Spreading the Love

This week’s episode is inspired by this week’s prompt for Wicked Wednesday.

Diane here, I have taken over the writing duties again.

After my loving husband had given my bum a good thumping I sat in the passenger seat of the car squirming as I tried to find a way to sit comfortably. My bum was very tender after he had delivered the 69 punches just before we left for work.

Alex, who is my personal assistant, saw my expression as I sat at my desk. She started working for me when I was given the task of setting up the Bedroom Delights department and consequently was fully aware of what could happen to my bum. She quickly rushed out and came back with a soft cushion saying “This might help”.

I laughed “Was it that obvious?”

“Only because I know you. So what happened?”

I gave her a quick round up. She giggled and said “I just wish my man would do something like that occasionally. He has got more open minded since I started working for you and took some toys home for testing.”

We went through the usual morning routine of going through the weekend’s sales results before we were joined by Tamara and Sofia. They went through the report that they had prepared for the meeting later that afternoon. As they were leaving, I said “I hope for yours and my sakes that Dee doesn’t swear when she hears your ideas.”

Alex waited until they had left and raised an enquiring eyebrow.

I said “Well, it is quite simple; their mentor has decreed that every time they get Dee to swear at a meeting where Zack is present, they get a sore bum. And what is worse, Charles gives me one too for letting them present ideas that gets her going.”

Alex smiled, “That sounds a bit harsh.”

“Not really, I encourage their ideas as they have proved themselves to be inventive and nearly everything they have suggested works. Which also benefits everybody financially in their annual bonus.”


“Well this year’s bonus has been a record one for everyone. Nearly half of it was down to the changes in store layouts they suggested.”

“But how do you know that they get a sore bum?”

“It is complicated, but basically we have known them from before they started working here last year on the 2 month secondment. Their mentor and his wife are good friends of ours and they are all into BDSM too.”

We finished up our morning meeting by going through the calendar for the week and I noticed there was a board meeting on Friday.

The rest of the morning progressed uneventfully.

After lunch the weekly senior management meeting was held, and as usual, after it ended I had my regular Monday meeting with Dee.

Dee noticed that I was still squirming a little and demanded, in her usual way, an explanation. I gave it to her, and just as I got to the part of what happened in the morning Zack walked in. On hearing about how I got my sore ass he said to Dee “I think we will have to try that on you sometime.”

Dee wisely said nothing. I then said to Zack “I hope you have about half an hour available now.”

Zack replied “yes, I can manage that.”

I picked up the phone and got through to Sofia, and she along with Tamara quickly made their way into Dee’s office.

Dee said “are you two girls going to get me a sore ass?”

“It is up to you” they replied in unison.

Zack had a wry smile on his face.

The girls quickly explained their ideas while Dee sat quietly listening intently. When they had finished, Dee started in her inimitable way “Bloody hell, can’t you three give me some warning when you bring along the f***ing brilliant ideas.”

The subsequent discussion was interspersed with a few choice swear words from Dee as she enthused over their suggestion.

Zack calmly said “Right, that is another agenda item for Friday’s board meeting. Now, you four girls will suffer the requisite torment, Dee for swearing and you other three for producing the surprise that got her into trouble.”

A busy week culminated with the board meeting on the Friday afternoon. I was by then sitting comfortably and the girls gave their presentation. After much detailed questioning the board approved the idea.

The board decided that as I had so much involvement in the original concept of Bedroom Delights, I was to be the main person responsible for setting up a series of stand-alone stores under the trading name “Spread the Love”.

Charles picked me up at the office and after a few minutes he turned off our usual route home. I asked “Why are we not going home?”

“Simple, we have to meet Corrine and Patrice, and then we are staying with Dee and Zack over the weekend.”

“Oh, I didn’t know about this.”

“I know, this has been arranged so that you four ladies can receive your dues for setting Dee off on Monday.”

“How did you hear about that?”

“Simple Zack texted me just as she started off on Monday in your meeting. And just to make it more fun all four of you are going to spread the love by suffering the same torments together.”

I was speechless.

