More from our holiday

Diane and I are on holiday. Diane has agreed to be in some form of bondage for the whole holiday. The previous posts are here, here, here, here

Day 14

“Good morning Sir” was the greeting I got from Diane as she started to suck on my cock. The tease that she is got me hard and well turned on before skipping out of bed to the bathroom.

Later, as we had another day of sightseeing. I inserted her little bullet vibrator before locking her pussy shut for the day.

I played with the remote and took her to the edge of an orgasm at least twice when there were plenty of people about. By the time we got back to the villa she was pleading for her release. I laughed a little as she squirmed and panted with her arousal.

I left her stewing for a while as I got the balcony ready for her. After removing her clothes, I helped her to the right position, had her stand facing out with her legs wide apart. I secured her ankles and then bound her wrists behind her and ran a rope over the beam and forced her into a strappado with her waist bent over the balcony railing.

I hang a small bell from each of her nipples that were hanging down and whispered in her ear. “Now you will come, but be aware too much movement will set the bells ringing. I unlocked her pussy, removed the bullet and with my now erect member entered her gently from behind. She immediately clenched her muscles around my erection and with just a gentle stroke of her clit I had her orgasming. She was fairly loud which drowned out the little tinkle of the bells.

I continued to gently pump in and out of her and with the additional stimulation of my hands on her clit, she came two more times before we both orgasmed together.

Once I had recovered I quickly released her from her restraints and took her inside to recover.

Day 15

Another day at the beach was planned so she asked for 12 stripes on her ass which were delivered a bit harder than on previous occasions.

I got out the special bikini that our friend Kathy had made for her. She looked at it and said “I don’t remember this one being in my wardrobe.”

“No it has been specially made by Kathy for you. First we need to sort out the cups,”

I picked up the bikini and took out the fine padding that was inside. There was a small hole in the middle of each cup which when stretched open was just the right size to be able to go over her nipple piercings. Once the cup was in place there was a slight squeeze on her nipples.

She smiled and said “That is not too bad.”

I then got the rest of the top half, and the discreet little plastic press studs held the inserts and bikini top in place. I reached around her joining the clasp in the middle of her back. I used a small lock to hold it in place.

She looked at her top in the mirror. On the front were embroidered lines that highlighted the prominence of her nipples. The slight compression, from the inside cup, of her nipples helped make them stand out and were clearly visible.

I picked up the magnetic eggs, inserted them in her already moist pussy and locked it up as on previous visits to the beach. I then gave her the bottom of the bikini and helped her put it on, making sure that I stroked her clit. Once it was settled in place, the side straps, which were made with a fine chain, and the fabric covered chain strap that ran up her ass were locked on using a small padlock.

The design on the front of the bikini bottom was a series of embroidered lines that met just above her pussy, inside the bikini bottom were a series of beads that would stimulate her whenever she moved. I had her walk to the mirror. She looked at me saying “God, this is going to be so hard. Every move brushes my sensitive areas and the top is as if there are very light rubber bands around my nipples. What is worse anyone who looks at it is drawn to both my nipples and pussy.”

I giggled, and said, “What is even more fun is that the material becomes see through when it gets wet, so you need to keep yourself under control today.”

She groaned. She wiggled her bum a little. I then got the rest of the day’s supplies ready and we walked the half mile to the nearest beach. We found some sunbeds and started to relax. The person who came to collect the money for the sunbeds had a good look at my sexy wife before moving on with a big smile on his face.

We went for a swim and when she got out of the water her nipples were clearly visible. Whilst the lock that held her pussy together was not actually visible, it was clear that there was something there.

She laid back on the sunbed saying “those bloody balls and the stimulation is making me so horny.”

As we had our picnic lunch, she asked me for the key to her bottom so she could use the toilet. I smiled when I replied “Oh its back in the villa. I didn’t think you would need it today.”

“Shit, you are rotten sod.”

I looked at her sternly saying, “The severity of the cane strokes has just been increased In addition to additional restriction tonight, and just to make it more interesting, we will stay here longer usual.”

She pouted a little before settling back down on the sunbed. We continued to sunbathe as well as getting into the warm sea occasionally.

