A night out

Author’s note:- This week celebrates the 200th weekly episode of adventures for Charles, Diane and friends.

The original intention was to write 10 or so episodes, but as time went on, the adventures took on a life of their own. As I start to write the next adventure, from a germ of an idea, I do not always know where that adventure ends until I have finished it. This week is no different, although I hope it wraps up the last little adventure that started here.

It is written from Liz’s perspective.

Charles has asked me to write this after I had spent two days with them at their house.

I was getting ready to go home after the last session where I got a sore bum. Diane asked if I was up to a little more fun, that would not be painful, on my way home. It took me about 15 minutes to walk to them the previous morning. I knew I had to leave home about 7.30, so I said “Provided I have time to get ready for the dinner, yes.”

Diane smiled saying “Don’t worry; you should have plenty of time to get ready.”

“Go on then, but remember I’ve got a sore bum.”

“Your bum is not as sore as mine, but it will be fine.”

Diane went to my bag, which by then bad been unlocked, and selected a pair of jeans and the tight fitting T-shirt. She picked up some other things that I could not see. She gave me the evil clit stimulator, my bullet vibrator and the pair of jeans. “I think you know what to do.”

I carefully inserted the bullet and made sure that the stimulator was properly placed and the straps did not bite into the welts on my bum. I then put on the jeans. She went behind me and ran a chain through the belt loops and used a padlock with four dials to secure it together at the front. “When you get home, ring me from your land line and I will give you the combination for the lock.”

I thought “this will be interesting, but manageable as I survived both the previous day without too much difficulty.”

I finished dressing and gave both of them a hug. Diane gave me a playful swat on my ass as I left. As soon as I was out of the door, both the bullet and stimulator were turned on at maximum.

I walked home get increasingly aroused. Initially my T-shirt did not display much in the way of nipple, but after just 200m I could see that they were now prominently on display and I was struggling to hold back as the stimulation was so great.

Somehow I managed to get home, taking about twice as long as it took to get to them. I sat down, picked up the phone and breathlessly confirmed I was home. I carefully wrote down the combination before I succumbed to the stimulation and had a very intense orgasm that had me shaking and twitching. I managed to unlock the padlock, took off my jeans, removed the stimulator and bullet before relaxing for a few minutes.

I looked at the clock and saw that I had about an hour to get ready to go out for dinner. I took my time, making sure that I was wearing a soft skirt. I tried wearing knickers, but decided against them.

After some general talk with my boss I was shown to the dining room and was horrified to see that the seats of the chairs around the table were solid wood with no padding. I gingerly sat down. Because they were so well made, they were not too uncomfortable. I managed not to squirm much during the meal, although I could feel the soreness of my bum.

The feeling was not too unpleasant as I could associate it with the pleasure that I had during the weekend.

When I got home I sent a quick email to Diane and Charles thanking them for the weekend and told them about the chairs with no padding. I also suggested an evening at the pub during the week.

Charles replied that Diane was away on business during the week so the visit to the pub would have to wait until Saturday.

I immediately replied that Saturday was fine. Diane replied with a big smiley.

An email from Diane pinged into my inbox on Saturday morning requesting my mobile number if I was game for sexy fun that evening.

I had to wait until about 10 minutes before I was about to leave when I heard my phone beep to say a text had arrived. It read:
Mata04Insert a butt plug, tie a rope around your waist as pictured making sure that there is a big knot nestling on your clit. Best to wear a skirt. No underwear of any sort and make sure you have a nice nearly see through top on. See you at the pub.

I saw the picture and thought “this looks interesting.” I inserted my small butt plug, tied the rope as in the picture and dressed in a suitable top, skirt and put on my 3″ heels.

Walking to the pub was not nearly as bad as walking back from Charles and Diane’s house the previous weekend. It felt strange having the plug in me, but the knot was certainly making me feel really good.

I found Charles was at the bar, I asked for a wine and we took the three drinks to the table where Diane was sitting. Charles asked me whether I had followed Diane’s suggestion. I confirmed I had and that it felt good.

He then said “I’m glad that you are feeling good. Diane being her usual mischievous self has spiced up tonight for both of you.”

