I woke up on the Saturday morning to my darling wife playing with my groin. My cock was getting painfully uncomfortable in its tight confines of the evil cage she had me put on the previous night. My ass was still sore from her application of the new tawse.

As I stirred she gently said “good you’re awake now. Time for you start your day.”

I knew what that meant. Last night I had been given a list of tasks for the day. The first of these was to make breakfast for her. I was allocated fifteen minutes. I had just laid out the table as she walked in to the room. Just to make me more uncomfortable she was wearing high heels and nothing else. She sashayed up to me, kissed me hard and then sat down to eat her breakfast. She nodded to allow me to sit and join her.

Another task she had given to me was to stay silent for the whole day except when I had been given specific permission to talk or only if she asked a direct question that required an answer.

I kept silent until she had finished eating. She said “you have done well so far. Now you have half an hour to clear up and then get ready to go shopping. I have laid out your attire for the day on the bed.

I cleared up and went to the bedroom to find just a shirt, a tight fitting pair of shorts and a pair of sandals. I quickly dressed and joined her in the living room.

“Good, you are ready on time. Now let’s go shopping.”

In the car I maintained my silence until she said “You are allowed to talk until we get to the car park.”

“Thank you.”

We chatted a little as she teased me about the day ahead. As we parked the car, I went round to the passenger side, opened the door, as she slowly got out. When she was stood up, she kissed my cheek whispering “Good boy.”

We started off in the shops buying many of the more mundane items we needed. She stood next to me in each shop as we paid for items and I managed to maintain my silence.

Diane smiled at me as we entered the Bedroom Delights section of the local Bustards. I inwardly groaned. She was quickly drawn to a really sexy bra and knickers set. As she held the bra up to her chest one of the assistants, with a name badge saying she was Bridget, came over said to me “I think that looks good for her, what about you?”

Without thinking I replied “Yes, it looks really sexy.”

Diane heard me turned round with her sexy smile, “count 1”.

The assistant looked puzzled until Diane explained “He lost a bet last weekend and he is not allowed to talk for the whole day except when I say he can or I ask a direct question. He has now failed that task and he will suffer for it later.”

The assistant giggled before saying “and how will he suffer?”

“I thinking of some additional product testing of a new tawse that was sent to us to try out.”

“Oh you mean that one with the ridges on one side?”

“That’s the one.”

“That is one really mean toy. My husband called it ‘the Bitch’ and we both bawled our eyes out when on the receiving end. I just hope it gets approved for sale as I have a lot of regular customers who would love to buy it.”

Diane replied “It’s no longer up to me now.”

“I know, and congratulations on your new job.”

“Thank you. Now I need to find something to use on him for his breaking his silence earlier.”

“I have just the thing.”

She took us to the display of impact toys. Before I knew it Diane was looking at a thin metal rod with a rubber handle.

Bridget said “that is a really interesting toy. It stings like the devil when used hard, yet 1404647539107-1325880612when hooked up to an electrostim unit can produce the most amazing sensations.”

Diane tested it gently across her palm and said “umm this could be interesting.”

She put it in her basket alongside the lingerie she had already selected.

As Bridget rang up the items she deliberately tried to get me to talk again. Somehow I resisted the temptation to reply.

A short stop at the local supermarket was accomplished on the way home without me talking.

As we put away our shopping, I noticed that the answerphone was blinking, so I pressed play. It was our estate agent saying that we had received an offer on the house. I mimed to Diane could I ring her to which she replied an emphatic “No.”

Diane picked up the phone, rang the agent and listened before she agreed to accept the offer that had been made. After a short conversation Diane put down the phone. Diane said “this is really interesting. Mike and Janet are the buyers.”

About half an hour later the phone rang and it was Janet. She and Diane had a long conversation while I prepared our lunch. After a quick lunch Diane said “Mike and Janet are coming around later. I have agreed that we will go to the pub afterwards for supper. But before we go out you will still have your tasks to complete and I have a lovely treat organised for you later.”

I spent the afternoon in silence completing the tasks that had been given to me. Diane then said “Now it is time for your treat. You have 30 minutes of free time while I prepare your treat. Do not come in here during that time.”

I went to the study and checked my emails. I found there was one from Susan. As she was in the area, she asked if we were going to be in. I knocked on the living room door, showed Diane the email and she said “Leave it with me.” Before closing the door.

