Cheryl’s pleasure

Last week we left with Gerry and Cheryl in one cage and Eva and Maria in another.

When I went to the playroom in the morning, I released Maria and Eva first as they were awake. I opened the cage that Cheryl and Gerry were in and released them from their bindings. About half an hour later they woke up and made their way to the kitchen.

After a few pleasantries, Maria said to Cheryl “I hope you enjoyed yourself last night. Your noises certainly made me horny and there was nothing I could do.”

Eva added “Me too, especially as I was unable to cuddle into Maria.”

Cheryl with a smile said “I lost count of the number of times I came.”

Gerry just gave a sheepish smile.

We finished breakfast before Corrine said “Now today is going to be fun. Cheryl has agreed that she needs to experience being on the receiving end, so that is what we are going to do, however unlike with Gerry she will not suffer much in the way of pain, and I hope she finds it totally pleasurable.”

I, Diane and Corrine escorted Gerry and Cheryl into the play room. Corrine then said “Cheryl, your safe words are Amber and Red. Amber signifies you are reaching the limit of what you can endure. This means that Gerry is to slow down what he is doing and make adjustments. Red means stop everything now, and Gerry you must release her from everything immediately. Do you both understand?”

Cheryl and Gerry both said “yes.”

“Good. Cheryl, if Gerry asks whether you are OK or anything similar and you are happy to continue, then just reply Green.”

Diane said “Now let’s get you up onto the table and then we can really make you feel vulnerable in the nicest possible way.”

I passed Gerry some lengths of rope while Diane instructed Gerry on how to tie her legs so that her feet touched her bum in a classic frog tie. There was sufficient rope left over for him to secure her wrists to her ankle to thigh ties on each side. Once everything was secured properly he asked “How is that?”

“Good, they are comfortable and I feel totally helpless.”

Diane then got Gerry to move her ankles apart, and with a short length of rope secured them so that her legs were held apart.

Gerry gently stroked Cheryl, and started to tickle her which had her squirming. He continued for a while before she shouted “amber.”

Gerry paused his stroking and quietly asked “what’s the problem?”

“I can’t stand much more of the tickling and I am getting a little worked up.”

Diane leant over to Cheryl’s ear whispered something and Cheryl replied with a nod.

Diane indicated that he should back away a moment. She whispered something in his ear before she indicated to Corrine and me that we should leave the playroom.

As we left she quietly said “after checking in with her, I told him to blindfold her and start giving her some oral attention.”

We will leave the door open a little just in case there is help needed, but I think he understands the rules.

We could hear a little of what was going on in the playroom. After a while we could hear a distinct shout of “Yessssssssssssssss” before everything went quiet.

Gerry called for one of us, and I went in to find Cheryl breathing a little raggedly, but not moving. I told Gerry to undo all the ropes, stay with her and let her rest.

Half an hour later, they emerged from the playroom, with Cheryl still a little unsteady on her feet, but with a smile of a totally satisfied woman.

Cheryl was sat down alongside Gerry who continued to hold while she still twitched a little.
When she was suitably recovered, she looked at Gerry lovingly before she said “that was incredible. I came so hard.”

“I know, I was worried when you actually fainted in there.”

“It is the first time that happened to me, and god was that a great orgasm. I hope you will give more like that in future.”

“I will try.”

Diane said “Gerry, have you cleared up the playroom yet?”


With a devilish smile she said “Well the three of you men can do that, while we ladies can chat a little.”

We cleared up the playroom and returned to the ladies. They all had smiles on their faces which made me worry.

After lunch a short rest, Corrine said “now time for the final session of the weekend. This involves all of us. So let’s get into the playroom.”

First of all she had Eva stand with her back to the large pole in the play room. She got Maria to stand facing her, secured Maria’s wrists behind Eva and around the pole so that they were secured to it. Eva’s hands were cuffed behind Maria’s back before Corrine added a blindfold to each of them.

