Party time- part 2

Following a challenge, the final part of the penalty for losing was to attend a monthly private party at the dungeon of Mistress B where the losing couple would sub for the night. The two couples have invited the judges for the challenge to attend.

John said to Kathy “go and stand by the cage and I will be with you in a minute”.

He turned to me and asked if I could show him exactly how to use it as he had never used one. I went with John to the suspension cage and as there was a DM free, I told John “I’ll get a DM to help you as they know the equipment better than me.

Diane and I watched as Kathy stepped into the leather straps and as they were raised, a special ring was attached at around neck height to stop the straps cutting off her breathing. About half an hour later, Kathy and John returned to join us.

Suzy had been sitting quietly alongside us when some friends came over and I introduced them to John and Kathy. Immediately the question came “Are we seeing things or is Tom subbing to Diane tonight” I turned to Suzy and instructed her to explain.

When Suzy had finished, the laughed, “this is something we have to see”, so they left us to go and watch. I asked Suzy to see what equipment they were using and what was going on.

Suzy came back “Tom is secured in the pillory, and Mistress Diane is using the Silicon flogger at the moment. I can see Tom is getting a very thorough flogging which, forgive me for being impertinent, he is overdue.”

Mistress B had come over, heard that comment and chuckled. “It is up to Peter, but I think you should be allowed that comment. Especially after what you have received at his hands in the past.

About ten minutes later Tom was led back to us by Diane and told to rest in the vacant chair while she finished collecting everything together.

A few minutes later Diane was back and Tom got up and sat on the floor at her feet. Mistress B joined us and brought a chair over. “Now it’s time I heard how Tom and Suzy are both subbing tonight.”

I told Suzy to explain in detail what happened. She spent about ten minutes going through the details of the challenge and their penalties to date. All during this Mistress B’s expression kept changing from a broad smile to inquisitiveness and yet more smiles.

When Suzy had finished Mistress B turned to Tom “I know this is the first time you have been a sub in public, how are you coping?”

“Better than I expected. I thought everyone would laugh at me, especially as I am not subbing to Suzy and that she is a sub too tonight. It is completely different to subbing to someone you play with on a regular basis, but so far it has been fine, although my back is still rather tingly.”

She then turned to John and Kathy and commented “I saw you with the strap cage which is one of my favourites especially for those who have not experienced it. What do you think of it?”

Kathy replied “I’m still a little light headed, but wow, what an experience. I love tight bondage, but that is something else. As soon as the winch started, I could feel the straps tighten all round me and I could not move. Tom swung me first by pulling on my nipples to lift me away from the vertical, then letting go. After a few swings he helped me with the swinging by just a few applications of the crop. I don’t know how long I was in the cage, but it was a really pleasant experience.”

Tom replied “you were in there for about 20 minutes, but you were floating after 5 minutes then spaced very quickly afterwards.”

Kathy added, “I think we need to get one of those as it is soooo nice.”

I laughed, “Don’t be surprised, it gets me ecverytime I get in it, it is such fun to be toyed with and you cannot move.”

John added “I have seen them in videos before, but had never used one. I thoroughly enjoyed strapping Kathy in it and seeing her reactions when she found that as it lifted off the ground it tightened around her so she could not move.”

Mistress B confirmed, “it is  the helplessness of the person in it that makes it such an interesting experience.  I look forward to seeing you both back in the dungeon when Kathy has fully recovered.” With that she rose with a “see you later” and went off to join other couples around the rest area.

Us three tops let the subs rest for quite a long time, and John and Kathy started to circulate and talk with other couples. I then saw Kathy stiffen a little as John said something, she rose looked in  the dungeon and returned and whispered something in his ear. He nodded, rose from where he was and asked Diane if he could borrow the silicon flogger as Kathy had specificallly asked him about it.

Diane laughed “does she know what she is in for?”

“I hope so” replied John, who then added, “I will watch her carefully as I know that she will space quite easily now, and that is when she could get hurt.”

Diane passed over the flogger and John collected the other toys he wanted and went into the dungeon.

