Admission of Guilt

We follow on from last week’s episode Being watched.

After our discovery the previous evening, I rang James. When he and his wife, Petra, arrived Diane was still in her punishment underwear which caught Petra’s attention. Diane told Petra all about the bra and knickers and to my delight, and Diane’s horror, one of the programmed shock routines I had programmed in started. Petra was somewhat amused as Diane struggled to stay still.

Meanwhile James and I went to the garden and looked at the place where the unexpected observer was when I spotted him the previous evening. There we found a crumpled piece of paper which also had his name and telephone number on it, confirming who I thought it was.

James was not amused. He was really upset that one of the contractors he used on a regular basis had been watching the house.

James apologised profusely and said that he would be sorry to lose him as a contractor and that we should call the police.

My reaction was “all the police will do is tell him off, and possibly give him a caution. To us, that is a waste of their resources.”

When we returned to the house, we told Diane what we had found. James was again very apologetic.

We all discussed the situation and I suggested “let’s talk to Corrine for her advice.”

James raised an enquiring eyebrow, so I said “Corrine is a judge in a Swiss court, as well as being very involved in BDSM.”

I got hold of Corrine and explained the situation. She said “No problem, if the offender is willing to admit his guilt and agree to my sentencing him, we can deal with it next weekend. I will bring Patrice and see if Maria and Eva are free too, so he can really enjoy himself.”

I said to James “call him and let’s sort this out now.”

James rang him saying “I need to see you immediately. Where are you?”

The voice at the other end of the phone said “I’m at home. What is so urgent that you need to see me now?”

“I will explain when I see you. Come to this address.” James gave our address, and there was a long pause.

“Umm I am not so sure about that.”

“If you are not here in an hour, this will become a lot more serious.”

About forty minutes later we heard a vehicle on our drive and I opened the door. I was surprised to see that there was a young woman in the passenger seat.

James noticed this too asking. “Gerry, does the young woman know anything about why you are here?”

“Yes, I told Cheryl about it on the way over.”


I waved at the young lady to indicate that she was welcome to come in and join us. She nervously got out of the car and I said “Don’t be worried. You are welcome to join my and James’s wives while we talk to Gerry.”

We went into the house and all the appropriate introductions were made. James and I took Gerry to my office while we left the women to chat between themselves.

Gerry was very nervous as James explained what we had found. He immediately admitted everything. He explained his behaviour “I was extremely curious when I did the first wiring installation in the corner room. I could not understand why there were so many additional heavy duty ceiling joists and the extra wiring that was not lighting related in the ceiling.”

We talked for a short while later and it was clear it was just plain curiosity that made him watch us. He made no excuses for his behaviour.

James said “We could go to the police, but that could cause you a lot of problems in the future with your work, especially if you have to undergo a Criminal Records check. Also you do good work, and I don’t want to lose you as a contractor.”

He was clearly ashamed of his behaviour and in my opinion was contrite.

I looked at James who nodded before I asked “What do you know about BDSM?”

“Not a lot, although I have tried a little bondage in my love life before I met Cheryl.”

“Does she know?”


“Umm, I think I need to consult with the ladies outside for a moment.”

I left the office and indicated I needed to talk to Diane. She came over and we had a whispered conversation before I returned to the office.

James and I talked to Gerry for a few minutes before Diane came in and suggested we went to the living room where she had served some coffee.

Cheryl then surprised all of us men by saying “Gerry, I love you and you have told me what you have done. We three ladies have had a very interesting conversation. I personally suggest you take the punishment on offer and then we can get on with our lives together.”

Gerry was a looked alarmed before Diane said “Charles and I have a very good friend who is genuinely a Judge in Switzerland. She has in the past passed some very interesting sentences that have been life changing for those who have experienced them.”

She continued “I know, from what I have seen of your demeanour and also what Cheryl has said, you would benefit from seeing her.”

He asked nervously “What do you mean?”

Diane replied “Well this is what you need know to make a decision. Physically and mentally you will not be harmed. There will be no permanent marks, however you could be uncomfortable at times, painful at others and you will have experiences that you have never had before.”

