Satisfying a Desire

Last week we continued the story of our bank holiday weekend at the beginning of May. We had introduced Diane’s assistant, Alex, and his partner, Freya, to the delights of bondage. They also witnessed Diane’s top up bottom reddening as part of her Red Bottom weekend.

Monday was a bank holiday so we had plenty of time to ensure the red bottom weekend continued. Diane selected five implements and brought them to me so we could refresh the redness on her bum. I looked at her selection and said “There is one implement there that is for tomorrow morning, so you better select another quickly.”

She trotted off to the playroom before she brought back the wicked steel wire cane.

“There you are master; my main desire of the day is to have a really sore bum!”

“So you want me to be really hard on you today?”


“How hard should I go then?”

“Well, my dreams have been rather intense the last few days, and I think I can take five sets of punishment level strokes.”

“What about tomorrow’s morning appointment with the four cane bundle?”

“Well, I think I can handle that too.”

“What if I don’t think you can?”

“That is your call. I have this overwhelming desire to have a really heavily bruised and sore ass, so much so that I will need to have that soft cushion Alex keeps offering.”

I thought for a moment before saying “I can meet your desires, but if I feel that you cannot cope with the cane bundle tomorrow morning, then over the next bank holiday you have to submit to one of my desires.”

“What might that be” she asked cheekily.

“You will find out as and when necessary.”

She agreed to this.

I had her bend over the footboard of our bed and her sexy rounded cheeks were upturned ready for the continuation of the red bottom weekend. I spent some time caressing them and checking that she was capable of taking the desired level of punishment.

I picked up the wooden paddle she had brought and laid down twenty five hard strokes that had her gasping at the end. She had tears in her eyes and smiled at me when I had finished. She asked “is my bum really red?”

“Oh yes, a nice deep shade of red.”

Just before lunch I took the opportunity to continue to satisfy her desire of a day of severe treatment with twenty five strokes of a heavy flogger.

She prepared a quick meal and once it was over the phone rang. I answered it to find it was Freya. She told me that the two of them had both looked at the websites and had prepared some lists, but were a little nervous about going shopping without some experienced people to guide them initially and were we free the bank holiday weekend to help.

I looked at my lovely wife who could hear my end of the conversation which was very little. I replied to Freya, “I am sure we can help, but there is a catch. When we help with your shopping, you will just wear a T shirt, short skirt and some shoes with a heel of at least 2 ½ inches. Alex will wear what he wants.”

“What no bra or knickers?”

“Yes, no bra or knickers. I am sure you have done that before.”

“Umm, actually I haven’t ever been without them except at home.”

“Well that will be the first of many firsts. In addition, Diane and I would like you to stay with us for the night.”

Diane raised her eyebrow on hearing this but said nothing.

I could hear Alex in the background and in no time Freya had agreed to my request.

I then asked whether she could put Alex on the line. When he took over I said “I don’t want Freya to hear the next bit, so I trust that she is far enough away.”

I waited until he confirmed that Freya would not overhear us before continuing “Remember what we said about consent. Well the shopping trip will push boundaries well away from her usual comfort zone. Obviously asking for our help has been out of her previous comfort zone. I want you to think of what we could do in public that she would go for and you can talk with Diane about it in the next few days.”

He agreed to my suggestion, and just before we finished I added “Diane has requested an extra soft cushion tomorrow morning and maybe the next day too. If you can, if she has some meetings, I suggest you make them outside of her office.”

Once I put the phone down, Diane looked at me with some trepidation before saying “That last remark makes me a little uncomfortable.”

“Oh I’m sure you will manage, you will just have to be careful when you sit down on some of the harder seats. Now turn around and let me see that sweet bum of yours.”

She did as she was told and although it was still a warm red, I decided that it could be deeper, so picked up the riding crop and used it to provide twenty five extra red marks to complement her redness.

Once I had finished, she wiggled her bum enticingly and invited me to feel how wet she was. I could not help noticing the prominent erect nipples and cupping her groin it was clear that she was really damp. I could not help myself from inserting a finger, and playing with her clitoris. I continued teasing for a while until I could see she was almost at her peak when I stopped. She was not amused and immediately started to used her hands to finish herself off. I commanded “No cumming.”

She continued as her sexual desires overtook her senses and she took herself to orgasm.

