Damien and Fiona play

Damien and Fiona took us up on our invitation to stay for a weekend. They arrived on the Friday evening and as soon as they had got inside, Fiona stripped so that she and Diane were naked. Us men, on the other hand wore loincloths. We spent the evening enjoying their company as we got to know them better.

Damien and I had been in contact with each other during the week making our plans. Damien informed me that many of the things that Diane and I do on a regular basis had not been experienced by Fiona.

After breakfast on Saturday morning, Damien handed Fiona some ben wa balls saying “Insert those and then dress in the skirt and sweater in your bag together with a pair of comfortable shoes.”

She did as she was told and on her return she looked stunning, with her breasts swaying a little under the sweater clearly showing that she was not wearing a bra. The skirt showed off her legs, but was not too short to be embarrassing for her.

She asked “So what next?”

“Simple, the four of us are going shopping.”

We left the house, drove to the nearest town, followed by a walk to Bustard’s that had Fiona getting a little flushed. When we made our way to the “Bedroom Delights” department she started to get a little flustered. Damien said “You know your safe words, and we will be with you all the way.”

One of the assistants was very helpful explaining the features and intensity of some of the impact implements. Fiona began to relax when she realised that no-one was taking any particular notice of the four of us.

Once back at the car Damien asked “How are you doing?”

“Those balls were churning around inside me and I am rather wet and horny.”

“Just as I hoped. Just remember the rules for the weekend.”

“Yes sir” was the reply accompanied by a cheeky smile.

On our way home we stopped off at John and Kathy’s shop to pick up a couple of items that had been ordered by Damien. Fiona was curious as to the contents. Damien just said “You will find out later just what I have bought for you.”

We stopped at a suitable pub for lunch before returning home.

I asked Fiona “are you ready to visit our playroom, with the full knowledge that any sub that enters has to experience some form of play?”

“Yes, I’m ready.”

Damien held out his hand “Good. I know that you haven’t got any bookings for a couple of weeks that you need to worry about any marks.”

We all went to the playroom, and whilst Damien secured Fiona to the spanking bench I put a blindfolded Diane in the strap cage so she would just be hanging about.

I got the spanking machine out and started collecting the implements he wanted Fiona to experience whilst he started warming up the beautiful bum using his hand. He was thorough and Fiona’s cheeks were soon a beautiful shade of pink.

Once he felt she was suitably warmed up I set the machine going. The first implement he had selected was the flogger that they had bought earlier in the day. Fiona was purring as the flogger splayed out on impact at a medium strength. The machine was set at random so she had no idea when the next strike would occur.

Damien watched her carefully and when he could see that she was beginning to enter her happy place he indicated for the implement to be changed. Fiona expressed her displeasure that the flogging stopped. Damien laughed as he said “Well that is six punishment strokes of a cane.”

Fiona with what little movement she had, wiggled her ass.

The next implement was a leather paddle that sounded worse than it actually was, and she was moaning with pleasure after each stroke landed.

She received 25 strokes before it was replaced by a wooden paddle. This produced grunts and a few ouches as the strokes landed.

We let that run for a while before replacing it with the scorpion. Each strike of the scorpion produced increasing levels of noise, both squeals of pain and moans of pleasure. About 50 strokes landed before Damien picked up the thin whippy cane. He handed it to me indicating that intensity was to be set at full.

I had him come to the control panel to see me increase the intensity from medium to hard. He nodded before I pressed the start button. The first strike landed to a howl of pain. Again it was set at random so she had to wait for the swish sound just before the cane landed to know that the stroke was on its way.

Each stroke that landed produced a howl, and as the last two landed with just a second or two gap the howl was much louder.

Damien released the straps holding her to the bench and helped her to the sofa where he hugged and cuddled her as she recovered from her ordeal.

I released Diane from her strap cage and we left them alone.

When they made their way to the living room, there were suitable refreshments available.

Diane asked “How did you find that session?”

“Incredible, it is so quiet that I just could not tell when the next stroke was going to land, so I just had to relax and enjoy the intensity of the sensations. What made it more interesting was that I still had the ben wa balls inside me. I just loved the look of it when I saw it at the party, so my heart ruled my head.”

She sighed before continuing “I came hard when Damien held me afterwards. I suppose that’s what happens when you follow your heart.”

We continued chatting until it was nearly time to go out. Diane asked “Are you two up for some fun this evening when we go to the pub?”

“What does it involve? asked a nervous Fiona.

“Fun.” was all the answer she got.