He then passed me what looked like a key fob. “This is the remote for the bullet she has inside her. Her lips are locked up. It is up to you to play with the remote until we leave. She is not allowed to orgasm and later you can decide on her sleeping arrangements.”

I picked up the remote, turned to the setting just below the highest. She squirmed and looked alarmed as I took the battery out of the remote and put it in my purse.

Charles smiled asking “Why so high?”

“It’s simple, I really enjoyed last weekend, especially Sunday Morning. However I was still feeling the effects of the quirt until Thursday. Don’t get me wrong, the sensation was great, but still a reminder of how sore my bum was. Also I am starting to feel the itch from when you shaved me under her orders.”

“I’d forgotten how much of a sadist you were.”

I smiled before continuing “It is a long time since I had been in a play session, and the first time I had been on the receiving end. It has awakened my needs and now I will have to find a suitable partner who can satisfy my dominant streak and who will also occasionally take the lead.”

The three of us continued chatting as friends. I knew all along that the previous weekend was just a “one off”. However just as we were getting another round of drinks, the couple who I met the previous weekend walked in with a tall, slim good looking man around my age.

Charles beckoned them over and indicated that they should join us. The man was introduced as Andrew and before long the two of us were chatting away, hardly taking any notice of the others. Time passed very quickly and soon it was time for the pub to close.

Unusually for me, I gave Andrew my phone number and he promised to ring me soon.

I was invited to walk back to Charles and Diane’s house. Charles took pity on Diane and allowed her to release the pent up orgasm. As she came, she was very vocal and struggled to stay upright.

Once we were at their home Diane teased me a little about monopolising Andrew as the rest of them could hardly get to talk with him.

I blushed a little saying “We just clicked. I hope I’ll see him again.”

Charles asked me how I thought Diane’s punishment should continue. I considered it for a moment before saying “have you got a really tight sleep sack?”

Diane looked askance as Charles replied “Yes”.

“Good, put her in it and secure her tight down onto your bondage table. Leave any insertables inside her just as they are and let her enjoy them until the batteries run out.”

With a smile Charles said “I doubt the bullet will. It has very long battery life, as Diane well knows. It’s just a shame I didn’t make her insert the vibrating butt plug as well.”

I then said to Charles “how about an incentive not to wake you up?”

“Go on.”

“Six of that cane bundle for every time she wakes you during the night.”

“I think that is really nicely evil.”

I left them and walked home still nicely turned on by the crotch rope and the butt plug. I was however glad to get home, remove both distractions and enjoy some self-pleasuring, fantasising about Andrew doing it instead of my fingers.

I got two calls the next morning, the first from Charles to say that Diane was going to have a sore bum later as she earned 18 strokes of the cane bundle. The next was from Andrew inviting me for a drink that night.

Wicked Wednesday

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A game

We continue from the last two weeks (here and here) with Liz and Diane suffering torments and an experience with another woman..

We took a long break that included lunch. During this break Liz revealed that she was due to have dinner with her new boss and his partner that evening, after we had finished.

I said to Liz and Diane. “Now time for a little game. Back to the playroom with both of you.”

We all went to the play room. I then said to Diane. “Guide Liz through the implements. Liz, you are to choose 10 implements and lay them out on the table here, placing them, from left to right, in the order you think they should be used. They went through the implements with Liz asking suitable questions. It took a while before Liz made her final choice of what was to be used and in which order.

I said “The game is simple. The rules are:-

  • Liz, there will be 20 strokes of each implement that you have chosen.
  • After you have received five strokes of an implement you can call out Diane’s name and she will then be on the receiving end of the implement.
  • When Diane calls out your name you will receive more strokes. This will continue back and forth until I have delivered the 20 strokes with each of the implements.
  • You can only call out when you have received at least five strokes. If you call out before you have received the five strokes, you will receive the remainder of the 20 without being able to call out again.
  • Diane has the more tolerant bum, so she will not get a warm up, and her strokes will be harder than yours.
  • If either of you take all 20 strokes with an implement, then the other has to take 10 with the next one until she can call out your name.
  • The final twist is that you may only call out once for each implement.”

“Diane prepare Liz on the spanking bench. And give her a nice warm up spanking.”

