Gemma has an Audience

On the Monday morning Diane got up first, brought me a cup of coffee in bed and then cuddled into me saying “When you are ready, would like to warm my bum up as you did yesterday?”

“It would be my pleasure, however how do you think a nice red bum would look when you are wearing your skimpiest bikini?” I replied.

“Sounds that it might give people something to think about.” She replied with a smile on her face.

“I am not so enamoured with the idea. I think I will wait until we get back from the beach before you get your spanking and flogging.”

Gemma and Simon joined us in the kitchen soon after we got up with both women in their birthday suits. Their figures are so good that just the sight had me stirring and I noticed a bulge in Simon’s groin area too.

Simon and Gemma decided that they did not want to go to the beach. So I got Diane’s pussy lock out, handed her the ben wa balls and after they were inserted locked her lips together.

I gave her the skimpy bikini with a thong bottom that she had worn on our autumn holiday. She did not protest as she put it on. She manoeuvred the pussy lock so it was not clearly visible. I laughed as I said to her “What will be interesting will be how you cope when it gets wet whilst swimming.”

We had an enjoyable day at the beach before returning to the house about mid-afternoon. Simon and Gemma were already back and it looked as though they had enjoyed their day. He then said “I hope you don’t mind, but I borrowed the flogger while you were out.”

“No problem” I replied, “I hope Gemma enjoyed it without an audience this time.”

She instantly said with a smile. “It was even better this time.”

Simon produced a fly swatter saying “I know we did not give the ladies their bum warming this morning, how many are they due?”

I looked at the meter saying “only 32 today, but the implement I am going to use often stings like the devil. There were also another 8 loud bangs, so tomorrow there are 51 with the strap.”

I got Diane into position on my lap and started with the fly swatter lightly. She felt the sting of the implement on her rather red arse from being in the sun.

Diane was wriggling and hissing as I slowly completed the 32 strikes.

Gemma commented “those weren’t as hard as yesterday’s strokes, what’s up.”

I replied “The fly swatter stings much more than anything we have used so far. If I had used it too hard the sting would be unbearable and would not be classed as a fun spanking, more of a punishment. As Diane has not earned a punishment it is only right that she enjoys the sting.”

Simon said “As you are so curious, why don’t you get over my lap and find out for yourself?”

She reluctantly laid over Simon’s lap and was soon hissing as he gave her 31 gentle taps. The last one was much harder and she immediately called “Aldi.”

He held her before asking “what is the matter?”

“That last one was too much, I can’t take any more that hard.”

“That was the last one, and now you know. I am also glad you called out.”

Gemma blushed when she took in what he said before saying “Sorry.”

Diane instantly said “You do not have to be sorry, both of you did exactly the right thing.”

Simon held her tight whispered in her ear something which had her smiling.

I held out my hand for Diane to take her to the bedroom, whilst picking up the flogger along the way. The flogger is so soft and gentle that it never leaves any marks, however hard it is swung. Diane and many women who have experienced it gentle caress have experienced great pleasure from it. She smiled as I had her strip, lay down on the bed and proceeded to give her the flogging she deserved. Each strike of the flogger produced a moan of pleasure. I kept her in a state of heightened arousal, before striking her pussy a few times that had her orgasming hard.

Tuesday morning, after breakfast I suggested that the women should pack the cases, whilst I had a short chat with Simon. I asked “do you think Gemma is up to some sexy fun on the plane home?”

“What do you have in mind?”

I told him what I planned for Diane, and he said “I’m sure that she would be mortified to begin with, but with the last few days, she will soon get into it.”

About half an hour before we were to be picked up, I got Diane to give me the strap and I gave her the 51 stinging strokes that I had promised. Her arse was a bright red, with her sit spots and upper thighs also red. She smiled wryly as she said “well, I will certainly feel this on the way home.”

The trip on the ferry and then to the airport were uneventful. Once we had passed through security I saw Simon say something to Gemma. She blushed slightly before disappearing off to the ladies. She returned soon after and discretely handed something to Simon. Diane saw this and said to me “Do you think she was told to remove her knickers?”

“No, not told, just asked.”

Diane smiled as she realised that Gemma was going to be having some fun on the plane home.

We boarded and as the cabin crew came to check our seat belts, I made a show to tighten Diane’s a little so it was clear she was well strapped in. I whispered into her ear, “Unless I say otherwise, the strap stays exactly as it is now.”