A while later, she came into the study and said, “now for your treat.” She put the blindfold on, and guided me into the living room. She made me stand with my feet apart and with cuffs secured them about 1 foot apart. She then secured my arms using cuffs behind my back. She then said “from the time I tap your bum, you will endure the predicament I put you in. If you manage 40 minutes, I will release you from your cage tonight. If you shout out ‘I surrender’ before the 40 minutes you will stay in your cage for one day for every minute left. Oh and before we go out tonight you will suffer twenty strokes of that cane that Bridget recommended for talking earlier.”

I felt her fiddling around by balls and realised that she had put the spiked parachute on and them. I was instructed to get up on to tiptoes and I felt something being clipped to my nipple rings. She then put earplugs in my ears and I heard the sounds of crashing waves blocking out all sound. I felt her tap my bum and I let my heels touch the ground to find a painful tug on my nipples. As I went back on tiptoes I felt the parachute tightening as it was held down to the floor. I realised that whatever I did, I would suffer pain to either my balls or nipples. I was stuck and resting my feet would be much more painful than the spikes digging into my balls. I do not know how long I was able to stay up on my toes, but my calf muscles were crying out for relief so I rested them only to have my nipples suffer the agony of being pulled up.

I could not keep track of the time and suffered as alternately my nipples and balls suffered the agonies being inflicted by the predicament I was in. I resolved not to shout out and suffer the indignity of being in my cage.

Every time I rose off my heels to relieve my calf muscles and the time I could stay on my toes seemed to shorten each time.

Just as I was about to call out my surrender I felt the pull on each nipple stop. Diane removed my blindfold and kissed me before saying “you did it, so no more cage after tonight.”

As I was released from my bindings I blinked and was surprised to see that Mike and Janet were there as was Susan. Diane gracefully said “Your silence is suspended, but I may reintroduce it anytime later.”

I greeted our guests before Diane said, “Now bend over that chair and we will get your other punishment out of the way.”

I did as I was told and she picked up the cane. She tapped my bum a little before a really thin line of stinging fire was felt across my already sore bum. The second stroke landed and was just above the first. The lines of fire continued to be felt all over my upturned ass as the strokes I received mounted up. She landed the last stroke on my sit spot and as I felt the sting I bolted upright and tried to soothe the spot. Diane laughed, hugged me and said “all done now.” I was allowed a little time in private to get dressed.

As I entered the living room, Diane was showing Mike and Janet all the attachments that we had put in various places and Mike quickly said “whatever you do, leave them all as I am sure we will be using them ourselves.

Susan was amused as this was going on. I told Susan about the events of a few weeks ago and how we had shown Mike and Janet about bondage and spanking.

Wicked Wednesday

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Paying the price of losing

I lost the fishing competition between Diane and myself the previous weekend.

On the Friday morning at breakfast Diane teased me by asking with her wicked smile “are you ready for a weekend of fun?”

“As ready as I can be.”

“Good, when you get home, put yourself in this device.” She placed the most restrictive and severe cage I have on the table. “If you are not in it when I get home, you will have an appointment with that new tawse.”

Friday at work went slowly until late afternoon when I was asked to visit the office of the senior partner of the company at 5pm, when I would normally be leaving for the day. I knew immediately that I was going to be sporting a sore ass at some stage over the weekend.

I attended the meeting with the partner as requested and we went over what work I was doing for Bustards. He seemed really pleased, and then said “We have had an unusual request, but as you know more about that company than anyone else here, I have agreed to it. From Monday, you are requested to be at their offices on Mondays, Wednesday afternoon and Thursday mornings. The rest of the week you will either be here in the office or work at home. You will need to sort that out with your boss on Tuesday.”

He paused for a moment before continuing “Whilst you will not be a member of their senior management, you are requested to take part as if you were. You will not, however, be allowed to vote at any of the meetings.”

I was about to say something when he indicated I should not. He then said “I know it is very unusual, and more so because your wife has recently been promoted to Retail Director. However this is a direct request from both Zack and Dee as they value your opinions and professionalism. I too, agree that the work that you have done for them in the last couple of years has been exemplary as well as being very forward thinking. Further, we have had large quantities of new work come in from other companies that Zack has an interest in and he has explicitly said he has given it to us because of your efforts. I have therefore agreed with the management committee that these fees are included in your ‘billings’ for the year.”

I quickly said “Thank you. This is a bit unexpected.”

“I know, but it is a very unusual set of circumstances.”

