Diane still in trouble

We continue from last week where Diane was confronted with a little subterfuge and has been “sentenced ” to go through the torments she imposed on our friend Corrine.

After Diane had recovered from the first torment I said “Time for your second torment.”

I removed the belt, and handed her a similar C string to that she used on Corrine. I had ensured that the batteries were brand new and the vibrations were somewhat stronger than the one she gave Corrine the previous week. She was given a thin, tight T shirt and the shortest skirt she owned.

When she had put them on, her nipples were clearly visible and the skirt showed off her long well-toned legs. I commented “Well, you look fantastic. It looks really good, and many younger women would die to be able to wear such clothes without looking ridiculous.”

We got to our local supermarket. I opened the passenger door and as she got out I said “The same rules apply as they did for Corrine. Any sounds without permission to speak or answering a direct question means an increase in the intensity of the vibrations. Oh and remember you are not allowed an orgasm.”

She pouted but said nothing. I commented “that is a good start.”

I turned on the vibrators on the C string, one at her lips and the other directly on her clit. I smiled as I said, “just to make it more interesting that is Level 4 of 10. Once it is at the top level you will remain silent or it is classed as a failure and the resultant extras will be applied. Your hour has just started.”

I knew that this would be her most difficult challenge of the day. Once inside we made our way along the Fruit and Vegetable section and I heard a slight moan so turned the vibrations up a level, eliciting another moan so they went up another notch.

I felt her tap my arm, but I did not respond to it as we progressed slowly along the aisle.

After we had got the fruit and vegetables, I asked her “Enjoying yourself?”

“Not too bad at the moment, but please can I go back to get some of those fine looking Grapes.”

“Of course.” Much to her dismay, I turned the trolley around and accompanied her back to the grapes.

We selected a big bunch before making it to the next aisle.

I heard a sigh and turned up the vibrations another notch. I smiled as I said. “Just another 4 levels left.”

She glared but said nothing. I could see the arousal showing with her nipples poking at the T shirt. We carried on for another 10 minutes until I heard her groan again resulting in another increase in intensity.

I watched her as she was being careful when retrieving items from the lower shelves. She was also fighting to hold back from the constant attention that was being given to her pussy and clit.

We made it to the checkouts after about 40 minutes. We had to wait for five minutes for our turn at the till. We made it out to the car and as we opened the boot, she finally stiffened up, flushed red around her shoulders and with very clear moan as the orgasm hit. I immediately turned up the vibrator a notch and she held back for a further five minutes before having a second one with a groan that result in a further increase in the intensity of the sensations. I said “Just five more minutes to go.”

Her reply was “I’m f***ed” resulting in a final increase to the vibrations. She held out for a couple of minutes before having a third orgasm that was even more intense.

I got her settled in the car and just as we left the car park I turned off the vibrations saying “Your hour is over.”

“Thank god.” She stayed quiet for the short journey home.

Inside I had her strip off the little clothing she was wearing, replacing the belt.

Over a salad I asked “Enjoy that one?”

“It was frighteningly intense. I was really struggling to hold back all the time. That C string is nearly as bad as the Hitachi wand.”

I laughed, “Well you should have stayed quiet.”

“I couldn’t help moaning. And those orgasms were intense.”

I said “well that little torment has earned you 24 strokes from the four cane bundle on your lovely bum.”

I waited until about 5.00 before I said, now for your third torment for the day. I accompanied her to the playroom where I had already prepared everything. I had her put her cuffs on, put on some 5 inch heels before securing her ankles with a short chain. I had her positioned over a rope that was settled just below her lower lips. I secured her wrists together before I secured her nipple rings to the short chain attached to a thin rope that ran through a pulley and pulled on the rope until it was nearly taught, but not pulling on her nipples. I took off her shoes.

“You have an hour of this. If you have to give up your safe word for today is ‘Banana.’ Using it means a failure, and the resultant consequences.”

