Safeword goes unused

Continued from last week

As is usual we walked to the pub, with Val naked alongside Diane whilst Len and I followed each with a bag holding our wife’s clothing which they changed into as we got to the road.

We walked into the pub and found a table. Val looked around nervously before she turned to Diane asking “isn’t that young woman in the scarlet top the one who featured in Marie Claire a couple of months ago?”

“You are quite right, it was only her second time modelling, and the first for a publication. The first time was a nude shoot as part of a makeover. She has done at least one more, and she says she will do more but only for a particular photographer and for very limited prints of art photography. She has done one more shoot for publication and that is it, according to her.”

“Wow, I wish I had the guts to be photographed naked.”

Len overheard this last comment and said “Next time you overspend your allowance on clothes your punishment will be a nude shoot with a professional photographer.”

He turned to me saying. “I have had trouble keeping her spending under the agreed allowance, but I hope that punishment will help. I hope you know a suitable photographer who is discreet.”

“Don’t worry, we do. He has also shot Diane, and his wife is a top model who will help with the make up and hair. The interesting part is he will want to print them and exhibit them in a top London Gallery. It is where Olivia’s photographs were seen by Marie Claire and they asked for the shoot.”

The rest of the evening was pleasant and whilst there was discussion about the BDSM lifestyle it was very much about safety, consent and how to learn more.


Sunday Morning saw us having a cooked breakfast before I took Len to the playroom and showed him some of the implements. I had him practice the figure of eight technique with a flogger on our mannequin. In addition he soon learned about using a cane, a crop and other stingy implements.

Whilst I was teaching Len, Diane had persuaded Val to go plant shopping with her. When they got back Val looked a bit unkempt. Len noticed this just as Val started “Diane has been torturing me since the moment we left. She had me put this small silver thing inside me and then added a C string with a small anal insert. The journey to the Garden Centre was fine, just a matter of managing different sensations as I have never sat down with anything inside me, nor worn a C string before. Once out of the car, the thing inside me sprung to life and I went bright red and and gave a cry of surprise.”

Diane interrupted “What she really wanted was for me to turn it off, but as Charles knows, that was very unlikely.”

Val continued “That is right but I did ask her to turn it off before she said I just had to put up with it and whatever she did till we got back. It was very strange for me to walk around with this thing buzzing away, and wearing a C string.”

Len interrupted “well your knickers should have been helping keep things there.”

To his surprise she replied “I wasn’t wearing any. We walked around quite a lot and finally made our selection. Once we got into the queue for the till there was a new sensation in my groin coming from the C string. I pleaded with her in a whisper to turn the things off, but she ignored them.”

Diane interrupted again “I did remind her before we left of her safewords, but as she didn’t use either, I just carried on.”

“True, it was just the embarrassment that upset me, the sensations were very pleasurable though. Any way once we got into the car the buzzing got more intense and just as we got back here I had an orgasm in the car.”

Len smiled, “as you are learning this is not all about discomfort or pain. Now, as we went to bed last night, you expressed an interest in Diane’s torture yesterday, suggesting that it would be very painful and uncomfortable even for a short time. Charles has kindly agreed that we could try it out but not for the same amount of time as Diane suffered.”

We had lunch before Diane said, “You have had plenty of rest and it is time for this flogging I promised you yesterday.”

We took her out to the structure, secured her in a comfortable standing spreadeagle  before Diane added a blindfold saying “this will intensify the sensations, feel free to make as much noise as you like. Don’t forget your safewords, but I doubt you will want to use them.”

Diane and I stood back as Len started to use the flogger on her back between her shoulders with the odd strike on her bum. She was soon asking for harder strokes. Len obliged by increasing the strength behind the strokes. She kept wanting them harder and harder until Len could not put any more strength into the strokes. He needed a short break so he snuggled up to her back and was playing with her rock hard nipples and asked “how about a bit of attention with the flogger being given to these?”

“Ummm Yes please.”

Again he started with gentle strokes and she was soon pleading for harder and harder strokes, in between her pleas there were loud moans and groans of unadulterated pleasure. Len carefully changed position and soon was applying the flogger to her pussy. Her vocalisation if the pleasure got louder and louder until there was a scream of “YESSSSSSSSS” and she orgasmed hard, squirted and then slumped in her bondage.