Diane did as she was told and at the end Liz was sporting a nice pink bottom. Meanwhile, I had moved the spanking horse to the centre of the room. I then ordered Diane to bend over the horse while I secured her wrists and ankles to the legs.

I picked up the first implement that Liz had chosen which was a nice supple suede flogger. It swished loudly before a gentle thud rang out as I delivered each lash to Liz’s well warmed up bum. She gasped initially and as the count increased her grunts turned into moans. She took all 20. After the last one landed, which was followed by a pause, she wiggled her bum to encourage me to deliver more.

The next implement that Liz had selected was the riding crop. I delivered 5 strokes on each cheek just at Diane’s sit spot. I was careful to ensure that only the loose leather slapper at the end made contact with her skin whilst she gasped as each one landed. After fourteen had landed, she shouted Liz, so I moved to Liz and landed three slaps on each of her cheeks. The next implement was the ping pong bat, which Liz endured for eight strokes before calling out “Diane”.

Diane hates the ping pong bat and after just five strokes she called out “Liz”. Liz struggled to endure the remaining 7 strokes with the ping pong bat.

The next implement Liz had chosen was the leather paddle. Earlier, I was a little surprised when I saw this next in line, but she endured fifteen strokes before calling out for Diane to receive the last five which had her gasping with the effect on her bum.

The next implement I knew was going to be interesting as Diane received the first five strokes of the Scorpion before she called out “Liz”.

The first stroke landed on Liz’s now reddened bum and this had her cursing as she felt the effect of the 20 little tails each delivering its sting. She endured 10 strokes before calling out “Diane.”

I saw a distinctive shudder as Diane heard this and I landed her extra five strokes. I picked up the Naughty stick and started to land the bands of fire it produces on Diane’s now reddened bum. She squealed as each landed. After eight strokes she called out for Liz to be on the receiving end. The first three landed and Liz hollered out Diane’s name. I smiled at Diane before saying “That was only three, so now you get the other 9 to come.

Diane smiled with relief as it is another implement she does not like. Liz hollered as all her remaining strokes landed.

I picked up the Dragon’s tail which I know always brings tears to Diane’s eyes as it produces a very intense sting. Diane shivered and was soon crying as the first 10 strokes landed. She continued for three more before she decided that Liz should sample it intense bite. Liz, too was soon crying, but continued for the remainder of the strokes.

I caressed Liz’s bum before I picked up the cane that she had selected. This was a medium one that combines thud with sting, and Liz was soon enjoying each of the lines of fire that it produced. After twelve strokes she decided that Diane should be on the receiving end, so I turned my attention to laying down the remaining stripes across Diane’s bum. Diane decided after the sixth one landed that she had had enough and Liz received the last two.

Liz looked in trepidation as I picked up the wooden paddle that had three rows of five holes along its surface. I laid the first stroke on her rosy cheeks to bring out a shrill squeal. She continued with the shrill shrieks as another nine strokes landed on her bum bring out a lot of nice round welts. She called out “Diane”. I moved over to Diane and landed eight more strokes before it was Liz’s turn to receive the final two.

I am not particularly proficient with the final implement that she had chosen. I turned to Liz and whispered, “If it is alright with you, Diane is much better using this than I am. Will you take all twenty and then I will teach you how to give Diane a five bar gate on each bum cheek later when you cane her.”

Liz behind her tears nodded before I asked her is that a “Yes.”

She nodded again.

I went to Diane, released her and said, “Liz has agreed to you delivering all twenty of the last implement.”

Diane took a couple of minutes to compose herself. She picked up the quirt. She carefully let the intense spots of fire land on each side directly on Liz’s sit spot.

We released Liz who was tearful. We helped off the spanking bench, held her for a while before she said “My ass is on fire.” She found a mirror and to her great surprise all she could see was a very red bum with lots of welts from the various implements and the quirt.

We went to the living room and had coffee.

It was nearly five o’clock when I said to Liz “Just one punishment for you from the weekend. And I will get Diane to give you it.”

Diane escorted Liz to the playroom and when I entered I was surprised to see her bent over clutching her ankles. I raised an eyebrow before Diane said “I offered restraints, but she refused them.”

