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After the games- later in the night

Following the games and dinner at a friendly restaurant, our kinky friends have returned to Tom and Suzy’s house. When we got to Tom and Suzy’s house, she immediately said “John and Kathy as you are subs tonight, please come … Continue reading

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After the pentathlon

Following the Pentathlon, we sat relaxing comfortably in each other’s company. Dee said “I have enjoyed your company all day and hospitality last night, and it is a change not to have people fawning around. It will appear presumptuous and … Continue reading

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The Pentathlon- Target Practice

Dee ushered us all to the gate where we had added the beams before Tea. She announced “this game is called Target Practice” Susan started “Dee has borrowed eight paintball guns. They each have been set to fire at the … Continue reading

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The Pentathlon- Gymnastics

After the last three events- After tea Dee announced “it is time for the game that Zack has devised and we call Gymnastics as it is a variant on the wooden horse. Tom, I know you were asked all about … Continue reading

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The Pentathlon- Weightlifting

Dee then said “We will now go to Tom and Suzy’s challenge which we call weight lifting. When we have finished this game, we will ask you all help finish with the preparations of the final game before we have … Continue reading

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