Corrine in trouble

Diane here again

After lunch Corrine and I left Charles and Patrice to enjoy their afternoon while we went back to the house.

We stripped, then unloaded the car of all the plants and placed them in the garden. I smiled as I asked “Ready for your third torment?”

“As ready as I possibly can.”

“Good. First insert these and put your cuffs on.” I said as I handed her two ben wa balls.

She did as asked. I then continued, “This torment is in two parts. You will first be spread-eagle between these two trees for half an hour while I get your second half hour ready.”

I had her position herself between the two small trees in the shade and had her in the spread-eagle position. I then got out the battery operated Hitachi, placed the head in just the right place on her clit and taped the body to her left leg. I slipped a blindfold over her eyes and said “this is only for half an hour, so I am sure you can manage not to come in that time.”

I turned the wand on. With the little slack I had allowed in the ropes she started the writhing that I knew would come.

I quickly went to the garage and retrieved the supplies I needed for the second half of the torment. She could not see anything so I was able to get it ready whilst she was writhing around because of all the stimulation. I watched carefully and although the Hitachi was at the middle level I could tell that with a full pussy and the balls jiggling around all the right places were being hit by the sensations.

Exactly at the half hour mark I turned off the wand, removed the blindfold and let her calm down for just a moment. She thanked me as I removed the bindings holding the wand in place. She then looked in front of her and saw that there was a rope running from a post in front of her on to the ground between her legs. Also she turned her head to see nipple clamps dangling from the branches of the trees she was secured to.

I went behind her and said, “Get on tip toe.”

She did and I pulled the rope and tied it off to the fence post behind her with it just touching her pussy lips. I then put a clamp on each nipple before tightening the strings so that there was no slack, but not pulling on her nipples. “You now have twenty five minutes left of this hour. You will notice if you let your feet down, both your pussy and tits will suffer. I know that you won’t be able to stay up for the full twenty five minutes, so this will be pure torture.”

She said “You are so evil. I just hope that you have had this done to you before.”

“Oh I have, but the time was one hour or until I used the word ‘mercy’. That meant I failed and had a different hour of torture. Unfortunately I did not manage the hour, so had an extra hour of absolute hell out here.

“For you though, the use of the word ‘mercy’ has a different consequence. Tomorrow before your bum gets the attention it has already earned, each of your lovely tits will get a nice welt from the quirt for each minute or part minute left.”

She bit back a retort and stayed on her toes for about three minutes before resting them and suffered the pull on her nipples and the effect of a rope pushing hard on her pussy. She stayed that way for a while before lifting up to relieve the pressure on her pussy and pull on her nipples.

As the time passed, the length of time she was able stay on her toes reduced, so her pussy and nipples suffered even more.

After the twenty five minutes were up I released the rope through her pussy from the fence post and loosened the strings holding up her nipples, before releasing her wrists and ankles. I then said “when you want you can remove the clamps. She quickly removed the left one with a wince and rubbed hard before removing the one on her right nipple.

As soon as I had cleared away everything, Charles and Patrice returned. We went inside and over tea we talked about the torment which Corrine described as devious and painful, leaving her with a sore pussy and nipples.

That evening as we were about to leave for the pub, I gave Corrine the bullet and told her to insert it. We put on some shoes. Charles picked up the bag of clothes and we started for the front door. Corrine said “But why aren’t we wearing any clothes to go out?”

“We never wear any clothes as we walk there, you will get something to wear just before we get there.” Charles replied.


Patrice said “No buts… We have to trust them.”

I added, “This is what I normally wear on the walk to and from the pub.”

We strolled to the pub along the footpath, which is not used by many people. Corrine started to relax as she saw how little wear there was on the grass and the path itself.

As we reached the end of the path Charles reached into the bag handing Corrine the C string and her skirt and T shirt. She looked “Not that bloody thing again.”

With a grin I replied “yes, but this time, the vibrations will be at random in both duration and time on it. However your bullet is controlled differently as you will find out later.”

Patrice then said “I think two hours would be about right as you had two orgasms more than allowed in your second torment.”

Corrine looked at me with pleading eyes before I added “You can come as often as you want.”

She gasped and said “You two are being very evil.”

I replied “not really, but it is probably no more than you would have done to me if you had won.”