At her urging James and Petra put on ankle and wrist cuffs. As they are roughly the same height they were made to stand with their feet apart, facing each other and a single spreader bar was secured to the four ankles so their feet were held wide apart. Then their hands were secured so that they were in a standing spread-eagle. They too were blindfolded.

Diane and I were then blindfolded. We were then made to stand on the base of what I felt was the strap cage. The top was secured properly with a larger ring before the top of the straps were attached to the winch that was the raised up.

I heard Corrine say to Cheryl “this last bit will not hurt at all. All you need to do is hold back as long as you can. Now it is time for lights out.”

I heard some movement and shuffling around.

I could not make out what Corrine said, but she then said “Now it is time for Cheryl to enjoy herself.”

I heard the swish of a flogger and the slap as the tails landed. No sounds came from the person on the receiving end.

Corrine let the gentle whish and slaps to continue for a while before saying “you can land harder strokes that that.”

The sounds of the flogger passing through air and landing got louder and I could hear distinctive female moans. I whispered to Diane “that must be the neoprene flogger being used on Cheryl.”

She quietly replied “yes.”

The moaning got louder and whilst we could not hear the whispers, I heard a different sound of plat as the flogger landed on Cheryl’s front. Her moans of arousal got greater as the flogger continued to land on her breasts and around her nipples.
Shortly after the different splat of the flogger landing on her groin had the moans get greater. The moans and groans of impending pleasure got louder and Cheryl was becoming very vocal. Finally she screamed in pleasure as she finally let go and orgasmed hard.

In no time I heard the sounds of her being released from her bindings.

Diane and I were the first to be released and once out of the cage, Corrine led us out of the playroom before she would let us take off our blindfolds. James and Petra were next to be released and again they were not allowed to take off their blindfolds until they had left the playroom. Shortly afterwards, Maria and Eva joined us.

Corrine came out and closed the playroom door. “I think they need to be alone for a while.”

It was over an hour later when they emerged from the playroom.

Cheryl again had the look of a very well satisfied woman.

As they were about to leave, Corrine said “Gerry, I hope you feel that you have been suitably punished. I notice that your ass is recovering well. Now all you have to do is complete the earning of your release from the chastity device.”

He with a smile said “Yes, although I hope I can earn my release in the next week. There is only another fifteen to go.”

Cheryl immediately retorted “no it is sixteen, as that last one was not with your mouth. What is more I will decide when you can work on earning your release.”

We all smiled as Gerry replied “well I hope you will feel generous on that part.”

Wicked Wednesday

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Gerry’s punishment continues

We continue from last week’s episode.

We allowed Gerry to recover after his predicament bondage session over a break for refreshments.

When Corrine felt he was ready she said “Now for the last of the sessions we have planned for you.”

We went to the playroom and Cheryl was instructed on how to secure Gerry onto the spanking bench. He was strapped down so his ass was in exactly the right position.

Corrine then told him “Cheryl is going to learn how to deliver a spanking, how to use a flogger and a paddle. This will be followed by me using my favourite quirt and finally there will be a special caning.”

I watched Gerry’s eyes open wide in fear as he heard what was about to happen. I tried to calm him down by saying “It sounds far worse than it actually is. All of us here have been on the receiving end of everything and more than you will be getting.”

Gerry shuddered slightly before Corrine carefully guided Cheryl on the best way to deliver a warm up using just her hands. Cheryl between each flurry of spanks calmly stroked his bum and as the redness increased, the spanks became harder with her caresses taking longer.

It took about ten minutes of Cheryl alternating between delivering the spanks and caresses before Corrine said “He is nicely warmed up, so let’s get you using a flogger.”

Cheryl went to her bag and picked up a medium weight suede flogger with about twenty tails around two feet long. Corrine asked “why did you select this one?”

Cheryl replied “It felt comfortable in my hand when I picked it up and when the assistant showed me how to use it, it felt exactly right. She even gave me a few light swats on my bum that gave me a little tingle after they landed.”

“That is perfect reasoning but really you need to feel it on your bare skin in future. Just a light stroke on your wrist will give you a feel for it.”

Cheryl gave herself a couple of light strokes and said “Actually that feels really nice.”