I went to the cupboard where we hang our canes and passed the metal cane to Diane. I calmly said “Six of these at medium to severe, as I don’t think she is ready for the bundle.”
Diane carefully tapped Liz’s bum before letting the first stroke down. Liz squealed loudly but grimly held on to her ankles. The next stroke elicited the same response as the line of fire landed. The next four all produced thin angry red welts on her now tender sit spot.
We let her get up, gingerly feel the welts and when she looked at her fingers she was surprised to find that there was no blood as we had not broken her skin throughout the whole afternoon.

I turned to Diane, “Now your turn for your punishment. As Liz agreed to you using the quirt for all twenty strokes, I have agreed to teach her how to place a five bar gate on each of your lovely cheeks. Time to get on the bench.”

Diane was soon strapped onto the bench and after using a wipe to clean the business end of the cane, I explained to Liz that she needed to produce five distinct lines across each of Diane’s cheeks. Liz took her time practicing with the cane before a whistle, followed by a crack and finally a squeal, emanated from Diane and a distinct red line appeared on her left cheek. Four more well-spaced lines appeared on her left cheek. The right cheek also got five lines. I indicated to Liz where the next stroke should land, but with a little grin she added her own twist by adding a vertical line on each cheek before repositioning herself to add the agony of a diagonal line that crossed all others on each cheek. Diane was hollering as these final strokes landed.

We released Diane from the bench. There was a little time before Liz had to leave, and we took the time to discuss the weekend’s events.

The next evening I checked my email to find a note from Liz thanking us for the weekend. She added that she had an interesting dinner as there was no padding on the dining chairs. Also she requested a meeting at the pub later in the week……

Wicked Wednesday

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Losing their virginity?

We continue from last week where Liz was tormented for a day. In addition I have tried to incorporate this week’s Wicked Wednesday prompt.

Diane had already got up when I woke with my wrists and ankles cuffed and chained together. I noticed that the keys to the locks were on her bedside table. I retrieved them and managed to free myself from the cuffs.

I got up, let Liz out of her cage and then tried the keys on my device and found that it opened. I was relieved to be rid of it.

I found Diane in the Kitchen preparing breakfast and she had a big grin on her face when she saw that I had released myself. Liz soon joined us. I made Diane sit at the table and cuffed her wrists together. Liz looked a little surprised until Diane said “we have this rule that if the person restrained is able to escape, then the roles are reversed. So Charles is in charge for the rest of the day.”

I smiled at Liz saying “Don’t worry, today will go as Diane and I had already planned. Now what did you think of yesterday?”

She looked relieved when she answered “I was so worked up much of the time, that I was praying that you would let me cum. I suppose the day was really one of frustration. That corset last night really hit all the right spots to make me so horny.”

Diane said “That is exactly what we hoped. Yesterday was all about frustration and sensual fun. Today will be rather different.”


I replied “Yes, Today we had planned that you will find out your tolerance to pain. Diane will help you process the pain and I hope allow you to derive pleasure from it. ”

I continued. “Diane, it is time for you to get the first torment ready.”

She went to the play room whilst I still talked to Liz. “Before we go any further one question that you did not answer on the questionnaire needs to be resolved. Have you ever had a woman go down on you or the other way round? If not, what are your thoughts on it?”

“To answer your first questions, no. As for the second, I am not sure about it. I have read that a woman is usually better at give oral attention than most men, and whilst I would like to find out some time, I am not sure about it today.”

“OK, I understand. Diane has the same view as you. I won’t force you do anything you don’t want to do. If you feel like trying it let me know as Diane will have no choice. If you do want to try it, you will not be punished if you cum, but if you make Diane cum, she will.”

Diane returned saying “Everything is ready master.”

We all proceeded to the play room where Diane cleared the playroom ready for the first torture.

“Now Blindfold Liz, cuff her hands behind her back, so she can wait a few minutes.”

“I ran a rope from two hooks that were in the ceiling, had Diane straddle it. I then clipped a pulley to another hook an proceeded run a string from her nipple piercings over the pulley connected to about a half pound of weights. I had her get onto tip toes, set the string length to the right length and then set them on top of a stool. I then tightened the main rope so that it was just touching her pussy lips. I picked up the weights before I removed the stool and let them touch the floor.

