the rule that they could expect a punishment from me if they failed to obey an instruction given to them by Corrine.”

Diane then had a glint in her eye when she asked “what are their schedules at the end of the week?”

“The university they attend is on a month’s break, and while they have some revision work to do before their exams, they are free.”

“Great, give me about an hour and I will call you back.”

He agreed and we finished the call.

I looked at her and asked “what do you have in mind?”

“Nothing for you to worry about. As I need to talk business, I need a little privacy while I talk with Dee.”

About 40 minutes later, Diane emerged from the study area with a smile. She then asked “do you think you could manage with three women in the house for a fortnight?”

“I am sure I can.”

“Good, then let us talk to Patrice again.”

Once we had him on the line, Diane asked him “Can you spare the girls for a couple of weeks?”


“Well I have spoken to Dee and she has agreed that they could have a couple of weeks of work experience with us starting next Monday. However there is one thing that they will have to do that they may want baulk at, however let me assure you that they will find the experience exhilarating afterwards.”

“This is intriguing, tell me more.”

Diane then said, “You will have to trust us. They will be staying with Charles and myself, and one of us or one of my staff or Dee will be around all the time.”

“Yes but what may they not want to do?”

“This is where you have to trust us. I can assure you that they will be totally safe and that is related to the department of Bustards that I run.”

“Well I know of Bustards, and they are a reputable company, let me talk to the girls and get back to you.”

A few minutes later, Patrice called again and with him were the two girls, Tamara and Sofia.

Patrice said to them “You may talk openly and freely without fear of any comeback. Diane, please explain your offer.”

Diane repeated that they could have a couple of weeks of work experience in Bustards. They asked a lot of relevant questions and Diane answered them appropriately except she would not say any more about the task that they may find difficult.

They agreed to the offer and Patrice said “well that is settled then, when Corrine leaves Dee and Susan at the weekend you two can make your way to stay with Charles and Diane.”

After all the final details were sorted and the call ended, I asked Diane for more information. All she said was “wait and see.”

The following weekend, Diane and I were waiting at the station to greet the girls as they arrived by train. When they left the train, we hugged and they were very talkative.

We got home, showed them to their rooms and allowed them to settle in. I did a double take when they both came down the stairs wearing the same dresses as they wore a couple of weeks previously.

Diane looked amused and asked “why these revealing dresses?”

Tamara handed Diane an envelope saying “Patrice has asked us to give this to you.”

Diane carefully opened it, and read it. She passed it to me and I read:

 Dear Charles and Diane

Thank you so much for the offer of work experience for Tamara and Sofia. I know that they are looking forward to it, but are nervous about the ‘special’ task that they have to undertake.

They have been very persuasive in requesting that the normal rules of clothing continue which is nothing around the home except when we have visitors. I feel that it is up to you whether they should continue with this routine, or whether they should wear some clothing. I have therefore insisted that initially they should wear these rather enticing dresses, and that you may decide on the clothing rules.

At home they are allowed one orgasm each night without having to ask for it. My punishment aspect of their stay with you is that they are not allowed to have an orgasm without your explicit permission.

All I ask in return is that they have about half an hour a day in the evening so that they can write up a record of their experiences of the day.

Warm regards


PS Corrine says “do not let them take advantage of being away from home.”

We left them in the living room whilst Diane and I got some drinks and had a quick chat about the clothing request. As we brought in coffees, Diane said “I know that we are all used to seeing each other without clothing, however that is usually when we are in a ‘Play’ situation. As you may realise, we often are clothed at home, however for tonight I would ask that you leave your dresses on, and this will give us time to think about the clothing situation overnight.”

The evening sped by as we relaxed and enjoyed the company of two very bright, articulate young women.

Diane and I snuggled up in bed and we talked about the request about clothing. Diane teased me by saying, “if those two walk around starkers, you will be permanently erect, so I say let’s allow them to do it.”

I realised I was outfoxed so reluctantly agreed with her. We agreed we would not tell them until they got home the next day.

The next morning I was astounded to find both girls up, having prepared breakfast for us all. They were dressed in conservative business attire, but there was no getting away from how attractive they looked.

I teased Diane saying “You will have to keep the office door locked or else all the men will be preventing them from doing any work.”

