Palm Sunday

Regular readers will know that over the last few weeks the story has been based around the the traditions and fasting of the Greek Orthodox Lent and Easter, 1st May this year. We pick up this theme again.

After Gemma and Simon had left us on the Sunday morning we both had a giggle as she asked whether she could borrow the skirt and T shirt for their walk home.

We enjoyed a pleasant day in the garden. The weather was good, so Diane decided that she would start on getting her all over tan whilst doing the gardening. I had great fun rubbing the sunscreen into her, spending plenty of time gently stroking and caressing her erogenous zones so by the time I finished she was highly aroused. She repeatedly asked for permission to orgasm which was denied.

After we had finished she had calmed down a little. I smiled as she asked “I am still horny, please may I have an orgasm.”

“Yes, but it must be in the next two minutes or else it is a week in the belt.”

She pushed me onto my back on the lawn before quickly mounting me. She used her fingers on her clit as she rode me hard before reaching her peak, gushing all over my groin as she had an intense orgasm. I came soon after.

Once she had recovered she trotted off , returning with the belt before handing it to me as she said “I probably took more than the time allowed.”

To her relief I said “I took no notice of how long you took to reach your climax, so you don’t have to wear the belt.”

She made good use of the rest of the day to ensure that she had used up her full allowance of orgasms allowed that weekend.


The following week passed relatively uneventfully until Friday evening when Gemma rang me and asked whether they could come and see us on Saturday afternoon. I readily agreed.

When they arrived Gemma and Simon were surprised to find us fully dressed. Surprisingly, Gemma nervously said “I thought you were usually nude at home.”

Diane answered “Yes, but as we knew you were coming and with your nervousness last weekend, we thought it best to be discreet.”

Gemma giggled and immediately removed her dress to reveal her birthday suit. Simon gingerly started to remove his clothes, whilst Diane and I did the same.

After the usual chatter Gemma said. “Changing the subject, when I helped Diane with breakfast on the Sunday morning I noticed that you both indulge in kinky activities. Simon and I have chatted a lot about spicing up our sex life in the last week, especially after last weekend’s activities. I can’t describe how I felt when he took up Charles’s suggestion of teasing me. When I finally came it was the best orgasm I have ever had.”

There was a short pause before Diane said “and.”

Gemma continued with a jittery voice “Well, We both can see how well you both get on, and it seems that you are both sexually fulfilled. Last weekend was a revelation to me so we thought we would ask you for some help as we need to rekindle that spark in our love life that has disappeared.”

I asked “How do you think we can help?”

Gemma replied “We both think that you enjoy each other’s bodies, and just that little advice you gave Simon certainly was an eye opener to both of us.”

“OK. The first thing is that you will have a lot of homework to do tomorrow. Once you have both finished your homework come and see us if you want to continue.”

“What do you mean by homework?”

“Just wait a couple of minutes while I get it for you. What is your email address?”

I disappeared for a couple of minutes. On my return I said “When you get home you will find an email with a list of worthwhile reading.”


On Sunday morning after she had woken me up and she had enjoyed one of her allowance of orgasms she said “At last, I can get back to a normal diet this week as Lent is over.”

I laughed replying “Not quite yet, you have another week until Easter. This coming week is going to be even harder for you.”


“Yes, there is some fasting involved and even stricter dietary controls.”


“Additionally, as your bum has not been getting that much attention recently, each failure will not only cost you the loss of an orgasm next weekend, you will get 12 strokes of the cane bundle the following morning before you go to work.”

“I hate that. I just hope the requirements are not too onerous.”

Later I changed the sheet on the fridge door to one that had all the rules for the previous weeks, with the addition of the following:-
Monday to Wednesday   either a light breakfast or lunch. Main meal in the evening.
Thursday                            as Wednesday but Olive Oil and a small glass of wine allowed.
Friday                                 only a small amount of bread, fruit and only tea or water to drink.
Saturday                            No food until midnight, then a light meal. Only water to be drunk.

Later, in the early afternoon, we received a phone call from both Simon and Gemma. They had spent the whole morning reading the information on the links that I had sent them. They both said they wanted to learn more. I conferred with Diane and we agreed that we would introduce them to BDSM the following weekend.

When Diane was outside I had a further long conversation with Simon and came up with a plan. As they are both self employed with high incomes, I gave him a suggested shopping list saying, “all of these items are available in Bustards or you can find them on line. However in many on line shops the quality is pretty poor.”