I sighed before saying “I think we need to deal with you failure to obey orders. Obviously pain is not the solution. I will find a way to punish you appropriately.”

She gave me a wry smile and said wisely said nothing.

The day continued peacefully and we enjoyed the quality relaxation time. Just before supper, I was able to add to her redness with the application of twenty five strokes of the strap. It seemed no time passed before it was bed time and I had her bend over the chair in the bedroom for me to finish off her weekend with twenty five searing strokes of the thin steel cane that not only is very painful, it also leaves thin vivid welts that last longer than a normal cane. We both took pleasure from the aftercare that involved us both coming together, although she was very careful not to bounce too hard whilst she did all the work on top of me.

After she had showered in the morning, I inspected her ass. There were still clear marks from the steel cane and a certain amount of bruising. I said “I will make sure that the cane bundle is felt, but it will not be too severe.”

She looked at me and quickly got into position and as each of the twenty five strokes landed she squealed. She stayed in position and was in tears as I finished.

She hugged me close and showed her appreciation with a deep kiss. I patted her backside gently before I reached behind me handing her the chastity belt and said “Now for your punishment for disobedience yesterday. Put this on.”

She pouted and as she got the belt into position, wincing as the chains crossing her ass cheeks were manoeuvred into place.

With a look of remorse she asked “how long am I in this then?”

“As long as I feel necessary.”

Wicked Wednesday

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Leading to Lists

We continue from where I finished last week.

Diane looked at Freya and smiled before asking “Have you ever been in bondage?”

“Not really, only having my hands held down whilst in bed.” She replied.

“Well would you like to try something that is fun as well as stimulating?”

“What do you mean by stimulating?”

“Something that might make you rather damp.”

“What if I don’t like it?”

“Then it comes off.”

Alex’s eyes widened at this exchange.

Diane continued “This is all about consent and the person tied should enjoy what is happening as much as the person who does the tying.”

Freya paused a moment before replying “OK, I will go for it.”

Diane got up and said “The best place for this is in our playroom where we have everything that will be needed.”

We all got up, Freya a little nervously, and as I followed Diane into the playroom I added to my mental list that she needed a top up to her red bottom.

As we walked to the playroom Diane said “Freya and Alex, this is where Charles and I play. You will see various bits of equipment. Don’t be frightened Freya as we will not use any with you unless you specifically ask us to.”

Once we were in the room they looked around and I could see the curiosity creeping into the expressions on Alex and Freya’s faces.

I took the lead by getting some rope from one of the shelves and asking “Freya, Are you sure you want to continue?”

“Yes. I know Alex is interested, but I am still nervous about it.”

“Freya, to answer your last comment, If you say the word ‘amber’, Alex will pause what he is doing to find out what he needs to do to make you comfortable with what is being done. If you say ‘Red’, everything stops and you are released. Alex, do you understand the meaning of ‘amber’ and ‘red’?”

“Yes, ‘amber’ is pause and find out how to correct things and ‘red’ is stop and release Freya completely.”

“Good, now Alex is going to do all the touching and tying whilst Diane and watch and guide him on what to do. Are you happy Freya?”

She replied nervously yes.

I handed Alex the first length of rope and got him to find the centre, make a small loop and then drape it over Freya’s shoulders. I then told him where to put a series of knots in the rope including one he was a little surprised about.

Once all the knots were in place, he followed my instructions and ran the tails of the rope through the loop at the back of her neck. I whispered in his ear the next instruction which he followed by asking Freya “do you mind if I take your bra off?”

Her eyes opened wide at this before answering “is it really necessary?”

Diane replied “No, it isn’t necessary, but you will find it extremely liberating when Alex has finished.”

Freya hesitated a little before nodding her head. Alex kissed her as he undid the clip at the back and slid the straps down her shoulders. She then said “Amber” he immediately paused and went in close and asked quietly “What’s wrong?”

“Nothing really. I’m just nervous about flashing my tits around.”

No problem, do you want to put your bra back on?”

“No, just let me relax a moment.”

About ten seconds later Freya removed her bra completely herself and threw so it landed on the spanking bench to one side.

She then said “apart when I am with a boyfriend in private, I have never been topless before.”

Alex said “well, you are absolutely gorgeous, and you have nothing to be ashamed of.” He paused before saying “ready to carry on?”

“Yes, let’s get this done.”

