The surprise sub visits her party

Last week you were introduced to the surprise sub who is going to her party……..

We entered the dungeon to be greeted by an elegantly dressed lady who welcomed us to the party. We introduced ourselves and Tom explained “Suzy is being punished tonight and she is being gagged and hooded all evening. The key for the lock is at our home”. At this Suzy visibly shivered.

We went to the rest area. Suzy was told to remain standing, whilst I and John knelt by our Dommes. After a while, I was told to take the toy bag to the crucifix and strip to my thong. I was attached to the crucifix and my legs were secured to the bottom. I was offered a gag which I refused. I was warned that if I made too much noise I would be made to suffer later.

Diane proceeded to start tickling me all over my body. She then concentrated on my most ticklish spots when I started to make a noise. “Shut up or you will suffer later.” I tried to be as quiet as I could, but her merciless attention prevented it. “You will suffer later” was all she said before starting in on me again.

I was wriggling so much the cross shook. When she stopped, there was a crowd watching us. She turned and said “You don’t need any implements to make them squirm as Peter has, just these” showing her hands.

She released me from the cross and took me to the spanking bench, secured me and started tickling all over again. I wriggled as much as I could to escape the tickling, but as there was a strap across my back, the amount of movement I could make was very severely restricted. I just could not help making a noise. She stopped, left me there for a moment and showed me the cane. “You have just earned six strokes for all the noise you made” and proceeded to lay six lines of fire across my ass in very quick succession.

Diane released me and gave me a hug before I was ordered to collect the toy bag and join her in the rest room. I saw Tom walking Suzy back there too. Suzy was walking very gingerly as if on tip toe.

When chatting with friends, all Suzy was able to do was nod or shake her head when asked any questions. Tom then took her to the dungeon and made her stand facing the screen separating the play area from the rest area. She was kept like that for nearly an hour while all sorts of sounds emanated from those playing.

Diane and Tom came to me and say time for some more play, and this time Suzy will be involved. I was put in a spread-eagle position and Suzy was secured with her back to me. The straps were attached so that my nipples were almost touching her bra strap and then I was blindfolded. After Diane had warmed me up, she started using the horse hair flogger that kept making me jerk forward so I kept making contact with Suzy.

She moved on to the quirt, the first one made me jerk forward. When I was back into position, she said “You will not make any movement for the next 48 strokes. If you do, we will start all over again.” I felt the little stings of the quirt land all over my back. I lost count after 20 whilst reveling in the sensation. Diane then said I was allowed to react just before I felt a sting just below my neck between the shoulders. I gasped, jerked forward, relaxed and then felt her release me and Suzy.

Diane asked Tom “aren’t you going to play with Suzy.”

Tom replied “Oh yes, I will, but as she is on punishment, she will only have one session, which is the part of her overall punishment.”

A bit later Tom quietly whispered in Diane and Kathy ears, and they both nodded. Tom told Suzy to get up, go to the horse and wait for him. She gingerly walked through into the dungeon.

Tom then gathered us all around him “We are now going to play a little game with Suzy. In this game you are not to hold back, if any of you do, tomorrow Suzy will be allowed to use the implement of her choice on you, the number of strokes is determined by the number she receives in total this evening.” Diane and I gulped as we had both felt the sting that she is able to produce with her bare hands, let alone any implement.

I turned to John and Kathy, “I do not advise allowing Suzy to use anything on you as you will not be able to sit down for a week.”

Tom continued, “I will explain the rules of the game in front of the DM who will be acting as Judge to ensure fair play.”

He signalled the nearest DM to come over. Tom started, “As DM you are aware that Suzy is being punished tonight and for this session Mistress B has agreed that there is no safeword or signal.”

The DM replied, “I know that this punishment may be conducted without a safeword, however if her skin is broken badly, or I feel she is in danger of serious injury, then I will stop the punishment. I also require that there must be the red cloth in her right hand that can only be used if there is any cramp or pins and needles etc.”

Tom replied, “No problem. We would like you to act as judge on this game to ensure fair play. Are you OK with that?”

“Of course I will, it does get a little boring not being able to play until later and this makes a nice change to be involved.”

“Suzy will be blindfolded so she will have no sight at all. There are five of us here, and one of us will administer one stroke of the cane at a time. Suzy will indicate with her left hand who she thinks the person was that administered that stroke. She will lean over the horse, but will not be restrained and if she stands up, that stroke will not count. She will show 1 finger for me, 2 fingers for Diane, 3 for Peter, 4 for John and 5 for Kathy. If she is correct in identifying the person who administers the stroke, they will take no further part in the game. This means that if she gets really lucky, she will only receive 5 strokes of the cane, however the likelihood of that is one in just over three thousand. The game will finish when she has correctly identified everybody. She must identify the person within 20 seconds of the stroke landing or it will count as an incorrect identification. Further she can not use the same name more than twice in a row. I suggest that the DM says who he thinks Suzy has identified and she can confirm it with a nod of the head. Until we are down to the last 2 people, no two successive strokes are to come from the same person.”