Gerry was quiet for a moment before he said “is this to do with BDSM?”

“Yes, and I can assure you that with the exception of Cheryl, all those involved are well experienced. There will be James, Petra, Charles and myself, our friend and her husband and maybe two of our mutual friends.”

Cheryl then piped in “I’ve known for a long time that you have been interested in bondage, but were too worried to ask me. Well I am interested too. Diane and Petra have explained a lot to me, and I want to find out more.”

We stayed silent until finally Gerry said “I am between a rock and a hard place. I am leaving myself in the hands of people I don’t really know. How do I know that I won’t come to any harm?”

I replied “Simple, the law is on your side. Even if you agree to our proposal, should we cause any lasting injuries, or you needed medical attention, then we could, and probably, would be prosecuted for assault or worse. Further, we expect you to have someone you trust totally to have a sealed envelope, containing our address, only to be opened if you do not call them by a fixed time from your home.”

He paused before he said nervously “When will this happen?”

Diane replied, “Next weekend. You need to be here by 9.00pm on Friday and you will be here until 5.00pm Sunday.”

Petra then added “I expect you give Cheryl a budget of what she can spend on herself. Well, she will be doing some shopping for both of you, so I hope you can allow her some leeway this week.”

He nodded.

James then changed the subject so that the two of them could get to know us all better and vice versa. Before we knew it was getting late. James then said “Have you two got any plans for tonight?”

Gerry answered. “Just to go out for a meal.”

James looked at Diane, Petra and myself. We all smiled at him before he said “Why not join us at the pub for a meal?”

Cheryl immediately replied “That sounds great, but we need to get home to our pets tonight.”

“That’s fine, we won’t be late either.”

Wicked Wednesday

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Being watched

I have added 2 links to previous stories that give detail of the ‘topics’

On our way home from Zack and Dee’s country home Diane reminded me that we needed to do one of our regular sessions on the special exercise bikes we had bought and had installed a few weeks ago.

Once home, we quickly got ourselves ready for the session. We followed the instructions as we were put through our paces. I managed to keep up with what was asked of me so was rewarded with very pleasurable sensations throughout the session. Diane, on the other hand, seemed to find it difficult to keep up with the requirements and was emitting squeaks and squeals every time she fell behind.

After the session, I copied the necessary files and sent them to George. I also added “Diane is going to be in her punishment bra and knickers for the next week. I have programmed them so we can do the exercises on one evening (but she does not know this). Can you send me a special ‘one off’ session that basically makes it impossible for her to be rewarded?”

It did not take long for the phone to ring. George asked for some information which I gladly gave him.

As we went to bed on the Sunday night, I reminded Diane about her underwear requirements for the rest of the week. She was not amused when she heard that she had to have the knickers on by 7.30 am meaning she would have to get out of bed as soon as our alarm clock went off, have a quick shower before putting them on.

At breakfast I told her “your knickers allow you to go to the loo at 11, 2.30 and 6 before you can remove them at night at 10.30. You will be subjected to various sensations during the day. These will have been programmed so that you will still be able to work, but you will have to concentrate a bit harder than usual at times.”

She pouted a little, but said nothing.

The drive to her office was full of various squeaks and squeals as she felt some fairly intense shocks from her knickers and bra. As we parked up, she was a little red in the face.

Nothing much happened to her until she had her regular weekly meeting with Dee. I had been invited to it as well so I could observe the torment Diane went through. All through the meeting the pads near her clitoris did their work, with a few shocks to her bum cheeks thrown in for good measure. She tried to hide her squirming, but Dee noticed saying “I see the bra and knickers are hard at work.”

Diane blushed when she continued “Charles that is really mean as we are at work and have some important matters to resolve.”

I laughed saying “I see no reason why Diane can’t concentrate on the matters at hand. She just needs to focus.”

Dee giggled “I just hope Zack hasn’t programmed mine to be so nasty today. He has actually given me a rest from being distracted this afternoon.”

I smiled but said nothing.

Diane asked “Why are you wearing yours then?”

“I was warned by Zack that if we did not win on Saturday, I would suffer the same fate as you, wearing them for the same number of days. He spent most of yesterday afternoon programming these damned things. What is worse, if I am caught swearing an extra day is added each time.”