She took up a position to the side of Gerry and started to land some gentle strokes that had him sighing as if he was enjoying it. Corrine suggested that Cheryl increased the force of the strokes. As soon as she did there were some light grunts as the stronger strokes landed. She increased the strength of the strokes and Gerry was grunting louder as each one landed. Cheryl paused for a moment and caressed his bum. Gerry sighed as he felt the caresses before Cheryl again started to land the flogger on his now bright red bum.

This continued for a while before Corrine said “now time for the Paddle.”

Cheryl went to her bag and picked up a leather heart shaped paddle and started to practice on her hand before taking up her position behind Gerry.

The first stroke landed with a mild crack and a groan emanated from Gerry. Each stroke landed and whilst there were no specific welts, the application of the paddle now turned his ass into a mass of of even brighter redness.

Although Gerry only received the paddle for five minutes, he was certainly feeling each and every stroke as it landed.

Cheryl caressed his bum commenting of the heat that was being radiated on to her hand.

Corrine picked up her favourite implement, the quirt. She showed it to Gerry and it was clear he did not like the look of it. Corrine then said “as this is the first time you will have felt it, I will only give you twenty lashes. Each one will raise a little welt, and I will leave plenty of room for your final treat.”

She took up her position and expertly landed the first lash to his bum, near the top. He squeaked as it and all the other lashes landed. When she had finished, she told Cheryl to caress his bum and to feel each and every welt. Whilst his skin was not broken, when Cheryl ran a fingernail over the welts he shuddered as she stroked each one individually.

Corrine went to our rack of implements and picked out the thin metal cane that was really whippy and delivered a very sharp sting. She showed it to him before she said I have selected this as this is excellent for your final treat. This will be more painful than any of the other implements and I will only be delivering six strokes to each of your cheeks.

She took up her position, tapped the cane lightly on his left cheek a few times before applying a proper stroke that had him gasping a moment after it landed. This was followed by four more on his left cheek and five on his right one. She paused for a few moments as she got into position to land the final two strokes, which were at a diagonal across the five on each cheek to leave what we call the five bar gate on each cheek. As the final stroke landed Gerry screamed out as he felt the pain of the stroke crossing his already well striped bum.

Cheryl was told that she could release him and was given a tube of cream that she should rub onto his bum.

We left them alone in the playroom so that Cheryl could give him some aftercare and they could have some privacy.

As we ate our evening meal, Corrine asked Gerry “now that the painful part of your punishment is over, tell us what you did or did not like about being on the receiving end of each of those toys?”

“I’m not quite sure how to answer that exactly, but the first part where Cheryl was using her hand and then the flogger was nice, especially the caresses. The paddle was not too bad, but I could definitely feel each and every stroke. The next thing used; initially I found rather nasty as it was if I had been stung by a wasp on my sore bum. However once the sting faded, it was a rather eerie feeling as I felt a warmth come over me. I did not mind the cane until the last stroke on each cheek. Those were very painful and until I felt the welts I thought you had drawn blood.”

Corrine smiled and said “It was deliberate to start you off on the less intense implements, but I wanted to make sure that you felt pain towards the end. I might add I did not use the cane as hard as I could for two reasons, first you are not used to it and more importantly I knew that you were near the limit of what you could reasonably take.” Then turning to Cheryl “How did you like using your hand, the flogger and the paddle?”

“Initially I was very nervous as I have never done anything like that, but as time went on I relished the power I had with him in such a vulnerable position. But I realise that I could have used a lot more force, and that would have been extremely uncomfortable for Gerry.”

“Yes, I noticed. If you are the one using the implements, you need to be very careful not to exceed the level that the receiver can take.”

The rest of the evening was taken up by both Gerry and Cheryl asking lots of questions as well as listening carefully to what was said.

Much later, Corrine said to Eva, “What did you two do last week that upset me?”

Eva sheepishly replied “we bickered in court in front of you.”

Cheryl and Gerry both raised an eyebrow. Maria saw this “We are both lawyers and are often in Corrine’s court room.”

