First Weekend of Lent

We are in Lent, Diane, Dee and Gemma are all taking part in the sexy fun of “giving up control” of the number of clothing items they can wear.

On the first Saturday evening after starting the process we went to the pub as we usually do. That day the number of items of clothing allowed was one. Gemma and Simon were there.

Gemma was there in a dress and was clearly braless. We joined them and our friends James and Petra soon arrived. After the introductions had been made, Gemma blushed as Petra made some comment about the minimal clothing arrangements for her and Diane.

Diane saw this and said “Gemma, don’t worry, James and Petra are just as adventurous as Charles and I. She has even taken part in some of the parties that we go to.”

Diane continued “Petra, it is easy to explain, Gemma and I have agreed to some sexy fun until Easter. We are only allowed to wear a set number of items each day. The number changes daily, and on workdays before we get to and after work the count goes down by one. So on Monday I drove to and from work in my birthday suit and only wore a dress all day. When Zack heard about it, he decided that Dee would join in the fun. Dee was not best pleased.”

Petra giggled as she knows Dee quite well. Liz and Andrew walked in as she said “that sounds like fun.”

Liz ears pricked up “What sounds like fun?”

Diane repeated the explanation. Liz listened and though for a moment.

Liz being the main dominant in her relationship with Andrew asked me “Do you think we could do something similar for Andrew?”

“I don’t see why not. The main difference is he will be expected to wear trousers and a shirt at work as well as socks.”

“I know, I will have a minimum number of three and otherwise it is the same as that you have for Diane, and allow socks on workdays as a standard item.”

James then said “Petra, how about you joining in the fun from tomorrow too?”

The way the question was asked meant that Petra had no option other than to agree.

Gemma then asked Diane “How have you done this week?”

“I have managed to follow the numbers easily.”

“Unfortunately I went over by one item yesterday so it is a repeat of last Monday for me and Tuesday just 2 items.”

The rest of the evening went well. As we walked home Diane said “This crazy idea of yours seems to have become rather popular. I never expected that James would make Petra take part. However the idea of Andrew being involved had never crossed my mind.”

On the Sunday morning Diane decided that she was going to be naked all day long without wearing the two items allowed for the day. Over breakfast she asked “Please play with me as much as you want today.”

I considered her request before saying “If I do, are you prepared to accept the consequences?”

“What do you mean?”

“If I make you wear your cuffs that would take you over the two items allowed today.”

“Umm that sounds downright unfair.”

I thought for a moment before I picked up the phone and rang Simon. I asked him “I have a dilemma about the rules of our fun, If Diane has to wear cuffs as part of some play, does that count towards the item count for the day.”

“Definitely yes.”


I told Diane the answer given. She suggested “Well you could play with me without my having to break the rules.  For instance you could keep me on edge for as long as you like.”

“No I have a better idea. If you really want to play it will be very tough and failures could be very painful and uncomfortable tomorrow.”

“I will risk it to play.”

“You are now going to insert the extra large ben wa balls and wear your pussy lock until you get up in the morning. Those count as your two items for the day. What you won’t like is that you aren’t allowed an orgasm without permission, which will be given very sparingly. Each orgasm without permission earn their own five bar gate on each cheek tomorrow morning. So three orgasms would mean three of them.”

“Good, go and get yourself ready.”

She did, and when she returned I teased her to the edge of an orgasm with her pleading to have permission to cum. After about an hour of this I stopped and locked her pussy up.

I let her calm down before announcing “It is time we got on with our plans for the day.”

Before we went outside I liberally covered her in sunscreen taking special care to play with her nipples ensuring that they were nice and hard and reigniting her arousal. When I finished I gave her a play slap on the bum before adding “You better go and get what we need to cut back the trees at the end of the garden.”

As she made her way to the trees I watched with delight as she clearly showed that the balls were churning away inside her as she pushed the wheelbarrow along the path.

She was fully aroused and I could see some juices had leaked from her pussy. I teased her “Are you all hot and bothered?”

“Of course, I am so ready, but I am not going to cum without your permission.”


It did not take as long as we expected to cut back he trees. I had her make about twenty trips to the bonfire heap with all the branches and cuttings and Diane was a totally aroused wreck by the time we finished.

Once back inside she offered a blow job on condition that she could have an orgasm afterwards. I agreed as the sight of her in her arousal was a great turn on and I love it when she uses her talented mouth.

