Final training

Story so far:-
Diane has been challenged by her husband not to come whilst being teased for a period of time. Each time she fails, the time she has to resist gets longer. Their session was interrupted by arrival of friends and the challenge was issued so the challenge is now between the 2 women, the first to come is the loser. After an intense day’s shopping, where Diane has been teased all day, she finally came in a sex shop owned by a couple they had seen in a club.

Both of us having the day off, we got up later than normal for a weekday. Diane started getting our breakfast together, and the coffee was smelling good. Once breakfast was finished, she went to her handbag and produced a small packet. I looked in to see a quantity of small round discs that on closer inspection were small batteries.

“What are these for?” I asked.

“What you are going to put in the clit vibrator now!” with emphasis on now.

I was aghast, “and…”

“Well we had a final training session planned for tonight. I thought about on Sunday and thought we should do it this morning, so I can fuck your brains out in the morning leaving plenty of time before we go to Tom and Suzy.”

“I like the second part, but what have you planned for today.”

“You are going to tie me to the post that holds up the stairs, hang 2 ounce weights from my nipple rings, insert the bullet vibe and put the clit vibrator on. You will then set them running at maximum. You will time how long I last until I cum or if I last 4 hours tell me, then tell me when another 20 minutes have elapsed.”

“That is some challenge you have set yourself.” I countered.

“I know, but if i can hold out a long time, then I know I will win on Saturday, and I will be able to torment Tom like he has never suffered before. And we know how you like to play with Suzy.”

“OK, but I will tie you how you can expect to be tied on Saturday, in your corset and hands tied to the front of the post. I will use your sewing mannequin to replicate Suzy being there.”

With this I got the mannequin, her cuffs and replaced the batteries in the vibrators that she insisted on using. I knew that I was going to enjoy watching this. I tied a string around the soft toy I had found, and made sure it was about the right height for her hands.

She arrived at the bottom the stairs, wearing her corset. I started to tighten the laces up and gave her a rest when there was about 1½ inches clearance. After a few minutes of her getting used to the restriction I tightened the laces to the half inch clearance that we had agreed for the challenge. She was more tightly restrained than normal and she was finding it a bit difficult already, however it was good practice.

I took off her shoes, cuffed her ankles and slipped a connecting chain between them. I put the clit vibe on and made sure it was properly positioned, and inserted the bullet vibe.I got the mannequin, placed up against the post, put a thin rope around its torso and tied it to the post in the way that Suzy will be tied, leaving plenty of rope hanging down. I placed Diane up against the post, tied the laces from the front of the corset around the post and then around the mannequin. I took a piece of string and tied it to one nipple ring passed around the back of the mannequin and tied it to the other nipple ring with a tiny amount of pull on her rings.

Now she was tied up, I told her to play with the soft toy as if it was Suzy’s pussy and clit there so she could get used to using her fingers and that I was going to talk to her from time to time, and she will also hear the sound from some of our favourite films, so it would replicate Suzy talking and teasing her verbally during the challenge as well as occasionallhy leaning back, so I would add the weights to the string as and when I felt like it. With this I turned both vibrators on full power and checked the time.

I whispered in her ear “You look gorgeous, I would really love to play with you here and know, tease you all over, stroke you and make you even hornier than you are now.”

A moan escaped from her lips, and she replied, “this is a great, I am already getting turned on, but I am going to hold out for as long as I can.”

“I know you can hold back, think of the work you have to do next week. Think of how of that presentation you have to, think of what you want to say.” I replied. “whilst doing all that keep your hands occupied playing with the toy.”

Her moans started to decrease, so I thought now is the time to add some sound, so I pressed play on the favourite film we had on the laptop behind her.

I stepped back, sat back on a chair and watched her struggle and fight the sensations she was feeling in her pussy and especially on her clit. I watched her for a while, got up and added the weights to the string pulling on her nipples.

“OOOOOOOOOOOOOHHHHHHHH. That’s too much.” I ignored her and went back and sat down for about 10 minutes before I got up and removed the weights.

“AAAAHHHH,” came from her mouth. I suggested she leans back to feel the effect of her doing that to Suzy.

With this she leans back stretching her nipples out much more than the weight did. She grimaced, held the position for a couple of minutes then relaxed back into an upright position.

I whispered in her ear “you’re doing really well, just keep thinking of boring mundane things that you have to do”.

After an hour of the vibrators going full blast, I turned them down to the lowest setting for 10 minutes and then right back up to the maximum. I then added weights to the string and sat back down. She started to wriggle and moan, her neck started to go red, a sure sign she was getting close, so I went up to her “what have you got planned for dinner tonight? Is it that horrible spaghetti dish that we both hate?” after a few minutes of this mundane talk, I could see her calming down a bit.

I left the weights on for nearly half an hour before I removed them. She relaxed a bit more and then I set the clit vibe on low, leaving the bullet on maximum, ten minutes later I reversed it so her clit was getting all the attention. After another 15 minutes I turned the bullet back up to full and sat back to watch.

I waited, waited a bit more and felt that we needed to ramp up the pressure so I added weights back to the string connecting her nipples. I could see the start of an orgasm come, so this time I went to the back of the mannequin and added another 4 ounces of weights to the string. I saw her lean back a bit to really stretch her nipples, she started shaking her head violently and went red around the neck and her face.


With this there was a further scream, then her eyes closed and a big smile appeared on her face. I immediately turned both vibrators off, cut the string connecting her nipples, untied the rope around her, the laces from the back of the mannequin, unclipped her cuffs and reached around from behind her to untie the laces for her corset from the post. I carried her to the sofa whilst her arms and legs twitched uncontrollably. I waited while holding her close and let her come round.

After twenty minutes she started to make sense, so I stroked her hair, offered her a drink, wrapped her in her robe and let her relax. A few minutes later she asked “How did I do?”

“A staggering three hours forty nine minutes.”

“WOW, that long, it felt like about an hour and a half.”

“Definitely that long, look at the clock, it is nearly lunch time. Now just sit back, relax and drink the rest of that carton of juice. I’ll go and put together a light salad for lunch.”

We had lunch and discussed her morning’s entertainment. She commented “I needed that toy there to keep my hands occupied. When you told me to think of that presentation next week, I started to block out what was going on until you added the weights to that string. That was nasty, but there again, I know that we will be working against each other  so fair. However when you played with the settings on the vibes, that really caught me out, I had a hard time concentrating on other things other than the sensations I was feeling.”

“I know I mixed things up a bit, but Suzy won’t be giving you the full on attention and sensations all the time, so it was necessary. I suspect as she gets close to cumming, her hands will stop teasing you, just as you stopped playing with the toy when you got close the first time and then when you eventually came.”

“Now, what do you want to do this afternoon.” I said to change the subject.

“I’d love to go for a walk along the canal, if I can.”

“Fine, when you’re ready go and have a shower and get into some comfortable clothes. I’ll clear up down here.”

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12 Responses to Final training

  1. Molly says:

    I am surprised she can walk anywhere I think I would need to spend the rest of the day recovering after that…although there is no way I could have held off.


  2. Waw, it is sexy with the vibe. I love reading stories like this. And you are a good writer. Thanks. With kind regards. Ve

  3. kazigrrl says:

    Wow, that was incredible! I don’t think I could have held out that long…

    ~Kazi xxx

  4. mrs jojo says:

    I’d be walking like john wayn :p

  5. Wow! Very vivid and intense. We read this chapter before reading the earlier ones, but are off to remedy that situation immediately.

  6. You are a good writer. This is a very sexy scene and I definitely have to rush off to read the other chapters!

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