Predicaments- Diane’s revenge

This is my first Wanton Wednesday post. New installments of the story will be added on Wednesdays.

Story so far:-
Diane has been challenged by her husband not to come whilst being teased for a period of time. Each time she fails, the time she has to resist gets longer. Their session was interrupted by arrival of friends and the challenge was issued so the challenge is now between the 2 women, the first to come is the loser. After an intense day’s shopping, where Diane has been teased all day, she finally came in a sex shop owned by a couple they had seen in a club.

Still in the shop, with Diane recovering…..

“I emailed Tom on Monday and suggested that we got an independent couple to have the final judgement on the winners and losers next week. He added that he did not know of a couple he could trust locally and asked if I knew anyone. I  told him about John and Kathy and that he had met us all at the munch and later play party.

“He replied that they sounded suitable, but wanted to know how we approach them. I told him I would talk to John. He liked the idea but conferred with Kathy before agreeing.

“On Thursday, John rang me at work and confirmed that they were free so they could act as judges next weekend , they had seen Suzy cum hard and recalled the scene, however as you were topping me, they wanted to see you cum too, which is why we are here today”

Diane thought for a minute or 2 and said that she wanted to talk to Tom and Suzy on the phone. John immediately offered the use of their phone.

I dialled Suzy’s mobile and she quickly picked it up. I asked if she and Tom were alone and could they both talk using the one phone to which she replied “yes”. I asked John to put us on speakerphone so we could all talk.

“Diane and I with John and Kathy at the moment using their phone. I know Tom and I have talked about having independent judges next weekend, and I have just introduced Diane to John and Kathy” At this Diane went red whilst I continued “and have asked her about including them as Judges next weekend. She said she wanted to talk to Suzy first, before she made a decision.”

Suzy interrupted me with ”I am for it as it means that there can be no arguments about the winners and losers.”

Diane smiled broadly, “I’ll go for it too.”

Tom and Suzy then invited John and Kathy to stay for the weekend.

“On Friday, we can go through the rules. John and I might have some extra ideas to add to the fun day ahead.”

I added “So we can add to the fun on Saturday night, is there room for three couples in your playroom?”

Tom replied “it would be a bit tight, but if one couple is resting, then we should have room.”

Kathy chirped up “goody, we will bring some of our toys with us, both old and new. I want to test a few out on John.”

“Thanks” came from the phone “we will see you Friday. Peter or Diane will give you our address and directions.”

At this the call ended.

Later in  the evening

Diane and I talked through the day’s challenge with her summing it up “you were a nasty evil little sub, I was horny all the way from when I paid at the first shop. I just could not hold back at the end, the sensations were just too great.”

“I know, my love, but you were the one who ramped up the challenge, first when you decided to hand me you bra and knickers and then changing the vibrator to one of the most powerful we have.

“I had thought about going John’s shop anyway today, but only for a little look round with you. However you decided to take up my penalty, so I knew that if you lasted till lunch, we could make the experience even more interesting if you finally succumbed in their showroom, which I knew would be relatively private. John knew about next week, but did not know about the day’s activity until you got so hot and bothered in the shop.”

“You will pay for that tomorrow as I owe you and you are due to have a hard session.” She came back in Domme mode.

I replied, “Maybe, but when you reflect back after next weekend and have topped Tom at the party, you will think that the whole scenario today was fun.”

“Fun? No- I would say more like torture until the very, very end when I came soooo hard.”

As we were making our way to the bedroom, she said I had 2 alternatives, a night in the cage with no mattress so I would be sleeping on the floor covered with the nylon stud carpet, or she will play with me in the morning after we had breakfast. She added “and I will make it even harder than I had already planned.”

I knew that I was in trouble, but a night in the cage with no mattress, that is not a pleasant thought, so I opted for the play in the morning.

Chapter 8- Sunday morning, Peter’s challenge

We had a leisurely breakfast, and then in Domme mode Diane reminded me that I could not come during the session and it would be for 100 minutes. She ordered  me to go up to the bedroom, put on my ankle cuffs, get on to the bed, make myself comfortable with pillows supporting my back and shoulders resting on the top rail. When I was comfortable I was to insert the ring gag she had left out, secure it in, and put on the blindfold. The time would start when she entered the bedroom.

I did as I was instructed and waited for her for what seemed a long time. All the while I was getting turned on by the thoughts of what she had thought up for me. I felt her presence in the room and she took hold of a wrist and secured it to the top rail of the bed. She did the same for the other so I had my arms outstretched. I felt her tie my elbows and upper arms to the rail, so I was not able to move my arms or shoulders. She laughed “that should hold you still up top.”

She then grabbed an ankle, pulled it wide and secured it to the bottom of the bed. She repeated the exercise so I was stretched open wide. I tested the bindings to find that they were tight and I was not able to move. She then removed my chastity device commenting “Now starts the real fun.”

She fondled my balls and said “You needed a little more torture down here, so you need to loose your erection fast.”

Those words made me get a little harder. I heard the sound of ice in a bowl and felt the cold as she started to rub ice all over my cock and balls. Soon after I was limp, and felt the application of 5 rings spaced out along my limp cock. I felt her reach around under my balls and heard a small noise.

“These rings are a new toy, the Gates of Hell, they are connected together and will only come off when you are limp.” With this she started to trace her tongue around the exposed tip of my cock. I started to get hard with the rings starting to restrict my erection. I groaned in both frustration and with the pain emanating from the gates of hell. “guk ma hok” came out through my gag.

Diane stopped using her mouth, “for protesting, you will now have a more severe gag” with this she pressed the end of the inflatable gag through the ring, secured it and gave the attached bulb a few pumps until my mouth was comfortably full. “Any more protests, there will be three more pumps each time.”

