Predicaments, part 4- The afternoon tease

Following on from part 3—

“You realise that the longer and harder you have to resist the stronger the resulting orgasm.”

“I know, but it is fun trying not to orgasm.”

“You realise that it will get harder for you as the length of time you have to resist gets longer, and I can of course play harder” I countered.

“Yes, but I will still win” she said, biting her lip with a sultry smile.

I then went to the lounge, gathered together the toys, the rubber sheet and some towels, as I knew she was now getting the hang of the challenge and I may have to ramp up the teasing as she would now be resisting even more.

I reached our solid oak dining table, laid out the sheet put a pillow under one end of the sheet and covered it with towels and invited her to join me. She looked at the table and went “OOH”.

I asked her to lay down on the table on her front and applied the blindfold, left her for a few minutes while I went to collect the ice cubes I was going to use this time. I returned to find she was still laying comfortably with her hands laid by her side. I warmed some oil in my hands and started to massage her shoulders, gently relaxing her muscles. I felt the tension ease from her shoulder so started to work my way down her back and the sides of her body, make sure I gently stroked the sides of her breasts. She let out a sigh “ Nice”.

I continued to work my way down her back until I reached her ass. It was still pink from the spanking. She relaxed more and I could tell that she was beginning to relax fully. I started down her legs, making sure not to touch her pussy lips, and concentrate on her inner thighs. She let out a gentle relaxed sigh. I continued down the back of her legs and made sure that her calf muscles received attention before making my way back up to her shoulders. I applied a little more oil and started down her arms. She started to wriggle as I stroked first her left arm and then went to her right. I knew when I got to her wrists I would be able to start making her horny. I started on her left wrist which I knew was the least sensitive and massaged it just using my thumbs to hear a nice relaxed sigh of pleasure. I moved over to her right wrist and did the same. She was clearly enjoying the massage and was getting to that half sleepy stage when I asked her to turn over onto her back.

Once she he had turned over I started at her shoulders, making my way down her body, deliberately avoiding her breasts. I repeated my way down her body and legs paying special attention to her navel which I know is a sensitive area. Her nipples started to rise, so I knew that I was doing something right. I moved back up her body and started to massage her breasts, avoiding contact with her nipples which were starting to get very hard.

I kissed her fully on the mouth while I massaged her neck. I broke away from the kiss and started nibbling her ears to the moaning of contentment.

I moved away for a short while and placed an ice cube on each of her nipples.

“Owwww, that’s cold” she moaned, but her excitement was beginning to show, she opened her legs a little clearly wanting some attention in her pussy area. I let the ice partly melt playing with her nipples before I rubbed her pussy with the ice and then inserted what was left of the cubes.

“That is plain nasty and you’re evil” she shouted. I reminded her that she had earned yet another penalty and nasty was not allowed. I started to massage her upper thighs gently with occasional brushes of her pussy lips, they started to open on their own and juices started to seep out.

“Awww who is horny?” I teased.

“ME, ME and I am getting very warm” she replied seductively.

“Well we better do something about that” as I grabbed an ice cube and placed it on her clit, She shuddered and then opened her legs a little wider, clearly inviting more attention down there.

“Do you know what you are doing” I asked.


“Inviting me to play with your pussy and clit. Now that you have opened your legs so much, if you try to bring them together again, you will earn another penalty” I warned.

Listening to the groan escape from her lips I could tell that she was fighting hard to control herself.

I took pity on her and switched my attention to her nipples, playing with them, rubbing, squeezing and lifting them by her piercings to yet more moans of pleasure. I was beginning to enjoy myself, however my cock was reminded of its cage and those evil spikes. There was no way that I would be able to last a month in it, so it was necessary to make her cum again.

I saw her move her hands towards her pussy, so I told that when she had cum, she would be put in the cuffs.

“Please not the cuffs, I am sorry, I just cant’ help myself. I am so horny and close, I just want to cum.”

I knew that this was the time to insert one finger and reach for her G spot, I rubbed it and there was an almighty scream of “YES”, her back arched in tension and her upper chest went bright red and she started panting hard.