I made the same arrangement for Liz using Clover clamps as her nipples were not pierced with only 6oz of weights. I removed the blindfold and said “Now this is an interesting dilemma for you. When your calf muscles ache, you want to relieve them thus torturing your nipples and pussy.”

I watched them carefully as they squirmed and avoided the tortures if they relieved the aches from their calf muscles. Liz was the first to drop down and although she did not make a noise her grimace showed how she was suffering.

I left them there for half an hour with both riding the rope. I let Liz down first, leaving the clamps on, before I released Diane except for her cuffs.

I went over to Liz and with a gesture Diane understood what she had to do. I said “Liz, when I release the clamp it will be painful, but Diane will help releive it for you. I took off the first clamp. Liz winced and Diane set to work suckling Liz’s nipple until I was happy that she was ready for the other to be removed. Diane repeated the exercise and afterwards Liz’s nipples were like bullets. She said, “That is making me so horny.” She pulled Diane in close and started to kiss her all over her neck before pleading, “please go down on me.”

Diane looked at me, I nodded before she said “are you really sure?”

“Yes, I am sooo aroused, I want to cum and I want you go down on me.”

Diane dropped to her knees and started to suck and tease Liz to even greater heights of arousal. I released Diane’s cuffs and quickly she reached up and started to massage Liz’s breasts. I guided them both to the bench where Liz laid back and soon panted and groaned with her arousal.

Liz did not hold back and soon came hard with Diane sucking up all the moisture that escaped from Liz’s pussy. Liz twitched a little as Diane cuddled her to let her recover.

When she had recovered, Liz said “Wow, that was one of my best ever orgasms. I think I should thank Diane appropriately.”

They switched positions on the table and soon Liz was working her lips and mouth on Diane’s body. I watched Diane struggle to hold back, but Liz continued her work eagerly. Eventually Diane could not hold back any longer and came hard.

Once Diane had recovered Liz said “I suppose now I should recognise I have lost my girl on girl virginity!”

I laughed “well that applies to both of you. Diane, were you given permission to come?”

“No master.”

“Punishment for you later, and as I know from my experience before I met you, Liz can wield a cane very effectively. I think I will let Liz do the honours.”

Diane added “I know, I saw her cane you once.”

Wicked Wednesday

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Liz’s first day

We follow on from last week‘s episode

Diane ordered me to strip and for Liz to put on the choker that she had been instructed to bring in her bag. We did as we were told. Diane then said to Liz, “while you are wearing the choker you are our sub.”

Liz saw that I was wearing my cage and raised an eyebrow. Diane saw this smiled as she said “Don’t worry about him, he is used to it. It is especially nasty as it has little nubs inside that make it extremely uncomfortable when he gets aroused. I intend that he has as an uncomfortable day like you.”

We went to the playroom where Diane also stripped off. The sight of my gorgeous wife and another attractive woman in their birthday suits soon had me uncomfortable around the groin.

Diane ordered Liz onto the bondage table. Liz hopped up onto it and I was instructed to help secure her so her legs were apart with her arms and torso securely tied to the table.

Diane asked “I see that you aren’t clean shaven, Have you ever shaved completely down there.”

“No Miss. I’ve thought about it, but never done it.”

“Well, you may as well experience it now.” Turning to me she ordered “Go get the shaving kit and a bowl of warm water.”

I disappeared for a couple of minutes as I retrieved the necessary items.

When I got back, Diane ordered “Charles, you are to shave her pussy so it is as smooth as it was when she was born.”

I carefully clipped Liz’s hair before applying plenty of shaving cream. While I was doing this Diane was gently caressing Liz all over her torso and I could hear the arousal build. I gently started to shave her above her pussy before gently stretching her pussy lips so that I could remove all the hair. Whilst I was shaving Liz, Diane started on Liz’s nipples and was certainly make her horny.

Diane warned “Remember no cumming until you are given permission.”

After I had ensured Liz’s pussy lips were clean shaven I turned my attention to the area around and above her clit. Diane smiled as I gently held Liz’ clit whilst shaving her. Diane with a nod indicated that she wanted me to start stroking Liz’s clit to increase her arousal and torture.

Liz was squirming, finding it difficult whilst she was bound so tightly. I finished the shaving and continued to stroke Liz’s pussy area until I was ordered to stop.