I handed Fiona a bullet vibrator saying “Go to the bathroom and remove the balls and replace them with this.”

While she was out the room I asked Damien “What did you mean by the rules for the weekend?”

“She is only allowed one orgasm every day. Failure means that she has to get nipple piercings and she is scared about them.”

“I see, then  we should give her a chance to win, but it won’t be easy.”

“I agree, but how?”

I got the remote for Fiona’s bullet and quickly set it so that the maximum level to be 2/3rds of the maximum for a period of six hours.

“I’ve set the maimum level of the remote so that it could be more than just a tease, but not the maximum. I’m just about to set Diane’s so the minimum is at half the maximum power. Diane has experiience of controlling her orgasms, so we can really enjoy watching the girls struggle to contain themselves.”

Wicked Wednesday

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A New Year starts

We continue from last week, now seeing in the new year.

Although Dee had been released from the bench, she was in no fit state to join in the traditional singing of Auld Lang Syne. She needed her aftercare that Zack was only too happy to provide.

Before the singing Fiona, cuddled on Damien’s Lap said “I’d like to be on the receiving end sometime as it looks awesome and is so quiet.”

I turned to Fiona “So why don’t you enjoy the sensations that machine produces?”

“I can’t as I am doing a swimwear shoot in 2 days and I need to be unmarked. Though I really love being on the receiving end of floggers, paddles and canes, because of my work schedule, sometimes I have to miss out on those pleasures.”

Diane with a twinkle in her eye said “If we promise you won’t get marked, how about a nice flogging?”

“What do you mean, as I always get some marks even when a flogger is used?”

“You just have to trust me; I promise there will be no marks visible.”

Damien was getting intrigued as he heard this exchange. “But who will be doing the flogging?”

“You” replied Diane.

“But I..”

Diane interrupted, “Trust me, Put Fiona in a standing spread eagle and blindfold her.”

He did as instructed and once Fiona was blindfolded I pulled Damien to one side and said quietly as I handed him the neoprene flogger. “Use this flogger as hard as you like. Start on her back, then her ass. You can use it on her tits and finally her pussy. I promise she will come like a train.”

He smiled evilly before telling Fiona “If you want to come you must ask for permission.”

I looked at Diane who had a grin on her face as Damien landed the first strike gently on her back. It produced no reaction, so he started to increase the power of the strokes. Fiona started to urge him to go harder.

He continued on her back slowly moving down to her cute ass. Within her bindings she stuck it out a little to encourage him. He continued to land the flogger at what looked like full strength and she was sighing and squirming with pleasure.

After a while he moved position and started to flog her perfect c cup breasts, ensuring that they took the full force of the strikes of the flogger. Her nipples stood out prominently looking as hard as they could get.

Fiona was emitting sounds of pure pleasure as the strokes kept landing. He moved the focus of the strikes down until the first one landed on her sweet lower lips. She breathlessly asked “Pleasssse may I come.”

“No, and I will tell you when you can.”

He continued to land strokes on her pussy with her being more vocal in her pleas. He denied them all. You could tell from her reactions that she was fighting the orgasm that was relentlessly building when she suddenly screamed as she orgasmed hard, squirting her juices all over the flogger.

She slumped in her restraints, unable to stand. Damien held her as I released her wrists and Diane her ankles. He carried her back to the sofa where her ragged breathing slowly came under control. She was involuntarily twitching as the aftershocks of her intense orgasm made themselves felt.

Diane and I left them so Damien could hold her and give her the necessary aftercare.

Meanwhile, I got one of the straight backed chairs and tied Diane to it tightly with her legs wide apart and she had no room to wriggle. I placed our Hitachi wand so that it would do its work. Once I was ready I said “your punishment for suggesting Fiona’s work out is 40 minutes without coming.”

I secured a blindfold before I turned on the Hitachi at half power, enough to get her really worked up, and not too much that she would not be able to control herself.

I kept watch over her, whilst I let the wand to its work. Fiona and Damien came over, with Fiona still needing Damien to prop her up. She asked quietly so Diane could not hear “How much longer?”

“About 10 minutes.”

“Well I hope it is at full strength.”

“Not yet, but it will be in a couple of minutes.”

She smiled “How about now? I need to pay her back for her suggestion as I will be punished in due course for that tremendous orgasm I had.”

I turned the wand up to ¾ power with Diane sensing the change immediately. She squirmed, squealed and pleaded for the wand to be turned off or be allowed to orgasm for the whole of the remaining time.