He followed my instructions and weaved the ropes through the loops and we finished up with what looked like a web over her upper half. Alex under my instruction had made sure that the knot that he had made was nestled in exactly the right place in her crotch.karada

He finished tying off the last knot asking “How does that feel?”

“Tight, but not that uncomfortable.”

I encouraged her to move and as she took her first step she gasped as she felt the effect of the crupper knot that I had been so careful in instructing Alex to get in exactly the right position. She said “That knot down there is really interesting.”

Diane smiled and said “Freya, to demonstrate how nice this tie is, go and get your T shirt from the living room.”

She walked out of the room and both Diane and I gave Alex a thumb’s up sign before Freya walked back carrying her T shirt. She looked a little red in the face. I then suggested she put it on and then look at herself in the mirror.

She did as asked and Diane said “As you can see, there is no visible sign that you are in bondage.”

Freya looked again at herself in the mirror and said “Umm, I see what you mean.”

Alex told her to take off her T shirt and asked “are you still comfortable?”

“Yes, and a little, what can I say, excited. That walk was interesting.”

I then said, “As we mentioned earlier, Diane’s bottom needs to be red, so let’s demonstrate how I can do this. Diane, choose carefully which implement.”

Diane went to the wall and selected a suede flogger that is nice and soft when used gently, but that can pack quite a sting when used hard. She voluntarily placed herself over the back of a chair and held the seat.

I then said to Alex and Freya, “As Diane enjoys a bit of pain, don’t be too alarmed.”

I then proceeded to start using the flogger at a medium intensity as I did not want to alarm either of our guests. After the 24th stroke Diane with a mischievous grin on her face got out of position. She wiggled her bum before she smiled at Freya and Alex saying “for this weekend, we have a rule that if I get out of position the count starts over again. In case you are wondering I am enjoying myself.”

She then got back into position and I applied the necessary twenty five lashes of the flogger, this time a little harder. As each stroke landed, Diane squealed in delight until the last when she let out a particularly loan groan. She got up, and the sign of pleasure was written all over her face.

Freya was surprised and said “How can that be pleasurable?”

“That is very difficult to answer, but pain can easily be turned into pleasure. Now have you ever had your nipples pinched, and if so do you like it.”

Freya nervously said “Umm, yes. As Alex has found out, I love having my nipples pinched and pulled out.”

“Good, then you will understand how pain can be pleasurable. It is no different for me when I am being hit with an implement.”

Diane then took them over to the wall to our collection of implements. She had Alex try them out on his arm and hand as appropriate and Freya also did the same. Alex playfully swatted her bum on a couple of occasions and she got into it by wiggling it too.

Freya then asked “But how does this happen?”

Diane replied “Everybody is different. Some people can’t stand the use of implements, whilst others can take a lot of punishment and enjoy it. Now before I go any further, how are you feeling in your harness?”

“It’s difficult to put into words, but certainly snug, comfortable, light headed in a nice way and certainly that knot is feeling rather nice in a devilish way.”

I motioned to Alex that we should leave the girls alone. We left the room to stand outside the doorway.

Once Diane had finished the tour of our toys, it was clear that Freya was intrigued as well as becoming somewhat more relaxed about talking about BDSM. With a whisper I suggested to Alex another little distraction.

He went back into the playroom and said to Freya “You mentioned how you like your nipples being pinched. Diane do you have something I can use on her nipples?”

“Of course.” She picked up a set of clamps before continuing “These are adjustable so that they can be gentle or rather nasty.”

She twiddled the screw so that they would be of medium intensity and handed them to Alex. He put one on Freya’s left nipple. She winced before calling “amber”.

He immediately took it off. Freya said “That hurts.”

Diane said, it will for a short while and then become a dull ache. However theepain is more intense when it comes off, but the necessary aftercare makes the whole experience very pleasurable.”

Freya nervously said “OK I will try them again,”

She winced as each was applied and it did not take long before she said “I see what you mean about the ache, which is rather enticing.”

They were left on for about five minutes before Diane told Alex to take them off one at a time and make sure he used his tongue to give each of her nipples the necessary aftercare.

As each clamp came off, Alex lavished plenty of attention and Freya was soon moaning with pleasure and her arousal was plain to see.

I whispered something in Alex’s ear. He nodded as I motioned for Diane to leave the playroom with me. After I quietly closed the door she said “what did you say to Alex?”

