Mistress B visits

Mistress B arrived at Tom and Suzy’s house with her sub G late on the Sunday morning following the party (see last week’s post). She was dressed in very elegant clothing that looked as if it revealed everything, but in fact showed nothing. G was dressed in normal clothing.

They were invited in to the lounge and we had a pleasant chat before a light but delicious lunch. When lunch had finished Tom said, “Mistress B, following the challenge that we told you about last night, Suzy, Kathy and I are due six strokes of the cane each on our sit spots. With the permission of Peter, Diane and John, I invite you to administer them, or for you to nominate someone else to administer them on your behalf.”

“I am most honoured to be invited, however I wish to preserve my energy for dealing with G who was a very naughty boy last night and this morning. Therefore, I nominate that you do the same as you did last time.”

The three subs blanched at the thought of receiving six strokes from that double cane. John said “I have not brought the cane we used last time, as I did not want to freak anybody out at the party, so with your permission we will use the Lexan cane.”

Mistress B asked “What cane was that then?”

“It is two canes wrapped together at the handle and there is a very small gap at the tips. It is effectively 2 canes strokes at a time together with a pinching of the flesh as they strike the subject’s ass. They all received three strokes last time and they all were screaming after each one.”

“Sounds like a really nice implement for punishing naughty subs, would you like to bring it to the next party?”

“Certainly I can bring it, and if it is used it will not be used at full force  at one of your parties”.

Kathy chipped in “That is assuming I have not broken it on his ass by then.”

Mistress B looked a little surprised, “After last night, I didn’t think that you were switches.”

Kathy replied, “we switch and we alternate roles so that the next party we attend, John is the sub. We haven’t got any more planned until your next one, so you will see him as a sub then.”

“I look forward to it.”

Sub G asked “Please may I go to the toilet mistress?”

“Yes you may, but do not ask again until I have finished with you this afternoon.”

While sub G was out of the room, she continued, “He has never seen me without any clothes on and I want to keep it that way. I also know I can trust all of you not to tell anyone what goes on this afternoon.”

Sub G returned from the toilet and we all went to the playroom. Mistress B wandered around inspecting the furniture and said to Tom “this is some of the best furniture I have ever seen, it must have cost a fortune, but more important, where did you get it from?”

Suzy piped up “Tom is too modest to say it himself, but actually made it all himself in his workshop.”

Mistress B went back to the bondage chair, examined it carefully “This is exquisite. G we are going to have such fun this afternoon when the others have finished their punishment session.” With that G gulped and looked nervous.

Mistress B then took charge, “if it is alright with you, I will put G on the chair, blindfold him and then receive the flogging. When that is finished, I will watch while you administer the canings.”

“Of course that is all right” piped up John adding “just to make it more interesting for G, I have some noise cancelling headphones so he will not hear a sound whilst he is tied up.” With that Mistress B smiled. She secured G to the chair and blindfolded him. She put the head phones on him, and selected a bullwhip from her bag, unfurled it and gave it a practice shot which produced a resounding crack. G did not respond at all. “Those headphones are very effective.” She commented.

“OK”, she said, “I am going to strip completely, and I want to be secured to the cross. I will leave it up to you how many strokes of the flogger I receive across my breasts. My safeword will be red.”

With that Mistress B stripped and we all admired her body, and fascinated by the neatly scripted name tattoo just above her pussy. “That shows that I am her sub. I have her permission to play with others as a sub when she is abroad, as she is for the whole of this month. However, this is the first time I have ever done it and it is only so I can feel that flogger which intrigues me.”

We helped her on to the cross and I noticed how close her body shape and height was to Suzy and how well she fitted on to the cross. Diane said “I am going to blindfold you so you can concentrate totally on the sensations. You will not know who is flogging you at any given time.”

When she was blindfolded, we passed the flogger to Kathy who did a couple of practice swishes and then laid a stoke across B’s nipples. She sighed before Kathy applied another stroke just as hard, and then followed it up with four more. The flogger was passed to Tom who applied a further 6 hard strokes. Diane followed with her 6 before handing it top me. I used the flogger as hard as I could for my 6 strokes and all I heard was a moan. Suzy took her turn, and John landed the last 6 strokes as hard as he could. Diane went up to Mistress B who was breathing heavily and said “how about a few more, this time on your pussy?.” Mistress B nodded in agreement and Diane added “We will continue until you cum.” The only reply was a big “Pleaseeeee get on with it” in a husky voice.

We all took turns using the flogger on her pussy until she let out a loud scream “YYYYYYEEEESSSSSSS, MMMMMMMMMOOOOOOOOORRRRRRRRRRREEEEE,”

With that her back arched, all her muscles tightened for a short while and she slumped back into her bonds with a big contented smile on her face.

“WOWWWWW that was amazing.” Was all she said as we released her and helped her to a comfortable arm chair. We watched her for a few minutes to make sure she was all right before we started the punishment. John said “we will do this exactly as we did last week. You will all face the wall” and he took the Lexan cane out of the bag. He called Tom over, asked if he wanted to be restrained to which he said no. Diane administered the caning to 6 screams from Tom as she applied her hard stinging strokes. Suzy followed and I was careful to avoid the area that had received attention the previous night as I administered her 6 strokes. Kathy followed her and there were 6 gut wrenching howls from her as the cane hit home. Kathy returned to the wall and John announced that apart from the chastity, the punishments from  the challenge were now complete.

They all relaxed a little, and Mistress B dressed before we released G from his bondage and we all went back to the kitchen for tea. Mistress B asked G how many strokes of the cane were administered, to which he replied “I don’t know, all I heard was a constant hissing.”

Diane, John, Kathy and I said our goodbyes to the others and promised that we would meet up in 2 weeks time at John’s home.

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8 Responses to Mistress B visits

  1. janatwisk says:

    *Gulp* Being a sub myself and knowing my Master mentioned a cane.. this has me a bit scared, but very aroused at the same time. xoxo Jana

  2. kazigrrl says:

    The Lexan cane sounds intriguing… and evil 😉

    ~Kazi xxx

  3. Molly says:

    I have to say I am not keen on the cane…. but then it leaves such delicious marks and I find myself wanting it.


    • thelongbean says:

      I know what you mean Molly, I think it is more who is using it and whether it is a punishment or normal play… My first experience was at school as young boy:( It was only when my Domme started gently that I could appreciate how it can feel good.

  4. The Lexan Cane sounds absolutely evil. We love it.

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