Birthday surprise

As I woke on the Saturday morning, I relished that Diane thought that we had the whole weekend free. Diane was still snuggled into my back and I was loathe to have to get out of bed, but needs must. I finished my morning ablutions and looked at my sexy wife still asleep in the warmth of our bed, knowing that by the end of the day, she would be wearing another very warm posterior.

I completeded my preparations for the weekend before preparing our breakfast. Just as the coffee had finished percolating, Diane came into the kitchen wearing her dressing gown draped over her shoulders, open at the front. I laid out the breakfast, gave a long kiss, handed her a card and said “Happy Birthday.”

She thanked me with a smile. All she knew was that we would be going out for the day.

She asked “How long have I got before we leave?”

“About half an hour.”

She quickly finished breakfast and rushed off to get dressed.

She returned wearing her tightest jeans and a loose top. “I hugged her and realised that she was not wearing a bra. Felt her taut bum and realised that she was going without any underwear too. I smiled to myself thinking “This will be even more fun than I had planned.”

I picked up our coats and we left the house and I ushered her into the car. We made our way to the local shopping centre. As we walked into the specialist shoe shop, we were greeted by an assistant. We were ushered into the discreet fitting area where Diane was asked to be seated. The assistant went out for a minute to retrieve the boots that I had selected a couple of weeks previously. I said “For the next few minutes, you will have to loose your sight.” I took a blindfold out of my pocket and put it on her.

Her breathing got faster as the nerves started to kick in. The assistant whispered in my ear “Sorry, but the jeans need to come off whilst she tries the shoes on.”

He left the room and I told Diane to stand up. I undid the buttons of her jeans, slid them down her legs and removed them. I gently had her sit back down and gently put her feet in the boots. I then checked to make sure that they fitted her perfectly which they did.

I took the boots off and passed them to the assistant who was patiently waiting outside and said, “They are perfect.”

I removed the blindfold and then noticed a slight glistening around her lower lips. I asked “do you have anything inside you?”

“Yes, I put in the balls from the show the other week.”

I smiled replying “you naughty minx. As you decided to go without knickers you will just have to make sure that no damp patches appear.”

Once she was dressed, I quickly paid for the boots and we left the store.

After a leisurely lunch, on our way towards our home I pulled into a layby. I asked “Now for some fun?”

“What do you mean?”

“Just something you will enjoy.”

“OK.” I reached under her seat and pulled the ankle cuffs out and locked one on each ankle. She shuffled her feet a little and found that there was not a lot of movement. I instructed her to put her hands behind her back and cuffed them too. I then put on the blindfold again. I secured her seat belt and pulled back onto the road.

She said after a few minutes she asked “Where are we going? As I’m sure that we aren’t on our way home.”

“Just going to a special location for the night.”

What. I’ve I haven’t got an overnight bag.”

“Don’t worry, I’ve got everything that you need with us.”

It took nearly an hour of me driving using a rather haphazard route to get to our destination. I left Diane in the car whilst I disappeared inside the building for a few minutes. I returned  to the car  moving it around the corner. I then unlocked her ankle cuffs and helped her out. We entered the building and took her to the pre-arranged room. I sat her down, released her cuffed wrists and said, “Right, we need to get you out of your jeans so I can put your new boots on.”

She stood up as I helped her remove her jeans. I asked her to sit back down and I put her boots on. I took a thin chain and passed it through the rings on pussy lips and locked it to the zipper on each of her boots. I then released her wrists and she removed the blindfold to find we were in a comfortably furnished room with the curtains closed across the windows. She looked at me with a very puzzled expression and before she could say anything I said “Don’t say anything; this is just the start of the fun. Just relax and enjoy.”

I heard the sound from my mobile phone of a text message. I checked it and all it said was “15 minutes.”

I waited 10 minutes before saying to Diane, “Time for you to be blindfolded again.”

I put the blindfold on, removed her top, restrained her wrists behind her back and helped her stand up. I escorted her out of the room we were in, along a passageway to another room. She squeaked with every stride as the chain from her boots pulled on the rings in her pussy lips. Further she walked very gingerly getting used to the new boots that had 6″ heels, much higher than she is used to. Once we had entered the room I helped her into a special seat waiting for her before attaching some leg restraints.

She sat nervously whilst there was some murmered chatter which she could not make out.

A voice announced “The prisoner will stand up.”

I helped Diane rise from the chair. There was the sound of some footsteps, followed by a rustling of some cloth. The voice then said “Diane Drummond, you are charged with performing a lewd act in public, namely wearing nothing but a harness of thin straps on a catwalk three weeks ago. How do you plead?”