“Nothing much. Just to release her slowly and make sure that he gave her crotch plenty of oral after care.”

She smiled. “You wicked sexy man. I am feeling horny too.”

“No time for that. We need to get a list of websites for them to visit to learn more.”

We sat down together and quickly prepared the list.

About 40 minutes later Alex and Freya emerged from the playroom with Freya now completely nude wearing the smile of a well satisfied woman.

I said “If I am right, I think you both enjoyed your introduction.” Freya blushed a little before I continued “We have prepared each of you a little homework. You each get a list of web pages that are very informative. I suggest you take time over the next few days to read them. Once you have done that. If you want to explore the sensuous world of BDSM further, I suggest that you each prepare a shopping list of toys and equipment with the first item on your being a good quality set of leather wrist and ankle cuffs.”

They both nodded and as Freya put on her T shirt and jeans, she giggled, “about time I tried going without underwear.”

After they left, Diane snuggled into me saying “I think they will explore a lot more, don’t You?

“Yes, but that implement you gave me was not severe enough, so you better tell Alex he will need to have that soft cushion ready on Wednesday morning.”

Wicked Wednesday

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Red Bottom Date

The theme of this episode is again inspired by posts from Craig and Lizzie.

After our Easter weekend, Diane had still to make me come another three times to avoid earning any more strokes with five implements on her ass at the weekend.

Unfortunately for her, she went down with some infection on the Wednesday that meant she was not able to fill that task. Although by Saturday she was better, I told her that I did not think that she was well enough for her to enjoy the sore ass she was due so we postponed it.

The following two weekends were very busy for both of us and we had little time to enjoy any play time. Diane was very disappointed and proposed that each weekend we delayed it meant that she earned an extra set of strokes.

I did not disagree with her thoughts as I knew that she was becoming a bit of a painslut and I also enjoyed giving her ass a workout.

As we reached the beginning of May, we managed to get a weekend free for Diane to receive her three days of five sets of twenty five strokes. We decided to call it a Red Bottom Date.

As we drove home from her office on the Friday evening after work she said “I know I have five sets of twenty five strokes to enjoy on each of the three days. I seem to remember that I did not fulfil my task of making you come seven times during that week. By my reckoning I was three short and thus have another sixty strokes each time.”

I was surprised that she had remembered this so I said “You were not well and that is sufficient reason not to enforce any punishment for failure.”

She pouted before saying “That is wrong, I did not achieve my goal and I expect to suffer for it.”

Without wanting an argument I said “I appreciate your offer, but I am not that sadistic to make you suffer for something that is beyond your control.”

She slouched back in her seat and stayed quiet for the rest of the drive home.

She prepared our evening meal and there was an awkward silence whilst we ate. I, not wanting to have a row that would spoil the weekend, asked “what is wrong as I want an enjoyable weekend, not one that is ruined by our not being able to resolve our problem.”

“It is simple,” she replied “I did not achieve my goals over Easter. I understand that you do not feel that it was my problem, but I could have made you come seven times over that weekend. I rationed it out so we could have sexy fun over the rest of the week. So in a way it is my fault.”

I nodded before she continued “I know five sets of eighty five strokes on each of the three days is a bit much, but I feel I deserve them for failing you.”

I thought for a moment.

I then said “Thank you for that. I appreciate your reasoning, however I am not going to give you the extra sixty each time. I will however agree to hold those in reserve so you can have a nice red bottom weekend. You will be totally nude all weekend, whilst we are at home, and apart from when you are asleep I will ensure that you will sport a red bum all that time.”

She wiggled her bum at me and said “That is a fair compromise. But can I select the five implements to be used each day?”

“Provided you select one that you do not like and another that you really do each day. You may not choose the neoprene flogger as that is too gentle. If I am not happy with your selections, then in addition you get twenty five hard strokes with that really nasty four cane combination.”

“Ugh I hate that thing, so I will be careful.”

On Saturday morning, Diane was awake before me and as I stirred she lay over my lap and placed five implements on the bed for me to choose from.

I was impressed with her selection, and chose the ping pong bat to start her weekend of having a red bottom.

I did not give her a warm up, so the effect of the twenty five strokes was felt and by the end her bottom was serious shade of red.

When I finished she raised herself off my lap, hugged me and kissed me hard. After breaking the kiss she then said “I hope you keep that up all weekend.”