She shrugged “I may have made it worse.”

Patrice then said sternly “Anymore whining or complaints will mean an extra hour of torment tonight and tomorrow I will remove each of the hairs from your landing strip one by one with some tweezers.”

Corrine was about to make some comment but decided wisely to keep her mouth closed.

Entering the pub, we saw James and Petra who beckoned us over to join them. As we sat down, I pressed the button for the C string and then put the remote for the bullet on the table.

A few minutes later there was a shriek of laughter from the table next to us. Corrine stiffened as she felt the bullet start up at a high level for about a minute before it closed down.

I watched with a smile before I said “it is sound activated, but the time and intensity is also set to random.”

Corrine said “I’m really in trouble.”

Wicked Wednesday

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Corrine’s second torment

Diane here again, following on from last week.

Over coffee Corrine said “that tie was very challenging. The bullet was OK, but the crotch rope was more difficult to deal with because every movement stimulated me.”

About an hour later I said “now time for your second torment. We have to go to the Garden Centre, before we meet up with Charles and Patrice. Put this on, and whensku2476398 I am ready, just a T shirt and short skirt.”

I handed her a C string with clitoral and labia vibrators built in. She put it on then wiggled the front until it was what she thought was comfortable. I took a length of rope, tied it around her waist before, from her back, running down her ass, between her legs and up to the front. I made sure it was tight enough to ensure that the C string hit all the right places.

She put on the T shirt and skirt. Her nipples showed, but were not prominent. The skirt barely covered her bum.

We went out to the car and I drove to the Garden Centre. On arrival I parked well away from the entrance. I said “I will start on level one, pressing the button on the controller in my hand. Every sound you make, except when asked a direct question, means that the level of vibrations goes up by one until it is at the maximum where it stays until your hour is up. I cycled it quickly up to 10, the maximum, before taking it quickly back to level one. Your hour starts now.”

She retorted “this is evil.”

Pressing the button to the next level I replied. “Not really, it is all about self-control. That retort has earned you an increase.”

She stifled back a reply as we walked into the garden centre. The T shirt showed that her nipples were a little more prominent, showing that she was being turned on by the stimulation down below.

We got to the area where all the plants were laid out. I picked up a large bush that was a little wilted. She forgot the silence rule when she said “That one is no good, you need a better looking one.”

As soon as I pressed the button on the controller, she realised that she was in trouble. We went around the displays and when I picked up some other plants in poor condition she shook her head to indicate no. I asked “why not?”

“They are in very poor condition.”

She was relieved when I did not press the button, but just added “That is how the rest of this little journey will go.”

A few minutes later I heard her sigh as the vibrations took their toll. On hearing the sigh, the level went up one more notch. This was followed quickly by a moan which resulted in yet another increase in the vibrations.

Corrine nipples were now showing prominently through her T shirt. I asked “are you well aroused now?”

She replied “Yes, and I hope the vibrations don’t get any higher.”

“That is up to you.”

She managed to keep her silence for a while longer, before I heard another sigh and as the vibrators went up a notch a squeal of surprise that earned another increase in the level.

We went to the very back of the display area, and as there were no people in the immediate area I said “This is a good place for you to cum if you want.”

She shook her head as if to say ‘No’, before I heard another sigh earning an increase to level eight. I teased her by saying “only a quarter of the way through and you’re already up to level eight of ten.”

I could see her neck and shoulders were now beginning to be a bit flushed. I just smiled as I said “You will have to find a way to control yourself, or else you will be really in trouble with the cane bundle.”

She glared at me, but wisely said nothing. The next few minutes passed quietly. We finished selecting the plants and were making our way back towards the shop area when she let out a fairly loud sigh; I pressed the button again to increase the level of vibrations. She shuddered and held onto a nearby railing as I saw her start to struggle to control herself. She did not succeed, and I saw her stiffen up, with a flushed face before relaxing.

I giggled as I said “That was well done, a nice orgasm and no sound.”

She was about to give a reply but just opened her mouth with no sound coming out.

We approached the cashiers and joined the queue. She tapped me on the arm. I asked “what?”

“Please may I go to the car and wait for you there?”


Her shoulders slumped a little.

About three minutes later as I approached the till, I said, “You can go to the car now.”

