Sunbathing and more

Following on from the egg hunt last week, the three ladies had some sunbathing to do.

I picked up eight large stakes. Mike and James helped me hammer them into the ground so there were two lines, eight feet apart, of four stakes that were four feet apart. We suggested that the girls should visit the bathroom. To my delight, as Diane emerged from the house I was able to turn her bullet up one notch to the middle setting.

We soon had them stretched out in a spread eagle with little wriggle room. We men took delight in applying sunscreen to our wives, and we all made sure that we gave them plenty of attention on their erogenous zones, so they were very aroused.

We left them to enjoy the sun in their exposed positions and their stimulators kept them moaning and groaning. I saw Diane fight against the orgasm that was building inside her. Janet and Petra were also fighting against their stimulation and just before their time was up, I noticed their husbands turn the remotes to full power and they both seemed to come together. And once it had washed through them they slumped in their restraints. Mike and James turned off the stimulators and released them from their restraints.

Whilst this was going on, Diane followed them in having a shattering orgasm followed quickly by a second less powerful one. However much to her dismay, I did not turn off her bullet. She fought hard against a third orgasm to no avail, and she came very hard and squirting some of her juices over the grass.

When her time was up, a few minutes later I released her from the restraints and she rushed inside the house so as to get the bullet turned off.

The others and I joined her very soon afterwards. She looked at me before asking “How do I earn my next orgasm?”

Janet and Petra looked at her in astonishment. Diane explained “I have used up my allowance and need to get one in the bank to save my ass being very sore.”

I turned to Janet and Petra and said “You can set her task.”

They huddled together for a couple of minutes win a whispered conversation until Janet turned to Diane “the task is very simple, you need to make tea for us all with your hands  cuffed behind your back. Once it is ready, one of us will help you find a suitable tray and put the cups on it for you take out to the patio followed by the tea.

Diane weakly smiled until she realised the devilish nature of the task. The girls found a suitable tray that they could use a belt on the handles to secure it around the waist. They also added another around the back of her neck. To keep the tray level Diane needed to bend backwards slightly. However justy to make it more interesting they added a piece of string that ran from the tray handles to her nipples.

She somehow managed to make the tea. Petra and Janet helped by loading up the tray with the mugs and Diane carefully brought them out before going back inside to pick up the tea, milk and sugar. Each time she came out of the house her bullet went up a setting on the remote so when she finally sat down it was at full speed.

Diane struggled throughot to hold back from the impending orgasm. However the inevitable happened with all the stimulation and she came hard just as we all had finished our tea.

It was now getting late in the afternoon and the air temperature was cooling down, so we all went back inside the house. Diane was relieved that she was back inside and the bullet was now turned off.

I allowed her time to recover from her orgasm before I asked “Ready to earn another orgasm?”

“Nearly, can I have another few minutes?”

“Of course,” I replied before turning to Mike and James continuing, “your turn to devise a task for Diane.”

They talked quietkly for a few minutes before Mike asked “Can we use the playroom?”

“Certainly.” I replied as Diane looked at them nervously.

They took Janet and Petra along to the playroom and were in there for about ten minutes before they turned off the light, closed the door and returned with a chain and a couple of locks.

James said “OK, here is the task. Your ankle cuffs will be locked together, and your wrists will be secured in front of you to a chain around your waist. Once the second lock is secured, you have twenty minutes to get to the playroom, find the key to your locks before you then free Janet and Petra from the bed posts. Their wrists are secured behind them at about head height.”

They quickly locked up Diane in the way they described and she shuffled along to the playroom. She managed to open the door but struggled on tiptoes to reach the light switch. Finally the room lit up and there were Janet and Petra locked back to back to one of the posts of our four poster bed.

Diane frantically searched the room for the key which she spied on a shelf out of reach without the use of something to raise hger hands up. She manouvered a small bench into position and managed to sit on it and then stand up on the bench. She retrieved the key and unlocked her limbs. She approached Janet and Petra and was surprised to find that the key did not work. She frantically looked around for the key, finally found it and unlocked the girls from the bedpost.

Once they were free, Diane looked relieved as she heard James say “Only just in time, but you got there in the end.”

