The pub and beyond…

After a game of Kinkopoly- We received our spankings –

Us three couples walked to a favourite local pub and managed to find the last table. We all sat down gingerly as all our bums had been well spanked earlier.

After finishing the traditional roast dinner, Tom and Suzy went to the bar to order another round of drinks. On their return from the bar there was a cheeky grin appearing from Suzy, which I knew meant that she had some devious ideas and that could only mean we were all going to be in for a bit of painful fun.

She started “Tom and I would like you all to join us for a long weekend at the end of July, with the party on Saturday night.”

We all agreed that we could make it. Suzy continued, “During the day, on Saturday, we propose that we have a series of outdoor games that are related to bdsm in our garden.”

Tom added, “we suggest that each of us three couple devises two games, one for the men and one for the women to play. If the same game can be played by both sexes, even better. Between us three couples we will work out a game to act as a Grand finale. We then tot up the results from each game and the winning couple is the one that has done best overall.”

Kathy looked intrigued, and then asked “What will the losers have to do as a forfeit?”

Suzy replied “we haven’t thought that through yet, but as we have few weeks to organise the games, I am sure we can work out suitable penalties.”

We talked it back and forth and were all in agreement that the games would be fun. When we arrived at our home we had made up the basics until Diane said, “we shouldn’t have any disputes so I think we should have a neutral judge?”

There was a bit of a debate about who, until John said “Why don’t we ask Susan and she could bring one of her subs?”

I got the computer fired up hoping Susan was online. She was, so I asked if she was available for a conversation. She replied she could talk, but she may be interrupted by her mistress.

We all got onto skype and explained our thoughts and formally invited her and one of her subs to be the judges. She laughed and said, “I will need permission, as I do not want another punishment. Please excuse me as Mistress is calling, but I should be able to call back within an hour.”

Diane made me make tea for everyone, and as we were enjoying the company of our guests, the computer chimed to say we had a call, it was Susan.

“As part of the conversation with Mistress, I mentioned your offer and she has given her permission for me to join you for the whole weekend. I will arrange for another judge without any difficulty. If it is OK with you all, I would like to devise the final game.”

We all thanked her for her arranging the final game, being able to act as a judge and rang off.

We all bantered for a bit before the other couples left to return home, having agreed to stay with John and Kathy in 2 weeks time.

Diane then turned to me and commanded “you are going to suffer for laughing when Suzy broke the bath brush on me. Go to the bedroom, strip, lock on your wrist and ankle cuffs and then report back to me in the dining room in exactly 20 minutes.”

I did as I was told, and when I got to the dining room the clock read that I was 5 minutes late. Diane said, “for being late, you are going to spend one hour in a stringent bondage position. Tomorrow you will go and buy a replacement bath brush which I will then use on you without any warm up. Now face the corner where I am standing.”

She had in her hand our most severe spreader bar that was one metre in length. She secured each ankle and added a parachute and ran it under the spreader bar and back up behind me so that I could not quite stand up straight without a severe tug on my ball sack. My wrists were secured behind my back and to finish the bondage she made a chest harness that secured my arms to my body. As I was facing the wall I could not rest my legs.

Diane said, “The hour starts now. You may squat down slightly, however if you do, the weight on the end of the rope from the parachute will drop, and the ratchet will prevent it from going back. Enjoy yourself.” I then heard the TV being switched on and heard the theme tune for her favourite soap opera that I hate.

As the soap opera finished Diane came to me hugged me before releasing me from the chest harness and parachute. She then ordered me to go and prepare our supper, adding you will have to wear the spreader bar until we have finished eating. This gave me an incentive to make a meal that was quick to prepare and as I got to the table I sat down on the dining chair to feel that she had added the horrible spiked mat to the seat of the chair. I had great difficulty sitting still, but as my legs were still trapped in the spreader bar there was not much I could do.

We finished supper, and I was thankfully released from the spreader bar, but still had my cuffs on. We cuddled up on the sofa when she pulled out her wrist and ankle cuffs, laid me flat along the sofa. She then connected her ankles to my wrists and her wrists to my ankles. I felt her move so that her pussy was immediately above my mouth, and she commanded me to start using my mouth to satisfy her. I started gently kissing her upper thighs and moved to her sweet opening to find it already moist with arousal. I managed to bring her quickly to orgasm and she came hard.

She rested a while before she repositioned herself for round two, this time she started to kiss me around my crotch and started sucking on my already sore ball sack. I started to get hard, but she laughed and said I had a long way to go before my cock would get any attention. I was forced to give her three more orgasms, the last so hard I had difficulty capturing all her come as she squirted all over my face. She collapsed in a heap on me, before she started to release the connections between our wrists and ankles.

She got me to stand up, connected our wrists together and we started to make our way to bed. She laid me down on the bed, secured my limbs to each of the four corners before riding me hard until I came inside her, triggering another shattering orgasm from her. Diane collapsed on me, and it took a while before she had come around enough to release my arms and legs from the bed.

She instructed me to go to the bathroom. When I returned to the bed I settled back down. She locked my wrist cuffs together and locked a short chain onto my ankle cuffs, wished me goodnight before turning the light off.

When I got home after work the next evening I presented her with the bath brush as ordered. She looked at it and said “we will see how suitable it is after dinner.”

After dinner she said “it is time for me to test the bath brush out on your ass. Get yourself ready and wait for me in the bedroom and put your blindfold on.”

I knew immediately that my ass was going to suffer as the blindfold is only ever ordered when she is punishing me. I followed her orders, stripped and settled myself on the bed in the correct position.

I felt her presence behind me before she gently stroked my ass. She announced “this testing of the new bath brush is a punishment for the smart ass remark yesterday. If you make a sound, you will be locked in your chastity device until you bring me orgasm 20 times only using your mouth, which is the number of swats you will get with this nice new toy. AND all that training you gave me for the challenge with Suzy will be implemented to make it harder to get me to orgasm.”

I shuddered, and waited for the first impact of the brush on my tender ass. Instead of the expected hard swat, I felt her hand gently slap my ass to start a warm up. I knew then it was going to be difficult to sit down when she finished.

After a tender warm up, there was a pause as the first swat with the bathbrush landed on my ass. I felt a line of fire, stifled the gasp of pain and she waited a while to let it gently fade to a pleasurable tingle. I received a further 15 strokes, equally painful, until I let out a squeal of pain on the next as she found the spot where my upper thigh met the bottom of my ass. A further three strokes landed in the same area before she dropped the bath brush and hugged me.

When she released me I had a raging hard on, and she immediately brought over a bowl of ice saying “we need to get you nice and limp so I can put your device on”.

She managed to get my chastity device on commenting “and by the way I am really horny and need your mouth to work on me now.”

Wicked Wednesday

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13 Responses to The pub and beyond…

  1. kazigrrl says:

    Mmmm, overnight bondage 🙂
    And it sounds like fun times coming for the holiday weekend!

    ~Kazi xxx

  2. I think I am quite horny too, what an erotic tale.

    How creative, both you wearing cuffs and connecting to each other. It sounds so hot and I must add to my to list 😉

  3. That is quite some punishment. I look forward to reading more 🙂
    Rebel xox

  4. Extended bondage can be lots of fun!!!

    ~Mia~ xx

  5. Very exciting! As relative bondage newbies, this sounds torturous to us!

    • thelongbean says:

      Thanks for the comment.

      For newbies I would only recommend this type of position/situation for short periods initially. it can be tortuous depending on weights etc used.

      As for overnight bondage, just cuffs on wrists loosely joined is a good starting point and then working up…..

  6. Molly says:

    The ice at the end made me shiver….


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