Liz was panting hard and moaning that she wanted to come. Diane with an evil grin said “Absolutely no orgasms.”

We left Liz for a while to calm down before she was released from the table and had her wrists lightly secured behind her back.

We left the playroom with Diane removing Liz’s choker, to have a coffee before the next play session.

Diane then said. “Although you are lightly restrained you may now talk freely until your collar is back on. Tell us how you felt in that session.”

“I was nervous initially as I have never been shaved there before. The attention the two of you gave me was very stimulating. If I was not under orders not to cum, I would have done so hard.”

“That is exactly what I expected to hear. What I can tell you is that when the hair grows back you will find it somewhat itchy to remind of the time you spent with us.”

We continued chatting until Diane said, “Time for your choker to be put back on.”

Liz and I walked quietly to the playroom where she ordered me to prepare the strap cage and asked Liz. “I know you like to be in confinement, have you ever experienced one of these?”

“No Miss. I’ve only read about them.”

“Good. Now insert your bullet vibrator.”

Liz followed the order and Diane picked out the clit stimulator and put it on Liz.

Liz stepped onto the platform, I raised the strap cage, ensured that the neck ring was in place before Securing it to the hook on the winch. The winch was activated and the cage rose until it was no longer touching the floor.

Diane smiled evilly as she said to Liz “This will test you even more.”

Diane turned both the bullet and clit stimulator on low. Liz was moaning and groaning with her arousal when Diane ordered me onto the spanking bench. I was properly secured when she turned to Liz saying “If you orgasm without permission, this is what you can expect on what will be an already sore bum.”

She picked up our most evil implement, the four canes bundled into one. She laid down six moderately hard strokes that had me howling as each landed.

Liz’s eyes widened as she saw the effect of the cane.

Diane then went to Liz, turned up the bullet by one notch and the clit stimulator by two. “You will endure this for fifteen minutes, and it will be six strokes of that nice cane bundle each time you come.”

The constant stimulation really took its toll on Liz as she fought against the arousal that was building inside her. She was quite vocal and Diane went to her, played with her nipples as she whispered in her ear.

After the fifteen minutes were up, Diane said “You may come once in the next minute.”

Liz needed no encouragement to let the orgasm crash through her. As soon as the orgasm finished, Diane turned off the bullet and clit stimulation. Liz was lowered down and released from the strap cage and Diane helped her walk unsteadily to the sofa where Liz was allowed to recover.

Diane removed her choker and held her for about half an hour before they both joined me in the dining room where there was a salad I had prepared waiting.

Liz enjoyed her meal and afterwards said “That was pure evil, I was desperate and I have never come so hard before.”

Diane smiled as she replied “I know, it is devilish, but when the release comes, it is so intense.”

We lounged around for a while before Diane said “Time for some more fun.”

We took Liz back to the playroom where she was placed in a standing spread-eagle and then blindfolded.

Diane said “Now for a nice long flogging. Remember, you are not allowed to cum at all.”

Liz said nothing as Diane gave me the famous neoprene flogger. Liz was sighing and enjoyed about fifteen minutes of the flogger on her back. Before Diane took over. Diane continued to flog the whole of Liz’s back before the starting on her front. Liz’s breasts felt the full force of the flogger and although they bounced as each strike landed, there were no marks. Diane carefully continued over the whole of Liz’s front for quite a while but avoided her pussy. Finally Diane landed her last stroke on Liz’s pussy, leaving her trembling with desire.

We let Liz calm down for a while before releasing her and let her regain the use of her arms and legs.

That was all we did in the afternoon. Liz was allowed to relax and we enjoyed her company before Diane said “Choker on.”

Liz put her choker on before Diane continued, “Got to the loo now and when you get back, insert your butt pug and medium sized dildo.”

Liz picked her butt plug from the bag, lubricated it before inserting it. She then picked up the dildo. Diane looked at it saying “we told you to bring a medium sized dildo, that it is way more than that.”

Liz sheepishly said “sorry Miss that is the only one I own. I did not have time to get another one as I don’t work in town.”

Diane looked at me and said “I will let that go. Charles go and get the right sized one from the playroom and plenty of rope.”