Shortly after this fun our guests decided it was time to leave. Once they had all departed Diane pleaded with me to be able to earn some more orgasms for her bank. I succumbed a little by saying “Fine, but you can only have three in the bank at any time until we go work on Tuesday. But you can not top up the bank again until you have used up your allowance.”

“Please can you set me another task then?”

“After supper I will set you a task that can earn two orgasms, however failure will result in the loss of the one you have just earned.”

She gulped and the sweetly said “as you so wish, Master.”

I nodded on hearing that word again.

Our supper was light and once we had cleared everything away, I asked “Ready for your task?”

“I’m as ready as I will ever be.”

“To save us a bit of time tomorrow, you have an hour to wash my car without using a hosepipe and then vacuum clean the interrior of it with your hands locked together behind your back.”

I locked her hands behind her back and she quickly set about washing the car thoroughly. As it was a soft top I added that she did not have to worry about the roof as she would not have been able to reach it properly and there was a risk it could get damaged.

I enjoyed the sight of Diane leaning over the bonnet of the car and letting her lovely body get covered in the soapy water. I left her alone to complete the task as I needed to work out some more tasks for the following day (a bank holiday).

When she thought she had finished, she called me out to look. I examined the car thoroughly and whilst the outside was clean, I found that she had missed out vacumming under the seats. She frowned, picked up the vacuum hose and finished the job to my satisfaction.

When I unlocked her I noticed that she was rather flushed in the face and asked “What’s up?”

“I’m horny and that bullet has been churning away for an hour and I nearly came twice while doing the car.”

We went back inside and I turned the bullet off. She then proceeded to unbutton and pull down my trousers and underwear. To my surprise she sat me down on one of the dining chairs then sat straddling me so that she could rub her clit against my now proud erect cock.

I asked “Don’t you want it inside.”

“Not yet, and I’ll remove the bullet when I am ready.”

Her movements in stimulating her clit soon had the desired effect on bothe of us, and whilst there was no penetration, she held back so we both came at the same time.

Next week find out how Diane managed on the bank holiday.

Wicked Wednesday


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Hunting eggs

We carry on from last week.

I was woken on Saturday with Diane using her talented mouth to make me as hard as she could. When she was satisfied with my hardness, she quickly changed position to ride me hard. The sight of her enjoying the ride, her tits bouncing and her total look of wantonness soon had me erupting inside her.

After a few minutes she laid down alongside me and cuddled into me.

Whilst she showered, I got out her “outfit” for the day, which was a pair of shoes, a short dress and her favourite bullet with fresh batteries.

She quickly got herself ready and thanked me for getting out that particular dress, whilst being short it was also discreet.

As on the Friday as she left the house, I turned on her bullet at the low setting. We talked in the short drive to the store that she was visiting and she completed her business fairly quickly. On the drive back with the bullet at the next setting soon started it its relentless teasing.

When we got home, she joined me in the garden, to finish off the work that we had been doing the day before. She was in and out of the house two or three times before she prepared a salad which we ate on the patio area. Each time she came out of the house, the bullet went up a level. By the time I had finished my lunch she was squirming as she fought back the orgasm that was building. Her struggles were fruitless as the stimulation continued. Finally her orgasm washed over her and I picked her up and laid her on the couch to recover.

When she was ready to start work on the garden outside, I asked “you only have one left at the moment, and you cannot earn any more until you have had that one.”

She smiled at me. We went back into the garden and although the bullet was not at its highest setting, the stimulation of it moving around inside her as we worked together soon had her hot and bothered. She succumbed to her next orgasm after about an hour. Again I helped her inside so that I could turn off the bullet. Luckily for her, the work outside that we had planned for the weekend was nearly finished, and I was happy to relax with her for some time.

The phone rang and she answered it. I did not hear all of what was said. When she put the phone down, she said “I’ve agreed that we would join James and Petra at their local pub tonight.”

I looked at her with a grin on my face saying “who is going to drive, as I am not.”

“Well, I hope I can earn some more orgasms tonight like I did last night.”

I thought about it and said, “Well it is further away, but yes we can walk, however I am not going to make it as easy as last night.”

She smiled “fine, I like challenges. Now before we go any further, how do I earn my next orgasm?”

“First you need to get the bells for your nipple and clit piercings and the Tens machine.” She looked at me nervously before she scuttled away to collect the items I requested.