I could see Diane relax half an hour into the meeting, as the program stopped to give her a break. The meeting continued with a number of major decisions being made.

About an hour into the meeting, Zack appeared as he often did. He joined in the discussion when Dee started squirming. Suddenly she squeaked “F***.”

Zack laughed, “Oh well that is another day in them for you.”

Dee glared at him but managed to keep herself from getting into more trouble as it was her turn to feel the distractions.

As we drove home after work Diane asked “Did you know that Dee was in the same punishment mode as me?”

“Yes, Zack told me yesterday. We collaborated on the settings for this afternoon.” I replied with a smile.

Diane giggled when she heard this.

The next three days progressed with Diane being subjected to some minor distractions during the day, but the intensity was increased in the evenings so that when we went to bed she extremely turned on. She could hardly wait until it was time to remove the knickers so that she could bring herself to orgasm. I was certainly not neglected in this as she rode me hard each night to completion before we both collapsed exhausted.

On the Thursday evening I said to Diane, “Time for our exercise. You can undo the panel for this session.”

She mounted her bike and settled into position. I did the same. I pressed my start button and was horrified to read “You requested that Diane has a real work out today with little or no reward. Well, George and I have decided that you need to work especially hard this session. Beth XXX”

I followed the instructions as best as I could and before long I felt the squeeze around my ball sack increase as I failed to keep up with the required effort. This squeezing continued with some nasty shocks to my bum and nipples.

By the end of the session I was sweating copiously and was totally worn out. Diane on the other hand managed to do a lot better at keeping up with her requirements, and although she was exhausted, she had not suffered nearly as many punishments as me.

As we settled in for a quiet Friday evening in, the phone rang. Diane answered and it was clear that she was partly amused, but also slightly disturbed about their knowing all about our exercise session the previous night.

Once the call had finished Diane said “It sounds to me that George and Beth had rigged up some hidden cameras so they could get their kicks by watching us.”

I giggled “What you mean like peeping Toms?”


“I doubt that, especially as we were with them all the time they set up the bikes. I just sent them the data from last night’s session this morning.”

“Umm I’m not so sure. I had a feeling that I was being watched.”

We went to the playroom and carefully examined everything and there was absolutely no sign of any hidden devices.

I looked out of the window at the side of the playroom and I too had a strange feeling. I ushered Diane out of the room, picked up our binoculars and went to another room. I scanned the back of our garden and suddenly saw a young lad hidden in the hedge.

“You may be right.” I said to Diane. I explained what I had seen.

“Well, what do we do? I know I am a bit of an exhibitionist. When I know who is watching, I am fine. But I am slightly concerned about this.”

“I know who it is.” I told her the name. She looked puzzled for a minute.

I then said “He worked on the renovations. He was obviously curious about the ‘unfinished room’ that had strengthened ceiling joists and special materials on the walls, let’s talk to James tomorrow and see what he suggests.”

Wicked Wednesday

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Tamara and Grant went to the play room and were there for a while. When they returned Sofia asked “So what were you two up to?”

“Getting everything ready for the rest of you tonight.” Grant replied.

The conversation over dinner was congenial. There was some banter between us all, as well as some questioning of what was planned, however, Grant and Tamara were very tight lipped. Diane and I exchanged nervous glances, just as the others did.

When dinner was over they escorted us to the playroom.

Tamara announced. “We have decided the four of us ladies will have a sore bum tonight. As Grant and I were winners, I will just receive 22 strokes, which represents one for each fish we caught, of an implement of my choice from those laid out on the table over there. Sofia being second gets 40 strokes, the 18 she caught and our 22, Diane gets 59 strokes and Dee gets 89 strokes which is the total that we all caught. To ensure an even application of strokes, we will be using that nice spanking machine, with me getting the lightest strokes, going up a level of severity each time so Dee gets the hardest ones.”

Grant then said, “Us men will not get away that easily. The four of us will spend time in a rather devious predicament situation; we will spend as many minutes in the predicament as our partner gets strokes.”