She returned to licking the head of my cock. The pain was becoming unbearable so I made some noise. She stopped what she was doing and placed something on my left nipple and I heard the pump go three times, this time sucking the air out of what as around my nipple. “OMG, she’s got some suction cups” I thought to myself.

“You are only a few minutes in and you are already starting to get punishments that will only get worse if you make any more noise.” With this she started to lick on my right nipple, making it even more sensitive that it already was. With this I now realised that I was going to be in for a very hard time.

She carried on teasing my nipple and started to fondle my balls and cock with her hands. She started to ramp up the pressure as a moan escaped from my mouth. Another cup was placed on my right nipple and three squeezes of the bulb later her mouth returned to my cock. I felt a movement on the bed and a strange rattling sound. I felt a pinch on my left arm followed by a series of them all the way up it, The same happened on my right arm. More pinches followed on both sides of my body. The pain was throbbing and a gasp escaped from my gagged mouth and she pumped the gag up a bit more so it was now becoming more uncomfortable.

She started to give my constricted shaft all the attention she could in its constricted state. Suddenly I felt stop giving my cock any attention and said “If you do not make a sound in the next 5 minutes, I will remove the inflatable up gag. Easy I thought, if she does not touch my cock.

I waited for her next assault which when it came was searing pain as all the pinches were pulled off in one quick movement. I held back my scream of agony that was going round my head.

“Very good” she said, “I’ll now remove the gag. If you make a sound, It will go back in at the same level as now with three more pumps.” With that I felt the pressure in the gag release and then it was removed, leaving just the ring gag.

“It is time you gave me some attention. You will use your tongue on my pussy and clit until I cum or I decide I have had enough. During this time you will need to concentrate hard so that your cock can be released from its confinement. If it goes limp by the time I have had enough, I’ll remove the rings and you will get a reward. I will be using the last weeks training to make it a hard task for you to make me cum.”

I felt movement on the bed as she approached me and knelt so that her pussy was at my mouth. I started to circle her clit with the tip of my tongue, and started to do as she asked. She kept encouraging me to work on her pussy and clit. I taste the juices that were seeping from her pussy and worked as hard as I could. After what seemed like hours, she was leaking lots of juices, however she had not cum. She moved her pussy away from my mouth and commented that I must have concentrating hard as she removed the rings from my now limp cock.

I felt movement on the bed and she released the cups that had been pulling on my nipples all the time. Now let’s see how well you can behave. I am going to remove the ring gag, but I do not expect any sounds.

“If you make a noise, you will have the big ball inserted.” She knows how I hate the big ball (2 ½ inch diameter), I have only had to wear it in punishments previously. I nodded to confirm I understood. With that the ring gag was removed and I eased my jaw. I heard a little jangling and she started to suck on my cock to make it hard, Once I was hard again she impaled herself on it “Ooooh how I like your nice hard cock in me.” With that she started using her pussy muscles to squeeze it.

She leant forward and I felt her pinching my nipples. They were very tender after the treatment they had received earlier. I managed to stifle the moans of discomfort as the pinches got harder, whilst my face was creased with the pain.

“I am glad you managed to hold back there, because this is only the start of the rest of your torment.” With that I felt nipple clamps being applied to my nipples with the sharp pain initially turning to a hard throbbing pain.

I heard two click on either side of me. With her teeth she removed the blindfold from around my eyes. I blinked hard until I got used to the light and all I could see was her face wearing her devilish smile that showed playfulness and her lust. She leant back a little and there was a pull on my nipples. I looked down to see that she had applied the clover clamps to my nipples and attached them to her nipple rings.

“My arms are locked to each end of a chain that is behind you. They will not be unlocked until the end of the session. I will now ride you as hard as I can. At the same time I may or may not tickle you. You may not cum until I tell you or I cum. All this time you must not make a sound. Any sounds will be punished severely at a later date. Do I make myself clear?”

A nod from me confirmed that I understood and she started to ride me, slowly to begin with. She started tickling me and I had to concentrate hard at not making a noise. She stopped tickling me and leant back as far as she could, clearing putting additional pressure on my nipple. My cock seemed to get even harder and eager to release its juices. The pace of her riding me picked up as she stretched back, pulling her nipples out and at teh same time stretching mine. She started to squeeze her pussy muscles around my cock, her breathing started to shorten and a red flush started to appear around her neck slowly making its way down to her breasts.

“OOOOOOOOOOOOHHHHHHHHHHHH YYYYYYYYYYYYYYESSSSSSSSSSSS” she screamed, as she started to come. When I felt her squirt her juices all over me, I could not hold back and squirted my cum inside her.

She collapsed forward on to me with her head leaning on my shoulder. I felt very lighted headed as if about to feint. Her arms spasmed a little and she slowly raised herself from me. She fumbled around behind me for what seemed like ages, unlocked one end of the chain attached to her cuffs and removed the nipple clamps.

She saw I was trying to hold back any sound.

“Your silence is over,” she said so I could vocalise the pain. She suckled on my nipples for a moment to ease the pain of the clamps being removed.

She released me from all my restraints and we laid down on the bed hugging each other.

“That was intense, I have never been able to hold back so long when you were performing with your tongue. You held out very well, and I do like the effects of those rings on your cock. I think I’ll use them a lot now….”

She continued “I think the training last week has really started to work, as we both lasted well over the time. That was up when you finished giving me all that nice oral attention. I just added the extra silence and nipple clamps and locked wrists as extra play time.”

I moaned “that was not fair.”

“Oh it was, you have been mean on me this last week, and that clit vibe yesterday was absolutely the worst torment I have ever endured.”

To be continued…..

(Next week the final training session for Diane)

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