Wicked Wednesday

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Starting Lent

We are now two weeks into Greek Orthodox Church’s Lent that started on the 27th of February (a Monday).

Diane said to me a couple of days before the Greek Orthodox Lent started that she wanted a bit of a sexy fun during the period up to Easter. I promised I would give her answer by Sunday.

As usual we went to the pub on Saturday for a meal with Diane making the walk wearing just a pair of shoes until we got to the gate just by the pub. On entering the pub I was pleased to find Simon and Gemma who we had not seen for many months.

We chatted for a while before Gemma said. “Since last year and your introducing us to some of your kinky activities, we have experimented a lot. Most of what we did has been fun, but there were a few things that did nothing for us. Overall we have a lot to thank you for.”

Diane smiled. “Well, you were a little inhibited when you made that initial comment last year. However I am pleased we have been able to help.”

The chat continued with them being much more open than last year about their likes and dislikes. Simon even revealed, “Gemma is now quite the show off of her body, so much so that she has taken to wandering about the house naked most of the time. The funniest was when she, whilst naked, opened the door to her parents who had popped around unannounced. They were astonished and asked about it. Gemma did not tell all, but somehow her parents have started to be far less prudish than they were.”

We all carried on talking until Diane and Gemma went to the ladies. I turned to Simon, “I have a sexy fun idea for Diane starting Monday and lasting until Easter, which I think might be fun for Gemma too. Do you think that she would be up for it?”

“Let’s ask her.”

When Gemma and Diane returned I noticed Gemma hand something to Simon, who looked at it and raised an eyebrow. He thanked her before continuing “Gemma, are you up for some fun for a few weeks?”

“Maybe. I won’t answer until I’ve heard what it is.”

I answered. “Well, unless you agree to it now, I won’t reveal it to you all. All I will say it is sexy fun. There won’t be anything that will cause you any problems from what you have said so far tonight.”

Gemma paused for a moment, “What the hell, I have had more and better sex this last year than ever before. I’ll go for it.”

“Great. The principle is simple. Lent is about giving up something. In your and Diane’s case this involves giving up control of what you wear until Easter. The basics is that the two of you will be allowed a set number of things you can wear each day whilst at work and one item less outside of work. You are allowed a watch, your collar, your engagement ring, your wedding ring, any bars or rings in piercings (other than the ears) and a pair of shoes. These items do not count towards your total for the day.”

Gemma smiled “Well that does not sound too bad.”

I continued. “The catch is that on some days you will only be allowed one item. Effectively it means except when in the office, and getting to and from your car at the office, you are totally naked all day. Should you exceed the permitted number of items there will be punishments such as being in a chastity belt for a set number of days.”

We all worked out what the punishments would be ensuring that they would be sufficient to deter any breaches of the rules.

The rules were simple:-
The number of items they could wear are to be listed and sent to Simon in the morning.
An item can be a piece of clothing, perfume, an item of jewellery (a pair of earings is one item), make up or a band for a pony tail.
A pair of stockings is counted as two items, but tights are one.
A raincoat or anorak count towards the total but an umbrella does not.
If a change of clothes has occured then each item worn that day is counted.
Except when at work, one less item will be worn.
Checks will be made to ensure the correct number of items are being worn.
On Sundays the excess items for the week will be totalled up and for each excess item there is a punishment.

The punishments are:-
One excess item- the following Monday and Tuesday the number of items allowed is reduced by 2.
Two excess items- as above plus no orgasms for a calendar week.
Three excess items- as above plus a 5 bar gate caning on each bum cheek.
Four excess items- as above plus two weeks in a chastity belt (effectively 2 weeks with no orgasms).
Five or more excess items- as above plus a full punishment 24 stroke caning with the most severe cane owned.


On Monday morning when Diane and I left for work, I let her do the driving. All she was wearing were her rings, the necklace that is her collar, a pair of shoes and her watch. Once at the car park outside the office I enjoyed watching her struggle to put on the dress she brought with her. Once out of the car she straightened it out and calmly walked into the offices.

Later at the regular Monday meeting with Dee and Zack, Dee commented “Diane, what is up with your lack of make up?”

“Simple until Easter, in the office I am allowed to wear a specified number of items other than my rings, my collar, a pair of shoes and my watch. Once I am out of the office, one item less is permitted. Today the number is one item, so all I’m wearing is a dress and that was off when I drove in and will come off before I leave the car park.”