Len stopped immediately, Diane and I helped release her from the spreadeagle and he carried her to a suitable sofa.

Len was a little surprised and looked a little scared as Val was totally out of it. He held her close and we watched carefully as she started to come round. Her speech was totally garbled and she was twitching a lot. Diane said quietly to Len, “This is perfectly normal, it will take a while for her to be able to speak intelligibly and she will be twitching for considerably longer.”

About 20 minutes later her speech was back to normal, but she was still twitching a little. She said “My god, I peed myself before everything went black. I have never had an orgasm like it before.”

I sent Len to just get a taste of the puddle on the ground and he came back saying “That is not pee. I was also very scared when you passed out.”

Diane said “the passing out is because your brain was flooded with endorphins and feelings of pleasure that it could not handle any more. This sometimes referred to as ‘Le Petit Mort’ and is not at all dangerous to your health, a few neurologists have suggested that it can help your brain function, so there is nothing too worry about.”

I then said “Val, you did not pee, you had what is known as a female ejaculation. It is different and is the result of intense pleasure.”

We talked further about how she felt and it was clear she entered subspace for a while before she had her orgasm. In addition we discussed other things including sub drop which she would experience in the next couple of days. The final thing was the flogger. We explained that it was a very special one off flogger that meant you felt very little on impact irrespective of the intensity of the strokes. She had the final word by saying to Len “you better add a soft gentle flogger to your expanding shopping list.”

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Fantasy realised?

Diane and I had been kept busy with our jobs during the three weeks since our meeting with Alice and her superiors. This meant that a call that Diane received from Inspector Mills was a real surprise. It took her over a week to tell me about it, and then mentioned it on a Monday night. Furthermore she had accepted his request for a meeting (with his wife) without consulting me.

She reported that he first said “this call has nothing to do with official business, although both Superintendent Reeves and I were fascinated by the explanations about the markings on Dawn’s skin that you and your husband gave.”

He continued “I told my partner about your explanations and comments about the bruising. I also included Alice’s comments about your training in the conversation. She over a few days started to reveal some of her fantasies, some of her fantasies surprised me with because they involved pain which she hates and an element of discomfort.”

Diane then told me the meeting was for the following weekend starting at 3pm. I asked for and obtained his telephone number. I rang him, and said “I know we have a meeting arranged for this weekend. Diane has only just told me about it. I will have to punish her for not consulting me about it and a few other failings in the last couple of weeks. My first concern is will you and your partner object if her punishment occurs whilst you are present?”

“Can you tell me what the punishment is?”

“I haven’t fully decided, but it will not involve any impact implements. It may, however include some discomfort.”

“That should not be a problem.”

“Good, the second is that if things go well and we all decide that both of you want some training, we could start that afternoon and carry on until the following day.  If this happens, you will be expected to stay with us for the night, as we will go to the pub in the evening. Further there will be nudity involved for both of you. I would suggest you check with your wife before replying. You should also decide between yourselves 2 or 3 fantasies she would like to come true and let me know so I can make some preparations. If so let me have the details by Thursday so I can prepare things if necessary.”

I was startled by an immediate “Val here, I’ve been listening in and that is all fine with me, it’s taken a long time to reveal some of my fantasies to Len, but it is about time I started to have fun now the kids aren’t at home.”

I found out some basic information, reaffirmed the agreed meeting and then asked Len for his private email that resulted in an exchange of emails with ideas and thoughts that allowed me to prepare for the weekend.

The next three evenings kept me very busy at home, and Diane could not work out what I was preparing, especially as it involved visits to the hardware store for some supplies. When she got persistent I finally had enough of her inquisitiveness. “That is enough, any more wheedling and trying to find out what your punishment is doubles it each time. Therefore 2 attempts would take a one hour punishment to four hours.”

This quietened her down and I was able to complete the preparations with only one extra attempt that I told her now doubled the punishment. I added “I’ve agreed that Len and Val will be here while you are being punished.”