On the other side of the aisle was Gemma and Simon. Thankfully for us the two seats in the middle by the aisle were unoccupied. When the signs for the seatbelts were extinguished I saw Simon stop Gemma from releasing the belt. He leant into her as he whispered in her ear. She blushed a bright red, before relaxing a little.

Once all the main food and drinks service had finished I saw Simon make his move. He was discreet, but I then saw his hand sneak through the waistband of her skirt. He was playing with Gemma’s pussy and she struggled to keep quiet, as he teased her. Her face and throat reddened as her arousal built. Suddenly she silently arched her back, struggled to keep quiet and eventually slumped back in her seat.

As we were leaving the airport terminal I asked Gemma “How did you enjoy performing for a captive audience?”

“Oh god, that was hard to keep quiet. But I must admit originally I was not happy, but now I realise it was fun.”

Diane added “I know, Charles kept me on edge most of the way back, and I am so horny.”

I smiled as I said “well, you will have to wait until we get home.

Wicked Wednesday

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Easter Sunday

We are Spending Easter (1st May) weekend on a small Greek Island.

Late on Saturday the four of us made our way to one of the churches high up the side of the harbour to enjoy the Easter celebrations. The service was well underway when we arrived to find people milling about in the courtyard. We were welcomed as strangers and one of the people we met at the bar the previous night explained what was going on. Little packets were handed to everyone alongside candles.

At midnight the priest came out with a single candle and the closest people lit their candles. They all called out “Christos Anesti”, which means Christ has risen. The lighting of candles continued and we were encouraged to light our candles from those who had already lit theirs. It was explained that as the flame had originated from the priest’s candle that was fine. The most important thing our Greek contact said was “Make sure one of your candles is alight at all times. When you get back to the house, trace out XA on the lintel of the front door from the smoke of the candle. Only then can you put the candles out.

As an aside to Diane I said “it is your responsibility to make sure that your candle is still alight when we get back to the house. Failure will treble your stroke count on Tuesday morning.”

Whilst the candles were being lit there were a series of ground shaking explosions and hundreds of firecrackers being let off along with fireworks and many other bangs occurring of varying volume.

It took about half an hour before it was safe for us to leave the church and make our way back to the accommodation. All the way back Diane took extreme care to ensure that her candle did not go out. Once back at the house we followed our friend’s instruction and there was a nice black XA on the lintel.

Diane, have followed the Greek fasting rules (meaning she had only water all day on Saturday) was ready for some food and I quickly heated up some soup for her.

It was late by the time she had finished and in bed she cuddled up to me checking that her restricted orgasm diet was over. I confirmed it was and she sleepily replied “Good I am going to make up for it tomorrow.”

I was woken by Diane who proceeded to make me hard and was soon straddling me, working her way up to her first orgasm. She continued to ride me until I came inside her at the same time as she had her fourth orgasm of the morning. She and I lay holding each other for a while until there was some loud knocking on the front door.

I reluctantly got out of bed, put on a robe to find the neighbour from the next door house inviting all four of us to join them in a traditional Easter Sunday meal.

Diane, Simon and Gemma by this time had also arisen, and after breakfast I checked out the readings on the “noise meter” I had set up on the Friday.

Diane, wiggling her bum provocatively, asked “well it was noisy last night; I hope that there is a nice pleasurable set of spanks today.”

I laughed as I collected the neoprene flogger and today’s implement which was a nice 18 inch plastic ruler.

Gemma, who had received her first proper spanking the previous day, asked Simon “Please can I have the same as Diane today?”

He replied “As you asked, yes.”

She smiled as Diane lent over my lap, raising her skirt to expose her rounded cheeks. I took the opportunity to stroke and caress it before landing the first strike of the ruler which landed with a loud SMACK.

I then revealed the count was another 54 of those Smacks. She was a little surprised when I added “There are also another 31 to add to your total on Tuesday.”

She took the strikes of the ruler on her bum without wriggling too much, and once it was over I caressed it whilst feeling some dampness on one of my legs. I let her up and Simon sat down, with Gemma took up the same position on his lap as Diane had on mine.

Gemma was more vocal than Diane as she was not used to having her arse reddened by the use of implements. Simon was extremely careful to ensure that the swats of the ruler were felt, but not hard enough to have her in distress…

Once he had finished Gemma had watery eyes with a smile on her face.

Diane then said “don’t restrain me today when using the flogger, I’ll hold onto the rope and you can do your worst.”

