The long road to our Olympics

As this a fictional account, I have started the weekend of our Olympics before the start of the real ones so it will finish around the closing ceremony of the genuine Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro.

After our Saturday of tasks and punishments, Alex and Freya sat down with us to talk through how they should manage and look after the games.

A few days later we all received a rather officious looking document by email. Freya in her comments stated she knew it was formal, but her training made her think that this was the best way.

What had not been agreed between us competing couples were the punishments that would result from not being the overall winners.

The rules were set out as:-

  • Their decision was final.
  • There would be two competitions, one for the men and one for the women.
  • To determine the overall winning couple each of their placings would be added together.
  • For example if the man came third and the woman sixth in an event, their combined score would be 9.
  • The lowest scoring couple overall would be declared the winners.
  • The couple devising an event would not be allowed to take part in it, so each couple would take part in 10 events.
  • For the whole time we are at the house there is a compulsory no clothing rule.

There was a lot of email traffic about the punishments. In the exchange we found out that Celia had recently had some piercings done after being a particularly naughty pet.

As we are all into BDSM, mostly as switches, Alex and Freya finally got an agreement that there should be a two part punishment. Firstly the each person, except for the individual winner in the men’s and women’s competition would receive the number of strokes of an implement chosen at random equivalent to the number of points of their score. Except for the winning couple the second part was that our overall joint placing as a couple would the number of weeks we were to be locked into a chastity belt or device preventing us all from enjoying any sexual pleasure for the allocated time.

However, because of Celia’s work which could be affected it was agreed that instead of her being in a chastity belt, her newly pierced pussy lips would be locked together. As William could give her pleasure or she could do it herself, it was agreed by us all that she would be locked up for twice as long.

After much more email exchanges, Alex and Freya finally allocated the events so each couple had one to prepare and set the rules which they would review and amend where necessary once they could see how it worked.

The events would be over a weekend and held outside in the grounds of Zack and Dee’s country mansion.

We were all instructed to arrive with cuffs for both wrists and ankles, a 2 foot spreader bar and a ball stretcher for the men. We were also warned that the cuffs would be used in wet conditions.

The events and the couple devising the games agreed upon were:-
Sprint                          Sue & Slave G
Weights                       Kathy & John
High Jump                 Tamara & Grant
Long Jump                 Patrice & Corrine
Throwing                    Celia & William
Riding                          Suzy & Tom
Rope                             Charles & Diane
Water                           Zack & Dee
Cycling                         James & Petra
Swimming                   Sofia & Adam
Paintball                      Finale (Freya & Alex)

We all agreed to meet up at Zack and Dee’s mansion on the Friday. Zack and Dee agreed to provide a large gazebo in case of rain and provide somewhere for us to eat and relax between events. They would also provide a toilet facility which would require cleaning. The cleaning of it would be the couple with the lowest average score for the day.


Diane and I left the office at lunchtime on the Friday before our weekend of games. As we were walking to the car I asked “ready for the fun to start?”


Immediately she said that her mobile rang, she answered saying “it’s Dee.” A moment later she said “Dee is asking whether she can get a lift as her car is not back from the garage.”

“Fine, on condition she joins us in the fun of the drive down.”

A moment later Diane closed the call and said “she will be with us in about 5 minutes.”

We waited and as soon as Dee appeared I said “Diane agreed the fun for the weekend starts now. So it is time for us to strip and enjoy being naked.”

We all stripped and were soon naked and sat in the car. The car I was using that day was my classic Triumph Stag. It has no air conditioning and on the warm and sunny days the best cooling is with the top removed. Dee was a bit alarmed at this. I said “You wanted the lift and agreed to join us on our terms.”images

She nervously got in the back seat, and soon worked out that crouching down would help protect her modesty a bit.

It took us about an hour to get to Zack and Dee’s mansion. As we arrived Dee proudly sat up in the back seat and we could see some of the others had already arrived. They were surprised to see us already having shed our clothes, just as they had done on their arrival.

Later in the afternoon and evening before the games we all arrived to set up our individual games. Alex and Freya carefully watched our preparations and discussed the rules for each game. As we had all participated in previous games, there were relatively few amendments needed.

Whilst they were with us Freya asked “Is Celia who I think she is?”