We met Corrine and Patrice at the airport as planned, and both of them gave my bum a tight squeeze as we hugged. Corrine whispered as she squeezed it “I hope that it is ready for a workout.”

I was quiet all the way to Zack and Dee’s home. As we arrived, Tamara, Sofia and Dee were waiting outside in their birthday suits. They were wearing cuffs and a belt. Their left ankle and right wrist (and right ankle and left wrist) were connected by a chain that ran through the ring at the back of the belt.

As they greeted Corrine and Patrice I was ordered by Charles to strip and secure myself in the same way as the others. I quickly complied with the instruction.

We four chained subs were instructed to go inside, finish preparing supper and then serve it to our respective partner.

The length of the chains made the task awkward as there was only about 18 inches of slack when we were stood upright.

We four were allowed to sit at the table for our supper as Zack explained to us in great detail what we could expect over the weekend. He also added, “Dee, in addition will be having a more stringent arrangement at night to reinforce the message that she must not use bad language.”

The four of us finished cleaning up after the meal. We were individually instructed that we needed to go to the bathroom and do the necessary business in preparation for an early night.

We all did our business and were escorted to the designated playroom. In there we saw, in each of the four corners a cage, one of which was decidedly smaller than the others. There was a length of cable running to a control box from each cage. Dee was instructed to go to the small cage whilst Tamara, Sofia and I were each instructed to go to a larger cage.

We were each given a dildo, which had metallic strips embedded into it, attached to a lead running from the cable to a cage. As instructed we inserted them. We were given a strap that we attached to our belts that ran through our crotch to keep the dildo in place.

Patrice then said “We have connected your dildos to an electric shock mechanism. It is sound activated so that if any one of you makes a noise, the microphone by your cage will pick it up. The system will give all four of you a shock at the same time, with the one who made the sound will get theirs at a much higher setting. The electro shock system will close down for four hours at some stage tonight so that you can get some undisturbed sleep. These cages all have a powerful electromagnetic lock. The electromagnetic locks will open at 8.00 am and the shock system will shut down completely. Once the cages are open, you will do your business and serve each of us breakfast in our rooms at 9.00 am precisely.

I looked nervously at the set up and stepped into the cage. Charles handed me a blanket and wished me a good night with his usual passionate kiss.

The four of us were locked into our respective cages. Zack wished us a goodnight as he and the others left the room turning off the light.

I got myself comfortable and was ready to drift off when Dee, in her wisdom, decided to say something that quickly was felt as we all received a shock. We spent the rest of the night being as quiet as possible, only receiving a few shocks during our incarceration in the cages.

Wicked Wednesday

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We try something new

We continue from last week and also incorporates the Wicked Wednesday prompt of “Try something new.”

Our meal and evening at the pub went well, and despite Diane continually teasing me, I was able to only incur a further 3 orgasm penalty for one misconstrued remark.

When we got home, Diane put wrist cuffs on me and secured my wrists behind my back with a reasonable length of chain. We went to bed and with my mouth I used one of my favourite tricks of tracing the alphabet over her sensitive clit to bring her to release which she enjoyed. For me, whilst I usually enjoy giving pleasure with my mouth, the cage was very distracting as the spikes dug into my cock as I got aroused.

Before we both fell asleep, I had managed to reduce my total by three, leaving a further 69 to go.

The next morning I woke after Diane and could hear her taking a shower. I started to get out of bed when I noticed that the keys for all my restraints were left on the dressing table in the corner of the room. I quickly picked them up, released myself from the cuffs which I had been forced to sleep in and to my immense joy, I was able to remove the cage and its spikes. This last task was a little tricky as my usual morning ‘woody’ would not go away.

As she came into the bedroom, she looked at me askance when she saw me holding out the cuffs. She realised that as I had escaped my bondage, I was going to take advantage of our rule that the tables are turned and the escapee takes charge.

She said nothing as I placed the cuffs on her wrists with the same arrangement as I was in the previous night. She looked at me with a glint in her eye, kissing me hard, before she spoke. “Happy Birthday my darling. But I need to ask how am I supposed to get dressed whilst in these cuffs?”

“You are not; you will stay like that all day.” I replied.