She struggled to keep on tiptoe so as not to crush her pussy and pull on her nipples. I watched her carefully and by about the forty minute mark she was hardly able to raise herself up to reduce the suffering of her pussy and nipples.

Just as was about to get up to release her from her suffering she called out “Banana.”

I looked at my watch and realised that she had called it a few seconds after the hour was up. Once released, I held her a win a cuddle and soothed her. When I felt she was sufficiently recovered I said “Although you used the safe word, you actually managed a full hour, so there is no penalty.”

She sighed with relief, saying “Thank you.”

Next week we go to the pub…..

Wicked Wednesday

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Diane’s Mistake

The weekend after Corrine had visited; I decided that I could do with a weekend of giving Diane a weekend of torments. She on the other hand wanted to play being the domme with me as her sub. As usual in this situation we cut cards to see who would be “in charge”.

I picked up a deck of cards and handed them to her to shuffle. As she shuffled them I could see the very slight change in her disposition. We drew cards, I was delighted that to see that I had won with a queen beating her six.

As we went to bed, I locked her wrist cuffs on and secured them in front of her.

I said “Tomorrow your weekend starts. I will have breakfast in bed at exactly 9.00 am.”

I was awake when she came back into our bedroom with a full breakfast on a tray. I relaxed, enjoying my breakfast. I had her stand at the end of the bead so I could enjoy the view of my beautiful wife who has the figure that many younger women would envy.

Once breakfast was finished I had her take the tray to the kitchen with the instruction “Everything must be washed up, dried and put away. The kitchen must also be clean. Once you have finished, go to the play room, stand in the centre of the room, put on a blindfold and wait for me.”

I took a quick shower, dried myself and started to make my way to the playroom with my laptop. I woke it up from the sleep mode before I used skype to call Patrice and Corrine. I positioned myself on a chair to one side of Diane and the laptop was on a table with a view of both of us on its camera.

Patrice answered the call. He said “Corrine will be here in just a moment.”

We made a little small talk until I saw Corrine join Patrice. It was only then that I removed Diane’s blindfold.

I said “now for the reason I wanted to talk to the two of you. It was not until last night that my suspicions were confirmed about a little subterfuge by Diane last Sunday.”

They did not notice the slight shiver from Diane as I spoke.

“What do you mean subterfuge?”

“Well I had my suspicions when Diane took her time selecting her cards on the second draw. I also was pretty sure that I could see a mark on some of them. This was confirmed when I produced a new pack of cards to run a draw between us last night.”

Diane shuddered even more on hearing this.

Corrine asked “Is that right Diane?”

She hesitated a moment before lowering her head and said meekly “Not quite. I knew that two of the high cards had a mark, but as far as I know they are the only ones that did.”

I then added “Corrine, I think that you do not need to wear your belt anymore.”

Patrice said “No way is it coming off. I am enjoying all the blow jobs I’m getting. Anyway, I was rather furious at the increase to the bet she made. I think this is a more than suitable punishment.”

Corrine looked a little annoyed with this, but said “well we need to make sure Diane is punished for this.”

I replied “I agree. Corrine, I suggest that Diane suffers first three hours of your torments last weekend, With a slight variation to the third in that it will be one hour riding the rope. However instead of you being allowed one orgasm per torment, she is not allowed any orgasms. Any orgasm counts as 8 strokes of the cane bundle at the same setting as you received last weekend. Further, if she fails or has an orgasm on any of the torments then she has the same as you at the pub, but with no orgasms being allowed. If she has one in the pub then she gets four weeks in her belt for each.”

Diane shivered as she knew that this would be very hard for her.

Corrine laughed, “I think that you have got a brilliant resolution. I wish I could be there to help.”

I agreed that I would take plenty of photographs of Diane’s torments before we ended the call.

Once I had cleared the laptop away,  I said to Diane, “now the torments are the punishment for playing the subterfuge on Corrine. However I am not pleased that you failed to be upfront about the problem. So you will have to have a challenge a day for the next week, starting Monday.”