We left the beach about half an hour later than we had on previous day with Diane trying to hurry me up. As we passed a supermarket I made her wait while I bought some necessities.

Back at the villa I gave her the key to the locks on her bikini and she rushed to the bathroom.

We had a short nap and when we got ready I gave her the clothing for the evening. I first locked a chain that ran over the back of her neck to her nipple rings. This time I locked the chain one link shorter than previously on each side so there was a more distinct pull on her nipples. I gave her the blouse that now had no buttons and a long skirt that had a wide waistband.

Just before we left I gave her a large metal butt plug with instructions to insert it.

She said nothing, but I could tell she was not totally enamoured with the idea of having to sit with the plug and her nipples being pulled on.

She did as she was told, and we enjoyed the walk to the restaurant with her ass full and those magnetic balls churning away inside her pussy. Unfortunately for her it was music night and the locals soon had her up and dancing with them.

When we got back to the villa she said “I am so turned on, please can you f*** me hard now.”

I released her pussy from its lock and had her ride me that gave her a series of powerful orgasms. Once I had erupted, I locked her pussy up again and released the chain from her nipples.

Day 16

In the morning we discussed what we would do, and eventually agreed a day at the villa was appropriate.

Once the concierge had left (as it was a cleaning day) she asked “how many days have I got in the belt now?”

“After last night it is now sixteen.”

“Other than the cane strokes is there anything else I can do to reduce the number?”

I thought for a minute before replying “I have an idea, which you may or may not like.”

“Go on.”

“OK, whilst you undergo a little torture, you are free to cum as often as you want without earning any extra days. For every full hour you endure it I will reduce your total by two days.”

“This sounds intriguing.”

“First you need to get your wrist cuffs, the blindfold and your rabbit vibrator. Wait for me on the balcony; put your wrist cuffs on followed by the blindfold whilst I get the torture ready.”

I went to the kitchen area and carefully peeled a stem of ginger. I put it on a plate and covered it. I picked up some rope and went onto the balcony to find her sat on one of the chairs waiting for me.

I had her stand with her arms outstretched to the two uprights. I removed the blindfold and put on an old pair of sunglasses that had the lenses painted black. I then added a rope around her waist. I inserted the rabbit vibrator and the stem of ginger in her ass hole before completing her predicament with a crotch rope to hold the vibrator and ginger in place.

I turned the vibrator both inside her and the clit stimulator on full. I said when you have had enough call mercy and I will immediately release you.

I watched her as she reacted to the stimulation of the vibrator and within minutes she was riding out her first orgasm. Whilst she could move her feet around, she could do nothing to stop the relentless assault on her pussy and the burning sensation of the ginger in her bum.

Just as she reached another orgasm I whispered “someone is on the path, so you better not be too loud.”

She tensed up, rode the waves of the orgasm without making too much noise. I continued to watch her as she continued have a series of orgasms. She never called out the stop word and when a particularly powerful orgasm swept through her, I could see her knees buckling, so I immediately released her and removed the stimulation. I laid her down on the couch and she was a total wreck twitching as much as I had ever seen her before.

When she was able to speak coherently she asked “what the hell was that in my ass?”

“Just a stem of ginger.”

“Oh god, it burned a lot and was not nice.”

Later in the day she asked “how long did I last out your torture?”

“Just fifty four minutes before I had to release you for your own safety. But I am proud of your endurance so I will give you two day’s relief from the belt.”

Wicked Wednesday

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Our Holiday Continues

Diane and I are on holiday. Diane has agreed to be in some form of bondage for the whole holiday. The previous posts are here, here, and here.

Day 11

After last night’s experience and both of us being tired, Diane woke me up using her mouth, working hard to make me as hard as she could. She was in the classic 69 position so I started on her pussy with my own mouth. When I felt she was ready, I instructed her to ride me whilst I reached up and played with her nipples.

After she had an orgasm, I turned her over and worked my way to my completion, and we both came at the same time.

After we had showered, she asked, “I know it is not a beach day, please may I have some strokes to cover the two orgasms I have just had?”