Corrine smiled before she asked “What did we agree on after the court had adjourned?”

“You said that in front of every one present this weekend we would each give the other 12 strokes of the cane and then we would have to be restrained for the night.”

“That is right, but I have a better idea now. I will administer your caning, but I will let Cheryl and Gerry decide which of the canes to use.”

Both girls shivered.

We all went to the playroom. Corrine went to the rack where there was a selection of canes. She quietly talked Cheryl and Gerry through the merits of each one. Cheryl then asked Corrine “was the bickering playful banter or a bit more serious?”

“I am glad you asked, it was more than playful banter.”

She picked up the thin whippy metal cane and handed it to Corrine. Who commented “Good choice.”

Maria and Eva clearly had not experienced that particular cane and were a little nervous.

Maria was first up and Eva was sent to stand in a corner with her nose touching a wall while Maria was lightly restrained to the spanking horse. Corrine got herself into position before saying to both girls “a nice five bar gate on each of your four cheeks would be appropriate.”

The first stroke arrived a light whish and quiet crack, and moments later a gasp from Maria. The remainder of the strokes landed at the same intensity and there were two very visible sets of five lines and a diagonal line across them. Maria was released from the horse, she had tears in her eyes before the two girls were ordered to change positions with Maria additionally told to put her hands behind her neck.

Once Eva was secured to the horse Eva was given the exact same treatment before being told to join Maria in the corner.

As Corrine used a sterilising wipe on the cane she explained to Cheryl and Gerry “it was a punishment so the strokes were given without a warm up and therefore hurt more.”

With Diane’s help I quickly got out two cages and assembled them.

Diane, standing next to a cage, then said “Cheryl, you said you were interested in spending a night in some form of bondage. We have all decided that you and Gerry can enjoy that sensation together. You two will be in this cage, while Maria and Eva will be in the other. They will have more restraints than you. There is a monitoring system so that we can be woken if any of you get into serious difficulty.”

Maria and Eva were guided into the other cage and their wrists and ankles were secured to each end of the cage.

Diane helped Gerry and Cheryl into their confinement for the night placing them so that Gerry’s face was in Cheryl’s groin and vice versa. Their wrists were cuffed behind each other’s back and that was all the restraints we placed on them.

As a parting remark as we left the playroom Petra said “Gerry , you may as well get to work, again, on earning your release from your chastity device.”

Wicked Wednesday

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Gerry’s Punishment

During the week after Gerry’s admission of his ‘Peeping Tom’ activities there was a lot of email traffic between everyone except Gerry.

Early on Friday evening Corrine, Patrice, Maria and Eva arrived for the weekend, followed shortly after by James and Petra. Gerry and Cheryl arrived a couple of minutes before the 9pm requirement.

We sat around the dining table with Corrine sat at one end and Gerry at the other. Once the formal introductions were out of the way, she started proceedings by asking Gerry to “Tell me why we are gathered here.”

Looking meek, he replied “I was stupid enough to let my curiosity get the better of me and on two evenings I sat in the hedge watching the small window that is in the corner room. I was intrigued about the reason for certain unusual requirements in the electrical circuits and the construction of the ceiling with extra strong joists.”

“You have admitted that you are guilty. Are you prepared to accept whatever punishment I decree is appropriate to be carried out over the weekend?”

Gerry dropped his head and quietly replied “Yes.”

“Are you aware that there may be some discomfort and pain involved, but there will be no permanent mental or physical harm?”


“Thank you. I have decided in consultation with the affected parties and your wife the punishment that you will suffer is to start now. Tomorrow will be the main day of your punishment. There will be a lot for you to experience, and you will have a few minutes after each one to reccover and talk to Cheryl about it in private. You have a safety word “Red” that is only to be used in the case of extreme discomfort because of things like cramp. If you use the word we will find out what is wrong and make adjustments accordingly. As everyone, except the two of you, are extremely experienced in BDSM you will be in very safe hands.”

Corrine continued “Cheryl, have you brought the required accessories?”

Cheryl replied with a smile “Yes.”

