The Closing Ceremony

After the games, we now finish off the weekend

We gathered in Zack and Dee’s playroom. Ominously in the centre of the room was the spanking bench and the spanking machine.

Alex said “we are not going to reveal the results of the last three games until after all the relevant penalties have been administered. Each couple has brought 6 implements. So please put them on the tables by your name.”

There was a rustle of bags as the implements were put on the tables. I looked over to see a wide range from some pleasant ones to others that are rather more severe. The worst of the lot was one Diane insisted on bringing with us.

Alex continued “When it is your turn, you roll a die that determines which implement is used on your bum. You will not be on the receiving end off any implement you brought. We will first deal with the Men’s competition. Grant as you came in last of the men’s competition, please roll the die.”

Grant did as asked and rolled a two. Freya handed a long wooden paddle with two rows of holes on it to Zack who inserted into the machine’s arm.

Freya pronounced “You accumulated 51 points so that means you get 51 swats at the hard level with that nice paddle.”

The first strike landed which had Grant wincing with pain. Somehow he got through all 51 strokes without screaming, but his ass was a bright red at the end.

Freya then asked John to roll the die. He rolled a six. He was asked to take up his position whilst the paddle was replaced with cat of nine tails. You scored 48 points, so this is what you will receive. He took the strokes in his stride and although he had a lot of welts all over his ass, he certainly looked as if he would not enjoy sitting for quite a while.

Slave G was next and his roll of the die meant he was at the receiving end of a quirt. He smiled as he saw it and Freya asked Susan to administer the strokes as it could not be used by the machine. She deferred because of her leg and asked Corrine to do the honours saying “They can be as hard as you like because he is a pain slut and I can’t do much for the next few weeks.”

Corrine laughed as she said “I will gladly do it, and he can feel a special new sensation!”

Freya told her “there are 44 strokes to be administered.”

Corrine laughed even more as she said “that is a perfect number.”

The first 11 strokes were administered to his left cheek followed by another 11 to his right cheek. Slave G hardly made any sound and looked as he was enjoying the sweet intense pain in a small area. However the next stroke landed on his left cheek crossing one of the earlier welts. This created a reaction, Each of the remaining strokes landed so when Corrine had finished there were 11 crosses on each of his cheeks.

Slave G got up thanking Corrine. He went to sit down and as soon as his bum landed on the seat he squealed and jumped up saying “God, they sting like hell.”

I saw Corrine and Susan talking quietly. It was clear that they were talking about the technique when Corrine said a bit louder “All it takes is a lot of practice.”

The next to go on the bench was Adam with Freya commenting “Adam you are next, William and you have the same score, but as you did worse in the paintball, you are 5th in the Men’s table.

He rolled a three which was a sweet looking flogger. Adam made his way onto the bench. The machine was started with the swish of the flogger and the thud of it landing sounding loud and painful, however the flogger did nothing more than redden his ass.

William’s turn came and he rolled a one which was a cane. Each stroke landed precisely with the same amount of force. After 43 strokes there was a series of clearly defined red lines from the top of his thighs to the top of his bum.

Freya announced “In fourth place is James with 41 points.”

With his roll of the die he selected a strap. He was secured into position and the 41 swats landed precisely giving his bum a deep red glow. By the last one landed he was squealing as each one added to the agony of his tender ass. His eyes were watering as he was released from his restraints.

Freya immediately announced that in third place was Tom. His roll of the die produced a six. Patrice and I looked at each other and we were both nervous, as we and the others had realised that the implements being used were from the person immediately above them in the placings.

Freya then said “So they do not know who the winner is, Patrice and Charles are to leave the room until this session is over.”

We left the room for about five minutes. When we were invited back in to the playroom the implement used had been replaced on the table, so we could not work out which of us had won.

Alex then said “There is just one more of the men who is to get a warmed up bum.”

He then asked both of us to roll a die, with Patrice rolling a five and me a two. Patrice looked at the selection of implements Diane and I brought and realised that the five meant the scorpion, whilst the two I had rolled meant I would be on the receiving end of a nimp500asty looking dragon tail.

Freya decided to then say “the person in second place scored 32 points and the winner of the men’s competition 28.” She paused for a moment before adding. “So Patrice, as you were second, please get on the bench.”