She quickly left the store, and I watched as she made her way towards the car. I had to take my eyes off her as I finished the card transaction.

I quickly followed behind her, and she leant against the car and let out a loud moan as the second orgasm hit her.

I loaded up the car, got her settled into the passenger seat before I got in the car. I looked at the clock before saying “just another 10 minutes to go.”

Her reply was just simply “I’m f***ed.”

This exclamation earned her an increase to level 10 on the vibrator. I added “Now you have 10 minutes of the highest level.”

She sighed. She settled back and struggled to hold back from a third orgasm. Unfortunately for her the struggle was to no avail and she finally succumbed to the vibrations and came hard just as we arrived at the agreed meeting place.

A very flushed Corrine walked on wobbly legs towards Patrice when I heard a little chime to tell me that it was time to turn off the vibrators which I did.

Patrice looked at her and realised that she needed a little time to compose herself.

Once she had calmed down, Patrice asked “So how are you doing?”

She told him about the two torments she had endured. He listened intently. Once she had finished her account I added “she was orgasm free in the first one, but had three in the hour before we got here.”

He smiled as he said “I always knew you had trouble keeping yourself under control. I can’t wait to find out about the rest of your torments. Of course, tomorrow you will have a very sore bum on the way home.”

Wicked Wednesday

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Corrine’s torments

Diane here, I will be recounting my adventures with Corrine.

Friday evening, three weeks after our games, we picked up Corrine and Patrice from the airport. Corrine faced four hours of torment at my hands, and the two of them would be spending a night tightly bound together.

Once at our home, we all stripped off as usual. We enjoyed a quiet supper and not much in the way of wine. When it was bedtime I, to their surprise, said “Time for your night together. Please do the necessary and join me in the playroom.”

When they joined Charles and me in the playroom, they were surprised to see the bed. “Ohh we get a comfortable night then?” cooed Corrine.

With a smile I said “No that is for us. Your arrangements are slightly different.”

On the floor was a vacuum bed with two large holes, in opposite corners. The bed was actually on a mattress, but this was not noticeable. I had them lie down, placing the sheet over them ensuring that their heads were through the holes. With Charles’s help I secured the sheet to the frame making sure that it was totally air tight.

With a grin I said “Make sure you are in a comfortable position.”

They wriggled for a few moments before I turned on the vacuum that sucked all the air out so they had just the tiniest amount of wriggle room. Once I was satisfied that the air had been removed, I shut off the vacuum cleaner and said “If you are in need of help, just shout. We will be on the bed.”

We pulled a couple of screens across to give them a little privacy as we settled down for a cuddle which then turned into a full blown coupling with me being very vocal when I had my last orgasm.

The next morning, I woke up first, nudged Charles awake and we pulled the screens away to see that they were still sleeping. I opened the valve, and loosened the sheet so that they could get out of the bed without any help.

As we prepared breakfast they woke and were surprised that they could get up. They joined us in the kitchen. Corrine said “You two made a lot of noise last night making me all horny, but I couldn’t do anything to relieve the itch.”

Patrice added, “It was so bloody difficult as I was also turned on, but the confines of the bed made me very uncomfortable too.”

I laughed before saying, “that session in our bed was just spontaneous, not planned, but so satisfying.”

“I am glad one of us couples enjoyed our night.” Was the rejoinder from Corrine.

Once we had cleared up I said to Corrine, “You owe me 4 hours of torment. As we agreed, I have 4 separate hours of torment planned, three today and one tomorrow. You may have one orgasm in each of the four sessions. If you have more than one orgasm in any of today’s sessions then you will have earned a torment when we go the pub tonight. If you hold off from orgasm in all three sessions today, then you can come as often as you like tomorrow, otherwise only one orgasm is allowed. Further, we agreed that if you did not obey a rule or instruction, you face another 8 strokes of that nice cane bundle per infringement and that includes any extra orgasms.”

“I know, that bloody well hurt and I could still feel it for 10 days. What is more I expect you will be doing everything you can to make me come more than once per session.”

I replied with mock offence, “Me, try to get your bum sore again, no, you’ve got it all wrong.”

I then followed it up with “are you ready for your first torment?”

“As ready as I will ever be.”

“Good, get your sweet ass into the playroom.”

