Olivia is impulsive

It was two weeks later that we saw Julian and Olivia at the local pub with Gerry and Cheryl. Olivia was still looking good after her makeover. All four came over to us and Julian first thanked us for our time. He in a jocular fashion commented “although it was a tough weekend, the worst part has been Olivia deciding she needed to go shopping for what seems like a new wardrobe.”

She laughed, “Not quite, just a few small additions to be able to keep up my appearance. Any way I have been promised a load of new clothes on Friday, especially Lingerie.”

Diane raised an eyebrow and Olivia said “Damien rang me yesterday and said that the editor of Marie Claire magazine had noticed me at the exhibition and had enquired if I was available to model for a magazine spread. Damien asked what I thought. I immediately said yes subject to a suitable fee and that he would be the photographer.”

She continued “He rang back about an hour later to say that they had agreed to him being the photographer, that there would be a representative from the magazine at the shoot. They will have a stylist who would look after my hair and make up. They require shots in at least three different sets of lingerie and many more of an assortment of normal clothes and shoes. Any clothes I put on would be given to me as well as them paying £25,000.”

Julian interrupted “I have never known Olivia to be so impulsive. Normally she takes ages to make any decisions like that. I was surprised, but the makeover she had and what you did that weekend has changed her in a very good way. The money will more than cover what she has spent already and we should be able to create a small playroom as well.”

Gerry chipped in “Both of us have noticed a significant change in both of you. The change is very, very positive.”

Diane said “We are pleased to have been able to give you the little guidance we did.”

Olivia then said “Oh by the way I should have the key back from Fiona this week as he will have earned release by then if he keeps going as he has.”

Julian blushed when Cheryl asked “Oh has he been a bit naughty then?”

Again on impulse Olivia immediately replied “Not really. Sincesl103-bulk_732x750_317_325 we were here 2 weeks ago his cock has been caged and he was due to be locked up for a month, but he has already given me number 26 of 31 orgasms stipulated and more than half of them, 20, have been using his mouth.”

Cheryl added “Lucky you, I must admit since we were with Charles and Diane there has been a significant increase in the number of orgasms I have.”

I could see Julian getting embarrassed so I managed to move the conversation on to more mundane things.


Two months later we happened to see Julian and Olivia in the pub again. It was clear to us that as a couple they were clearly much more fulfilled and contented. The magazine spread had been a huge hit and Olivia commented “I’ve been inundated with offers, all but one of which I have refused. You would be amazed at what some people expect me to be prepared to do. I have accepted an offer to do another shoot with Damien. This time it is for a travel magazine and for one day’s modelling we get a week in a small hotel in Tuscany.”

Julian added “She is getting very decisive, even impulsive, in making these decisions. The travel one she had accepted for both of us and told me about it when I got home that night. Luckily I didn’t have any work booked for that week.”

Olivia’s face lit up with a smile as she said “I knew you didn’t as I checked your diary before accepting. In any case, we need a holiday as we haven’t been away together for 2 or 3 years.”

She then added “you will get an invitation in the next few days to another of Damien’s exhibitions. This time Damien says I am the only person featured, the rest are bits of his other work, which I found awesome.”

Diane said “Great, now that our jobs have changed we have a bit more free time, so it will be great to see some of his other work as well as you being the star of the show.”

Olivia blushed a bit at this comment “Yes, but if it was not for you two, and Julian being a little naughty it would not have happened.”

Julian interrupted “Don’t forget your impulsiveness in asking to be photographed that first time and your instant acceptance of Damien’s offers. I am delighted that it has been so successful and I take some of the blame for trying to control you too much in the past and I hope you continue to grow as a person.”

“I’m glad you think that way. I have been asked to work part time in a Bedroom Delights shop, but haven’t decided if it is right for me.”

“If you haven’t accepted the offer yet, based on your quick and impulsive decisions about other things it probably is not what you want to do. I will support you whatever you decide.”

