Following my punishment session for smirking at the breaking of a bath brush on Diane’s ass (last week) I worked hard and managed to gain release from my chastity device before we went for the weekend at John and Kathy’s house.

Early on the Saturday night we discussed the games at Tom and Suzy’s home in a couple of weeks time. Since the last weekend we all spent together, we had been in contact with Susan and had sent her details of the games that we had designed. There was a rough plan of their garden to agree where each of our games were to take place.

Tom announced “Susan and her other judge have requested that the gateway to the paddock is used for the final game. She has also requested that we all take our cuffs with us. I somehow think that her game maybe a bit nasty!”

During dinner, we all decided to play a game of Spankabble which is based on Scrabble. Kathy explained “the basic rules are the same as a normal game. However there are two extra twists; the first being that there is a bonus of twenty to the score for using certain words either in full or as part of another word. For example, the word ass is a bonus, and the bonus also applies if you played the word passage. The list will be available for all to see, and we can all add to it before the game starts. The bonus is only available once in the game.”

She continued “the second change is that in each round the person with the lowest score would get a spanking, the number of swats is the difference between the highest and lowest score in the round. The spanking is given after each round AND the implement used is chosen by drawing from the raffle bag. If a man is on the end of a spanking, then the spanker will always be a female, so if the winner is of the same gender as the loser, the winner can elect any of the other three to administer the spanking after the implement has been drawn. All spankings are on the bare with no warm up. After the spanking, you will not be allowed to put on any clothes you have removed.”

Kathy then  added “To spice it up further, at the end we will combine each couples scores and the couple with the lowest score will choose from three envelopes and the couple who comes in second will select from a different set of three envelopes. These choices will determine their sleeping arrangements for the night.”

Kathy and John cleared the table and set up the game and produced the list of bonus words for us all to look at. We all drew a tile and Suzy was first to go and managed to play the word touch that earned a bonus score for “ouch”. So ended up with 40, and unfortunately for me, I only managed a score of 15 so I was the first recipient of a spanking. I drew from the bag the 4 finger tawse.

I removed my trousers and underwear, leaned over the back of my chair and after a gentle stroking, Suzy laid the first stroke that made me squeal and squirm as it stung like a series of angry bees.

Suzy asked “was that too hard?”

My immediate reply was “Yes”.

Diane immediately piped up, “That was about right, but you could make it a little harder at the end.”

Suzy laid another 20 strokes that had me squirming like mad, squealing and kicking, until she applied two harder strokes in rapid fire on each cheek that made me feel that my ass was on fire.

We started the next round that resulted in me using “quirts” on a double letter and double word that meant she scored 70 including the bonus and Tom only manged 21. He drew the Naughty stick which is a long paddle with a series of holes at the business end. I nominated Kathy and we watched as she applied the first swat and a squeal of owwwwwwwwww came from Tom, this continued as she applied the other 48 swats. Tom was clearly uncomfortable when he sat back down.

The third round ended with Diane scoring 48 with the word and Kathy on 12. Kathy drew the Martinet to her great dismay. John smiled and said, “she hates that.”

Diane grinned nominated John who gently stroked Kathy’s ass and started laying down the strokes carefully watching the red marks appear all over her ass. After 20 strokes he asked, “do they all have to be on the ass?” we agreed not, so he ordered Kathy “remove your top and bra, stand up and face the wall,” before proceeding to deliver the last 16 to her back leaving a series of thin red stripes between her shoulders.

So far, Tom and I had lost our trousers and under wear and Kathy was now naked. Next to lose a round was Suzy who drew the suede flogger and was due to receive 15 strokes from Tom. Suzy was instructed to remove her dress to reveal she was wearing nothing else. Tom delivered the strokes on Suzy’s back and by the end she was purring with pleasure. Now only John and Diane were fully clothed.

This changed on the next round as Diane was the one to be on the receiving end of 75 strokes when John managed to score 109 with the word bondage, using up all his letters. Diane drew the quirt. John immediately instructed Diane to strip and stand against the wall where he managed to expertly land all his strokes leaving a little sting marks all over her back and ass where the tip of the quirt landed. Diane was squeaking gently and then moaning with pleasure as each little sting sank in.

