Play time

Story so far:-
Diane and Suzy have completed a contest to make the other orgasm first. Suzy lost so she and her husband have to suffer the consequences. A third couple (fetish shop owners) acted  as the judges. The first penalty for the losers has been carried out, so now the three couples can play….

Suzy started to secure Tom face up to the big table in the middle. Because of the way his hands were attached to his ankles, she secured cuffs around his thighs and clipped his wrists to his thighs. She ran a strap around his upper chest, secured it down and then secured his ankles to the rings hanging from the top of the legs. She went to one of the cupboards opened the door and selected one of the black cloth bags that was hanging on the inside of the door, closed it before returning to Tom.

Suzy explained to John and Kathy that whilst she was usually the sub, “because he did not free himself during the challenge, we agreed that I could be the top tonight.” She disappeared for a couple of minutes and returned with a big bowl full of ice cubes. Tom noticeably shivered when he saw the bowl.

She got a small stool, raised herself onto the table and sat on his groin. She placed a blindfold over Toms eyes, secured it and added earplugs. Diane went to her and whispered something in her ear which made Suzy break out into a broad smile and she nodded. Diane then came to me and said in a hushed voice, “Suzy says its OK.” I nodded acceptance as this was going to add to the fun tonight.

Diane knelt in front of John and Kathy and whispered to them, “Suzy invites Kathy to join her in tormenting Tom and John would you like to join Peter in our scene at the Cross where I will be the sub.”

Both John and Kathy smiled broadly and nodded yes. Kathy approached Suzy and they had a little discussion as Suzy started teasing Tom’s nipples with her hands. Whilst waiting for John and Diane to arrive at the cross, I thought “Toms in for it tonight” as I knew how vicious Suzy can be with her hands.

Diane arrived at the cross, stripped down to her G string and I cuffed her hands to the top of the cross as John cuffed her ankles. I hung up a range of floggers on the wall in front of Diane so she could see what implements I had selected. I decided that she needed something to stop her from turning her head so I selected our tallest posture collar, placed it around her neck and buckled it up. I checked to make sure she was comfortable.

I said to John, I am only going to flog her back and later her front. John smiled and asked how we should play this. I asked “which flogger do you want to start with”.

He selected the soft tailed suede flogger which is  very good for warming up a person before it is used in anger. He then started warming up her back with gentle stroke that got harder as he went on. I heard Diane purr as she felt the sweet gentle kiss of the flogger. After a few minutes John dropped his hand as he felt it was time for me to be involved. I had selected a slightly more severe thin leather flogger with 24 inch tails. I started giving her a gentle flogging letting just the tips of the flogger touch her back as I stood at her side and used a whirling motion of my wrist. I then felt that she was now suitable warmed up so started in the traditional figure of 8 pattern giving her light strokes with hard ones added. Each time a hard stroke landed there was an clear reaction in her body.

John picked up the nice little quirt that left little sting mark and he practiced away from us so he could get used to it.  While he was practicing I selected the silicon flogger which is very heavy, has 36 tails about 1/8 square and delivers a thud with a sting at the corners of the tail. When used carefully it is a toy that is very sensuous as well as being able to provide a lot of pain. I started using the flogger gently so she could get used to the different sensation, before I started with some hard strokes. After my arms started to tire I wound down the flogging and moved away to allow John to use the quirt on her now deeply reddened back. He used a gentle flick of his wrist and placed the strokes so that only the short tip that had been cut in two like a tawse touched her back. When the first strike landed there was a squeaked “That hurts”. It did not stop John from slowly going all over her back raising small welts and Diane squeaking every time she got stung. When her back was covered with little welts between one and 3 inches long John ushered me to get the gentle suede flogger and start to finish her back off. I started in hard and slowly wound down so that there was  no power in the strokes. Diane by this time was purring. I handed the flogger to John and started stroking her back and whispered “are you ready for the front now”. A husky “ummm” is all I heard.

