Diane gets sore

Continued from last week where we left Diane on a wooden pony.

Diane stayed on the wooden pony with the vibrating balls inside tormenting her even more than the pressure on her pussy. An orgasm suddenly crept up on her and she thrashed around as much as she could while her pussy was being crushed by her weight on the ridge of the pony.

I released her from the pony as soon as the half hour was up. She was weak at the knees as I helped her to the sofa and let her rest whilst I cleaned up.

Over lunch I asked “Are you fully recovered yet?”

“No my pussy is sore.”

“I think that is not all that should be sore, so this afternoon I will ensure you have sore tits and your bum can also receive some attention.”

Later on, Diane smiled as I ushered her back into the playroom. I put her into a yoke that was attached to chains hanging from the ceiling. This allowed me plenty of room to be able to start working on her breasts. I first put on her the most extreme nipple stretchers we have and set it to pull her nipples out about half an inch. I gathered up 100 clothes pegs and with a piece of string applied 24 to each breast with one on each of her nipples. A further 25 ran from the edge of each breast to her arm pits and on to her upper arms.

The chains attached to her yoke were removed and I took her over to the pillory where I removed the yoke and secured her in a nice bent over position with her bum in the ideal position to receive some attention.

I went to the rack of implements and selected the dragon tail whip that stings on impact and leaves angry red welts. The sting is intense and takes a while to dissipate.442978162

“Ready?” I asked.

“As much as I can be.”

I showed her my selected implement and she shivered.

In quick succession I landed a fairly light stroke on each of her lower cheeks. I paused for a while before landing further strokes. After 25 strokes had landed on each cheek I caressed her now glowing bum and I could feel the heat.

I delivered more strokes to each cheek ensuring that the timing was random to ensure that the sting was really felt. I noticed that she was in her happy place and that she was very wet. The final 10 strokes on each cheek were landed on her sit spot and upper thighs. She squealed as each of these landed.

After the last strokes had landed I stood in front of her reached down for the ends of the strings. As soon as she saw them in my hands her mouth opened and I pulled back hard. The effect was startling as she thrashed around with the pain of all the pegs coming off, especially the last one that was on each of her nipples.

I released the head and wrist restraints, held her tight, and gave her a long passionate kiss.

I again let her rest while I cleared up.

Later as we cuddled up on the sofa she said. “Thank you master, I needed that after the last few days.”

The rest of the weekend passed uneventfully. We giggled as we read the Sunday newspaper articles about the fuss that the photographs of Diane in the magazine had created.

Diane still had a sore bum on Monday as we went to work.

That afternoon, in the regular meeting Diane and I have with her boss, Dee, the full effect of the spread became apparent. Sales over the weekend were 25% higher than normal and the footfall had increased by even more. What was even more startling was that some of the bondage related items available in the Bedroom Delights departments had sold out.

Dee commented “the pictures are great, the newspapers are having a field day and we have had so much good publicity. I have had calls from many of our competitors who are extremely jealous. I have even been asked to do a photoshoot.”

As she said that Zack wheeled himself in to the office. “And so you should, you look great and we could get even more publicity. I suggest a shoot for Playboy.” He said with a grin.

Dee exploded “Not F***ing likely for Playboy. Maybe a single topless photo in a shoot for Vogue or similar.”

Zack picked up the phone and rang the press advisers for the company. After getting through to the main contact, he asked “How would one of the quality fashion magazines like Dee to model for a photoshoot with a single topless shot being included?”

“I’m sure they would love it. Also the newspapers would have a field day with one company having two of the most glamourous department store executives modelling for magazines.”

Zack laughed, “OK I think you should talk to them and see if one of them would want Dee to model for their autumn specials.”

Dee gave him a nasty look saying nothing.

As the meeting finished Zack asked “Are you two free to host Dee and I in your Playroom tomorrow?”


“Her outburst as usual deserves a severe punishment and our playroom is out of action at the moment with all the stuff from London.”

“No problem. We will have it ready and the bed in there will be made up for you too.”

Dee did not look too happy at this exchange, but wisely said nothing.