I went to the playroom and retrieved the right dildo as well as plenty of rope.

Once the dildo was in Diane ordered me to place a rope corset on Liz, ensuring that her nipples were clearly visible.

I did as I was told and using the rope carefully placed a rope corset and panties on Liz. The ropes around her breasts made them stand out a bit and her nipples were like bullet points. In addition I added an extra knot to rub against her clit.

Diane then told Liz to put on her blouse and skirt.

Diane and I quickly dressed before I said to Liz, “we are going out to the pub for a meal. Your corset stays as it is and will be removed when we get back.”

We enjoyed the walk to the pub across the fields, although Liz did find it rather awkward as both of her holes were filled and the extra knot did its work. When we got to the pub, by chance, we found that our friends James and Petra were there. They invited the three of us to join them. Liz was a bit nervous about this, but I gently ushered her to a chair and whispered, “Don’t worry; they are good friends who are also very discreet.”

We enjoyed a very good meal and when Diane sent Liz to get a round of Drinks James said to me “does she need someone to look after her kinky needs?”

“Quite probably.” I replied.

“In that case I think I know someone who she might be interested in meeting.”

“OK, but don’t say anything to her.”

Liz returned with our drinks winced slightly as she sat down. Petra asked Liz “So I suppose they have you a little full this evening.”

Liz looked at Diane nervously before Diane said “You can tell them.”

“I have my two holes plugged and am in a rope corset.”

Petra smiled as she said. “Don’t be nervous, James put me in a set of rope panties using a rough rope which is very itchy.”

Later we walked back and Liz politely asked about James and Petra. We explained that James was the architect for the house and together with another friend had constructed and furnished the playroom.

On arrival at our home, Diane said “Time for you to get yourself ready for a good night’s rest. Go to the bathroom, remove your corset and inserts and join us in the playroom.”

A few minutes later Liz joined us in the playroom to find that there was a cage in the middle of the room.

She nervously stepped inside, laid down. We cuffed her arms and legs and with a two foot long chain joined her wrists and ankles together with the chain outside one of the upright bars. We placed a blanket over her before shutting the lid.

Diane and I got onto the four poster bed. She cuffed my wrists and ankles before she turned off the lights.

Wicked Wednesday

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A chance meeting

The Wicked Wednesday prompt this week has brought forward a scenario that had I was thinking of writing about in a few weeks time.

Diane and I have been very happily married for sixteen years. We first met whilst I was at university a couple of years before we started going out together. Our courtship lasted four years before getting married.

Shortly after returning from holiday, Diane had to be away for a couple of nights on business and I went to the local pub on the Wednesday for an evening meal with Diane joining me later. Whilst there I sensed that there was someone watching me at times.

I went to the bar for a second pint of beer when a woman, I guessed to be in her late forties, approached saying “It is a long time since I saw you Charles. How are you doing?”

I was surprised to say the least as I did not recognise her. I paused a moment before saying with a quizzical frown “I am well, thank you.”

She replied “well you probably don’t remember me, I am Liz.”

I immediately remembered who she was. She was the person who set up Diane and my first proper date all that time ago. I said “Sorry, I didn’t recognise you. I do remember you well. Are you on your own this evening?”

“Yes, I’m on my own tonight.”

We chatted for a little at the bar before I went back to my seat. She asked if she could join me and at my bidding she sat opposite me. We chatted for a while until Diane arrived. She saw me and looked a little put out until I said “Surely you remember Liz?”

“Of course.” She replied before turning to Liz saying “Sorry, You have changed a lot and I didn’t recognise you.”

Liz replied “That is exactly the same reaction that Charles had.”

Diane got her drink and we chatted together catching up for the last 20 years.

We discovered that Liz was recently divorced and had moved into the local area just a few weeks ago. As the conversation progressed she commented “I remember you both were into some sexy kinky things. I hope that you have kept that up.”

Diane smiled saying “we do enjoy a bit of fun from time to time.”

Liz then startled us by saying “well, one of the reasons I got divorced was that my ex-husband and I grew apart as we were not really compatible, especially in the bedroom where he would not offer anything more than a very quick f*** in the missionary position. I was tempted to have affairs but out of respect for him I didn’t. Since we split I have had a couple of lovers, but I didn’t feel comfortable to tell them that I wanted a little spice in my sex life.”