“But we have people over for your birthday lunch today.”

“No problem, they have all seen your assets, so there is no need for embarrassment. What is more the cuffs will stay on all day. Later, we will work on your total of orgasms. The challenge is for you to have them all before you go to bed.”

She smiled at the thought of an orgasmic session.

I paused for a minute, and then added “The rules imposed on me yesterday apply to for the day, so you could always add to your total.”

She was about to complain before I interjected, “No buts. Your carelessness with the keys has got you into this position. Further, it is my birthday today, so you can also take my birthday spanking, and as I expect you had arranged the lunch for me to receive five of them, you can have all of them for me.”

She blushed with the realisation that she was going to have a nice warm butt after lunch.

The first couple to arrive were James and Petra, and on seeing Diane in her birthday suit he said “Well, why don’t you join Diane in the clothing stakes.”

Petra went beet red in the face, before slowly removing her shoes, top and skirt. She stood there glowering a little before she hugged Diane saying quietly, “I just hope that we are not the only ones who without clothes.”

Mike and Janet arrived shortly afterwards and without any invitation Janet stripped. Diane raised an eyebrow before Janet said “Since we started along the BDSM path with your help, I have come to prefer being nude around the home.”

James, Mike and I had a bit of man talk, while the ladies went to the kitchen area to finish the preparations for lunch. The three of us decided that it was unfair on the ladies, so we also stripped.

Over lunch Diane struggled because of her chained cuffs, so I had to help with cutting up and then feeding her the meal.

Our guests made sure that Diane received a gentle spanking from each of them in honour of my birthday.

They left late in the afternoon, and I said to Diane, “so far, so good, no penalties to be added, yet.”

We relaxed until it went dark at about 7pm. We had a light supper. When we had cleared up, I gave her a swat on her rounded curves and said “You better go do your business and meet me in then playroom.”

When she came into the playroom she looked surprised when she saw our sling hung up. I ushered her onto it, secured her ankles in the stirrups at the foot and carefully secured her wrists above her head. I placed a blindfold over her eyes so she could concentrate on the events to come. She had plenty of wriggle room, and I knew that she would move around quite a bit.

I carefully inserted the most powerful bullet vibrator into her now moist pussy. I picked up the Hitachi wand, carefully placed it on her clit and with a bandage secured it around her thigh.

Once I was satisfied with the preparations I said “now is the fun part for me, and I hope you. I won’t touch you except to help lubricate your clit. Both vibrators are going to be going continually until you have had 69 orgasms. If I deem that you cannot take anymore, or you use your safe word, then you will get 69 strikes on your lovely bum in the morning before we go to your office.”

Diane’s reply was simply “I’m f***ed.”

I turned on the bullet vibrator at half speed to help warm her up. It did its work and before long I turned on the Hitachi wand at halfway. She was soon writhing and moaning in pleasure, so I turned up the wand a notch to help her to her first orgasm which came quicker than I expected.

The relentless Hitachi and bullet continued to do their work and in just three or four minutes her second orgasm hit her.

In the first half hour Diane had come eight times. The next half hour had her writhing all over the place as the wand and bullet continued to tease her G spot and Clit. By the time an hour had passed she was having an orgasm every 2 minutes and the total had reached 17.

I watched her carefully and if she had her sight my arousal would have been clearly evident to her.

Another 15 orgasms came and went until her most powerful of the evening left her totally breathless. I watched her carefully as the next orgasm hit home. She slumped down on the sling totally spent, not moving and breathing heavily. I immediately shut the Hitachi wand and bullet off. I released her from her cuffs and carefully lifted her on to the bed on her side before cuddling into her back and holding her.

Her arms and legs started twitching uncontrollably so I removed her blindfold. She turned on to her back and had the smile of a well satisfied woman. I reached over to the table, picked up the bottle of apple juice I had placed there earlier and with the help of a straw she had a drink.

It took around half an hour for her mumblings to make sense. I let her rest and recover from her ordeal. She leaned into me and kissed me before asking “I lost count, did I make it?”

“No, you didn’t, but you did have thirty three. Just rest and sleep now, as you need it after that entertainment.”