That to me sounded like a challenge but my only reply was “I hope you enjoy having a really sore bum all weekend. Shall I ring Alex to tell him to have a really soft cushion ready on Monday?”

She laughed saying “If you want.”

I was surprised with that answer and asked her to expand on it a little.

She told me all about the fact that Alex knew that she was now primarily a submissive. She also said that Alex was interested, but his partner was not so keen.

I was intrigued with the reply and as we discussed it more, I realised that Diane wanted to introduce him and the partner into the world of BDSM.

Diane then surprised me by asking “Do you think that we should invite them over for lunch or dinner and they can witness my red bottom weekend and any top up that might occur?”

I pondered for a moment, before saying “OK, but I want to make sure his partner understands what they might witness.”

Diane made the call and after talking to Alex I was handed the phone and his partner Freya was passed the phone. We talked innocently for a few minutes before I changed the topic to that of BDSM. In the conversation I said “You need to realise that Diane will be nude and her ass will be a shade of red all the time. You may witness her having a top up to the redness as she has agreed to have a red bum all weekend.”

Freya said “I knew that she was interested in BDSM from what Alex has told me. I know Alex has wanted me to try it out, but I am a little nervous about being hurt.”

I replied “I fully understand your nervousness. I can assure you that everything Diane and I do is consensual, and I would never want to hurt her. The two of us would welcome the opportunity to explain anything and answer any questions you may have.”

They agreed to join us for lunch on the Sunday afternoon. As I put the phone down, I noticed that Diane’s bum needed some more attention, so I went to the bedroom and selected the flogger and gave her the twenty five stinging strokes that soon had her bum the required bright shade of red.

I did not let go without having a red ass all day. The next time I told her that her bum needed colouring; she gave me a sexy wiggle and asked what position to take. I instructed her to bend over the back of the armchair and picked up the naughty stick which I knew she did not like. I showed it to her and she looked a little alarmed when I said “if you get out of position, we will start the count again.”

She sighed and after the first stroke landed she squealed. This continued until the fifteenth stroke which landed just at the most sensitive part where her bum and thighs met. She shot up and quickly resumed the position.

I smiled and said “we start again.”

This time she managed to hold her position and by the time the last stroke landed she was in the happy place where I could have continued if I had so desired.

I hugged her and gave her a chance to recover whilst holding her tightly.

The next session occurred just after we had eaten supper. This time it was one of her favourites, the quirt which left her with twenty five clearly defined welts.

As we went to bed, I gave her the final set of twenty five strokes using the riding crop. Once these had landed on her ass, she cuddled into me and I could feel her rock hard nipples as I kissed her neck. This was followed by a prolonged bout of love making that had her screaming as her final shattering orgasm coursed through her.

After a good night’s sleep I woke before her and brought her a coffee. As she surfaced from her sleep she asked me to get the scorpion to start her day with another red bottom. This vicious little implement gave the equivalent of 400 flogger strokes as each of its twenty tails is of a different length.

The day progressed quietly with my using the wooden paddle and belt before our guests arrived for a late lunch.

Once I had been properly introduced to Freya and we had all chatted generally, we got onto the subject of BDSM which was the point of their joining us that afternoon and evening. Both Diane and I explained the importance of safe words, and the over-riding principle of consent. The discussions suggested that Alex was the more dominant of the two of them. He also expressed his concern that he did not want to hurt Freya, just as she was concerned about how to handle pain. The discussion went on for quite a while before Freya said “Seeing Diane nude has me feel a little over dressed. Would you object if I also removed some clothes?”

Alex was surprised at this but agreed, whilst Diane said, “it is your choice, do what you feel is comfortable.”

Freya then proceeded to remove her T shirt and skirt to reveal some rather sexy, sheer white, lacy underwear.

Alex’s eyebrow shot up at the sight of his partner’s choice of underwear. She saw it and said “I got them yesterday whilst we were out shopping. And I do love the naughty clothes in the ‘Bedroom delights’ department of Bustards.”

Wicked Wednesday

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A taste for orgasms

This week we continue where we left off last week.

Bank holiday morning was a bright sunny day. I was looking forward to the fun day ahead for both of us, especially the torment that I would be inflicting on Diane. She had her shower in the full knowledge that she would not be wearing any clothing during the day.

I offered. “You can have a choice of the bullet, or alternatively some underwear of my choosing.”