The next evening, Dee and Zack joined us for supper before they made their way to our playroom.

We heard a lot of squeals and cries of pain come from the playroom as Zack gave Dee a workout for her outburst the previous day.

After about an hour a very red eyed Dee appeared. Her bum was a bright red with a lot of welts across it. She gingerly sat on Zack’s lap as they cuddled up on the sofa.

A while later Zack sent Dee out to get ready for bed when he asked “can we use the cage under the bed?”

“Of course, but if Dee needs help will you be able to cope?” I asked

“Good question, probably not.”

Diane then said “I have a better idea, You can join her underneath the bed, and we can then sleep in the room so there is backup in case of an emergency.”

He agreed. I went to the playroom, moved a mattress under the bed for Zack that filled one half of the space in the cage. He went and got himself ready for the night before coming into the playroom.

Dee came in first and Zack followed a minute or two later. Zack ordered Dee into the cage and told her move over off the mattress. He wriggled into the remaining space on the mattress and I closed the side of the cage.

Wicked Wednesday

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Second Thoughts

Damien rang us a few days after he and his girlfriend, Fiona, had spent the weekend at our home. He seemed a little agitated in the opening exchange. I had put the phone on speaker and Diane was with me.

“You know that Diane told Fiona that she wold pose for a 2 hour shoot for £1m after taxes.”


“I got a very surprising request from one of the high end fashion magazines today. They wrote that they would like me to do a special cover shoot for them using the mystery model (meaning you, Diane) for their special anniversary edition. They did not quote a figure specifically, but the fee they offered me is above their normal rates. They also have suggested that the shoot should incorporate a mild S&M theme.”

“Go on.”

“Neither Fiona or I have said anything about who the model was nor have we mentioned anything about Diane’s stated fee. I am looking to you two for guidance.”

I said “Diane and I need to talk a little, so I will call you back soon.”

Diane and I discussed what had been said in the phone call. We called Damien back and asked him to stall the magazine until the end of the week.

The next day the two of us met with Dee and Zack to get their views, especially as it could affect Bustards, Diane’s employer. The conversation was long and fruitful. We also had to consult with others as some of it could affect the running of the company. The four of us took a while to come up with a plan that we put to Damien.

He submitted our plan and much to his surprise it was eventually, somewhat reluctantly, accepted by the magazine.

The shoot, it was agreed, would be in our local Bustard’s store. The shoot was to be on a Sunday after the shop had closed at 4pm. Damien and the magazine editorial team on the day before, accompanied by Dee and Diane, agreed the basic shooting plan, the areas to be used and what the shots would look like using Fiona as the decoy model. After the Saturday planning session the magazine editorial team seemed happy with the ideas, but they were not used to being excluded from the shoot itself or in control of the shots selected.

Sunday morning at breakfast Diane was distinctly nervous. I enquired “Having second thoughts?”

“Just a few, but I will go through it.”

Damien was able, with the help of the store staff, to get the lights set up for all the shots during the day. The afternoon progressed with Fiona doing make-up and hair styling. Diane looked absolutely stunning. The first series of shots were of her browsing through the lingerie section whilst fully clothed in some of the designer dresses. The final shot was of her in sexy, lacy bra and knickers.

The second series were of Diane in the swimsuit area culminating in her modelling one of the more expensive bikinis.

The third and final set of shots was of Diane in the “Bedroom Delight” section dressed in a very tight almost sheer cat suit. One of the scenarios was of Diane handcuffed to the shop display looking nervous that she would be discovered. In another she was testing floggers and other implements on her hand.

The whole shoot took three hours including breaks for changing and touching up the make-up.

The next evening Dee, Zack, Diane and I went to Damien’s studio. We had to select 12 shots of each of the scenarios that were to be forwarded to the magazine. It was surprisingly easy to do a basic selection, but the final selections took a little while to agree on.

The photographs were sent to the magazine. The next day Diane received a phone call in her office from the editor of the magazine. The comments were along the lines of “You look stunning in all the shots. Damien and you fulfilled the brief fully. However what we had not realised was that it was you in the exhibition shots. You have got Bustards a most incredible publicity coup effectively at our expense.”