With that I was able to take my leave from him shortly afterwards. I rushed down to my office, collected my things and what I needed for the Monday at Bustards before leaving for home. I looked at my watch realising that I was not going to be home before Diane.

As I got home, I saw Diane’s car already parked in the driveway. I was in trouble.

As soon as I walked in I saw Diane had already changed into her sexiest negligee that made my cock stir. “You are late and not in your device.” You have two minutes to get stripped and put the device on.”

I dumped my bags on the desk in the office grabbed the device from the kitchen table and ran to the bedroom to strip. Unfortunately her attire made it very difficult to put the device on and it took me longer than the two minutes to complete that task.

As I entered the living room Diane was sitting back in her usual arm chair. She indicated I should kneel in front of her which I quickly did.

She then quickly asked “why were you late?”

I explained what had happened.

She was not that impressed and said “You could have taken it to the office and put it on before your meeting, so that is no excuse. I was here 25 minutes before you, so that means that number of strokes with the tawse. In addition you took nearly six minutes to follow my order. I think that deserves a stroke for each second extra, and I make that a total of 198 strokes. As I am being generous I will round it up to 200. And for such a feeble excuse for not being having it on when I got home, I think half an hour corner time is called for.”

I gulped but wisely said nothing.

She ordered me to get the dining table ready. Quickly placed a pillow on it, grabbed my ankle and wrist cuffs put them on and bent down with my legs spread as normal. She approached me, Diane placed the tawse in front of me so I could help but see it. Before she grabbed each ankle in turn and secured them to the table legs. She clipped my wrist cuffs together before using a rope to secure them to the legs at the other end.

She gleefully said “Now I think you are ready.”

She picked up that tawse and slowly went to my side and tapped my bum gently with the tawse. These gentle taps, whilst not painful clearly indicated that it was not going to be a gentle implement. She laid down the first stroke and I could feel the effect immediately. The two strips were stiff enough to give a hard thuddy sensation, whilst the split provided the sting.

She then ordered Count.


As each stroke landed I managed to keep the count ticking along until it reached forty. The next stroke had me squealing and before I could complete the count the next stroke landed. I gasped “forty two.”

No that is not right; you missed out “forty one.” Now continue. If you miss out a count of a stroke, then that one does not count.”

I said nothing but I managed not to lose count again until I reached one hundred and thirty nine. That stroke had me in tears and I struggled to keep counting up to one hundred and seventy five.

She paused, saying “now for the last twenty five. For these you do not need to count as I expect you will be rather preoccupied.”

She caressed my bum for a couple of minutes, as well as tracing her fingers along the welts that were obviously visible.

The next stroke had me yelping as the pain was so intense. I realised that she had turned it over so that every time the tawse met my upturned ass the ridges bit in vertically as it landed on an already sore and tender ass.

The next few minutes were a blur as I yelped as each stroke of that awful ridged side of the tawse landed. She caressed my bum after the last stroke landed. She released my ankles and wrists before ordering me to the corner of the living room. I was told to keep my hands on my head and nose well into the corner.

As I followed Diane’s instructions she said, “Oooh that will make a reeally nice a nice picture.” I heard her move around a little before it went quiet.corner

The half hour dragged as I reflected on my failure to comply with her orders from earlier in the day. I heard Diane approach me, hug me from behind and whispered, now come to the sofa and lay on my lap.

I did so with trepidation and when I was comfortably settled, she kindly rubbed arnica cream into my throbbing bum.

When she had finished, she said with a giggle, now go and look in the mirror and see what that nice tawse has done.

I rushed upstairs looked in the mirror amazed to see a very red bum and a series on one inch vertical welts. While I was doing this Diane had cleared the dining table and served supper. As I took my usual place I could see that she had placed a pillow on the seat.

Over dinner Diane asked “You were unusually late today, so what happened at the meeting then?”

I explained what had happened and she was highly amused. She smiled as she said “I think Dee has been her usual spirited self.”

“Why” I asked.

“I told her about the bet, and she then told me about your being asked to spend more time in our office. I expect she and Zack had something to do with the timing, which was unfortunate for your ass.”

With a grin she added “Still if you behave over the weekend, your ass will have had time to recover by Monday.”