I waited for her to drift off to sleep before clearing up the swing which was covered in her juices as she had squirted a lot during the session.

I re-joined her in bed wishing that I could have my own release, but Diane was in no fit state for it. I too drifted off to sleep.

Both of us woke to the sound of the alarm clock. She was first in the bathroom and even though she did her best, she still had the look of a well satisfied woman. We quickly completed our morning routine before I said “we have plenty of time for your bum to receive some attention before we leave for the office.”

She immediately bent over the kitchen table and I lifted up her skirt to find she was only wearing a G string. I laughed “So the minimal look today?”

With a giggle and a sexy wiggle of her hips she replied “Yes.”

“Fine, we don’t need to remove it while I try something new on those luscious cheeks of yours.”

I went behind her and balled my hands into fists. I used my fists to gently punch each of her cheeks. Her reactions were such that I could slowly increase the intensity so she could feel each strike, but without leaving any severe bruises. As the sixty ninth blow landed she was breathless. As she rose from her bent over position her skirt fell down and she let out a squeak. “Christ that felt good, but my ass is definitely sore, and I will be feeling it, in a nice way, all day.”

Wicked Wednesday

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Nothing really matters except….

Once our guests had left on the Sunday of her birthday weekend, she turned to me and in her usual way made sure I knew that she had really enjoyed the surprise.

The couple of weeks between our birthdays were busy with work and general day to day living.

Although we are not devoutly religious, we are still both classed as being Christians. On one evening Diane and I were relaxing in front of the television when in the course of our conversation I joked “I’ve given up Birthdays for Lent.”

Over the past few months, Diane has been the submissive in our relationship; however she has the right, if she wants, on one day per month to be the Dominant.

The following Saturday I woke up to find that Diane was already up. I went to the bathroom and on my return I found Diane in the bedroom.

She quickly said “For this weekend I am exercising my right to be your Domme for two days.”

I spluttered “How come it is two days?”

“I didn’t exercise my right last month so I have one in the bank.” She replied with a smile before continuing “Put on your cage with the most extreme spikes and then join me in the kitchen.”

I did as I was instructed even though putting the cage on was a bit difficult as just her order had made me swell a little in anticipation of what I hoped would be a sexy weekend. I also put on the rest of my clothes and went to the kitchen.

She asked “Did I tell you to put any clothes on?”

“No, but …..”

Before I had a chance to continue she interrupted me with “No buts. You cannot even manage to follow a simple instruction, so you will pay later. Remove everything I did not tell you to put on.”

I went to leave the kitchen when she ordered “Stop you do it right here.”

I slowly removed my clothing and when I finished I was sure to be stood with my head bowed.

“Well at least you know not to look up. I see jeans, shoes, socks, underpants, T shirt and thin jumper. I see eight items, so you have already earned the right to give me eight orgasms over the weekend. This weekend, nothing really matters other than my pleasure.”

She saw the look of surprise before she added “Every time you do something wrong the total goes up by a minimum of three, and I will decide how many orgasms you have to give me. Oh and your cage stays on until all the orgasms have been delivered.”

I made my way over to her. She reached out to me and kissed me. We kissed again before I started to caress and knead her delicious breasts. I could feel her nipples getting erect so I knew that I was doing something right. When she eventually let one of my hands stray to her crotch, I could feel her juices starting to leak from her pussy.

I let one of my fingers enter her and soon found the sweet spot that with a little gentle prodding and stroking had her cumming in no time.

Once she had calmed down from the orgasm she said, “Well that is one off your total, but you have earned another five as you did not have permission to touch me down there and make me cum.”

I replied “May I give you another orgasm?”

“Yes, you have ten minutes but not using fingers or mouth.”

I set to work on her pussy opening with a thumb whilst using the other to rub her nipples. It did not take long before she was suitably aroused. I then carefully used both thumbs to massage her clit. Her gasps of pleasure resounded around the kitchen as she reached her climax.

After a short recovery she said “I said no fingers.”

I replied “with respect, Mistress, I just used my thumbs and palms.”