“Good, you and Gerry will be shown your room for the weekend. You know what to do, and when you are finished, re-join us in the living room.”

Diane showed them the spare room that contained just a single bed.

Whilst they were getting ready in their room the rest of us undressed. Gerry preceded Cheryl when joining us in the living room. He blushed when he saw all of us were naked. Cheryl joined us just a moment later also naked.

Corrine then said “this is all the clothing we will be wearing over the weekend. You need to be aware that the only sexual contact will be between husband and wife. I understand that you have not been a great giver of oral sex. This cage you are wearing will stay on until you have given Cheryl the required number of orgasms, which is one for each year of her age, using only your mouth. When you have done that she will let me know and I will give her the combination to this lock.”

She passed the lock to Cheryl who quickly secured it. Mike winced as the locked clicked shut.

Corrine continued. “You have probably noticed that the bed is a single one. Well, tonight you will be sleeping alongside Cheryl on the floor, lightly restrained. Tomorrow’s sleeping arrangements will be different, and I am sure you will find them more interesting. We will start the main punishment in earnest tomorrow at 9 in the morning.”

Petra then teased Gerry by asking “Is this the first time you have been in the company of so many naked people?”

He sheepishly said “Yes.”

Cheryl then added. “You’ve known about some of my fantasies, but you have always been rather shy about being naked.”

They evening carried along quietly as if we were just a group of friends having a convivial time together.

As it was getting late Maria stretched and said “I think it is time I went to bed.”

Corrine then said “Gerry and Cheryl, come with me so we can put Maria and Eva to bed.”

She escorted them to one of the spare rooms. A few minutes later the three of them came back into the living room. We then sent Gerry and Cheryl off to their room with Corrine supervising Gerry’s restraints for the night. I heard a giggle from Cheryl as Corrine suggested Gerry got started on his task of earning release from the cage.

The rest of us made our way to our rooms. Diane snuggled up to me and with a smile said “I think Gerry found the sight of us women rather uncomfortable.”

Saturday morning we had all had breakfast and by 9 we were ready for the day ahead. Corrine said “Gerry, as you were so curious about the corner room that is where you will be spending most of the day. So come with us and enjoy your first experience of the day.

I had prepared our play room so that it was ready for each of the things we had planned to do.

He was first taken to the Cross and was soon securely restrained so that he had very little movement. Cheryl was handed a feather duster which she soon used to devastating effect having him wriggle and scream from the tickling sensations. She carried on for about fifteen minutes before she put down the feather duster and just used her fingers. Corrine was careful to watch them and occasionally she added the odd suggestion. At the end Cheryl was handed a pinwheel that she used lightly all over his erogenous zones that soon had him wince as he felt the restrictions of the chastity cage he was locked into.

When that was put down, he was released from his bindings and we left them together.

They re-joined us a while later and Cheryl had that special look of having just had an orgasm on her face.

We had coffee before it was Maria who said, now for a bit more fun. We went back into the playroom and Mike was put into the strap cage. He was raised up so that he was tightly confined in it. Cheryl had great fun fondling him and making him suffer whilst swinging around from the joist. When he was finally released he had to be helped to the sofa to rest and cuddle his wife.

As we had lunch we got the two of them to talk about the morning’s activities. Gerry was very meek initially, but the rest of us were delighted when he said “I was surprised that at times, I was in a dreamy state, totally aware what was being done to me, but also slightly light headed.”

Diane said “That is very important. You were in a stage of sub space that Charles, our friends and I call floating. There is another stage which we hope you experience which is full subspace. When that happens, we will make sure Cheryl knows so she can fully understand what is happening.”

Lunch was finished and a short rest followed before Corrine said time for something more intense.

Corrine placed Gerry in a standing spread-eagle with a small amount of slack under each foot she put a small pad which had a pressure sensor. She attached a pair of pads on each side of his groin and a pair of clover clamps on his nipples. These were then attached by a piece of string to a hook above his head.