Diane took up her position and I started out. The count was over 1500 but did not tell her this. After the first couple of hundred strokes on her back, she was breathing heavily, well on her way to an orgasm. I changed my position and could concentrate on her chest, ensuring that her nipples received plenty of attention. The odd stroke landing on her pussy soon had her fully aroused. I turned my attention to her pussy and just a few strokes to her to her first climax. I let her settle back down for a short while before continuing the flogging.

As the stroke count reached 1000, my arms were starting to feel the strain so I concentrated on her pussy which was gushing. I landed a series of strokes that had her orgasming hard. I immediately stopped the flogging, and held in my arms before carrying her to the sofa to allow her to recover.

Gemma was soon on the receiving end if the flogger and although she did not receive quite as many strokes as Diane, she was soon enjoying her massive orgasm that had her slumping. Simon carefully released her and helped her to another chair and we continued to hold our contented women.

We let the two women recover before joining our neighbours for an extremely good lunch of spit roasted lamb, huge salad and washed it all down with a light but very enjoyable wine.

That evening we made our way to the main square to watch the final festivities of dancing, fireworks and the burning the effigy of the Greek prime minister who was cast as Judas. Twenty minutes into the burning there were a series of bangs as the firecrackers in the effigy went off, effectively blowing up Judas.

Diane leant into me saying. “I hope all those registered on your meter.”

Wicked Wednesday

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Saturday Lessons

We are Spending Easter (1st May) weekend on a small Greek Island, the first part is here.

When Diane recovered from her orgasm, Gemma said “that looked intense. I am not sure about the paddle, but that other whip looked harmless.”

Diane replied. “You are right on both counts. Unless you have been on the receiving end of a paddle, you don’t understand how pain can be pleasurable. The flogger is so soft that it can be used as hard as one likes and it leaves no marks. The sensations are fantastic, especially when on my nipples and pussy.”

Gemma said “Sounds like fun with the flogger, but I am not sure I would like the paddle.”

Simon with a wry grin said “Well, don’t dismiss anything until you have tried it out.”

I interrupted by asking Gemma “Have you ever been spanked?”

“No. Not even as a kid.”

“I can tell you there are basically 2 types of spanking, one is a fun one and the second punishment. The paddling I gave Diane was a fun one, although it may not have looked like it.”

Diane interrupted, “Some people, like me, find fun spankings very erotic. However a proper punishment one is not so nice and my bum can be very sore. From what Charles has said I think my bum will be very sore on Tuesday.”

Gemma smiled. “I need to think this over.”

We all went to the beach later in the morning. Simon and I insisted that Diane and Gemma wore only a thin sundress and shoes on the walk. Gemma was rather nervous about it, but with Diane in the same boat she realised that she was not on her own. Diane also had her pussy stuffed with ben wa balls and her lips locked together.

The women talked between them as did Simon and me. The topic of conversation between us men was about spanking and BDSM in general.

When we got to the beach, Diane and I made sure that we were far enough away for Gemma and Simon to talk privately without us hearing. I could see that they were having an in depth discussion. Although not heated, I could see Gemma getting a little nervous as the talking continued. I remarked to Diane “What is the betting that we get asked about some spanking later?”

She smiled as she replied “I am not going to even risk it, I know that we will be asked to teach them later.”

We enjoyed our day of relaxation and went back at the house. Once we had hung up our swimwear and towels Gemma said “Simon and I talked a lot on the beach. He wants to try spanking and using some implements on me, but I am nervous about it. How do we start?”

I knowingly looked at Diane before replying “Hand spanking is easy, start with light taps and increase the intensity until Gemma is writhing on your lap. However implements are a different matter. With small implements, like a leather paddle, you start gently and again slowly increase the intensity. Longer implements such as a flogger, crops and other whips you need to practice on a pillow before even starting on a real person.”

Gemma and Simon nodded before I continued “The only exception is the flogger I used on Diane this morning, which does not mark or hurt. The whole purpose of it is to give pleasure.”

We talked a bit more before I added “The best way to learn how the person is coping is to take short breaks to check on how the person is coping. When we started we used a traffic light system with Green being ‘no problem’, Amber ‘I am close to my limit’ and Red is ‘No more’. You also have your safe words which should be used when things get too much. Gemma, you will have to trust Simon to respect these safe words, but you should not abuse them. Simon, however, must respect them at all times.”