“Yes, and her husband, William is a very successful business man.”

The evening was full of fun filled conversation and we all enjoyed a good meal and wine. During the meal Diane (in my view) foolishly said to Corrine that she would be higher placed at the end of the games. The ensuing conversation resulted in Diane agreeing that both of us would be bound and tormented by Corrine for a period of four hours the weekend after the games.

Unfortunately for Sue, she had broken a foot a few days earlier so was not able to take part. This resolved a slight problem because of Zack being confined to a wheel chair meant he could not take part in many events. Everyone agreed that Slave G would take the place of Zack in all but the final game. Also we agreed that we would take the water event out of the schedule.


Saturday morning after breakfast we all trooped out to the area for the games. Alex and Freya had obviously come prepared as he had his laptop with him and she carried a clipboard.


Wicked Wednesday

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The result of failure

We continue from last weekDiane and Freya both failed in their challenge.

Freya looked askance and said, “God that was hard. My muscles inside are so sore. I apologise, it is not an easy task.”

A while later Freya and Diane went into the playroom so Diane could talk her through the various implements, their severity and type of pain they produced.

Whilst they were in the playroom I had a chance to talk to Alex about their progress in their journey into the pleasures of BDSM. He said “Freya has never used “Red”, but to begin with she called “amber” on three or four occasions. I am now able to read her reactions much better so when we talk afterwards I find out that I stopped what I was doing just before she was about to call out.”

“That is brilliant news. Now, this afternoon I have a plan that will have her really enjoy her punishment for not completing the course. All I ask is that you use the implement I give you all over her body, including her pussy, and do not hold back and continue for as long as you need.”


“All I will say is that the implement you will be given to use on her will not hurt her, leave any marks to speak of and will give her great enjoyment.”

“I am puzzled.”

“Trust me; every woman who has been on the receiving end always wants more.”

“I’m intrigued.”

We went to the playroom and I said to Diane that she needed to get onto the spanking bench. I secured her down before getting the spanking machine out. Freya handed me the rattan cane carpet beater.

I showed Diane the choice. Her eyes opened wide saying “That is nasty.”

Freya said “Well, you did tell me it was a nasty implement. I also thought as you have relatively few strokes coming, I thought that you needed a sore bum as the additional punishment.”

I put the carpet beater in the arm of the machine, set the level to severe for just 27 strokes. Before I pressed the button I added “as this is punishment there is no warm up.”

The first strike of the carpet beater on Diane’s rounded cheeks produced a loud moan. Freya watched carefully as the machine paused for a few seconds before landing another stinging blow. Freya said nothing as the machine took its time delivering all the allotted strokes. The time between each stroke varied, so Diane had no idea when it would land.

Finally Diane was let up with reddened watery eyes, gave Freya a hug before saying “My bum hurts.”

I held Diane for a few minutes before whispering to her my plan for Freya. She just smiled in response.

Alex asked “Freya are you ready for your 167 gentle strokes?”


I said to Freya, “with Alex’s permission I have chosen your implement and position. For this you need to stand between the two anchor points on the floor.”

She moved there, Alex attached cuffs to her ankles and wrists. He then secured her into a standing spread-eagle. His final touch was to add a blindfold before I handed him the neoprene flogger.

Diane smiled when she saw the flogger. She said nothing.

Alex swung the flogger hard on her back. Freya just stood there saying nothing. He swung again, and there was no reaction. For another 10 strokes he swung hard before Freya said “I can hardly feel them, hit harder.”

Alex was surprised so with all his effort he landed more strokes until the count was at nearly fifty before he started on her delightfully shaped bum. He continued to swing with all his might, and apart from a few moans, nothing came from Freya.

I indicated to him that he should now start on her front. “The first hard strike hit her square on her breasts. A few more hits on her breasts started her moaning with pleasure. He continued until her moans and groans of pleasure intensified. When I thought she was ready I pointed to her groin. Alex changed position slightly and swung hard at her groin. Finally after about 200 strokes had landed Freya stiffened let out a huge scream of pleasure and went red in the face and upper chest. Before she slumped in her bindings I noticed a little squirt of her juices had landed on the floor. I made Alex hold her as I released her from the restraints and he carried her over to the sofa and held her gently whilst she recovered.