She quickly replied “the underwear.”

As she walked back into the bedroom I pointed at the “C” string that I had left on the bed. C stringHowever it was only when she settled it in place that she realised what was slightly different. Built into the back was a small butt plug that made it easier for her to wear, but the most fun would be had from a series of beads that were incorporated in the fabric that nestled gently and comfortably against her pussy lips and clitoris.

Once she had put it on and moved a little, she glared at me with a look of disgust. She said “This is plain mean; I am going to have trouble controlling myself.”

“Just what I wanted to hear. I am changing the rules slightly, today if you fail to complete a task, you lose all that you have in hand and are not allowed to earn any more. You currently have two in your bank.” I replied.

Diane pouted before getting down on her knees to attend to my usual morning stiffness. Her talented mouth soon had me erupting in her mouth and she took great delight in swallowing it before looking at me with a smug look on her face.

As she walked to the kitchen she felt the rubbing on her clit and her nipples started to stand out clearly showing that the C string was as devilish as the maker claimed.

After breakfast we started working in the garden and Diane struggled to contain herself as any movement produced some form of stimulation. I could see that all morning she was kept aroused by the stimulation to her crotch from the C string. Nearing lunchtime I ran my finger along the surface of the fabric with her juices clearly visible and enjoyed the taste. This gentle action stroking meant Diane was unable to fight the stimulation and exploded in a powerful orgasm.

I let her rest as I prepared lunch. As we talked, Diane admitted that not only did she have the orgasm that I knew about, she had also had a small one earlier which I had not noticed.

I said “well thank you for your honesty. I suppose you want to learn how you can earn another.”

“Or more please.”

“For completing this task you can earn two more orgasms. You have half an hour in which to get me to cum, however you may not use your mouth or hands, and you still have to wear your underwear.”

She thought for a minute before asking “Can I use toys?”

“Any you like, however you may not manipulate them with your hands or mouth once they are in place.”

She thought for a moment before asking me to join her in the playroom where she quickly had me secured to a bed post standing up. She went to the toy box and retrieved the fleshlight and prostrate massagers. She quickly put the fleshlight vibrating masturbator in place and indexapplied lube the prostrate massager, inserted it and turned them both on full blast. She stepped back with a smirk on her face as she knew that I would soon be having difficulty controlling myself. After just a few minutes, she had me erupting, collecting all of my emission, licking it from the saucer before politely asking for permission to use her mouth to clean me up.

I agreed and she and I enjoyed the sensations of her cleaning me up. I was released, hugged her and we both rested for a while before going back out into the garden.

We went back out into the garden to continue the work. I saw her kneeling down as she planted some flowers and her ass was such an inviting target that I could not resist giving it a good hard slap. This slap took her by surprise, however as she turned round to me I could see how red she was in the face and the effort she was making to contain herself. I did not help her as I quickly picked up the sunscreen and started to massage a generous amount onto her ripe breasts paying special attention to her nipples. I had her stand up, place a leg between hers as I massaged her now proudly erect nipples and she took great pleasure in rubbing my thigh to provide that little extra stimulation that brought her to orgasm.

Once she had recovered we were able to quickly finish in the garden.

We carried on the day as we would normally and after our meal was finished; I asked “ready to earn some more orgasms?”

With a smile she replied “yes.”

“This one is simple, but also tricky. You have about thirty minutes to tie yourself up so that you are unable to move around, however you need to make it so you can remain tied up for quite some time. You will also wear the ring gag and put on the blindfold. Then the task will begin.”

I left her to complete her task as I gathered together some special extras for her.

Once I had entered the playroom I could see that she had secured herself so that her arms were stretched out as if on a crucifix, and her feet were secured about three feet apart to a spreader bar.

She sensed my arrival in the room and through the gag asked me to tighten the ropes to her wrists so that she had even less wriggle room.

I did as was asked and checked she was comfortable once we were both happy I said “here is how this game is going to be played. I will give you a small amount of a number of different edible items; all you have to do is tell me what they are. You get just one guess each time. Each one you get right earns you an orgasm. Each one you get wrong means you lose two orgasms from the total. If you end up in a negative position, then I will add 20 strokes from each implement next weekend for each negative one, so that being three down earns 60 extra strokes.”