Dee excitedly burst into Diane’s office a few moments later. “I’ve just talked to the editor of the magazine. She’s f***ing amazed at how we managed this coup. She is furious in a way, but she knows that the magazine is going to sell like hot cakes.”

A day later we received the layout and cover mock up for Diane to give her final approval (as agreed in the contract). The cover was just a photograph of Diane with her back to the camera handcuffed to a display rack.

Bustards’ press agents and the magazine worked out the appropriate press releases to announce the forthcoming edition. The announcement was very specific that Diane would not be taking on any other modelling assignments.

The newspapers picked it up and there was a tremendous amount of publicity for both the magazine and the company. Unfortunately there were a lot of very inquisitive reporters who found out where we lived. Luckily this only lasted for a couple of days, but the intrusion was disconcerting.

Saturday morning after we had been shopping I asked Diane “Have you had second thoughts about the photo shoot?”

“None, our bank balance will be filled up nicely.”

“Well, I have, and I think it is time for you to have some too, into the playroom now.”

She walked to the playroom wiggling her bum at me as she made her along the passageway.

“Put these balls inside you.” She did and I continued “Time for you to have a half hour long ride on the wooden pony.”

“I am having second thoughts now.” She said as she mounted the pony.

“Too late.”

I ensured that her arms were secured in a box tie and that was tied loosely to a rope hanging from the ceiling. I added her ankle cuffs, connected them to weights that hung down which meant that she would not be able to relieve the pressure on her pussy.

She was startled when the balls inside her started vibrating and this just added to her punishment.

Wicked Wednesday

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Sunday’s Highlights

Continuing from last week.

Damien and Fiona left shortly after lunch. They thanked us for the fun and games, and Fiona particularly seemed very happy with the five bar gates on each of her lower cheeks.

We had some time to ourselves so I got the laptop and we went through the photographs Damien had taken. As we expected they were in focus and had captured Diane well, especially her facial expressions although her eyes were covered by the blindfold. It took quite a while for us to whittle the selection down to a manageable number.

During the process of selecting the shots, Diane asked. “What are we going to do with the selected shots?”

“We are not going to do anything. Damien is entering them into a very discreet exhibition and competition of his and other photographer’s works. The winning photographer gets a special assignment. Unlike last time there will no prints for sale.”

It was getting near to the time that we could expect Liz and Andrew to come round for supper. Diane busied herself preparing a suitable meal, whilst I helped with other chores that needed to be done.

Shortly after Diane and I had finished what we were doing the doorbell rang. Diane opened the door and Andrew led Liz in using a lead attached to the collar she was wearing. Liz was not wearing anything other than a collar.

I raised an eyebrow and he smiled as he said “Every Sunday I am allowed the privilege of being the top for half of the day if I am in the mood. Today I decided to take advantage of the privilege. I hope being here will be the highlight of her day.”

As we sat down I said “Diane and I have discussed your problem of finding a suitable venue for your second wedding celebration. The primary question is how many people are you planning on inviting to it?”

“We were thinking of 12 couples in all as well as ourselves.”

“What are you thinking of in the way of what facilities you need?”

“Well, somewhere where we can have our special ceremony which will be the highlight of the day. That will followed by a suitable meal and then a play party in a dungeon.”

“Before we go any further, I think we may have a solution. If the weather is good we can make a suitable space for the ceremony. For bad weather, you could use this room, obviously with the furniture moved around.”

I then rose and gestured to Andrew to join me. Diane and Liz followed us as we went to the playroom. I ushered them into to inspect the space. I smiled as I said “Any submissive who comes into the playroom has to have some form of play.”

Liz had a forced smile on her when he gestured for her to stand in the middle of the room, bend over and he gave her a gentle spanking which hand her moaning with pleasure. Once he had finished, Liz had a nice pink glow on both her face and bum cheeks. Whilst he was attending to Liz I fitted Diane’s wrist cuffs on her and locked them together in front of her.

