Party time- part 1

Following a challenge, the final part of the penalty for losing was to attend a monthly private party at the dungeon of Mistress B where the losing couple would sub for the night. The two couples have invited the judges for the challenge to attend.

Early on the Saturday evening we all gathered at Tom and Suzy’s house.  John asked about the party. We explained that until they were admitted to the mailing list, after attending two consecutive parties, they were only allowed to play in the main public area. We also explained that Mistress B, who owns the premises, was very careful about potential guests and they had to be pre-approved before they were allowed to attend. John and Kathy were surprised but accepted it with good grace.

“It starts at about 9.00 and no one is admitted after 10.00 without Mistress B’s priorm permission.” Diane explained, “usually it starts breaking up around 2.00am. Until you are admitted to the mailing list, we are required to blindfold both of you until we get into the premises. Mistress B is very insistent on this as she wants to keep the location private for members only.”

Diane added “There is no specific rule, but play and full nudity is discouraged in the rest area. However some people may get out toys to show others and occasionally there is some light sensation play.”

We all met in the hall after getting changed and were wearing long coats to protect us from the chill and to hide our outfits. She turned to me with a big smile and said “Suzy has not seen my outfit for tonight as I blindfolded her until I had put the coat on.” I grinned as I knew exactly what she had planned to wear.

When we parked up after finding a space so close to the dungeon. As we entered the dungeon, Mistress B said we could take off John and Kathy’s blindfolds. She went up to them and greeted them warmly, before she hugged me and Suzy and then Diane and Tom.

“Welcome to the party, particularly to John and Kathy. As I am sure you are aware John and Kathy, there is a limit on the amount of time you can play tonight and at the next party also the private rooms are out of bounds. If I add you to the mailing list, you can play as much or little as you want. For obvious reasons, I must ask you to read these rules and sign them to confirm that you will abide by them. Apart from any safeword you may have, we have Red as the dungeon safeword and if that is used by a sub in play, any activity must stop. Our Dungeon Masters and Mistresses (DMs) will watch to make sure that everything is safe and consensual.  The rest and social area is behind those doors, where you will find plenty of soft drinks and there will be a small buffet later. Finally, I must have a quick look in your toy bags to ensure that there is no alcohol, cameras and phones etc. That is my lecture over, and I hope you like the facilities and enjoy yourselves.”

Mistress B inspected all our toy bags and nodded. She turned to Tom and said, “This must be a first as I have never seen you sub before, and to Diane. I can understand Suzy subbing, but not usually to Peter, what is going on?”

I laughed and said “this is part of the forfeit for a challenge 2 weeks ago. When you have finished here, we will explain. I think you will enjoy hearing about it.” We then went through to the rest area and removed our coats, revealing our outfits for the first time.

Suzy was dressed in sheer see through blouse with a black bikini leather bra that was locked on at the back. The cups had been been reinforced and lined with a large number of very small pins that were enough to make her feel them, but they would not draw blood. She also wore a very short black miniskirt that just covered her ass.

Tom on the other hand wore a black string vest and a very tight pairs of cycling shorts that clearly showed he was wearing his chastity device. John and I were wearing black shirts and trousers.

Diane was wearing her very tight thin black boob tube without a bra and a medium length skirt. Kathy however was the one who startled me, she was wearing a minidress that was held together at the front with two buttons, one just above her pussy and one just below. The design was such from her shoulders down to the top button there was very little to prevent her breasts from being seen by everyone. Diane took one look and said to me “I want a dress just like that.”

Before we introduced John and Kathy to the people already there, I took the opportunity to tell Tom and Suzy “You are not allowed to talk to each other or Kathy all through the party. You may only talk to someone, other than Diane, John or myself, if another person starts a conversation. If you are asked a question by anyone here, you give them a truthful and full answer.”

John turned to Kathy, “exactly the same rules apply to you tonight too.”

We found somewhere comfortable and some acquaintances came over. I introduced them to John and Kathy, but it was clear they were very curious about Tom’s status as Diane’s sub tonight. Diane ordered Tom to explain.

Tom briefly detailed the challenge and the result. He then explained that this was part of the penalty for losing. I also told them about the chastity devices that they are having to wear. They asked about how it affected them in bed, to which Tom replied “it’s bloody frustrating.” Diane chipped in, “the middle word is unacceptable so you will be punished for it.”

