The Pentathlon- Jumps

You can find the first part of the Pentathlon here.

Susan started “We are calling this game the Jumps. There are two elements to this game, the High Jump and Long Jump. Your ankles will be locked together and wrists locked behind your backs throughout this game. You can have up to six attempts at the High Jump. After each round, the bar will be raised from the initial six inches by 3 inches until it is 1 foot above the ground, then it will be raised by one inch. You may start or pass at any height you want, but you only get one chance at each height. There is an added distraction in that the men will wear clover clamps throughout the jumps. The ladies all have nipple rings, so we will use them instead of the clamps. On each of your first jumps we will add weights to the end of a spring starting with one ounce on each nipple and going up an ounce on each jump to six ounces. You may state that you have reached your limit in which case you will not be allowed any further attempts. For the men, if they lose a clamp on a jump, that will be considered a failure.

“When the High Jump has been completed, we will move to the Long Jump where you will each have three attempts. For this the weight will be 3 ounces on each nipple. You must all succeed over the high jump at least once and do one Long Jump. During this event you are not allowed to encourage to your partner. Once you have finished your attempts at the long jump we will unlock your wrists and ankles.  The distance recorded for the Long Jump is where the closest part of your body touches the ground to the start line. The winner will be the one with the highest combination of double the height cleared and longest distance jumped.

“So Gentlemen, please join me at the High Jump.”

Dee started “do you any of you wish to attempt this height?”

I said I would, so they added the one ounce weights and I hopped over the bar with some clearance. The others declined, however at 9 inches both John and Tom decided to have a go. They in turn succeeded. At 12 inches high, we all attempted it and John jumped first and somehow knocked the bar off the block. I was successful, but noticed immediately the painful effect of the extra weight on my nipples as I landed. Another inch was added to the height and John cleared it with a wince as the weights stretched on their springs whilst Tom attempted and failed. At 14 inches I jumped and the tip of my toe touched the bar and the weights really hit home with the pull on landing. Tom managed the 14 inches with a small grunt and declared that he had reached his maximum and would not take any further part in the High Jump. John also managed to clear the bar.

The bar was raised to 15 inches and John decided not to have a go, whilst I knew that I needed to succeed. I jumped first, let out a small scream as the weights hit home, looked back and saw the bar still there. At 16 inches we both had a go and John yelped on landing to find that a clamp fell off. While I managed to touch the bar and also failed. At 17 inches, John again lost a clamp. I decided that I might as well have another go and cleared the bar and felt a shot of pain in my left nipple as the clamp fell off.

Susan called Dee over and they had a quick look at Suzy’s breasts, moved away and had a whispered conversation and then called Suzy over to them. There was a further whispered conversation between the three of them. Suzy was sent to join Kathy and Diane.

Susan came over to us all and said “When I looked at Suzy’s left nipple ring, I noticed that the piercing was near the tip. In this sort of game, the stretching may do some lasting damage, so we have offered a piece of string tied to the nipple behind the piercing from which to hang the weights.”

With that they started the high jump. Suzy started off and succeeded at 6 inches whilst Diane and Kathy opted to start at 9 inches. All three succeeded at 9 inches and then again at 12 inches. When Suzy landed after clearing 13 inches there was a clear wince as the effect of four ounces on a spring tugging on her nipples was felt. Diane and Kathy both had a fail at that height. At 14 inches Suzy managed to clear the bar and let out a yelp of pain as her nipples were stretched just as her boobs started to bounce back up. Diane and Kathy both touched the bar at that height and there were clear winces of pain. At 15 inches, Suzy said that she would pass, and Kathy only just cleared the bar and there was a clear Ouch heard as her nipples were well stretched with the weights. Diane opted to pass. At this point Suzy said she would not attempt any more of the high Jump. Diane attempted 16 inches, knocked the bar off and clearly felt the pain of the additional ounce and immediately declared that she would stop there. At this point Kathy knew that she had won that part of the event and declared that she too would stop.

Dee then said “Neither Susan or I are pierced, Zack has decreed that our attempts will be with the clover clamps. Neither of us like them, also we have been ordered that we must make all six attempts at the High Jump. Otherwise the rules are the same.”

They both succeeded at 6, 9 and 12 inches before Dee decided to opt out of 13 inches while Susan cleared it with a wince as the clamps tightened on her nipples as the weights dropped and her boobs bounced back up. At 14 inches Dee cleared the bar and let out a yelp of pain as she landed. Susan decided to pass at that height. They both had two more attempts left. They both cleared 15 inches although there was pain etched on their faces as the clamps and weight affected their nipple on the landing. At 16 inches, Dee jumped, cleared the bar and let out a yell of pain as the clamp on her right nipple flew off. Susan jumped, but knocked the bar off as she had not got enough height, but there was a yelp as she landed. So on this event it was a draw.