On Monday morning Diane had just a coffee before we went to work. Fortunately for me Zack was at the offices of Bustards in the morning and I was able to have a chat with him before later having a chat with both Dee and Alex.

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While waiting the arrival of Gemma and her partner, Simon, Diane said to me “I wonder whether she has chickened out.”

I laughed and said, “I doubt it.”

We quickly ran through our plans before the doorbell rang. Diane and I quickly went to the door to greet our guests.

After a lot of small talk, Diane said “Last weekend you said you wish you had the courage to wear clothes similar to the ones I was wearing. Without wishing to be too blunt, what is behind this nervousness?”

Gemma replied “I’m not really sure. I have never worn anything that is particularly revealing. My parents were very old fashioned, and I suppose that has been ingrained in me all the time.”

Gemma had lots of questions for Diane. From what was said, she had never even undressed in their bedroom whilst Simon present.

I signalled to Simon that we should leave the girls talking and we disappeared to the garden. I could see the women chatting away and about half an hour later I noticed Diane had taken off her top, which was the signal that we had agreed on that we should re-join them.

I ushered Simon in first and he stopped in the doorway when he saw Gemma in just her bra and knickers, sat talking to Diane.

I gave him a nudge and he sat down next to her. He gave Gemma a hug.

Gemma’s bra was heavily padded so there was nothing visible. After a few minutes she reached behind and unclipped it, nervously holding it to her chest with one arm. Diane said nothing while she quickly undid the bikini top she was wearing. Diane was clearly at ease, so Gemma slowly and shyly let the bra straps slip down her arms before letting go of the cups and letting it fall to the floor.

Gemma was very self-conscious about her appearance, but Diane’s soothing comments and voice soon made Gemma become more relaxed. Gemma had firm perky breasts that were topped by small dark coloured nipples.

The conversation was fairly light, but it was clear that both Gemma and Simon were fascinated by Diane’s pierced nipples. Even more questions followed which Diane answered fully.

As time passed, Gemma become even more comfortable being topless in our presence. I noticed Diane raise an enquiring eyebrow towards Gemma who nervously nodded.

The two women stood up and Gemma shyly started to take her knickers down very slowly, while Diane just untied the strings to her bikini bottoms and let them fall.

Gemma finally stepped out of her knickers before sitting down again next to Simon. She squeezed his hand seeking reassurance. His expression of extreme surprise said it all.

Time passed very quickly. In what seemed just five minutes, actually nearly two hours, Diane announced it was time for us start making our way to the pub.

Now that Gemma was nude, Diane asked Gemma “Are you ready for the next challenge?”

“What, more?”


Nervously she nodded her agreement.

Diane stood up, held out her hand to Gemma and guided her to the front door. I quickly locked up the back door, picked up the bag that was ready before joining the others on the front doorstep.

Diane just said “we are going to walk to the pub just as we are. Think of it as no different to a stroll along the beach in your swimsuit and you will be fine.”

The conversation was light as we walked, with Gemma feeling a little nervous about being naked outdoors.

At the usual spot just before the path met the road close to the pub, I handed the bag I was carrying to Diane. She handed Gemma a fairly short, but modest skirt and a T shirt. Diane picked out her sundress that was nearly as thin as the one she wore the previous week.

I could see the expression of surprise on Gemma’s face when she realised she had no bra or knickers. She was about to protest when Diane gently said “Only the four of us know how little clothing you are wearing. Just relax and enjoy the sensations for the evening.”

I could see that Simon was just as surprised as Gemma at the developments.

Gemma whilst very nervous on entering the pub soon started to relax. Although there were a lot of questions from both Gemma and Simon, we were able answer all of them. They were particularly curious when we hinted that we took part in activities that many people consider to be kinky.

After leaving the pub to walk to our home, we stopped on arriving at the footpath and Diane took off her dress. Gemma also removed her skirt and T shirt. Diane asked “Now, How do you feel after this evening’s changes to your usual clothing.”

“I don’t really know what the right wording is, but I am slightly tingly in a nice way, as if I have done something naughty and there are no repercussions. Also I am feeling slightly aroused.”

“Good, that is what I had hoped to hear. Now why not stay overnight?”

I could see Simon about to say something before Diane continued, “I know you don’t have any night clothes, but just this once both of you should sleep nude.”

Simon was more reluctant than Gemma to accept, but after the afternoon and evening’s activities he was not really in a position to say no.

The next morning, when we woke I asked Diane “Shall we ramp it up a little?”

“What have you got in mind?”