“So you are bra less and going commando.”

“That’s right.”

Zack piped in saying “Can we join in too?”

I replied. “Of course, I will send you the rules and the punishments.”

Zack turned to Dee saying “Tomorrow you will start with just 1 item, and then we will follow the same schedule as Diane.”

Dee frowned. “I expect I’m going be in trouble at times.”

Wicked Wednesday

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At the usual meeting on a Monday afternoon between Diane, Dee, Zack and myself we discussed many things, particularly the effect that Diane’s magazine appearance had had over the previous week’s takings.

Three weeks after the magazine had hit the shops the takings were still well up across the whole of the chain of stores. Dee commented “This is bloody good; I just hope that this continues for a while.”

Zack smiled, “Oh it will, especially when it is your turn to be the model.”

“But we have not heard back from any of the magazines.”

“You haven’t, but I have. One of them has agreed that you should do a swimwear shoot and that has been set for next weekend.”

“Bloody Hell, why wasn’t I f***ing told about it.”

“It was only agreed this morning, and I have arranged for Damien to be the photographer. There is a specific request for one shot to be of you topless sunbathing. After the shoot I think we will have to deal with your loose tongue yet again.”

“And where is the shoot?”

“The shoot is in Southern Italy. I have agreed that we fly down on the Friday afternoon, do the shoot on Saturday and then return Sunday. All the swimwear and accessories are being supplied by the magazine. They are also arranging for a make-up artist.”

Turning to me and Diane he added “I hope you two can join us as well.”

I looked at Diane who smiled and nodded. “Of course we can be there.”

“Great, we leave here on Friday at 1pm, meet up with Tasha (the magazine’s fashion editor), Damien and Fiona who is the make-up artist at Biggin Hill and we will take our jet down.”


The flight was uneventful, and we made it to the hotel with plenty of time to relax before having dinner. We were surprised that there were no other guests around. Zack revealed “That is because they have opened a weekend earlier than normal just for us and the shoot. This gives the new staff in the kitchen a chance to get used to the operation, albeit in a small way.”

Tasha raised an eyebrow in surprise. Zack saw this “I know you tried to get this hotel, but I know the owner well and with very little persuasion he agreed to have it open for us.”

The next morning was as expected, bright sunny weather. The hotel swimming pool was ready for us, and after a short while the first set was ready for the shoot. There were 12 different swimsuits that Dee was required to wear. They were all from different designers and ranged from the standard one piece swimming costume to some of the more creative interpretations of a bikini including a Microkini. The topless shoot was done with using a standard bikini where Dee was required to be holding it at arm’s length as if passing it over to someone else.

The shoot was completed by about 5pm, after a lot of hard work by all involved. The magazine editor was delighted with the results as was Zack.

As the equipment was being packed away Zack said “Dee, remember you have the meeting of your bum and an implement of my choice.”

She shuddered “and what have you decided to use then?”

“You will find out soon enough. I have arranged for the games room to be available. I hope you will all come and maybe after Dee’s been suitably chastened the rest of you may want to have a little fun”

Fiona then turned to Tasha, “Do join us, as we are all going to have a little fun.”

Tasha blushed “But I don’t have anything with me.”

“Don’t worry. You won’t need anything except yourself.”

Reluctantly Tasha agreed to join us.

Once we were all in the games room, Dee undressed before she was instructed to get her cuffs on and bend over the pool table. Zack handed us some ropes saying “arms across the table and her legs wide apart please.”

Dee was quickly secured down and Zack produced a lovely cat of nine tails with a small dragon tail attached by a knot to each tail. He showed it to Dee who did not look happy. Zack said “Remember this is a punishment for your bad language on Monday. I think six strikes from each of the six of us here should serve as a reminder not to swear like a trooper.”

Zack took up his position and landed what looked like a gentle stroke on Dee’s exposed bum. Immediately red blotches appeared from the knots and the dragon tails. The next five strokes produced even more red blotches. The cat was handed to Damien who added his six strokes. Tasha did the same before Diane’s turn. The six stokes landed and finally Dee was crying hard. Fiona looked at Dee’s ass and said I think her sit spot needs some attention so landed three on each side that had Dee wailing even more. Finally it was my turn and I added to the stokes on her sit spots.

Dee was released and Zack held her tight whilst she recovered from her ordeal.

I turned to Tasha “Have you ever had an orgasm while being flogged?”