Diane just replied, “Oh that is no problem today as we are visiting a couple of the stores.”

That evening when the three of them got home, Diane announced “Charles and I have talked about your clothing request. “The answer is not an explicit yes or no. It is your choice, but you will, I hope, accept that we may decide to stay clothed. I know that Charles might want to.”

The girls thanked us with a giggled and asked if they could go do their diaries before we ate. That was no problem to us and they disappeared up to their rooms.

I called out when our supper was ready and the girls came down wearing the same dresses as last night, but this time it was clear that was all they were wearing. The sight of two beautiful young women in sexy dresses certainly got my attention. Diane discretely looked at my crotch and smiled as she saw the effect their clothing had on me.

Over dinner the girls asked Diane some very detailed questions about work and then asked whether they could look at some specifics in the office the next day. Diane was astounded and said she would see what she could get.

As we went to bed that night, Diane said to them “Tonight, Tamara may have an orgasm and it will be Sofia’s turn tomorrow. We will decide for rest of the time you are here as each day passes.”

As soon as we had undressed, Diane kissed me hard saying I think we both have an ache that needs satisfying. It was an invitation I could not resist as I carefully ensured both of us climaxed together.

The next few days were relatively uneventful. When it came to Friday night, Tamara asked “Diane, I know this may be a little unusual, but do you think the three of us could visit Croydon and Brighton stores tomorrow.”

Diane asked “why?”

“We have been looking at the data you supplied and have some thoughts, but we want to explore them a little more before we talk about them more.”

Diane was intrigued and as we had not got anything planned during the day, she agreed.

Next week we find out the task.

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Diane’s Bet

John was still secured in the corner not being able to see what was going on in his and Kathy’s basement room.

The rest of us were relaxing after our last game and the chatter from all the ladies got to be very erotic, so much so that I was finding it become very uncomfortable down below with my member in its tight confines.

After what seemed to be only five minutes, Kathy went over to John in the corner and hugged him from behind. We could not see what she was doing as he continued to face the corner. It was only a few moments before he emitted a squeal of pain. Kathy admonished him for making a noise saying “You were told to keep quiet. As you disobeyed, I will add a little more discomfort.”

Kathy picked up some nipple clamps, applied them and whispered something in his ear.
Corrine got up, turned to me and said “Now to make you a little more uncomfortable.”

She then got out some rope and proceeded to tie my legs to the chair I was sat in. She then tied my arms tightly to each arm of the chair before tying my chest to the back. I was then gagged but not blindfolded.

I was left there while I heard some whispering between her and Diane. Diane took the hands of Tamara and Sofia and she approached the big table near the wall. They pulled it out so there was plenty of room to walk around it. Diane mounted it and made herself comfortable. Sofia went to her arms and buckled some cuffs around her wrists and made sure that they were loosely connected to the top of the table. Tamara did the same to her ankles. The end where Diane’s legs were attached was opened so that her legs were kept apart and there was easy access to her pussy.

Corrine smiled as everything was prepared. She nodded at Tamara and Sofia who then started to get to work by tenderly stroking Diane and massage her breasts. Diane’s nipples started to harden as the girls got to work. Tamara leant over and started to swing her head from side to side letting her hair brush gently over Diane’s torso.

While this scene was being played out in front of me, Corrine started to stroke my nipples and make me very uncomfortably aroused. She kept this going for a while before she told me to keep watching the girls work on Diane. She removed the gag and went behind me, hugged me and her hands got hold of both nipples and pinched them hard. I let out a squeal and immediately Sofia went between Diane’s legs and started to use her tongue to pleasure Diane.

Corrine whispered in my ear “this is where the fun starts; I have got a bet with Diane. The girls between them have half an hour in which to make her come. If they succeed, then both of you will have an uncomfortable sleeping arrangement for tonight. If the girls don’t make her come, they will take your place in those arrangements.”

I giggled and replied in a quiet voice “And what about you?”

“Well I am so confident that I have literally put my ass on the line.”

Watching the girls at work was highly arousing to me. It made me squirm as the cage did its work of tormenting me. They were both working together with the results being clearly audible as Diane’s moans of arousal grew. Every few minutes, Corrine managed to make me squeal as her vicious fingers pinched me hard. As the sound came, the girls changed position so they both were able to use their oral expertise to try to bring Diane to orgasm.