Once in the playroom, I said “First off, we need to keep you entertained in the first challenge. Please insert your butt plug and this nice new bullet vibrator.”

She did as she was asked before I first put a rope around her waist and ensured that it was comfortable with a long tail hanging down her back. I had her sit down. I had her put her hands behind her back which I secured with a pair of cuffs with the locking holes locked together with a single padlock. I then said legs apart and lean forward. She did so and I tied her upper arms at the shoulders to her knees. I then added a small spreader bar to her ankles and then ran the rope from the rear of her waist under her crotch through the waist rope at her front and secured it to the spreader bar so it was nice and tight.

“Now here is your challenge, the key to your cuffs and the remote for the bullet will be on the floor in the kitchen. Once you have it you may unlock your cuffs. If you do it less than an hour, then you won’t have to make up the time later.” With an evil smile I added “The bullet will be running at nearly full speed until you get to turn it off. Your time starts now. Remember the orgasm rules.”

I pressed the button for the vibrator and she was startled when it started up.

Corrine immediately tried to move and tried various combinations of movements before she started to make any progress. Any movement she made was felt throughout her body. I could see that the vibrator was doing exactly what I hoped. She stopped after getting about six feet towards the kitchen. I saw her struggling to control herself. The short rest she took allowed her to get another three feet along the route before having to stop again. She took another rest, controlled herself, before starting again along the passageway. This time she made it to the corner just before the kitchen. She paused again to get herself under control. This pause was longer.

She then did one final push for the last 9 feet to where the key and remote was. I watched as she fought against the orgasm that was building with the constant buzz of the bullet and the rubbing of the rope (from her spreader bar to her wrists) along her lips. She paused for a moment picked up the remote, turned the bullet off. She let herself come down a little before she picked up the keys and unlocked her wrists.

I then undid the rest of her bindings commenting “Well done, it only took you forty minutes.”

She replied “That was forty minutes of pure torment. That bullet is so powerful that I knew if I came once, I would not be able to stop them from keeping on coming. Thank god I didn’t come.”

“Great, you can have a rest for a while before you face your next challenge, which I hope you will enjoy.”

Wicked Wednesday

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Our closing ceremony ends

Continuing from last week

The first lady to receive her bum warming was Sofia. She rolled a 2 which was a nice suede flogger from Petra and James’s selection of implements. Freya announced “There are just 54 0f these, and I hope you enjoy them.”

“I will, but I am not looking forward to settling my debt to Tamara as she can be really evil.”

Tamara smiled saying “Don’t worry Sis, you will a have to wait a few weeks, but I am sure the wait will be worth it.”

The strokes from the spanking machine put a rosy hue of Sofia’s cheeks, but you could tell that she wanted more, but couldn’t have them.

Freya then asked Kathy and John for the belt for Sofia and the cage for Adam. John got out the belt he had made for Sofia. He passed to Adam who was required to fit it and then Freya with a padlock made it nice and secure. Sofia was required to fit Adam’s cage which she did. Once the fitting was completed John said “These belts have all been specially made from medical grade plastic. They are perfectly safe and washing is easy and I will let everyone have details of how to care for them.

Freya then said “I will announce the number of weeks after we have finished with these punishments.”

Next to face the machine was Petra who rolled a one which was the crop. She got into position and without complaint accepted the 51 strokes she was due. Her cheeks were well welted at the end but she had a big smile on her face. She and James were handed their devices which were duly fitted with a clear click as each of the padlocks were closed.

Kathy was up next and selected with her roll of the die a mean looking loopy Johnny made from bungee cord. She trembled a little as she saw Freya pick it out of Suzy and Tom’s selection of implements. She resigned herself to getting on the spanking bench. The loopy did it’s work leaving 48 clear welts over her bum and upper thighs.

Once it was over Kathy was told to put John’s device on, before John locked her pussy away.

Suzy was next to go on to the bench having rolled her die to select a table tennis bat as her implement of ass warming. Each of the 43 strokes landed with a resounding crack and her ass was flaming red by the time the last stroke landed to a quiet howl from Suzy. She and Tom were then locked up.

Dee was up next. She rolled the die to select a judicial cane that William and Celia had brought along. Dee settled herself down into position and stoically accepted all 41 strokes. The machine with its clever electronics ensured that only a few strokes landed on other welts. Even so she was crying out as the last few landed.