The scorpion was loaded into the machine, the button pressed. The swish of the first strike could be heard by everyone. The impact of the twenty strands of varying length was felt by Patrice. Each strike produced a wince from him. As the count reached twenty , his bum was a mass of tiny red spots as the tip of each tail left it’s mark. After all 32 strokes had landed he was released and felt his bum. He was surprised that that his skin had not been broken, but still complained “My ass feels as if it is on fire.”

We broke for a few minutes to get some refreshments. Alex got us back together by announcing “Time for the all but one of the competing ladies to get their bums warmed. As each bum is punished, we will get out the belts and devices for that couple to be all securely locked up.”

Next week we will complete the closing ceremony.

Wicked Wednesday

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The games -part 4

Continuing on from last week’s episode….

Freya encouraged us to apply more sunscreen before she announced the eighth game as the High Jump.

Freya said “You have up to six attempts at the High Jump. After each round, the bar will be raised from the initial six inches by 3 inches until it is 1 foot above the ground, then it will be raised by one inch. You may start or pass at any height you want, but you only get one chance at each height.

“Your ankle cuffs will be locked together and wrists locked behind your backs throughout this game. In addition you will have weights hanging from your nipples. We will start with an ounce weight on a spring hanging from clover clamps or for those of you with nipple rings from the rings themselves. Each attempt adds one ounce to the weights hanging from the spring. You can pull out of the game at any time.

“The scoring is based on successful jumps, the highest being the winner. However if there is a tie, then the heights attempted and whether successful or not comes into play. Alex and I will not accept any arguments about this, if you disagree with our final judgment this will count as disqualification and an automatic 8 points added to your score.”

Alex then added “we will not update you with the scores until after the finale which we will complete before lunch. After lunch we will have the closing ceremony in the playroom.”

The set up was very simple and no one took up the offer of a six inch jump. At 9 inches we all had a go with Adam failing, while the rest of us managed it.

At the next height I took my second jump and the two ounces hanging from the spring pulled hard on the rings in my nipples.

Everyone was very competitive and after the height got to 14 inches there were many failures. It was between me and Tom at the height of 16 inches as everybody was failing the jumps. When I got to my fifth attempt at 17 inches, I was successful, but the pull of the weights was extremely painful.

Tom on the other hand decided to up the stakes and attempted 18 inches for his fifth attempt with a failure. I took my sixth jump at that height and failed. Tom was determined to win so attempted 19 inches with another failure.

The penultimate game for us was Riding. We went to the Bucking Bronco machine. Freya explained “this game is as simple as it possibly can be. The machine will run exactly the same set of movements for everybody. The person who stays on longest is the winner. There is a ring attached to allow you to hang onto the machine with your hands, we would have cuffed your wrists but for safety we will not be using any bindings. Suzy will give us a demonstration.”

Suzy climbed onto the machine and when it was started it made a gentle Havoc_Hailey_Pays_Girls_to_Ride_a_Mechanical_Bull_Naked_Sexy_Videos_usr_52429476de9e5[(006700)13-26-40]circling movement before doubling back on itself gently. After a few seconds of this, the movements got a bit more forceful and after about 30 seconds Suzy fell off, landing on the plentiful air mattresses around it.

The first to take part in the competition was William who fell off after the movements started to get a bit more violent than just the circling. He was followed by Celia, who being a plus size model, found the movements had her breasts bouncing around quite a lot. After a particular bucking movement she squealed as her pussy landed on the hard surface and she let her grip go and fell off.

Diane and I did not fare too well, but we did better than some of the others. Unfortunately for Diane, Corrine did extremely well by holding on for what seemed like a very long time.

Because we were not being updated on the scores we did not know how well we had done.

Freya then said “Now for the final game, shooting. I understand that these paintball guns have been set at the lowest level and can be fired from 10 metres without causing any serious damage, just some light bruising. You will all be in a standing spread-eagle position. To protect your eyes and face, you will all be wearing welding masks whilst you are the target.

“Each couple will be the targets at the same time, this is to speed up the game which otherwise would take too long to complete.”

“The scoring is quite simple, you get five shots at each person, including Alex and myself, which must be fired in one minute. Any that hit a nipple, cock or clit score 10 points, a breast gets 5 points, a bum shot 3 points anywhere else on the body gets 1 point, except in the kidney area which is an immediate disqualification.

“When Alex and I are targets, you need to note down how many hits you managed, and where, so we can add them to the scores.

“You each get five shots each at Zack and Susan for practice which do not count in the scoring.

