The Pentathlon- part 1

The three couples met up at Tom and Suzy’s house and the judges arrived. Both were on punishments and were secured in cages for the night.

The rest of us went up to our rooms and Diane and I snuggled up together and she whispered “I’m really nervous about letting you down tomorrow; I do so hope that we don’t come in last.”

I whispered back, “Provided we do our best, I’ll be happy. Anyway, I expect the others are thinking exactly the same. Don’t worry; I think we are going to have an entertaining day what ever happens”. I kissed her and managed to drift off into a deep sleep.

We woke up to a lovely sunny morning and had showers before we made our way down to the kitchen. Tom was already there. He said “I was waiting for you, I think we should let Dee and Susan out now.”

We went to the playroom to find the two of them still asleep, so we quietly unlocked the cages and left the doors open so when they woke up they could let themselves out and join us when they were ready.

John and Kathy were appeared and asked about Dee and Susan. Tom told them what we had done, and they laughed when John said, “if that was me, would have woken them up before opening the doors.”

Dee put her head round the corner “that would be just plain evil.”

We asked how she felt.

“Other than a little stiff, fine, once I got used to the mat, I managed better than I expected, but still did get not my usual amount of sleep. Susan is also up, and I am just waiting for my turn in the shower.”

We had breakfast when the judging pair said, “right it is time to set up your games. We will be there so if you need any help or want to make any changes, just shout and we will come to you.”

I went out to our car and collected the three large bags and took them to our area, whilst John also collected what they needed from their car. Tom and Suzy went to the workshop and waited for us to pass.

We all got our areas ready and I called over to the Judges to check they were happy with what we had laid out. They confirmed they were satisfied and told us we could go back into the house down the side path, and if we wanted to sit outside to stay in the small patio area. John and Kathy soon joined us. I saw Tom bring out 2 stout pieces of timber which he passed to Dee and Susan which they carried out of sight.

Shortly afterwards we were all gathered on the patio and sipped soft drinks. Dee turned to Suzy, “Would you allow me to prepare lunch as you and Tom must have put a lot of work into last night’s supper?”

“You better ask Tom as he is in charge of the kitchen. He rarely allows me to do the cooking.”

“Well that is because you are hopeless in there.” Tom shot back, “That is a very kind offer Dee, are you sure?”

“Of course I am, it will be a pleasure as I rarely get a chance to do any as Zack insists that we have staff do the cooking for us.”

With that Dee disappeared into the kitchen and about an hour later called us in to lunch. We had a delicious warm chicken salad and superbly light mousse for dessert.

As we were clearing the dishes Suzy said to Dee “anytime you want to come and cook, just give us a ring and I will ensure Tom is suitably tied up.”

Dee laughed.

After lunch, Susan announced “We will start the games in 15 minutes time. Once the games start, no-one is allowed to leave the garden except when we all have a break for Tea after 6 games have been played. Please put on your ankle and wrist cuffs for the games as you will need them. I suggest you all visit the bathroom attend to any of your needs and we meet up in the conservatory.”

When we were all gathered in the conservatory, and Dee started, “This afternoon is a series of games that we have called a Pentathlon. We will explain the rules and how we will judge the outcome before every game. Our decision is final. If we think anyone is slacking, we at our discretion will encourage you with a dressage whip, but we both hope that we do not have to use it. The last thing we will add is that you are not allowed to encourage your partner in any of the games until we say you can, if there is a breach that will be considered a disqualification.

“We will play John and Kathy’s games first followed by Peter and Diane’s and before the break Tom and Suzy’s. On each occasion we will play the men’s game first followed by the women’s. After the break we will play the game devised by Zack and then proceed to the Grand Finale. If you get dirty, you are not allowed to clean yourself up in anyway until all the games have finished. The scores for each couple will be clearly shown on the board that will be taken between the different areas.

“Let us now proceed to John and Kathy’s area”.

We all walked over to the area John and Kathy had laid out. There were three lanes about one metre wide that had a couple of curves and looked to be 10 metres long running from the lawn, across some gravel and then crossed a bark path before finishing in an area with longer grass.

Dee announced, “This first part of the Pentathlon is called the sprint. You will be hogtied, all with the same sized hogtie belt. The winner is the first person to get to the end of the course. If you do not finish the course in 10 minutes, we will then decide the contest on the distance travelled. Partners are not allowed to give any support or encouragement for the first 7 ½ minutes. They will also stay in that specially marked area. If someone strays from their lane they will be told they have 10 seconds to get back into their lane. If they fail to do that, their time will be increased by every second that they remain out of their lane. If the decision is based on distance it will be reduced by 10 centimetres for every second. Any queries?”