The rest of the evening we spent relaxing until she decided that she needed me to give her five orgasms. She was not too evil, just cuffed my wrists behind my back and ordered me to start using my mouth. Although she can hold back from orgasming, I was glad that she did not and it took me about an hour to finish the task leaving her twitching after the last one. she was kind enough to change the position of my joined wrists to the front before she laid her head on my shoulder. She quickly fell asleep leaving me to wonder what she had in store for me on the next two days.

The picture was found on the internet and there is no record of any credits. If it is yours please contact me and I will provide the appropriate credit or remove it.

Wicked Wednesday

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Product Testing a Tawse

Zack and Dee invited us to their country home for a weekend. It was a very pleasant surprise to find that Corrine, Patrice, Tamara and Sofia were also guests.

During dinner Corrine innocently asked Dee “How are the girls doing?”

Dee replied “Really well. I am expecting some exiciting innovative ideas from them in the next few weeks.”

Tamara then said “Thank you. I am certainly enjoying the work.”

Dee added “I have had one complaint though, which is you are requesting reports from the computer systems without going through the normal procedures. Don’t worry about it as I have said that you did not need to as you are doing some work directly for me.”

Corrine said nothing as Patrice said “what did I tell you girls if I heard of a complaint?”

Sofia sheepishly said “we would get a punishment.”

“Yes. We will deal with that in the morning.”

Zack laughed at this before asking Dee “what were you going to be doing tomorrow morning?”

Dee blushed “go fishing and catch ten fish.”

He then turned to Patrice, “The girls have been working really hard and I am happy that they have given the computer staff the odd headache. So I feel a suitable punishment would be for them join Dee fishing at the lake tomorrow.”

“But how is fishing a punishment?”

“You will see tomorrow” was all Dee replied.

As Diane and I settled in to the bed that night she cuddled in to my back and suggested we had our own little fishing competition too.

At breakfast we told Zack about our little competition. Corrine added, “Well Patrice and I like to occasionally go fishing, so can we join in too?”

Zack smiled “of course.”

Dee then impishly suggested “Zack you should join in too.”

He sternly said “that sort of remark as always earns you one thing. And that we will deal with later.”

Dee giggled and wiggled her backside at him as she got up to help herself to more coffee.

As we left the house carrying all that we needed and a picnic lunch Patrice enquired “where are the fishing rods?”

I replied “We don’t need them as you will find out.”

When we arrived at the lake, we all took off our tops and there was much fun as sunscreen was liberally applied.

Zack then said “Patrice, Tamara and Sofia, as you have not been fishing with us before, you three and Corrine will only be able to fish for about half an hour at a time with about another half hour as a break. So during your breaks, I hope that you will take over as helpers when Diane, Charles and I enjoy our fishing.”

Patrice and the others quickly agreed.

We all put on wrist cuffs.

Patrice was puzzled as I handed him and Corrine two pairs of clover clamps each with a small ring attached.

He asked “What are these for?”

“Well you four can start the session, so I suggest that you all get clamped up. Then sit down and we will get the lines out.”

Patrice was still puzzled but in no time all four pairs of nipples were quickly wearing clover clamps. Once they were sat down we cuffed their wrists behind their back. I set up Tamara and Sofia’s lines up and said “OK here is how it works, when you get a bite, you need to stand up and walk backwards to pull the fish into the side of the bank where one of us will land it. The little break away is rated at one pound. Only fish brought to the bank of the lake being pulled in by you count. So how many do you think Tamara and Sofia should each catch?”

Patrice quickly replied “six”

“And you and Corrine?”


Diane then added “I think a nice sore ass is required if you do not catch the stated number of fish. I suggest six swats of a really nice tawse I have for product testing will be appropriate for each fish not caught.”

Tamara and Sofia looked a little askance as this was said. I could see they were hoping that they would catch plenty of fish.

In no time one of the lines on Tamara’s nipples indicated a bite. She managed to stand up and as she started to walk backwards, the fish tried to swim making Tamara moan with discomfort as her nipple was pulled around by the line attached through the ring on her clamp. The fish was soon landed and she heaved a sigh of relief as the tension on the clamp was relieved.

We carried on fishing and after about three hours we decided to call it a day. We tallied up the catches. Patrice had caught his three fish so did not have to face the tawse. Corrine however had only landed one fish. Tamara and Sofia had elected to wear the clamps for more than half an hour at a time and had both managed to catch four. Zack and Dee had caught three each. Diane managed to catch one more fish than me and had won our little private competition.

She whispered to me “nice, next weekend will be fun for me.”

Patrice suggested that we got the punishment out of the way quickly.