Tamara then took the ladies to one side and explained quietly what needed to be done. On a louder voice she added “if I am not satisfied about the predicament, your number of strokes is doubled, so get it right.”

Diane came over to me, and told me to sit on the mat with my hands behind my back. She used cuffs to restrain my wrists and elbows behind my back. She then told me to move my feet so that they were about one foot from my ass before she tied a string from each of my big toes to my nipple rings. The others had clover clamps to contend with as they did not have pierced nipples.

Tamara inspected Diane’s work and was satisfied. However she looked at Sofia’s handiwork and said “That is just not right, his feet are not close enough to his bum, redo it.”

She did as instructed and Tamara was satisfied. Zack was in a slightly different situation due to his wheel chair, so his back was bent a bit forward to provide his torment. This was inspected and to Dee’s relief was considered acceptable.

I realised the devilishness of this situation because after just 10 minutes I was wanting to stretch out, but that was impossible because of the connection between my feet and nipples. Each little movement pulled on them and produced a sharp tug which I felt.

When Grant had suffered his 22 minutes, Tamara released him and quickly suckled each of his nipples as part of the aftercare. He then sugessted that Tamara to pick out which instrument she wanted used on her bum.

He placed her on the spanking bench and inserted the tawse into the handle, pressed start, letting the machine deliver her 22 strokes. The first stroke landed with a loud thwack and as we could not see the machine, each of us men jerked a little in reaction that produced a shooting pain as our nipples suffered. Each of her allocated strokes landed with a loud thwack that resulted in a sigh or moan. At the end of her session she was released and showed us that her bum was a nice shade of red whilst she had a big smile on her face.

Sofia released Adam from his predicament and was escorted over to the table to choose her implement. She chose the paddle and was soon secured to the bench. As she had failed to get the predicament right, she was reminded that she would get 80 strokes.

Zack and I could hear each strike of the paddle land as well as the groans from Sofia as each strike made its presence felt.

When it was over, she was escorted to the sofa whilst Adam comforted her.

I was eventually released and Diane had the choice of the naughty stick or the thin steel cane. To Dee’s great relief, Diane chose the naughty stick and I helped her onto the spanking bench. 59 strokes landed with a nice crack resounding around the room. She was panting towards the end as well as tears welling up in her eyes. I was able to cuddle into her, holding her as I let her come down from the happy place that she had entered because of all the endorphins floating around her body.

Zack was very relieved when he was finally released from his predicament and Dee helped him recover from the torture to his nipples. Once he had recovered, Dee was helped into position and the cane inserted into the handle of the spanking machine. The machine delivered its first strike with a whoosh and a cry of pain came from Dee. Each strike was accompanied by a cry, including a few choice words of complaint that had Zack’s eyebrows raised and a wry smile appeared.

I saw that and whispered to Diane “I think Dee is trouble, her language is getting a bit ripe for Zack’s taste.”

Diane nodded as the assault on Dee’s bum continued. There were plenty of clearly defined thin welts as well as many that had merged into one wide stripe. The final stroke was delivered to a gasp and Dee took a while to realise her ordeal was over.

She was helped off the bench and onto Zack’s lap so he could hold her as she recovered.

Near midnight, Tamara suggested we all went to the bathroom, whilst she and Grant sorted out our sleeping arrangements. We did as instructed. Diane and I were first back into the playroom and were escorted to one of the three cages in view. We were both given a pillow and told to put our hand through the bars at the end and wrist cuffs were applied and locked together. We were both on our side facing each other and a blanket was put over us and the top was placed and secured into position. There was very little wriggle room and certainly not enough to allow either of us to lie on our backs.

Zack and Dee were next and they had both hands and ankles cuffed and secured so that they had even less movement than Diane and myself.

Adam and Sofia were the last to return and they were just locked into a cage with no restraints.

Tamara and Grant then bid us all goodnight, turned the light off, leaving us to enjoy our night’s sleeping arrangements.

Despite their best efforts at keeping quiet, it was clear that Adam and Sofia were enjoying themselves. The sounds of Sofia having an orgasm, although muted, were clearly evident.

Diane and I were both turned on by the sounds, but because of restraints were unable to anything about it.