“Just you in cuffs whilst preparing and eating breakfast.”

“OK, but if there is any objections from them the cuffs come off.”

I put Diane in her cuffs but did not lock them on and secured her wrists in front of her. She had started to prepare breakfast when Gemma appeared and her eyes opened wide when she saw Diane in her cuffs.

Simon appeared soon after and was equally surprised. Gemma asked “How do you manage to cook like that?”

“Very easily. It is a bit more difficult when they are behind my back, but you soon get used to it. Also there are sexy benefits too.”

“What do you mean?”

“When he wants to Charles can keep me on the edge for hours, and I can do nothing to finish myself off and when I do come it is really intense. Why don’t you try them sometime?”

Simon and I left the women talking. He had a lot of questions about what to do. Finally I said, “Look, you know Gemma far better than we do. You should know all her erogenous zones. Just choose one, and keep going until she is about to have an orgasm, then stop for a while. Let her cool down a little, than start on another one. Repeat until you are ready to let her come. I promise that she will appreciate it, probably not while you are actually teasing her, but certainly afterwards.”

Wicked Wednesday

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Last weekend in the UK, one of the biggest horse races of the year, The Grand National, was run.

Following on from Diane’s unauthorised orgasm she was getting very frustrated. She pleaded with me to allow her to get out of the belt a couple of days early so she could relieve some of the pent up frustration.

On the second Friday evening she was particularly earnest in her pleas. I realised that it was the Grand National the following day. So I said “Tomorrow, we will have a contest that gives you a chance to earn a task that will let you out of the belt on Sunday morning. Your orgasm allowance will also be reduced to just one for this weekend. If you lose the contest or fail in the task, then you stay in the belt until the following Sunday and are allowed just one orgasm next weekend.”

“And what is the contest?”

“You will find out tomorrow afternoon.”


We completed all of the necessary chores early so that by lunch time we had plenty of time to have fun in the afternoon.

I said “the contest is quite simple. We will each pick three horses that are running in the Grand National. The combined placings when added together for our three horses determines whether you earn your chance to complete a task. If you win and the difference in the totals is more than 20, then I will make your task easier.”

“What happens if a horse does not complete the race?”

“The position is determined by when it drops out, the later it drops out the better the placing.”

Diane looked carefully at the list of horses in the race and made her selection, as I also did the same.

Diane, who has never followed horse racing, lent into me on the sofa as we watched the build up to the race on television.

The result was very clear cut. Diane won with her selection of 1st, 14th and 23rd, at total of 38 whilst mine were 12th, 28th and 33rd totalling 73.

“So what is the task?”

“Stay here while I take a few minutes to set it up, and then get you ready.”

I set up everything, and then started to get her ready. I put her arms in the steel bracelbow-restraint-system-ref-9197-00es that made them almost useless saying “these stay on until we get to the pub.” I then had her kneel whilst I tied her ankles to her upper thighs.

“Your task is simple. You have to make your way to the play room, select one of the implements I have laid out on the floor in the corner, and bring it back to me in your mouth. Once you have Ariel Anderssen in box frogtie bondage positionreturned you will get 35 strokes on your ass with the implement you select. You have an hour to complete the task, and you must not make any of the bells on the obstacles ring. You will also be on your knees for the rest of the afternoon until we go out. Your time starts now.”

She slowly worked out how to move whilst restrained this way. She managed to make it to the door of the playroom to find that there were chairs either side. Between the seats there was a cane with a bell hanging down it so she had to get underneath it without knocking it.

I watched as she bent forward and carefully manoeuvred under it and made her way to the corner which had three chairs place around the implements, with the same arrangement. She picked up an implement carefully with her mouth and started the return journey to the lounge area, taking great care not to let any of the bells ring.

Once she had returned I took the selected implement, a riding crop with a large keeper from her mouth. She leant down so that her elbows were on the floor and her ass nicely displayed ready for 35 strokes of the crop. I untied her frog tie and she let her calves rest on the floor.C20B

I asked “Are you ready for your strokes?”

“Yes and please make them hard ones.”

I took my time before I delivered the first stroke with a loud crack resounding around the room as it landed. She gasped and held her breath for a while. She exhaled and then said “That was nice, you can make them harder if you want.”

I said nothing and delivered the next stroke even harder. It produced a bright red welt which was clearly visible. I took my time delivering the strokes, varying the time between them so that she did not know when the next was going to land. When I had finished her ass was a bright shade of crimson.

