Kinkopoly- the spankings

After the game of Kinkopoly finished, the losers were placed in bondage for the night…

Although I fell asleep in a nice comfortable position, it was not long before I woke up as Diane tugged at my ankles when she tried to move in her sleep. This continued throughout the night as she sleeps more heavily than me.

In the morning, after my interrupted night’s sleep, I woke to find Diane was still asleep with a really contented smile on her face. Because of the way we were secured, there was nothing I could do but rest and admire her beauty until John came to release us. Diane stirred a little and in her top mode said “I am really horny, and you better do something about it.”

I maneuvered myself around until I was able to comfortably able to slide my cock up and down her moist entrance. She continued to make encouraging moans and it took a while until I was able to insert my hard cock in her and move gently. She wanted me to go faster, but the position I was in did not allow it, so she had to wait and her orgasm built slowly.

Just as Diane was getting towards the point of no return, John came into the room and announced “time for you to be released.” Killing the mood for both of us.

Diane moaned after he left, and said, “you will suffer for this later.”

After we all had had breakfast, John asked “when are we going to deal with the spankings left over from last night?”

Suzy got in first with “as soon as possible, I hope.”

Tom immediately retorted “in that case you are going to be the last one spanked.”

As it was about 11.00 at the time, “I said why not start them at 12.00ish, and then we can all go to the pub for a quiet lunch.” The general consensus was that it was a good idea.

Tom said, “as we all have a few spankings to go, why don’t we add a little bit of a random element to the order of spankings.

Before we start any spankings, we draw a card each to determine with the lowest going first, and any ties results in a further draw of a card until we have a ‘running order’, then each person in turn gets all the spankings they are due in one go.”

We all agreed, and when I got the cards, we shuffled them well before we all drew one card each.

The lowest card was drawn by Kathy, followed by a tie between John and Tom; Tom drew a lower card to go second. The rest of the order was me, Diane and unfortunately for her Suzy was last.

John got his list from last night’s game and announced the accumulated penalties.

“Kathy, you are due 24 strokes of cane of my choice and a further 40 strokes from your favourite flogger. Tom, you have earned, 36 hand swats, 10 strokes with a wooden spoon and 20 strokes of your favourite strap. I have earned 75 hand swats and 30 strokes with the most severe flogger available. Peter has earned 40 hand swats, 10 strokes of Diane’s favourite cane and 75 strokes from a medium severity paddle. Diane, you earned 30 strokes of a belt and 20 of a bath brush. Suzy, You may have an uncomfortable afternoon, as in addition to the 63 spanks for the first “get out of jail”, you managed to accumulate another 54 hand swats, making at total of 117,  a further 12 strokes with Tom’s favourite implement and finally 30 with a severe implement of Kathy’s choice.”

Kathy chirped in, “Well there is only one contender, my special correction tawse.”

As we do not have a play room we agreed that we would use the dining table as a spanking bench.

Kathy was up first, and she asked to her hands to be restrained. John warmed up her ass, so that it was a light shade of pink before picking up the suede flogger and administering the forty strokes. Kathy was moaning with special mixture of pleasure and pain that comes from the use of favourite floggers. Once the 40 strokes were administered, John went to his toy bag and produced 2 canes which had Kathy alarmed. One was the fearsome double cane that gave a nasty sting to go alongside a thud and was extremely uncomfortable for the recipient, and his favourite Lexan cane.

John teased Kathy “as I have these 2 favourites, I will use both of them, but you will only get a total of 24 strokes.” He picked up the Lexan cane and started the caning producing yelps as each stroke was laid carefully to produce 18 even stripes on her ass. He picked up the double cane and laid down a further four strokes to produce loud howls of pain, before picking up the Lexan cane again. He knelt down behind her and administered the remaining 2 strokes quickly, one on each cheek so that they crossed the welts that were already there. Kathy was reduced to tears.

Suzy commented that the last 2 strokes were a bit nasty to which John commented, “I thought she should feel what she did to Susan on her last stroke at the party”.

Kathy sobbed managing to say, “they certainly hurt, but in a nice way.”