“No never, because I am normally the Domme.”

Fiona looked at me before she giggled “Today just let me do the honours. First you need to strip, then we will lightly restrain you before adding a blindfold. This is so you can relish the experience.”

Fiona approached the now lightly restrained Tasha with our neoprene flogger in her hand and gently stroked Tasha before letting loose with a hard strike on her back. Tasha cooed “I hardly felt that.”

Fiona continued the flogging with equally hard strikes and Tasha was clearly enjoying the very light sensations. Fiona moved to give Tasha’s smallish, but pert, breasts some attention. Each strike produced a gasp of pleasure before the finale of Fiona landing strong strokes on her lips. It only took about 10 strokes before Tasha was screaming out in an intense orgasm.

Fiona held Tasha as we quickly released her from the restraints.

Finally Tasha recovered enough to mutter “Wow, that was so good, thank you.”

“Now you have had a meeting with the most sensuos flogger I have ever felt.”

Wicked Wednesday

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One man

Diane saw the prompt and said “I will write this week’s instalment of our story.”

I am going focus on my relationship with one man and how it has developed in the last few years. We were both into BDSM when we met, introduced by our friend and his former playmate Liz.

I have been with tis one man for 22 years and been married for 18 years now. I fell in love immediately after our first date. During these years my love for him has exceeded all my earlier expectations, and I can say I am totally content with our relationship.

I know he is in love with me, and is always finding something ways of surprising me with his attention, whether it is buying some flowers or something much more intimate and pleasurable.

Initially the one man in my life was the submissive in our playtime. He started out as a trainee auditor working for one of the big firms of accountants and has worked his way up to a very senior position. The stresses he had at work meant that often the only way to get him to relax was with playing.

I on the other hand was a shop assistant for a large department store chain that was initially owned by our friends Dee and Zack. Twelve years ago they floated the company on the stock market. This was a disaster and five years ago they managed to buy back all the shares. Dee is the chief Executive of the company. We first met them at a play session of games at a friend’s house where Dee was acting as a judge. I made a throwaway remark about something and was surprised to be asked at a later date to set up a new department from scratch before being made a director.

This change at work has changed the dynamic between this one man and myself as I am now the one who is most stressed and need the relaxation of an intense play session.

The one man has changed from being the attentive submissive to being the one primarily in charge of our relationship. He knows how to push my buttons to turn me on, as well as knowing how to make me a gibbering wreck from orgasmic bliss.

Four years ago I was given the beautiful necklace that I wear all the time. This necklace acts as my collar to show I am owned by one man who I love. The necklace has been removed only once, just for an hour, when I had to have a MRI scan. As soon as the scan was over I put it back on and I hope to continue wearing wear until the day I die.

The one man I love has had me do things that I would never have even considered possible a few years ago. On one occasion I was tied to some trees fully visible to the passing trains. Another time I was required to be totally naked while we drove home in his classic Triumph Stag with the roof removed. I have been photographed for Bondage catalogues, photographed for an exhibition and most recently I was a featured model in one of the high end fashion magazines.

Other things he has done that have had me going is a very long and intense bum warming that was so sensuous that I kept having orgasms. We have a flogger that when used on my pussy will have me orgasm after just a few strikes.

This one man has had tied me up in very stringent bondage with intense vibrators going inside me as well as on my clit. During these types of session he will not allow me to orgasm until a set time has elapsed or (very occasionally) not at all. Failures mean that I will suffer punishments by being my dreaded chastity belt, or the punishment bra and panties which are equally as bad. Even worse is a bundle of canes that I hate and dread.

This one man is fair and never punishes me unfairly. The rules I have to follow are not restrictive, just all about ensuring that I know I am loved and that I look after myself and do nothing stupid. One of the worst punishments I had to endure was for speeding and I have always been careful since then.

We now live in splendid rural location, in a large house with a large garden that is ours and there is no mortgage. This meant in the early years of our life together we were very careful with money, just so we could be in the position we are in now; financially comfortable, able to enjoy life have fun and a lot of loving.

There is only one love in my life, Charles. He is the one man for me, and I cherish that I am loved and cared for by my rock, Charles.

Charles here-

I am blushing having read what my darling wife has written. She is my rock, my lover and companion. She is my one and only love.

Wicked Wednesday


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This post is to celebrate Rebel’s 50th Birthday…

Whilst I was working at Bustards who Diane works for, our friend Zack, who with his wife owns the company, asked me to join him for lunch away from the office.