Somehow Diane and I were able to get a reasonable night’s rest. We were all released from our cages at around nine o’clock and from Zack and Dee’s expressions it was clear that they did not sleep much during their night of restraint.

Wicked Wednesday

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At the lake

The weekend that Tamara and Sofia, together with their boyfriends, were due to stay with us soon arrived.

That same weekend Zack and Dee had invited us to stay with them. I explained the situation and after a couple of phone calls it was arranged that all of us would go to thier country house.

Diane was a little nervous about that because she would still be confined in her belt. I thought about it. I consulted Zack before asking Diane “Instead of you wearing your belt, how about some fishing on Saturday?”

“Sounds interesting, will the others be fishing too?”

“I don’t know, but we will find out.”

We arrived at Zack and Dee’s country house to find Tamara and Grant were already there. It was not long before we were all stripped for the no clothing weekend that had been arranged.

Dee explained “Sofia and Adam will be along later; apparently they have been delayed a little.”

We waited for about an hour before we sat down for our meal. About half way through the starter Sofia and Adam arrived. All Sofia was wearing an intriguing fine chain harness that whilst slightly restricted her movements also enhanced her already fine figure. The evening passed with good food, fine wine and a very genial discussion about many things.

Part of the discussion involved our enjoyment of BDSM and it was clear that although Adam and Grant were primarily tops, they on a couple of occasions had been subs.

The next morning was bright and sunny. At breakfast Zack said “Diane has some fishing to do today. Who else wants to join in?”

Dee mumbled something. Zack picked up on it immediately “You too can join Diane.”

Adam asked “I’m not sure; I can’t see the point of sitting around and watching a fishing rod.”

Zack laughed “There are no rods involved. I can assure you that it is much more entertaining than that.”

Tamara whispered something in Grant’s ear. He then said “come on say it loud, there is nothing to hide.”

Tamara lowered her eyes before saying “After my last fishing experience my tits were sore.”

Grant immediately said “well that is a good enough reason for us to join in.”

Adam too agreed that it sounded a good idea.

The four women were sent to prepare a large picnic hamper. While they were doing that, Zack and I got all the necessary items needed for our fishing. We also explained to Adam and Grant how the fishing worked. We also decided that we would have a little competition between the four couples.

Before we left the house, everyone applied sunscreen to ensure that that there was proper protection and we did not get sunburn.

When we got to the lake, Zack told the ladies “While you were getting the picnic ready, us four men have decided to spice the day up with a little competition. The reward for the winning couple is that they have a nice comfortable night’s sleep and decide the torments the other couples will face tonight in the playroom as well as the sleeping arrangements.”

He continued “Our competition is quite simple; we will be fishing for three hours. The girls will go first. Once they have caught a fish or half an hour has elapsed, their partner takes over. The couple with the heaviest catch wins. To be fair; because I know Diane has a particular challenge for today which is to catch at least 20 pounds of fish in a total of four hours. So for her, she will not get a rest whilst Charles is fishing. Instead any fish she catches whilst he takes his turn will not count towards the competition.”

He continued. “To allow Adam and Grant to see how it all works, we will get Diane set up first so she can get a head start on her four hour stint.”

Diane accepted this with good grace. I had previously prepared the line, once her hands were cuffed behind her back she sat down, I attached ran the line to her nipple rings before throwing the baited lines into the water.

Adam and Grant looked on fascinated as they saw the line attached to stake in the ground run through the ‘break away’ to the lake. It seemed that there were quite a few fish around and in just a few minutes she stood up. Her left nipple ring was pulled out a little, her breast started jiggling as the fish resisted her pull on the line as she walked back to bring a small fish to the bank.

That was put in one of the three keep nets for us, as Zack said “that does not count towards our competition. The left hand net is for her when she catches a fish which is not part of the competition, the middle is for those that are part of the competition and the right one for Charles’s catch.”

Dee was kitted out in the same way as Diane whilst Tamara and Sofia had clover clamps (without break aways) attached to make up for their lack of nipple rings. Because there was no break away they were only allowed one line that ran through rings attached to the clamps because they would be able to catch larger fish.