Andrew looked around the room and Liz showed him some of the equipment we had saying “We could have a real fun day with you on the bench, being hung up in the strap cage or even just being tormented. There is also plenty of room for 3 or 4 couples to play at the same time.”

Andrew nodded in agreement.

After we left the room, we went back to the lounge and talked some more before it was agreed that their second celebration would be held at our house.

We enjoyed our supper. As we cleared away the dishes, Andrew removed Liz’s collar and put on his. He then stripped off his clothing. Liz turned to us asking “May I introduce Andrew to your rather fun spanking bench and machine?”

“Of course, I will help you with the controls.”

With Andrew on the bench, we lined up the machine. Liz selected two implements, the scorpion to be followed by a thin, whippy rattan cane.

She decided that Andrew should receive 40 strokes of the Scorpion. I was surprised and imp500obviously this showed as she said “Don’t worry, his butt is well used to receiving severe treatment.”

She pressed the start button and as it is so quiet the only sounds Andrew heard before a stroke landed was the swish through the air of the 20 thin tails. Each stroke landed and he was by the end grunting as each stroke landed.

I then attached the cane to the arm of the machine and Liz asked me to set the machine to deliver three medium followed by three more at each of Hard, severe and punishment levels and random timings of up to a minute between strokes.

Andrew grunted as each of the first three strokes landed. The second set produced a more vocals before the severe strokes started to land with a loan moan accompanying each one. The first o the final three produced a screech and the last two which were only a couple of seconds apart resulted in a howl as the last one landed.

I turned off the machine and left Liz to soothe Andrew. They emerged from the playroom a few minutes with Andrew sporting a big smile and a very red bum with twelve welts which differed in the severity.

They left shortly afterwards with both commenting that the using the machine was the highlight of their day.

Wicked Wednesday

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Pub games

Carrying on from last week

The walk to the pub was uneventful. Diane and Fiona were suitably thankful that we did not insist on them being nude in the cold.

The chatter was mostly about the fun that we would have at the pub. The instructions I gave were very simple. “The bullets will randomly start up with the time and intensity also set at random. If neither of you orgasm, then it will be a pleasurable play session in the morning. If only one of you has an orgasm, a predicament bodage session and receive a five bar gate on each cheek with a cane selected by the other. If you both have orgasms, then you will both be in the same predicament bondage and receive five bar gates. In addition, Diane will have an extra penalty tomorrow if she has an orgasm.”

Damien then added, “Fiona, your orgasm rule still applies. However to even up the contest your bullet has been set so that it cannot run above 2/3rds maximum intensity. Diane’s has been set so that the minimum is half intensity. This is because she has far more experience at controlling herself.”

Fiona commented “The weekend orgasm rule still being in place is a bit mean, but I will do my best.”

Diane then asked “What happens if you break the rule?”

“The first extra orgasm means my nipples will be pierced, the second my pussy lips get rings, the third is my clit and any more means further rings in my pussy lips. The problem is I have a huge fear of needles.”

“Well, my advice to you is to when you feel yourself getting aroused think of something completely vanilla such as a twelve times table.”

On arrival at the pub, we sat at the table next to our friends James, Petra, Liz and Andrew. Diane introduced Damien and Fiona who had not met them before. We moved the tables together so we did not have to shout.

Both Liz and Andrew are switches, with Liz being the more dominant and has a real sadistic streak.

Liz saw Diane wriggle a little before asking.  “You playing again?”

Damien answered “Yes and the penalty for Fiona for failure is quite severe. Whereas Diane’s is not quite so bad.”

Liz laughed “That isn’t really fair. I think Diane should get have an equally severe penalty.”

Damien replied “It is simple, Fiona has an agreed penalty for having more than one orgasm a day for a week, and she has already had one today. However if Diane has an orgasm she has an extra penalty which she will find out about tomorrow.”

He continued “Diane’s torment this evening is much worse than Fiona’s so in many ways it evens up.”

Liz chuckled with her usual evil smile.

The evening continued with us all watching Diane and Fiona struggle to keep themselves under control. Unfortunately for Diane, she lost concentration a few minutes before 10 and had a quiet orgasm that only I noticed. The few minutes after Diane’s orgasm I turned off the bullets much to the relief of both of them.