I got out all the accessories needed for Diane to enjoy her first torment of the day. I had her neatly parcelled up, tied even more strictly than I suspect Corrine was.

“The key to the cuffs and the remote will be on one of the kitchen stools. Your one hour starts now.”

I turned on the vibrator at full speed. Diane protested “I had it on setting 8 for Corrine.”

“Too bad, I have decided on full speed.”

Diane wriggled around and realised that she had virtually no movement available to her. I enjoyed clicking away watching her struggle to make a move towards the kitchen. The effect of the vibe inside her and the crotch rope soon had her panting. I noticed her using some of the tricks that she has learnt to control her orgasms. After half an hour she had not even made it half way to the kitchen. I watched her struggle to make it to the kitchen and she had made it to the doorway when the first hour was up. I picked up the remote and clicked the bullet off.

She huffed and puffed, and pleaded with me to turn the remote on again so she could get the release she wanted.

I just replied “No orgasms. Especially as you failed that challenge.”

I released her from her bindings. Picked up her belt and put it on her. “Why the belt?”

“So you don’t play with yourself whilst I am not around.”

“You really have it in for me don’t you?”

“Not really, it is just you should not have picked out one of the marked cards.”

Wicked Wednesday

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Corrine is punished

Following all her torments we, Diane and I, asked Corrine to write about the punishment part of her weekend.

After we had lunch I had recovered from the morning’s torment involving that nice flogger that always takes me to orgasm, this time four of them.

Diane asked me whether I wanted to reduce the stroke count of that wicked 4 cane bundle. It was very difficult for me to endure the 8 strokes I received a few weeks ago.

What was more alarming was the additional possible prospect of being locked in my belt for four weeks. I looked at Patrice when Diane announced this part of her proposal. I asked “Do we have to do the second draw?”

With a grin she said “it is both draws or none. So which is it to be?”

I decided to gamble, knowing that if I lost I would have even worse as my tits would also suffer.

She produced a pack if cards inviting me to shuffle them as much as I wanted. Once I had shuffled them to my satisfaction I placed the deck on the table. She invited me to pick a card. I pulled out a Jack which I thought was not too bad. She chose a card picking another jack.

I was sighed with a small amount of relief as I would now receive 16 strokes on my ass and another 16 on my tits with the quirt.

I was invited to draw another card which was an eight. I was not too happy with it. I then watched as she pulled a card. She looked at it but gave nothing away. I waited for a few seconds before she turned it over to show me a king.

I have a healthy relationship with my Patrice that involves sex at least three times a week. My thought was “Shit, 4 weeks in a belt and no sex.”

Patrice was not too happy. He then said “well I will have to have plots of your mouth action.”

Diane ushered me into the playroom and had me stand in the middle of the room with my hands holding onto the bar that was hanging from the ceiling. She then picked up the quirt. She came over and quietly said “you must keep hold of the bar. If you let go, that stroke will not count.”

I was now regretting the bet I had made with Diane in our “Olympics”. I had never been on the receiving end of a quirt. I have wielded it many times and used one on Diane a few times.

I watched her do few practice flicks into thin air before she stood in front of me and with a gentle flick it landed on my left breast. I felt the sting of the lash thinking this is not too bad. However as she alternated between my tits I realised that as the count increased the combined effect of all these strokes was altogether more painful. This was especially so where a couple of strikes crossed the thin red lines of previous ones. The last two lashes landed on my nipples and it took all of my self-control not to let go of the bar I was hanging on to.

I was relieved to see her put down the quirt, saying “That is your front attended to, now for your bum.”

She had me get onto the spanking bench, secured my hands and knees before lining up the spanking machine already prepared with the ominous four cane bundle.

I waited, before hearing a swish and then the horrendous pain that this evil implement produces. I did not hold back a cry of pain. Each strike of the canes had me crying out in pain. After the third strike I thought “the evil cow has set the bloody thing for random time.”