She paused for a moment’s thought before replying “I will allow that one this time. Now get dressed and wait for me on your knees in the sittring room.”

I did as instructed and knelt in the proper position waiting for what seemed like hours. She entered the room, told me to look at her. I did to see that she had showered and got dressed in some of my favourite clothes. She lifted her skirt to show she was not wearing any knickers.

“Now we have to go shopping, and I have a little work to do as well.”

I drove and we made our way into the town nearby. We parked in the staff car parking area for Bustards and she gave me a list whilst putting the car keys in her bag. “You have an hour to get everything on the list and find me back here in the store.”

I looked at the list which read:-
Bobby pins
4 Butterfly clips
Pack of six pencils
Deep heat gel
Latex gloves
Vibrating Butt plug (but not from Bustards)
Baby wipes
250g Bag of rice
4 rolls of cling film
3 rolls of duct tape
3 different wooden items usable on your ass
3 different plastic items also usable on your ass
Four lengths of rope 6 feet long (from 4 different shops).

I quickly made my way to the shops. In just half an hour, I had most of the items on the list, but time was running out as the town was really busy and there were queues at most of the shop tills.

The most difficult item was finding the four different shops for the ropes required. I know I was a minute or two late when I entered Bustards. I quickly made my way to each floor and scanned them, but I could not find Diane.

When I finally found her, she looked at her watch, said nothing and carried on with her business. I waited for a few minutes and she then told me “OK, I’m finished here, let’s go for lunch.”

We found a quiet table in one of the pubs. We ordered our food. Whilst we were waiting she asked me for the list and to show her everything I had bought. She went down the list and when we got top the rope she looked at me askance when she saw I had only got three lengths. She then looked more carefully before saying “One short and the three you bought are well over six feet long. When I get you home, I will measure them and it is one orgasm for each foot too long, and ten for only getting three. Also as you were twenty minutes late, that is another twenty. So that is already 41 orgasms before we get to the excess lengths.”

Once we had finished our food, she said, “now for a real test, take off a shoe and sock, and you can make me cum using just the toes of your foot.”

I did as instructed and my foot soon found its way into her crotch. Using my toes I successfully managed to find a way of being able to give her the orgasm she had demanded.

“OK, put your sock and shoe back on, and we will get on with the day.”

As soon as we got home, Diane ordered me to strip and wait for her in the playroom. I followed her orders, and waited patiently.

She entered the playroom wearing her birthday suit and soon started to tease me, making me feel the full effects of the spikes on the cage. She took mercy on me and stopped her ministrations before ordering me to kneel and use my mouth on her whilst she stood with her legs slightly apart. As soon as my mouth made contact with her inner thighs, I could taste her arousal and enjoyed worshipping her to another orgasm.

After her recovery I was ordered to find the tape measure so she could work out the penalties for buying ropes longer than instructed on her shopping list.

I stood patiently while she measured the ropes, and finally announced, “You must like being in the cage and giving me plenty of orgasms, as you bought a total of 48 feet of rope, so that is another 30 to add to the current total of 39.”

Continuing, she said “I think I need to help you keep out of trouble, so onto the bed you go.”

She quickly loosely bound me to the bed in a spread-eagle. I was kept on the bed for about three hours before Diane came in and instructed me to pleasure her using my mouth.I managed to successfullly bring her to two orgasms.

Once she released me from the spread-eagle she ordered “Now go and get showered and ready to go out for a meal.”

I rushed to the bathroom, showered and made myself ready for our evening out. We walked to the local pub hand in hand, and she said “you will behave yourself tonight, and then when we get home you can start working again on the total.”

Wicked Wednesday

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The unexpected

Diane here again. Last week, Charles told you about the events of the day leading up to my recent birthday spanking. This episode is also inspired by the Wicked Wednesday prompt “unexpected”.

When my blindfold was removed, I found the unexpected sight of all our BDSM friends there. It took me a few minutes to work out that I had been sentenced to twenty birthday spankings. It slowly dawned on me that it was a total of 800 strokes.