“Finally, in the event of a tie in any of the competitions, the scoring for this round will determine the positions in the league tables. If it is still a tie we will work backwProdPhoto_465_lg_453833-453833IND.JPGards with each game to find a winner.”

Zack was put into position, mask on and we all took our turns at firing at him. His upper body was a riot of colour when we had all finished. Susan was put into position and we all took great delight in covering her body with paint. Slave G, her partner and submissive took careful aim and hit her nipples and clit as well as managing two bum shots.

When it was our turn, I was secured into position by Freya, with Diane being secured by Alex. The welding mask eye piece was very dark, and I was not able to see who was firing at me. I felt the first hit on my bum, and whilst it hurt, it was not as painful as a cane stroke. I lost count of the number of hits I received, but when I was released my body was totally covered in paint. I know that my cock was hit on a couple of occasions and my nipples received quite a lot of attention. My bum was not used as a target by many, so it was relatively unharmed.

During the competition part, I noticed that Corrine was particular accurate with many of her shots. Diane, although fairly accurate was not quite as proficient. I just hoped, for her (and my sake) that she had done enough to manage to beat Corrine overall.

Finally the game was over. Everyone was covered in the paint and we had a great time splashing around with two hosepipes washing off the paint.

After a late lunch, Alex and Freya spent a while updating the spreadsheet that was being used to record all the scores. Once they had finished they announced “Time to go to the playroom for our closing ceremony.”

Wicked Wednesday

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The games – part 3

We continue from last week

Saturday evening over dinner we bantered a bit. Once dinner had been cleared Alex decided it was time to update us with the scores. For the swimming challenge they were:

Kathy 8 Slave G 8 Kathy & John 13
Diane 7 Tom 7 Tom & Suzy 11
Tamara 6 William 6 Tamara & Grant 10
Petra 5 John 5 Diane & Charles 10
Suzy 4 Grant 4 Celia & William 9
Celia 3 Charles 3 Dee & Slave G 9
Corrine 2 James 2 Petra & James 7
Dee 1 Patrice 1 Corrine & Patrice 3

A few of us were a bit more concerned about the overall standings, especially as there were individual competitions involved. Grant said to Tamara,” if we come in bottom, you are in real trouble as I don’t think you or I could take 9 weeks in chastity.”

She replied “It’s not easy, but you can manage, I’ve done longer before now.”


“Yes, before I was introduced to Patrice, I was a bit wild. The first thing he did on the way to sorting me out was put me in a belt for 6 months. I can tell you it was bloody frustrating and annoying to begin with, but I became accustomed to it and it did change my ways.”

Patrice nodded on hearing this.

Grant then said “well I’ve never been locked up, so I am sure it will be hell.”

Freya interrupted the conversation by announcing the individual overall scores so far as:

Names Points Games played Names Points Games played
Tamara 26 5 Grant 31 5
Petra 25 5 William 27 5
Suzy 24 5 Tom 22 5
Sofia 23 4 John 21 4
Kathy 22 5 Slave G 17 4
Dee 17 4 James 17 5
Celia 15 5 Adam 16 4
Corrine 15 4 Charles 15 4
Diane 13 4 Patrice 13 4

The joint totals were announced as:-

Names Points Games played
Tamara & Grant 57 5
Tom & Suzy 46 5
Kathy & John 43 4
Celia & William 42 5
Petra & James 42 5
Sofia & Adam 39 4
Dee & Slave G 34 4
Diane & Charles 28 4
Corrine & Patrice 28 4

Tamara was not so happy as Sofia in their private competition. Grant just giggled as Tamara said “I was so looking forward to seeing my sister be put through the wringer by Grant and me tormenting Adam.”

He replied, “well we better do a lot better than them in the rest of the games.”

While that banter was going on Corrine said to Diane “it’s close between us, and I’m sure I will still win.”

Diane laughed saying “no way. Why don’t we up the stakes a little?”

“What do you mean?”

Without consulting me she said “The winner gets to put the losing couple in strict bondage together for a whole night.”

“You’re on.”

Patrice and I looked at each other realising that one of us was going to be in trouble over a weekend. I then saw him whispering in Corrine’s ear just as I whispered to Diane, “You better bloody well not lose or else you will be in feeling my wrath all day, every day for at least a whole month.”

The next morning we started the games a bit earlier than the day before.

It was Celia and William’s game next.

Alex said it is a nice simple, quick game. All you have to do is throw the dildo as far as you can from behind the line. The furthest throw wins. You all get three attempts.”