When she returned I told her to attach the bells to her piercings. I placed the pads for the TENS machine so that there were two pads either side of each nipple, and further pair either side of her pussy. I had her face the wall and put her arms up straight out with her palms touching the wall. Once I was happy with her positioning I said “now you need to stay there for 15 minutes during which time none of your bells are allowed to ring. At some stage the TENS machine will send out some pulses, and it is set at random. If a bell rings, the 15 minutes starts again.”

She said nothing and I carefully listened for the tinkle of a bell. She managed to stay in position for fifteen minutes before I pressed the TENS machine on button to send out some shocks at a high setting immediately setting off the bells.

She let her hands drop before saying “God that is not fair, the machine is up high.”

I stifled a giggle as I said “Well, you rang after the time was up, so you have your orgasm.”

She playfully punched me on the arm saying “That was a dirty trick.”

Later, we got ready to walk to the pub. As we left Diane was again wearing nothing but her shoes and bullet, with me carrying her dress in a bag. However, as we reached the front gate I picked out her wrist cuffs and ordered her to put them on. Once I was happy that they were properly secured, I locked them together behind her back.

The walk took nearly an hour, during which time her bullet was working hard. I could see her juices on her upper thighs and as we got to the spot where we reached a main road, I released her from the cuffs and gave her the dress to put on.

As the evening was fairly warm, we found James and Petra sat outside. Diane was a little flushed from the stimulation which was noticed by Petra.

Diane quietly asked “Please can we sit inside?”

Petra asked “Why?”

“I’ll tell you when we are sat down.”

Petra looked a little puzzled, but agreed that we should go inside.

Diane then told Petra about her weekend so far. James looked at me with a really big smile then said “I wish I had thought of that.”

Petra briefly glared at him. When the ladies had disappeared for a few minutes, I invited James and Petra over to join us the following day.

The evening passed peacefully and Diane managed to earn herself a third orgasm on the walk home.

After a good night’s rest I told Diane that we had guests coming for lunch. I offered her either a pair of shoes or a single item of clothing. She chose the shoes. I selected a well-worn pair of shoes with four inch heels for her to wear. Diane did not look amused. She reluctantly put them on and we started our preparations for the day. I helped her prepare lunch, but made sure that she was in and out of the house a few times, but as they were very brief, she did not get to much stimulation.

Mike and Janet were the first to arrive, and on seeing Diane, Janet immediately removed her top and skirt to reveal that she was also wearing a clit stimulator. She went to take it off when Mike said “No that stays on.”

James and Petra arrived shortly after; Petra was a little unhappy when James ordered her to strip off too. I realised why when it was clear that she was wearing a butt plug with a short fluffy tail.

Lunch went down really well, and as we relaxed over coffee, Diane cleared up. Janet and Petra helped her in clearing way everything and by the time they sat back down, the girls started wriggling and squirming a little.

Mike then asked “Shall we start the fun?”

Petra looked on quizzically when James elaborated “We know how you ladies love chocolate. So Charles has organised a little egg hunt.”

I then said “There are three sets of 6 little eggs in foil packages hidden around the garden. Each set of eggs is a separate colour. We will be putting you in a short hobble and cuffing your hands behind your back, and your task is to recover six eggs each. You can only pick up one egg at a time. Each egg has to be delivered here before you can pick up another.

“As soon as you have collected and delivered six eggs, you will choose another from the three here, and that will determine what colour egg you are allocated. Each wrong colour egg will earn you a half hour of special sunbathing.”

We applied the restraints and the girls soon started to shuffle around the garden. Each of them had their own distractions as they were stimulated by their own devices.

Diane was the first to collect her six eggs and chose her colour. I did not open it until the other two had completed their task.

Petra was next and as soon as she sat down, she stiffened and blushed furiously as she succumbed to the orgasm that had building up inside her. Once she had recovered she had a satisfied smile on her face.

Janet finished her task eventually and as she sat on Mike’s lap she quietly said “Oh that was fun, and I enjoyed my little rest.”

He teased by saying, “well for that you can enjoy an extra hour of Charles sunbathing.”

We unclipped the cuffs on the girls and allowed them to reveal how they had done. Diane only managed two of the right colour, and Petra and Janet managed three right each.

Wicked Wednesday

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Diane’s Weekend Goals

On the Monday after the punishment weekend I accompanied Diane to her office. As she passed her assistant Alex she was asked “Do you need a soft cushion?”