The random timing of the strikes meant that I was not really able to prepare myself for the strikes. I don’t know how many strokes had landed before I started crying. The pain from my bum was horrendous and I was soon crying hard and tears were running freely down my cheeks.

With the crying and tremendous pain I lost count of the strokes and it was only when my restraints were removed and Diane gave me a hug before Patrice started to rub in some cream on my very sore and tender ass. Eventually I had calmed down enough to gingerly feel the welts on my cheeks. I was very surprised that there was no blood, but I could feel a lot of prominent ridges across both cheeks.

I was given plenty of time to recover by both Diane and Patrice before Patrice produced the belt that our mutual friends had made out of plastic for me. He carefully placed it on me and it was secured using a special plastic tag.

When it was time to leave, Patrice handed me a fairly short skirt and a white blouse that I love. The downside of the blouse is that when worn with a push up bra, as I often do, you can see my cleavage. This time however I was to go without a bra. I looked in the mirror and soon saw that the fiery red lines of the quirt were only visible if very close attention was given to my chest.

On passing through security I was relieved that I was not pulled over for closer inspection with a wand. However the hard seating in the airport was definitely felt by my tender, sore ass. I dreaded the prospect of the next few days’ work as the seating in the court room is very hard.

On the flight I was able to snuggle up to Patrice as he asked “enjoy yourself?”

“Yes to some of the torments, I particular loved the first and fourth ones. I was very nervous about the second one when in the garden centre. I was sore after the third, and my nipples and pussy ached badly. The evening in the pub was enjoyable, except having to be quiet as I came. The fourth, as usual with that flogger was delicious. No to the punishment, which was excruciatingly painful. Overall Diane was very creative, and devious. The worst was having to hold back the orgasms.”

Wicked Wednesday

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Corrine’s torments continue

Diane here again, we follow on from the end of last week’s story.

We all looked at the menu, with Corrine puzzled about one of the traditional dishes. Whilst making her choice, the table next to us got a little noisy. Her reaction as the bullet started up again was to stiffen her back. Unfortunately for her, it was just a few seconds later that the C String started up on one of it random settings.

The person who took our orders did not notice Corrine’s discomfort as she manged to say “Err, a Toad in err in the hole, um Please.”

She was squirming a little as the vibrations did their work. Petra asked “Enjoying yourself Corrine?”

The reply was through gritted teeth, “If you can call being subject to vibrations on all my sensitive parts, whilst in public, enjoying oneself, yes. But, to be honest it is just very difficult to keep myself under control.”

We all smiled, with Patrice adding “That is the whole purpose of the torments.”

Just as he finished the group of rather loud people at table next to us got up and left. Corrine let out a sigh of relief.

Our meals were served and when she saw what she had ordered she exclaimed quietly “God, this is embarrassing for me. It looks like two cocks in batter that I have to eat.”

Patrice winked at me before he smiled at Corrine, “I challenge you to suck one of them as if you were giving a blow job before you eat it. If I’m happy, then we will reduce your torment by half an hour.”

“You are on.”

She carefully cut one of the sausages out of the batter. On her fork she carefully licked up and down the sausage managing to remove the batter to leave a clean sausage before putting it her mouth as if she was giving a blow job.

“Patrice smiled saying “That’s well done, so you have won that challenge.”

As the waitress cleared our plates, a fork clattered from one of the plates which set off the bullet inside Corrine. She started to get a little flushed around her neck, as the stimulation worked its magic inside her. She held back until the waitress had left the table before letting out a big sigh and a smile of bliss worked its way across her face.

A bit later, as I reached to turn off the remote for her bullet Corrine asked “Please can you set it on high for a few minutes, as I am so close again.”

“My pleasure” I replied as I turned off the random feature and set it on high. Just to add to her stimulation I did the same with the vibrator in the C String.

A few minutes of the relentless vibrations had her squirming and sighing as she held out from vocalising the pleasure as she came again.