With a smile I added “And I want to really enjoy myself making you come hard and often, so you better do well or else your ass will be very sore next weekend as the unauthorised orgasm penalty is still in force four a few more hours yet.”

I got her to stick her tongue out and put a pea on it. I told her to try to identify the food. I heard her say something like bean so I asked “did you say bean?”

She replied in her gag speak “Yes”.

“Sorry, it was a pea.”

I then placed a red mush on her tongue. In no time she said in a rather distorted way “Tomato” which pleased me as I confirmed her guess as being right.

She was also able to identify the dollop of cream, mashed potato, mashed apple and the strawberry ice cream.

“You’re doing well, only one wrong and five right. Let’s try you on the next one.”

I placed some crushed ice on her tongue and the cold surprised her. She correctly identified it.

“Final one, and at the moment you are allowed four orgasms.”

I placed a spoonful of grape juice on her tongue which she identified as non-alcoholic wine.

“Umm, not quite right, but I suppose I ought to give it to you as it was actually grape juice.”

She smiled in thanks.

So you are allowed five orgasms. This will be fun as I am going to work hard to make you come as often as I can until I deem that you are too exhausted to take any more.”

Diane smiled nervously as I removed her gag and kissed her hard. As I leant in to her I could feel her nipples already as hard as I had ever known.

I taunted “so you want me to f*** you hard?”

“Of course, do your worst.”

I started to tickle her all over, and the way she was spread out left her extremely vulnerable to my torments. She was soon screaming and squirming as she tried to avoid my fingers without success. I could see her descend into that happy place where she was ready for anything. I paused for a moment as I picked out the neoprene flogger and start to stroke her with it. I then started to rain down blows wherever I felt and as soon as I started on her pussy she was screaming in delight as her first orgasm coursed through her. I did not stop and it was shortly after that she had a second orgasm.

I kept going until she had a third hard orgasm and was totally breathless. I let her rest and held her tight. Once she had gained control of her breathing I slowly entered her. She moaned and urged me to start pumping in and out as hard as I could. I teased her for a while until she had another less intense orgasm. I let her rest for a moment before renewing my actions and kept on going through two more orgasms until I reached my climax in her by now highly sensitive body. The final thrust and feeling of me coming sent her over the edge for a final intense orgasm that resulted in her slumping in her bonds leaning into me. Luckily I was holding tight so she did not injure herself. I carefully reached out to undo the knot to her left wrist followed by her right one. I helped down to the floor, released her ankles and placed a blanket over her as she recovered.

Wicked Wednesday

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Sunbathing and more

Following on from the egg hunt last week, the three ladies had some sunbathing to do.

I picked up eight large stakes. Mike and James helped me hammer them into the ground so there were two lines, eight feet apart, of four stakes that were four feet apart. We suggested that the girls should visit the bathroom. To my delight, as Diane emerged from the house I was able to turn her bullet up one notch to the middle setting.

We soon had them stretched out in a spread eagle with little wriggle room. We men took delight in applying sunscreen to our wives, and we all made sure that we gave them plenty of attention on their erogenous zones, so they were very aroused.

We left them to enjoy the sun in their exposed positions and their stimulators kept them moaning and groaning. I saw Diane fight against the orgasm that was building inside her. Janet and Petra were also fighting against their stimulation and just before their time was up, I noticed their husbands turn the remotes to full power and they both seemed to come together. And once it had washed through them they slumped in their restraints. Mike and James turned off the stimulators and released them from their restraints.

Whilst this was going on, Diane followed them in having a shattering orgasm followed quickly by a second less powerful one. However much to her dismay, I did not turn off her bullet. She fought hard against a third orgasm to no avail, and she came very hard and squirting some of her juices over the grass.

When her time was up, a few minutes later I released her from the restraints and she rushed inside the house so as to get the bullet turned off.

The others and I joined her very soon afterwards. She looked at me before asking “How do I earn my next orgasm?”

Janet and Petra looked at her in astonishment. Diane explained “I have used up my allowance and need to get one in the bank to save my ass being very sore.”

I turned to Janet and Petra and said “You can set her task.”

They huddled together for a couple of minutes win a whispered conversation until Janet turned to Diane “the task is very simple, you need to make tea for us all with your hands  cuffed behind your back. Once it is ready, one of us will help you find a suitable tray and put the cups on it for you take out to the patio followed by the tea.