There was much squealing when nipples were pulled by fish tugging on lines. The men helped their partners and vice versa as each fish was brought to the bank. After an hour and a half Zack declared that it was time to have a break, have lunch and a swim to allow us to freshen up before the afternoon session.

There was a lot of splashing around when we all went into the lake. More sunscreen was applied with Adam and Grant seeming to spend more time than necessary when massaging it into the breasts and groins of their young ladies. The moans from Both Tamara and Sofia showed that they were enjoying the attention.

Soon after, we were ready to complete our competition, and fishing started again in earnest.

The next hour and a half passed more quickly than expected. Diane had still another half hour, so she continued whilst we men checked the weights of the catches that were part of the competition. The winners were Tamara and Grant by a long way. They talked quietly together before they quietly asked Zack something which had him look rather worried.

When Diane’s four hours was up, her catch was weighed and she had managed a respectable 14 pounds of fish. She let her head droop and Dee asked “What’s wrong?”

“I did not reach my target so I have six days in the punishment bra and knickers starting Monday after I have received my punishment caning on Monday for failing in my other task from our Women’s World Cup contest. What is worse Charles has had them reprogrammed and told me that I will be rather uncomfortable much of the time.”

Tamara and Sofia raised their eyebrows, as Tamara asked “are those the horrible ones that Corrine has made for some selected people?”


“Good luck, if it was me I would try to take a week off work.”

“I can’t and you know that.” Replied Diane with a sour face.

I just smiled saying “Enough of the sour face and moaning. You wanted out of the belt; you agreed the task and failed, so you have to accept the consequences.”

We made it back to the house. Tamara and Grant went to the play room and were there for a while. When they returned Sofia asked “So what were you two up to?”

“Getting everything ready for the rest of you tonight.” Grant replied.

Find out next week what Grant and Tamara have lined up for us.

Wicked Wednesday

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The bikes arrive

Monday morning was started with Diane receiving her 19 hard strokes of the cane. The week progressed as normal with me being on the receiving end of her talented mouth every day. By the Saturday morning she still had to bring me to completion five more times.

She was about to start on her task when I reminded her that George was coming over this morning.

“I suppose I will have to wait until later to start on you again.” She said with a sigh.

George arrived with Beth at the exact time we had agreed. They set up the bikes in the playroom and quickly got everything in the right position so we each had our own bike. He then ran through the controls of them. When we had a look, there were specific modifications to each saddle. On Diane’s bike there was a dildo with two little metal stripes running down it. Mine had an opening that allowed my ball sac to be comfortably encircled. In addition there were some Tens pads and a couple of wrist straps on each bike. There were also some specific shoes attached to the pedals that we could slip our feet into.

I removed Diane’s belt so that she would be able to get on the bike.

Beth explained “Firstly, each control box has been programmed to specifically enhance your fitness levels. The control box can recognise when you are ready to start, and this will only happen when you are comfortably seated on the saddle, with the wrist straps attached, the pads placed on your chest and most importantly your feet in the shoes.”

She then continued “now both of you need to mount your bikes and get comfortable. When you are ready, we will start today’s exercise session.”

I mounted the bike and got comfortable, especially as I was not used to my balls hanging down through the hole in the saddle.

Diane mounted her bike, got the dildo comfortably settled inside her.

Once we had attached the pads, and placed our feet in the shoes and attached the wrist straps, George said “now press the start button”

A few moments later I felt the ankle straps on the shoes tighten a little so I would not be able to remove them until allowed. I felt the top of my ball sack being gently, but firmly, constricted so I would not be able to rise off the saddle.

I looked at him and he said “I know it feels funny, but this is all part of the regime.”

A few moments later the screen in front of me came to life with the message start pedalling gently to warm you up. Diane obviously had the same message as we started to pedal the bike gently.

A few minutes later the screen instructed us on what we had to do. I was required to start pedalling faster and there was a green light flashing to show I was within the range that was required by the programme.

I was concentrating on my screen when I heard a little “yelp” from Diane.

Beth giggled “that was a very mild punishment as you are so close to the required level set by the program.”

Diane said nothing and concentrated on maintaining the correct speed.