I turned off the vibrations before we enjoyed the rest of the evening in good company. Even the walk home had Corrine commenting “I have never done that before, and it was so hard not to keep quiet.”

Patrice said “well it was different seeing you enjoy your orgasms without making any noise.”


The next morning was time for her fourth hour of torment. I reminded Corrine “You are only allowed one orgasm. Any more adds to the soreness of your bum for your flight home this evening.”

“I know.”

We put Corrine in a standing spread-eagle and I blindfolded her. I said, “The three of us will in turn give you up to 20 minutes with our nice gentle flogger. If you come in any of those twenty minutes, we will allow you to rest until it is time for the next person to take over.”

“Oh F***k, that thing makes me come like a train when it lands on my pussy.”

“I know, and to allow to you to gauge the timing, we will only start on your tits after 10 minutes, then your pussy after another 5 minutes.”

I was up first and spent 10 minutes landing blow after blow on her back and nice round bum. Corrine even managed to stick her bum out a little to welcome the flogger’s caress.

I then turned to her front. Her nipples were standing out proud, and I relished the opportunity to land strikes all over her chest which produced loud sighs of arousal as either of her nipples were hit. As soon as the time allowed, I started on her pussy, letting the very hard blows land on her lower lips and brush her now prominent clit. Suddenly after about a minute of this she wailed as she came hard.

It was now Charles turn to use the flogger on her. She was panting and moaning with pleasure after just a few of his blows landed on her chest. Just the first strike on her pussy had her having another orgasm.

We allowed her a slightly longer rest before Patrice’s turn with the flogger. He was very careful with his strikes and again as soon as it hit her pussy for the first time she came hard. However, he did not stop and within two minutes she was have an even more intense orgasm.

We released her and let Patrice cuddle her as she recovered.

When she was sufficiently recovered she went to tidy herself up. As she left the room Patrice said “Why don’t we give her an opportunity to reduce her bum’s attention this afternoon.”

I agreed saying, “I will decide how it’s done. And you will have plenty of fun from it too.”

We had lunch. I then said “Time for your sore bum Corrine. You had 4 more orgasms that allowed, so that is 32 hard strikes of our four cane bundle. We have agreed to give you a chance to reduce your stroke count. This is how it works. You and I will each draw two cards from the deck. With the first card drawn, if you get a higher card than me, then the count is reduced to 8. If you lose, then the count remains the same, but you get an additional 32 with the quirt on your tits. If we each have the same card, then you get 16 on the bum and 16 with the quirt on your tits. For the second card drawn if you win, I am in my chastity belt for 4 weeks, if you lose than you are in your belt for 4 weeks. If the cards are the same then we draw again until we have a winner.”

For those readers who have not read about this flogger, it is made up of neoprene strands that when land do not hurt, and are in fact very stimulating. None of our group of friends ever manages more than a few caresses of it on our pussies before having some very intense orgasms.

Wicked Wednesday

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Corrine in trouble

Diane here again

After lunch Corrine and I left Charles and Patrice to enjoy their afternoon while we went back to the house.

We stripped, then unloaded the car of all the plants and placed them in the garden. I smiled as I asked “Ready for your third torment?”

“As ready as I possibly can.”

“Good. First insert these and put your cuffs on.” I said as I handed her two ben wa balls.

She did as asked. I then continued, “This torment is in two parts. You will first be spread-eagle between these two trees for half an hour while I get your second half hour ready.”

I had her position herself between the two small trees in the shade and had her in the spread-eagle position. I then got out the battery operated Hitachi, placed the head in just the right place on her clit and taped the body to her left leg. I slipped a blindfold over her eyes and said “this is only for half an hour, so I am sure you can manage not to come in that time.”

I turned the wand on. With the little slack I had allowed in the ropes she started the writhing that I knew would come.

I quickly went to the garage and retrieved the supplies I needed for the second half of the torment. She could not see anything so I was able to get it ready whilst she was writhing around because of all the stimulation. I watched carefully and although the Hitachi was at the middle level I could tell that with a full pussy and the balls jiggling around all the right places were being hit by the sensations.

