More penalties

Story so far:-
Diane and Suzy have completed a contest to make the other orgasm first. Suzy lost so she and her husband have to suffer the consequences. A third couple (fetish shop owners) acted  as the judges. The first penalty for the losers has been carried out……

As part of the penalty for losing the challenge, Tom and Suzy have to spend a night in bondage. Kathy started “if it is all right with all of you, we will chain Tom and Suzy to the bed for the night.” We all left the playroom and went up stairs and Diane and I watched as Tom and Suzy had their ankles linked together and secured by a chain to the bottom of the bed. Their wrists were locked together in front of them and Kathy spread the duvet over them and we all bid them good night.

We all left the room and John said quietly, “We have a favour to ask you two. There is something we have wanted to do for a long time and this is a suitable opportunity. We would like you to lock our ankles together like you were to Suzy, then lock our wrists behind each other’s backs. We have set up a timer release mechanism for ourselves, set for 8.30 and there is a spare key on the top of the dressing table for you to take to your room.”

Diane asked “Can I leave this key with you as well as Peter will be a little tied up tonight as well.”

“Of course” they replied.

I looked at Diane as I knew nothing about this. She said with a mischievous smile on her face “I am going to get a good night’s sleep and be the only one not in bondage tonight. I am a light sleeper so if any one shouts, I will wake up and go to them. Now let’s get to your room and sort you two out.”

We went into their room, they stripped off all their clothes and as they went to the bathroom in turn we could see the 12 thin red welts across their asses. I smiled at Diane and said “They are going to have an uncomfortable ride home tomorrow.”

When they had both returned from the bathroom they laid on the bed and we secured them as they asked. Diane pulled the duvet over them and as we turned the light out, Diane added “good night and sweet dreams.”

We got to our room and said, “your turn now”. I quickly went to the bathroom and laid down on the bed and she promptly put the cuffs on me. She attached a chain to each wrist cuff and then asked me to lay on my side and she then attached the chains to my ankles cuffs in a similar manner to the way Tom and Suzy were chained up except they crossed behind my back. She pulled up the duvet, turned off the light, left the room for a minute and joined we in the bed and snuggled back into me and whispered “I can now have an uninterrupted night’s sleep without your hands wandering all over me.” With that she fell silent and I heard her breathing achieve a regular rhythm before sleep over took me.

I woke up to a movement on the bed alongside me, got a big hug and deep kiss. Diane started to get out of bed and I could see that the time was just before 9.00. She mentioned as I was the last to be secured tonight, she would go and make sure John and Kathy were able to release themselves, go to the bathroom and have a shower before releasing me.

She returned shortly and said John and Kathy had released themselves OK and were about to have a shower. Then they would sort out Tom and Suzy. She went into the bathroom, had her shower and got dressed in the tightest dress I have ever seen her in. Obviously she was going for all out teasing of everyone today. She released me from the bed and after I showered I went down to the kitchen to find John dressed and Kathy totally nude and in chains arranged exactly the same as Tom and Suzy the day before. Then Tom and Suzy appeared with no clothes on and in their chains.

John started, “Tom and Suzy suggested that they did not put on any clothes until after their punishment. Kathy and I agreed that she should be in chains in the same fashion until she had received her punishment. She will be treated in exactly the same way as Tom and Suzy until the caning has finished.”

After breakfast we all sat round the table discussing the events of the previous day. Suzy started “When I heard the plans for Tom and Peter, I knew that I would be in trouble as I needed Tom to help me get through the challenge. However I don’t know what you 2 have been up to as Diane knew exactly what buttons to press and when, as well as being able to totally block out everything I did.”

Diane countered, “I was desperately trying not to show any reaction, but you were pressing quite a few of the right buttons. Peter did a pretty good job of training me for it, and I hope you agree.”

“Yes, he did, but I was relying on Tom’s encouragement and voice to help me through.”

Diane mouthed at me “can I tell her?”

I nodded yes, so Diane outlined the training programme we had put together. She mentioned the acceptance of the shopping trip challenge “although I did not have to do it. I also surprised Peter by upping the intensity on a couple of occasions.”