Diane and I left them to allow Alex to give her the necessary aftercare in private.

When they joined us in the lounge Freya had a smile of satisfaction on her face. I let her ramble a little about the experience before asking “Did you enjoy that as much as it looked you did?”

“Yes, but I think I peed myself when I came.”

I said “we will see, Alex go and moisten your finger in the wetness on the floor and tell us whether it was pee.”

He came back saying “Definitely not pee, it must be something else.”

Diane then said “Then you must have had a squirting orgasm.”

“What is that?”

“A squirting orgasm is similar to a man when he ejaculates. Although the plumbing is different, it is possible for a woman to ejaculate some fluids. When it is a particularly intense orgasm, the squirting is not unusual and the orgasm can be extremely intense, so much so that you can black out for a short while. The first time a woman squirts can be particularly alarming, but once you know about it, then you relax into them.”

Freya said with a grin. “Well it was the first time for me. Just as whenever we are in your company there are lots of firsts.”

Diane then said “just so you know, that is the most pleasurable flogger we have. It is a one off, and it leaves no marks. And Alex was not holding back.”

Alex re-joined “I know, my arm is aching from that too.”

Next week, preparations for the Olympics.


Wicked Wednesday

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This week I loosely follow the Wicked Wednesday prompt “Weight”

At the end of one of the regular Monday meetings for Diane and I with her boss Dee, Zack (Dee’s husband) joined us. The chatter was fairly innocuous until Zack said “Don’t forget the Olympics start on August the 5th.”

Diane replied “I know, and both of us were thinking about the games we played when we first met. Now our circle of friends is much bigger, we can’t manage it at our house.”

Zack said “I was thinking that we could host them at our country mansion.”

“Have you checked with the others about their availability?”

“They are all free for the middle weekend.”

I added “Good, but there are two extra couples I know who may be interested in taking part, and what is more you know them both.”

“Who are you thinking of inviting?”

“Well, that is easy, there is Diane’s assistant Alex and his partner Freya together with James and Petra.”

Dee looked surprised “I knew about James and Petra. But you mean Alex and Freya are into it as well.”

I replied “Definitely, especially as they asked for guidance from us.”

“Umm, that would be interesting as we won’t have enough rooms.”

“Well, you do have the stables, and I have a couple of suitable camp beds.”

Zack decided “why not, the more the merrier.”

“OK, and I will get the invites ready tonight.”

The next morning I was with Diane when Alex asked for a quiet word. We went to Diane’s office where he said “I had a strange email from Zack this morning, inviting us to a weekend of BDSM Olympics at their country house. Firstly how did he know that we are into it, and what might it entail?”

Diane said “Firstly I apologise for not letting you know last night, but you had already left. It was me who suggested you should be invited. Secondly it involves a number of disciplines, such as weightlifting, shooting with paintball guns, jumping etc.”

“What do you mean by weightlifting or jumping?”

“Weightlifting is easy to explain, for the men it is the amount of weight they can lift that is attached to a ball stretcher. For the women the amount they can lift with a shaft in their pussy being only held by vaginal muscles. As for jumping, it is the distance or height that can be jumped whist spring mounted weights are held on the nipples with clamps or to piercings.”

She continued “There will be a lot of couples competing. Each couple, in the past, plays as a team. You can even have a competition between the two of you as to who does best.”

“Freya and I are not sure that we are ready for that level of intensity, especially as we are still learning about each other’s limits and tolerances.”

Diane said “I understand, and you are right about limits etc. I know Zack is in this morning, so why don’t you arrange for us to have a short meeting with him and Dee, as I have an idea on how you can be involved without being part of the competition.”


About an hour later we all convened in Dee’s office. Diane and Alex explained the worries he and Freya had.

Zack said “firstly I apologise for sending you an invitation without Diane giving you some warning first. I know you are still exploring and you entirely correct in ensuring you keep within the limits you have between yourselves.”

Diane then asked Zack “who have you got as the judges?”

He replied “I thought we could all judge each other.”

Diane said “As Alex is a whizz at spreadsheets, and Freya works for a highly respected firm of lawyers, why don’t we ask them to be the judges, with all of us helping with it?”

Zack then said “That is a great idea. Alex, ring Freya, tell her Diane’s suggestion and take it from there.”