We her around and reattached her arms to the cross, and John realising that we had not finished attached her ankles. I picked up our “surprise” flogger and handed it to John. Diane looked smiled sweetly and asked him “lay it on as hard as you possibly can.”

As John practiced with the unfamiliar flogger, I whispered in her ear “do you want your pussy flogged as well?”

“Oh yyessssss please, on the bare”.

This was a clear invitation that we could do what I most wanted. I stepped away and said to John I will be playing with her pussy while he flogged her breasts, so please be careful. He laughed nervously. I let him start flogging her breasts and when they clearly were not marking he started to apply harder strokes. Diane was smiling so I knelt down in front of her, undid the bows holding up her G string and removed it. I started to play with her pussy which was already moist. I played with her clit whilst I inserted first one, then 2 fingers. She was starting to moan at this, and managed a throaty “I can’t feel anything from the flogger.”

I heard a very loud THWACK, looked over at Kathy who looked askance. Another loud THWACK and a sigh of arousal came from Diane. I saw Suzy whisper something to Kathy, who came over to us and watched from a safe distance as John applied the flogger at full strength straight across Diane’s nipple. Her breathing was starting to shorten so I moved away and indicated he should flog her pussy. He looked worried, when Diane pleaded “do it”.

He needed no second invitation and started flogging her pussy, getting harder all the time. He handed the flogger to Kathy suggesting she tried as he could not make a mark. Kathy started flogging Diane’s pussy putting all her strength into the strokes. Diane’s moans were getting stronger all the time until she went “YESSSSSSSSSSSSS” arched her back and started to squirt her juices accompanied by a squelch when the flogger landed next. I signalled to Kathy to stop and she stepped back why I cuddled Diane, released her arms. Kathy released her ankles and I led her unsteadily to the chairs so she could rest.

Meanwhile I could see that Suzy was nearly finished with Tom as she had got off the table. She handed a piece of string to both John and Kathy and said to them when I give the signal, pull the string as hard as you can in one single movement. They pulled the string taut so that there was no slack, Suzy gave the signal and a series of snip like sounds came followed by a scream of agony as they pulled all the clothes pegs off his body at once.

Suzy went to Tom cuddled him, removed his blindfold and ear plugs before releasing him from the table and letting him relax on a chair.

As we sat around relaxing allowing Tom and Diane to recover from their ordeals. John turned to me “you had me totally fooled with that last flogger, as hard as I hit Diane, I could not mark her.” To which Kathy added “I have never flogged a pussy so hard and there were no cries of pain.”

Diane answered “It is very interesting, made from the Neoprene that wet suits are made of. It makes a lot of noise on contact and when we play with it in parties, those who are not in the know look on in horror when either of us use it at full force. The worst it feels like is a light tap.”

Tom and Suzy looked in amusement as I handed the floggers to Diane who asked Kathy  and John “hold out your hands”  while she used the neoprene flogger. Kathy looked worried, did as she was told and Diane landed a hard stroke on each of their hands.

“WOW, it looks so brutal, yet I hardly felt it.” Said Kathy.

“We know” I laughed, “that’s why we sometimes use it in front of people who don’t know about it. I knew I could let John and you use as hard as you liked without any worries.”

“You fooled both of us” John said “in a suprising way. I think we will have to get someone to make us one for our demonstrations!”

Author’s note, I have seen and been on the receiving end of the neoprene flogger mentioned and can assure readers that it is feels little more than a fly landing does when used at full strength.

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2 Responses to Play time

  1. kazigrrl says:

    Intense descriptions of the action, I’d be up for some of that. The neoprene flogger sounds interesting, I’ve not seen one round these parts..

    ~Kazi xxx

    • thelongbean says:

      The flogger was made as a one off, as was a silicon flogger. The silicon one is much heavier with a lot of thud and a little sting.

      The neoprene was interesting when it was first used on me. The top whispered to me when she first used it that she would not hold back and there was no warm up, and i hardly felt it, but it made a lot of noise. Much of the play stopped so they could watch!

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