She then said “You have a half hour of this predicament. When your heels are lifted off the pads you will not suffer. However each time either heel touches the pad, your groin will receive some pulses for ten seconds. Also every time you let your heels down there will be a tug on the clamps that will pull on your nipples. To make it more fun, each time a pulse is triggered it will increase in intensity to the highest setting which I can assure you is uncomfortable.”

Turning to Cheryl she said “Don’t touch him or do anything that makes him drop his heels.”

I was left to supervise him and Cheryl who just sat back on the sofa and watched him struggle to keep his heels up. The first time they dropped he moaned at the tug on the clamps and the pulses in his groin area.

I was surprised at how long he managed before he dropped his heels agaiun. The time passed steadily with him, towards the end, hardly able to stand without his heels dropping to the pads. I got up turned off the tens machine and helped Cheryl release him and carry him over to the sofa for a hug and allow him to recover.

We will continue with more next week.

Wicked Wednesday

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Admission of Guilt

We follow on from last week’s episode Being watched.

After our discovery the previous evening, I rang James. When he and his wife, Petra, arrived Diane was still in her punishment underwear which caught Petra’s attention. Diane told Petra all about the bra and knickers and to my delight, and Diane’s horror, one of the programmed shock routines I had programmed in started. Petra was somewhat amused as Diane struggled to stay still.

Meanwhile James and I went to the garden and looked at the place where the unexpected observer was when I spotted him the previous evening. There we found a crumpled piece of paper which also had his name and telephone number on it, confirming who I thought it was.

James was not amused. He was really upset that one of the contractors he used on a regular basis had been watching the house.

James apologised profusely and said that he would be sorry to lose him as a contractor and that we should call the police.

My reaction was “all the police will do is tell him off, and possibly give him a caution. To us, that is a waste of their resources.”

When we returned to the house, we told Diane what we had found. James was again very apologetic.

We all discussed the situation and I suggested “let’s talk to Corrine for her advice.”

James raised an enquiring eyebrow, so I said “Corrine is a judge in a Swiss court, as well as being very involved in BDSM.”

I got hold of Corrine and explained the situation. She said “No problem, if the offender is willing to admit his guilt and agree to my sentencing him, we can deal with it next weekend. I will bring Patrice and see if Maria and Eva are free too, so he can really enjoy himself.”

I said to James “call him and let’s sort this out now.”

James rang him saying “I need to see you immediately. Where are you?”

The voice at the other end of the phone said “I’m at home. What is so urgent that you need to see me now?”

“I will explain when I see you. Come to this address.” James gave our address, and there was a long pause.

“Umm I am not so sure about that.”

“If you are not here in an hour, this will become a lot more serious.”

About forty minutes later we heard a vehicle on our drive and I opened the door. I was surprised to see that there was a young woman in the passenger seat.

James noticed this too asking. “Gerry, does the young woman know anything about why you are here?”

“Yes, I told Cheryl about it on the way over.”


I waved at the young lady to indicate that she was welcome to come in and join us. She nervously got out of the car and I said “Don’t be worried. You are welcome to join my and James’s wives while we talk to Gerry.”

We went into the house and all the appropriate introductions were made. James and I took Gerry to my office while we left the women to chat between themselves.

Gerry was very nervous as James explained what we had found. He immediately admitted everything. He explained his behaviour “I was extremely curious when I did the first wiring installation in the corner room. I could not understand why there were so many additional heavy duty ceiling joists and the extra wiring that was not lighting related in the ceiling.”

We talked for a short while later and it was clear it was just plain curiosity that made him watch us. He made no excuses for his behaviour.

James said “We could go to the police, but that could cause you a lot of problems in the future with your work, especially if you have to undergo a Criminal Records check. Also you do good work, and I don’t want to lose you as a contractor.”

He was clearly ashamed of his behaviour and in my opinion was contrite.

I looked at James who nodded before I asked “What do you know about BDSM?”

“Not a lot, although I have tried a little bondage in my love life before I met Cheryl.”

“Does she know?”


“Umm, I think I need to consult with the ladies outside for a moment.”