Diane laughed “I didn’t know that the local shop was recruiting. Do you know the history of the chain?”

Olivia shook her head “No, all I know is was part of a department store group and that it is now a separate stand alone business.”

Diane asked “Is it the store in East Grinstead?”

“How did you guess?”

“Well, a quick history lesson is needed. 9 years ago I was a shop assistant for Bustards. After a chance meeting with Dee followed by an impulsive comment, who with her husband were in the process of buying the whole chain, I started working at head office. I was then asked after a few months to set up the Bedroom Delights department. It was so successful that it started to open small stand alone stores just like Ann Summers.”

She continued “Until a few months ago I managed the whole the Bustards chain including the Bedroom Delights stores. Dee did not want to sell sell it so when Bustards was sold it was set up as a separate company which I now run. As for recruitment, at the moment no new staff are allowed to be recruited without my permission.”

Olivia replied “Ooohhh, I hope my impulsiveness in mentioning it does not cause anyone difficulties.”

I laughed, “Don’t worry about that. Diane’s impulsive statement when she met Dee is what set her up on her business journey. Knowing her as I do, the manager will be reminded nicely about the recruitment freeze. You should also be aware that all staff go through an official training programme that is somewhat unorthodox as well and why it is such a successful business. Further the turnover of staff is one of the lowest in the retail industry.”


The following Friday.

Diane came home after work joined, to my surprise with Dee. She said “I hope you don’t mind I’ve asked Julian and Olivia to join us three for supper.”

“Well I had not expected it to be the three of us in the first place.”

“Oh you didn’t see my text then.”

To my embarrassment I realised I had missed the text.

Once we had completed the meal, Dee moved the conversation on. “Julian and Olivia,we previously met at dinner after the exhibition but did not chat much. Your comment last weekend to Diane resulted in us visiting the store. We found out that the manager was involved in some activities that would have been a much more major problem for us if they had been able to continue. As it is the Police are delighted to have caught a distributor of fake merchandise which was being stored and distributed from some unused storerooms above the shop. Olivia to thank you for your tip off, I would like to invite the two of you to come with me (together with Charles and Diane) for a few days in Switzerland in about three months, when I next visit my good friend Corrine. I will put you up in a hotel in the town that Corrine lives in. Also you may be invited, but do not have to accept, to join us in her very well appointed playroom.”

Olivia immediately said, whilst looking at Julian “We will be delighted to join you. Maybe we can be given the opportunity for some new experiences.”

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Julian’s still tormented

Continuing from last week

We let Olivia recover by sitting on Julian’s lap for a while before we went inside. Julian was informed that there would no further scenarios, but he still needed to be on his best behaviour. He politely asked what his count of misdemeanours was. I informed him that I was aware of just 17 failures, mainly in the form of address to the rest of us.

When it was nearing time to go to the pub I announced “We will need to leave for the pub shortly. As is our tradition here, all submissives need to walk nearly all the way just wearing footwear. So we should start to get ready.”

Olivia asked “why just the subs, why not all of us?”

Julian looked shocked as I replied “No reason, just tradition.”

“Blow that, I’m going nude like the subs.”

Damien and I quickly decided that all of us would go there nude. We all got together in individual bags the clothes that we would need in the pub. However Olivia went through Julian’s and removed the underwear saying “You’re going commando, just like me tonight.”

As we left for the pub, Diane and I took the lead and out of earshot of the others said “Olivia is really coming out of her shell, I hope Julian will cope.”

“He will once they settle down at home and we need to be available to them to help resolve any problems.”

We slowed down a little to let the others catch up and the rest of the fairly short walk was enjoyed by all. At the gate we all got dressed and Julian was allowed to remove his cuffs.

In the pub we found a suitable table in an area where we could talk with little likelihood of being overheard. We enjoyed a great meal. Olivia suggested to Julian that he should be careful about the volume of beer he consumed. I saw his friend Gerry with his wife Cheryl who was clearly very happy. I said “I see Gerry and Cheryl are here.”