Alex smiled and said “Dee, I hope you don’t mind, can we use your phone here and then Freya can ask all the questions she wants, before we make a decision.”

Freya answered the phone and we were all introduced by Alex. He then said “Zack and Diane have suggested that instead of us taking part, we should be the judges helped by the others.”

She asked a lot of sensible questions which we answered. “I am up for it then. And you, Diane need a good punishment for telling Zack and Dee without our knowledge.”

I laughed saying “Come over to our house this weekend and you can judge whether her punishment is sufficient.”

Freya giggled saying “OK, we will be there Friday night.”

Before Alex and Freya arrived on Friday night Zack had agreed and allocated the various disciplines to the couples who were joining them for our games. On Friday, after Freya and Alex arrived, we were able to catch up and have a general chat.

The next morning I said “You wanted to ensure Diane was suitably punished. I have a variation on the weightlifting challenge in some games held a few years ago when we first met Dee.”

On the patio I set out two beams about 10 feet long and just under three feet apart. I got Dee to bring out a two pound weight, a stainless steel rod with a ball at one end and a hook at the other, the three foot spreader bar and her ankle cuffs. I applied the cuffs before attaching the spreader bar. Before I inserted the steel rod I said. “You will walk over to the beams and shuffle along them, and to the finish line marked in chalk. Whilst on the beams, any time one of your feet come into contact with the ground you incur 10 penalty points. If the weight falls out you incur a penalty point for every centimetre left to the marked finish. Penalty points will be the number of strokes of an implement that Freya chooses at severe level on the machine.”

I inserted the dildo, added the weight and said “You can start now.” Diane waddled over to the beams. Mounted them and shuffled along all the way. I could Diane was working really hard to keep the dildo inside her. Just after she got off the beams, the dildo finally slipped out and landed with a clinking sound.

Diane was just 27 centimetres short of the line.

Freya frowned saying “That was not much of a punishment.”

Diane said “You try it, but as you haven’t had practice, you can do it with a half-pound weight. Instead of severe strokes for the penalties we will make them gentle with a final one at severe.”

“You’re on.”

I cleaned the dildo before I let Alex prepare Freya whilst I got the half pound weight. He attached it and told her to start.

Freya slipped off the planks twice before dropping the weight about one and a half metres from the end.

Freya looked askance and said, “God that was hard. My muscles inside are so sore. I apologise, it is not an easy task.”

Next week the penalties.

Wicked Wednesday

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A bit of a turn around

Diane here.

I got home before Charles so picked up the post off the mat. There was one ominous looking brown envelope addressed to him. When he got home I gave him the envelope which he opened. When he finished reading it, he was not his usual happy self.

I asked “What’s up?”

“I have been caught speeding by one of those bloody mobile vans.”


“Exactly the same place as you did 18 months ago.”

“What speed were you doing?”

“46 mph.”

I said “Well I got one terrible punishment for my offence, so you will have to have one too. I suppose you will go on one of those speed awareness courses, just as I did.”

“Of course.”

“Good, then this weekend I will administer your punishment for speeding.”

I waited until Saturday. Whilst he was busy in the kitchen preparing lunch I got the playroom ready.

We finished lunch and I said, “Time for your punishment. Get into the playroom, strip naked, put on your chastity device before getting onto the spanking bench. I will join you shortly.”

Whilst he got himself ready, I changed into one of my very snug but comfortable cat suits. I ensured that there were no creases before putting on a pair of 4” heels.

I went to the playroom. I went to him, and he moaned with appreciation. I buckled up all the straps so he would be unable to move. I lined up the spanking machine with his bum. I picked up the red marker pen and wrote 46 on each of his taught bum cheeks.

With an evil smile I said “The first part of your four stage punishment starts now. I know how you like the nasty wooden paddle. You will receive as many swats as it takes for your bum to get red enough to hide the number written on your bum with this red pen. I have set the machine to deliver swats between mild and moderate at random speed, with anywhere between 1 and 5 seconds between them, so there will be lots of them.”

I pressed the button to start the machine. The first swat was delivered and there was just a light shade of pink. I left the machine running so every few seconds he got a swat. The count got to 200 swats before the red marker pen started to disappear in the redness of his bum. Finally after 267 swats I was satisfied that you could not discern the number I had written on his now well reddened ass.

