Diane and Suzy battle it out

Story so far:-
Diane was challenged by her husband not to come whilst being teased for a period of time. Each time she failed, the time she has to resist gets longer. Their session was interrupted by arrival of friends and a new challenge was issued so the challenge is now between the 2 women, the first to come is the loser. A third couple (fetish shop owners) have agreed to act as judges.

John and Kathy are our judges for today’s challenge. About an hour before , John gathered us all together and said “Kathy and I have had a good look at the rules and there are a few minor changes to make it even fairer.

“We agree that there should be a restriction of the use language but have not really come up with a real solution within the challenge itself. So we have thought of how the penalty is applied.”

“Tonight at 10 pm we will all go to the play room. For each use of a banned word from Suzy, Kathy will administer a stroke of the cane to Tom, and a stroke to Peter for each use from Diane. I will then administer the cane to the girls. We have brought along a special new Lexan cane, which can be wiped clean between each recipient.”

“We will make sure you remember the use of the banned words for a few days”.

We all heard Suzy go “Ouch.”

John continued “we agree to the suggestion about the cuffs for the losers and we have brought special ones.”

“We also think that it is not fair that just Diane and Suzy are bound.” Kathy started, “so we have decided that the men should also be in bondage for part of the challenge. We will deal with them before we start getting the girls ready. When the challenge actually starts we will explain how they can release themselves and remove the ball gags.”

The girls laughed and Diane said “about time they had their own challenge.”

Kathy added “We will mark out an area which they must stand in when they are giving you girls their words of encouragement. This will prevent any possible interference in the challenge.”

Suzy commented “you have really thought of everything haven’t you.”

“We’ve tried to ensure everything is covered.” John replied “And I feel it is only fair to add that our decision is absolutely final.”

Kathy then said “finally there is nothing to say what will happen if there is a tie. Whilst this is an unlikely event, we should cater for it.”

We all nodded in agreement, it was something that we had not thought of.

“Instead of going to the party in two weeks time, we all meet here, and I will play with Tom and Peter, and John will play with Diane and Suzy. We will play with each of you for 2 hours. you will decide between yourselves who plays first, and the person who is not being played with will be blindfolded, cuffed to a chair and have headphones playing music while we play with the other. We will discuss all limits beforehand and respect them. Each of you will have a safeword for that play session.”

We all went into the garden and started setting everything in the places decreed by John and Kathy. They were very well organised and had already planned out where everything needed to be.

We all went to get changed and assembled in the garden. We were warned that this was the last chance we had of going to the loo before the challenge ended. I know that Diane and I had done the necessary and as Tom and Suzy did not move, they had too.

Tom and I were invited to sit on the chairs placed at the end of the garden in each corner, about 100 feet away from the post. We were cuffed to the chairs with padlocks and ball gags inserted with a click at the back so they were locked on.

Kathy went to the back door and placed envelopes under 2 bricks. In the meantime, John had started to check the corsets, and declared that each girl would be tightened in 2 stages. When both corsets had been tightened to the satisfaction of John and Kathy, the girls were led to the post. Both had their hands cuffed so that the right arm was outside the left arm of the other, a large piece of cardboard was held by Kathy between their pussies and their opponents hands. These cards are here to stop you playing with your opponent until the actual start. If you let the card slip before the start of the play, then your opponent will be allowed that additional time to start playing with you. Once the girls were tied to the post, John produced snap links to secure their ankles together. The final addition was the locks securing their nipples together. Both gasped as they were clicked shut securing them to each other.

I heard a clear count “three, two, one, Go” as the cardboard was removed.

John came up to us men, quickly went behind us and gave each of us a piece of string. John said “To release yourself, you need to pull this string. You have each 500 yards of thin string on a spool, at the end of the string is the key that will unlock the chains holding your wrists and ankles to the chair. The keys to undo the wrist cuffs, hobble and your gags are under the brick marked with your name. Any interference to the other persons brick means an automatic loss of the challenge for you and your partner. If you drop the string, it is up to you to find a way of getting it back. Enjoy.”