Olivia waved them over much to Julian’s surprise. They were introduced to Damien and Fiona before Cheryl asked “how’s things going then?.”

Julian replied “Not too bad, just uncomfortable at times and I seem to be quite aroused most of the time.”

Cheryl laughed as Gerry said “Don’t I know, but persevere with it and it can work wonders as it did with us.”

Cheryl commented about Olivia’s new look and was told “That is all down to Fiona and a small outlay. We were in London at one of these big exhibition openings and a lot of people seemed to notice me.”

Damien added “Not just notice.”

Cheryl said to both of them “Just take on board what  you are shown and Julian, you need to follow up by doing what you are told for a while. I promise it will work out well for both of you, just as it did for the two of us.”

The rest of the evening went well as did the naked walk back.

Once we were at home Olivia asked Diane “Would it be safe to fufil one of my long held fantasies tonight, that is for the two of us to be lightly secured together?”

“Best not tonight as you both have had a little to drink and even light bondage, low quantities of alcohol and sleep can be dangerous. What you could do is get a lock box and do it yourselves next weekend at home. I will explain all tomorrow.”

Olivia nodded and I heard her telling Julian, “No funny business tonight, just sleep. You need to be well rested in the morning.”


The next morning Julian and Olivia were the last to appear. Once they had eaten I said to Julian, “now today is going to be tougher for you as you will be in some form of bondage until you leave us.

I handed Olivia a short chain (about 12 inches) and got her to secure Julian’s ankle cuffs together. He was told to make his way to the playroom and he soon got the hang of shuffling along hobbled into the playroom.

I showed Olivia how to secure him on to the spanking bench. We made sure he was comfortable before I got her to start spanking the prominent bum. She needed a bit of gentle instruction to make the spanks effective and giving the least discomfort to her. I noticed that she had done her home work as after a few spanks being landed she would caress his bum before starting in with harder strokes. By the time she finished his bum was a very rosy red colour.

Whilst being spanked, Julian was very quiet to begin with before he started to vocalise a bit and getting loader as the spanks got harder.

Olivia excused herself for a minute and was soon back holding a small leather paddle which still had its tag on it. She said “Julian I think it is time you were introduced to our new toy.”

She showed him the paddle and continued “I spent a little more than originally agreed, but with Fiona’s advice I got this, thinking we would both like it.”

She asked for advice on how to use it, and I suggested “start with light strokes and let them get harder until you are happy with his reactions.”

Olivia followed my suggestions and in just a few minutes she started to continue with strokes of about the same level for a while. When he was showing that he was nearing his limit she started to ease off before stopping and then caressing his now bright red behind.

She released him from the bench and she took him to the sofa where they cuddled as he recovered.

Later that morning Olivia decided that he needed to suffer a little more. Julian was ordered to lean forward against one of the walls as she used her new flogger on his back and upper shoulders turning them into a nice shade of pink. She was watching his reactions carefully and stopped when he was breathing heavily and had a face that appeared to be totally content. Both Damien and I noticed this and realised she was reading the situation perfectly.

Over a leisurely lunch it was clear that apart from the final reckoning, There was little else for us to do.

We waited until about 3pm before Diane announced it was time for the final reckoning. I had considered that the number of failures by Julian had now risen to 25, but Olivia was firm that it was 31.

Olivia said “I will administer 31 cane strokes to your bum, and as a thank you to Charles and Diane, you will get a 5 bar gate on each of your sit spots.”

He was placed on the spanking bench again and Olivia very slowly and carefully applied the strokes to the still pink globes. Julian getting louder with moans of pain as the count rose and the strokes got progressively harder. When Olivia was finished his bum was had a series of clearly visible stripes.

He was released from the bench and she took him to the sofa. To her surprise Julian was at half-mast so she ordered “you have 5 minutes to get soft or else you won’t like what I will do.”