Zack said, “Why don’t we do it here?”

“Good idea” replied Patrice.

Diane ran to the car, got the new tawse and returned quickly. She handed it to Patrice who inspected it and said this will be interesting.

The tawse was about 18 inches long, with a leather handle holding two strips of a rubber type material. One side of the tawse was smooth, whilst the other had a series of grooves. The strips looked similar to the timing belt in a car.

Patrice quickly got the feel of it and motioned for Tamara to kneel on the grass. Once she had knelt he directed her put her head on the grass, bum raised with her hands stretched out above her head.nude yoga plow06

When he was satisfied with the position, he knelt alongside her and started to use the tawse with moderate strokes. She was yelping as each stroke of the smooth side of the tawse landed. After the first six had been administered he turned the tawse over and landed the first stroke. She squealed as she felt the pain. She squealed another five times.

Patrice let her get up and Corrine was there to hug her. Sofia nervously got into the same position and Patrice soon had her squealing as each strike landed.

We now had two rather contrite young women with reddened bums.

Zack indicated to Dee that she could get into position into the same position as the girls. When he was happy he asked Corrine to do the honours. Zack sat in his wheelchair watching carefully as Corrine landed the first stroke that produced a yelp from Dee. Another 29 strokes landed each producing a yelp that seemed to get louder each time.

As she took a short break, Corrine reminded Dee “just 12 more to go.”

Corrine turned the tawse over and landed a stroke that had Dee squealing and as the remaining strokes landed Dee struggled to stay in position. As the last stroke she quickly jumped up and was soon in Zack’s lap crying against his shoulder.

Patrice let the girls comfort each other as he indicated to Corrine that she should get into position. Corrine did as she was required and soon was feeling the tawse land. For the first six strokes there was no sound. Patrice turned the tawse over and delivered the seventh stroke that had Corrine squeal and she straightened up.

Patrice calmly reminded her “You got out of position, so that stroke does not count and you get a penalty one. To help you keep position, do you want your hands held down?”

A quiet “please” was heard and her wrist cuffs were quickly held down with a peg. The next seven strokes were as unforgiving as the previous one and Corrine was yelping as each one landed and by the end was in tears.

As Patrice landed the last stroke, he released Corrine’s cuffs and as she straightened out he held her tight.

When everybody had fully recovered Corrine said to Diane “That is one mean tawse and I want one for my arsenal.”

“I am sure that we can get hold of one for you” Diane replied with a smile.

Diane turned to me and said “Now you better be on your best behaviour next week, or I will have to try it out on you too.”

I blushed and wisely said nothing.

Wicked Wednesday

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Lesson time

Diane woke first on the Sunday morning, and after making us both coffee, started to wake me up using just her mouth. I feigned sleep and could hear her growing arousal as she played with herself. When she was about to explode I said “stop playing with yourself now and finish off what you are doing with your mouth.”

She whimpered “But, But.”

I cut her off saying “no Buts, you teased the hell out of Janet yesterday, so it is your turn to be tormented today.”

She did as she was told and quickly finished me off.

We held each other for a while before getting up and having breakfast. Whilst Diane was cleaning up, I quickly rang Mike and we agreed that he would send a text when they were About 15 minutes from us.

Whilst Diane was preparing lunch I gathered together a few things and got ready for Mike and Janet’s arrival. I then said to Diane, “Mike and Janet will be here soon, and it is your turn today to be tormented, so when they arrive you need to be in a bikini.”

She looked at me as if to suggest I was mad, quickly rushed off and changed into her tiniest bikini. Effectively it was three tiny triangles of cloth with thin straps to hold it all together. As she entered the kitchen I gave her the remote controlled egg and made her put it in. The doorbell rang and Diane was encouraged to answer it with a quick swat to her bum.

Mike walked into the living room and Janet shuffled in behind him. Diane followed and asked “so how do you like the skirt?”

“It is fun, but when Mike used all the zips last night for the last few yards I really struggled, but those balls did wonders as they mashed around inside me.”

Diane smiled, “now you see why I put them in your basket yesterday.”

“Yes, and I do like them.”

As I fiddled with the remote, Diane immediately tensed as she felt the vibrations inside her. Janet noticed this asking “ohh I suppose you have one of those eggs inside you?”

“Yes, and I suspect I will be teased for a long time by that evil husband of mine.”

I said “oh I am evil, am I; well you have just earned more torment this afternoon.”