Saturday came around and we completed all our chores well before the time that we expected Len and Val. About half an hour before they were due to arrive, I had Diane strip, put her cuffs on before Movavi ScreenShot 4351 - MistressinBoots' Pics - FetLife - fetlife.compresenting her with a new pair of shoes. Theses shoes had no heel, yet the heel was about 5 inches above the sole. I suggested that she took the time to get used to wearing and walking about in them. She was about to object when I warned her “your punishment starts a few minutes after they arrive, and you don’t really want it to last anymore than the 2 hours you already have earned.”

It was a really bright sunny warm autumn afternoon, so I sent her to get the sunscreen and apply it liberally. I made sure it was applied to her back. Len and Val arrived and we took them through to the garden. I let Diane prepare the tea before excusing myself for a couple of minutes.

When I got back I said to all three, “Diane’s punishment is an extension of one of her fantasies and borders into one of the ones that Len sent me.”

I had Diane stand on a concrete slab which had a hole in it, the slab was a largemixed block of concrete with a 12 inch long metal tube embedded in it, as if it would take a rotary clothes line. I took the extending pole I carried and inserted it in the hole. On the top of the pole was a solid steel dildo was ribbed increasing in size towards the base. I inserted the dildo and adjusted the pole so that the dildo was fully inserted.

I turned to Val and Len saying “this is what is referred to as a one bar prison. Whilst Diane can move about a little, she cannot lift herself off it. This also means that she can join in the conversation.”

We talked all about the basics and safety, especially the need and use of safewords. We included discussion about the use of implements which Val was adamant she would not accept being used on her. Diane then said “We will have to train Len in the use of a flogger and I want you to accept just one flogging from Len. I promise you that it will be a very pleasurable introduction and don’t forget you will have your safeword that can stop it.”

“Ok, I reluctantly agree but don’t be surprised if I use the safeword.”

The timer bell rang to tell me that the first hour of Diane’s punishment had ended. I turned to Val and Len and said “This next hour will be a lot more intense for Diane” as I added the butterfly clit vibrator and turned it to medium speed. There was a buzzing noise, but it did not stop us from continuing our talk. Diane meanwhile was moaning slightly as the vibrations started to arouse her. Before the hour was up she pleaded for the vibrator intensity to be increased and that she be allowed to orgasm. I noticed that her hands started to fiddle with the position of the vibrator so I quickly locked her cuffs behind her back.

As I increased the setting on the vibrator, I turned to Val, “She is being punished for not telling me about the initial phone call for a few days amongst a few other things. Shall we let her have an orgasm?”

Val with a wry smile said “Not yet, if it is a punishment then from what she said earlier; pleasure should not be involved.”

Diane was not amused, but she could do nothing other than accept the stimulation and discomfort of being restrained on a dildo. For the rest of the hour she wriggled and squirmed as her state of arousal increased and she worked at delaying her orgasm.

As soon as the timer buzzed for the second time she immediately asked for the vibrations to increase and I just turned it off before lowering the dildo and removing the vibrator. I left her hands cuffed as I did not want her to have an orgasm as Val had denied her one during the session. Diane was stoic about it.

We continued our discussion, going inside as it cooled down, before we left to go to the pub.

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The Police Visit

About a month after we returned from Switzerland I received a call from Alice (see posts of July to September 2020). After the usual pleasantries she revealed that she had been promoted. She also confirmed that she and Tim were still experimenting and exploring which she said was “great fun.” She then got to the reason for the call.

The next evening we welcomed Alice (now a police sergeant), inspector Mills who is her immediate superior and superintendent Reeves.

There were the pleasantries to get out of the way before the superintendent started “The reason we have come is that there is a very tricky case that we are investigating. The Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) have looked at it and need persuasion about which way to go. Your advice and help would be of assistance. However we must state that everything we discuss must be kept confidential, other than a summary that will be agreed with you that will be forwarded to the CPS. Dependent on your thoughts, if necessary, they will then obtain specialists to provide the formal evidence.”

We agreed to the ‘terms’ and he continued “A few days ago, we received a call from the local hospital’s Accident and Emergency department. There was a woman who had 2 broken ribs. However the relevant examination also revealed substantial bruising from about six inches above her knees to just below the shoulders including her breasts and pubic area. She also has a series of genital piercings. These piercings included some that allowed for her genitals to be sealed tight. The nurse as required by the law ensured that photographic evidence of the bruising was obtained as well as pictures of the piercings before reporting it. The law about domestic abuse is such that any genital piercings can be considered ‘domestic abuse’ and the bruising could further enhance the evidence.”