Julian’s cock did not go limp so Diane fetched a large bag of ice that Olivia placed right in his crotch. It took a few minutes before she was satisfied and quickly place a chastity cage on him saying “This cage stays on until you have given me an average of an orgasm a day for the next month which is 31 days. 16 of these must be using your tongue, the rest you can use whatever you want. At the end of the month, if you have failed then the cage will stay on. There will be no early release as I will not be holding the key. Fiona has the keys and she will not let me have them before then.”

He was about to protest when she continued “I will not be cruel, but I expect you to be more helpful with domestic chores and helping around the house. You will be expected to follow all reasonable orders. This is to become the new norm. Diane and Charles are available to confirm the fairness of what I expect you to do. After your release we will have a good talk about what happens after that. I, of course, in the meantime can make you more uncomfortable just by making you horny.”

Julian wisely said nothing but I could see it would take a little while for him to adjust. Although it was earlier than originally planned, it was a suitable time to let all of guests make their way home.

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Julian’s torments part 1

As stated on the train back from London we were all naked on Saturday morning. Julian was particularly nervous and Olivia a little shy.

We all went to the playroom which our guests had not seen before. Julian shuddered and Olivia looked terrified. Diane said “Olivia don’t be afraid, you will not experience being restrained on any of this equipment. You may, on the other hand, be restraining Julian on some of it. Now let’s get him in a nice awkward predicament whilst you are shown how to use some impact toys.”

“That sounds that it could be fun.”

Julian was guided so that he was in just the right place to be secured in a standing spreadeagle with a difference. I handed Olivia a piece of leather which produced a puzzled look. “That is a parachute, nastier ones have spikes on the inside. You need to secure it at the top of his scrotum where it joins his cock. Be careful not to pinch the skin when wrapping it around and then using the poppers to secure it.”

She did as asked whilst his wrist cuffs were secured to a spreader bar and lifted out of the way. He also had a spreader bar secured to his ankles so they were about 30 inches apart. She was then handed a set of clover clamps. Diane said those need to be put on his nipples and he can hold the chain up with his mouth. I suggest you pinch and then pull them out a bit so they can be nice and secure. He hissed as each of the clamps was attached.

Fiona who was watching this said “The pain will be worse later, but Olivia will soothe you then.”

Once the clamps were on it was clear that he was finding the treatment arousing, as Olivia massaged his cock a little sighs of pleasure came. She then attached a string to the chain on the clamps The string was fed over a pulley and he was instructed to stand upright on tiptoe. I carefully attached about 8 ounces of weight, and held the weights off the floor. He was then told to stand with his feet flat on the floor. Diane had Olivia attach a short bungee cord to the ring under the parachute. Diane then using some strong string tied the other end of the bungee to the ring inset in the floor.

Diane then informed Julian “You will be standing here for a full 30 minutes. If you are on tip toe then your ball sack will be stretched, however if you tire and your feet lower you will be pulling on your nipples. Enjoy.”

I gently let the weights attached to his nipples down. He immediately went on to his tiptoes and realised that either his balls or nipples would be causing him pain. He wimpered a little.

We took Olivia over to another part of the playroom and had her start learning how to use a flogger and then a crop. Once we were happy with her technique on a mannequin I had her practice for real on Diane who was soon purring. I indicated she should use a harder stroke and a startled gasp from Diane showed that it was felt.

This training and practice had stopped just a few minutes before the timer rang out. I told Olivia the best way to alleviate the pain when releasing the nipple clamps. She followed my instruction with a lot of zeal.

We had a break with some coffee and talked through the scene. Julian commented. “I was in pain all the way through because of the predicament. But the sight of the three naked women was also arousing. Mistress Olivia’s scrumptious new look together with the movements you had her working on were making me rather horny.”

Damien said “As to Olivia’s new look, last night the number of people enquiring who she was startled me and all very positive.”