With a twinkle in her eye she replied “No thank you, I will be fine.”

For the next few days Diane and I were kept busy with our work. Diane started planning for the setting up of the new stores concepts and seemed to be in meetings all the time, so she had to spend time at home catching up on routine matters.

In the week leading up to Easter it seemed that the first stage was over and her workload reduced to an extent that I thought would allow us a quiet Easter weekend to ourselves.

When we got home on Maundy Thursday, I asked “Do you have anything on workwise over the weekend?”

“Not too much, I have to go to a store tomorrow and then again on Saturday, but that will not take up too much time.”

“Great. In addition to the gardening tasks we have agreed on, I have plans for you from Good Friday through to Easter Monday. Part of these plans involve you trying to reach some personal goals.”

She looked at me quizzically before wiggling her bum at me sexily as she said “Does that include some bottom warming?”

“It may.” I replied.

We settled down for a quiet evening as I worked out in my head how to fit my ideas around her commitments for the next couple of days.

Waking up before Diane on Good Friday morning allowed me to get some preparations made. Once I had finished, I went into the bedroom with a cup of coffee and waited for her to wake from her slumbers.

She was surprised to find that there was a cup of coffee waiting for her and asked “How long have you been up?”

“Only about half an hour.”

When she finished her coffee she got out of bed and disappeared into the shower. I quickly laid out a four items on the bed.

As she walked back out of the en-suite bathroom I said “You are to wear only what is laid out for you. Tomorrow you will have three items, Sunday just two and Monday just one.”

She looked at me with a cheeky grin and replied “Yes master.”

I was startled as that was the first time she had used the title “Master”.

She quickly dressed before joining me in the kitchen for our breakfast. I handed her a pair of dice and said “The first roll of the dice determines your first goal which is how many orgasms you are allowed until midnight on Monday.”

She quickly picked them up and rolled them. She gasped as she saw a one and two staring up at her. She looked at me saying “Damn, that is not enough.”

She paused, then smiled as she replied “How do I earn more.”

I quickly replied “Simple, once you have used up your three, I will give you chances to earn more.”


“No buts. The ways to earn more will be fun.”

I gave her the dice and said “now you can roll the dice for the goal of how many times you will make me come in the next week.”

She rolled a seven. “Oh that is not too bad, just one a day for you.”

I then said “The final roll will determine how sore your ass gets next weekend. The number you roll will determine how many implements are used and the number of strokes you get from each. Also if you have any extra orgasms outside you your goal of three (or the extras you earn) I will add a further twenty strokes of each implement for each orgasm. Also if you not acheive your goal of making me  come, then you will get an extra twenty strokes for each one outstanding. ”

She looked at me nervously as she rolled the dice again. She looked relieved when she saw the result of five from her roll.

We were soon ready to leave for her store visit. I offered to drive her to the store which she accepted.

I then said. “Whenever you leave a building this weekend, I will turn on the bullet you have inside you. Whenever you go in a building I will turn it off. We will start at the lowest setting. Each time I restart the bullet it will be at the next setting up until it is at maximum and then it will go down one each time to the minimum and then back up.”

As she closed the front door I turned the egg on.

It took us nearly an hour to drive from our home to the store in Southampton, and I could tell from Diane’s squirming in her seat that she was struggling not to come. As we entered the car park adjoining the store I turned the bullet off. She was mightily relieved. After five minutes she had calmed down enough to be able to set to her work. Two hours later we met up and as we left the car park I turned on the bullet again.

On our way home we stopped on a couple of occasions, first to get some lunch at a local pub, and then a garden centre. When we got home, she quickly got out of the car and went in the front door. She hugged me tightly and said “That was torture, I so desperately wanted to come.”

“There was nothing to stop you.”

“There was, I am determined not to exceed the three I am allowed.”

“Oh, that will be fun, and you should know my goal is to give you a really sore ass next weekend. You will really be made to work hard on not getting those extra strokes.”

We laughed together as we each had declared our own goals for the weekend.

The problem for Diane was that she knew that we had planned to complete a lot of gardening over the weekend.