After I had managed to greet everyone present, Charles felt it was time to start my spankings and I willingly went to the chair and bent over. Charles loosely tied my wrists to the chair legs as I wiggled my bum. He knelt down and quietly whispered in my ear “I am going to blindfold you again. This is to allow you to enjoy all the sensations. “

He did as he said he would, and there I was in the centre of the room, wearing only a pair of high heeled boots with a slight tug to my pussy lips from the chain that ran between the boots through my piercings.

My thoughts were ‘Here I am bent over a chair, totally vulnerable, with my pussy lips pleasantly stretched with two little ball inside me. There are plenty of very experienced people who can wield implements to make me suffer terribly in the 800 strokes I have to face and there are plenty of nasty painful implements to hand.’ I was beginning to feel a little scared at what my bum was going to feel like when they had finished.

While I waited bent over the chair, I could hear Charles organising the order of the spankers.

I felt a hand caressing my bum and the sensations were quite exquisite and involuntarily I wiggled my bum again. I felt the hand leave my cheeks and I heard a loud swish and just a gentle strike. It took three more of these strikes to realise that it was the neoprene flogger in use. On the fifth strike I overheard the remark from James “That was not hard enough, It does not count, repeat it at full strength.”

The next blow had a louder swish, but the effect on my bum was nothing more than a gentle strike. In what seemed no time the first set of strokes was followed by a pause as the next person got ready to deliver their 40 blows on my vulnerable upturned bum.

Again I heard a loud swish and the gentle caress of the same flogger on my ass. The same swish followed by light slaps continued through the rest of the strokes from the person wielding the flogger.

The sequence of a pause followed by forty loud swishes and a gentle caress of my bum continued. The effects of my bum being caressed by a hand or the flogger soon had me feeling really turned on. I don’t remember how many people gave me these caresses to my bum before I felt my wrists being released from the legs of the chair. There was a little pause before I was instructed by Charles to stand up. He guided me to a new position and I had my legs stretched out by a spreader bar and my wrists were secured above my head so I was in a not uncomfortable spread-eagle. Once He was satisfied with my positioning, I heard a swish and then the flogger land on my upper back. The same forty lashes followed by a pause continued through a number of our guests and I was now getting very aroused. A further pause followed before what seemed a louder swish of a flogger followed and I felt the tails caress my right breast. The person wielding the flogger concentrated on just my right breast and I could feel my nipple becoming very erect as it got all the attention. A short pause was followed by the flogger landing on my left breast which too soon was sporting a very erect nipple. The sequence continued with each breast receiving a full forty strokes of attention before a pause.

I was getting very aroused and I could feel my juices running down my thighs. I sensed that the chain had been removed from pussy lips at some stage, but the attention I was getting from the flogger had me enjoying the sensations and floating as my level of arousal increased with each strike.

I felt hands on my nipples after one series of strokes, and then Charles’s voice permeated through to my brain saying “You must hold back until I tell you that you can cum.”

I heard the swoosh as the flogger made its way through the air and land in exactly the right spot between my legs to stroke my now dripping pussy. This continued, with me struggling to hold the orgasm back when my foggy brain registered that I was allowed release when the next strike landed. Whoever it was gently leaned into me, cupped my now proudly erect clit before they stepped back.

I registered that Charles said I could come when the next blow landed.

I waited for what seemed a long time before the blow landed exactly on my sensitive clit and pussy lips. I saw a rainbow of colours as I felt my orgasm surge through me.

The next thing I properly remember is Charles gently holding me as I lay back into him on the sofa. He held me for a while before he asked me “How are you feeling.”

I thought I had said “wonderful” in reply, but all I recognised from Charles was “You need longer.”

I don’t know how long he held me before I was able to string together a proper sentence. All I know was I felt in total bliss although a little groggy.

A further period of being held by my husband elapsed before I was helped up on to unsteady legs. He assisted as I put on my blouse and a skirt and we then left the playroom with him helping me walk on unsteady legs.

We got to the dining area where the table was laid out. I stammered something along the lines of “I haven’t prepared anything for this number of people.”

He replied “It’s all taken care of, just take your time to recover and enjoy dinner.”