Grant was the first to go, and his first attempt was pretty tame, getting better for his second and third throws. However, we were all unable to match Tamara’s best throw which was 29 metres. The closest to that was John on 25 metres.

The results from that game were:

Petra 8 Slave G 8 Dee & Slave G 15
Dee 7 James 7 Petra & James 15
Sofia 6 Patrice 6 Sofia & Adam 9
Suzy 5 Charles 5 Corrine & Patrice 9
Kathy 4 Grant 4 Tom & Suzy 7
Corrine 3 Adam 3 Diane & Charles 7
Diane 2 Tom 2 Tamara & Grant 5
Tamara 1 John 1 Kathy & John 5

Our seventh game was cycling. There was an oval course about 30 metres in length. There were also two very small solid metal kid’s tricycles.

Freya smiled as she said “these trikes are made
for 4 year old children DK-250-R-ChildrensTrike-Red-Frontbut with some slightly larger pedals that have been added to make it easier for you to ride them. James and Petra will demonstrate with a lap. Both of us have tried this, and you can only manage to pedal the bikes whilst sitting on the seat. We can both assure you it is not a comfortable ride. All you have to do is complete three laps of the course in less than 5 minutes without falling off. If you fall off or a foot touches the ground, your race is finished. Quickest time wins, or if you do not complete the three laps, the furthest distance wins.”

James and Petra were not that happy when they demonstrated the game as they found the seats somewhat uncomfortable. They managed the lap without putting a foot down or falling off, but it was great to watch them with knees wide apart trying to pedal the tiny bikes.

Patrice and Corrine were the first couple on the course. Patrice was wincing just sitting on the bike before the race started, whilst Corrine looked particularly uncomfortable. They both managed a lap before Corrine lost her footing on a pedal and her race was over. Patrice vainly managed to continue, completing two laps before falling off just into the third lap.

Corrine said to Petra “That’s not such fun, my pussy is sore, is as if I have been on a wooden pony.”

Petra said, “I know, we were going to add a small dildo, but hygiene issues made us abandon that part.”

Before long, it was my and Diane’s turn. I mounted the bike and immediately realised why Patrice winced as there was a lot of pressure on my ball sack and perineum. We started the race and I only just managed a lap before I fell off. Diane on the other hand, having been on a wooden pony a number of times was able to get through the suffering and complete the three laps in just under two minutes to a round of applause from all of us. The rest took their turns with varying results. What was interesting was that Tamara was able to complete almost three laps whilst Sofia only managed about half a lap.

Alex and Freya took a short time to compile the results which were:

Sofia 8 John 8 Kathy & John 14
Corrine 7 Grant 7 Sofia & Adam 13
Celia 6 Tom 6 Celia & William 10
Kathy 6 Adam 5 Tom & Suzy 9
Dee 5 William 4 Tamara & Grant 9
Suzy 3 Charles 3 Corrine & Patrice 9
Tamara 2 Patrice 2 Dee & Slave G 6
Diane 1 Slave G 1 Diane & Charles 4

Diane breathed a sigh of relief before saying to me, just in Corrine’s hearing “Well that gives me a bigger lead, I think it’s now about 9 points.”

Corrine said “There is still three games to go, so don’t be so sure that you will beat me.”

Freya said “enough bickering” before she announced the eighth game as the High Jump.

Wicked Wednesday

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The games continue

We continue from last week.

The third game we had was the one Diane and I devised called rope.

There were two courses each ten metres long, one for the women and one for the men.

For the men, there was a rope strung tight just an inch or two above the ground.

For the women there was a rope that ran between two poles that were adjustable in height. Along the rope there were forty knots.

Alex explained the rules:

  • For the men, their hands were attached to their ankles with their legs held apart by the spreader bar. A carabiner was attached to the rope on the ground and their ball stretchers.
  • The women were required to straddle the rope and it was adjusted so that it was taught and rubbed their pussy lips. They had their wrists secured behind their back and ankles separated by a spreader bar.
  • Everyone was required to be blindfolded.
  • The fastest time to complete the course was the winner.
  • If after 5 minutes the course had not been completed, the distance completed determined the placings.

The first to play the game were Corrine and Patrice. Corrine was positioned and winced as the rope was pulled taught. She started along the course nervously and squeaked as she hit the knots. Meanwhile Patrice was finding it hard to keep his balance as he waddled along. He also moaned as he pulled on his balls when he tried to straighten up a little. I could fully understand how he felt as Diane had insisted I try the game out at home.