The next round had Tom on the receiving end of 17 spanks from Suzy’s hand.

As we now had no tiles left in the bag, John found that he was unable to  make a score and I won the round on a score of 17, so he was on the end of a spanking. John drew the dreaded double cane. I immediately nominated Kathy as the Spanker, so she had him bend over and adminster the strokes. He was howling like mad after the third one was applied, and She told him to shut up or she would gag him. He continued to howl in pain as she applied each of the remaining strokes, but a bit more quietly, until she applied the last two diagonally across each cheek to gasps of agony. After the last one was applied he sank to his knees and curled up for a few minutes to calm down before he returned to his seat.

He eventually said, “now I know why you don’t like that cane!”

The game came to an end as John could not go again, and as the round was not complete there were no more spankings. The final scores were totted up to find that Diane and I were the eventual winners, with John and Kathy coming in last. They blanched a little as they knew the contents of the envelopes.

I asked John, “which of Diane and I had the highest score?”

He looked at the score sheet and said “You, by 231 to 227.”

“Can I borrow a long washable rope?”

“Of course” and he disappeared for a moment and returned with a 20 metre length of soft nylon rope.

I turned to Diane, “you can have a night of fun too!”

As it was getting late I suggested that we got the sleeping arrangements sorted out. John and Kathy drew an envelope passed it to me and Tom and Suzy drew theirs and passed it to Diane.

We opened the envelopes, and we asked them all to go to the bathroom and do the necessary before we sorted out their sleeping arrangements.

Diane and I took Tom and Suzy to their room for the night and got them to put their cuffs on, I locked on a half metre length of chain between each set of ankle cuffs in a way that meant that they could not separate from each other and did the same with their wrists. Diane covered them with the duvet and as we left we switched the light off wishing them “sweet dreams”.

We then led John and Kathy to their playroom. I opened the cage door ushered them in. When they were both in, I closed the door and secured it. There was not a lot of room left in the cage for them to move around and it was not long enough for them to stretch out fully. Diane picked up the baby monitor, checked it was working properly and we left them for the night.

As we got to our room, I turned to Diane and asked her to stand with her feet slightly apart and proceeded to put her in a light chest harness that was not overly tight, but tight enough to know it was there. From the back of the chest harness there were two long tails and I tied a series of three knots strategically placed and then ran them through making a waist rope before loosely connecting her wrists to her thighs making sure that the final knots were well away from prying fingers. I asked her to wriggle a little, which produced little pleasurable squeaks as the knots hit the right spots.

In the morning I woke to the pleasure of having my cock sucked and her pussy in just the right place for my tongue to do its work. After a very short while she came hard, collapsing on me so that I could not move, with my hard cock still encased by her lips. When she finally gathered the strength to move she said “I needed that, you bastard. I was horny all night but just could not get any release.”

Diane would only let me release her wrists before she went to the playroom to release John and Kathy while I released Tom and Suzy from their restraints.

Wicked WednesdayNext week- The games are ready……

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12 Responses to Spankabble

  1. This is so delightful… xD

  2. Molly says:

    Interesting use of Scrabble. I have always liked that game but this version does look like extra fun.


  3. A very interesting twist to Scrabble… looking forward to read next week’s post 🙂
    Rebel xox

  4. jana says:

    Wow, this post certainly put scrabble into a whole new ( and very interesting!) perspective for me.
    Loved reading this 🙂

  5. kazigrrl says:

    Looks like a win-win situation to me! 🙂

    ~Kazi xxx

  6. Oh I like it!!!! Look forward to reading more!!

    ~Mia~ xx

  7. Coincidentally we’ve got an upcoming post that involves Scrabble. Funny how that game brings out the naughty in some of us. 😉

  8. Ana says:

    Funny, I’ve never enjoyed Scrabble. I find it tedious. This version sounds a lot more interesting, though. 🙂

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