She knelt in front of me, and leant back into me with an expression of satisfaction on her face.

She stayed on her knees for well over an hour before I said “OK, Time to go out.”

I helped her up and held her until she was ready for the walk to the pub. Just as we got to the end of the footpath I released her from the steel arm braces and gave her a very thin sundress to wear whilst in the pub.

The dress, whilst covering her up, was thin enough that her prominent nipples showed and I was pleased to see a number of admiring glances from other customers.

Gemma, one of the women who we know said to Diane “I just wish I had the courage to wear such a thin dress.”

Diane smiled saying “It’s easy once you have done it for the first time.”

Gemma blushed, “I just don’t know if I could do it.”

Diane replied “Why don’t you and your partner come to our house next Saturday afternoon and later we can talk about it and then walk here together.”

Gemma’s partner came over on hearing the exchange and said “What time?”

“4 ok with you?”

“We will be there.”

As they went back to their table I could hear that Gemma was rather taken aback by the decision made for her.

When we had gone to bed, Diane snuggled into me saying “I can’t wait for the belt to come off in the morning.”

I waited until she had fallen asleep and gently unlocked the belt so she could remove it when she woke up.

I woke in the morning to Diane using her talented mouth. Once she knew she had got me properly awake she asked “Please unlock me.”

“The lock has been open since you fell asleep.”

She jumped up, removed the belt and quickly returned to the job.

Wicked Wednesday

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Lent continues

In Greece, where I live, Easter Sunday is 1st May and Lent started on 14th March. During Lent there are dietary restrictions and moderation is encouraged in other day to day activities.

After Diane’s experience on the Friday, we had a relatively relaxed day before going to the pub. Not only were George and Beth there, John and Kathy were there. Kathy was sitting with a very straight back.

All four of them noticed that Diane sat down carefully. Kathy raised an enquiring eyebrow.

Diane giggled, “Yesterday we played a quiz game and I managed to get 200 strokes on my bum. It is a little sore.”

Beth then asked “Are you sure it was not for breaking the rules over your diet?”

“Definitely not. The consequences for that are much worse. I am on restricted orgasms until 1st May, and a breach removes one. Even worse, I have to get permission every time I want to cum.”

George said “Maybe I should have put that in place for you sometime.”

Beth immediately replied “Oh God, Please don’t. I don’t think I could keep asking, especially when you get really going on me.”

George smiled and said nothing more.

I then asked “Kathy, you’re back seems very straight tonight, what’s happened?”

“Nothing much, I’ve just sprained some muscles. My doctor said I needed to wear a corset, so John picked up the most restrictive steel boned one we have in stock and has put me in it.”

I then asked “So Beth, how are you after last weekend?”

“I’m fine except I still have some marks. George’s have disappeared though.”

The conversation then continued for the rest of the evening. During this we were able to confirm our suspicions that George and Beth were both switches in the BDSM sense.

As the pub was about to close I asked “The forecast is fine, why don’t we have a barbecue on Monday at our place?”

They all agreed.


Monday morning was spent preparing for the BBQ. We continued with the dietary theme by serving prawns and squid which was welcomed by everyone.

Apart from Kathy who wore a rather fetching, but restrictive corset, we were all nude as is often the case at our home. I asked the others “shall we play some games?”

“What have you got in mind?”

“How about Scrabble with a twist?”

George said “Go on.”

“It is really simple, we play as couples. The normal rules of Scrabble apply, however if you use one of the words on our special list, you get a bonus of 30 points added to your score. Each word can only be used once.”

“That sounds ok.” said Beth.

I continued. “At the end, the winners get away without having a sore ass. They lay out eight implements on the table. The couple who is second is on the receiving end of an implement of their choice from those laid out. Once an implement has been chosen, it cannot be used again. The number of strokes is the difference in the scores. The team that comes in third gets the same but from both the winning and the second placed couple. Each set of strokes is with a different implement. Also it is the men who attend to the female bums and vice versa.”

Beth said. “After that caning from the Kite Flying, my boss at the gym noticed the loose shorts I was wearing!”

George said “Well, just make sure we don’t lose then.”

They all agreed, and we got ready for the game. We agreed that the maximum time for a go was three minutes.

The first letters were drawn, and George and Beth were the ones who went first. They managed to lay down ‘boobs’ and this scored them a bonus.

The game continued with lots of the words from the list making it onto the board. As the game neared the end with no tiles in the bag, we were all fairly close in the scores. However George and Beth were able to really make us all suffer as they finished the game with the word ‘Vibrator’, using up all their letters scoring 50 bonus points for that and an extra 30 for the word from the list.