“As you asked so nicely, I will give you twelve harder strokes before I get you ready for the day.”

She assumed the position and I got the metal cane, tapped her bottom a few times before I laid down the first stroke. The line was a vivid red, and would soon become a nicely tender welt. She stoically took all twelve and was squeaking as the last three landed.

After I had finished with the cane, I had her stand with her feet slightly apart, picked out 300px-Rope_pantiessome rope from my bag and started to weave a pair of rope knickers on to her. As I got to her pushy I added a little twist. I ran the rope through her clit hood ring, and managed to incorporate a rope through each of the rings on her lips into the design, with the back of her panties also being a nice tight weave, they would make her feel the 12 now angry looking welts.

Finally, I gave her a short skirt and a T shirt to wear.

Once on I made her walk around a little. Initially, each step produced a wince as the movement rubbed the rope against her bum and teased her pussy.

We got into the rental car and Diane winced when she sat down as her panties pressed against her welts. She frowned a little before I said “You asked for the stripes, and as it is not a beach day, I have given you harder strokes.”

“I seem to have unleashed a rather devious monster that has been lurking inside you.”

I smiled “I will take that as a compliment.”

We drove for about half an hour, parked up the car. I gave her a backpack, and I picked up the other. In hers there was two large bottles of water as well as our lunch, while mine just had a couple of towels and a few other lightweight supplies we would need for later.

We walked along the rough paths for about an hour until we reached a coastal path. A further half hour of walking took us above a small deserted beach. I said “This will do fine for us.”

We walked down the path that led to the beach. I opened my back pack and laid out our towels and started to undress. She dropped her back pack and removed her top and skirt. We ambled into the light surf and enjoyed cooling down a little in the warm sea that lapped around us.

Once had cooled down I picked out the nipple tether from my back pack, attached it to her nipple rings and un-ravelled her rope panties. I picked up the remote control vibrating bullet, inserted into moist vagina and locked her pussy lips together. I then said “The vibrator will stay in until we get back to the villa. If you come before then, you will have an even more tortuous evening ahead when we go out.”

I continued “as there are no more buttons left on your blouse, any more remarks that would have lost a button will earn you more discomfort or potential embarrassment when we go out.”

Wisely she held back a retort.

After a lunch, a snooze and a further swim, we dried off, replaced our clothes and walked back to the car. All the time I played with the remote control varying the intensity of the vibrations from none to the maximum. She was panting, partly from the exercise and partly arousal when we reached the car. As we started the drive back to the villa I turned the vibrator to maximum and hoped that she would come.

She held off until we had closed the door in the villa. As soon as it closed, she came hard.

When she recovered from the orgasm she smiled saying “That was close, I was struggling to hold back in the last few minutes of the drive.”

I smiled saying “Well done, nothing more than a pleasant evening out for you tonight.”

Day 12

We decided to have a stay in at the villa day, and as we knew that there would be no concierge visit, it was to be a naked day.

At breakfast she said “You have been a little tame so far this holiday, I thought the bondage would have been more severe at times.”

I thought for a minute, went to the balcony looked at it carefully before saying “well that remark has certainly earned you some more restrictive fun.”

I went to our bag, picked up what I needed and the bottle of sunscreen. I bade her join me on the balcony, which was in full sun, and applied some sunscreen. I then made her put her cuffs on and said “You asked for it. You will now be sunbathing with an hour on your back and an hour on your front.”

I had her stand with her feet wide apart and her arms outstretched with her facing the villa. I tied the cuffs to each of the uprights so her arms were an inch or two above her shoulder height. I then tied her ankles to the same uprights. I unlocked her pussy and ran a rope over the crossbeam above her, left it dangling before adding her nipple tethers and using a length of string I ran that over the cross beam and bade her stand on tip toe. I tied off the nipple tether to the railing behind her and then tied the rope to the railing so that it was comfortably settled between her pussy.

This predicament was going to be fun for me to watch as I knew that she would suffer as soon as she let her calf muscles rest. After an hour of whimpering, I released the tension in the pussy rope and nipple tethers and I released each of her limbs. I let her relax for an hour before turning her around so that now she was facing toward the sun. I got out the sunscreen and massaged more into her breast making sure that I played with her nipples, followed by more on her aching pussy. I applied the same arrangement of ropes and string so she could enjoy the view.