Gemma said nothing but Simon asked her “Do you want to try it out?”

She nodded. He repeated the question adding “I would like a verbal answer so that Diane and Charles can hear.”

She quietly replied “Yes.”

He then asked whether he could borrow the paddle. Diane handed it to him. She gave me her hand and pulled me up and started towards our bedroom to allow them some privacy.

Gemma saw this saying “Please stay. I want you to help him learn how to give me a tingly but not too sore bum.”

I was surprised, so we went across the room allowing them plenty of space. Simon started slowly and gently and Gemma after a while said “Harder please.”

Simon obliged and she resolutely stayed over his knee. Diane and I could see her face. She was grimacing when the paddle struck her bum, but she also had a smile.

Simon followed our advice and he continued until Gemma called “Aldi.” Simon stopped and gently asked “so you are near your limit?”

“She panted “Yes, that was intense and I need a breather before we continue.”

“No problem.”

As they cuddled together I picked up the neoprene flogger and with a gesture asked Simon whether he wanted to try it out?

He nodded yes before asking Gemma “Do you want to try the flogger used on Diane this morning?”

“Will it hurt?”

Diane replied “No, and you should just let him hit you as hard as he likes everywhere except the sides of your torso.”

Simon disappeared for a moment and returned with some leather cuffs which he placed on Gemma’s wrists. He led her to the same place as Diane was secured in the morning and gently raised Gemma’s wrists so that she was in a Y position facing us. He nudged her legs apart saying “don’t close them.”

He started on her back gently, and she kept encouraging him to strike harder until he was using full strength. She was moaning in pleasure with this flogger landing on her back.

I suggested with a gesture that he should start hitting her nipples. He followed my suggestion and before long her moans of arousal got louder and louder before she suddenly start to orgasm. He paused while she recovered from her orgasm before she pleaded with him to continue.

He took her to another high state of arousal just by hitting her breasts. He then changed to hitting her pussy and she was gasping and moaning before succumbing to a huge orgasm that had her slumped, hanging by her wrists. He dropped the flogger, held her as he with his eyes asked us to release Gemma’s wrists. They sat cuddled on the chair while she recovered. Finally she said “God that was so good.”

Wicked Wednesday

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A Milestone and Easter

The author lives in Greece. The Greek Orthodox Easter Sunday was 1st of May. It is the most important religious celebration in Greece. The use of firecrackers, fireworks and other explosives is common in the celebrations.

On Thursday morning I managed to smuggle a case of clothes into our car without Diane noticing. We were both working at the same office, so it was not unusual for us to have lunch together.

When I went to Diane’s office, I chatted to her assistant, Alex, for a few minutes before Diane appeared from her meetings. Instead of eating our lunch in the rest area I took her to the car. I started driving towards the airport. She looked at me saying “What is going on, I have meetings and other things to attend to this afternoon?”

“Your meetings were cancelled earlier in the week. We are going away for a few days, and all but you knew about it.”

“But what about clothes?”

“All taken care of.”

She looked shocked as we approached the airport. After parking the car, I saw Gemma and Simon waiting at the entrance. We greeted each other and Gemma asked Diane “What is going on?”

“I’ve no idea. I was whisked away from work without knowing anything about it.”

I said to the ladies, “Don’t worry. Both of you ladies have reached 40. Neither of us did much to celebrate that milestone, so stay here for a few minutes while we check in the suitcases.”

Simon and I went to the baggage drop desks, set our cases on the way. We re-joined the ladies and I said “we need to get airside as our flights leave fairly soon. The number of flights on display was high, so they could not work out our destination.

As we went through to security I firmly held onto our boarding passes. Once we had been cleared I said to Diane. “You are in for a real fun weekend starting now.”

I handed her a small bullet vibrator and her pussy lock saying “go to the ladies, put the bullet in and lock yourself up. For the rest of our time away you will be in some form of bondage at all times.”

On hearing that she smiled brightly and almost skipped to the ladies. I noticed Gemma was not looking as happy as she went with Diane to the ladies room. When they returned I could see Gemma walking slightly differently to normal.

Simon smiled as he whispered to me “I gave Gemma a couple of small balls to stuff inside her.”

As Gemma returned he said, “I know you have done as I asked. I hope you enjoy the break. You said you wanted to learn more about the dynamics between Charles and Diane. If anything gets too much say ‘Aldi’. I will stop and I will find out what is the problem, put it right or even stop for a while. If you say ‘Tesco’ everything stops altogether.”