Charles was definitely very uncomfortable. I then waved the thin metal cane in front of him. I said “now for the second part, which is 46 separate lines on your ass and upper thigh. These will be at between moderate and severe.”

I positioned the machine to start at the top of his bum, work its way down and then back up. The first stroke landed and I was delighted to see a vivid red line appear across the upper part of both his bum cheeks.

I left the machine to do its job, having changed the frequency of the strokes to between 3 and 20 seconds. Once it had landed the first twenty strokes Charles was crying and wailing as the pain coursed through him.

Finally the last stroke was delivered and his bum and upper thighs were covered with thin red welts. I grazed my finger over some of them and noticed the gasp and wincing as he suffered the torture of my tracing along the welts.

I released him from the bench. With a gentle tap on his arse I ordered him to make some tea before I started the third part of his punishment. Whilst he cleared up after our tea, I put a hard office chair and table in the centre of the play room. He came back and was alarmed when he saw it had some plastic artificial grass on the seat. I told him to sit down, tied his ankles to the back of the chair so he had no relief from the spiky grass. I then tied his chest to the back of the chair. I moved the desk in front of him.

I handed him a pad of blank paper saying “you need to copy out this paragraph 46 times in neat hand writing. Any mistakes or crossings out or illegible words will be incurring penalties.”

The paragraph read- Excess or inappropriate speed is a major cause of road crashes. Breaking the speed limit, or driving too fast for the conditions on the road, contributes to more than 720 deaths and 4,550 injuries in the UK every year. The latest statistic published by the government show that, in 2007, exceeding the speed limit was reported as a factor in 13 percent of fatal crashes on the UK’s roads.

Charles was not happy with this as his writing can, at times, be very difficult to read even with my practiced eye.

The distraction of the spiky mat, him not being able to relieve the pressure and trying to write neatly made his task even more difficult.

He took nearly an hour and a half to finish all 46 copies of the paragraph. I released him from the chair saying “You may rest a while I check your copies before you find out the final part of your punishment.”

I checked his work and fortunately for me there were plenty errors. “The final part of your punishment is to be locked up until you have given me an orgasm with your tongue for each of the 58 errors. Only two orgasms count per day.”

He got on his knees and pleaded to be able to start on this task straight away. He knows how much I like his tongue working away on me, but I said “No we have not got time, as I intend you will have to work extra hard at this task.”

He wisely said nothing as it was clear I was in full dome mode, which is unusual for me since the turn around in our relationship with me usually being the submissive.

He sulked for a while before I stripped out of my cat suit before picking up the carrier bag with our clothes in it. “I announced time to go to the pub.”

As we reached the gate by the road near to the pub I handed him his tightest pair of jeans, a shirt and a pair of sandals. As he slid the jeans over his still reddened bum I saw him wince. I, in the meantime, put on one of my favourite sundresses.

Entering the pub, I saw Gemma and her partner Simon. I was glad that they had selected, at my earlier suggestion, a table with hard, but not uncomfortable, seats. Charles saw this and frowned before gingerly sitting down.

Gemma saw the wince as his bum made contact with the seat. She asked “What’s up Diane, it’s usually you who is suffering.”

Charles replied “it is my fault, I am being punished by Diane for being caught speeding.”

Gemma said “well that is a bit of a turnaround for you two.”

Wicked Wednesday

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Different Views

I decided it was time for me to play out one of Diane’s unfulfilled fantasies that she had revealed to me many years ago.

I made all the preparations on Thursday night, ready to start on the drive home from her office the following evening. When she got in the car I asked “Are you ready for some fun?”


“Good, for the next 24 hours you will only be able view what I decide you can.”

“What do you mean?”

“Much of the time you will not be blindfolded. Starting now, I need to get you ready.”

We found a small lay by where I told her to get out of the car. She stripped as I asked and I then produced her wrist cuffs which she put on before I locked them on. I then had her fold her arms in front of her and with a thin rope behind her back secured her wrists so that her arms were not going anywhere. I then produced a very strict cervical collar 67634-9184860which I ensured was a tight fit so she could not move her head. I then added a wider collar that I locked on with a small padlock.

