Susan’s playtime continues

Mistress B, real name Susan, has been to one of her own parties as a replacement for Tom’s wife Suzy. She received a punishment caning ordered by her Mistress…..

We got back to Tom’s house and we followed him into the playroom. Tom started by unlocking the hood, and removing it followed shortly by the gag. Tom unrolled the item he had picked up off the chair in the dungeon and placed it on the seat of a chair and instructed Susan to strip and then sit on the chair. After Susan touched the sides of her bra, she removed it and passed it around. We all looked at it and I noticed that it was heavier than a normal bra and that there were a series of tips of wires pointing up. Tom asked what happened when he touched the sides of the bra.

Susan explained “the bra has a very small electrical device built in, the switch is on the sides and back of the bra, and when a side or the straps at the back are touched it switches the machine on or off. So when Peter was in the spread eagle position and he jerked forward he was turning it on and off. The little wires you see in the cups give a small random  pulse of electricity at varying levels. It is quite a pleasant experience at a low-level. Mistress can also send a series of instruction to override the standard programme in a small file that is transferred by USB stick through the coupling at the front.”

Tom and showed us the port. Susan continued “Mistress had sent a file to Tom who then loaded the instructions whilst you were getting ready. I can tell you that the pulsing was totally random, but whenever it was switched on the level alternated between the 2 highest settings. I was getting a bit uncomfortable at times, particularly when I was left standing for a long time.”

Tom removed the locks from her shoes and you could see the relief when she took them off and shook out the rice that was in them. “Mistress told Tom that I was to be made to stand for at least half the time we were at the party. That first hour or so of standing up or walking was most uncomfortable.”

Kathy asked “what were the punishments for?”.

“The special bra was for wearing a blouse when she called me on skype and not having taken it and my bra off before answering. The caning was partly for answering back, and mainly for failing to call her on Monday without an acceptable reason. I also believe that Tom has been asked to administer a further punishment for when you used the flogger on me in this room last month. She was most amused about the flogger, but as I am not allowed to play as a sub without her permission nor orgasm in playtime, I have been told there is a punishment to be administered tonight and another tomorrow.”

Tom said “yes I have been given instructions. I have been told to tell you that you will be wearing the belt and vibrator for at least a week.” Susan flinched, but said nothing. “The second part, you will enjoy at the start, but not towards the end. I believe you have brought your sleep slack, so get it out, unroll it over that piece of timber that is laid on the benches and lay down in it with your hands in the specials sleeves. Meanwhile can the rest of you gather together all the straps from the cupboards and bring them over.”

We all did as we were asked by Tom. There was a big pile of straps accumulated by the timber. Tom pulled the zipper of the sleep sack all the way up. He then asked us to help strap her down to the timber which was shaped as a body. By the time we finished there were 24 straps positioned along her body holding her tight to the board. He picked up a keyfob and pressed a button and we all could hear the sound of the vibrator going.

The following morning, we all went to the playroom released Susan from the sleep sack. She got up unsteadily and looked round for her clothes, and found that they were nowhere to be seen.

Susan asked Tom where her clothes were. He replied “this is the final part of your punishment from last night. Your mobile phone is here, and when you leave you will be given your handbag. You will then go home driving exactly as you are. Your mistress asked me to check your car and there is nothing in it that can be used to cover yourself. She also suggested that you do not leave until around 6 so it will be getting dark when you get home. If you want to leave earlier, you may, but you will have to get into your house in daylight. She also said, that you were to do any chores in or outdoors that I may reasonably ask of you. You may collect the clothes you brought any time you wish after today.”

“Now I understand the bit about not liking it towards the end. I am totally scared of being seen nude in daylight.”

We heard a noise from Susan’s mobile, she looked at the phone telling us that it was a text that required her immediate attention. Her fingers moved rapidly around the keyboard.  She put the phone down, and a couple of minutes later it beeped again. She looked at it and sent a quick reply. Susan then said ”Mistress has asked a small favour from all of you. She asks that you, as couples, write an account of what happened to me yesterday evening from when I arrived to when we part. You are to be explicit if you think I was reluctant to do anything or did not meet standards expected of a sub. She asks that you send the file password protected to Tom as he has an email address and the password to me. She asks you Tom to forward the files to her on Wednesday. She is so protective of her privacy that the email address will cease to be used from midnight on Thursday. Now what can I do to help you Tom?”