I turned to Diane saying “I suppose you thought you had got away with that one?”

“I wasn’t sure whether you would notice.”

Fiona asked “Oh, did you lose?”

“Yes, just a few minutes before they were turned off.”

Later in the evening, Andrew said to me “I hope you and Diane can keep the first Saturdays in June and July free.”


“We are getting married on 3rd of June with the usual vanilla celebratory party, and on the 1st of July we are having a small BDSM party. The only problem is finding a suitable venue.”

I turned to Diane and we talked quietly for a couple of minutes before I said to Liz and Andrew “Why don’t you two come over to our place tomorrow for supper?”

“We can manage that.”

The next morning after breakfast I ordered Diane into the playroom. Damien and Fiona followed along. I had Diane put in the bullet and add the clit stimulator. I put her into the tight crab tie I had used a few weeks ago. I said “you have the same one hour as last time to retrieve the key to your handcuffs in the kitchen. You are not allowed to orgasm until you have the key in your hands. Your time starts when the bullet starts, and every 12 minutes the intensity of both will go up 2 notches so the last 12 minutes will be at full blast. Each orgasm you have will result in three strokes of the four cane bundle to be administered tonight, I hope by Liz.”

Diane could not say anything because of the gag on her mouth. She felt the bullet start up and immediately started the very difficult task of moving. She made very slow progress and it took her about 45 minutes to reach the door to the kitchen. By this time she was having to take breaks to both control the stimulation and also catch her breath from the tightness of the tie.

Diane finally made it to the key and with just a minute to go picked it up off the floor. I took it from her and released her hands as she exploded in the orgasm that she had been holding back. It took no time for the three of us to release her from the tie and I carried her to the sofa to rest and recover.

After lunch I had Diane join Damien and myself in the playroom. He had set up his camera and lights. Diane looked startled before I said “Your extra penalty for last night’s orgasm is a special photoshoot. Damien is going to photograph you on the receiving end of the five bar gates.”

I had Diane put on the blindfold before I helped her onto spanking bench. All the while Damien was taking pictures. I paused for a while and asked Fiona to choose which of the canes I was to use. She asked about them sensibly before choosing the whippy metal cane.

I deliberately laid down each of the five parallel strokes on each of Diane’s bum cheeks before adding the vertical one. I landed the first diagonal stroke on her left cheek that crossed the other six lines, waited 12 seconds before landing the last one on her right cheek.

I released Diane from the bench and gave her a hug. Fiona was fascinated with the marks. I winked at Damien who handed me the card with the photographs and he asked Fiona “You want them too?”

“Yes, Please.”

I politely nodded and with Diane left them in the playroom. A while later a smiling Fiona and Damien came into the living room. I handed Damien his memory card saying “I’ll let you know which 12 tomorrow.”

Wicked Wednesday

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Damien and Fiona play

Damien and Fiona took us up on our invitation to stay for a weekend. They arrived on the Friday evening and as soon as they had got inside, Fiona stripped so that she and Diane were naked. Us men, on the other hand wore loincloths. We spent the evening enjoying their company as we got to know them better.

Damien and I had been in contact with each other during the week making our plans. Damien informed me that many of the things that Diane and I do on a regular basis had not been experienced by Fiona.

After breakfast on Saturday morning, Damien handed Fiona some ben wa balls saying “Insert those and then dress in the skirt and sweater in your bag together with a pair of comfortable shoes.”

She did as she was told and on her return she looked stunning, with her breasts swaying a little under the sweater clearly showing that she was not wearing a bra. The skirt showed off her legs, but was not too short to be embarrassing for her.

She asked “So what next?”

“Simple, the four of us are going shopping.”

We left the house, drove to the nearest town, followed by a walk to Bustard’s that had Fiona getting a little flushed. When we made our way to the “Bedroom Delights” department she started to get a little flustered. Damien said “You know your safe words, and we will be with you all the way.”

One of the assistants was very helpful explaining the features and intensity of some of the impact implements. Fiona began to relax when she realised that no-one was taking any particular notice of the four of us.