He paused for a moment before he carried on “As the law stands at the moment the person who caused the bruising and inflicted the piercings can be prosecuted irrespective of the views (or request) of the ‘abused’. This allows for a fairer trial as the abuser has been known to force the abused to say it was all by mutual consent.”

I interrupted, “I understand all that, but I don’t understand why our help is needed?’

“I am just coming to that. The patient said to the nurse that all the bruising had occurred a few days before the incident that broke her ribs. From the medical evidence it is highly probable that the bruising was incurred before the broken rib. In fact we know for certain that her partner left the UK on business the day before the broken ribs occurred. The broken ribs were caused by her two dogs who are very powerful, pulling on her sharply and she fell to the ground.”

I summed up the comments so far as “OK, you have a badly bruised woman whose ribs were innocently broken a few days after the bruising was incurred.”

“Yes. Now we get to difficult part. Alice was the best placed officer to see the woman initially. She took some details and a couple of days later went to see the patient at her home. The two dogs were there and were very friendly and a little boisterous, so that the part of the story about the broken ribs is very likely to be the truth. I think it should be Alice that talks about the other part.”

Alice started “to begin with the woman was very reluctant to talk to me. Initially on the basis that she was embarrassed and secondly she felt that it was nothing to do with the law how she got all the bruising on her body. I was very patient and it took two or three days to get her confidence.  Eventually she said that she and her husband were into spanking and whipping and the bruising was a result of the long session that they had 4 days before she broke her ribs.”

Alice continued “I went back to the station where I examined the photographs in great detail. I saw a series of marks that resembled those I had seen in the flesh on a few occasions. My sixth sense kicked in and I decided to talk privately to Inspector Mills who then involved Superintendent Reeves.”

The inspector started “When Alice told me about her thoughts I was very sceptical especially as I was not aware of her personal knowledge and experience in this area. It took a little persuasion on her part, however her logic and the viewing of certain photographs available on the internet I soon became persuaded that she could be right. However, the CPS were not fully satisfied. When the woman’s husband returned from business he was formally interviewed by Alice. He confirmed the reason for the bruising was the results of a punishment for a minor accident in the car that resulted in an expensive quote for the repair. We discussed this with the CPS (along with all the other circumstantial evidence) and they have changed their stance a little to possibly confirm Alice’s conclusions. This has been explained to both of them and they have agreed that we can show the photographs to independent persons provided her face is obscured. It was Alice’s suggestion that we enlisted your help”

He took a deep breath “This is where we would like your help. We would like the two of you to examine the photographs and give your thoughts.”

We both agreed, stepped away from the others and examined the photographs carefully. The bruising was very substantial. We agreed that there were lots of marks that looked like they were from floggers, some obvious marks from dressage whips, quirts and riding crops. Also there looked to be some marks from a strap in addition to clear stripes from a cane and switches.

Diane summed up our findings as “In our opinion, the marks are from implements in common use in BDSM. There is no visual evidence of the skin being broken, however some of the cane and switch strokes were very close to that. The whips and crop marks whilst painful at the time will not have caused any serious damage. Now there are some issues with the floggers in that they have been allowed to wrap close to her kidneys. Overall she will have felt the punishment for a few days. As for her piercings these appear to have been done professionally and are perfectly common. Now what is surprising is that Dawn, who is the local regional manager for a rival company to the one I manage, who got the punishment as I thought she was the dominant in her relationship.”

Superintendent Reeves’s jaw dropped. “How can you say that, as her face is concealed and she has never mentioned your company in any of the interviews?”

“Easy, as part of the training for the staff of Bedroom Delights there is a session on the use of various implements as both the recipient and administering the blows. This often involves being topless and I recognised her pattern of moles. She was one of the first staff we trained, and both of us were involved in providing the training.”

“From what you are saying, You are suggesting that the bruising is from the result of a consensual punishment and is not abuse.”