Diane wiggled her hips and said “I can’t wait.”

After lunch I suggested that the ladies went to the kitchen to do the cleaning up. I got Mike to help me make the necessary preparations.

The ladies returned and I ordered Diane to stand in the middle of the room and quickly put cuffs on her ankles and Mike did the same to her wrists. I used our widest spreader bar and spread Diane’s ankles to just over three feet apart. I had Mike attach the ropes to her wrist cuffs and through the eye rings in the celling and her arms were secured in no time. Diane looked great in her spread-eagle position. I then said “remember you are not allowed to come. If you do, then not only will we use these toys, but I will get out your most hated implement and you earn six strikes for each time you come.”

I put in the earplugs from her iPod and then secured a blindfold such that the ear plugs would not fall out. I pressed play and we could hear the quiet muffled sounds of the music. I then turned on the egg to the middle setting which with some other teasing could make her come.

I then turned to Janet and Mike, “she cannot hear or see us. I am of the opinion she deserves some punishment for what she did to Janet yesterday. I also want to demonstrate how to use the toys that Mike and I bought yesterday, and may be show you some others.”

Janet giggled, “umm that sounds nice, and I hope that Mike will try some on me later.”

I reminded Mike that it was necessary to warm up Diane and I showed how the gentle caress of a flogger could be used.

I started to flog her bum harder until it was at full strength and when it was a bright pink, I started to stroke it. Diane moaned with a contented sigh as I did this.

Janet said “but surely that is painful?”

I continued to caress Diane’s bum “Not really, remember when you were spanked the other day, as time went on the spanks felt the same as the early ones. Well this is the same. This is a light flogger that would be painful if used at full strength without a warm up.”

I stopped my caresses and then showed Mike the areas that must be avoided. I untied Diane’s the string of her bikini top at the back explaining “The bikini string would get in the way when flogging up here.”

I then demonstrated how flogging of the upper back can be as sensual as flogging her bum. I knew that Diane was extremely aroused, so I turned the egg off and she let out a sigh of relief.

I then completely removed her bikini top and showed how a gentle flogging of Diane’s magnificent breasts increased her arousal. I could smell it, just as I am sure Mike and Janet could. I also saw a damp patch appearing on her bikini bottoms. I then quickly showed how a gentle stroke to her crotch made her wriggle but also the sighs and moans of arousal increased.

I quickly swapped it for a crop and the change in the sensation soon had Diane squirming as much as she could. Janet and Mike looked on in fascination.

I noticed that Diane’s hands were now showing the strain of being stretched above her head and asked Mike to release the tension in the ropes while I got a chair, put a pillow over the back and guided Diane down so she was bent at the waist. I attached her wrists to the front of the seat. I explained that this was a good position for using a cane and picked up one of our less severe ones. I showed Mike where the highest stroke should be landed for safety as well as how to avoid wrap around.

I started to tap Diane’s bum with the cane, and said “this where you can toy with your submissive.” I paused the taps and Diane tensed for a moment before I started tapping her bum again. I then laid down a light stroke that Diane soaked up without any complaint.

While I started tapping Diane’s bum again, I said to Mike, “when you first use a cane be gentle and do not use hard strokes. Watch Janet’s reactions and when there is little or no reaction, you can increase the strength of the stroke more.”

I then laid down a hard stroke that made Diane yelp loudly. I continued “If however you get a strong reaction like this, then if it is to be a play session I would suggest that you use slightly less force. On the other hand if it is punishment play, then continue at that force.”

I continued tapping Diane’s bum and slowly moved the cane to the sweet spot and explained all about it, and laid down a gentler stroke than before that made Diane yelp just as loudly. I also showed how sensitive the back of the thighs are and then gave Diane three further strokes to her ass. As I finished, I gently stroked her bum before releasing her wrists and legs. I let her up, hugged her and removed the blindfold and earplugs.

She was smiling as I continued to hold her tight.

When Diane broke away from me, she felt her bum and winced slightly as he felt the welts from the few strokes she had received.

Janet looked at Mike and said, “I would love to be spread-eagled like that.”

He smiled and both Diane and I nodded yes.

He replied “I am sure that it is possible, but if we are going to do this properly you will have to lose the skirt and top.”

Janet turned her back to us and quickly removed her top and skirt and was totally naked. Mike’s eyes opened widely before saying “Wow, I didn’t know that was all you were wearing.”