Whilst there were no villas or houses close by, there was a path that passed about 100 metres away, and anyone walking along and looked towards the villa would see Diane in all her glory. Her position prevented her from covering up and the earlier hour sunning her back had taken its toll on her calf muscles and she was soon struggling with the predicament. I made sure that she was safe and not in too much distress.

The hour passed slowly for her and when I finally released her and replaced the lock on her pussy she said “my pussy and nipples ache so badly.”

I laughed saying “be careful what you ask for. I could have made it much worse for you.”

She paused and said “Oooh, maybe it’s worth the risk.”

Day 13

At breakfast she asked “How many days have I got in the belt now as I’ve lost track.”

I replied “six at the moment, and with another 8 days of holiday to go, I’m sure you will earn more.”

“Before we go to the beach, can I have 18 strokes please?”

“These will be the same severity as the other day, but as there are no buttons left on your blouse the next time they will be harder and leave more vivid marks.”

“I think I can cope with that.”

I had her bend into position and she wiggled her sexy rounded bum before I gave her the requested number of strokes, the last one was not quite as I wanted and landed on a previous stroke and she yelped as it landed.

I gave her the same bikini to wear. Her rather red bum made a nice contrast to the bright colour of the g string bottom that ran through her bum crack.

During the day she made a rather smart ass remark and as soon as she saw my frown she giggled “I know, it was deliberate.”

I laughed “well, young lady, you have just earned a real fun evening.”

Back at the villa as we prepared to go out, I laid out her clothes for the evening. As soon as she looked at them there was a sign of trepidation as she picked up bratacksthe tack bra I had made for her some time ago and had hardly ever been used. The bra was the exact cup size, she normally wore, but the addition of the 100 pins to each cup would make it uncomfortable to wear. The tip where her nipple would rest was cut out.

She removed the nipple rings, put the bra on and then re-attached them. Once that was done she was soon dressed in high heels, a mini skirt with no knickers and a tight fitting top that clearly showed her nipples poking at the fabric.

I said as we left the villa I said, “Any sulking or request to be able to remove the bra means it stays on all night until the morning.”

The evening went well and she behaved well so she was able to remove the bra. She was startled to find that there were no spots of blood anywhere and said “wow, I thought that my skin had been pierced in many places.”

I laughed “I know, but it is very unlikely that the points would break your skin.”

Wicked Wednesday

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The holiday continues

Diane and I are on holiday. Diane has agreed to be in some form of bondage for the whole holiday. The previous posts are here and here.

Day 8

After Diane had spent the night with her hands cuffed behind her back, she was relieved when I changed it so they were in front of her whilst she prepared our breakfast which she served me in bed.

Once I was up, I asked her. “Nipple or pussy fun today?”

She gave me an impish smile before replying “how about both?”

“Are you sure as we will be out and about today?”

“Yes, please.”

I am not a person to deny my lovely wife some extra challenges. I got out the magnetic balls and a short nipple tether. I locked the balls in her pussy, and applied the nipple tether, that gently tugged them together, before handing her the close fitting top made of cheese cloth and a pair of very tight white shorts.

As she put on her clothes I warned “You need to be very careful, as the shorts will easily show any dampness around your crotch.”

She said nothing but carried on putting on the shorts. When they were buttoned up she said “God these are tight. Are you sure they are the right size?”

“They came out of your wardrobe and I suspect the exercise you have been taking has made them feel tighter.”

“OK. It looks like I need to get some bigger ones around my ass.”

“No, they frame your lovely bum perfectly. If you had panties on they would be clearly visible.”

It took us about an hour to reach the town of Pefkos, with Diane carefully kept relatively still in the car so as not to set the balls off on their teasing.

We left the car and started walking around the picturesque town. After a while she commented “These balls are driving me mad, they keep hitting all the right spots, and I am feeling a little damp down there.”

I looked at her crotch and there was no visible evidence of any dampness. “You’re doing fine so far.”