I left the office and indicated I needed to talk to Diane. She came over and we had a whispered conversation before I returned to the office.

James and I talked to Gerry for a few minutes before Diane came in and suggested we went to the living room where she had served some coffee.

Cheryl then surprised all of us men by saying “Gerry, I love you and you have told me what you have done. We three ladies have had a very interesting conversation. I personally suggest you take the punishment on offer and then we can get on with our lives together.”

Gerry was a looked alarmed before Diane said “Charles and I have a very good friend who is genuinely a Judge in Switzerland. She has in the past passed some very interesting sentences that have been life changing for those who have experienced them.”

She continued “I know, from what I have seen of your demeanour and also what Cheryl has said, you would benefit from seeing her.”

He asked nervously “What do you mean?”

Diane replied “Well this is what you need know to make a decision. Physically and mentally you will not be harmed. There will be no permanent marks, however you could be uncomfortable at times, painful at others and you will have experiences that you have never had before.”

Gerry was quiet for a moment before he said “is this to do with BDSM?”

“Yes, and I can assure you that with the exception of Cheryl, all those involved are well experienced. There will be James, Petra, Charles and myself, our friend and her husband and maybe two of our mutual friends.”

Cheryl then piped in “I’ve known for a long time that you have been interested in bondage, but were too worried to ask me. Well I am interested too. Diane and Petra have explained a lot to me, and I want to find out more.”

We stayed silent until finally Gerry said “I am between a rock and a hard place. I am leaving myself in the hands of people I don’t really know. How do I know that I won’t come to any harm?”

I replied “Simple, the law is on your side. Even if you agree to our proposal, should we cause any lasting injuries, or you needed medical attention, then we could, and probably, would be prosecuted for assault or worse. Further, we expect you to have someone you trust totally to have a sealed envelope, containing our address, only to be opened if you do not call them by a fixed time from your home.”

He paused before he said nervously “When will this happen?”

Diane replied, “Next weekend. You need to be here by 9.00pm on Friday and you will be here until 5.00pm Sunday.”

Petra then added “I expect you give Cheryl a budget of what she can spend on herself. Well, she will be doing some shopping for both of you, so I hope you can allow her some leeway this week.”

He nodded.

James then changed the subject so that the two of them could get to know us all better and vice versa. Before we knew it was getting late. James then said “Have you two got any plans for tonight?”

Gerry answered. “Just to go out for a meal.”

James looked at Diane, Petra and myself. We all smiled at him before he said “Why not join us at the pub for a meal?”

Cheryl immediately replied “That sounds great, but we need to get home to our pets tonight.”

“That’s fine, we won’t be late either.”

Wicked Wednesday

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Being watched

I have added 2 links to previous stories that give detail of the ‘topics’

On our way home from Zack and Dee’s country home Diane reminded me that we needed to do one of our regular sessions on the special exercise bikes we had bought and had installed a few weeks ago.

Once home, we quickly got ourselves ready for the session. We followed the instructions as we were put through our paces. I managed to keep up with what was asked of me so was rewarded with very pleasurable sensations throughout the session. Diane, on the other hand, seemed to find it difficult to keep up with the requirements and was emitting squeaks and squeals every time she fell behind.

After the session, I copied the necessary files and sent them to George. I also added “Diane is going to be in her punishment bra and knickers for the next week. I have programmed them so we can do the exercises on one evening (but she does not know this). Can you send me a special ‘one off’ session that basically makes it impossible for her to be rewarded?”

It did not take long for the phone to ring. George asked for some information which I gladly gave him.

As we went to bed on the Sunday night, I reminded Diane about her underwear requirements for the rest of the week. She was not amused when she heard that she had to have the knickers on by 7.30 am meaning she would have to get out of bed as soon as our alarm clock went off, have a quick shower before putting them on.

At breakfast I told her “your knickers allow you to go to the loo at 11, 2.30 and 6 before you can remove them at night at 10.30. You will be subjected to various sensations during the day. These will have been programmed so that you will still be able to work, but you will have to concentrate a bit harder than usual at times.”