Well, all I can say was it was a great dinner, and the conversation and conviviality was beyond my wildest expectations. Charles was very careful to make sure that I did not drink much wine.

The time flew by, and the party slowly broke up, leaving just Corrine, Patrice, Eva and Maria with us.

Corrine quietly conferred with Charles and then turned to me asking “apart from the Birthday spankings, what was did the sentence include?”

I answered “If I remember correctly we both have a night in a cage.”

Corrine smiled before saying “I’m happy, let’s get you settled down for the night.”

I did all the necessary business in the bathroom before I was escorted by Charles into the playroom. I was startled to find that the foot of the bed was raised up with the head still in its usual position. There was a full length cage on the floor. Inside the cage was a mattress pad, a couple of blankets and two pillows. I was helped into the cage and quickly followed by Charles. We lay flat on our backs on the mattress and were covered by the blankets before the main bed platform was lowered to provide the top of the cage. Once closed, there was not enough room for us to turn on our sides so we lay alongside each other holding hands.

As it was quietly being lowered into place Patrice said, “We will be here all night. Just relax and enjoy your rest.”

I closed my eyes and I heard a little rustling as Corrine and Patrice settled down. The next thing I knew was waking up in the morning alone in the cage and the bed platform raised so I could get up when I wanted.

I dozed for a while and then got up, did my necessary business and made my way to the kitchen to find that breakfast had been prepared for me.

Later in the day, when we finally had the house to ourselves Charles asked “did enjoy your party?”

I replied “Totally, it was unexpected and I felt nervous to begin with, but relaxed as the day went by knowing that you would not let me be harmed. The scariest bit was when I was sentenced.”

I hugged him, thinking ‘How the hell do I top this for his big birthday in a few months’ time.’

Wicked Wednesday


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Birthday surprise

As I woke on the Saturday morning, I relished that Diane thought that we had the whole weekend free. Diane was still snuggled into my back and I was loathe to have to get out of bed, but needs must. I finished my morning ablutions and looked at my sexy wife still asleep in the warmth of our bed, knowing that by the end of the day, she would be wearing another very warm posterior.

I completeded my preparations for the weekend before preparing our breakfast. Just as the coffee had finished percolating, Diane came into the kitchen wearing her dressing gown draped over her shoulders, open at the front. I laid out the breakfast, gave a long kiss, handed her a card and said “Happy Birthday.”

She thanked me with a smile. All she knew was that we would be going out for the day.

She asked “How long have I got before we leave?”

“About half an hour.”

She quickly finished breakfast and rushed off to get dressed.

She returned wearing her tightest jeans and a loose top. “I hugged her and realised that she was not wearing a bra. Felt her taut bum and realised that she was going without any underwear too. I smiled to myself thinking “This will be even more fun than I had planned.”

I picked up our coats and we left the house and I ushered her into the car. We made our way to the local shopping centre. As we walked into the specialist shoe shop, we were greeted by an assistant. We were ushered into the discreet fitting area where Diane was asked to be seated. The assistant went out for a minute to retrieve the boots that I had selected a couple of weeks previously. I said “For the next few minutes, you will have to loose your sight.” I took a blindfold out of my pocket and put it on her.

Her breathing got faster as the nerves started to kick in. The assistant whispered in my ear “Sorry, but the jeans need to come off whilst she tries the shoes on.”

He left the room and I told Diane to stand up. I undid the buttons of her jeans, slid them down her legs and removed them. I gently had her sit back down and gently put her feet in the boots. I then checked to make sure that they fitted her perfectly which they did.

I took the boots off and passed them to the assistant who was patiently waiting outside and said, “They are perfect.”

I removed the blindfold and then noticed a slight glistening around her lower lips. I asked “do you have anything inside you?”

“Yes, I put in the balls from the show the other week.”

I smiled replying “you naughty minx. As you decided to go without knickers you will just have to make sure that no damp patches appear.”

Once she was dressed, I quickly paid for the boots and we left the store.

After a leisurely lunch, on our way towards our home I pulled into a layby. I asked “Now for some fun?”

“What do you mean?”

“Just something you will enjoy.”