This did not surprise either of us as before I met and fell in love with Diane, Liz and I had had a couple of intense sessions and Diane had seen us at clubs together.

I looked at Diane who had a smile on her face when she said to Liz, “Charles and I need to talk for a few minutes. Why don’t you go to the ladies and I will come out when we have finished our chat.”

She got up and slowly walked to the ladies.

Diane turned to me and quietly said “I am up for giving her a workout over the weekend and frustrate the hell out of her. What do you think?”

“Well it could be interesting especially as it could fulfil one of your fantasies.”

We chatted together for just a couple of minutes before Diane got up and went to the ladies. She came back with a smile on her face saying “I have just given her a test to see how serious she is.”

Moments after Diane had rejoined me Liz returned and handed me her bra and knickers. I nodded to Diane who then said “well you have passed the first test. What plans have you for the weekend?”

“No plans at the moment.”

“Good, we will walk back to our house when we have finished our drinks.”

When we left the pub, we turned on to the footpath and Diane said. “Your second test is to strip off all your clothing except your shoes.”

Liz quickly removed her dress and that was all she was wearing. Diane handed me the dress and said “My car is in the pub car park. Drive home and wait for us at the gate.”

I did as requested and waited at our gate with Diane and Liz joining us a few minutes later. Diane took Liz’s dress from me, gave it back and said “The main road is just up this lane. I have your email address and tonight one of us will send you a form that needs to be fully completed and returned tomorrow by six pm. On Saturday morning you will walk back here in just a dress and a jacket if it is cold. Later tomorrow, you will be given some instructions and anything you are asked to bring must be in a carrier bag. The gate will be locked and a small box will be waiting. On your arrival you will remove everything apart from your shoes and put everything except for the bag into the box and lock it closed. Once you have done that you will ring the bell at precisely 10 am and we will let you in and you will hand over the bag as you enter our house.”

Liz shivered a little and said “Thank you, I will do as instructed.”

Diane and I walked to the house hand in hand. After sending an email with a form to Liz, we rushed up to the bedroom. We were soon stripped and enjoying a romp before going to sleep.

Thursday evening I got home to find the email from Liz. I printed it and over supper we reviewed Liz’s responses. We were surprised at how few things were classed as hard limits. Most of her preferences and limits were the same as ours, so we knew it could be an interesting weekend.

Saturday morning came and I watched, using the security screen camera on the gate, as Liz stripped off, put her clothing in the box and locked it. She then rang the bell and I pressed the button for the gate to open.

As she walked to the house, Diane opened the door and we greeted Liz at the door. She immediately handed the bag to Diane and I went to retrieve the box from the gate.

When I returned I found that Diane had her remove her shoes and turn around facing away. Diane pointed at the watch on Liz’s wrist and I nodded my head. Diane in a stern voice said “You were given a specific instruction, what did you forget to take off?”

Liz replied “Nothing Miss.”

Diane said “wrong answer, what is on your left wrist.”

Liz apologised as she removed it and handed it over to Diane.

Diane then asked “What did we say would happen if you did not follow the very specific instructions?”

“I would be sent home wearing what I was in at the time or be punished.”

“Well, sending you home like this now might well get you arrested, so what punishment do you think would be appropriate?”

“What you think is appropriate Miss.”

“Good answer. We will decide on a suitable punishment later. Now before we go any further, we need to review the limits you sent us as well as the ground rules.”

Over coffee we went through her list in detail and after discussion some of the answers on the questionnaire were amended.

We then confirmed the agreed ground rules for the weekend that were:-

I will be sub to Diane, but Liz will be sub to both of us.
Liz will refer to Diane as Miss, and me Sir.
There will be no intercourse between me and Liz.
Liz will follow all orders given by either of us without question.
Whilst there will be marks, we will try not to break her skin.
Her safe words follow the Green Amber and Red system.
When gagged will hum “Happy birthday” as her safe word.
The session will last until 6pm Sunday.
Liz may not orgasm without permission.

Once we had gone over this I asked “do you still want to be put through your paces?”

“Definitely Sir, I need to do this for my own peace of mind as well as learn from it.”

Wicked Wednesday

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