Fiona added “The makeover was a lot easier than I expected considering the basic figure was there. Olivia, you just keep looking like this and you will learn enjoy the attention.”

After the discussion it was time for the second session to begin. This time Olivia secured Julian to the St Andrew’s Cross. Olivia was instructed to start tickling him all over and he was soon howling with laughter and begging she stopped. She relented a little and asked for a feather which we produced. She used it in his ticklish places and causing all sorts of howls from him. She then started to use the feather to tease and he was soon begging for more intimate attention. She in a very stern manner said “No, I’ve waited a long time to do this sort of thing.”

She kept varying the intensity of the sensations until at least an hour had elapsed when she judged that he had had enough. The four of us who were watching nodded at each other as it was clear that she had got herself attuned to his body language.

Once he was released from his restraints they cuddled for a while as he recovered.

At the debrief Julian commented “It was just becoming unbearable when Mistress stopped, but it was a form of torture that I would not want very often.”

Olivia said “That is all well and good, but your erection suggested different.”

I then said that was it until after Lunch. However Olivia surprised us by asking Damien “Have you got your cameras and other equipment you will need to take some shots of me.”

“I have a couple of cameras and if we are outside we don’t need any lights.”

“Great, can you take some pictures of me today?”

“I will be delighted, but you must let me exhibit the best ones next time I have an exhibition.”

Olivia, without consulting Julian, said “Provided I’m happy with them I agree.”

Julian looked dumbstruck. Olivia then asked us “Can we move this afternoons activities outside?”

I replied “it will be no problem whatsoever.”

After lunch we went outside. Fiona and Diane instructed Olivia on how to attach a humbler with his wrists connected together behind his back. They then added to his discomfort by having him walk over to the big frame and from one of the winches and used it to raise his wrists in a strappado. Fiona explained about the dangers of too much pressure on the shoulders and of course the humbler did not allow him to bend at the waist as he might without it.

Olivia started to spank his ass gently before she was informed by Damien that he was ready. She then removed the humbler.

Initially her poses were a bit wooden, but with Fiona’s encouragement and help she started to relax and by the end they were extremely sensuous and even I started to show signs of arousal.

We left him in that position for about 30 minutes and then Olivia was given a break. She released Julian from the strappado and they both rested for a short while. Julian was next placed in a fairly strict hogtie on the grass in front of the frame. Olivia posed for more photographs and Damien spent quite a while making sure he got all the shots he wanted.

Finally Damien the photo session to an end. Julian was released and allowed to rest a little, but his wrists and ankles were loosely secured together. I brought out a sturdy chair, placed in front of the frame and had Olivia secure his wrists to the arms. Also his ankles were secured to the front legs and his torso tied to back of the chair.

Diane then announced “Olivia wants to experience a flogging, so here goes.”

She secured Olivia in a standing spreadeagle to the frame, started off with a normal flogger lightly flogging her ass and back. Olivia was soon purring with pleasure until a few hard strokes brought her back to reality with a little pain.

Diane then said “Time for lights out.”

She had Fiona secure a blindfold and changed floggers to the neoprene which does not mark and feels like a fly landing even when used with the strongest strokes the top can deliver. She started out on Olivia’s back land hard strokes, and moved on to her bum. It was not long before she was purring with pleasure. Julian noticed it and was looking a little bug eyed. Diane then switched to her front and the purring rose in intensity intermingled with moans of pleasure. In no time Olivia was ready for her pussy to feel the flogger. After just a few gentle strikes Olivia was screaming out in pleasure as a series of powerful orgasms hit. As she calmed down, she was slumped down and Diane and Fiona soon had her released and on Julian’s lap and his wrists were released and he could hold and cuddle her as she recovered.

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At an Exhibition

Julian arrived a couple of minutes early on the Friday afternoon and was dressed smartly which made Diane and I look at each other with a quizzical look. There had been a slight change of plans in that Olivia would go shopping with Fiona and then they would go directly to London.