The final positions were George and Beth winning by 69 points over Kathy and John, and Diane and myself a further 20 points behind.

We went to the playroom and John and Kathy were the first to have their punishment. John chose the wooden paddle whilst Kathy chose the heavy silicon flogger.

Watching both George and Beth wield the implements I was getting rather nervous as they were not holding back. Both John and Kathy were squealing as each stroke landed. I noticed that Beth’s technique with the paddle involved an extra flick of the wrist as the paddle made contact with John’s ass.

Diane was also getting nervous as she was still slightly marked from the session she had on the previous Friday.

Once John and Kathy had received their allotment of strokes, we took a break to allow them to recover before Diane and I had our turn to be on the spanking bench and the horse.

George carefully positioned Diane and he could see some bruising still on Diane’s bum. He commented on this to John and Kathy. Diane was insistent that she received the strokes, as we had lost. She also said “My butt is pretty tough, and I am sure that it will not do me any harm.”

Diane being the pain slut she is was able to take all the treatment from George who was using Diane’s choice of the Scorpion. Whilst he did not use it as hard as I had on the Friday, it was not only making Diane squeal but also moan with arousal as each of the latter strokes landed.

In the meantime Beth had been using the leather paddle, and she was certainly able to make it felt as each stroke landed. Both of us were gasping as their final strokes landed.

We were allowed a few minutes to recover before Diane selected the thin whippy rattan cane for John to use, whilst I selected the metal cane, leaving the loopy Johnny and carpet beater unused.

John and Kathy conferred for a minute out of our hearing. They approached each of us, and the first eight cane strokes were nice parallel lines of fire across upper part of each of the presented bums. Then I heard Kathy say “Now for our favourite star. Kathy laid down the necessary lines on each of my lower bum cheeks, with the final two on each side making me cry.

Diane meanwhile was soaking up the pain and as the final strokes were landed she orgasmed.

We were allowed to recover, and both couples joked about Diane having an orgasm while her ass was receiving its attention. When I judged that she was suitably recovered I whispered in her ear “Go get your belt.”

She reluctantly got up, retrieved her belt and brought it to me. I then carefully placed it on her and locked it into position. Beth’s looked very surprised.

I noticed this and said “Diane, tell them why.”

She sheepishly said “I broke the no orgasm without permission rule. This means two weeks in the belt.”

I smiled as I added “Also I think that your penance needs to be added to as you had an orgasm outside the weekend. So you have no allowance this week.”

Wicked Wednesday

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In Greece, where I live, Lent started on 14th March with Easter Sunday is 1st May. Diane expressed an interest in following the Greek Orthodox Church rules for Lent.

Additionally this week Wicked Wednesday is celebrating its 200th week.

During our first week, Diane got used to the dietary restrictions and the restricted number of orgasms I had imposed on her. She even managed to restrict herself to just 2 orgasms at the weekend, so provided she behaved she would be allowed 6 over the second weekend.

On the Wednesday evening I thought I would test her resolve and whilst we cuddled together on the sofa watching TV I started gently to tease and caress her with my hands. She protested at first, but the teasing, especially of her nipples soon had her getting aroused. I could not only tell by the rigidity of her now erect nipples, but also from the damp patch forming in the groin area of her knickers.

I spent plenty of time touching her sensitive spots and she was soon squirming and begging to be allowed to cum.

I asked “What day is it today?”


“What is the rule about orgasms?”

She panted “I must ask permission.”


“What do you mean and?”

“Only on Saturdays and Sundays are you allowed orgasms.”

She groaned and squirmed even more and was really begging to be allowed to get her release. At the end of a rather enjoyable programme, I turned off the TV and slowed down my teasing.

Whilst she was relieved that the teasing had stopped, she said “God, how am I supposed to get to sleep whilst so horny?”

“That is your worry, not mine.”

She pouted as we made our way to bed.

On the Friday morning (25th March), a bank holiday, she remembered that we were allowed some salt fish, and decided we should have some for our supper.

I said “I have also done some homework; you need to learn everything that I have written out. Later we will see how well you have done.”

The days went well, with good weather so we could do some gardening as well as relax.  Diane had spent some time reading the notes I had given her.

Diane served supper, and I was surprised that she had served Hake instead of the salted cod I expected. “Why are we having Hake?”