Suzy countered “tell me more”.

“Well, there was a dress I really liked, and it priced a bit more than I normally spend, so I asked him if I upped the challenge could I buy it, he agreed. So, as I was getting dressed, I handed him my bra and knickers, even though I had the bullet vibe in me.”

“Wow” exclaimed Suzy “and I don’t even think I could go in public without my bra and knickers let alone with a bullet vibe buzzing away.”

“That’s not all” Diane continued “after the vibe had been turned up 2 notches, I went to the loo, removed the bullet and replaced it with my new Lelo at the third setting, went back out gave him a bag with the bullet and ben wa balls and handed him the remote for the Lelo.

“After we had finished shopping, Peter took me to John and Kathy’s showroom, and I tried on a hobble skirt which I rather like. As I was changing back out, he surprised me by putting  a clit vibe on me and set it going at full blast. I came verrry hard in their showroom. In addition, on Thursday I was tied in a similar way to the way we were yesterday with the bullet vibe and clit vibe going full blast. I lasted about three hours.”

Suzy replied “I’m flabbergasted, 3 hours…. As I said earlier I was relying on Tom’s voice to help me. I normally take a while to warm up, as you know, but when I get going I needed help in holding back. Without his encouragement I had less of a chance to win.”

Kathy laughed, “I am sorry that Tom dropped the string, but we did warn them both not to drop it.” Tom nodded sheepishly. “John and I have both enjoyed watching you all in the challenges, and whilst I am not looking forward to the cane today, we need to work out the order in which we get our caning.”

Diane asked Tom to fetch a pack of cards. When he returned, she explained our method of deciding who is top, when we both disagree. “As there are three of you, the first person to show a 7 is the first and the second person is decided on the next 7. I also suggest that as there needs to be a draw to decide who applies the cane to Kathy, I suggest the men shuffle the cards again and the first to show a 7 applies the cane.”

First Tom, then Suzy shuffled the cards and handed them to Kathy who just placed the deck on the table. Suzy drew the first card, laid it down, Kathy drew the second and Tom third. This went on for a few more rounds until Suzy drew a 7 to show she went first, Tom drew the second 7 so Kathy would be the last.

The men all shuffled the cards and Tom drew the first card, I drew the second and then John who drew a 7, I saw Kathy visibly shake.

We all went to the playroom, and John asked the three to be punished to face the wall with their noses touching it. He said as this is a punishment, they would be called over in turn, receive three strokes and the return to the wall. There would be a second round of three strokes applied.”

John called Suzy over and John went to his case producing a cane which I have never seen before but looked rather uncomfortable for the recipient. John reminded me to hit the sit spot.

I prepared myself and swished the cane to get a feel of it. I then prepared myself and administered the first stroke. There loud ‘CRACK’ was a howl of pain from Suzy, I prepared for the second which I applied with the same force to another howl from Suzy. There was a swish and the third stoke landed to another anguished howl.

John took the cane from me and put it behind his back as Suzy rose from the bench and returned to the wall. I could see that she was in tears.

Tom was called, Diane was handed the cane and she administered it with the same loud ‘Crack’ and howls of pain from Tom.

When it was Kathy’s turn you could see she was very nervous, particularly as the screams were very loud and tears had come from the others. John took up the position and we heard an even louder “CRACK” as the cane landed and howl escaped from Kathy. The same reaction came with the next 2 strokes. Kathy went back to the wall. After a minute to allow them to calm down, John asked them to turn around.

“Well done,  you have all survived your six strokes, there were three strokes of 2 canes at a time.” He then showed them the implement which was 2 separate canes tightly bound at the handle with a very small gap between them at the tip.

Kathy looked vicious and said “that thing is going to get broken over your ass soon and then it will disappear”.

With that we released the three from their chains.

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6 Responses to More penalties

  1. kazigrrl says:

    Love the concept of spending the night in bondage 🙂

    ~Kazi xxx

  2. daddman56 says:

    This is spectacular and sounds like it was very hot and erotic aat the same time..

  3. Molly says:

    I have slept with the chains but never actually tied up….. yet!


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