“In essence yes, however they should seek guidance to ensure they use the implements safely. Further I have no problem with you stating that it was Charles and I who had a look at the photographs and helped you. Now I commend you on your creative method of resolving what could be a very tricky and potentially controversial case for you as officers, the CPS and more importantly Dawn and her partner.”

Alice then interrupted “If they feel they need extra guidance or a refresher can I give them your phone number?”

“Of course.”

Superintendent Reeves and Inspector Mills thanked us for our time and the Superintendent’s final comment was “Alice your strange but perceptive out of the box thinking has worked again.”

After the superintendent had left, Inspector Mills held back a minute and asked “From what Alice said,  I assume you have trained a few people in the last few years.”

Before either could say anything, Alice said “You remember the ribbing I got when I stopped the Triumph Stag that you thought had 4 naked women as passengers?”


“Well it was Charles, Diane and 3 friends in the car that day and the women were wearing flesh coloured bras. He somehow worked out I was interested in BDSM and later they taught me Tim and me the basics over a couple of weekends. You also know it has done the world of good for our relationship.”

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Switzerland (the end)

Diane then turned to me saying “your turn.” I gulped as she continued “Olivia and I have talked a bit and decided that it was about time you got tied up.”

I was required to strip completely and Diane started the tie by taking me to one of the supporting poles placing me so that my back was to the pole and my wrists were secured behind the pole. I was now completely in Diane’s hands. She first put a chest harness on me. It was very tight and, as Diane checked, also sensitized my nipples a little.

The next part of the tie was to tightly secure my legs together with bindings at the Karada-Hobbleskirtankles, just below and above the knees and my thighs. This rendered me to basically be unable to move around. She cuddled into me and started to tease and arouse me whilst I was unable to do anything in return. This continued until she judged that I was at a point where she could very quickly make me cum with either her mouth or hands.

She stopped to my annoyance saying “you may get to cum later if you are very lucky.”

She turned to Julian asking “Do you think Olivia is ready for her treat?”

Olivia nodded enthusiastically as he replied “I think so.”

Julian guided Olivia to a point underneath a pole. He first put a tight chest tie on herunknown model (28) that squeezed her breasts and just a flick on a nipple showed their increased sensitivity. The chest harness was tied to the pole so that she could not move around much. He then prepared her right leg followed by her left leg. He got as stool for her to rest her bum on before he started to raise the ties so that she was effectively sitting with the ropes taking most of her weight and the stool was there for stability. Her legs were spread apart and secured to the pole at her knees. He then placed a blindfold on her.

He teased and aroused her so she was begging to be taken to an orgasm. He by this time was erect and nodded to the waiting Diane and Corrine. He quickly entered her, whilst Diane secured her ankles behind his back. Corrine quickly cuffed his hands behind Olivia’s back and then removed the stool. Julian was stood there and once her blindfold was removed he rocked her back and forth as he used his mouth to kiss, and nibble may of her erogenous zones around her ears and neck. He managed to rub her nipples against his chest as well so that she was driven higher and higher. He in turn started moving faster.

Olivia screamed in ecstasy and Julian with an almighty effort penetrated her as far as he could and then they both effectively collapsed. Both Diane and Corrine were watching carefully and quickly released Julian and Olivia from their bindings and they were taken to the sofa where they were able to be cuddle up to each other as they recovered. I noticed that Eva and Maria kept a close eye on them until it was clear that they were able to look after each other.

Diane then talked with Corrine who just smiled as though they were conspiring and I would be the target. Diane came over and released my ankles, put a blindfold over my eyes and said, “The blindfold is only for a short while, and I hope you like the result.” Finally she put some earphones on me so I could not even hear what was going on.

I was left standing there for what seemed like ages before my wrists were released from behind me. As I had lost a bit of my erection, I was led around for a moment and then felt one of Diane’s hands starting to caress me and get me back to full arousal. Once I was ready I was moved and Diane helped insert my cock into her pussy. I felt that my nipple rings were being fiddled with and soon realised that Diane was secured to a bench or table and we were locked together by our nipples.