The weather was warm and we started on the work planned for the garden. She got what she thought she needed from the garage, however she had not thought it through properly and when she returned for the third time the bullet was churning away inside her at its maximum setting. I watched her sexy body struggling not to explode, but she could not contain herself, and came very hard. I carefully lifted her up and carried her indoors to the lounge and let her recover having turned the bullet off.

She re-joined me in the garden a while later and was soon struggling to contain herself as the bullet worked its magic inside her. She managed to hold off for another half hour, before she exploded yet again. She refused to allow me take her inside again and a few minutes later she came hard, and was a twitching wreck. This time I took her inside again, and stayed with her as she recovered.

About an hour later she had fully recovered. She looked at me and said “I need some tasks as I will not be able to contain myself at this rate.”

“OK, the first one will be later. Why don’t you ring Janet and Mike and see if they will join us at the pub later.” She did as requested while I went back to finish up in the garden for the day. She called to me from the back door to saying “I’ve arranged for us to meet them at 8.”

“Great, get some rest so you can be ready for later.”

At 7.30 although it was not dark, we were ready to walk to the pub, I said “the task is simple. You can earn one orgasm by walking there wearing only a pair of shoes and on the way back you can earn another by being dressed in the same way on the way back. I will carry a skirt and top with us.”

“Am I allowed to pick the route?”

“On the way there you can, but on the way back no.”

She quickly took off her top, bra and skirt. I deliberately did not put the bra in the bag I picked up. She was about to protest but quickly thought better of it.

Diane took my hand and we walked down the lane a short way before turning on to the footpath that comes out about ten yards away from our destination. All the way Diane was feeling the extra effect of walking whilst the bullet churned away inside her. By the time we reached the pub with her having just put on the skirt and top, she was a mass of nerves. As we entered the pub I turned off the bullet to her relief and we greeted our friends. Once we had got our drinks and sat at a quiet table, Janet said to Diane “I suppose you two are having another of your games.”

Diane told her about it and Janet giggled through the explanation. She turned to Mike and said “It sounds like real fun what they are up to.”

The evening went well and as we left the pub, Mike took me to one side and asked “How about you coming to us on Sunday for lunch?”

“Better still, come to us as it is more secluded and we can give the girls a bit of fun.”

“Great, it is a date.”

We parted and as soon as we were on the footpath, Diane stripped off. Instead of the route that we came along, I decided to take a slightly different route. This brought us out about 50 yards from the junction of a main road and the lane we live on. Diane baulked a little when she made her way over the stile and quickly scuttled down to the lane to avoid being seen.

I settled into our bed, and Diane joined me soon afterwards and was soon using her skilled mouth to bring me off.

Wicked Wednesday

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Four get punished

Diane here again, we continue on from last week…….

The four of us, Dee, Tamara, Sofia and I were locked in cages early on Friday night with an electrostim dildo inserted. The torment was that we would receive a shock if any of us made a noise, with the one who made the noise getting a severe one. Somehow, we all managed to keep quiet after Dee triggered the first one, so we all managed to get a reasonable amount of sleep.

In the morning, I heard the lock click to show that the electromagnetic plates had been released so we could get up and prepare breakfast. I took Charles his breakfast and he relished being able to enjoy breakfast in bed for a change.

The morning and afternoon passed relatively uneventfully. All four of us were allowed to enjoy ourselves, despite the restricted movement available in our chains. The evening however, was not so pleasant for the four of us.

After we had cleaned up after supper, we joined Zack, Patrice, Corrine and Charles in the playroom to find that the cages had all been moved away. In the centre of the room were a spanking bench and the dreaded spanking machine. Nearby was a table with plenty of suitable implements that could be used on us.

We had the chains connecting our wrists to our ankles removed.

I looked at Dee who had a wry smile on her face and the two girls looked a bit nervous.

Charles cuddled me whilst Zack said “the punishments will start with Diane, then Tamara, followed by Sofia and finally Dee.”

Corrine then said, “The number of strokes you receive from each implement is determined wallby yourself. You will all be doing wall sits, your feet about 18 inches apart, with your arms extended horizontally and the palms of your hands face down. Pencil will be placed on the tops of hands. If your bum hits the ground or the pencil falls before the time is up, then you get one stroke from each implement you choose for each minute or part minute that remains.”

Zack then said, “Dee needs to be reminded, in the severest possible manner, not to swear. I have decided that she will not just get the number of strokes she earns for herself, she will also receive the number that you other three earn for yourself.”