On the train into London we talked. I explained to Julian “The weekend starts now. We expect you to follow all the instructions you are given by any of us and especially Olivia. Tomorrow and Sunday she will be shown how to do certain things and will be practising on you. Any sexual contact will only be between you and Olivia. Any direct physical contact between any of us and you will be kept to an absolute minimum. You will find it completely different to your normal weekend.”

Diane then said “We will be ensuring that in the next few weeks that you make up to Olivia, in a very special way, the disruption to your lives because of your use of the drone that weekend. Tonight we will be showing the reasons that we were deeply upset with your actions and you also realise why we tool the legal action that we had to take. Also tonight Olivia may well give you a surprise at some stage.”

In London, we got on the Underground to Bond Street Station and when we walked around the corner to the street on which the gallery stood we were astonished to see a large gathering of photographers. Julian was a little reluctant to carry on until I said “Don’t worry about them, they won’t be interested as you are not well known. They may be interested in Diane due to her job.”

There were a few photographs taken of Diane as we entered the gallery. We were greeted by the manager and all handed a glass of wine and invited to have a look around. Julian was speechless initially before saying “how come all these people I’ve seen on TV and in the magazines are here.”

I replied “Easy, Damien is a world renowned photographer of people. He has photographed many of them in various glamorous surroundings. Take for instance Dee,” I pointed her out “she was photographed nude in a very exclusive Italian hotel for Vogue magazine. Now I suggest you find Olivia and then together have a good look at all the photographs before finding us again.”

Julian looked around, saw Olivia and gasped. Diane quietly commented to me. “Wow, he looks gobsmacked and I can see why. Fiona has really worked some magic on her.”

Fiona said from behind us “I am glad you like it, lets hope he does.”

Diane said “You must have spent a fortune on it.”

“No, I was actually under budget before she decided to buy some extra lingerie. Her hair was the most expensive bit, taking three hours. It will be easy to maintain and a monthly visit to one of the big chains will be all that is needed.”

I could see many of the men looking appreciatively at Olivia while they spent plenty of time looking at all the photographs and we too had a good look at them. There were no prices on the few that were marked as being available for sale. The photographs of Diane taken in the special session at their home were stunning and although she was completely nude revealed nothing. Damien had told me that the best shot he got with her in the throes of her orgasm was too revealing of her face so he has kept it back.

The photos of Diane on her own at Studland beach were really good but the exceptional ones were those of her and Fiona sat together with just a cloth covering their genital areas. They were both wearing masks and unless you were intimately aware of them it would have been difficult to identify them.

When Julian and Olivia joined us she said “I can’t believe this, I keep spotting people I have read about or seen on TV. Even some have come and said hello. And these photographs are incredible, so expressive and even sexy although they are showing nothing other than some tits when in the sandy area. Even Damien has asked me to consider posing for him, and I am seriously thinking of doing so after my makeover today.”

Julian said nothing initially, but his smile clearly showed he approved of the makeover. Finally he said “Well its your choice.”

He then turned to Diane, “I can see that my drone shots were misleading as to what was going on. There is nothing inappropriate shown here, and from memory it would probably been you and Fiona making sure each other was perfect. I am very sorry about this.”

Diane said “thank you for that, you will need to apologise to Damien and Fiona when we are all together later.”

We separated for a while and Diane whispered to me “Have you noticed that he has a bulge in his trousers and he is giving her a lot more attention than last week.”

“No to both, but as this is just the start of the weekend I can’t wait to see what happens.”

We enjoyed some people watching until our neighbours, Mark and Zoe, came over and she said “Wow what a sexy set of photographs of you Diane. Who is that young couple, with the stunning looking girl, that you were talking to earlier.”

Diane replied “The guy is the one who took the drone photos that caused the problems a few weeks ago. They are staying with us for the weekend so that he can be appropriately punished. The first part seems to have worked as she was very plain looking this morning.”