After a leisurely lunch we made our way to the nearby town of Lindos and parked the car. I handed her the bikini from yesterday and said “We will be going for a swim soon, so you better put it on now.”

As she looked at me I could see that she was not best pleased at the idea before saying “Where is a towel.”

“No towels, I left them at the villa.”

She said nothing and quickly put the bikini on before replacing her shorts and blouse.

We wandered around for a while before we headed for the beach and we went for a swim. I was close to her all the time as I expected that the movement from swimming would soon stimulate her. As soon as she got to a sandy part where she could stand, she pulled me tight to her with her left arm and whispered “I need to come.”

Her right hand was soon rubbing the tight bikini bottom and as she came she pulled me into a hard kiss. This suppressed the noise and she came fairly hard.

As we sat on some sun loungers to dry off I commented “That is now four days in the belt.”

“Ugh, and we have only just completed a week of our holiday. Is there a way I can reduce the number of days?”

“I will think about it” is all that I replied.

The rest of the day and dinner passed peacefully and when we were ready to go to bed Diane asked “Please f*** me hard and fast.”

“No. However I will remove your nipple tether and no touching yourself during the night as the balls are staying in your nicely locked up pussy.”

“With respect, I think you need to do something to prevent that.”

“I could, but it will be very challenging for you.”

“If I’m not to touch myself, then I need something to stop me.”

I reached out, gathered a small chain about three feet long, ran it through her nipple rings and then using cuffs locked it to a wrist at each end.

Day 9

On looking out of the window, seeing an overcast day we decided to stay in the villa. Apart from keeping her pussy nicely locked up I removed the rest of her overnight restraints.

As we sat reading, I said “Last night I dreamt about your request from yesterday. If you want to reduce the number of days in the belt when we get home, you will have to suffer some pain and possible embarrassment.”

“And what have you in mind?”

“I will tell you tomorrow morning.”

She pouted as she said “I hate waiting.”

I just replied “That was very close to losing the only button left on the blouse.”

The day of relaxation was great and as I handed the blouse with just one button left to her, she put it on but left the button undone. Once the skirt was in place I watched as she tested what it would be like if there were no buttons.

I watched carefully as she walked around and was highly delighted at the sight of her breasts being almost visible, whilst keeping her modesty while they swayed about without any form of support. The rubbing of the blouse soon had her nipples hardening with the stimulation.

She wiggled her bum at me sexily before doing up the button.

After dinner and a couple of drinks we went to bed. As we lay in each other’s arms I asked “Did you see one of the locals eyeing you up?”

“Oh yes, it was more than one!”

Day 10

I had left her pussy locked up during the night.

The sun was out and we had planned on having another day at the beach. As I laid out the almost see through when wet bikini I said “You asked about losing days from your belt. For every 6 clearly visible stripes on your bum before we go out for a day at the beach, you can lose a day from the belt. How many stripes is it to be?”

“You’re asking me to sport clearly visible stripes on my bum whilst wearing this thong 455_green_back_w260bikini bottom whilst we are on the beach.”

“Yes, the stripes will be visible as we leave the villa, and your rather hardened butt may recover so they are not visible by the time we reach the beach.”

“I don’t like the idea but I need to reduce my tally of days in the belt. So let’s try 12.”

I went to my bag, picked out the short thin metal cane I had hidden in it and said “Bend over and touch hold on to your ankles. I will give you twelve strokes. If you let go of your ankles then your caning stops and you do not earn the days out of the belt.”

“That is downright nasty, I am damned if I do, and also If I don’t.”

“Any more complaints?”

“Yes, I want more coverage on my bum than just the thong.”

“No choice in that respect, and your request means you lose the remaining button.”

She bent over. I let her have the first stroke which produced a little whelp before she stoically took the rest with a little yelp after each landed. She got up, looked in the mirror and saw 12 red lines that were clearly visible, but would fade fairly quickly.

“Thank you, at least you have not given me hard strokes that could leave welts.”

She put on the bikini bottom and then the thin overdress for our walk to the beach.

Once we had found a relatively quiet spot, she took off the dress and asked “How bad does my bum look?”