Suzy was asked directly if she clear about the rules, and she gave a clear nod of the head. With that Suzy was strapped to the horse. Tom selected a cane from his bag, swished it a little and then passed it around so we could get a feel for it. It was about 3 feet long with a sturdy handle that was comfortable and tapered down so that the last 18 inches were a thin strip about ¼ inch in diameter.  Tom informed us quietly so Suzy could not hear, “this is a very stingy implement and will not break. When landing a stroke, make sure that the tip does not actually touch flesh. I have used it a number of times and have yet to break skin, however the welts become very prominent and sensitive. Suzy will find it very uncomfortable to sit tonight.”

With that comment ringing in our ears, the DM asked Suzy to nod that she was ready for the first stroke. As the cane was in Kathy’s hand, she proceeded to tap lightly to get the range right and then landed a hard stroke on Suzy’s upturned bare ass. We heard an audible gasp from Suzy. She held out 3 fingers and the DM asked her to confirm she thought it was Peter. The DM informed her that she had got it wrong. The cane was passed to me, and took aim with a few taps and laid on a stinging stroke that again produced a gasp. She guessed Tom and was informed she was wrong. The cane was passed to Diane who produced another gasp and Suzy tentatively showed 2 fingers. The DM asked if she thought it was Diane, she confirmed it with a nod of the head. The DM then announced that Diane was out of the game. Diane then stood to one side to watch how the game unfolded. The cane was passed to Kathy who let rip a very hard stroke that produced a resounding crack and a loud gasp from Suzy. She guessed Tom and was informed that she was wrong. By now a small group of people gathered to watch. It took another ten strokes before she correctly identified John. She now was down to a one in 3 chance of identifying who was wielding the cane. I was passed the cane again, and as the main part of her ass was getting covered in stripes, I felt it was time to give her a stroke on the crease where her ass met the top of her thighs. A crack resounded across the room and a visible shaking of the horse was seen as she processed the pain and tried to kick back her legs. Diane guessed Tom and was informed she was wrong. The DM had a look and quietly suggested that that was as low a stoke as she should get, but it was fair as it was still on her ass.

Suzy took her time calming down and her head started to stop shaking from side to side so Tom stepped up to the position and laid another stroke near the top of her ass, and she guessed correctly as the DM announced that he was now out of the game. The DM reminded Suzy that as there were now 2 people left, she could get consecutive strokes from the same person. She nodded to confirm she understood. She also was told that it was only Kathy and me remaining. I picked up the cane, let rip with another stroke on the lower part of her ass, and she suggested Kathy. I kept hold of the cane and gave her a stroke just above her sit spot. She guessed it was me, so I was out. Kathy picked up the cane and laid on what looked to be the hardest stroke of the lot that actually was on a slight diagonal so it crossed some of her existing marks. There was a muffled howl of pain and she opened her hand out to show 5 fingers to guess Kathy. We released Suzy and Tom escorted her to a chair in the corner.

Her skirt was raised so that she was sitting on her bare ass on the chair in the corner. He removed her blindfold and stroked her side again. He returned thanked the DM for his judging.

After about 30 minutes Tom went to collect Suzy drove us all to his home. All the time there were slight moans from Suzy when we hit a bump in the road.

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10 Responses to The surprise sub visits her party

  1. Such an evil punishment 😉

    ~Kazi xxx

  2. Molly says:

    I have to admit the ‘no safeword’ part of the story makes me uncomfortable…


    • thelongbean says:

      I agree and usually a safeword is in place (as in previous, and will be, in later episodes). I have never played (nor will) either as a top or bottom without one. The rest of the episodes, where appropriate, do have a safeword.

      Part of the reason for the DM comment about broken skin was to provide the safe environment.

      I know from reading your blog that you like bondage, so watch for some in the next few weeks.

      • Molly says:

        I guess for me a safeword is not just about broken skin but about emotional damage that cannot be ‘seen’ and even more importantly for myself has been used many times when things are wrong NOT associated with the punishment, such as cramp, pins and needles in my arms due to wrist restraints etc…. no DM can know what a sub is feeling unless he is the sub….


      • thelongbean says:

        Thank you for your very sensible and appropriate comments, and I agree with all that you say, and in the circumstances you describe, the availability and use of a safeword is appropriate.

        I have made a couple of minor edits, that I hope do not destroy the flow or predicament that should give the reader the knowledge that there is the comfort of a safety signal for the circumstances you describe.

        Many thanks for your constructive feedback.

        The LB XXXX

  3. I could well imagine the soreness of her ass…
    Rebel xox

  4. We agree with Molly! We’re such BDSM newbies that I don’t think we’ve ever used a safeword. The thought of doing something for which a safeword would be advisable, yet not actually having one, is problematic for us.

    Eager to see where this goes…

    • thelongbean says:

      I agree that safewords are important and as mentioned to Molly, I have never played without one. I do, however, know some people in the BDSM scene who played without safewords, but they were experienced and were always careful in their approach to remain safe.

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