Shortly after Damien came over saying “Once again the owner has asked us to have dinner. I have explained about Julian and Olivia and they have been invited too.”

We found Julian and Olivia and told them about the dinner and that it would be about half an hour or so before we left.

Once we had joined up, Dee, who owns the gallery, said to Julian and Olivia, “I’ve heard how you come to be with Charles and Diane, I hope that you learn from it. I know that Julian may find it a bit dis-concerting and maybe uncomfortable at first, but you Olivia will learn all sorts of new skills that will keep him interested.”

They looked at me before I said “We are all very good friends and Dee is Diane and my boss for just the next few weeks. We, Dee and her late husband together with a group of like minded friends have often got together for weekends and holidays. You will find out about how we all relax over the weekend.”

Dinner went well and Damien said that “everything is sold, but the prices are unknown as there is a tremendous amount of interest, and this is reflected in the offers made before it closes on Monday. To give you an idea, the picture of you and Fiona sat together was set at a minimum of one grand, but it is already at about 4 grand and will probably rise further.”

After dinner we all made our way to our home. On the train Diane announced “the real weekend starts tomorrow morning. The first rule is that from when we wake up until Sunday night except when we go out for a meal, everyone is naked. Julian you will have to put on the cuffs that are on your bed. The second rule is that Julian is answerable to all of us, be we are not answerable to him. Thirdly you will be required to address Damien and Charles as Sir, I am Madam or Miss and Oliva is Mistress. This form of address must be included any time you speak to us. Failure to use the correct form of address will be added to your final punishment on Sunday. Finally, Julian, if you have a medical problem such as restricted breathing, cramp or similar say the word RED. We will stop to find out what the problem is and make appropriate adjustments. It is not to be used under any other circumstances.”

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Nothing happened…..

A month after the press conference involving Diane’s job and her statement about the photos, nothing was heard and nothing was published much to the relief of the four of us.

Freya called us on a Friday evening asking if she and Alex could visit the following day and then we would go for a meal at the local pub. I agreed and mentioned Damien and Fiona were here too.

Freya updated us on the progress with the legal aspects of our concerns. She informed us “other than making his life a lot more difficult for him by publicly announcing his indiscretions there is not much we can do through the legal routes.”

Damien said “my and Fiona’s concern is that we get the pictures.”

“We are trying to get them, but so far he has not been replying to our letters.”

The rest of the day went well and we enjoyed each other’s company and the usual procedure of the ladies stripping off for the walk to the pub was adhered to.

The pub was quieter than usual for a Saturday and we found a table and had ordered our meals when a person I recognised approached us. It was Gerry, an electrician, who had worked on the renovations of our house and had been found to have been watching our playroom on a couple of occasions.

He started “I apologise for disturbing you, but I would like to thank you and Diane for what you did for me a few years ago. However I need your advice so could I have a quiet word in private?”

I got up and we walked to a corner where he continued “What you and your friends did for Cheryl and me has made our lives so much fuller and enjoyable. However, the friend I am with now needs your special type of help. He had been using his drone to take photographs of people in their gardens. He just mentioned to me that he had used the drone to take some photos of your wife and one of the other ladies with you. He knows he can’t do anything with them and is really scared of what will happen when his partner finds out.”

“Thanks for the heads up, I will talk to the others and if I wave you over bring him with you and we will take it from there.”

After much discussion Damien and Fiona agreed to meet with him and we could then decide what course of action we would take.

I beckoned Gerry over and he came with his friend who was introduced as Julian. I introduced the others by name only. Gerry then said “Jules, It was Charles and Diane who sorted Cheryl and I out a few years ago, and you know what that has done for both of us. What you didn’t know is why they helped, it was because, like you, I made a mistake and they caught me out. I suggest that you accept whatever they propose.”

Jules looked sheepish “but….”

Gerry said “no buts are allowed.”