My blindfold and headphones were removed. Corrine came into view as she used ropes


Picture by

to tightly secure our chests ties together. She produced a double ball gag that was first placed in Diane’s mouth and then I was secured to it. In the meantime my legs had been tightly secured to the table that Diane’s back was leaning on. My elbows and wrists were tied to the table so my chest was raised up a little so as not to crush Diane. Finally Diane’s ankles were secured together behind my back. Neither of us had any real movement available to us.

Dee came into my view and said to me “as my ass has been made to suffer because of your making me swear so often, it is time that yours suffered. However I don’t know how long it will take so the machine has a nice flogger that will strike your ass for as long as it takes for you both to come.”

Looking into Diane’s eyes it was clear she was in on this and although I tried to make some movement it was minimal. However when the first strike of the flogger landed I somehow managed greater movement.

The flogger started off with a fairly steady interval between strikes, however every couple of minutes the speed increased. This meant I was able to increase Diane’s stimulation inside. As the machine got really fast I could tell from the squeezing of Diane’s pussy around my cock that she was not far off, and I did what I could with my very restricted movements to help. Eventually I mumbled that I was about to come and when I did, I triggered a very intense orgasm for Diane. Whilst I did not pass out, I did not realise or notice that Corrine and Dee very quickly released both of us and then helped us over to one of the sofas so we could recover whilst relaxing.


The following morning we were all late getting up and just made it to breakfast before the Dining area closed.

Diane and I were both having a mild case of sub drop from the intense experiences of the activities the previous night. Olivia and Julian commented about how they felt. We talked about their feelings and how they felt during the scenes we were able to explain about sub-space and the resultant sub drop later.

We met up with Corrine and Patrice for lunch and all of us thanked them for helping us fulfill fantasies that we had had. Olivia added “The first set up with Julian’s ties were completely my fantasy with a vibrator being the stimulation to Orgasm, However the inclusion of Julian made the experience even more enjoyable. Thank you two for facilitating it.”

Corrine replied “My office is there to bring fantasies to life as well as be a safe environment to play. I am glad you enjoyed yourselves.”

Later as we were in the plane home Olivia commented on how inclusive all the strangers they have met were and how much they have enjoyed our training. They reiterated “That stupid mistake by Julian has turned into a life enhancing experience for both of us as well as improving our relationship such that we want to renew our vows as well as at some time in the next few months arrange a formal celebration of our Kinkiness.”

Diane laughed saying “We can hold that second celebration when you are ready for it. You might want to talk to Corrine. She is a judge in the Swiss courts and I think she will be able to come up with something to allow you to renew your vows.”

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Switzerland (1)

After Olivia had left us (see last week) we were able to discuss with Julian the skills he wanted to learn as well as get details of some of their fantasies that he thought Olivia would like to be real.

After being reassured that some of the fantasies were Olivia’s, Diane and I had a little discussion. We came up with a couple of ideas that we discussed with him to ensure he was happy. We talked about the planning and discussed a scenario as it mixed up one of his fantasies with one of hers.

We first Taught Julian the basics of flogging using the mannequin that had been used to train Olivia. He was very quick to pick up the techniques. Diane and I soon satisfied with his techniques. We both commented that it appeared as if he had been practising for years. He laughed before saying “no chance, Olivia and I have been an item since school and have been together now for 12 years. We have not done anything like flogging or bondage before. Further the last few weeks has been an incredible experience, for me and I believe Olivia.  although I was a bit nervous and apprehensive to begin with.”

I replied “Of course you would be nervous to begin with, but there is so much more out there to experience. All of our friends including Dee and Corrine are very open minded about what goes on. It is common for us to play with other people within the group with full knowledge of our partners. We may use Vibrators or Dildos in scenes with others, but it never goes any further. You and Olivia will be under no pressure to play with others. Others will only get involved at your direct request or you have pre-arranged for them to be involved. The only exception is if there is something that may cause a serious injury or ignoring a safeword.”

Now we need to teach you the bondage tie that we think will fulfil the scenario we discussed and will surprise Olivia with some extremely intense sensations.”

Diane disappeared for a couple of minutes and returned wearing one of her more revealing bikinis. I explained “the bikini bottom will stay on for the practice here and on the night we will help you with the final bit.”