Finally I turned it up to full power saying to her “you can come at will.”

Diane finally screamed her release and as soon as I knew the orgasm had finished I turned the wand off.

By now it was getting late and we were all ready for bed. Dee and Zack supervised with some help from Patrice and Corrine.

Zack announced the results of our game in the afternoon. He was very careful to make sure that the winners had a room to themselves, whilst those who were in lighter bondage would be paired up with a couple in more stringent bondage.

Diane and I had not done at all well in that game and we were ‘sentenced’ to join Patrice and Corrine in their room. Basically Diane and I were placed in a vacubed (as we did to them a few weeks earlier).

Neither of us was able to move but we could hear everything that was going on. I heard Corrine telling Patrice that the evening’s play had made her all horny finishing with “Please fuck me hard.”

Patrice did pleasure Corrine and the sounds soon had me aroused, but the vacubed made it very uncomfortable as I was not able to get hard. I could sense Diane was also aroused, but the way we were positioned meant we could not do anything but to endure the additional torment.

The next morning I woke before Diane to find that we could extract ourselves for the bed. I left Diane to sleep on whilst I attended to my basic bodily morning needs. She soon woke, went to the bathroom and we made our way to Breakfast to find we were the last to get up.

Fiona, with Damien, came up to us “That flogger is so much fun, where can we buy one?”

“You can’t. It was made for us many years ago.”

Fiona then said “Damien tells me he used full strength strokes, but they just felt like a tickling sensation. You said there would be no marks, and we found none. Can we borrow it again sometime?”

It was turn to reply “Sorry, that is reserved for special treats and people who have never experienced it before. Much to her disappointment, I only use it on Diane two or three times a year. But, why don’t you two come over to our house for a weekend and Fiona can try out the machine?”

“Sound’s good.” she replied.

Wicked Wednesday

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New Year’s Eve

We spent Christmas day quietly at home. As is usual, we always bought each other a sexy gift. I bought a really smart leather top for her whilst she got me a delightfully wicked looking whip that was of leather and looked like barbed wire.

The week after Christmas was spent quietly getting on with work and we were looking forward to the New Year’s Eve party at Zack and Dee’s country home. We arrived before lunch. As is the usual practice when joining Zack and Dee at their home we were soon naked.

There was just one couple (out of the 10 who were guests), who we did not really k5387090570_43b021c9ce_bnow; This was the photographer, Damien, whose exhibition featured Diane and his girlfriend, Fiona, who was a famous model.

At lunch Zack announced that in the afternoon we, as couples, would be playing a game which would determine the sleeping arrangements after the party as they did not have the 10 bedrooms needed to accommodate all the guests.

The rules of the game were simple.

  1. We had to locate and photograph on our phone all the items on a list
  2. None of the items were hidden in drawers or cupboards
  3. All the items could be found on the ground floor of the house
  4. The playroom was out of bounds
  5. The winning couple were the ones that found the most items
  6. In the event of a tie, time taken in finding the items would be taken into account
  7. The prize for the winners was to have a nice bed to sleep in.
  8. The others would be in some form of bondage for the night, ranging from light bondage to severe.

I said to Zack “You have had more couples here than now and you have been able to accommodate them all.”

He smiled “I know that is what you are all thinking, and yes we have had more couples stay over. We have just sold the London house, and the whole of the top floor is full of the overflow from there.”

Each couple was handed a list of thirty items, ranging from finding an image of a particular person to items, such as a dragon tail, connected to BDSM.

Some items, such as a particular paddle were easy to find, whereas others, such as a spoon made of olive wood, were not.

Diane and I enjoyed our searching with us bumping into others on the way with some playful banter between us. We finished our search finding (we thought) 25 of the items on the list over a period of two hours.

After the afternoon refreshments, each couple went to Zack or Dee for them to determine our results. Once the judging had been completed, we were given the opportunity to freshen up before the evening meal.

Dee had laid on a superb meal. Diane and I were sat next to Damien and Fiona, as we were the only guests that they had met previously. The conversation included talk about the exhibition. Fiona commented “I know that the prints of the mystery woman sold out. The movers and shakers in the fashion and art photography movement who were at the exhibition are desperate to find out who the model was as they want her to work with them. Damien has been so tight lipped, that I haven’t got a clue.”

Damien added “I know how much pressure there is, I have had numerous requests and it would not surprise me if my rubbish bins have been searched  and others trying to hack into my computer. I just don’t know if she wants to pose again.”