We agreed to Dee’s request that they were unlocked for the judging of the long jump.

We all hobbled over to The Long Jump with the landing area being a piece of ground that Diane and I had dug over in the morning. It started with all three of us managing about 25 inches, managing to land on our feet, although we were not given the exact distances. On the second attempt John put in a great leap, and his feet skidded from under him so he landed on his ass. I just managed to stay on my feet but the tug of the weight on my nipples caused me to let out an agonised owch. Tom performed his second jump and then declared that he would not go for a third as nipples were starting to get painful. While Susan measured the distance Dee came and removed the weights and let him remove the clamps in his own time. John leapt for a third time, just kept his balance with a fairly loud “owwwww”. Dee removed his nipple weights and he asked her to remove the clamps immediately and there was a clear visible wince. I had my third go, landed on my feet but could not keep my balance and landed face down in the ground with my face in the mud. The ladies all laughed at this. Dee immediately came over and removed the weights and I removed the clamps. I yelped as they came off and the blood flowed back. The burning sensation eased after a couple of minutes.

The ladies all approached the launching point for the Long jump and completed their first jump very gingerly only managing about 15 inches each. Dee said “I don’t think that you tried very hard. You will all have a second attempt and if we are not happy, you will be required to jump for a third time and it will be six ounces. You will not be allowed to opt out of that third jump.”

They all looked very sheepish. Suzy went first and put in a spirited leap that was rather higher than she meant so did not increase her distance much. Watching her boobs, they clearly were pulled hard on the landing with the weights and I saw her wince a bit. Diane put in a long leap, but fell on her ass. Kathy went for her second leap and managed to increase her distance by a fair amount, and still land on her feet. She moaned as the weights tugged on her as she landed. Dee said “that was much better ladies”. Kathy then said she would opt out of the third jump. Suzy managed to improve her distance on the third leap although she too landed on her ass. Diane then decided that she would opt out of the third jump.

Dee then said “We have been ordered that we must make all three attempts at the Long Jump. Otherwise the rules are the same. After the high Jump, I for one am not looking forward to this.”

Both girls had their turns, they were measured and we all conferred before John announced, “We don’t think you made such an effort there, so if your second attempt is not better, we will increase the weights on the last jump to 6 ounces.” Susan looked alarmed and Dee flinched at the thought. Dee went first put in a much improved distance for her feet, but let out a squeal on landing on her ass. Susan made an almighty great leap, landed on her feet, but unfortunately for her the clamp on her right nipple fell off and she screeched in pain. We all watched as Dee leapt, managed to stay on her feet and let out a shriek as her nipples were stretched by the clamps and weights. She opted to leave the clamps on after the weights had been removed while Susan took her third go. She managed a good leap but could not keep her balance and landed in the earth on her face. We removed her weights, and she asked that Dee help with their removal. Dee released her left nipple kissed it for a short while then released her right nipple and repeated the exercise. Susan immediately returned the favour.

Dee announced the scores. “Peter reached 26 inches at the long jump making a total of 56. John scored 29 on the Long Jump and has a total of 57. Tom also managed an impressive 32 in the long Jump for a total of 60.

Diane managed 28 in the long jump for a total of 52. Kathy scored 24 in the long jump for a total of 54. Suzy only managed 22 in the long jump for a total of 50.”

I turned to Dee and Susan saying “we all thoroughly enjoyed your exhibition”, Dee retorted “I didn’t” before I continued “there was just half an inch between your long jumps. As the score for the high jump was tied, that is irrelevant for deciding the winner. Dee won with a leap of 26 inches.”

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8 Responses to The Pentathlon- Jumps

  1. *winces* *rubs at nip rings*
    That hurt just to read!! LOL

    • thelongbean says:

      Thanks Kazi for the wince, that was the essence of this weeks game, but Oooh but just think of the fun……

      Just a quick preview- next week is weightlifting!

  2. Weights and then jump?
    *covers nipples* … no way! That sounds so ouweeee!!! *grins*
    Rebel xox

  3. Having had weighted clover clamps that were then lifted and dropped I have an idea of the pain involved here……….ooowwwwiiieeee!!!

    ~Mia~ xx

  4. Um, yeah. Both of us are feeling a bit sore in the nipple area just reading this!

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