Following Suzy’s absence, a conference call between Tom, Suzy, John and Kathy was arranged. This call marks the end of the penalties for Suzy losing a challenge with Diane.

During a skype call for the unlocking of the belts that had been worn by Tom and Suzy following their loss of the earlier challenge. In the conversation between us three couples, I suggested that we all got together when Suzy was next visiting her mother. Suzy told us that it would be the following Friday that they would be coming down. Diane and I invited them and John and Kathy to stay for the weekend.

I suggested that we had a game of Kinkopoly on the Saturday after dinner and asked them to each devise 6 nice and 6 not so nice torments (based on those used in a normal game of Monopoly) that can be played during the game and each must not last more than 20 minutes. I suggested that there must be an equal number of torments for the men and women, but some or all could apply to both sexes. I also asked them to all bring their insertable toys and cuffs as well as any other toys they wanted to use in the torments.

On the Saturday after an early dinner, I got out the monopoly set and explained the rules:-
• Everyone was to be unclothed except for a pair of shoes
• The 36 nice torments replace the Community chest cards and the 36 not so nice ones replace the chance cards. In each pack there are 6 get out of torment and three go to jail immediately cards.
• If someone draws a torment, then it is acted on immediately; if they are subject to a torment, they will have the second torment applied immediately, but if it involves cutting short an existing torment, it waits until the first torment is finished.
• If a torment is designed for a female and then drawn by a male, then the torment is applied to their partner and vice versa
• If someone draws a get out of Torment card, then it must be used immediately if they are subject of a torment, or negated the next one they draw. These cards once drawn are eliminated from the game
• If anyone goes bankrupt they will draw a penalty card that applies until the end of the game
• If any one refuses a torment; or asks to be released from one, they are immediately considered bankrupt
• If anyone orgasms during the game, then they are deemed to have become bankrupt.
• If anyone is blindfolded then the rest will give a running commentary of who lands where and that we must be scrupulous in ensuring that their rents are correctly paid.
• If anyone has to go to jail, the fine is replaced by a spanking from their partner; the number of swats is the total face value of the dice rolled by the other players before their turn allows them to be released (doubles count twice).
• Special alliances, deals or rent free arrangements etc. are not allowed
• The maximum duration of the game is to be until 2 am, then each losing couple and the winner’s spouse will draw one of the night-time cards that apply until the morning, when the winner wakes up. Each card has an alternative if it is drawn for the partner of the winner.

As we were drinking wine, John suggested that the spankings for the jail terms should be administered in the morning and that he would keep the running total. We all agreed that this would be a sensible idea.

As we had all stripped off, we started the game, and the first player was Diane who rolled a seven and immediately landed on a chance card, so drawing the first torment. This was to stand behind her chair while continuing to play the game until she next passed GO!, with two ounce weights hanging from each nipple ring.

All she uttered was a curse, and then stood up and hung the weights from her nipple rings. Her face showed how much she hated the torment. We continued with the game and I was delighted to see how her breasts hung down and her nipples extended when she had to lean over the chair and take her turn. It took a lot of self control not to just tease her more. On her second turn she landed on the community chest and drew having to insert an egg vibrator turned on low for 20 minutes, and this soon had her purring happily. We continued playing for a couple of turns until Suzy landed on the go to jail square. She immediately offered to pay the fine, and to her chagrin John, whose turn it was next, rolled a double six. Diane managed to roll a total of five to pass go and relieve herself of the weights on her nipples. Tom rolled an eleven, Kathy rolled a seven and I rolled a double four, making her fine a total of 63 swats in the morning.

The game continued relatively normally until about 11pm when Kathy drew a torment card of having to stand up for 20 minutes, wearing shoes with 50 grains of rice in each of them. She moaned about it as her feet were very sensitive, and John asked directly was she refusing the torment. She decided that she would take the torment, but after 5 minutes, she found the torment unbearable and decided that enough was enough and decided to give up, so she was the first to be declared bankrupt.

Kathy drew a penalty card which said “You are to be put in a ball tie with a butterfly vibrator (ladies) or small vibrating butt plug (men) set on low!” It then continued “If you are the first to go bankrupt there is an alternative of 2 penalties; Firstly, 12 strokes of a cane of the winner’s choice: secondly have your hands secured behind your back and act as a waiter/ress for the rest of the game, any reluctance to obey a reasonable request will add 6 strokes of the cane. When not required for service you are to kneel by the table where you sat.” Kathy chose to act as the waitress for the rest of the evening

John took great delight in securing Kathy’s wrists behind her and sending her to the kitchen to get a glass of water. As soon as he got back Suzy asked her to get her a slice of lemon to go with her drink, followed by Diane requesting an ice cube for her drink. Unfortunately for me, I could not see this at the time as I was blindfolded for having landed on a community chest square immediately before her turn. Tom was wearing a gag at the time, so could not ask for anything.

About an hour later, Suzy landed on a chance square which sent her to Mayfair (the most expensive property) with the penalty of the number of swats with a paddle being the face value of the dice that she had just rolled. Unfortunately for her Tom had built a hotel on it and she went bankrupt. She drew the punishment card that read “You will be tied tightly to the chair that you are sat in so that you cannot move. You will have a small egg vibrator (ladies) or small vibrating butt plug (men) set on low!” We all (except Kathy) took great pleasure in tying her to the chair and to test her movement Tom took great delight in tickling her for a few minutes.

We continued with the game and at about 12:30 I was the next to go bankrupt. I drew the card that I hated most- “You will be placed in a frog tie and small egg vibrator (ladies) or small vibrating butt plug (men) set on medium!” Diane took charge. She had great delight in inserting the butt plug and ensuring that I was in her strictest possible frog tie. I was left with my feet on the floor and in a squat position and knew it was going to be a hard position to maintain for a whole 90 minutes.

The three remaining players battled it out and at 2.00am, the game stopped with John being the clear winner.

The first to draw a night-time card was Tom, and it said “You will be both have your feet loosely attached to the foot of the bed, the man will have is hands loosely secured to the headboard, and the woman will be secured facing her husband’s back with her wrists secured around his front, so effectively putting you in a spooning position.”

Diane drew the second card which read “You will face each other on the bed, your ankles will be secured so that your left ankle is secured to your partner’s right ankle and your hands loosely secured behind your partner’s back.”

John picked Kathy’s card which said “You will spend the night tied in a spread-eagle.”

John and Kathy then supervised Tom and Suzy’s night-time bondage arrangements and then came to our room and secured us as required. The position we were in was most comfortable and Diane took great pleasure in teasing me mercifully until we both fell asleep.

Next week- The penalty spankings

Wicked Wednesday

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14 Responses to Kinkopoly

  1. Quite an interesting way of playing Monopoly. I will have to keep this in mind for an evening with sexy friends… 😉
    Rebel xox

  2. Molly says:

    I am not sure when the kids ask to play Monopoly I will ever be able to look at it in quite the same light again.


  3. You’ve corrupted Monopoly for us forever. And for that, we thank you. 🙂

  4. thekinkyminx says:

    oooo spanking scrabble – may have to try that!

  5. kazigrrl says:

    I would much rather play this version of Monopoly…!!

    ~Kazi xxx

  6. Phoenix says:

    Oh now this makes playing monopoly sound way more interesting!!

  7. MiaMia says:

    Ha – Love this!!! Want to play kinkopoly and spankapple definitely sounds like a plan!!!

    ~Mia~ xx

    • thelongbean says:

      Next week the Kinkopoly finishes with spankings..

      Spankabble will have to wait for a while as there is a long(ish) story that is best broken up into small sections and is very apt for the time of the year!

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