“Not too bad, the lines have faded to light pink.”

An hour of sunbathing soon reduced the visibility of the lines so that only on very close examination would they be visible. I told her that and she soon ran down to the sea, pulling me with her.

In the evening I said, “Now for tonight. I think you want your pussy to be free of those lovely teasers.”

I picked up the thin chain, draped it over the back of her neck, had her rest her chin on her upper chest and secured the chain to each nipple with a lock that did not pull on her. When she raised her head, her nipples were gently pulled up. I released her pussy from its lock and removed the balls that were soaked in her juices.

The blouse, now with no buttons, was put on and secured at the bottom by a long skirt and a belt. Under the belt I had a chain locked around her waist.

She attracted a lot of attention from many men, and a few women were glaring as Diane, oozing her sexiness, as she walked with me. Her sexiness was clearly visible with the blouse with no buttons and her shapely legs visible from the slits on each side of her that went to within a couple of inches of her belt.

The picture is from Wicked Weasel and clicking on it will take you to their website.

Wicked Wednesday

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More Holiday Fun

We continue form last week’s post.

Day 4

Diane woke to find that her hands were still cuffed together and pleaded with me to release them.

“No, you will stay like that until we are ready to go out.”

As today was another day at the beach, I laid out one of the skimpiest of her bikinis. I carefully inserted her bullet vibrator and locked her pussy up again. I released her wrists and let her put the bikini on. She looked in the mirror aghast and said “That is terrible; the lock is clearly visible,”

“Well you will just have to be very careful,” I replied.

During the day I played with the remote never letting her achieve an orgasm. By the time we got back to the villa she was a very horny woman. Once inside she immediately took off her bikini bottom and used her fingers to bring herself to her much wanted climax.

During dinner I played with the vibrator that was still inside her and as soon as we got home I restrained her wrists behind her back and make slow passionate love to her, making sure she had plenty of satisfaction.

Day 5

This was a relax at home day and after we had done some shopping, I had her strip before I led her to the sun lounger outside and with some short chains secured her wrists and ankles to it. I left enough slack in the wrist restraints for her to be able to read so she did not get bored.

All through the day I massaged plenty of sun lotion on her. Every time I did that I would make her excited and begging for relief.

In the afternoon after a particularly lengthy massage, I used my fingers to make her come.

As we got ready to go out I teased her by saying “You’ve already cum twenty times, so only one more is available before you start to earn days in your lovely chastity belt.”

“Oh god, I didn’t realise I have had that many.”

“Oh yes, and I will make sure you have some more before the holiday is over.”

Day 6

I woke up to the most pleasurable sensation of Diane using her talented mouth on my erect member. She soon finished me off and with a smile said. “That’s a start on my protein intake for the day.”

We went to some of the less visited sights around the island with Diane wearing the same thong as on Day 3. It. Had exactly the same effect as before and after a particularly long set of steps she leant back against the wall, shivered and suppressed a moan as she came. I held her as she recovered.

When we got to the top of the steps she said “That was nice, but I am not looking forward to our return.”

I smiled, saying nothing.

We got back to the villa later than normal. After we had a quick shower, I selected the clothes she was to wear that night. I deliberately selected one which had been altered slightly. The strap that went behind her neck ran through a discreet loop at the apex of the triangle above each breast and was secured to each nipple ring with a small lock that gave a gentle pull on her nipples.

Once the strap had been secured, I let the dress fall, adjusted the triangles to give the appearance that it was a normal dress. Diane looked at it and said, “Wow, this is interesting. I suppose I have to be very careful to make sure that the top stays put.”

“Yes. You need to take great care as if it slips, you are not allowed to make adjustments unless I grant you permission to go to the ladies room.”

Somehow we managed the short walk to the restaurant without the patches of cloth slipping. As soon as we sat down and she leaned forward I noticed that one side slipped a little. She was about to straighten it when I reminded her with a stern “No.”

“Oh God, this is going to be so challenging.”

As she leant forward again I was treated to a superb view of her delightful cleavage. When she sat back up I said “About time you went to the ladies.”

Once back at the table she took great care not to lean forward again.