They continued along the ropes with squeals, moans and grunts coming from each of them as they waddled along.

They both finished in respectable times. Once Corrine had been released she told Diane I am very sore and that is an evil game.”

Diane with a smile replied “Well there will be some of that style of torture for you when you have your 4 hours of torment in a few weeks’ time.”

Patrice smiled on hearing this saying to Corrine “I would love to see you being tortured by someone else for a change.”

Corrine with a twinkle in her eyes said “It won’t me suffering, it’ll be Diane.”

Everyone who took part found the game hard, and many complained of soreness. They agreed that it was BDSM games, so a bit of suffering was fair.

Alex and Freya encouraged us to top up our sunscreen whilst they sorted out the results. Alex tapped away at his laptop and the results of the game were:-

Kathy 8 Grant 8 Petra & James 12
Sofia 7 William 7 Celia & William 11
Petra 6 James 6 Tamara & Grant 11
Corrine 5 Patrice 5 Corrine & Patrice 10
Celia 4 Tom 4 Sofia & Adam 9
Tamara 3 Slave G 3 Kathy & John 9
Suzy 2 Adam 2 Tom & Suzy 6
Dee 1 John 1 Dee & Slave G 4

We took a break for some lunch before going on to our 4th event of the weekend which was the sprint.

This, of course sounded easy, however Susan and Slave G had made it far more interesting than that. Alex and Freya categorically said “Dee and Slave G will not be taking part as he helped in the design of it.”

We were taken to a piece of ground 10 metres by three wide. This ground had been dug over and lots of water poured over it so that it was basically mud. There was a cargo net that was held down by tent pegs all along the course. At each end about 5 metres from the end of the mud were two circles.

Alex took great delight in saying “This course has been very well watered so you will all get very messy. The rules are quite simple. Each couple starts in this circle, go under the net, one on the left and the other on the right, make your way along the course and get to the far circle. The quickest time wins. There is a time limit of 5 minutes, so again the distance covered will be taken into consideration.”

As he was saying this, Freya with a big smile was spraying even more water over the course.

Tamara and Grant were first to take on the challenge. They started quite quickly, and dived under the net. Whilst their progress was not fast, they each completed the course in just under three minutes. They were covered in mud on their fronts and asked Freya to hose them down. She refused saying “you will have an opportunity to wash off the mess later.”

Tamara was very upset as her long hair was plastered in mud.

We all took our turns, and everyone completed the course. Apart from Dee, Slave G and our judges we were all very messy and I laughingly said to Diane “I wish it was chocolate, then I could give you a full body tongue bath.”

Her reply was, “well I make you do that one day.”

The results were computed by Alex and Freya and were:

Tamara 8 John 8 Tamara & Grant 15
Suzy 7 Grant 7 Kathy & John 13
Corrine 6 James 6 Corrine & Patrice 10
Kathy 5 William 5 Tom & Suzy 9
Celia 4 Patrice 4 Celia & William 9
Sofia 3 Charles 3 Petra & James 8
Petra 2 Tom 2 Sofia & Adam 4
Diane 1 Adam 1 Diane & Charles 4

The final game of the day was the swimming game which Sofia and Adam had put together. It was a simple race, however with a difference. We were taken to the lake where there was a start and finish point marked out on the banks either side of it. Between them were two lanes which had roughly the same length in the water.

Alex explained, “This game is really simple. You leave the start point, get into the lake, cross it and get out on the other side to cross the finish point. The twist is that your ankles will be connected together by a 6 inch long chain and your wrists secured in front of you. Fastest time wins. If someone gives up, then it is the time taken to the point of giving up. The time limit is 10 minutes.”

This sounded really easy, I could see the difficult part was going to be getting out because the far bank which was fairly steep, but not vertical.

We all took our turns at the game with much splashing about as we tried to propel ourselves across the lake. I was able to swim on my back quite well, and once I had mastered the kicking technique was actually quite fast across the water. As I had earlier thought the most difficult part was getting out. Although we did have a short rope available to help us, the hobbles between our ankles made it much more challenging.

Dee and Zack, knowing that we were likely to be a bit wet had kindly produced some towels to dry ourselves off after we had crossed the lake. I noticed that Tom and Grant took plenty of time rubbing down their partners and there were a few quiet moans of pleasure coming from Suzy and Tamara.