Tom replied “everything is in hand for a full English breakfast that I think should be served as brunch.”

Diane and I whispered each other’s ear and we then did the same with John and Kathy. There were nods of agreement. As I said “as we have been involved in Susan’s punishments, if it is alright with you Tom, we will all leave at the same time as Susan. In the meantime I am sure that there are some chores in the garden that we can help with.”

Tom replied “it would be great to have the extra help as there those dead apple trees I want to get rid of.” We helped clear the dishes and went to the garden and helped out.

As Susan bent down to pick up a handful of branches, Kathy went behind her, “stay there a minute” and landed a playful slap with her hand on Susan’s bottom accompanied by “it was just too inviting.”

Susan took it in the spirit it was meant with a giggle but added “That is enough, my ass is very tender. That last stroke had me in tears as it was so painful. But I am not complaining as I did earn a punishment, but that whole set up was one of the more challenging I have endured, but by no means the most painful. The most difficult bit was the fact that I knew everyone there, but they did not know it was me who was being punished.”

“Tom, did Mistress order you to add the rice?”

“No, Susan, but she did say I could add to your discomfort generally, at my discretion, for the session in the dungeon. That was the only bit that was not in the instructions I received.”

“Mistress only told me what to bring to you, and what I was to wear at the party. She did tell me that I was being punished and that I was to work out what the punishments were for. If I have got them wrong, when  I report to her, I will have earned additional punishments. I must admit I didn’t realise what you had done until we started out to the car, and I knew then it was going to be uncomfortable night.”

When we had all finished the chores and relaxing in the sitting room, Tom turned to John and Kathy, “I know we are both supposed to be released from our devices today, however as Suzy is not going to be back till Thursday when her mother should be out of hospital we would both like to be released together. So if it is all right with you, you leave the keys here in a sealed envelope, that we open in front of the webcam during a skype conference call between the three couples.”

“Fine with us” said Kathy, “I was wondering how we would sort that bit out.”

Wicked Wednesday

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12 Responses to Susan’s playtime continues

  1. Oh such wicked punishments! Like the rice in the shoes!!!

    ~Mia~ xx

    • thelongbean says:

      Thank you for the comment.

      There are plenty more twists and turns to come with some fun tasks/punishments included, especially around the “olympics” that are coming in August!

  2. kazigrrl says:

    I like the “general misery” nature of the punishments… Sir once had me do elements of that as a task 🙂

    ~Kazi xxx

    • thelongbean says:

      Thank you for the comment. So what elements did your master get you to do?

      I had great fun writing it all- as mentioned in other comments, there is plenty more to come…..

      • kazigrrl says:

        I had to put pebbles in my shoes and walk around that way for an evening out with friends (who were unaware of my painful predicament!). I had toe bindings on as well. I had to take pictures as proof and post them on my blog along with a general report of how doing the task made me feel.

        This earned me special consideration at our next session together… I learnt the touch of the horsewhip 🙂

      • thelongbean says:

        Pebbles in the shoe. UGH, but then I do have sensitive feet:)

        I love the horsehair whip or dressage whip, not so keen on the riding crop unless used carefully.

  3. An interesting story. I like the idea of the bra *winks*

    • thelongbean says:

      Thanks for the comment Rebel,

      The bra is based on something I read and one I have seen on film. In later parts there is the odd scene with fun(?) nipple play….

  4. This was a thrill to read, but provided further evidence that this aspect of BDSM is probably not for us.

    Glad to see you’ve continued the story for Wicked Wednesday!

    • thelongbean says:

      Thank you for commenting.

      The story will continue with other scenarios, and I hope these may be more to your style. There is at least another 20 weeks already written. I will continue with Wicked Wednesday although may not actually follow the prompts.

  5. Stranded says:

    Being just eating rice is punishment enough for me…as it looks like a certain little beasty and that always gets to me…in the shoes has me squirming.


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