The excellent meal passed uneventfully and afterwards a space was made for Dancing. In just a few minutes of the music starting one of the Greek ladies pulled her up and made her join in. Although the dance was not that energetic, the positioning of her arms exaggerated the pull on her nipples and when it finished and she sat down, there was a definite blush visible on her face.

We stayed for quite a while and she was pulled up two or three more times before I decided it was time for us to leave.

As we walked back she said “I’m horny, please f*** me when we get in.”

Inside the villa, I just raised her dress and did as she had asked.

Day 7

Another day at the beach saw Diane in a different bikini. This time the briefs were even smaller and the lock that I placed on her pussy would be even more visible. I smiled when I picked up the nipple stretchers. She looked at me and said “Please not them.”

“It’s either them or a full pussy, tormenting you all day, and even worse for tonight.” I replied before continuing “and that is another button off your blouse that you will be wearing tonight.”

She resignedly agreed to the nipple stretchers and they were not particularly harsh ones, just enough to make her nipples clearly visible poking at the top. I handed her the bikini and she put it on.451-334

We relaxed for a while before we went into the warm sea for a swim and cool down. As we left she was blushing as she realised how the bikini had almost become see through.

The day soon passed and once we were back at the villa I immediately snipped off the button on the blouse she wore on the flight. After showering I handed it to her and gave her a long skirt with a wide waistband.

We walked through the village near where we were staying. The effect of her braless breasts gently bouncing around and the lack of buttons on her blouse soon had the desired effect of showing plenty of cleavage without us getting into trouble for indecency.

As we talked over dinner she admitted that the walk and the potential for exposing more of her top half was making her excited. I added that she would find out how I felt when we got back to the villa.

As soon as we walked in I told her to strip and stand with her back to the bed. I applied her cuffs and using the exposed beams I soon had her in a standing spread eagle. I got to work with my tongue and soon had her pleading for release. I unlocked her pussy and slowly entered her and gently eased myself back out. I continued this way before finally I sped up and we both came together.

The picture is from Wicked Weasel and clicking on it will take you to their website.

Wicked Wednesday

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Summer Holiday

This episode is in a few parts and recalls what we did on our late summer holiday in September. You can read about the preparations in last week’s post.

In the privacy of our room, after checking in to our hotel for the night, Diane was ready to go for dinner when she asked “Please can I have a different blouse for tonight?”

My reply was quick and simple “No.”

She pouted a little before I continued “You offered to be in some form of bondage for the whole holiday, you also agreed to me deciding what you will wear. Any more of this and I will make this blouse even more revealing by removing another button.”

“I’m sorry for asking.” She replied.

Day 1

We were up at around 5.00am and got ready to catch our 9 o’clock flight to Rhodes. Diane was required to wear the same clothes as the previous evening. Just before we left our room I told her to stand still, raise the front of her skirt. I unlocked the small padlocks on her pussy and replaced them with plastic security tags.

She was a little dismayed that she was still ‘locked up’ but wisely said nothing.

As we went through security at the airport Diane was pulled over and the wand that the female member of the security staff used was passed over her. It detected her nipple rings and piercings around her pussy. She was asked why her groin and breasts were setting the detector off. She quietly replied “I have a piercing in each nipple, two on each of my pussy lips and one on my clit.”

The woman smiled before calling over her supervisor and after a little conferring Diane was allowed to proceed with the comment “I suggest you don’t wear them on your way back.”

I patiently waited for her as this happened and we made our way to the plane. The flight was uneventful and we were soon settled in at our villa. After my shower I laid out the light, discreet full length dress with spaghetti straps that Diane was to wear for our meal. Before she put it on I asked “you have a choice, either your pussy stays locked up or your nipples have some fun. Which is it to be?”

She immediately replied “Nipple fun please.”

I picked up a short chain and two padlocks and attached it so that her nipples were gently pulled together with an equal length at each end hanging down.

As she started to put her dress on she squeaked a little as she felt the tug on her nipples as she reached around to get it just right. I was also pleased as her slightly engorged nipples poked at the front of it.