That last comment wiped the smile off Dee’s face.

We were all looking nervous as we went to the wall and got ourselves into position. I was on one end with the others to my right. We had our backs to the wall, our feet away from the wall and knees bent so our calves were vertical and thighs horizontal. The pencils were placed on our outstretched arms.

The first minute or so were not too uncomfortable, but the muscles in my thighs and shoulders started to be felt as time went on. Whilst I pride myself in being in pretty good shape, I struggled to keep in position. I heard a pencil fall to my right and did not risk looking to see who had dropped it. I heard another pencil drop as my calf muscles started to burn and I struggled to keep my arms up and somehow managed hold on a bit longer before I dropped my pencil.

I looked round to the right to see that only Sofia had her arms up and the grimace on her face showed that she could not hold out much longer. Suddenly she dropped her arms to let the pencil drop.

Corrine announced “Well that is interesting, Sofia manages to escape with just three strokes, Diane four and Tamara six.”

Zack laughed as he announced “Dee must want a really sore bum as she was the first to drop the pencil in the third minute so faces a total of twenty one strokes with each implement.”

Corrine said “Now, as Diane is the first, she will roll a die to determine how many implements are to be used. She gets to choose them, and once an implement has been chosen, it will not be available for the others to choose.”

I went to the table, rolled a three. I looked at the choices available. My immediate first choice was the quirt because in Corrine’s hands it is a most exquisite sensation although I always feel the welts for days afterwards. I made my other choices and was soon securely strapped down on the spanking bench. The machine was lined up and Charles asked “Ready?”

I replied “Yes.”

I waited for a few seconds before I heard the whoosh followed by a loud THWACK. I felt the stinging thud of the wooden paddle landing on my bum. I gasped. I waited patiently for what seemed like ages for the next stroke to land. I felt the thud of the paddle landing and before I had the chance to recover my breath another stroke landed. I realised as I waited for the next stroke to land that the timing was set to random. Suddenly a whoosh and THWACK followed. The sting of the paddle on my ass brought tears to my eyes.

I heard Charles fiddle as he changed the implement to the leather strap that I had chosen. I quickly realised that choosing those two implements was not particularly sensible simply because of the severity of the strokes. As each stroke landed I gasped. After the fourth stroke landed my ass felt like it was on fire.

Corrine waited for me to get my breath back before she approached me with the quirt and whispered “I know you love these kisses, and it is a shame that you only get four.”

I smiled “I know, I would love more.”

Charles in his wisdom heard this and said “why not make it 21, the number Dee would have got.”

I wiggled my bum as much as I could and said “please make it 21.”

She laughed as she took her position and I felt the sting on my upturned ass. I moaned as I felt the warm sensation of the sting. After the four lashes had landed I waited before suddenly feeling the pleasant sharp sting of another lash. In no time the count of lashes increased rapidly. She announced “last one” before I felt the explosion of pain as the tip of the quirt found its mark in the cleft of my bum cheeks.

I gasped as I processed the pain. Charles released me from the bench and cuddled me. I felt my backside and it was very warm. I felt the clearly defined small welts that had been left by the quirt.

Tamara approached the table and quickly rolled the die, two spots were facing up and she selected the two implements to be used on her.

Patrice took the first implement, settled it in place as Corrine secured her in place. The button was pressed and the first stroke of the three pronged tawse landed. She squealed as each of the six strokes landed leaving a very red bum with visible thin stripes.

Patrice removed the tawse from the machine and replaced it with the cane that she had selected. The first stroke landed with a resounding crack and Tamara gasped as she felt the sting. Each of the remaining five strokes produced a gasp as it landed. When she got up there were six clearly defined stripes on her bum. None of the strokes broke the skin, but the welts were a very angry red. She winced as she gingerly ran a finger over one of the welts.

Sofia approached the table, rolled the die and saw one spot facing up. She selected the Loopy Johnny, handed it to Patrice and bent over there and then. She clasped her knees and said “I won’t need to be on the bench for just three strokes.”

Patrice smiled, “so you think you can hold your position. If you move, or break the position, then I will put you on the bench and you get 21 strokes of your least favourite implement on the table.”