Diane blushed slightly before asking Damien very quietly “How trustworthy is she?”

“Totally.” Was his reply.

Diane said nothing more until after the meal. In a quiet area I saw Diane talking to Fiona. Once they finished Diane came to me. “I told her my price will be £1m after all taxes are paid for just a two hour shoot. I also have editorial control on what is published or printed.”

I grinned “And if someone offers you the fee, what then?”

“Then I will honour my commitment.”

I smiled “You naughty Minx, your ass needs some attention then.”

“Good, that is just the reaction I wanted.”

Zack encouraged us all to proceed to the playroom which was suitably decorated. The size of it together with the variety of equipment available meant that there was plenty of opportunity for everyone to play.

I watched as Damien put Fiona into a very stringent but comfortable suspension bondage tie. He then started to tickle her with a feather in many of her sensitive areas. Although there was a lot of squeals and pleas, Damien continued for about 30 minutes before finally using the feather on her pussy that had her screaming with pleasure.

I had to help Damien in releasing the totally zoned out Fiona. Whilst he gave her the necessary aftercare, I thought it was time that Diane needed the promised attention on her bum.

I took her to the old gym horse secured her into position and warmed her up with a nice hand spanking. I then got out a selection of our favourite toys, and proceeded to ensure that her cheeks were a bright red before using the flogger she had bought me.1_136

I initially was gentle, but her reactions allowed me to land harder strikes that left virtually no marks but had her squirming with pleasure. I decided that she needed a little more to finish off the scene so picked up the thin metal wire cane and landed five nice straight lines on each of her upturned cheeks. One more strike on each cheek was the vertical one that had her groaning. Finally I added the diagonal stripe on her left cheek that crossed each of the six welts. When I moved over to the right cheek she was so close to release that I let the stroke land, drop the cane, move behind her and using a finger flicked her clit a few times before she had a very intense orgasm.

I released her, held her and gave the necessary aftercare.

As midnight approached Zack announced that Dee was to receive her punishment for coming three times at the office party two weeks previously. He declared that she deserved 3 sets of twelve severe strokes with the judicial cane. Because of his mobility problems he was going to use their spanking machine.

He then wickedly added “the first set will be at 10 second intervals, the second set at five seconds and the final set with no breaks.”

Dee was bent over the spanking bench and the spanking machine placed into position. Zack programmed it and pressed the start button.

Fiona, by now, had recovered from her scene and watched in awe as the machine did its work. Cuddled up in Damien’s lap she said to him, “I’d like to be on the receiving end sometime as it looks awesome and is so quiet.”

The final 12 strokes landed in very quick succession with Diane howling in both pain and pleasure. The last one landed just as the one minute countdown (on the silent TV) to midnight started.

Wicked Wednesday

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Advent- Final part

Author’s note; To keep reasonably close to the 1200 words requested, not all entries are that long.

17th Decepale-mint-v-neck-sleeveless-sexy-backless-long-chiffon-evening-dress-1mber

Today was the day for my firm’s evening Christmas Party. We spent the day finishing off our preparations for Christmas before heading off to the hotel that we were staying in. I packed our case so that we had everything needed for the weekend.

Once we had settled in and were getting ready for the party I handed Diane her accessories. These consisted of the nipple shields, earrings and necklace. She knew what to do. After she had put on the nipple shields I gave her the dress I had chosen. It was a long white dress which showed a tantalising view of her breasts without revealing anything.

She said “I am surprised there is nothing down there tonight.”

“Today I thought the shields would be enough.”sns146

The party went well and when we finally retired to bed she insisted on keeping the nipple shields on.

18th December

After breakfast in our room we went to the hotel near the Bustard’s office where their office party was being held. We spent the day relaxing with Diane going to the spa and health club where she did some exercise before having her hair done as well as a manicure and pedicure.

As we were getting ready I handed her the bullet vibrator and lock for her pussy. “Oh god, not that gain, especially as I have got to give a speech.”

“Don’t worry; you will be fine with it in you.”

Also I gave her some nipple stretchers to wear before handing her the dress for the halter-neck-navy-sleeveless-long-slit-chiffon-blouson-evening-dress-1evening. This was the one she had bought a few days previously. I was a halter top with a short underskirt and a long chiffon skirt. The top was loose enough for her breasts to move around enticingly as well as preserve her modesty.

We got to the ballroom and as usual we chatted to colleagues before the meal. As with the previous year we were seated on a different table to Zack and Dee.  Once everyone was seated Dee started the evening by saying “Instead of me giving the usual speech, I have invited Diane to take over. On Thursday she was presented with a top award at the Retail institute.”