“OK.” I reached under her seat and pulled the ankle cuffs out and locked one on each ankle. She shuffled her feet a little and found that there was not a lot of movement. I instructed her to put her hands behind her back and cuffed them too. I then put on the blindfold again. I secured her seat belt and pulled back onto the road.

She said after a few minutes she asked “Where are we going? As I’m sure that we aren’t on our way home.”

“Just going to a special location for the night.”

What. I’ve I haven’t got an overnight bag.”

“Don’t worry, I’ve got everything that you need with us.”

It took nearly an hour of me driving using a rather haphazard route to get to our destination. I left Diane in the car whilst I disappeared inside the building for a few minutes. I returned  to the car  moving it around the corner. I then unlocked her ankle cuffs and helped her out. We entered the building and took her to the pre-arranged room. I sat her down, released her cuffed wrists and said, “Right, we need to get you out of your jeans so I can put your new boots on.”

She stood up as I helped her remove her jeans. I asked her to sit back down and I put her boots on. I took a thin chain and passed it through the rings on pussy lips and locked it to the zipper on each of her boots. I then released her wrists and she removed the blindfold to find we were in a comfortably furnished room with the curtains closed across the windows. She looked at me with a very puzzled expression and before she could say anything I said “Don’t say anything; this is just the start of the fun. Just relax and enjoy.”

I heard the sound from my mobile phone of a text message. I checked it and all it said was “15 minutes.”

I waited 10 minutes before saying to Diane, “Time for you to be blindfolded again.”

I put the blindfold on, removed her top, restrained her wrists behind her back and helped her stand up. I escorted her out of the room we were in, along a passageway to another room. She squeaked with every stride as the chain from her boots pulled on the rings in her pussy lips. Further she walked very gingerly getting used to the new boots that had 6″ heels, much higher than she is used to. Once we had entered the room I helped her into a special seat waiting for her before attaching some leg restraints.

She sat nervously whilst there was some murmered chatter which she could not make out.

A voice announced “The prisoner will stand up.”

I helped Diane rise from the chair. There was the sound of some footsteps, followed by a rustling of some cloth. The voice then said “Diane Drummond, you are charged with performing a lewd act in public, namely wearing nothing but a harness of thin straps on a catwalk three weeks ago. How do you plead?”

Diane spluttered for a moment before saying “Not guilty.”

Another voice said “Well, based on her dress now, I don’t think we need bother with hearing any evidence. She is as near as dammit naked now. Diane Drummond, have you anything to say?”

She nervously said. “Yes, my husband and two friends tricked me into it. I was blindfolded all the time and I did not know until later what had happened.”

The voice continued “Diane Drummond, That is no excuse. I find you guilty as charged. In addition I find Charles Drummond guilty of a lesser offence of inciting your wife to perform a lewd act. I sentence Diane Drummond to a birthday spanking of one strike for each of your 39 years of age and one to grow on from each individual present in this room using an implement of their choice. Following that, both Diane Drummond and Charles Drummond will spend the night in a special punishment cage. Guard, you may remove the blindfold.”

I removed her blindfold. She blinked a few times before she looked around to find that all 19 of our friends were there, in our playroom.

She pulled me close for a searing kiss. when she broke the kiss she exclaimed; “Oh my god, we’re at home, and I didn’t realise it. And with everyone here, I will be so sore tomorrow.”

Our friends gathered around and hugged her as they wished her a happy birthday.

Diane turned to me after the hugs and said “who was that person who decided my fate?”

John piped in with the reply, “Oh that was an actor who we had recorded a series of lines for us. I just pressed the relevant buttons on the computer.”

She looked at me “Well, it was a bit scary and I am very nervous as I have got a lot to endure tonight.”

I said “It is twenty spankings for you. Do you want to choose the order in which they are given, or would you rather let me?”

“Well if I know what everyone is using, I will choose.”

“I don’t even know the answer to that, so its up to you.”

“You choose then.”

I replied “No problem. Anyway we have a lot to go through, so lets get started. You better bend over the chair.”

She did as she was instructed. I loosely tied her wrists to the legs of the chair before I gave her a warm up hand spanking.

Wicked Wednesday

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