Diane spluttered for a moment before saying “Not guilty.”

Another voice said “Well, based on her dress now, I don’t think we need bother with hearing any evidence. She is as near as dammit naked now. Diane Drummond, have you anything to say?”

She nervously said. “Yes, my husband and two friends tricked me into it. I was blindfolded all the time and I did not know until later what had happened.”

The voice continued “Diane Drummond, That is no excuse. I find you guilty as charged. In addition I find Charles Drummond guilty of a lesser offence of inciting your wife to perform a lewd act. I sentence Diane Drummond to a birthday spanking of one strike for each of your 39 years of age and one to grow on from each individual present in this room using an implement of their choice. Following that, both Diane Drummond and Charles Drummond will spend the night in a special punishment cage. Guard, you may remove the blindfold.”

I removed her blindfold. She blinked a few times before she looked around to find that all 19 of our friends were there, in our playroom.

She pulled me close for a searing kiss. when she broke the kiss she exclaimed; “Oh my god, we’re at home, and I didn’t realise it. And with everyone here, I will be so sore tomorrow.”

Our friends gathered around and hugged her as they wished her a happy birthday.

Diane turned to me after the hugs and said “who was that person who decided my fate?”

John piped in with the reply, “Oh that was an actor who we had recorded a series of lines for us. I just pressed the relevant buttons on the computer.”

She looked at me “Well, it was a bit scary and I am very nervous as I have got a lot to endure tonight.”

I said “It is twenty spankings for you. Do you want to choose the order in which they are given, or would you rather let me?”

“Well if I know what everyone is using, I will choose.”

“I don’t even know the answer to that, so its up to you.”

“You choose then.”

I replied “No problem. Anyway we have a lot to go through, so lets get started. You better bend over the chair.”

She did as she was instructed. I loosely tied her wrists to the legs of the chair before I gave her a warm up hand spanking.

Wicked Wednesday

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Results of a Review

The last three week’s episodes were from Diane’s point of view. This week I have taken the theme of reviews from Wicked Wednesday.

In the last couple of months Diane and I have both enjoyed the new dynamic in our relationship following our review of our relationship and marriage. Since then, I have found that I have thoroughly enjoyed the responsibility at home of making sure that Diane feels totally fulfilled in her personal life. With the changes in her work life, the last couple of years has seen enormous changes in both of our lives.

In reviewing our relationship we discussed the basics in detail and how it could be changed so that both of our needs were being satisfied.

One of the many things that came out of the review was she wanted her limits to be pushed much further than I expected. Further there quite a few things that she fantasised about that we had not tried and she wanted to explore further. This review gave me a lot of things to think about, and I took a while to consider how I would be able to bring some of them into reality.

A few weeks later, I managed to set up a meeting with Zack and Dee whilst Diane was out and about on one of her many trips to visit the stores. They were initially nervous about the idea, but after much discussion, we agreed that we should go for it.

We decided to arrange a big ‘Master and Slave’ themed party, with all the proceeds going to charity, near the release date for the film of “50 Shades of Grey”. We agreed a fashion show and demonstration would be organised by the ‘Bedroom Delights’ departmental team. All the models would be members of staff. There were a lot of volunteers, and with the help of our mutual friend Celia, who is a professional model, we selected the staff that would be onstage that night.

Diane, in her new role as a director of the company, was not directly involved in the planning.

We arrived in plenty of time to ensure that the ballroom had been set up exactly as had been planned. Diane started to relax.

Once dinner had finished, she was approached by one of the staff and as planned in a whispered conversation asked to go back stage. She left the table and a few moments later I made my excuses and went to help.

Once she was back stage, Sofia and Tamara were there, and quickly took Diane to one side. They gave her a blindfold and said “Put this on. We will take over from here, and we assure you will be watched over carefully and protected. They proceeded to take off Diane’s very elegant dress, leaving her with nothing but a thin white thong. Diane babbled a little nervously until Sofia said “Just relax and go with the flow. We will be watching over you all the time.”

Diane was still tense and when the make-up lady came over and started her work, Diane $_57became visibly more nervous. I came over with a new necklace and with a satisfying click it locked around her neck.

She raised her hands to feel the new addition to her neck and before she could say anything I said, “Just relax, and enjoy yourself.”

I then gave her a pair of small balls “You know where these need to go.”

She blushed and stuttered “bbbbut”

“Sofia and Tamara are hiding you from sight, so just put them in.”