The applause was astounding. Diane stood up gave a bow before starting “Thank you all for that applause. It is you who should be applauded as you are the ones who have worked so hard in transforming our company.”

The rest of the speech was full of humour and everyone gave another round of applause as she sat down. It was then I noticed her stiffen slightly as the bullet inside her started up.

She looked at me before asking quietly “Who has got the bloody remote?”

“Zack, and I have got Dee’s. They are both sound activated, and I started hers off as you stood up.”

“Oh no, another evening of torture.”

“Maybe, it depends on how nice Zack decides to be. The penalties for having an orgasm will be dealt with at their New Year’s Eve party.”

“And what are the penalties?”

“You will find out at the party. So I suggest you keep yourself under control tonight.”

After the meal the dancing started and I enjoyed a very pleasant evening with a horny wife who managed to hold off from having any orgasms. Dee on the other hand had a much more difficult time as she has not had the same training as Diane in controlling her orgasms.

The party went well and we eventually collapsed in bed at around midnight with Diane demanding some attention so that she could sleep well.

19th December

We left the hotel and after the usual Monday afternoon meeting with Dee, Zack asked Diane “So how did you do last night.”

“Fine, I managed to hold out until we got to bed.”

With a smile and to Dee’s annoyance he said “Well done, that is better than Dee who came twice, so she is going to enjoy New Year’s Eve.”

When we got home I got Diane to put on her cuffs and secured her wrists together and her ankles were hobbled. I said “These stay on until tomorrow morning.”

20th December

For the Tuesday, I was gentle with Diane and had her wearing just a dress with a short skirt, stockings and suspender belt and shoes.

The skirt was short enough to mean that she had to great care whenever she bent over as the stocking tops would soon be readily visible.

21st December

Diane was allowed to dress normally during the day. As soon as we got to the car in the evening I said “Everything off.”

She duly complied and sat in the car quietly as we made our way home. About half way there I turned the electric seat warmer up to maximum. She started to moan about the warmth. I just said “This is to get your bum nicely warmed up for when we get home.”

Once home we went to the playroom where I picked up a nice suede flogger that I used to add to the warmth of her ass. It took a while, but I was able to get her to orgasm standing up with her bum well reddened and just a few gentle strokes between her legs that flicked her clit.

22nd December

In the morning she saw her belt on the clothing I had selected. Also there was a small butt plug and a thin dildo. She put them on before I locked the belt on her.

She asked “What happens if I need to go to the loo?”

“You find me and I will give you the key. But it will have to be back with me within 10 minutes or else you are considered to have failed the challenge. That means a nice sore bum tomorrow and treated as having an orgasm on Sunday night.”

She managed the whole day without troubling me.

23rd December

This was the final day for Diane at the office before a short break. As is usual all the head office staff dressed up to some extent in red. I had selected Diane’s clothing, laid it out with a pair of high heeled shoes.

She looked at the cat suit and said “Every year these seem to get even more revealing.”des-santasuit-2-web_1024x1024

She put on her knickers and then the cat suit. I had her turn around. I realised that her knickers were clearly visible so said “You need to get those knickers off, they spoil the lines of the suit.”

She did as requested and when she looked at herself in the mirror she realised that I was right.

She and Dee were dressed in exactly the same cat suit. Both of their figures are so good that they could get away with wearing them.

The office closed at lunchtime and Diane and I went to visit a couple of the local stores. The staff in them were both surprised and delighted with the visit.

24th December

We spent the day quietly at home before venturing out to the pub in the evening for a quiet drink. As we approached it I handed her the c string which she quickly put on ensuring it was nice and snug. I was kind to her by not using the stimulators much.

When we got home she thanked me for not being too nasty by giving me one of her great blowjobs.

Wicked Wednesday

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A Surprise for Diane

13th December

I left a set of normal clothing out (without a bra or knickers) for Diane that morning. She dressed before joining me in the kitchen. She asked “So what is the challenge for the day?”

No challenge for the day until you leave the office. As soon as you get into the car until bedtime you are required to be silent. Any speech, moans or other noise will mean that you get gagged.”

In the car on the way home Diane was able to keep her silence. She prepared the meal in silence as required, but failed when she said “Dinner is Ready.”

I joined her at the table sayong “as soon as you have finished eating I will be putting the gag on. Any further noises will mean the severity of it will increase.”

I heard her moan before she nodded in understanding.

