Paying the penalty

Story so far:-
Diane and Suzy have completed a contest to make the other orgasm first. Suzylost so she and her husband have to suffer the consequences. A third couple (fetish shop owners) acted  as the judges.

As Suzy was the loser, both she and Tom were to be restrained and put into chastity devices. Tom was sent to get the cuffs for both of them and their chastity devices. Once their chastity devices had been fitted to the satisfaction of John and Kathy, they produce two waistbelts and 4 lengths of chain. The waist belts were fitted and the lengths of chain were threaded through rings attached to either side and then locked on to the cuffs. Tom was asked to raise a hand, only to find that to reach above mid chest height he had to raise his foot.

Kathy finished the fitting of all the restraints, and said “we will keep all the keys and release you from your chains tomorrow, however the chastity devices will stay on for a total of six weeks.”

John added “I think that both girls need a rest and I know I would like a nap before dinner as we still have a long night ahead of us.” Kathy and I will prepare dinner for 8 o’clock if that’s OK you Tom and Suzy?”

They both said yes. With this Tom and Suzy led the way upstairs as we all went for a rest. I looked at the clock in our room and saw that we had about 3 hours in which to relax.

I took the corset off Diane and laid on the bed with her pulled into me as we relaxed and she drifted off for a sleep. I nodded off for a while and at about 6.30 I woke up with her still sleeping. I held her and gently stroked her hair. A few minutes later she awoke and said “that’s nice”. We showered and got dressed as if we were going to the pub and went downstairs to find John and Kathy busy in the Kitchen. We both offered to help but were told to go and relax. Kathy joined us a few minutes later.

Tom and Suzy appeared about half an hour later with just their bathrobes on them. They asked if they could be released from their chains so they could get dressed before dinner. Kathy looked at us and we nodded so she followed them back upstairs. About 10minutes later the three of them reappeared, with John in a T shirt and shorts and Suzy in a short boob tube and miniskirt.

Once the excellent dinner had finished, I asked “How did the girls do on the words” as I was concerned about sitting down later in the evening.

“We will announce those results when we are all in the playroom.” Kathy commented. She continued, “as you know, Tom and Suzy have agreed that we can play tonight in there, provided one couple is resting.  Before any play occurs, John and I will administer the cane for the required number of strokes to each couple separately. ”

We all agreed that that was a sensible plan. We followed Tom and Suzy to the play room, which was a small converted barn attached to their house. I looked at John and Kathy to see that they were suitably impressed with it.

Tom said, “between Suzy and myself, we designed all the furniture and I made it.” John said it looked really good and Kathy said “I look forward to trying it out later.”

John announced “We will cane each couple together using the spanking bench and the small horse. The couple not being punished will wear blind folds and the headphones playing loud so they do not hear the number of strokes the other couple receive. If you want to talk about it later, that is up to you.

“We will toss a coin to see who wishes to go first. As Tom and Suzy are our hosts, they can chose heads or tails.” They chose tails, and we all watched the coin and as it settled on the floor it was clear that heads won. I immediately elected we go first.

We approached the equipment nervously as Tom and Suzy were kitted out with blindfolds and the headphones. John and Kathy approached us and invited us to bare our asses and kneel over the benches. We were asked if we wanted to have our wrists strapped to the benches, and if not, warned that if either of us put our hands to our asses at any stage, they would start all over again for both of us. We both elected to be restrained and I expected that we would being on the receiving end of fair amount of strokes.

John announced that Diane had only used two banned words and they were only used once, therefore we would both receive 2 strokes of the cane at full strength.

They waited a while and I saw Kathy raise her arm behind her shoulder, nod and there was an immediate line of fire across my ass. Both of us screamed.  We waited for a minute or so while John and Kathy let the pain subside before a second line of fire went across our asses. We were kept kneeling for a while before we were released from our bonds.

They motioned for us to join them in the corner. I looked at Diane and it was clear that a tear had come from the pain. Kathy said, “Suzy has earned a larger number of strokes and I am not sure that they can deal with them all today, especially as they have 6 on their sit spots tomorrow. If it is alright with you, we will offer to administer half today, and after the party in 2 weeks administer the other half plus an additional two each for the postponement.”

We both agreed, and John said “We will tell them that you were both offered the same deal, and we handle the next session in the same way as we have tonight. We will not tell you what their decision is nor tell them what yours was. OK, we will wait another 2 or three minutes before you four swap places.”

We were sat down and the blindfolds and earphones playing loud music placed on our heads. I could hear nothing other than the music. I waited for what seemed like half an hour, before the headphones were removed and then the blindfold. I heard a soft sob coming from Suzy, but nothing from Tom.

John turned to all of us and started “You are not the only ones who are being punished tonight.”

I looked at Tom, Suzy and then Diane and just as mine had their eyes had opened wide.

John continued, “Since we saw your challenge, Kathy and I have devised our own. The challenge was for me to service her orally on Monday through to Thursday for one hour. If I did not make her cum in that time, I would receive 6 strokes of the cane. If she came more than once each session, then she would receive six strokes for every time she came above the first. The results are that on Monday she came three times, she came once on Tuesday and held out on both Wednesday and Thursday. We have decided to ask that each of you to administer 6 strokes of the cane at full force, the girls on me and the men on Kathy. There is to be no holding back from any of you, as we certainly did not hold back with you.”

We all looked at each other in surprise when Kathy continued, “In addition we had a side bet today, and I lost so there is a penalty caning of six strokes on my sit spot tomorrow, and the three men will draw lots to see who administers it. So I ask that you avoid that tonight.”

With that, we all made our way to the benches and administered our allocation of cane strokes. When we had finished, both Kathy and John had tears in their eyes as there were clear visible welts on their asses when we had finished.

Next week- a play session…….

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