She eased her thong out of the way and slowly inserted all four small balls. I checked that her thong was properly back in place and said to Tamara, “now for the rest of her outfit.” Sofia quickly removed her nipple piercings while Tamara helped her into a web of thin w_1F74759714B658C4C58C388493F847B2cloth straps with openings that allowed her nipples to peek through. When everything was in the right place, Tamara replaced the nipple piercings and said “just the final touches to go.” She picked up three padlocks and quickly secured the neck and waist straps so that Diane was effectively locked into the harness.

Sofia made Diane put her hands behind her back, crossed at the wrists, and carefully locked on the special handcuff.

They then gently guided Diane across the room. They guided578cross her carefully onto the runway. The MC for the evening explained, our final three models are from the Head Office. The clothes they are wearing are all new lines that are now available. The slave is wearing the special new harness that has been designed exclusively for “Bedroom Delights” it is soft and very comfortable for long term wear, it will add excitement for the wearer when it is worn under clothing, especially at an event such as this. Her guards are wearing the new leotards that have an interesting pad for you ladies to enjoy.

The girls took Diane to the end of the runway, helped her turn a full circle before they were joined by the rest of the models. To the applause of all of the audience.

Once the runway had been cleared, Diane was released from her wrist restraints, and Tamara quickly helped Diane into a scarlet backless dress. Diane went to take off the blindfold, but Sofia stopped her saying “You are not finished here yet.”

“Diane blushed and stuttered “whhattt, I’ve been as near as dammit naked out in front of everyone, and now you say I’ve not finished.”

“That’s right, just one more thing to go.” She picked up a set of white ankle and wrist cuffs buckled them on tightly before continuing “and that will be in just a few minutes.”

Diane shuffled nervously on her feet and was obviously getting a little restless. Luckily it was not long before she was guided back onto the stage. With a couple of snap links Diane’s wrists were secured to the frame that had been set up especially for her. I stood next to her and said quietly “I hope you enjoy the next bit.”

The MC welcomed Zack onto the stage. Zack took over the microphone announcing the auction. He said “There is to be a really interesting auction tonight. Not only will you be able to buy some exciting lots, the more you bid will result in more fun for this lovely slave. The results will be tallied by my friend Charles.”

Diane quietly said to me “I am not at all happy restrained as if I was a slave.”

I replied “Oh but you are. I promise you that you are safe, and I will be with you all the way. Also you will enjoy yourself.”

Diane said a few choice words to me, and I quietened her by saying “unless you quieten down, I will get the girls to come and gag you.”

After the first lot was sold, I whispered to Diane “that was easy. Now as the bidding gets higher just play act struggling in your restraints.”

It took a while for Diane to feel comfortable play acting, but with my encouragement she got into the swing of things and her acting encouraged people to place higher bids. When Zack announced the final lot, a woman in the audience shouted “But what about the girl, surely she is up for sale as a slave for a day.”

When Diane heard this, her reactions were totally realistic and in her firm manner said quietly “Noooooo, I am not for sale.”

Zack confidently announced, “Madam, We are not selling the slave’s services, even for one second. I even think that you might want to take her place.”

There was plenty of laughter, and the bidding went much higher than expected. As we finished I gave Zack the final numbers of the amounts bid, and Zack was really happy.

I returned to Diane and said; “now a little adjustment to your restraints and you can have your reward for being such a good sport.”

I turned her around so her back was to the audience. I released the strap for her ‘bra’ and the MC announced “The slave will now get the promised demonstration of how a flogger should be used. Please welcome our tutor and her glamourous assistants who will provide the demonstration.”

Our friend Susan, who is a very experienced Mistress, came on the stage with Tamara and Sofia who were wearing bikinis and both were holding a flogger. Susan approached Diane and said “You will be fine, just relax and enjoy it.”

Susan took the microphone and said “My Glamourous assistants here will be doing the flogging. We are going to use one of the many floggers available. The most important thing when you are going to use any implement is to provide a warm up, so that the person on the receiving end of the implements can enjoy the sensations.”

Tamara and Sofia started with very gentle strokes, progressing to harder strokes during Diane’s warm up. She soon was purring in delight when the girls stopped. Susan then announced “Your most generous bidding has raised £100k for the charities, so we have sentenced the slave here to receive 100 hard strokes of the flogger from each of my assistants.”

Susan explained the types of stroke to be landed. Tamara and Sofia then laid down the strokes whilst Susan explained everything to the audience. By the time they had finished the demonstration, Diane was high on the endorphins that had coursed through her body.