The first stroke from Patrice landed at a severity I had never seen before from him. Sofia gasped and moaned, but she managed to maintain her position. The second stroke landed with equal severity and I could see she clearly was struggling to stay in place. The third stroke landed just as severely. She moaned and stayed still until Patrice said “well done.”

It was Dee’s turn and she approached the table slightly nervously and rolled the die. She was startled to six spots facing up. Zack smiled as he saw it and she said to him. “You can choose the implements of my ass destruction as I know it will be sore.”

She made her way to the spanking bench and Charles helped strap her in place. Zack laid out five implements in front of her face before he put the heavy suede flogger onto the machine. He punched in 21 and pressed the start button. The flogger landed rhythmically as it did its work. Whilst it hurts, it is not as painful as other implements he chose.

As he picked up the scorpion he said “that was just a warm up, now to the serious implements.”

The scorpion swished as each stroke was delivered and each produced a squeak from Dee. Her ass was now a bright red. The next implement was the naughty stick which I know she hates. It was put onto the machine and the first strike left the clear imprint “NAUGHTY” across her bum. Once all twenty one strokes had landed, the lettering was not clear. The fourth implement was the thin metal cane that I know delivers a really sharp sting. Twenty one squeals later it was replaced by a wooden spoon. Dee was by now feeling each and every stroke that left an oval of brighter red where it landed.

Zack deliberately paused for a minute before he picked up the last implement. Dee, from experience, knew that there would be consequences if she pleaded for mercy. She stoically bit her lip as the dreaded carpet beater was secured in place. The first stroke landed and she squealed. The relentless assault on her bum continued and as the last couple of strokes landed she screamed.

She was released from the spanking bench and as she cuddled into Zack, he looked to see that there was a small puddle left on the bench. He teased “So you came as the last two landed?”

“Ummm Yes, it was good too.”

Wicked Wednesday

One part of this post was inspired by something I came across on Reddit. The writer has requested anonymity, so I cannot give them the credit they deserve.

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Spreading the Love

This week’s episode is inspired by this week’s prompt for Wicked Wednesday.

Diane here, I have taken over the writing duties again.

After my loving husband had given my bum a good thumping I sat in the passenger seat of the car squirming as I tried to find a way to sit comfortably. My bum was very tender after he had delivered the 69 punches just before we left for work.

Alex, who is my personal assistant, saw my expression as I sat at my desk. She started working for me when I was given the task of setting up the Bedroom Delights department and consequently was fully aware of what could happen to my bum. She quickly rushed out and came back with a soft cushion saying “This might help”.

I laughed “Was it that obvious?”

“Only because I know you. So what happened?”

I gave her a quick round up. She giggled and said “I just wish my man would do something like that occasionally. He has got more open minded since I started working for you and took some toys home for testing.”

We went through the usual morning routine of going through the weekend’s sales results before we were joined by Tamara and Sofia. They went through the report that they had prepared for the meeting later that afternoon. As they were leaving, I said “I hope for yours and my sakes that Dee doesn’t swear when she hears your ideas.”

Alex waited until they had left and raised an enquiring eyebrow.

I said “Well, it is quite simple; their mentor has decreed that every time they get Dee to swear at a meeting where Zack is present, they get a sore bum. And what is worse, Charles gives me one too for letting them present ideas that gets her going.”

Alex smiled, “That sounds a bit harsh.”

“Not really, I encourage their ideas as they have proved themselves to be inventive and nearly everything they have suggested works. Which also benefits everybody financially in their annual bonus.”


“Well this year’s bonus has been a record one for everyone. Nearly half of it was down to the changes in store layouts they suggested.”

“But how do you know that they get a sore bum?”

“It is complicated, but basically we have known them from before they started working here last year on the 2 month secondment. Their mentor and his wife are good friends of ours and they are all into BDSM too.”

We finished up our morning meeting by going through the calendar for the week and I noticed there was a board meeting on Friday.

The rest of the morning progressed uneventfully.

After lunch the weekly senior management meeting was held, and as usual, after it ended I had my regular Monday meeting with Dee.

Dee noticed that I was still squirming a little and demanded, in her usual way, an explanation. I gave it to her, and just as I got to the part of what happened in the morning Zack walked in. On hearing about how I got my sore ass he said to Dee “I think we will have to try that on you sometime.”