After they had been gone for 10 minutes, I looked over to see they playing with Kathy in a standing speadeagle, ankles secured to the floor and her hands attached to a spreader bar that had been lifted so she was only just able to rest her heels on the ground. I went and got the neoprene flogger, stood out of the way, and when John saw what was in my hand, he started to wind down the flogging. He came over to me with a smile, and approached Kathy again, this time to her front. The DM saw this, and moved over to watch. I saw him looking concerned and whispered “what ever you see now, don’t interrupt unless you see any serious welts appearing.”

The DM looked on in amazement as John landed a series of full force blows which sounded very painful on Kathy’s breasts, and apart from a moan of pleasure, there was no reaction.  He looked carefully and could see no marking. Mistress B appeared on my other side, and watched carefully. They turned to me and Mistress B asked “What the hell is that, such heavy blows and no markings.”

“Diane’s secret flogger that shocks people watching. All you feel is a light slap even at that force. Would you like to feel it Mistress B?” She shivered and said that “I only play as a sub in a private home and with people I trust.”

“I know you don’t get to play much at these parties, so give me a moment and I’ll be right back.” I went to the rest area, found Diane, Suzy and Tom, explained what Mistress B had just seen. I said, “is it OK if I invite Mistress B to your home for lunch tomorrow? I think we could have a fun afternoon with her there.”

Suzy looked at Tom and then said “That is fine, suggest she brings a sub, so we can use the flogger on her. Then Tom and I can have a play session with her and her sub.”

I went to Mistress B, “Tom and Suzy have allowed me to invite you and one of your subs for Lunch tomorrow. We can then all flog you with that flogger. As you can see it leaves no marks. Tom and Suzy have also suggested that you play in their special playroom.”

“That is an interesting idea, I had planned to play with G tomorrow and a change of scenery will make it fun.”

In the meantime John finished playing with Kathy and had started to release her from her bonds. I went and fetched Suzy and told her to stand ready by the apparatus while I had a quiet word with Diane whose eyes lit up with my suggestion. She beckoned to Tom to follow her.

As we approached the apparatus I told Suzy to remove all her clothing except her heels, put on her cuffs and wait with her hands holding on to the bar. John passed me the flogger and I whispered that we had a couple of extra guests at lunch tomorrow, and I would explain later.

Tom arrived and Diane ordered him to strip completely and stand facing Suzy.

I secured both their ankles to same fixings that Tom’s ankles had been a few minutes earlier. I added an etra snap hook to Suzy’s wrist cuff and attached the to the spreader bar hanging down and Tom’s  wrists were soon attached too. We got out their ball gags and raised the bar until they were stretched out in a comfortable spreadeagle facing each other. From my bag I picked up a couple of Zip ties. I passed one to Diane, who watched me thread it between the gag’s strap and  Tom’s cheek before threading it past Suzy in the same way. Diane cottoned on to what I was doing. We tightened the ties so their gags were touching. We raised the bar another couple of inches to stretch them out fully. With a series of straps we connected their arms and legs together so effectively they were unable to move apart.

We started flogging them so that we alternated who received a stroke so that they started moving back and forth. This movement looked obscene, but as they were in chastity devices, we knew they would not be able to do much. This flogging continued for quite a while until Diane indicated that Suzy was floating and needed to be brought down, so we both got pin wheels and ran them all over their bodies, as I ran it up Suzy’s left leg, Diane did the same to Tom. We knew they were both ticklish, but they still managed to make some noise through their gags. I nodded and we started stroking their back before we released them from all their ties.

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2 Responses to Party time- part 2

  1. kazigrrl says:

    This sounds very much as I’d always imagined a play party in a dungeon to go. I’m not familiar with a strap cage but it sounds intriguing!

    ~Kazi xxx

    • thelongbean says:

      Thanks Kazi.

      The cages are fun, especially if you like tight bondage. Some of the scenes described are based on real experience in a pro Dungeon in the UK where there were regular monthly parties held.

      LB xxxx

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