Her only comment was “this will be an interesting experience, as I am already getting turned on. I hope that you will be ready for me later.”

I laughed “aww, and as you are in bondage our new rules about orgasms apply.”

She sighed.

Dinner was uneventful, and at the bar afterwards it was clear that a few of the men were fascinated by the top half of Diane’s dress. When we got up to leave, I said “Don’t smooth down your dress; let them gawp at your sexy legs.

She blushed slightly before we walked out of the bar back to the villa.

Back in the villa, she soon removed her dress and waited patiently while I undressed and got ready for bed. I locked up her pussy again before I released her nipples from their mild restraints.

As I cuddled up to her she said “I am rally horny and please may I have an orgasm.”

“I thought about this for a moment and said “If you are that horny, let’s add some jeopardy into making this holiday even more fun. I had already decided that over the three weeks you will have 21 orgasms. If we suspend the ‘no orgasm without permission whilst in bondage’ rule whilst on holiday, you get one day in the chastity belt for every orgasm over the 21.”

She paused for a moment and then replied, “You’re on.”

We shifted into a 69 position and I was soon being pleasured by her talented mouth, whilst I set to work on her still locked up pussy and clit. By the time I had been brought to completion, Diane had three orgasms.

Day 2

We had previously worked out a rough plan for the three week summer holiday. Today was to be a day at the beach so both of us could get some colour before we went to see some of the less visited sights around the island.

After using the bathroom she was happy to find that I had laid out one of her more tightly fitting bikinis. I said, “Before you put on the bikini, I am going to make sure we are going have some more fun today.”

I had stand in front of me. I unlocked the padlock connecting her pussy lips, slipped in a couple of small eggs and relocked her lips together.

She put on the bikini bottom before saying “These eggs are moving about a little differently.”

“Yes, they are new ones Kathy has found. Instead of having weights inside, there is a magnet in each and they are designed to repel each other. So every movement will shift them in completely different ways.”

“Without meaning to be critical of you, that sounds really nasty for me.”

As I suspected, the bikini was tight enough around the crotch to show an outline of the padlock, as well as showing large expanse of her delightfully rounded bum. She then put on the top and the very thin cheesecloth shirt that only just covered her ass.

The sunbathing and swimming in the warm sea waters was most enjoyable and Diane was certainly red around the face at times, not from the sun, but from the teasing she got from the eggs that I had inserted earlier.

Diane wore these small eggs until we went to bed and was a horny mess, so I took pity on her, cuffed her wrists together before releasing her pussy from its bondage and removed the eggs. She begged me to do something to satisfy her, so I slowly entered her and in seconds she started to cum hard. I took my time giving her another three orgasms before I came hard inside her.

Day 3

Today we planned on visiting the Old Town in Rhodes, so I selected her tube style dress that showed off all her curves and figure to perfection. What she was not so happy about was the underwear I had selected. It was a waist chain that locked on, with two smaller chains that were attached to a small triangle of material that had nubs that would stimulate her clit. At the apex of the triangle that went through her crotch, between her ass cheeks there is another chain that I locked on to the waist belt.

The old town was crowded, and the walking around made the special thong created the desired effect. In one of the small back streets Diane leaned back against the wall of a house and pulled me in for a deep kiss before saying “I wish you could get inside me now and make me come hard.”

When we got back to the hotel Diane begged me to take there and then. I resisted the temptation. We showered together with her still wearing the thong. I deliberately patted the material that had her shivering with excitement. I did not, however, let her come.

After dinner I had her stand at the end of the bed, placed cuffs around her ankles, and secured them to the bed legs with her feet wide apart. I added wrist cuffs, had her bend over and tightly secured them to the head board. I then removed the chain from her crotch to waist, slipped in a vibrator with an additional clit stimulator before reattaching the chain to the waist. I turned the vibrator on.

I sat in the chair watching her as a series of powerful orgasms swept through her until she was a panting mess. After an hour I took pity on her. I removed her underwear, locked up her pussy again and then released her from the rest of her restraints. We laid down together. I no time, she fell asleep in my arms with the smile of a well satisfied woman.

More holiday fun next week.

Wicked Wednesday

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