She was about to start saying something but decided not. I had her get back into the car, made sure she was safely strapped with her head secured to the headrest before lowering the seat so she could not see the road ahead.

We made it home with her just being able to see anything other than the roof of the car.

I raised the seat, removed the bindings holding her in place and we walked indoors. I removed the chain securing her wrists before adding some blinders so she could only see straight ahead.

With a gentle swat on her bum I suggested “About time you cooked our meal.”

“Yes sir was the reply.”

After our meal and the dishes cleared away I said “time for us to play a bit more.”

In the playroom I secured Diane in a standing spread-eagle and added some earplugs which meant she was only able to see straight in front. I moved the television so she could see it before I sat down next to her in a comfortable chair.

The sound was low, and all she could do was watch the pictures of the debate being televised without being able to hear what was going on.

Once the debate was over, I released her from the spread-eagle position. At my request she put on her ankle cuffs. I had her sit cross legged in front of me before I secured her wrists to her opposite angles. I removed the earplugs and blinders before putting on a blindfold. I deliberately picked a film stored in our recorder that had little dialogue and sat back to watch it.

Once the film had finished I released her wrists and ankles and suggested she did her business quickly. With the blindfold on, she carefully made her way to the bathroom, did her business and returned to the play room. I helped her onto the bed before locking her wrists and ankles to the chains already in place.

I laid down next to her and snuggled in to her with one of my hands playing with her nipples until they were rock hard and she was moaning with desire.

In the morning I released her from her chains, removed the blindfold and told “You have thirty minutes to get yourself ready. Ensure you give yourself an enema so you are nice and clean as you won’t be able to relieve that end for the rest of the day.

She was about to protest when I gave a stern look. She hates enemas, especially one she is required to administer to herself. With a sullen expression she went and did as asked, returning just a few minutes late.

“You have earned a little punishment later today for taking too long in the bathroom.”

She shuddered before I put the blinders back on and told her to get our breakfast.

We finished breakfast and I said now for some extra restriction. I got a large vibrating butt plug. Using plenty of gel, I slowly inserted it. I then got out the egg, placed it inside her pussy before locking on her new chastity belt.

I then got a long length of bungee cord, and fashioned it into a body harness with about twenty loops. I then added thigh cuffs and with a chain secured each of her wrists to her thighs. We went into the garden and I helped her kneel so she could start weeding one of our flower beds. The restrictions she was in meant she could not reach very far, but she carefully went along the front of the bed and gently pulled out all the weeds she could reach whilst I did the rest of the bed.

In the afternoon it started to get cloudy, which meant is was perfect timing for the rest of my planned torment.

We went back into the playroom where I used a spreader bar to separate her ankles before using more bungee cord to tie her legs down onto the bondage board with her feet just at the end of the board. I then added more by securing her arms to her harness before then tying them onto the board. With the hoist I lifted the board so she was standing on her feet with the weight of the board held by the winch. I then added the earplugs again.

Her view with the blinders was a blank white wall. I left her there with the butt plug and egg vibrating her gently. I could see that she was getting aroused, but there was nothing she could do except endure the torment. The bungee cord allowed her some tiny movement which I was glad she made.

After the half hour, I turned up both vibrators a notch before changing the blinders for a blindfold. I enjoyed the view of by darling wife being tormented by the vibrators which were not running strong enough to take her to an orgasm.

I left her there wriggling as much as she could for a second half hour before turning up the vibrators a further notch. I left her there for a few minutes before I removed an earplug and asked “are you ready for your punishment?”

“Yes” she gasped.

I replaced the earplug. I started to gently caress her restrained torso before I pulled one on the strands of bungee away from her body before releasing it. It snapped back and she squealed as she felt the pain. I continued playing with most of the bungee cords avoiding those that could potential damage her organs. Half an hour of this play had lhp046_01_thumbher wriggling as much as she could in her restraints and a lot of nice red stripes all over the front of her body.

I finally removed her blindfold, released her form the board, but left the harness on. I turned off the vibrators which had been teasing her unmercifully. I cuffed her wrists behind her back before taking her to the bed to have a rest

She said “It is so mean, I am so horny, I can’t get myself off.”

I laughed saying “I know. The collar will be off when we go to the pub, but the belt stays on until we get home as the key is in the lockbox.”

Wicked Wednesday


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