John left us and walked up quietly to where the girls were, with a pad and pen in his hand. They were clearly taking this judging very seriously.

I carefully started pulling on my string, making sure I did drop it. I looked over to Tom who was pulling on the string as fast and hard as he could with his restricted hand movements. After about 20 minutes I saw Tom hand the key in his hand. He was fumbling around trying to find the keyhole in the lock. In the mean time I felt the resistance in my string change so I would soon have the key in my hand. I wound the string around a hand 2 or 3 times so If I dropped the key, I had something to retrieve it with. I finally felt the key in my hand, and started fumbling around trying to unlock the chain attached to my cuffs. Finally I heard a click and the lock opened. I was now free to waddle down the garden to retrieve the other key. As I got up, I saw Tom had nothing in his hands. He’d dropped the key was my immediate thought.

I started down the garden, saw the brick with my name, opened the envelope, unlocked the gag, wrist and ankle chains and ran to the area behind Diane. She was definitely hot and horny, but there were no signs of her cumming in the near future. I looked at Suzy who had her eyes closed concentrating hard although wriggling like mad so aggravating the torment to her nipples.  I whispered in Diane’s ear to really play with her fingers.

Diane immediately stepped up the pace, and Suzy exclaimed “You cow”. I looked at John and Kathy as they made a mark in their notebook.

I saw Diane was working away at Suzy and she was not holding back. Just as Suzy was doing her best to get Diane to cum.

I looked at Suzy as she started to get very red in the face and neck. I whispered to Diane to ramp it up again. Suzy let out a gasp as obviously Diane hit a really sweet spot.

Suzy started screaming “NNNNNNOOOOOO. “YYYYYYYYYYYESSSSSSSSSSSS and then “NNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO” again. A huge growl came from her and suddenly her face started to slacken as the waves of her orgasm overtook her. Diane screamed “OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOWWWWWWWW”. I stood back to see a gush of liquid escape from one of them. Suzy then slumped forward.

Immediately John and Kathy started to release Suzy from her restraints, starting with the ankles and John held her as Kathy fiddled with each lock between their nipples and they suddenly opened without the use of a key.

They laid Suzy down on the ground, and Kathy held her whilst John went to sort Tom out. Kathy turned to me and mouthed, you can release Diane now and give her any care she needs.

I released Diane, held her close and started to loosen her corset. Tom appeared with a sheepish look on his face, and said, “It looks like Suzy lost the challenge”.

Both John and Kathy replied “Yes”. Kathy added “you take over from me holding Suzy as she hasn’t recovered yet”. I looked at Suzy as Tom held her and it was clear that she had cum hard as her arms were flailing around and her legs were jerking, and her eyes were still closed and there was a very dreamy smile on her face.

I whispered in “Diane’s ear, how do you feel?”

“Very horny and I want you now” she said. I looked at John and Kathy who just nodded and looked at the house clearly suggesting we went inside. I held Diane close as we rushed inside and up to the bedroom where I laid her on the bed and let my cock rest against her moist pussy.

“Don’t tease me please, just get on with it, I need you in me NOW!” I wasted no time in entering her and  as I started pumping, she came and encouraged me to continue. I started pumping in and out of her faster and harder until I exclaimed, “I’m cumming.” At this she squeezed my cock hard with her pussy and I let go a stream of my cum inside her. I felt a squirt on my balls as she came hard.

I cuddled her as she recovered and said “I’m proud of you and how well you did today”.


The next installment- Penalty time- out next Wednesday

For more wantonness click here

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6 Responses to Diane and Suzy battle it out

  1. Molly says:

    I don’t think I would care if I won or not… orgasms are too good to be denied in my world but then I am a greedy slut.


    • thelongbean says:

      I sort of gathered that from your blog… The next episode actually contains the penalties for losing. You may not want to let your Dom see it as it might give him ideas that you may not appreciate!

      BTW I look at you great blog every week…..

  2. Excellent story, but we must agree with Molly! Orgasm denial is one of the cruelest punishments we could imagine!

  3. kazigrrl says:

    There’s a lot to be said for edge play, actually 😉

    ~Kazi xxx

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