The night before the games

After the game of Spankabble, the action moves to two weeks later at Tom and Suzy’s house.

During the week before we met up, Tom and Suzy informed us that Susan and the Mystery judge would be with us on Friday night until Monday morning. We all agreed to stay for the long weekend. Susan also suggested we bring along as many toys as we wanted for the Party on Saturday as it was likely to be quiet because of the holidays.

We got there about 6.30 and John and Kathy arrived a few minutes later. We were all sat in the living room having a catch up with each others news when we heard a crunch of gravel as a car approached. Tom said “Susan has asked that we stay in, and I have left the door open for them to come in.”

A few moments later we heard footsteps and we all stood up. Susan came in first followed by a very elegantly and expensively dressed woman. Who started “before you ask, Yes I am the Dee Masters you have seen on the television and read about in the magazines. Now that is out of the way,” she approached Suzy extended a hand saying, “Thank you so much for inviting us to stay for the weekend.”

Suzy replied “you’re welcome here, we had no idea who our mystery guest was going to be.”

Dee laughed, “as you all have read I do like to keep my private life private, and Susan is fully capable of ensuring that her friends I meet are discreet.”

After Susan had introduced everyone, Dee said, “forgive me if I get a name wrong, but sometimes it can be a bit difficult as I do have to meet many different people as part of my work.”

Tom offered a glass of wine that Dee accepted, and said, “do you mind if I go barefoot, my shoes are killing me.”

All the women present laughed and there were no objections. We all sat down and started chatting innocuously.  A few minutes later said “I need to finish off supper and I’ll call you when it is ready.”

During the meal, Dee explained “I know from Susan that you are all very discreet and that is part of the reason why I am here.”

Dee continued “for the other part, I need to fill you in a little about my life that you will not have come across anywhere. Susan and I have known each other since we were kids. When we left school and got our first jobs we shared a flat. I chanced across a pair of cuffs one day in the flat, looked at them and when the right opportunity came I asked her about them. We both grew into the scene and we played together. As my business grew, I moved out and Susan stayed in the flat.

“It was through a chance introduction by Susan to her friend Zack that I met him. Susan has remained my sub and we only manage to play around twice a year. Zack has always been into the scene and will only ever play in private with me and is always my top. With my full knowledge he has a session as sub to Susan at our home once a year. However due to health problems he is now not really able to physically play either as a top or sub.

“Susan told me about the original challenge and that John and Kathy had been judges and their side bets. When She told me about your idea for the games she suggested I join her as a judge.

“As Zack and I are totally open with each other, I asked him and he agreed immediately. Susan has copied us in on all the emails, and I must say your games look like fun. She has tried them all out with a male and female sub and there are some minor changes needed for practical reasons which we will sort out with you tomorrow as we set them up. Your ideas have inspired us so much that we would like, with your agreement, to add an additional game. My husband, Zack has devised it and he has had friends try it out. This is in addition to the final game that Susan has devised.

“Also he suggested, with your agreement, Susan and I should take part in the games in our own competition. In some of the games he has added some extra difficulties specific to us which we will explain at the appropriate time. The six of you are to be the judges.”

“As you know you have been all asked to stay until Monday morning. The reason for this is simple. Zack has suggested that the loser between Susan and I will be a slave to all of you for 24 hours from Sunday noon until Monday. Each of you will all be allowed to play with us for an hour in the playroom and we will spend the rest of the time serving you in what ever way we can. The only limits that we have is that we are not expected to perform any sexual acts with you, no watersports, scat play or broken skin. Within the context of sexual acts, we will play with ourselves in any way you determine if asked.”

I can tell you that after the cane stroke Kathy gave Susan at the end of her punishment, neither of us want to suffer that therefore we will be going all out to win. By the way Kathy, I was very impressed with that nice stripe, and Susan told me it took four days for her to be able to sit comfortably.

“Susan and I will now go to the lounge and let you discuss what I have just said about the games and suggested play.”

Tom said “Unless any of the others objects, I think that is unnecessary. I for one would love to include you on the terms you have indicated.”

Without any hesitation we all agreed to the idea. We carried on talking for a short while until a mobile phone rang. Dee retrieved hers, answered it and chatted for a moment. She then pressed a button so we could all join the conversation.

We then heard “We have not met but it is Dee’s husband Zack here. I hope she has been well behaved with you all.”

“Yes” we replied.

We heard Zack ask, “Dee, what colour bra were you wearing today.”

“Blue sir” replied Dee.

A chuckle came from the phone followed by “What did I tell you on Sunday about what underwear you were to wear today?”

Dee blushed, “you told me not to wear any today sir. I am sorry sir, I forgot.”

“OK Dee, here is the punishment, in 2 parts. You will strip naked now, and remain that way until Monday you get home. However if the others request you put on any clothing you will wear whatever they decide upon.”

He continued “The second part is that you will sleep in Peter’s cage tonight. I know that you had arranged for Susan to sleep in Tom’s, so you can keep each other company. She is not allowed any mattress and she is to have one pillow and one thin blanket only. If any of you come up with ideas that make her slightly more uncomfortable, you may incorporate it into her punishment tonight.”

Dee removed all her clothes. She had a superb figure with breasts just the right size to match her body shape and height Her nipples were a delicious looking brown with perky tips. She was fully shaven below the neck with a complete all over tan that clearly did not come out of a bottle.

Zack added, “I look forward to hearing Dee’s description of the games, and about the punishment she or Susan earn for losing their contest, assuming that you have agreed to it. I will leave you now to enjoy your weekend in peace and Dee, you can turn off your phone and you are not allowed to use it until you get home Monday.”

We asked about Susan being in the cage and Dee answered “she is not looking forward to being so cramped, Her misdemeanor was minor so she can have a mattress, two pillows and 2 blankets.”

Suzy said “When I am in our cage, I have on occasions been required to sit on those nobbly mats that are in  offices. 2 of them in there are not quite enough to cover the whole floor, so there would be a patch of just bare floor.”

I replied, “I like that idea, Suzy can you get one so I can see what you mean.” Suzy disappeared for a minute and returned with a mat, I could see small nobs sticking out from the mat that would make it more uncomfortable. We all agreed that one of those mats would be put in Dee’s cage.

Diane chipped in with “Most of us have played together in the nude, so why don’t we all appear at breakfast nude and stay that way until Monday, except if we go out?”

Suzy replied, “why wait till then?”  as she started to take off her clothes and we all followed suit.

As it was getting late, I turned to Dee and Susan saying, “You better go the bathroom before you’re locked up for the night.”

When they had both finished in the bathroom Tom and I went with them to the playroom. Dee and Susan got on all fours and entered the cages that we had opened, secured them and turned off the light wishing them pleasant dreams.


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12 Responses to The night before the games

  1. kazigrrl says:

    Looks like a fun weekend coming… 😉

    ~Kazi xxx

  2. I look forward to read more about the games!
    Rebel xox

  3. Honey says:

    Fantastic – just found your blog and have read this story from its beginning this afternoon – I was only going to read 1 part for now – as I should be cleaning really – but I couldn’t resist reading it all – can’t wait for next Wednesday now!

  4. Molly says:

    The moral seems to be if they tell you not to wear undies do you best to remember or else….


  5. GeekyNymph says:

    Can’t wait to read what happens next!

  6. We love that this is a regular feature each Wednesday. It’s like anticipating a new episode of a favorite television program! We greatly anticipate each new installment.

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