Janet giggled and wiggled her bum at him in a sexy way. We all helped put her cuffs on and got her secured in the same way that Diane was.

Mike picked up the flogger he had bought yesterday and gently wielded it as Janet squeaked with pleasure. He increased the strength of the strokes and as Janet stopped squealing as each stroke landed he looked at me with a bit of alarm. Diane quickly looked in Janet’s eyes and could see that she was fine. Diane mouthed to Mike to continue, which he did. I then motioned that he should move up and use the flogger of her upper back. He did and Janet was soon purring loudly. After a few minutes, Janet started to slump in her restraints and I indicated that three heavy strokes should be applied. He did as I suggested and then Diane held Janet as we released her from her bindings. The three of us took her to the living room and Mike cuddled her. I said, wait for a while and we will explain more.

Janet mumbled something unintelligible and slowly her mumblings started to make sense. It took about half an hour before Janet was sufficiently aware of what was going on when I asked Janet “tell us how you felt.”

“I don’t quite know how to explain it. When it started I could feel every strike. It was slightly painful, but nothing I couldn’t handle. After a while I continued to feel the strokes land, and the pain did not increase. When he stopped for a moment I felt slightly light headed and did not want it to finish. When he started on my back, the light headed feeling reduced slightly before I began to feel myself slumping slightly. I can’t say much more than that until I found myself here.”

Diane picked up on this “It is good that it happened here, as there is a bit to explain. To start with you felt every strike of the flogger and as you found out it can be quite a pleasant sensation. What you may not have realised was the strokes on your arse were growing in intensity, however your body was producing endorphins which increase your tolerance to pain. When he stopped for that short while, you had a lot of endorphins flowing and you were in a state that many of us call ‘floating’; where you are aware of what is going on, but feel totally content. As your back was being flogged your body increased its production of endorphins and when you felt as you were slumping, this meant that the endorphins were flooding your brain so you could not hold yourself up. After that feeling, did you feel anything happen to you?”

“Not really, I just felt totally happy.”

“Good. Mike was reading you well and when he stopped he was worried in case he had gone too far. Mike you keep good watch for these signs in the future. After you started your slumping I was watching you very carefully. You were in what is often called sub space, and this can be very dangerous. I was watching you carefully as was Charles. Mike was about to stop when I indicated that that he laid down three hard strokes. This was purely to demonstrate that when you are in sub space you are unlikely to feel anything. This is where you have to rely on Mike to watch you carefully. He did everything right in that he was watching your reactions and prepared to stop what he was doing.”

Janet and Mike relaxed and it was late evening when they finally left with their car.

Wicked Wednesday

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Janet has more fun

Diane here again, Charles feels that I would be better at recounting what happened after our shopping trip.

Once the four of us got back to Charles and my home, I got them to bring all their purchases into the dining room. Charles made the coffee whilst we laid everything out on table. Janet looked a little worried when she saw the items that Mike had bought with help from Charles. At the same time Mike raised an eyebrow when he saw the vibrators and butt plug.

I saw this and said “Mike, don’t be alarmed. These vibrators will help you. You can get Janet so turned on that she will actually be begging you to enter her. The best trick is take her close to orgasm, back off a little and repeat the exercise. Do that a few times and when you finally let her come she will be a quivering wreck.”

“What do you mean by a quivering wreck?”

“Well to answer that you need to answer a question. Has Janet ever had multiple orgasms or passed out when you have made love?”

Janet replied immediately “yes to the first and no to the second.”

“The point is, when you have a series of orgasms in a very short time, or a very hard one, you can lose control of your muscles and twitch and shake of a few minutes or more. When I get to that state, I have been known to take 30 minutes or more to become coherent enough to make sense. Also the first time it happened, I thought I had peed myself when I climaxed, however it took a while to discover that I had ejaculated. This caught both of by surprise the first time.”

Charles returned with the coffees as I said this saying “So now you are telling them all our bedroom secrets.”

I giggled, “No, just explaining that I have been a quivering wreck on occasions after an intense session.”

Around 7pm I said to Janet “I think it’s time we got ready to go out. I think it is time to get ready, so come with me.”

She nervously replied “yes.”

I showed her to the spare bedroom. I asked “you don’t have to answer me, but have you ever shaved your pubic hair?”

Janet was a bit taken aback, but said “No, why?”