Diane weakly smiled until she realised the devilish nature of the task. The girls found a suitable tray that they could use a belt on the handles to secure it around the waist. They also added another around the back of her neck. To keep the tray level Diane needed to bend backwards slightly. However justy to make it more interesting they added a piece of string that ran from the tray handles to her nipples.

She somehow managed to make the tea. Petra and Janet helped by loading up the tray with the mugs and Diane carefully brought them out before going back inside to pick up the tea, milk and sugar. Each time she came out of the house her bullet went up a setting on the remote so when she finally sat down it was at full speed.

Diane struggled throughot to hold back from the impending orgasm. However the inevitable happened with all the stimulation and she came hard just as we all had finished our tea.

It was now getting late in the afternoon and the air temperature was cooling down, so we all went back inside the house. Diane was relieved that she was back inside and the bullet was now turned off.

I allowed her time to recover from her orgasm before I asked “Ready to earn another orgasm?”

“Nearly, can I have another few minutes?”

“Of course,” I replied before turning to Mike and James continuing, “your turn to devise a task for Diane.”

They talked quietkly for a few minutes before Mike asked “Can we use the playroom?”

“Certainly.” I replied as Diane looked at them nervously.

They took Janet and Petra along to the playroom and were in there for about ten minutes before they turned off the light, closed the door and returned with a chain and a couple of locks.

James said “OK, here is the task. Your ankle cuffs will be locked together, and your wrists will be secured in front of you to a chain around your waist. Once the second lock is secured, you have twenty minutes to get to the playroom, find the key to your locks before you then free Janet and Petra from the bed posts. Their wrists are secured behind them at about head height.”

They quickly locked up Diane in the way they described and she shuffled along to the playroom. She managed to open the door but struggled on tiptoes to reach the light switch. Finally the room lit up and there were Janet and Petra locked back to back to one of the posts of our four poster bed.

Diane frantically searched the room for the key which she spied on a shelf out of reach without the use of something to raise hger hands up. She manouvered a small bench into position and managed to sit on it and then stand up on the bench. She retrieved the key and unlocked her limbs. She approached Janet and Petra and was surprised to find that the key did not work. She frantically looked around for the key, finally found it and unlocked the girls from the bedpost.

Once they were free, Diane looked relieved as she heard James say “Only just in time, but you got there in the end.”

Shortly after this fun our guests decided it was time to leave. Once they had all departed Diane pleaded with me to be able to earn some more orgasms for her bank. I succumbed a little by saying “Fine, but you can only have three in the bank at any time until we go work on Tuesday. But you can not top up the bank again until you have used up your allowance.”

“Please can you set me another task then?”

“After supper I will set you a task that can earn two orgasms, however failure will result in the loss of the one you have just earned.”

She gulped and the sweetly said “as you so wish, Master.”

I nodded on hearing that word again.

Our supper was light and once we had cleared everything away, I asked “Ready for your task?”

“I’m as ready as I will ever be.”

“To save us a bit of time tomorrow, you have an hour to wash my car without using a hosepipe and then vacuum clean the interrior of it with your hands locked together behind your back.”

I locked her hands behind her back and she quickly set about washing the car thoroughly. As it was a soft top I added that she did not have to worry about the roof as she would not have been able to reach it properly and there was a risk it could get damaged.

I enjoyed the sight of Diane leaning over the bonnet of the car and letting her lovely body get covered in the soapy water. I left her alone to complete the task as I needed to work out some more tasks for the following day (a bank holiday).

When she thought she had finished, she called me out to look. I examined the car thoroughly and whilst the outside was clean, I found that she had missed out vacumming under the seats. She frowned, picked up the vacuum hose and finished the job to my satisfaction.

When I unlocked her I noticed that she was rather flushed in the face and asked “What’s up?”

“I’m horny and that bullet has been churning away for an hour and I nearly came twice while doing the car.”

We went back inside and I turned the bullet off. She then proceeded to unbutton and pull down my trousers and underwear. To my surprise she sat me down on one of the dining chairs then sat straddling me so that she could rub her clit against my now proud erect cock.

I asked “Don’t you want it inside.”

“Not yet, and I’ll remove the bullet when I am ready.”

Her movements in stimulating her clit soon had the desired effect on bothe of us, and whilst there was no penetration, she held back so we both came at the same time.

Next week find out how Diane managed on the bank holiday.

Wicked Wednesday


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