She was begging for more when Susan announced, it seems our slave wants more, so I will give her a little extra. Tamara and Sofia handed over the floggers they were holding and Susan used one in each hand, In no time we could see that Diane was nearing the stage where she could take no more. Susan started to slow down the strikes and soften each blow so Diane was effectively ‘cooled down’.

The girls and I quickly released Diane from her restraints and told the audience about the importance of after care. There was a huge round of applause as we carefully guided Diane back stage. I held Diane tight as I let her recover from her flogging and removed her blindfold. The girls and Susan also helped with the aftercare. When Diane had sufficiently recovered, still wearing the harness, we helped her back into her original dress, and led her back to the ball room. No one recognised that Diane had been the Slave.

The rest of the evening passed uneventfully and as we snuggled up in bed, Diane hugged me and said “Thank you. If I had known about it I would have refused, but that was such fun.”

Wicked Wednesday

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The torments end

Diane here again for this episode. This is a follow on from the last 2 weeks episodes which can be found here and here.

It was decided it was time for me to be subject to my third of four torments that evening. I gave Charles the envelope and he just smiled.

He got me to stand below the winch, and picked up a length of timber that was about six feet long. I was asked to stand with my arms out and he carefully strapped my arms to the timber at the wrists, elbow and shoulders. He then added two more straps to each arm. He lowered the hook of the winch, and added a chain to each end of the timber and a rope from the winch to the centre of the piece of timber.

He attached cuffs to my ankles and then used our longest spreader bar to force my ankles to about three feet apart. He slowly raised the winch until just my toes were touching the floor. Now you can just hang around and watch for the next forty four minutes.

While I was left hanging around, unable to anything except to watch what the next torment.

Adam asked Sofia for the second envelope which contained another torture. Adam looked at it with what looked like a wry smile.

“OK Sofia, time to get on the table.”

He quickly got help from the other men who assisted in tying Sofia to the table and making sure that she was secured with her legs wide apart.

He then said “You have selected probably one of the worst torments of the evening.”

She wisely said nothing as he blindfolded her. He went to the bag and picked out a pair of tweezers are approached the triangle of fairly short pubic hairs just above her pretty pussy lips. He inserted a finger in her opening and then carefully plucked one of the hairs from the triangle out. She stoically said nothing as he said “just another 175 to go.” He dropped the hair just above her navel and continued “You need to keep still, because if any fall off, then I will continue until we have the right number in a nice pile here.” He put a finger where the hair had been dropped.

He carefully selected another single hair and pulled it out. This continued with one hair being pulled out every few seconds. All the time this was going on, it was clear that he was carefully stroking the inside of Sofia’s pussy. The pile that of hairs grew until she involuntarily twitched and let out a moan of pleasure twinged with a groan of from the agony of having individual hairs being slowly plucked from her skin. He stopped pulling out hairs and carefully counted each hair in the pile and said, “Lucky for you, you only lost two, so only another thirty three to go.”

Sofia was now wincing every time he plucked a hair from her landing strip. It seemed that he took a second or two longer between the extraction of each of the remaining hairs, just to prolong her torment. Just as he was down to the last few hairs to go, he added a second finger to her opening and her arousal was clear. When he extracted the last hair, he withdrew his fingers which were covered in her juices.

He started to release her bindings and when he was ready, he removed the pile of hairs and hugged and kissed her. She stood up and we could all see that he had converted the small tuft of hairs that made up her triangle into the rough shape of a heart.

While this was torment was going on, I was released from my third torment and allowed a short rest period, to recover from the strain of having been “stretched” out.

After about ten minutes, I was asked for the fourth envelope that was to be my next torment. Charles looked at, smiled and said “I think you will like this a little.” He went over to Zack, who had been watching everything that had been going on and whispered in his ear.

Charles then said to me, “First you need to get me really hard, and at the same time play with yourself. Once I am ready, we will continue with the torment.”

I got to me knees and quickly set about using my mouth to ensure that I got him really hard. My position prevented me from seeing what preparations were being made. Charles announced that he was hard enough, and put a blindfold over my eyes. I was guided into position and told to stand with my legs slightly apart.

Charles whispered “Hands by your sides “

I felt Charles’ body slip down a little and his hard member stroked across my clitoris. He slowly inserted his cock in my wet pussy. He then stood upright. I felt something start to be dragged up my sides.

I could sense that other things were being done and then I felt straps biting into me and Charles was pulled closer into me.