I replied, “Well, when I first started shaving, Charles started to give me a lot more oral attention down there. Also whilst it is a bit of a chore occasionally, I do find it feels better.”

Janet giggled a little and blushed.

I then said, “why not try it one day and see what happens. It can always grow back if it does not work for the two of you.”

“Have we got time to do something about it before we go out?”

“Just a little, not for the full exercise, but use this.” I said handing her an electric razor.

While she was in the bathroom I nipped down stairs and picked up a couple of items from the dining table. I got back and called into the bathroom, “how’s it going?”

“Nearly there, but the vibrations are doing something down there too.”

A few moments later the buzzing stopped and she came back into the room a little flushed. I smiled and said, “That razor does make for some interesting sensations, but it is not as smooth as when a bladed razor is used. Anyway, it is time to add to the fun for tonight.” I handed her the ben wa balls and continued “put both these inside you and then I’ll help you with the skirt.”

This time she did not go to the bathroom and just inserted them all by herself. I then handed her the skirt. She slipped into it and then tightened the belt. When she had finished I asked “is that really comfortable now?”

“Yes why?”

I slipped a small lock into the belt buckle “now, you can’t loosen or tighten it until you get home tonight.”

“WHAT?” she exclaimed.

“That buckle is now locked and I know that the key is at your home.”

She looked at me with daggers before I said, now for the bondage part of the evening. You bought this lovely skirt from Kathy. I assume Kathy explained how it works.”



I lifted the outer skirt up, and zipped up two of the six built in zippers. I put a little zip tie through the ends of the zip, so that it could not be tampered with saying “normally we would use locks, but for tonight these ties will do.”

I then had her put on the ankle boots and said, “Now stand up and walk around a little.”

She stood up, found her balance in the 4 inch heels and started to walk around to find that she could not take a full stride. It did not take her long to find the ideal length of step.

We joined the others in the living room and Mike looked at the skirt and said “WOW that looks good on you.”

“Ummm yes, but I have to walk carefully.”


“You’ll find out later.”

Charles looked at me with a smile but said nothing.

We started the walk to the pub, and Mike soon realised that Janet was not walking at her normal stride.

“Janet, what is going on, you’re not walking as you usually do?”

“She giggled nervously saying “Well this is the hobble skirt that I put on our shopping list, which means that the length of my stride is reduced.”

“Oh”, he replied.

I added “there are three levels of restriction and this is the mildest. The full restriction would only allow her to take steps of about three inches.” Normally I would use a lock on the zips, but as Janet is not used to these things I have only used zip tie this time. However the belt is locked on, and you will find the key has been posted through your front door today.”

We carried on walking with Janet getting somewhat flushed as we continued to make our way to the pub. We found a suitable table outside that was far enough away from other people to be able to continue talking quietly without potentially causing offence to other customers.

A soon as Janet had sat down Mike noticed that Janet was somewhat flushed and asked “Are you all right my love?”

“Yes, I’m fine, just a little horny after the walk?”

“OH this bondage must really be a turn on for you.”

“Not just the bondage.”


“You’ll find out when we get home.”

I looked at Janet and noticed that her nipples were poking sharply against her T shirt but said nothing.

After our meal and coffees, Mike said “I think we ought to make our way home soon, especially as it will take a bit longer than normal to get home.”

Janet said “Thank you Diane for all your help.” She then leaned over and whispered “more importantly I can’t wait until we get home and jump on Mike to relieve all this built up horniness.”

I giggled and said in a normal voice “well may be he will continue teasing you.”

Quietly she replied “I bloody well hope not, I am ready to jump on him the moment we get indoors.”

We said our goodnights and as we started to walk home, Charles asked “Janet seems to be rather horny and lovey dovey with Mike tonight. What the hell have you done?”

I giggled, “apart from her having no bra and knickers for the first time when out of the house, I had her shave her pussy for the first time too. Oh and she has ben wa balls inside as well.”

“You are an evil woman, but she seems to be enjoying herself. I just hope Mike can continue to satisfy the monster you have unleashed.”

I giggled and said “I’m sure he can. And anyway if it improves their sex life, what harm is done?”

He laughed a little and the said “Well you have certainly pushed a lot things today. I just hope she is not put off by it all.”

“Oh I doubt that, didn’t you see how erect her nipples were all evening.”

“Well, in that case I think tomorrow you should be involved in some form of payback.”

“ooohhh I can’t wait.”


Next week find out all about the payback

Wicked Wednesday

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