Exactly at the half hour mark I turned off the wand, removed the blindfold and let her calm down for just a moment. She thanked me as I removed the bindings holding the wand in place. She then looked in front of her and saw that there was a rope running from a post in front of her on to the ground between her legs. Also she turned her head to see nipple clamps dangling from the branches of the trees she was secured to.

I went behind her and said, “Get on tip toe.”

She did and I pulled the rope and tied it off to the fence post behind her with it just touching her pussy lips. I then put a clamp on each nipple before tightening the strings so that there was no slack, but not pulling on her nipples. “You now have twenty five minutes left of this hour. You will notice if you let your feet down, both your pussy and tits will suffer. I know that you won’t be able to stay up for the full twenty five minutes, so this will be pure torture.”

She said “You are so evil. I just hope that you have had this done to you before.”

“Oh I have, but the time was one hour or until I used the word ‘mercy’. That meant I failed and had a different hour of torture. Unfortunately I did not manage the hour, so had an extra hour of absolute hell out here.

“For you though, the use of the word ‘mercy’ has a different consequence. Tomorrow before your bum gets the attention it has already earned, each of your lovely tits will get a nice welt from the quirt for each minute or part minute left.”

She bit back a retort and stayed on her toes for about three minutes before resting them and suffered the pull on her nipples and the effect of a rope pushing hard on her pussy. She stayed that way for a while before lifting up to relieve the pressure on her pussy and pull on her nipples.

As the time passed, the length of time she was able stay on her toes reduced, so her pussy and nipples suffered even more.

After the twenty five minutes were up I released the rope through her pussy from the fence post and loosened the strings holding up her nipples, before releasing her wrists and ankles. I then said “when you want you can remove the clamps. She quickly removed the left one with a wince and rubbed hard before removing the one on her right nipple.

As soon as I had cleared away everything, Charles and Patrice returned. We went inside and over tea we talked about the torment which Corrine described as devious and painful, leaving her with a sore pussy and nipples.

That evening as we were about to leave for the pub, I gave Corrine the bullet and told her to insert it. We put on some shoes. Charles picked up the bag of clothes and we started for the front door. Corrine said “But why aren’t we wearing any clothes to go out?”

“We never wear any clothes as we walk there, you will get something to wear just before we get there.” Charles replied.


Patrice said “No buts… We have to trust them.”

I added, “This is what I normally wear on the walk to and from the pub.”

We strolled to the pub along the footpath, which is not used by many people. Corrine started to relax as she saw how little wear there was on the grass and the path itself.

As we reached the end of the path Charles reached into the bag handing Corrine the C string and her skirt and T shirt. She looked “Not that bloody thing again.”

With a grin I replied “yes, but this time, the vibrations will be at random in both duration and time on it. However your bullet is controlled differently as you will find out later.”

Patrice then said “I think two hours would be about right as you had two orgasms more than allowed in your second torment.”

Corrine looked at me with pleading eyes before I added “You can come as often as you want.”

She gasped and said “You two are being very evil.”

I replied “not really, but it is probably no more than you would have done to me if you had won.”

She shrugged “I may have made it worse.”

Patrice then said sternly “Anymore whining or complaints will mean an extra hour of torment tonight and tomorrow I will remove each of the hairs from your landing strip one by one with some tweezers.”

Corrine was about to make some comment but decided wisely to keep her mouth closed.

Entering the pub, we saw James and Petra who beckoned us over to join them. As we sat down, I pressed the button for the C string and then put the remote for the bullet on the table.

A few minutes later there was a shriek of laughter from the table next to us. Corrine stiffened as she felt the bullet start up at a high level for about a minute before it closed down.

I watched with a smile before I said “it is sound activated, but the time and intensity is also set to random.”

Corrine said “I’m really in trouble.”

Wicked Wednesday

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