Once released, she and Slave G were duly locked into their devices.

Celia was next on the bench having selected the innocent looking dragon tail whip for her 37 strokes. Freya announced “This won’t work in the machine, so William please do the honours.”

He spluttered a little before saying “I have never used anything on Celia. Patrice, would you like to do the honours?”

Patrice paused for a moment before saying “Corrine would be the best person for this if Celia is willing.”

Celia interrupted “Please get on with it, you know I’m not into this.”

Corrine stepped up saying “With pleasure.”

The first strike landed which had Celia gasping. Each of the allocated strikes produced gasps which increased in volume as the stroke count increased. As the last one landed Celia’s bum was a covered in fiery red welts. Celia howled as it landed and was very relieved when she was released from the bench.

She stood unsteadily and said “Thank goodness I don’t have any lingerie or swimwear shoots for a week.”

She secured William in his cage before he locked her pussy lips together with a small padlock. (This being agreed beforehand as she had some modelling assignments that prevented her from wearing a belt.)

Alex then said “Right, we are now down to three. We don’t want you to know who the winner is quite yet, so will Corrine, Diane and Tamara roll the die.”

We did as asked and then Corrine and Diane were asked to leave the playroom so they could not see who the winner was.

Tamara’s turn on the bench had her wailing as each of 34 strokes with a carpet beater landed on her bum. From my own experience I know that this implement is very effective and painful. Tamara was crying as she got up from the bench clutching her well chastised bum cheeks. She and Grant locked each other up.

Before we brought Corrine and Diane back into the room, Patrice very wisely said they have both selected the cane bundle from each other’s range of implements, which we know is the most severe implement there is. Any count above 12 strokes at medium level is basically punishment, which is not what we want. I suggest the number of strokes is divided by 4 to make it fairer on them.”

A short discussion ensued and it was agreed that this would happen.

Corrine and Diane re-joined us. It was clear that there had been a little banter between them as everyone knew the final result would be very close.

Freya said calmly “Now to the final cheek warming session. You both selected the same implement, the 4 cane bundle. Because of its severity, we have all agreed that your stroke count will be divided by 4, but I can assure you both that it will be painful.”

Diane fidgeted a little before interrupting, “let’s get on with it.”

Freya smiled saying “well you two have been needling each other a lot over your private bet, and just to make it more interesting there was just one point separating you.” She paused for a short while before adding “Corrine, please get on the bench. You point count was 32, so you will only face 8 strokes of the cane, but at hard level just like everyone else.”

Corrine looked horrified as she gingerly settled down on the bench. The first swish and thwack of the canes had Corrine wailing as the effect of the stroke was felt. Each of the other strokes had exactly the same effect and a very chastened Corrine stood up when she was released from the bench.

Patrice was handed a belt for Corrine which he carefully secured on to her. She in return carefully locked up Patrice.

Alex then said now for the final announcements. “Sofia and Adam, you came in last so you have 9 weeks in your devices, Kathy and John are locked up for 8 weeks, Petra and James 7 weeks, Dee and Slave G 6 weeks.”

Susan interrupted “That will actually be 12 weeks as he did not get in the top half of the table which was his challenge.”

Alex the continued “Tamara and Grant have 5 weeks because although their point tally was the same as Dee and Slave G, the count back had them equal on the paintball, but they did better on the bucking bronco. Celia has 6 weeks and William just three locked away with Corrine and Patrice being locked up for two weeks. I now declare the games over.”

Wicked Wednesday

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The Closing Ceremony

After the games, we now finish off the weekend

We gathered in Zack and Dee’s playroom. Ominously in the centre of the room was the spanking bench and the spanking machine.

Alex said “we are not going to reveal the results of the last three games until after all the relevant penalties have been administered. Each couple has brought 6 implements. So please put them on the tables by your name.”

There was a rustle of bags as the implements were put on the tables. I looked over to see a wide range from some pleasant ones to others that are rather more severe. The worst of the lot was one Diane insisted on bringing with us.

Alex continued “When it is your turn, you roll a die that determines which implement is used on your bum. You will not be on the receiving end off any implement you brought. We will first deal with the Men’s competition. Grant as you came in last of the men’s competition, please roll the die.”