Dee wisely said nothing. I then said to Zack “I hope you have about half an hour available now.”

Zack replied “yes, I can manage that.”

I picked up the phone and got through to Sofia, and she along with Tamara quickly made their way into Dee’s office.

Dee said “are you two girls going to get me a sore ass?”

“It is up to you” they replied in unison.

Zack had a wry smile on his face.

The girls quickly explained their ideas while Dee sat quietly listening intently. When they had finished, Dee started in her inimitable way “Bloody hell, can’t you three give me some warning when you bring along the f***ing brilliant ideas.”

The subsequent discussion was interspersed with a few choice swear words from Dee as she enthused over their suggestion.

Zack calmly said “Right, that is another agenda item for Friday’s board meeting. Now, you four girls will suffer the requisite torment, Dee for swearing and you other three for producing the surprise that got her into trouble.”

A busy week culminated with the board meeting on the Friday afternoon. I was by then sitting comfortably and the girls gave their presentation. After much detailed questioning the board approved the idea.

The board decided that as I had so much involvement in the original concept of Bedroom Delights, I was to be the main person responsible for setting up a series of stand-alone stores under the trading name “Spread the Love”.

Charles picked me up at the office and after a few minutes he turned off our usual route home. I asked “Why are we not going home?”

“Simple, we have to meet Corrine and Patrice, and then we are staying with Dee and Zack over the weekend.”

“Oh, I didn’t know about this.”

“I know, this has been arranged so that you four ladies can receive your dues for setting Dee off on Monday.”

“How did you hear about that?”

“Simple Zack texted me just as she started off on Monday in your meeting. And just to make it more fun all four of you are going to spread the love by suffering the same torments together.”

I was speechless.

We met Corrine and Patrice at the airport as planned, and both of them gave my bum a tight squeeze as we hugged. Corrine whispered as she squeezed it “I hope that it is ready for a workout.”

I was quiet all the way to Zack and Dee’s home. As we arrived, Tamara, Sofia and Dee were waiting outside in their birthday suits. They were wearing cuffs and a belt. Their left ankle and right wrist (and right ankle and left wrist) were connected by a chain that ran through the ring at the back of the belt.

As they greeted Corrine and Patrice I was ordered by Charles to strip and secure myself in the same way as the others. I quickly complied with the instruction.

We four chained subs were instructed to go inside, finish preparing supper and then serve it to our respective partner.

The length of the chains made the task awkward as there was only about 18 inches of slack when we were stood upright.

We four were allowed to sit at the table for our supper as Zack explained to us in great detail what we could expect over the weekend. He also added, “Dee, in addition will be having a more stringent arrangement at night to reinforce the message that she must not use bad language.”

The four of us finished cleaning up after the meal. We were individually instructed that we needed to go to the bathroom and do the necessary business in preparation for an early night.

We all did our business and were escorted to the designated playroom. In there we saw, in each of the four corners a cage, one of which was decidedly smaller than the others. There was a length of cable running to a control box from each cage. Dee was instructed to go to the small cage whilst Tamara, Sofia and I were each instructed to go to a larger cage.

We were each given a dildo, which had metallic strips embedded into it, attached to a lead running from the cable to a cage. As instructed we inserted them. We were given a strap that we attached to our belts that ran through our crotch to keep the dildo in place.

Patrice then said “We have connected your dildos to an electric shock mechanism. It is sound activated so that if any one of you makes a noise, the microphone by your cage will pick it up. The system will give all four of you a shock at the same time, with the one who made the sound will get theirs at a much higher setting. The electro shock system will close down for four hours at some stage tonight so that you can get some undisturbed sleep. These cages all have a powerful electromagnetic lock. The electromagnetic locks will open at 8.00 am and the shock system will shut down completely. Once the cages are open, you will do your business and serve each of us breakfast in our rooms at 9.00 am precisely.

I looked nervously at the set up and stepped into the cage. Charles handed me a blanket and wished me a good night with his usual passionate kiss.

The four of us were locked into our respective cages. Zack wished us a goodnight as he and the others left the room turning off the light.

I got myself comfortable and was ready to drift off when Dee, in her wisdom, decided to say something that quickly was felt as we all received a shock. We spent the rest of the night being as quiet as possible, only receiving a few shocks during our incarceration in the cages.

Wicked Wednesday

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