“I was looked on line for some recipes and found that Hake is allowed instead of Salted cod. In addition we are allowed wine and Olive oil, so I have used wine in the sauce as well as Olive oil in dressing the vegetables.”

I was surprised, so while she was clearing the dishes I checked to find that she was in fact correct.

In the playroom, I secured her in a standing spread eagle position so I could watch her beautiful body. I went to the wall, selected the Scorpion, a wooden paddle with lots of holes, a tawse and the Loopy Johnny. I placed the implements on the table in front of her alongside the most feared implement of all, the four cane bundle.

“Here is the game we are going to play. I some questions ready for you, all based on the notes you were given.”

I continued “Each one you get right earns you an extra orgasm. For each one you get wrong will lose you two orgasms from your allowance. In addition you will receive 20 hard swats of one of these nice implements on your lovely bum. You can decide the order of their use, but each can only be used twice. We will continue the quiz until you have accumulated a total of 200 swats.”

She pleaded “Please sir, I don’t think I can take 40 from the four cane bundle, I will take an extra 20 hard strokes from the Scorpion and Loopy Johnny.”

I paused for a moment. I said “well that is being a little impertinent, but I take your point. The impertinence needs to be addressed, so you will have some additional torment during the quiz.”

I picked up some nipple weights and a long pole. I attached the pole to some chains, attached them to mounting points on the ceiling so the pole was between her legs, crushing her pussy and lifting her up onto tiptoes. I then added 6 ounces of weights to each nipple ring.

I waited for 10 minutes before I started off the quiz by asking “what feast is being celebrated in Greece today?”

“Easy, The feast of the Annunciation.”

“Apart from the feast of the Annunciation, what is also celebrated on 25th March?”

“Independence day.”

“Good, next one. What is the Independence Day celebrating?”

“The start of the Greek war of independence.”

“In which year?”

“Ummmmm 1895?”

“Wrong it is 1821. Next question, a bicentenary is celebrating what?

“200 years.”

This continued for another 28 questions over the next twenty or so minutes, with her getting 7 more wrong. I was beginning to run out of questions and hoped she did not get the next few right.

“Now, what is the Greek for 200?”


“Close, the correct answer is diakosia.” I paused for a moment, “next question, on 25th March 1816 Friedrich Wilhelm Paul Leopold acceded to which title?”

“Oh shit, something like Schleswig-Holstein.”

“Is that your answer?”

“Yes. I can’t remember it all.”

“The correct answer is Schleswig-Holstein-Sonderburg-Glücksburg. Congratulations, you have now earned the 200 swats.”

I removed the pole that was crushing her pussy, took off the nipple weights and lowered her arms to give her a rest.

I held her for a while, gave her a drink of water. When I felt she was rested, I cuffed her arms behind her back and with a rope raised them so she was in the strappado position.

“Ready?” I asked.

She wiggled her bum.

I gave her a hand spanking to give her a bit of a warm up before I asked “Which one do you want to feel first?”

“Your choice sir.”

I picked up the paddle and started with 20 medium level strokes. I followed those up with a further 20 hard strokes. Once the paddle had finished its work her bum was a nice rosy hue. I gave her a short break before picking up the tawse to continue the assault on her bum. All 40 were delivered with a crack and her response a squeal that got louder as the stroke count rose.

I let her rest again, before picking up the Loopy Johnny. Each of the sixty strikes landed with Diane grunting or moaning or squealing as she felt each and every stroke.

Diane needed a rest, so I let her stand up, and ensured that her breathing got back to normal and gave a drink of water.

I got her back into position and gently whispered “I know you like this one, but remember no cumming.”

She groaned and started to wiggle her bum inviting me to give it the attention she had earned.

Each strike of the twenty tails produced tiny welts, and she was in tears by the time she had received 40 strokes. I could tell that she was in her happy place, so I decided that couple of extra hard swats were needed to bring her out of it, and ensure that she did not cum. These strokes had the desired effect. The last 18 strokes were firm, and she was squealing all the way through them.

I let her down, cuddled her and gently rubbed some Arnica cream into her very sore arse.

I let her recover before taking her to bed; I snuggled up to her and let her go to sleep. We slept soundly.

In the morning I was woken to Diane using her mouth on my now erect member. When she had got me fully awake she asked “Please may I ride you and may I have an orgasm?”

I was pleased with the way she asked and agreed. She continued to give me attention until she was ready to mount me. She rode me hard, with her holding back until we both came at the same time. She slumped over me and fell back asleep for a short time.

Wicked Wednesday

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