I could see Diane struggling to contain her orgasms as the girls continued their pleasurable assault on her most sensitive areas.

Diane was squirming around as the girls continued to stroke her, kneading her breasts so her nipples remained fully erect with arousal. As the time allowed was nearing the end, the final changeover showed that the area around Sofia’s mouth was glistening with Diane’s juices. It was clear to me that Diane was doing her utmost to hold back from cumming.

Corrine went over to the table, moved Sofia away from the end, released Diane’s hands before returning to me and releasing me from my bondage. She went on to say to the girls “You have failed in your task.”

As she said this Diane’s hands immediately clutched Tamara’s head, holding it tightly as she ground her pussy over Tamara’s face. She arched her back, went bright red around her face and upper chest, Let out an enormous moan and came hard. Diane slumped back onto the table exhausted and Tamara was able to raise her face with a big smile. Not only was the area around Tamara’s mouth glistening, Diane’s juices were also dribbling down her neck.

Diane was an incoherent wreck as she usually is when she has come hard. The girls looked very sheepish as they held her twitching arms as the aftershocks took effect. It was a full ten minutes before Diane had recovered enough to walk over to me. I held her tight in a cuddle.

Kathy stood up, picked one of her favourite canes and invited Corrine to bend over the table and accept her punishment. Corrine gracefully did as she was asked and politely asked for a warm up.

Kathy pondered for a moment before saying “This is a punishment, so no warm up. Just 8 nice strokes on each cheek is what you are getting, and I am sure you will feel them tomorrow.”

Kathy lined up the cane on Corrine’s taught firm ass, raised the cane and with a swish followed by crack landed a line of fire right across the left cheek. Corrine gasped but stayed in position. This was followed twice more as three distinct lines appeared on Corrine’s ass. Kathy changed position and landed another three strokes on Corrine’s right cheek. Further changes of position had three vertical stripes appear on each of Corrine’s bum cheeks. Corrine managed to stay in position as she received each stroke, but I could see that she was struggling not to let her arms fly back to protect her bare ass. Kathy taunted, “Just 2 more on each cheek and we are finished.”

As she finished saying it there was another line of fire land diagonally across the left cheek, followed by two more to form a cross on the right cheek. Kathy paused before she raised the cane for the last time and landed the final stroke. Corrine gasped as it landed. Kathy motioned to the girls to go and comfort Corrine who was clearly unused to this sort of treatment. Corrine stood up, gingerly rubbed her ass before looking at her hands surprised not to see blood.

Corrine carefully sat down and winced as her ass took all her weight.

Corrine then asked “Diane, How did you resist the attention of those two very talented tongues?”

Diane mumbled something before clearly replying, “Well it is a long story, but it was behind how I met John and Kathy. I agree that they are very talented and it was a very close contest as I would not have been able to hold back much longer.”

Corrine and the girls looked at her with very puzzled expression before I gave them a very quick explanation.

Corrine laughed saying “Umm almost a trick, but when you suggested the length of time, I was slightly suspicious. But as I knew how good the girls are, I thought my ass was safe.”

Kathy suppressed a yawn and as it was getting late, I suggested that we ought to call an end to the evening. However Diane said “well there is still the matter of the girl’s punishment. I think we should be gentle with them as they really did do their best.”
Corrine looked a little surprised and said “Well that is being a little soft. It is because of their failure I have a sore ass.”

Corrine told the girls to go to the bathroom to get ready for the night ahead. They did as they were told and on their return they were confronted with the sight of a cage. Corrine told them to hold out their hands and she put mittens on them. She then lifted the top of the cage and told them to get in. When they were sat in the cage she got them to move their arms back and quickly linked the mittens together so they were sitting back to back and their arms connected in front of each other. Corrine then applied cuffs and secured their ankles to the corners of the cage before lowering the top and securing it. Kathy meanwhile had checked that the baby monitor was working, took out John’s gag and removed his blindfold.

We all got up and as she left the room she turned the lights off saying “Sleep well.”

As Diane snuggled up to me in bed she sighed saying, “god those two girls are good, just the massage would have had me going. If it had not been for the bet I would have lost count of the orgasms.”
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