Predicaments part 3- The 2nd tease

I sat on the couch and invited her to join me. I held out the blindfold, she sat down alongside me and put it on.

I turned to her “ right, let’s get started”.

I pulled her across my lap and laid her in the classic OTK spanking position. I gently stroked her ass before landing a playful slap. On the left cheek. I repeated this on the right cheek, and continued slapping her cheeks. All the while the slaps were getting harder, and further spaced apart. When she was properly warmed up, I got the Bungee flogger and started to use it, with the stroke getting harder. She started moaning.

I continued to flog her for a while until she complained that she was getting horny again. I parted her legs and gently stroked her upper thighs which were starting to glisten with her juices.

“Ummm I think you like this” I said while stroking her reddened backside.

I saw her hand move and reach under her. I reminded her of what would happen if she started to play with herself. She immediately withdrew it with a groan and moaned. I heard a distinct comment “rotten evil bastard” escape her lips. To which I replied that she had just earned three penalties. I grasped her hands and held them behind her back and asked if she wanted to be cuffed for the rest of the challenge.

“NO! But I am so very horny and you are not helping” she moaned.

I giggled and reached for the flogger again and started to gently flog her pussy lips. I carried on like this for a few minutes and then started to gently flog her clit.

“OOOOOOOOOOHHHHHHH”, she shivered and then held her breath. I could see she was fighting to suppress her orgasm. I dropped the flogger, and started on her clit with a finger, rubbing it gently. I could tell she was about to cum, so I thought I would ease off a little to allow her to relax a bit. I continued to stroke her ass, and gave occasional slaps to remind her that I was still there.

“That’s nice” she said in her husky voice.

“Do you want to cum?”

“I do, but I am going to hold back as long as I can.”

“Are you now?”, I replied moving a finger down to her rosebud.

“Please don’t go there, you know I don’t like it.”

“Are you telling me what I should not do” I laughed, “it sounds like you want another penalty.”

“No I don’t want a penalty, but you know how I hate being played with there.” She managed to gasp out.

“Ok, no penalty this time, but any more requests like that will be penalties.”

She panted out a quick “thank you” and continued to resist her oncoming orgasm.

I started to spank her again, varying the strength so she did not know how hard the next one would be. I released her hands and move my left hand so my thumb was gently nestled against her clit and a finger inside her pussy.

I moved my finger in and out of her pussy while still spanking her gently. I lengthened the time between spanks and then there was a crack as I landed a particularly hard stroke, she raised her ass a little for the next one which was equally hard. She wriggled so that my thumb was pressed hard against her clit. Crack, and she started to shake her head wildly. CRACK. She tensed straining her muscles as the next stroke landed, and she could not hold back and came so hard, squirting juices all over my hand.

I looked at the clock while she was gasping for air and getting herself together after cumming so hard. I noted down the penalties earned.

When she calmed down, I asked whether she wanted a break.

“Yes, I need to gather my strength back”. By this time it was getting close to lunch time so I suggested that a 2 hour break to which she agreed.

I put her chastity belt back on and we hugged each other for a while before I prepared a salad for lunch.

Once the dishes were cleared away, she asked how long she had resisted. I told her that it was 1 hour 25 minutes that time. I reminded her that she had now accumulated 6 penalties (of which some might be free) and had come twice which was another hour to resist. She smiled and said that it was not so bad as I was being gentle with her and she was definitely enjoying the challenge as the orgasms were powerful releases.


to be continued…..

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2 Responses to Predicaments part 3- The 2nd tease

  1. zelle33406 says:

    Oh holy hell! That was hotter than a firecracker! 🙂

    • thelongbean says:

      And I have enough of the continuing story for at least 30 posts!!!!!

      The real spanking is on its way, with some interesting “twists” and one scene I am sure you will approve of, but cringe at the thought of it happening to you. It is based on a real scene I was involved with in a club! Next section will be up by the time any reasonable person gets out of bed your side of the pond!.

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