“So my safe words are Aldi and Tesco?”


I then added “Diane and I will guide Simon on what to do. We will not be involved in any play; we will not touch you except to check that things are not too restrictive, or to help release you if needed. Diane and I will also be playing. In fact whilst we are away she will be in some form of bondage all the time.”

Diane with a smile said “You saw me with the lock. The lock is holding a bullet vibrator inside me now, and Charles will be playing with it whenever he likes. Knowing him, I will be put through the ringer for the rest of the day.”

I looked up and saw our gate had been announced, so I said to Simon time to make a move. The walk to the gate took about 15 minutes and when we got there Diane asked “Oooh are we off to Kos?”

“That is where we land. We will spend the night there and in the morning go to a different island. The Greek Easter dietary requirements are still in force.”

“Oooh, which island.”

“Wait and see, I am sure you will like it.”

Gemma raised an enquiring eyebrow before Diane explained everything.

I said “the weather forecast is for a little rain tonight, but from tomorrow it is sunshine all the way.”

Gemma looked happy that she could have an enjoyable weekend; relaxing in a warm climate (it was very cold in the UK).

The flight over and our first night on Kos was uneventful. As the flight was busy, I only let the bullet vibrate occasionally at a low setting.

The next morning we caught the ferry to the island where I had booked accommodation. We were greeted on the quayside and taken to our accommodation by taxi and the last 400m on foot.

After dropping our bags at the traditional house we went to a café. Whilst talking to the locals we heard a few firecrackers and they told us “that is the kids practising for the weekend.”

We did a little shopping and went back to the house to enjoy the view and soak up a little sunshine. We had a balcony that was not overlooked, so Gemma stripped down to her bikini before Diane said “why not go for an all over tan.”

She smiled before taking off her bikini “what the hell, I might as well.”

Simon looked at her with a smile as she revealed a clean shaven groin. Diane exclaimed “WOW, you have even shaved. How do you find it?”

“At first a bit strange, but now I won’t go back. Simon seems to prefer me clean shaven.”

In the meantime I got out a little piece of equipment, set it up and watched the dial as the odd firecracker went off. Some were louder than others. I pressed a few buttons and left it there.

Diane looked at me asking “what the hell is that?”

“It will count all the bangs. It should filter out general background noise and the ringing of bells. It has three levels of recording- Small, medium and large bangs. You will find out tomorrow why I have brought it.”

The day passed peacefully and in the evening we joined one of the processions behind the highly decorated bier that was carried around the town. Firecrackers were being thrown as the procession made its way through the town. There were also about 10 very loud explosions that could be felt through the ground.”

We were told they were from the big bombs that were set off in the mountains around us.

That night I made love to Diane whilst she had her hands secured together and her pussy unlocked. I reminded her that she was not allowed to orgasm until the morning. Whilst she did not come, she seemed happy with the closeness.

In the morning, I went to the counter that I had set up. It had recorded nearly a thousand small bangs, 25 medium bangs and 12 loud ones.

Whilst we were all having breakfast I said to Diane, “you have a large number of strokes from the neoprene flogger to come, but before that 28 medium level with the leather paddle and on Tuesday, so far, there are 12 hard strokes with the strap before we leave.”

Diane went to our room, came back with the paddle and neoprene flogger, still in her cuffs and some rope. She immediately bent over the table and I was about to warm up her bum when she said “No warm up please.”

I was surprised, but did as she wished with the first 12 being slightly lighter than usual. Once I had finished, her arse was nice shade of red. She put on her cuffs, stood underneath a beam and I quickly secured her with her arms above her head. I picked up the neoprene flogger, started to swing it hard. I took my time on her back. Although she had received a high number of strokes (about 300) there was no marking (as is normal) from that implement. I moved around to her front concentrating on her gorgeous pert breasts.

Gemma looked on amazed as the count rose and Diane’s breathing started to get ragged and her juices started to flow. When I judged she was ready, I started to torment her pussy with the flogger. I kept going until she had orgasmed twice. I let her down, hugged her until she had recovered enough to be able to thank me for the orgasms.

To be continued…

Wicked Wednesday

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Palm Sunday

Regular readers will know that over the last few weeks the story has been based around the the traditions and fasting of the Greek Orthodox Lent and Easter, 1st May this year. We pick up this theme again.