I smiled, “Obviously you want the gag to be more severe.”

She groaned again audibly.

Once we finished the meal, I got the relatively new gag we have that has not been used very often. I had her stick her tongue out, secured the two bars over it and then secured her lips with the other two bars.Stainless

She glared at we when I had finished, but there was absolutely nothing that she could do. I left her in the gag for the next couple of hours checking occasionally that she was coping with it.

14th December

Wednesday is her normal travel day, so I decided that a pleasantly warm bum was in order so had her bent over the kitchen table, raised her skirt to reveal her delightful bum. I picked up the scorpion, a flogger of 20 thin strands of leather all different lengths.

I laid down 30 strokes at medium intensity that produced a sting, without being uncomfortable. When I had finished she askedd “Is that all?”

“Oh you want more?”

“Yes please, how about the same again but harder.”

As she asked so nicely I obliged. These extra strokes left her bum a nice shade of red with some individual little welts where the tips of the lashes had landed.

Once she got home I asked “have a good day?”

“Very good, and I relaly enjpoyed the tingle of my bum while sat on the hard seats in the train.”

15th December

This was the night of the trade dinner that Dee had received invitations to, with one specifically in Diane’s name.

I teased her about this a little, but allowed her to have a normal set of clothes for the day. When we left the office to for Dee and Zack’s London house to change for the dinner, I said “I hope you enjoy tonight.”

I had packed the special dress that she wore at the Bustamy adams americanhustle dressard head office party last year.

After showering, I handed her a pair of golf balls which she inserted. I locked her pussy lips together before helping her into her dress. She lifted each leg into the inside lining which was the bottom half of a leotard which had been sown into the dress. She had remembered that the flowing skirt  would hide our little secret. From the waist band two lengths of fabric hung down. I raised them up, clipped each of her nipple rings to the hooks sown in to the strips. I secured the two straps behind her neck with a padlock. Diane remembered that the dress would be gently pulling her nipples up and there was no way out until I wanted to let her out.

On arrival at the hotel, we were escorted to the bar for pre dinner drinks. We were joined at the table for dinner by some of her colleagues as well as one of the many shop floor assistants who worked for Bustards, the company Diane worked for. On looking at the menu we realised that this industry dinner included an awards ceremony.

The dinner was a great success. Once over the dinner was over, we settled down for the awards ceremony. There were ten awards being given out. When it came to the last award, the Master of ceremonies introduced the gentleman who was very complimentary about her work at the recent exhibition we attended.

His preamble was a general comment about how a pleasant working environment made staff happy and therefore more efficient. He then went on to say “The award for most effective senior manager  in our industry is a woman who in the last three years, with her chief executive, transformed a company from being run of the mill into a dynamic company.”

Dee smiled as he continued “The winner has moved from working on the shop floor to a senior boardroom position in just five years. I am delighted to announce Diane Johnson as the winner.”

Diane did not react as her name was announced. Dee immediately stood up, pulled Diane off her chair, gave her a hug before slapping her on the bum encouraging her to go towards the stage.  Diane walked up to the stage with shock all over her face. She was presented with her award, chatted for a few moments with the man before before being invited to the microphone.

Although she was smiling she was hesitant at first as she said “Thank you so much. I am absolutely astonished that I was even considered, let alone winning.”

She paused for a second before continuing “I must thank my Chief Executive, Dee, for having faith in my abilities. I also thank all the staff at Bustards for all their hard work. This award is a tribute to them as it them that have helped transform our company. Finally, but not least I must thank my husband for his support and wisdom. Thank you.”

An absolutely shocked Diane left the stage, walked back to the table accepting the plaudits from the other table she passed before getting to us. She looked at Dee saying “You must have known all about this.”

“No, all I knew was that you were invited by name to attend.”

“My god, I am astounded and it will take a while to sink in.”

Dee’s only response was “You deserve it. I know you are having a day off tomorrow, so relax and enjoy it.”

16th December

It was in the early hours of the morning that we finally got home. Diane was not surprised when she got up to find no clothes laid out for her. Having let her sleep in, I had been able to talk to Dee and Zack before she surfaced.

She looked at the trophy on the table before saying “Wow, what a pleasant surprise last night.”

“Not just for you.”

We chatted for a while before she asked “So what have you got planned for me today.”

“A change of plan. While you were still sleeping, I talked to Dee. You are taking over from her by giving the traditional speech on Sunday night. So your task today is to prepare it.”

Wicked Wednesday

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