I felt that more effort was needed to keep up my required speed and looked at George with a look of surprise.

“You’re now on a simulated uphill section. The amount of effort needed will vary so that you are kept focussed on following the instructions. I had lost concentration and saw an amber warning too late and received a shock to my ball sack. This soon had me pedalling harder and I was rewarded by a pleasant tingling from the TENS pads across each nipple.

Diane also was smiling with the gentle stimulation of her TENS pads.

The session continued for a while until I felt my saddle start to rise. Diane’s did too. We were soon effectively pedalling in a standing position. Diane for some reason removed one of her hands from the handle bars and soon replaced it as she felt a rather intense shock from the dildo in her pussy that made her squeal.

The saddles soon retracted to allow us to sit back down. Diane, however did not sit right down and soon felt another shock in her pussy as well as an intense set of shocks across her nipples.

Our exercise continued for a whole half hour before the screen said that we now in the warm down section.

Once we finished, the straps holding our shoes on our feet released and the constriction around my balls eased.

Once we had dismounted the bikes I replaced Diane’s belt before we all went to the kitchen for some coffee. Diane asked “Now we have had a session, how often do we need to exercise?”

Beth answered “As often as you like. We have programmed it for two sessions per week, no more than 5 days apart. You can of course do more, but it will not make it any easier on you if you fail to follow the instructions on your screens. If you do not exercise twice in a week, or exceed the five days, the next few sessions are much harder and there will be more punishment involved.”

Diane asked “what do you mean?”

“We only programmed this first session to give you a flavour of what will happen. There are plenty more features built into the bikes that have not been demonstrated to you yet. Further, once a month you need to insert a USB stick into the port provided and it will automatically copy a file of the exercises that you have undertaken. You will need to email them to us. On occasions we will send you a file that will need to be copied on to the machines.”

Diane stuttered “but… how do you earn money from this?”

George replied “Normally we charge a small monthly fee. But as our very good friends, John and Kathy referred you we will do yours free of charge.”

I added “Well, I am certainly looking forward to getting a little more exercise. I am just wondering what my rewards will be.”

Beth answered “That is easy, you will find out over the next few weeks if you don’t earn too many punishments.”

George and Beth left us a bit later. Once they were out of the door Diane said “I still need to complete my task, so come with me. She ushered me into our bedroom and she soon started with her mouth before finishing me off with her hands. As I recovered she said “four more to go and I think I know how I will complete my task.”

On the Sunday Diane had a smile on her face and I knew she was up to no good, but nothing would make her reveal what she planned.

After lunch she said “now it’s time for some dessert. Into the playroom with you.”

She strapped me down as she did recently and got out the same toys she had used on me previously. The effect of those machines is quite remarkable and the sequence was the same, except after the third time I had ejaculated, they continued for nearly another whole hour before I came with just a tiny dribble for the fourth time.

I was completely spent after this session and once released and sat on the sofa I fell asleep for a full hour.

We got up early on the Monday morning. I checked the result of the women’s football world cup and found that Diane had lost again, and she had lost the overall competition by just a small margin. If she had predicted the final result correctly, she would have won.

With a smile I said. “Another sore bum for you today, another week in the belt and you will have your work cut out in the next week. Oh and don’t forget nearly 45 hours opf predicament bondage when we are on holiday.”

“Damn, I should have followed my gut instinct, then it would have been you!”

About half an hour before we left for work, Diane was ready and waiting for her session with the cane. I set it up to deliver the required 13 strokes. The final strokes of this contest between us were at the agreed ‘punishment’ level. Each strike of the cane was preceded by a whoosh, a bright red line appearing and a squeal emanating from Diane.

After the final stroke landed Diane was in tears, and I hugged her and held her tight. It did not take long for her to recover. She found sitting, as a passenger, in the car somewhat uncomfortable. On the way in to work she rang her assistant Alex and said “Please make sure I have an extra soft cushion today.”

I laughed as I heard his reply “Sorry, you must have forgotten, I have a day off.”

She playfully hit me on the arm “Damn, I should have remembered. Oh well, I hope it is not too distracting later.”

Wicked Wednesday

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