After Gemma and Simon had left us on the Sunday morning we both had a giggle as she asked whether she could borrow the skirt and T shirt for their walk home.

We enjoyed a pleasant day in the garden. The weather was good, so Diane decided that she would start on getting her all over tan whilst doing the gardening. I had great fun rubbing the sunscreen into her, spending plenty of time gently stroking and caressing her erogenous zones so by the time I finished she was highly aroused. She repeatedly asked for permission to orgasm which was denied.

After we had finished she had calmed down a little. I smiled as she asked “I am still horny, please may I have an orgasm.”

“Yes, but it must be in the next two minutes or else it is a week in the belt.”

She pushed me onto my back on the lawn before quickly mounting me. She used her fingers on her clit as she rode me hard before reaching her peak, gushing all over my groin as she had an intense orgasm. I came soon after.

Once she had recovered she trotted off , returning with the belt before handing it to me as she said “I probably took more than the time allowed.”

To her relief I said “I took no notice of how long you took to reach your climax, so you don’t have to wear the belt.”

She made good use of the rest of the day to ensure that she had used up her full allowance of orgasms allowed that weekend.


The following week passed relatively uneventfully until Friday evening when Gemma rang me and asked whether they could come and see us on Saturday afternoon. I readily agreed.

When they arrived Gemma and Simon were surprised to find us fully dressed. Surprisingly, Gemma nervously said “I thought you were usually nude at home.”

Diane answered “Yes, but as we knew you were coming and with your nervousness last weekend, we thought it best to be discreet.”

Gemma giggled and immediately removed her dress to reveal her birthday suit. Simon gingerly started to remove his clothes, whilst Diane and I did the same.

After the usual chatter Gemma said. “Changing the subject, when I helped Diane with breakfast on the Sunday morning I noticed that you both indulge in kinky activities. Simon and I have chatted a lot about spicing up our sex life in the last week, especially after last weekend’s activities. I can’t describe how I felt when he took up Charles’s suggestion of teasing me. When I finally came it was the best orgasm I have ever had.”

There was a short pause before Diane said “and.”

Gemma continued with a jittery voice “Well, We both can see how well you both get on, and it seems that you are both sexually fulfilled. Last weekend was a revelation to me so we thought we would ask you for some help as we need to rekindle that spark in our love life that has disappeared.”

I asked “How do you think we can help?”

Gemma replied “We both think that you enjoy each other’s bodies, and just that little advice you gave Simon certainly was an eye opener to both of us.”

“OK. The first thing is that you will have a lot of homework to do tomorrow. Once you have both finished your homework come and see us if you want to continue.”

“What do you mean by homework?”

“Just wait a couple of minutes while I get it for you. What is your email address?”

I disappeared for a couple of minutes. On my return I said “When you get home you will find an email with a list of worthwhile reading.”


On Sunday morning after she had woken me up and she had enjoyed one of her allowance of orgasms she said “At last, I can get back to a normal diet this week as Lent is over.”

I laughed replying “Not quite yet, you have another week until Easter. This coming week is going to be even harder for you.”


“Yes, there is some fasting involved and even stricter dietary controls.”


“Additionally, as your bum has not been getting that much attention recently, each failure will not only cost you the loss of an orgasm next weekend, you will get 12 strokes of the cane bundle the following morning before you go to work.”

“I hate that. I just hope the requirements are not too onerous.”

Later I changed the sheet on the fridge door to one that had all the rules for the previous weeks, with the addition of the following:-
Monday to Wednesday   either a light breakfast or lunch. Main meal in the evening.
Thursday                            as Wednesday but Olive Oil and a small glass of wine allowed.
Friday                                 only a small amount of bread, fruit and only tea or water to drink.
Saturday                            No food until midnight, then a light meal. Only water to be drunk.

Later, in the early afternoon, we received a phone call from both Simon and Gemma. They had spent the whole morning reading the information on the links that I had sent them. They both said they wanted to learn more. I conferred with Diane and we agreed that we would introduce them to BDSM the following weekend.

When Diane was outside I had a further long conversation with Simon and came up with a plan. As they are both self employed with high incomes, I gave him a suggested shopping list saying, “all of these items are available in Bustards or you can find them on line. However in many on line shops the quality is pretty poor.”


On Monday morning Diane had just a coffee before we went to work. Fortunately for me Zack was at the offices of Bustards in the morning and I was able to have a chat with him before later having a chat with both Dee and Alex.

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