Tom took Kathy’s place at the table and Suzy started into him, saying that there is to be no warm up as she was starting with the hand spanking. She started with a hard swat that echoed around the room, followed by a further 29 hard slaps, before she got the wooden spoon out and delivered 10 stinging stokes that left round welts, before letting rip with the leather strap. Tom was reduced to tears as the last stinging slap reverberated around the room.

As John got ready, Kathy said  “I’m ready to give him an overdue hard time.” She started with a gentle warm up before delivering the 75 hand swats of the spanking that left his ass really red. She picked up Diane’s silicon flogger and laid down 30 stinging strokes that landed with a big thus and had him kicking back as they landed.

As I took John’s place, Diane borrowed John’s Lexan cane, adding “As he has not been on the receiving end of it yet, I think he needs to find out how nasty it is.”

Diane then started laying into my ass with her hand delivering the stinging strokes “these 75 swats are your warm up, and I can see really nice hand prints!” My ass was on fire as she picked up the paddle and started to produce nice thuds that had me squirming around the table. After she had delivered the last of the 30 especially hard, she said “I promised that you would suffer for this morning, so if you move or kick back whilst I cane you, the count with the cane will start again.”

I felt a line of fire across my ass and instinctively by left foot kicked back. She noticed it and said “that stroke does not count, so here is number one.” It took enormous will power not to kick back, and this continued for the rest of the 12 strokes which soon had me reduced to a jelly.  I got up and wobbled a little before Diane took my place. I asked her whether she was happy for Tom and Suzy to administer her spanking as I was still a bit wobbly. She agreed and I saw a twinkle in Suzy’s eye as she whispered in Tom’s ear. I was sure she wanted to get some playful revenge for losing the challenge.

Suzy let Tom start with a warm up spanking before he picked up the belt and laid down a series of 10 strokes that had Diane squirming nicely as well as letting out the odd “ouch”. Suzy picked up the bath brush and stood on the other side of the table and immediately Tom had landed the 11th stroke of the belt. Suzy followed up with a stroke of the bath brush. This had Diane let out a very surprised ouch and at the same time she grimaced at the sensation. This continued until the last stroke of the bath brush that seemed to be delivered with more force and there was a loud crack as the stroke landed.

I saw what had happened and said “Well done Suzy, I hated that thing” as Diane bent down to retrieve the head of the brush that had broken off. She glowered at me and Suzy in between her sobs.

It was now Suzy’s turn and she demanded to be restrained as she had earned the most penalties of all of us. Tom started her warm up with a few gentle swats with his hand, before he invited each of us to deliver 20 swats. With each person’s style of delivery being slightly different, Suzy was soon writhing about as much as she could, Diane was the last and she delivered her swats in what looked the most severe way before Tom finished off her hand spanking. He then picked up a slipper and laid down 12 resounding slaps that made her ass go an even deeper red that it was after we had finished the hand spanking. The last part of her punishment had her sobbing from the first stroke of the tawse and there were nice clear welts appearing from the two slits in the tawse.

The last 2 strokes landed just on the spot where the top of each thigh meets her bum cheek and had her howling. As Tom hugged her and soothed her red bum, she kissed him hard.

Next week- What we talked about in the pub…..

Wicked Wednesday

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23 Responses to Kinkopoly- the spankings

  1. Clive says:

    Wicked Wednesday led me to kinkopoly, oh thank you Wicked Wednesday!! – brilliant read, great game and when are we going to see it in the department stores longbean? 🙂

  2. kazigrrl says:

    So many different ways to enjoy a spanking! 🙂

    ~Kazi xxx

  3. Molly says:

    Sore hands, sore bottom…. lots and lots of sore all round it would seem!


  4. Quite a lot of spankings going around. I could almost feel some of them.
    Great read!

  5. Mia says:

    Oh such lovely spankings!!!!

    ~Mia~ xx

  6. Miss Lily says:

    Oooh I can not wait to read back over your posts!
    I can imagine that the converstaion in the pub was not simply football nor politics!
    Lily xxx

  7. Phoenix says:

    Oh Jeez I wanna come and play with you guys! It sounds like so much fun!!

  8. Nothing like a good spanking! Sounds like a great time!

  9. Stranded says:

    “Squirming nicely…” I like that term in particular…fun, indeed.


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