Charles kissed me hard before saying “we are going to like this for the next forty four minutes, while preparations are finished for Dee’s torment. Oh and we are both in the strap cage. You can wriggle and do whatever you want, and I will try to help you.”

We were pressed tightly together and there was very little room for wriggling around. I must admit the sensation of being squeezed tightly whilst impaled on my husband’s hard cock was very exciting. I used every trick I could, and he helped as much as he could in our tight confined space. It took a while, but I was able to get even more excited until suddenly the roller coaster of a huge orgasm overtook me and I climaxed hard. Charles, for his part was able help a little and before long I felt my second orgasm, crash over me.

The next thing I knew was that Charles was holding me tightly in his arms and I was being comforted on the big sofa that served as a rest space. I looked at him; he smiled and said “I hope you enjoyed that as much as me.”

I mumbled something. He hugged me and I slowly made out that a blindfolded Dee was on the St Andrew’s cross for her torment.

Charles whispered, “Just relax; the others are getting Dee ready for her torment.”

I noticed that the two girls and the other men were all helping. After a short while, I persuaded Charles that I had recovered sufficiently so I got up from the sofa. On wobbly legs, with Charles helping me, I made my way over to the Cross to watch what was going on. All of them were busy and it took quite a while before they finished.

Once Zack declared she was ready he said “Dee, there are five hundred clothes pegs adorning your body attached to seven pieces of string. We are going to leave you like that for a while we have a drink, and then your suffering will start.”

We were ushered over to the sofas and Zack served us all a drink. Whilst I wanted something more than just a soft drink, I did not protest as the others enjoyed a glass of wine.

We chatted for a while and Zack then put his glass down and motioned for us to join him as he approached Dee asking “how are you feeling?”

Dee replied “on show and like I have had all my skin surgically tightened.”

“Good, now you may make as much noise as you like” he said as he passed then of a string to Adam who with a tug removed the clothes pins attached that ran up her right side to her elbow.

Dee gasped as the last pin was pulled off.

Zack with a smile commented “Only another six to go.”

He passed the next string to Grant who, with a hard tug, removed the clothes pins attached to her left side. Dee gasped and let out a moan of pain as the last pin was pulled away.

The next string was handed to Tamara who slowly pulled off the clothes pins that ran up the front of Dee’s left leg and back down her right. Dee emitted a grunt as each pin was agonisingly pulled off. Sofia was next and she was handed the string that she pulled very sharply releasing the pins from the back of Dee’s legs. Dee squealed, but stoically avoided screaming.

Zack handed Charles and I a string each and on his signal we pulled off the spirals of pins, me slowly whilst Charles was fast,  that covered each of Dee’s breasts. This elicited a small scream.

Zack seemed smiled as he picked up the remaining string. All I could see was a mass of clothes pins that ran in a zig zag from Dee’s navel down to her clean shaven pussy lips. He slowly tugged the string and the first few rows of pins came off her taught skin. As each came off she emitted a small squeal.

Zack paused, removed the slack from the string and with an almighty tug, pulled the remaining clothes pins from Dee’s pussy area, lips and finally her clit hood.

Dee screamed as the effect of the blood rushing back into her sensitive lips and clit took hold. She gasped and cried for a while whilst the men carefully helped her down from the cross.

Wicked Wednesday

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After the lines

This week’s episode follows on from last week’s which is here. It also falls within the Wicked Wednesday prompt of “Trust”.

It is me, Diane, writing again.

After we had each been given our task, Grant then said “You have one hour from now in which to complete your assigned task. There is to be no talking.”

I started on writing out the paragraph I had been given. Whilst I was writing, the mat certainly made its presence felt. What was worse was I felt very full and my lower lips were stretched by the massive vibrator that we had been instructed to insert.

I managed quite well until I suddenly, without warning, felt the vibrator spring into life at a teasing level. I quickly looked at the others and realised that all four of us were be tormented in exactly the same way.

On two more occasions I felt the speed of the vibrator increase until it was turned off and Charles announced time was up. We were allowed to stand up and remove the vibrators.

Charles held out his hand and I took it and he pulled me close. He then announced to the four of us “Inspection time.”

I frowned on hearing this but wisely kept my mouth closed. However Dee, being her usual spirited self, asked “What do you mean?”

“Simple, did you all follow the instruction you were given when you changed into your uniform.”

The men carefully checked us over, with Charles feeling up my breasts and said quietly to me, “Good no bra. However, you have studs in your ears, a watch and make up on. ”

Tamara on the other hand was found to be wearing a bra as well a watch, whereas Sofia was only wearing make-up and Dee managed to pass the inspection.