She pouted a little, but said nothing.

The drive to her office was full of various squeaks and squeals as she felt some fairly intense shocks from her knickers and bra. As we parked up, she was a little red in the face.

Nothing much happened to her until she had her regular weekly meeting with Dee. I had been invited to it as well so I could observe the torment Diane went through. All through the meeting the pads near her clitoris did their work, with a few shocks to her bum cheeks thrown in for good measure. She tried to hide her squirming, but Dee noticed saying “I see the bra and knickers are hard at work.”

Diane blushed when she continued “Charles that is really mean as we are at work and have some important matters to resolve.”

I laughed saying “I see no reason why Diane can’t concentrate on the matters at hand. She just needs to focus.”

Dee giggled “I just hope Zack hasn’t programmed mine to be so nasty today. He has actually given me a rest from being distracted this afternoon.”

I smiled but said nothing.

Diane asked “Why are you wearing yours then?”

“I was warned by Zack that if we did not win on Saturday, I would suffer the same fate as you, wearing them for the same number of days. He spent most of yesterday afternoon programming these damned things. What is worse, if I am caught swearing an extra day is added each time.”

I could see Diane relax half an hour into the meeting, as the program stopped to give her a break. The meeting continued with a number of major decisions being made.

About an hour into the meeting, Zack appeared as he often did. He joined in the discussion when Dee started squirming. Suddenly she squeaked “F***.”

Zack laughed, “Oh well that is another day in them for you.”

Dee glared at him but managed to keep herself from getting into more trouble as it was her turn to feel the distractions.

As we drove home after work Diane asked “Did you know that Dee was in the same punishment mode as me?”

“Yes, Zack told me yesterday. We collaborated on the settings for this afternoon.” I replied with a smile.

Diane giggled when she heard this.

The next three days progressed with Diane being subjected to some minor distractions during the day, but the intensity was increased in the evenings so that when we went to bed she extremely turned on. She could hardly wait until it was time to remove the knickers so that she could bring herself to orgasm. I was certainly not neglected in this as she rode me hard each night to completion before we both collapsed exhausted.

On the Thursday evening I said to Diane, “Time for our exercise. You can undo the panel for this session.”

She mounted her bike and settled into position. I did the same. I pressed my start button and was horrified to read “You requested that Diane has a real work out today with little or no reward. Well, George and I have decided that you need to work especially hard this session. Beth XXX”

I followed the instructions as best as I could and before long I felt the squeeze around my ball sack increase as I failed to keep up with the required effort. This squeezing continued with some nasty shocks to my bum and nipples.

By the end of the session I was sweating copiously and was totally worn out. Diane on the other hand managed to do a lot better at keeping up with her requirements, and although she was exhausted, she had not suffered nearly as many punishments as me.

As we settled in for a quiet Friday evening in, the phone rang. Diane answered and it was clear that she was partly amused, but also slightly disturbed about their knowing all about our exercise session the previous night.

Once the call had finished Diane said “It sounds to me that George and Beth had rigged up some hidden cameras so they could get their kicks by watching us.”

I giggled “What you mean like peeping Toms?”


“I doubt that, especially as we were with them all the time they set up the bikes. I just sent them the data from last night’s session this morning.”

“Umm I’m not so sure. I had a feeling that I was being watched.”

We went to the playroom and carefully examined everything and there was absolutely no sign of any hidden devices.

I looked out of the window at the side of the playroom and I too had a strange feeling. I ushered Diane out of the room, picked up our binoculars and went to another room. I scanned the back of our garden and suddenly saw a young lad hidden in the hedge.

“You may be right.” I said to Diane. I explained what I had seen.

“Well, what do we do? I know I am a bit of an exhibitionist. When I know who is watching, I am fine. But I am slightly concerned about this.”

“I know who it is.” I told her the name. She looked puzzled for a minute.

I then said “He worked on the renovations. He was obviously curious about the ‘unfinished room’ that had strengthened ceiling joists and special materials on the walls, let’s talk to James tomorrow and see what he suggests.”

Wicked Wednesday

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