A surprise sub

Our three couples meet up again at Tom and Suzy’s house to go to a play party.

When we arrived at Tom and Suzy’s house, I noticed Suzy’s car was not there. Tom ushered us in to the house and explained that Suzy’s mother had been rushed in to hospital on Thursday morning.

We commiserated with him. He then said “Suzy says she will be back here about 5 and that were are still to go to the party. She did ask that we stayed totally vanilla until she got here as she did not want to miss out on any play.”

Shortly after 5 we heard a car come up the drive and Tom went to the front door. He arrived in the living room accompanied by our friend Mistress B. Four jaws dropped instantly in surprise and confusion.

Mistress B said “ before I explain, I must request that everything that I am about to tell you is not to be repeated or referred to in future when we are in the presence of anyone other than us six and Suzy.

“Tom rang me on Thursday and explained about Suzy’s mother. I have a Mistress, who I sub to on occasions and rang her on Thursday, explained the situation and my germ of an idea. She was happy with my outline proposal, but ordered that if we went ahead with it, it had to be agreed by Suzy. I talked to Tom and asked for Suzy’s telephone number. I rang Suzy and talked to her about her mother, who is ill, as a fully qualified nurse I could confirm that her condition is not life threatening. When I heard that I suggested my plan to her.

“Whilst she is disappointed that she cannot be here, I could hear the amusement in her voice when she agreed. She emailed my Mistress that evening and about 10 o’clock I heard from her. I rang Tom, explained he would get an email from an unusual address in the next few minutes, and if he was happy with its contents, to confirm that. He rang me very soon afterwards, and I asked him to get John to bring up some hoods, but was not to tell John the reason.

“I then told Tom to tell you all that Suzy would be here around 5. Only my vanilla friends who have no idea of my being in the scene and my Mistress know that my real name is Susan. Therefore I can easily respond as Suzy as that is what some of them call me.

“I have know Tom for about 20 years, and did not know about him being interested in the scene until I saw him at the BBB a few years ago. It was very shortly after that chance meeting that I introduced him to Suzy, who I have known for even longer, as a potential sub. I am very pleased to see they gelled well and they are a great couple.

“Now on to tonight. I have always wanted to attend one of my parties as a sub, and this seems a good, but in the circumstances unfortunate, way to participate. As you know, I am very similar in body shape to Suzy, the main differences are my boobs are hang slightly differently, my nipples are a bit more pronounced and my hips are about an inch wider. I doubt if anyone will notice much difference.

“I have arranged with a Domme who borrows the dungeon occasionally for her to run the party in my absence. All she knows is that I am away due to unavoidable business problems and cannot be there. My sub G will be there to assist the Domme, and neither of them know I will be there, nor will they. If G sees my boobs, then that is an unexpected bonus for him, although he does not know it and cannot be punished for it.

“My mistress has ordered that as a punishment for some minor misdemeanours I am gagged and hooded from the moment I leave here until I return. John, I trust that you have brought a suitable hood.

“In place of a safeword, Mistress has ordered that I am to hold a little red cloth in my hand, and if it is dropped it is the signal instead of the safe word. This is fairly standard, and if I remember correctly that is what you use with Suzy.”

Tom confirmed this.

“Finally, Tom, Mistress has informed me that by now you should have received an email asking that you carry out certain activities, and I am not to know them.”

Tom added, “All I knew about this was that I would still be able to attend and that she would find me a sub. My Suzy did not let on a word of this when I talked to her earlier.”

A throaty laugh emanated from the Susan present. “Good. I think it might be fun tonight.”

Tom went to his computer checked his email and printed the email. He read it, raised an eyebrow and laughed.

“Susan, are you aware that you are not allowed to return to your home until after lunch tomorrow?”

“I was told that I might not get home until tomorrow, but no more.”

Tom told  Susan “Get all your bags from the car and take them all to the playroom, then bring me the small one. Take a shower and wait for me in the playroom.” He then turned to the four of us and asked “Please be ready in the playroom by 7.45 when we will prepare Susan for the night’s adventures.”

The rest of us also got ourselves ready and assembled in the playroom as requested. Susan was stood there totally naked. She was of average build, slightly over weight with what looked like D cup breasts with a ring in each nipple. Tom then showed us the first paragraph of the email and Kathy raised an eyebrow then Diane said “Wow, you really must have upset your Mistress. You are being gagged and hooded for the evening as punishment for answering back once too often.”

“That would certainly account for the gag” replied Susan, “but I humbly suggest that the hood has been added other offences.”

We all laughed and there were nods of agreement all round.

“Before you get into the clothes I have laid out for you, there is a little further preparation required. Stand with your legs about 2 feet apart.” Susan did as she was told. Tom put wide belt around her waist and secured it with a buckle.

Tom then picked up a 8 inch long dildo that was about 2 inches in diameter and told Susan to stand totally still while he inserted it. He picked up what looked like a plate attached to a bar, hooked the plate onto the belt and a firm click was heard and the bar was passed behind her and attached to the waist belt and secured with another click. “OK, you can now bring your feet together if you want.” Susan brought her feet together and a slight wince appeared as she got used to the dildo inside her.

Kathy turned to her and asked “where are the key holes?”

“There are not any. Mistress will ring me on my mobile when she feels like it, tell me to put the speaker part near the front clips and I hear a few quiet beeps and it may spring open. If it opens, then I am released, however she sometimes deliberately uses the wrong sequence if she wishes to play with me.”

John looked at Kathy and said “maybe I should get you one.” Kathy shivered and looked away as if in pain already.

“OK, Susan, put on the rest of your clothes.” She put on the bra laid out for her, her black blouse, put on her skirt and secured the waistband.She waited a minute then Tom said, “put on your shoes but do not buckle them up.” These were modest shoes with three inch heels and a locking buckle. Tom asked her to raise her left foot slightly, did something and let her release it and did the same with her right foot. He did up the straps and with little padlocks locked them on.

As Susan stood she waited patiently, while Tom selected a gag with a hole in the middle and secured it at the back. He asked Susan to close her mouth which she did and the asked her to make a sound. There was a very quiet garbled sound from her. John picked up a hood, neatly placed her hair through a hole at the top, lined up the inserts for her nostrils and the opening of her gag lined up with the small mouthhole. He then proceeded to lace it up tightly, then secured the collar and locked it on.

They turned Susan around and all we could see at the front were the breathing holes, the hole for the mouth and a series of 1/8 inch wide holes where each of her eyes were. It was clear that no-one will recognise the face as the cheeks had been padded to disguise the shape of the face. John asked Susan to bend her knees, and when she had done that straighten back up. This confirmed that she could hear people talking.

 Next week the first installment of the play at the party…..

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8 Responses to A surprise sub

  1. kazigrrl says:

    Intriguing, can’t wait to see where this will go 🙂

    ~Kazi xxx

  2. Penny says:

    I like the idea of switching identities… I too am wondering where this will go

  3. Molly says:

    This is turning into quite a series…

    • thelongbean says:

      From you that is a big compliment, Thank you.

      As mentioned in an earlier reply, I will be posting a new episode every week…..

      btw- I hope you win both awards!!

  4. Glad to hear that even with Wanton Wednesday wrapping up, you’ll continue to treat us to new installments!

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