The men conferred and Zack announced, “Dee will only face one ordeal tonight, Sofia two, Tamara three and Diane four. You will need to trust us this evening. We will be stretching your limits, but we will not to go too far and should not need to use your safewords. Now you girls can go prepare the evening meal while we check your work to see how well you did. ”

The four of us disappeared to the kitchen area and started the preparations for the meal. We talked quietly between ourselves and I found out that Tamara and Sofia had been required to write out ‘I must not do or say anything that will encourage Dee to swear’ 250 times whereas Dee just had to write out ‘I must not swear’ 500 times. I had the least numbers to write at 100, but my paragraph was considerably longer.

It took us about half an hour to get the meal prepared and ready to go in the oven, so we went to join our respective partners. I deliberately walked in a provocative and playful way, just to annoy Charles. As I got to him, he pulled me close and gave my bum a hard swat with his hand saying “your behaviour is not becoming for a schoolgirl.”

I giggled.

He had me sit with him as he finished checking the lines, and to my surprise there were not too many mistakes, particularly on those towards the end when my bum was sore and that huge vibrator making me rather wet and aroused.

We girls were allowed to relax for the rest of the afternoon with the only proviso being that supper had to be served on time.

Supper went well and conversation was delightful.

After the meal we went back to the playroom. Charles explained “There are eight envelopes. Each ordeal is detailed inside it. The envelope will only be opened when it is time to face the ordeal. Dee has first choice, Sofia second, Tamara third and Diane has what is left. Some of these ordeals are nicer than others.”

He passed the envelopes to Dee selected one, and the two girls selected theirs, leaving me with four envelopes.

Charles then said to me, “As you have four ordeals, let’s get started and you choose which you want first.”

I opened an envelope to read “The scorpion has a sting in its tail; the number of strokes is determined by the number of errors you made in your lines.”

I looked nervously at Charles as I showed it to him. He smiled saying “a not too sore bum for you, there were twenty five mistakes and you only wrote 81 lines, so it is 44 strokes.”

He instructed me to strip out of the school uniform, which I did in a slow teasing way before I went to the spanking bench and got myself into position.

Charles blindfolded me and I waited for the stinging caress of the scorpion. I heard him talking to Grant and Adam about it. Grant said, “What a shame Tamara didn’t select it.”

I waited patiently until I heard a swish and then felt the sting of the tails as it landed. I groaned before the next stroke landed. I lost count after the first ten strokes had landed as my bum felt the wicked sting of each of the twenty tails as it continued to assault my by now rather bright red butt.

Charles then removed the blindfold, held me tight and cuddled me, saying “I hope for your sake that not everything chosen for you is as nasty.”

Grant asked Tamara for one of her envelopes and he looked at it, smiled said, “this will be fun for you.”

He went into his toy bag, picked out a bullet vibrator and asked her to strip and then insert it. She did as she was told and he then tied her in a strict Karada which he added a knot to the crotch rope and pulled it tight into her pussy. He turned on the vibrator saying “you only managed 171 lines, and there were 47 mistakes so this tie will be your companion for the next 126 minutes. I expect we will be able to complete your other ordeals whilst in it.”

Adam asked Sofia for one of her envelopes. He opened it and he smiled “One very sore ass for you. You have chosen the crop and you get 176 strokes as you only managed 146 lines and made 72 mistakes.”

Sofia gulped as she heard this, and she stripped and was led to the horse, where he strapped her down. He picked up the crop and very carefully and deliberately laid down her allotted strokes, ensuring her beautiful ass and upper thighs were a very bright red. As she was released from the horse she was very wobbly and it was clear that she had been crying from the sting of the crop. He held her close and she kissed him hard after she had thanked him for the punishment.

I was next to have to hand over an envelope. Charles looked me in the eyes saying “this one is not so bad.”

He asked me to sit down and picked up some duct tape, and the bowl of rice. He pulled off 4 short strips of tape, carefully counted out 11 grains of rice and sprinkled them on one of the strips. He did the same on the others and then he applied a strip to each heel and then the soft ball of my feet. He instructed me to stand up, and said “In 44 minutes time I will remove them.”

Initially the discomfort was not too bad, but, as the time seemed to drag slowly I felt even less comfortable as each grain bit into the tender areas of my feet.