I felt her squirt straight into the palm of my hand, and her pussy squeezed my finger so hard I could not move it. I looked up at her face to see the contented smile of having cum so hard. Her breathing slowed, her arms and legs started to spasm slightly and her eyes were closed.

“Are you awake” I asked softly to which there was no reply. I knew then that she would need a long recovery time. I looked at the clock to see she had lasted just under 2 and a half hours. A record time for her, but I also knew that I had been very gentle and soothing this time round.

After 5 minutes of spasming arms of legs. her eyes opened, with a wide grin sighed “That was good. How long was I out?”

“About 5 minutes, Do you want me to hold you for a while?”

“Please, and can I have a long recovery time?”

“Yes you may”. It is now nearly 5, so how about you relaxing, have an early supper before we start all over again.

I suggested that we moved to the sofa which would be more comfortable for her.

“You will have help as I don’t think I will make it as my legs are like jelly” to which I laughed.

As soon as we got to the sofa, I noticed that the telephone answer machine was blinking. I went to it, turned up the volume and we listened to the message. It was our good friends Master Tom and his sub Suzy who we had not seen for a nearly a year. They were in the area visiting her mother and suggested we got together in the morning. I looked at Diane who shivered when I suggested they came here for dinner and the night.

“But I have another round to go yet today.” She groaned.

“I do not think that you could cope with another round tonight, and in any case, I have an idea that could be interesting that will involve them as well.”

“What… I don’t get to try to win the challenge?”

“Oh you will get another chance as I think we can incorporate the challenge into tomorrow, but this will be last and final round.”

“Ummmmm, what if they say no?”

“If they say no, we will save the last round(s) till next weekend, which will give you plenty of recovery time and we can get on with our normal lives in the week.”

“If that is the case, I don’t want to be in the belt all week.”

“Ok, how about this – if they say no, we still go out with them tomorrow, but you do not have to wear your belt, and you release me from my device but we are both locked in again at Friday bedtime?”

“Ok that seems fair” she replied.

I rang Tom and Suzy, but it was Suzy who answered. They were in the car were just about to find a B&B for tonight. I offered the use of the spare bedroom and dinner which they accepted gratefully. They said they would be with us in about 30 minutes. Diane groaned, “god I am in no state to meet them”.

“OK” I said, “in 15 minutes or so you should be OK to use the shower and you can take your time getting ready. I promise that I will not talk to them about anything until you have come back down.”

“I hope so too, but remember I will take my time as I am still slightly wobbly.”

I got up, fetched Diane a drink and made sure that the spare room was ready for visitors. Whilst she was relaxing, I cleared the dining table and opened the windows as there was still the aroma of Diane’s juices everywhere.

I helped Diane up the stairs to the shower, got dressed and started on the dinner preparations.

I answered the ring of the doorbell and ushered Tom and Suzy into the house. I told them that Diane would be joining us shortly. I invited them to go through to the lounge and sit down while I took their bags up to the spare room.

I put my head round our bedroom door and saw Diane sat at the dressing table fixing her make up. She said she would be down shortly. I went down to the living room and offered our guests tea or coffee. Tom said they would both have coffee. Just as I had finished making coffee, Diane appeared and greeted Tom and Suzy with warm hugs and sat next to me on the arm of my chair.

We chatted for a while and I went to finish the dinner. Diane laid the table, lit some scented candles after closing the window. We all sat down and enjoyed dinner and started on the wine. I could see Suzy itching to ask us something and was trying to work what to say. I smiled at Suzy which Tom saw and he told Suzy not to hold back.

Suzy sighed and started ”Umm I am not sure quite what to say, but would I be far off the mark to suggest you were playing and that is why you did not answer the phone when we rang earlier?”

Diane smiled sweetly and teasingly said “Yes and what fun I had.”

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  1. zelle33406 says:

    I’m following right along like I have good sense here (whew! hot!) .. so yes, please do continue.. 🙂

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