As we sat down at the table in the local coffee shop Zack said “You know it is Dee’s 50th birthday in two weeks. I have been thinking of a suitable way to celebrate it.”

“I knew her birthday was soon, but not that it was such a milestone. What are you thinking of?”

“Obviously a party, but I want it to be a complete surprise. Would you be able to help?”

“Of course, but where are planning to hold it?”

“I was thinking if we got everyone together, I might be able hold it at your house, but with those who need to stay, being accommodated in the nearby hotel. Susan has agreed to do the main organising and decorating. As for the catering, I have asked Michael from the special restaurant in the Midlands if he could do something outside of his restaurant. He said he could, provided that there was a suitable kitchen. He has kept that day free for me.”

We continued chatting about what he needed for the rest of the lunch before I finished off the chat with “It would be a tight squeeze in the dining area, but in principle I agree that we could do it. I will have to check with Diane just to make sure. I will leave it as a surprise to her as to exactly what is going on.”

In the car on the way home Diane asked “what did Zack want with you at lunch?”

“Just whether he could use our house for a party as theirs is going to be a bit of a building site in a couple of weeks time.”

“Oh then he has something planned for Dee’s 50th birthday then.”

“Yes, but she is not to know and it is meant to be a surprise.”

“What will we have to do?”

“Basically nothing.”

I told her about his ideas and she said “We should do it; they have been so good to us over the last 5 years.”

I rang Zack and confirmed we would do it.

Two weeks later after a few emails between me, Michael, Susan and Zack, the day arrived. Michael turned up with all the food and took over the kitchen. Michael had brought four waiters who dealt with setting up the dining area. Susan had a small team on hand to do the decorations which was on the theme of by the sea. Diane and I did not have to be there, so instead we left them to it.

The invites stated that the guests had to be at our house by 7.30pm. So Diane and I were ready by 6.30 to greet everyone. The guests arrived, in total there were 50 of us all wearing swimwear. Just before 8.00pm I got a call from Zack to give us a two minute warning. I waited at the front door whilst everyone kept quiet.

The car door opened and Dee was helped out of it wearing just a tiny bikini and a hood. Zack, in his wheelchair got Dee to sit on his lap and he wheeled them into the house. He unzipped the hood and Dee blinked a little before she realised where she was and that so many friends had gathered together.

After she had recovered from the surprise, she gave Zack a long lingering kiss. When she broke from it I heard her say, “You are wicked, but such a lovely surprise.”

He replied, “The entertainment has only just begun.”

We had a superb meal although it was rather cramped in the dining area that extended into the living area. After a toast to Dee for her birthday, Zack said “now for your birthday spanking.”

He moved around a little and had Dee draped over his lap whilst he gave her 50 swats with his hand on her now bared bum that had her squealing in delight. The one to grow on was by far the hardest and she yelped as it landed.

He announced “Now for the main entertainment. The playroom is not big enough for us all to cram in at once, so the horse is here. So the order of play is being determined by lot. Each of you will be given a number, and that indicates your turn. There are 50 different implements from our extensive toy box laid out on the table next to the horse, one for each you; your number also indicates the implement you are to use. Dee, you will be blindfolded and your task after each stroke is to say what each implement is. I will determine whether you are right or wrong. If it is wrong you will continue to receive strokes with the implement until you identify it correctly.”

He continued “After you have identified all 50 Implements, the playroom is available for those who want to avail themselves of it.”

The first up was Patrice with a light suede flogger.  I think Dee deliberately said the wrong implement quite a few times to receive extra strokes of it.

I was the 17th person and I had been allocated a rather nasty looking leather strap. It took Dee five strokes to identify it correctly.

This continued with Dee being given a short break after 25 implements had been used.

By the time it was Diane’s turn, the last, Dee had received well in excess of 300 strokes of 49 implements. Diane laid on one moderate stroke and Dee yelped loudly and breathlessly identified it as “The f***ing horrible 4 cane bundle”.

Dee was released from the horse. Her bum was a bright red with lots of nasty looking welts criss crossing it, her sit spot and upper thighs. Her eyes were red however she had a very bright smile on her face to show she had enjoyed her ordeal.

She hugged Zack for a while, before she thanked everyone.

We had agreed that Diane and Zack would stay overnight and they chose to sleep in the playroom.

Wicked Wednesday

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