Dee was asked for her envelope. She handed it over, Zack peeked at it, and smiled, beckoned over the other three men and they had a whispered conversation. They all nodded, and Zack said “You picked out probably the most fun for us, so you will just have to wait until the rest of the ordeals have been completed.

Dee pouted. Zack saw it and added, “any more of that and I will double the torment.”

Tamara was asked to choose her second torment. She handed over the envelope, and Adam picked out the clover clamps from the toy bag and some weights. He laughed and said unfortunately I don’t have exactly 126 gram in weights so it is 125 hanging from each nipple for fifteen minutes.

Tamara instinctively put her arms up to protect her nipples from the torment. Adam gently, but firmly, told her to put her arms down and he ensured that her nipples were really hard before he added the clamps and weight. Tamara grimaced as the weights were added. She held still and when the fifteen minutes were up she gasped in pain as the blood rushed into her nipples when the clamps were removed. Adam on the other hand gently rubbed her nipples until she was moaning with pleasure.

Next week find out the rest of our ordeals.

Wicked Wednesday

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Being led

This week’s Wicked Wednesday prompt is “Leadership”. I have used it as partial inspiration for a new episode of the ongoing story.

Diane here again. Charles has kindly allowed me to take over the story telling for another episode.

As regular readers will have gathered, Charles and I have changed the dynamics of our relationship so that most of the time he provides the leadership and discipline I need outside of work. We have agreed on some basic rules that I have to follow or face the consequences. My stupidity in being caught speeding in the car a few weeks ago resulted in a very creative punishment that I will remember for a long time.

After the final part of the punishment, Charles in his wisdom asked me to drive, sitting on my freshly caned bum, to the office that day. As we passed the spot where I had been caught speeding I was extremely careful to keep my speed down, and I was glad that I did when I saw the police speed camera van in exactly the same spot as I had been caught. I chuckled and said to Charles “Well, not me this time. I suppose they caught so many here last time they thought it would be worth doing again.”

He smiled before adding “Well, at least you have learnt your lesson for today.”

For me the morning at work passed quietly. Every time I shifted in my office chair, I felt the soreness in my sit spot to remind me of the punishment. Although I wanted to have a little time to discuss business with Charles, he was busy with Tamara and Sofia.

The normal Monday afternoon meeting of the senior managers passed uneventfully. Dee as the Managing Director of the chain of stores was delighted that the sales had been so strong in the early part of the New Year, and especially that the numbers of people entering the stores had risen by far more than expected in the difficult times for retailers.

Once that meeting was finished, Charles, Tamara and Sofia were summoned to Dee’s office. I was about to clear away my papers when she said “Don’t get up. I know your diary is free, and I want you to sit in on this meeting. I value your opinions and I may need them.”

I did not have a chance to say anything when Zack wheeled himself into the office. Dee got up hugged him saying “I didn’t know you were going to be here.”

He replied, “Neither did I until I was told by Charles that the three of them thought I should be here.”

“Umm, this sounds like they have set me up for something.”

“I doubt it, but the teaser he gave me spiked my interest, so I thought I would change plans.”

As I shifted position in my chair I let out a little moan. Dee and Zack both picked up on it, and as they enjoy the many things that Charles and I practice, Dee said quietly “Feeling sore are we?”

“A little.” I answered as Charles entered the office followed by Sofia and Tamara.

Charles immediately said “go ahead and tell them.”

I gave a short account of what happened and Dee said “Bloody hell, totally spent at night and the cane in the morning, no wonder your sore.”

“Yes both front and back.” I replied with a smile.

Zack quickly changed the subject and the two girls proceeded to outline their findings and proposals. I was flabbergasted at the creativity and boldness of what they suggested, and both Zack and Dee were speechless when they finished.

After a few moments, Dee was the first to say anything. “F***ing hell, we could save that much tax by your proposed changes.” (I should add that this is a very brief summary of what was said. In fact there was a lot more colourful language from Dee in the discussion.)

Zack raised an eyebrow before Tamara and Sofia in unison replied “Yes, and that is a conservative estimate.”

Zack turned to Charles and asked “Have your firm checked this?”

“Yes, I have had the experts check it and as the girls said, it is a conservative figure quoted. They are also very impressed with the creativity of the proposals.”

Zack and Dee sat back and thought for a few moments before Zack said “there is a board meeting on Friday. Can you get the papers ready and out to the directors by Wednesday?”

Tamara confidently added “Yes definitely, in fact they are ready to go out as we speak.”

Zack then turned to Charles and said “This may be a bit unorthodox, but can you be there too?”