Alex then mischievously said, “I will not let you have an update on the scores until dinner. However Tamara and Grant have performed worst today, so they have the tent to clean up.”

Wicked Wednesday

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The games start

Due to an unexpected “flying” visit to the UK, this week’s entry is a little shorter than normal. Next week We will be back to the normal length of story.

Before we started Alex and Freya made us all liberally cover our partners in sunscreen. Freya giggled when she said “we don’t want you get sunburn, especially those who get the canings.”

Shortly after that they announced that the first game of the day was weights.

The task set for us was for each of us to move a stack of 6 hay bales about 2 metres and restack them. There were two different stacks with slightly smaller ones for the women. Whilst this sounded easy, it would not be our style of games without it being made more difficult by us having our legs separated by the spreader bar and our wrists connected by a six inch chain with a snap hook at each end.

The rules were quite simple-

Letting a bale touch the ground before the line for the new stack incurs a 10 second time penalty.
If after 10 minutes the task had not been completed the number of bales moved, and the distance the person had reached in their last carry would be the deciding factor.
If someone gave up, the number of bales moved followed by the time that they decided to give up would determine the placing.

Diane and I were the first to have a go at this task. The principle sounds easy, but it was actually quite challenging as it was difficult to grab a bale with our wrists restrained and then shuffle the short distance whilst your ankles were fixed about 2 feet apart. After the first two bales had been placed on the ground it was quite a struggle to place the next two accurately. The final two bales were even more difficult as the tiredness of one’s leg muscles began to be felt. I finally manged to finish after six minutes with Diane finishing just a couple of minutes later. We both had red marks where the hay had scratched the surface of our skin. Each couple took their turn, with some not finishing in time, or giving up.

We waited whilst Freya and Alex conferred. He quickly tapped away at his machine whilst Freya announced the results:-

Dee 8 Tom 8 Tom & Suzy 14
Sofia 7 William 7 Sofia & Adam 12
Suzy 6 Grant 6 Tamara & Grant 11
Tamara 5 Adam 5 Dee & Slave G 10
Petra 4 Charles 4 Celia & William 8
Diane 3 Patrice 3 Diane & Charles 7
Corrine 2 Slave G 2 Corrine & Patrice 5
Celia 1 James 1 Petra & James 5

More sunscreen was applied before the next event on our agenda which was the Long Jump. Patrice and Corrine had marked out an area for the jumping. A strip of grass about 4 metres long and a metre wide was cut very short.

Both sexes would be have 4 ounce weights attached a spring, for those pierced these weights were attached to the piercing otherwise clover clamps were be used. The women also had a clit clamp from which a 4 ounce weight hung. The men had a ball stretcher with a 16 ounce weight attached. Our ankles and wrists were secured using a hogtie strap with an extra snap link at the wrists.

The game was very simple. Corrine and Patrice demonstrated how it worked. Corrine bunny hopped along the 3 metre course. Every hop had her wincing as the pull of the weights was felt on both her nipples and clit. Patrice also winced as he hopped along the course as he had the additional weight on his ball stretcher.

The scoring was very simple. the winner was the one who over the length of the course had the smallest number of hops. In the event of a tie, the fastest time would win.

We all watched as Celia tackled the course first. The first hop she did had her moaning as the effect of the weights were felt. At the end she was almost crying from the torment to her nipples and clit. William had his go and was wincing all the way as the weight from his balls dragged along the ground because his hops were so short.

When it was our turn, Diane tackled the course first. She loves her nipples being tortured and whilst there was no warm up, she hopped along the course quickly with just moans of combined pleasure and pain. She was panting as she finished and her nipples had hardened. The others were amazed at her reaction. Corrine in particular noticed this saying with a smile “Now I know how to torture you when you come in behind me on the leader board.”

When it was my turn, like William I was finding the drag of the weight on my ball stretcher to be extremely uncomfortable.

After what seemed a long time all sixteen of us completed the course. Alex and Freya quickly announced the results and updated the scores.

Petra 8 Tom 1 Sofia & Adam 14
Dee 7 William 2 Dee & Slave G 11
Sofia 6 James 2 Tamara & Grant 10
Suzy 5 Slave G 4 Petra & James 10
Tamara 4 Charles 5 Kathy & John 8
Celia 3 Grant 6 Diane & Charles 7
Diane 2 John 7 Tom & Suzy 6
Kathy 1 Adam 8 Celia & William 5

Freya announced another sunscreen application was required before we went onto the next game.

Wicked Wednesday

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