Spanking Raffle Pursuit

Our protagonists had been to a play party 2 weeks previously following a series of challenges. The party host had been invited to lunch (see last week’s story). This story is a get together of the three couples two weeks later.

Following the success at the party and the fun on Sunday with Mistress B, Diane and I arrived at John and Kathy’s house to find Tom and Suzy already there. We were ushered into a large comfortable open plan room. There are separate dining and sitting areas as well as a kitchen that overlooked both areas to the side.

We caught up on the news from our friends. Tom told us that sub G was looking very sheepish when Mistress B and he had finished in their playroom two weeks earlier. He also said that they had been invited to help in the early stages which involved G running around trying to intercept a ball that was rolled around between the three of them. After that game, they excused themselves and allowed Mistress B to play in private. The only indication of what happened was G was required to show the evenly spaced welts on his ass and thighs,”I counted 18 nasty welts” remarked Suzy.

After dinner John said, “I think it is time that we had a little fun. Kathy and I have devised a game based on Trivial Pursuit that we call the Spanking Raffle Pursuit. The variation being these, before we start, we will pick a number in turn from the bag, and this will determine our spanker number. We have collected together a few items, but you may wish to have a look around for anything else you think could be used. We will all write them down on bits of paper and fold them up as in a raffle.

In the event of someone answering a question incorrectly or they take more than 15 seconds to answer, they pick a slip of paper from a bag, and then roll the dice three times. The first roll decides who is the spanker, if the spanker is they, then they roll the die again until it comes up with another person.  The second roll is the number of strokes they receive. If it is a wedge question they get wrong, the number is doubled. If the question they got wrong is the centre (to win) then the number is trebled.  The third roll determining the severity, odd numbers being gentle and even numbers being hard. The slip of paper determines the item used for the spanking. The spanking is administered before the next person’s turn.”

Diane piped up, but there should be a penalty spanking for the person who comes last administered by the winner. The winner can choose any implement and the loser rolls the die once and the number is multiplied by 4 so they will receive a minimum of four and a maximum twenty four strokes all of which are hard strokes. We all nodded agreement, with me hoping that I was not last.

The four of us visitors looked at the array of items already collected and started looking for more. By the time we finished there were 30 different items.

“All spankings will be on the bare.” Suzy said. “In any case, we have all been as near as dammit undressed around each other in the past, I suggest that the first time we get an answer wrong, we are required to strip before any spankings commence.” I gulped, but the others agreed with the idea, so I added my consent.

After all the implements had been written down and folded up, they were put in the thick black bag and well mixed. We then got down to the serious task of trying not to get spanked. Kathy was the first to get a question wrong; the penalty was for four hard strokes with the Lexan cane administered by Suzy.

Suzy had her bend over the armchair, reminding her that if she moved, or tried to protect her ass, the count would start again. Knowing how well Suzy can administer the cane, I was not surprised when Kathy let out a rather loud OUCH with each of the four strokes.

By the end of the game we all were spanked and also got to do the spanking. Towards the end we were all finding it awkward to sit. We went through the implement bag twice, before I had to answer one question correctly to win. The others picked up the card then after whispering, selected the question “Who is the only UK prime minister to have been assassinated while in office?” I immediately replied “Spencer Percival” much to the annoyance of Diane who knew I was not very good at history. I was therefore declared the winner.

I got up from the table, left them to continue until Diane was declared the loser. She had a particularly hard set of questions in the first few rounds so was at an immediate disadvantage and had an already sore ass.

Diane picked up the die and rolled a six much to her chagrin as I selected my favourite implement of those collected.

I laid her over my knees, gave her firm ass a gentle stroke. I noticed a few welts that were there and some definite red patches from her previous spankings. I asked “are you ready.” She replied she was, so I started with a firm strike of the spoon that produced a nice red outline of the cup, with an accompanying “ouch.” I carried on until there were 24 clear red marks and much howling of pain as the cup of the spoon met her lovely red ass. I let her get up and she gingerly rubbed her sore ass to our amusement. She came back from visiting the loo and complimented me on the symmetry at the same time complaining that it hurt.


Next week- A big surprise……….

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2 Responses to Spanking Raffle Pursuit

  1. kazigrrl says:

    I so have to get Sir to spank me when next we meet 🙂

    ~Kazi xxx

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