He paused before saying, “I thought that would be your reaction and my boss is happy for me to be there.”

Dee then turned to me and said “You too Diane, and keep out of trouble as I don’t think you squirming in your chair would be appropriate.”

Zack then added “well Dee, your colourful language does not do you justice, and you know what happens when you get a bit out of hand.”

Dee replied “Definitely I do, but in this case it is probably worth taking the penalty.”

Zack then turned to Tamara and Sofia and asked “What has Patrice had to say about setting Dee off?”

Tamara sheepishly replied “We get into trouble too.”

“Yes, and I think that this weekend all of us should get together and deal with this problem. And you two girls need have your boyfriends there too.”

I raised an eyebrow and mouthed a question to Charles which elicited a nod of agreement. I then said “why not come to our new house and use our facilities.”

There were nods of assent and the meeting broke up.

I managed to keep out of trouble and the Friday board meeting was certainly a lively affair with the discussion of Tamara and Sofia’s ideas.

To my great surprise, the board fully involved me in the discussions. After they had made their final decision I was asked to leave the room for a few minutes, and to wait outside for a few minutes. This had me slightly worried as it reminded me of the scenario of being a naughty schoolgirl.

It seemed like ages, but was only five minutes before I was asked to re-join them in the board room. Zack as chairman of the board then said “Diane, The board has unanimously agreed to invite you to join the board as an executive director of Bustards. This will mean that there will be two executive directors, you and Dee.”

I was totally surprised at this development and somehow managed to stutter, “Please could I have the weekend to think this over?”

Charles was very surprised at this reaction and it showed in his face.

Zack replied “Of course. We know it is a surprise, but your work since you joined the head office team has definitely justified the offer.”

The meeting broke up shortly after. In the car on our way home Charles discussed (in what seemed like an interrogation) why I had not immediately accepted the offer.

That evening we made sure that we were ready to have three couples as guests the next day. In the morning I was asked to visit John and Kathy’s shop to pick up a package and not to open it. I looked at him with a scowl on my face when he added “none of that scowling, it could get you into trouble later.”

I did as asked and shortly after I had got back Dee and Zack arrived. Soon after Tamara and her boyfriend Grant arrived. Sofia was the last of our guests to arrive with her boyfriend Adam.

Lunch was served and as we got to know Grant and Adam, we appreciated how the two young men were excellent companions for them.

Once we had finished the meal, Charles then announced, “The four ladies are here to be punished. Dee for failing to control her language. Tamara and Sofia have earned a punishment for creating the situation that caused Dee to be in trouble, which is contrary to an explicit instruction.”

Grant and Adam looked surprised on hearing this.

“And my darling wife is joining them in being punished firstly for encouraging Dee to swear on one occasion, but more importantly for her indecisiveness yesterday.”

My eyebrows shot up in alarm at this last statement before he added “which is in direct contravention of one of her rules.”

He then gave each of us women a small package. “You four need to go to your rooms, remove everything you are wearing and put on what is in the package then join us in the Playroom in exactly 10 minutes.”

The four of us disappeared and I open the package to find just a plaid skirt, a white blouse, a tie and a pair of flat soled shoes. I quickly changed into the clothes before waiting out the remaining minutes before entering the play room and found the Dee, Tamara and Sofia already there.

As we were all dressed in a similar fashion, I realised that Charles had used his leadership skills and had been in contact with Zack and the boys about the format of our suffering.

Charles looked at me, smiled before ushering each of us to a spot at the big table that had been moved in there. There was a seat at each end and one in the middle on each side.The four of us found a stubby vibrator (not very long but about 6 cm in diameter) in fronVinyl Runner anchors 200t of us and on the seat of the chair was that horrible plastic matting with little nubs used in offices.

He said “as all four of you have broken rules, in keeping with the school girl theme you are going to have a ‘detention’. We will give you a task and you have one hour in which to complete it. But first you need insert the vibrator in front of you.  It will be turned on at some stage and the intensity will increase at regular intervals. A failure to complete the task and any errors made will earn you an even more severe punishment later.”

We were each given a folded piece of paper. Mine read ‘As you enjoyed your time writing out that paragraph last week, you have one hour to write out our rule number two, 100 times.’

As I read this I wondered what the tasks for the others were. However I did not dawdle and started writing out – Indecision is a weakness for those in positions of leadership- being indecisive is not allowed. At work, where time is required to make a decision, the request for time to consider something must be prefaced with “I need to consult with others before a decision is made.At home I will be specifically informed when my decision is required.

Wicked Wednesday

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