We had him practice the tie a number of times using a ring, a long pole and ceiling hooks for the actual suspension. He also got the hang of a chest tie and he was warned that it could incredibly enhance the sensitivity of Olivia’s nipples. His smile was a combination of a devilish glint with a dose of delight. Once all the practice was over with Diane he said “Olivia will not know what has hit her. I hope you two will keep an eye out and step in if necessary.”

I replied “of course, and you are demonstrating the sane and safe part of everything that we do. The consensual part is Olivia going along with everything.”

He said “I am sure she will, but I am not going to tell her of my ideas.”

I suggested he rang Olivia for her to join us and we could eat at the Pub. Olivia quickly agreed and we were soon walking to the pub with the women naked as usual.

As we left the pub, Olivia asked about and was informed on what they should bring with them when we met up on Friday for our trip to Corrine’s home in Switzerland.


At lunchtime on the Friday the four of us met up and I drove. When we passed the motorway exit for Gatwick Olivia said “shouldn’t we have taken that exit?”

Diane replied “Not to worry, we are flying from Biggin Hill which is about 30 minutes away. We will probably be in the air within the hour.”

“How come?”

“Wait and see, and this is the first of the new experiences for you this weekend. I am sure you will find they are all good. Just sit back, relax and be guided by all of us.”

It was less than 30 minutes for us to be parked up. The walk with our bags to the terminal was short and we were met by Dee. We were soon walking the 50 metres from the terminal to the jet with the pilot and Steward waiting for us. We boarded and in just a few minutes we were at the end of the runway ready to take off. There was a short wait before we took off. The pilot came out of the cockpit to inform us that he expected we would land just under 2 hours.

Julian and Olivia soon relaxed and were able to enjoy the flight. When we landed they were surprised to find a people carrier waiting to take us to the hotel where we were met by the manager who remembered Diane and I from previous visits. He welcomed Julian and Olivia and their details were quickly processed. He escorted us up to the top floor and took us to the end of the corridor and Julian and Olivia were given the suite that got the setting sun, whilst we were in the suite opposite. Dee was given the end suite.

Dee suggested “take your time and relax. We are eating in the hotel tonight and I suggest we meet in the bar at about 7.30pm.”

Julian and Olivia were already at the bar when Diane and I arrived. They were busy chatting to Corrine and Dee. Corrine said “I hope you don’t mind I’ve invited Eva and Maria to join us for dinner.”

Julian and Olivia looked a little nervous, but once they had met the two ladies they quickly relaxed.

We all had the next day to ourselves. Julian and Olivia had taken up Maria’s offer for them to have a guided tour of the area. Early in the evening we met up and walked the short distance to Patrice and Corrine’s home for dinner.  Corrine then announced it was time for us to visit the office, which took a short while. Julian and Olivia gasped when they saw it.

Julian gave me the thumbs up. I suggested that they relaxed for a while and it took no time for Corrine to get Dee to play. Julian and Olivia watched for a while and I noticed that she had opened the buttons on her blouse so the front showed a bit of her cleavage and that she was wearing no bra. Over the next hour the blouse became more revealing before it was finally removed. He then asked her “Ready to play?”

After she answered she was, he continued “fine, firstly what are your safewords”

“Yellow for slow down and Red for Stop everything.”

“Good. I am going to blindfold you and then start with a flogging. As the evening goes on you will find the sensations will change and the intensity will vary, all you need to do is enjoy them.”

He kissed her before he put on wrist and ankle cuffs. He took her to the bar, attached her wrists and from the bag he had he got out a flogger and soon had her purring as it landed rhythmically. I realised he had been practising and was using it to perfection. Corrine came over and we talked quietly for a short while before she went and found her softest flogger. She gave it to Julian to use and he soon had Olivia moaning and sighing loudly as he started on her front. Her nipples were a prime target, and when she was ready he started in with a few strokes to her pussy.

Olivia screamed loudly with pleasure as her orgasm came that had her quivering before slumping having left a puddle on the floor from her squirting. Julian dropped the flogger and immediately released her from the bar, tenderly carrying her to a sofa for the aftercare and to relax.

Soon after, Diane then turned to me saying “your turn.”

I gulped as she continued “Olivia and I have talked a bit and decided that it was about time you got tied up.”

What dastardly plans has she got in store? Find out next week.

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