“We will start with the men, please put the loincloth provided around your waist. We don’t want their dangly bits to be harmed do we ladies” To which the girls laughed. She continued “you will then lay down at the start line with your nose on the starting line.”

We did as instructed and we were all secured with snap links to the small crosses of leather. I was given the left hand lane, John the middle and Tom the right hand lane. Dee started “Are you ready”, a short pause, “Get set” another pause “Go”. I started wriggling along the course and saw I was lagging behind the others slightly as they were trying to get to the end as fast as they could.

I thought it was best to go at an even pace. I saw John starting to encroach on my lane, and he was immediately warned by Dee, and he responded immediately. I noticed the change in surfaces and the gravel and bark were very uncomfortable on the elbows.  I started to catch up with John who appeared to be tiring slightly. Suddenly I heard Dee warn John that he was out of lane again immediately followed by a warning to Tom who was just behind him in the other outside lane.

I got off the bark onto the grass again and slowly passed Tom and saw I was still gaining on John who was now getting very tired and I could hear him breathing hard. I heard Susan say, “Ladies you may start encouraging your men.”

With that the Girls all started shouting encouragement, particularly vocal was Kathy as I was steadily gaining on John with about 2 meters to go. I carried on as fast as I could and tried to speed up a little and found my head was about at the same level of John’s shoulders when I heard Dee shout “Time is up.”

We all slumped down in our bonds, waiting to be released. They carefully measured from the tip of our noses to the finish line and released us. I stretched my legs out and got up slowly and staggered on wobbly legs to Diane. “Sorry I don’t think I won, but a couple of minutes more I would have done it.” “Don’t worry,” she replied, “you were doing your best and kept up a good even pace throughout.”

Dee then said, “Ladies, please lay down with your nose on the starting line.”

After they had been secured in their hogties, we heard the familiar starting words. Watching them it became clear that they were not rushing as John did, but Suzy was out ahead when they reached the path and immediately warned about staying in lane. Diane was second and Kathy was very close behind. As soon as they reached the bark covered path there were distinct “ouches” from all three of them until they got back on to the grass. We were then informed that we could start our encouragement, so we all shouted to our partners, and Kathy suddenly seemed top put in a spurt , but this was short-lived and Diane just managed to stay ahead until the shout of “Time is Up” was heard. They all slumped in their bonds. As with us men, distances were measured and the girls were released. I Looked at Diane, The whole of her front was bright green. Kathy and Suzy were also green on their fronts, the only white bits were around their pussies. Tom said, “we must all look a right state now being all green.”

Dee and Susan called us over to the score board. Dee started, “You all did well and the distances covered were Peter 8.43, John 8.67 and Tom 8.21. However John earned penalties for being out of lane for 6 seconds over the allowed time, so he came in 3rd, Tom 2nd and Peter 1st.”

Susan said “for the ladies, it was even closer with Diane on 8.28, Kathy 8.32 and Suzy 8.17. None of you incurred any penalties.

“It is now time for us to do the game, so when you are ready, please secure us and start the game.” With that they laid down on each outer lane with their noses on the starting line. John started them and we all watched as they started along the course. The grass by now was slightly more slippery after our games so they seemed to be making slower progress. I saw Dee put an elbow out of her lane and she was warned and quickly got it back into her own lane. As they crossed the bark path there were screeches as they found out how ticklish it was on their nipples hanging down. John indicated that to us that there was one minute remaining and we watched them carefully. At the shout of times up, it was clear that Susan had got her head well in front of Dee. We released them and announced the result.

We updated the board and a still breathless Dee said we would now go to the area laid out by Diane and myself.

Next week more of the Pentathlon

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16 Responses to The Pentathlon- part 1

  1. jana says:

    oh, the olympics would be so much more fun if pentathlon was actually like you describe!

  2. Molly says:

    If only we were going to be forced to watch a month of this style of games on our TV…. now that would keep me interested.


  3. I agree with the ladies above, it would be lovely to watch a month of these kind of games 🙂
    You are quite creative with these games!
    Rebel xox

    • thelongbean says:

      Rebel- just wait… there is a nice endurance game!!!

      Look forward to the Olympics closing ceremony as a prompt (I have a really interesting one lined up to roughly coincide!!!!

  4. Suqui says:

    Waiting patiently for next week 🙂 Loved it!

  5. Oh now I LOVE these games!!! So looking forward to reading the rest of them!!!

    ~Mia~ xx

  6. Way more interesting than the Olympics 😉

  7. We’re somewhat ambivalent about watching the Olympic games, but this is something we’d definitely tune in for! Another great installment!

    • thelongbean says:


      I have to go to the UK for the olympics period 😦 but will continue the series throughout, and I have an interesting (I hope) post to coincide with the closing ceremony!

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