Grant did as asked and rolled a two. Freya handed a long wooden paddle with two rows of holes on it to Zack who inserted into the machine’s arm.

Freya pronounced “You accumulated 51 points so that means you get 51 swats at the hard level with that nice paddle.”

The first strike landed which had Grant wincing with pain. Somehow he got through all 51 strokes without screaming, but his ass was a bright red at the end.

Freya then asked John to roll the die. He rolled a six. He was asked to take up his position whilst the paddle was replaced with cat of nine tails. You scored 48 points, so this is what you will receive. He took the strokes in his stride and although he had a lot of welts all over his ass, he certainly looked as if he would not enjoy sitting for quite a while.

Slave G was next and his roll of the die meant he was at the receiving end of a quirt. He smiled as he saw it and Freya asked Susan to administer the strokes as it could not be used by the machine. She deferred because of her leg and asked Corrine to do the honours saying “They can be as hard as you like because he is a pain slut and I can’t do much for the next few weeks.”

Corrine laughed as she said “I will gladly do it, and he can feel a special new sensation!”

Freya told her “there are 44 strokes to be administered.”

Corrine laughed even more as she said “that is a perfect number.”

The first 11 strokes were administered to his left cheek followed by another 11 to his right cheek. Slave G hardly made any sound and looked as he was enjoying the sweet intense pain in a small area. However the next stroke landed on his left cheek crossing one of the earlier welts. This created a reaction, Each of the remaining strokes landed so when Corrine had finished there were 11 crosses on each of his cheeks.

Slave G got up thanking Corrine. He went to sit down and as soon as his bum landed on the seat he squealed and jumped up saying “God, they sting like hell.”

I saw Corrine and Susan talking quietly. It was clear that they were talking about the technique when Corrine said a bit louder “All it takes is a lot of practice.”

The next to go on the bench was Adam with Freya commenting “Adam you are next, William and you have the same score, but as you did worse in the paintball, you are 5th in the Men’s table.

He rolled a three which was a sweet looking flogger. Adam made his way onto the bench. The machine was started with the swish of the flogger and the thud of it landing sounding loud and painful, however the flogger did nothing more than redden his ass.

William’s turn came and he rolled a one which was a cane. Each stroke landed precisely with the same amount of force. After 43 strokes there was a series of clearly defined red lines from the top of his thighs to the top of his bum.

Freya announced “In fourth place is James with 41 points.”

With his roll of the die he selected a strap. He was secured into position and the 41 swats landed precisely giving his bum a deep red glow. By the last one landed he was squealing as each one added to the agony of his tender ass. His eyes were watering as he was released from his restraints.

Freya immediately announced that in third place was Tom. His roll of the die produced a six. Patrice and I looked at each other and we were both nervous, as we and the others had realised that the implements being used were from the person immediately above them in the placings.

Freya then said “So they do not know who the winner is, Patrice and Charles are to leave the room until this session is over.”

We left the room for about five minutes. When we were invited back in to the playroom the implement used had been replaced on the table, so we could not work out which of us had won.

Alex then said “There is just one more of the men who is to get a warmed up bum.”

He then asked both of us to roll a die, with Patrice rolling a five and me a two. Patrice looked at the selection of implements Diane and I brought and realised that the five meant the scorpion, whilst the two I had rolled meant I would be on the receiving end of a nimp500asty looking dragon tail.

Freya decided to then say “the person in second place scored 32 points and the winner of the men’s competition 28.” She paused for a moment before adding. “So Patrice, as you were second, please get on the bench.”

The scorpion was loaded into the machine, the button pressed. The swish of the first strike could be heard by everyone. The impact of the twenty strands of varying length was felt by Patrice. Each strike produced a wince from him. As the count reached twenty , his bum was a mass of tiny red spots as the tip of each tail left it’s mark. After all 32 strokes had landed he was released and felt his bum. He was surprised that that his skin had not been broken, but still complained “My ass feels as if it is on fire.”

We broke for a few minutes to get some refreshments. Alex got us back together by announcing “Time for the all but one of the competing ladies to get their bums warmed. As each bum is punished, we will get out the belts and devices for that couple to be all securely locked up.”

Next week we will complete the closing ceremony.

Wicked Wednesday

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