Tom looked down and “Madam, I apologise for the use of an inappropriate word.” Both Suzy and Kathy glared at him as we had agreed that one error from any of the subs for the night would be administered to all three.

Diane continued “I feel a sharp sting is appropriate, so I think six strokes of the dragon tail is appropriate, and thank you for the apology. If you had not apologised it would have been 12 strokes. Let that be a lesson to all three of you to be on your best behaviour tonight. If we hear any other inappropriate language tonight, you will each receive 6 strokes, from your top for tonight, of John’s nice new cane for each offence just before we leave the party as a special demonstration of it to anyone who is here.” They all gulped and nodded meekly.

John and I looked at each other with wide eyes and mouthed “ouch.” I turned to Diane and whispered “What’s got into you tonight?”

She leaned over and replied in a whisper “if you hadn’t noticed that’s often how he deals with Suzy, so I think he needs a dose of his own medicine. When you use the dragon tail on Suzy, don’t be too severe.” She then turned to John and whispered in his ear to which he nodded as if in agreement.

After this exchange, I felt it was time to start playing, so I asked Suzy to see what equipment was available. She returned after a minute or so and said, “the pillory, the cross and the leather suspension cage.”

I said to Suzy “go and stand by the pillory and undress. If someone wants to use, before I get to you return here.”

I joined Suzy after a few minutes and asked “what is that on the wall?”

“I don’t know what it is Sir, and didn’t see it earlier.”

“It is a Scavenger’s Daughter.  You did not see it and therefore you did not tell me all of the equipment that is free. You have a choice, I play with you in the pillory and at the end you receive 18 strokes with the dragons tail, or I play with you secured in the Scavengers Daughter and you receive 12 stokes of the dragons tail. These strokes will include the 6 Tom has earned you tonight.”

There was a short quiet pause then “The Scavengers Daughter, Sir.”

I removed the Scavenger’s Daughter from the wall and placed it on the mat away from the pillory. “Bring the toy box and your clothes here and place them at the side of the mat.” Immediately she obeyed and collected everything.  I told her to sit on the floor and I secured the collar to her neck.  Two long bars run from the collar and are connected by a spreader bar about two feet wide at the bottom were attached to her ankles and her wrists secured half way up the bars.

I warmed her back using the suede flogger before getting the heavy silicon flogger and her back got very warm, I switched to the quirt and delivered 24 nice little stinging weklts to her back. At this I could see she was floating, so I brought back down with the suede flogger. I saw Diane and motioned for her to come over. I whispered “are you free for a minute?”


“OK, I am about to get Suzy onto her feet, but she won’t be able to balance properly, so can you hold her up?”

“No problem, can I play with her nipples if I’m holding her?”

“Of course.” I replied and then to Suzy “ I am about to lift you onto your feet and then roll you forward. Diane will hold you up  and maybe distract youwhile I deliver your punishment. You will count each stroke and thank me after each one. If you make a mistake on the count, and it you give a lower number than it actually was, we will continue from your number, however if you give a number higher, we start from one again, do you understand?”

“Yes sir.” At this I saw a DM look at how we had set it up and he gave a broad smile. I lifted the dragon tail and applied the first stroke.

“One sir, thank you” Suzy started, followed by a sharp intake of breath, then a moan as Diane was pulled on her nipple rings “two thank you sir”. This continued uninterrupted all the way to the 12th stroke which I applied with more force than the others. A sharp intake of breath was followed by an “OWWWW, twelve, thank you sir”.

I took hold of her shoulders, and leant her back so she was laid against my chest and we removed the Scavenger’s Daughter. I hugged her and stroked her until I was happy she was capable of putting on her clothes. I told her not to put the bra on as we would be playing again later. I helped her to her feet, returned the equipment to the wall, picked up the toy box and walked with her, gently holding her arm to the rest area where Tom immediately got her a drink without being asked.

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9 Responses to Party time- part 1

  1. Molly says:

    I wonder just how far these challenges are going to take them.


    • thelongbean says:

      The party is the last of the penalties…. However we have the Olympics to come, with a nice little twist in the middle:)

      I hope you are enjoying them as much as I do reading your blog.

  2. daddman56 says:

    Sounds like a great party.

  3. We love the way the challenges seem to increase in intensity each week!

  4. kazigrrl says:

    This has been such as great series! and the detail is excellent. I look forward to the next installment 🙂

    ~Kazi xxx

  5. Theo Black says:

    i want

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