I then said “if you want to sort this out amicably and in private then you need to be at our house at 2.30pm tomorrow with your partner. It may help if you explain to your partner why you are at our house. If you do not appear tomorrow we will instruct our solicitors to pursue the matter fully.”

Julian looked really upset and had a thunderous look and wisely said nothing but got up and went back to his earlier seat. Gerry said “He will be there, I know him well enough that in the morning he will realise that it is best to hear you out.”

The next morning at around 11 I got a phone call from Gerry. He apologised for calling before saying “Julian is really nervous about this afternoon and will be there with his wife Olivia. You need to be aware that he can have a short temper.”

“Thanks, I will let the others know.”

A couple of minutes before 2.30 there was a ring of the front bell. I ushered Julian in together with a very bland looking woman who appeared to be very shy. The three women took her off to the sitting room, whilst I showed Julian into the office area. I offered him tea or coffee which he declined.

I opened the conversation “Julian you have come here of your own free will with Olivia. I do not know what you have told her, but Diane and Fiona will be very discreet in their questions. Freya will not get involved unless absolutely necessary. However much of what they discuss will be women’s talk.”

I continued “now to get to our business, I don’t know how much Gerry has told you about his problem and how we helped. I will not talk about that other than to say they seem to have improved their marriage after our intervention.”

Julian commented “You don’t know how much it changed their lives. They did not tell anyone what happened until last night when he just said it was down to you and your wife and the help of some of your friends.”

“That is what I thought and he has been very discreet. Going forward discretion is of the utmost importance. Now the first thing is what do you know about BDSM?”

“You mean all that dungeon stuff with whips, chains and torturing other people.”

“No, that is the media and porn industry sensationalism. The reason I have asked that you bring Olivia is that what ever happens will involve her. Gerry by introducing you to us has vouched for you in that you do have some sense and also that you and Olivia could benefit.”

Diane signalled from the door a thumbs up to indicate that it was probable that Olivia would be on board with our planned actions. I finished off my mini lecture by adding “It is time we joined the ladies.”

Julian was a little surprised, but realising that Olivia would be involved he followed us in. Olivia and he sat together when she said “Julian, I don’t know what you’ve been told, but just do it as I’ve hinted at it and you’ve done nothing.”

He was startled at this, so I interrupted “We have not discussed more than the very, very basics. Firstly Olivia what has Julian told you about why you two are here today?”

“Simple, he says he stupidly used his drone at Studland and photographed two women in what he said was a compromising position and he thought he could make some money from selling them. He tried marketing them but you and Diane intervened.”

“Did you see the photos?”

“No, and he says he has destroyed them all.”

“We have not seen them either and there was a good reason for us to stop them being published. This is outside the fact that the use of the drone was illegal and that he invaded our privacy.”

I continued “Damien, Fiona, Diane and I are the four people affected. Rather than waste a lot of your money on legal costs and probably include a criminal record that could stop you from working on some sites. The four of us have decided to take matters into our own hands. It will involve discomfort, pain, potentially embarrassing moments as well as a bit of humiliation. We will not cause you any permanent injury, or mental or physical harm. If you really need to, talk to Gerry and Cheryl about what happened. Go out the back and talk between the two of you before you make a decision.”

Olivia said “As far as I am concerned we agree.”

Julian again had a fleeting thunderous look on his face before he quietly added “If Olivia says yes, I agree.”

“Our schedules are clear for next weekend so you and Olivia will need to be prepared to have a weekend staying here with us from 4pm Friday until Sunday 9pm.”

Damien took over from me “You two have a lot of homework to do, the internet links we will sent by email today. We will give Fiona a short and secret shopping list that will cost around £100. In addition Olivia will need about £200 when she goes shopping with Fiona on Friday.  You, Julian will need to be at here by 4 pm and be ready to get dressed smartly. Fiona and Olivia will leave here with me and Julian will leave with Charles and Diane. All you need to know is that we are going to a special exhibition in a London gallery.”

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