Once back at the car Damien asked “How are you doing?”

“Those balls were churning around inside me and I am rather wet and horny.”

“Just as I hoped. Just remember the rules for the weekend.”

“Yes sir” was the reply accompanied by a cheeky smile.

On our way home we stopped off at John and Kathy’s shop to pick up a couple of items that had been ordered by Damien. Fiona was curious as to the contents. Damien just said “You will find out later just what I have bought for you.”

We stopped at a suitable pub for lunch before returning home.

I asked Fiona “are you ready to visit our playroom, with the full knowledge that any sub that enters has to experience some form of play?”

“Yes, I’m ready.”

Damien held out his hand “Good. I know that you haven’t got any bookings for a couple of weeks that you need to worry about any marks.”

We all went to the playroom, and whilst Damien secured Fiona to the spanking bench I put a blindfolded Diane in the strap cage so she would just be hanging about.

I got the spanking machine out and started collecting the implements he wanted Fiona to experience whilst he started warming up the beautiful bum using his hand. He was thorough and Fiona’s cheeks were soon a beautiful shade of pink.

Once he felt she was suitably warmed up I set the machine going. The first implement he had selected was the flogger that they had bought earlier in the day. Fiona was purring as the flogger splayed out on impact at a medium strength. The machine was set at random so she had no idea when the next strike would occur.

Damien watched her carefully and when he could see that she was beginning to enter her happy place he indicated for the implement to be changed. Fiona expressed her displeasure that the flogging stopped. Damien laughed as he said “Well that is six punishment strokes of a cane.”

Fiona with what little movement she had, wiggled her ass.

The next implement was a leather paddle that sounded worse than it actually was, and she was moaning with pleasure after each stroke landed.

She received 25 strokes before it was replaced by a wooden paddle. This produced grunts and a few ouches as the strokes landed.

We let that run for a while before replacing it with the scorpion. Each strike of the scorpion produced increasing levels of noise, both squeals of pain and moans of pleasure. About 50 strokes landed before Damien picked up the thin whippy cane. He handed it to me indicating that intensity was to be set at full.

I had him come to the control panel to see me increase the intensity from medium to hard. He nodded before I pressed the start button. The first strike landed to a howl of pain. Again it was set at random so she had to wait for the swish sound just before the cane landed to know that the stroke was on its way.

Each stroke that landed produced a howl, and as the last two landed with just a second or two gap the howl was much louder.

Damien released the straps holding her to the bench and helped her to the sofa where he hugged and cuddled her as she recovered from her ordeal.

I released Diane from her strap cage and we left them alone.

When they made their way to the living room, there were suitable refreshments available.

Diane asked “How did you find that session?”

“Incredible, it is so quiet that I just could not tell when the next stroke was going to land, so I just had to relax and enjoy the intensity of the sensations. What made it more interesting was that I still had the ben wa balls inside me. I just loved the look of it when I saw it at the party, so my heart ruled my head.”

She sighed before continuing “I came hard when Damien held me afterwards. I suppose that’s what happens when you follow your heart.”

We continued chatting until it was nearly time to go out. Diane asked “Are you two up for some fun this evening when we go to the pub?”

“What does it involve? asked a nervous Fiona.

“Fun.” was all the answer she got.

I handed Fiona a bullet vibrator saying “Go to the bathroom and remove the balls and replace them with this.”

While she was out the room I asked Damien “What did you mean by the rules for the weekend?”

“She is only allowed one orgasm every day. Failure means that she has to get nipple piercings and she is scared about them.”

“I see, then  we should give her a chance to win, but it won’t be easy.”

“I agree, but how?”

I got the remote for Fiona’s bullet and quickly set it so that the maximum level to be 2/3rds of the maximum for a period of six hours.

“I’ve set the maimum level of the remote so that it could be more than just a tease, but not the maximum. I’m just about to set Diane’s so the minimum is at half the maximum power. Diane has experiience of controlling her orgasms, so we can really enjoy watching the girls struggle to contain themselves.”

Wicked Wednesday

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