The Pentathlon- Weightlifting

Dee then said “We will now go to Tom and Suzy’s challenge which we call weight lifting. When we have finished this game, we will ask you all help finish with the preparations of the final game before we have a break.”

We went to the area that they had laid out and saw the 2 long pieces of wood I had seen them carry out earlier, followed by a paddling pool and a long strip of what looked like plastic.

Dee explained “Your ankles will be secured to an 18 inch spreader bar. The men will be wearing parachutes around their ball sacks. A short bungee cord will be hung from the ring at the bottom of the parachute and at the other of the cord a 4 pint milk bottle filled with water will be attached. The women will have a steel rod with a one inch ball inserted in their pussies. The other end of the rod has a hook and an eight ounce weight will be attached to it. Once the weight has been placed on the hooks, you will get a tap on the ass and you will required to walk the one yard to the beams. You will go along the beams without touching the ground. If your feet touch the ground time penalties apply. When you reach the end of the beams, you will then step into the paddling pool which is filled with vegetable oil, cross it and then walk along the plastic sheet to the end.  The sheet will be turned over after the first go, replaced after the second etc so everyone has a clean sheet of plastic.

“If the ladies let the rod fall out of their pussies, time penalties of 10 seconds for every yard of the course that remains when it falls out. For the men a time penalty of 10 seconds applies every time the bottle touches the ground. The time penalties on the beams for letting your feet touch the ground are 5 seconds for every foot, or part foot, length of the beam that remains to be covered. I know that Tom is taller than John and Peter, and that has been taken into account with the length of the bungee cord. The fastest time wins.”

Susan added “when I tested this game with my subs, the fastest time was 1 minute 30 and the slowest 2 minutes 54. Your partners may encourage you. The men will be required to face the hedge until it is your turn to compete. When it is the ladies turn to compete, they will also be required to face the hedge. If anyone other than your partner says anything during your attempt we will inform the offending party of the penalty when announcing the results. In case of any dispute of the penalty, you will find it here on the board.” She then placed an envelope on the board.

I was invited to join the Judges at the start line, where I was fitted with the parachute and spreader bar and as I felt the weight of the bottle hang down there was a slap on my ass. I waddled to the beams. I mounted them easily but the weight swinging around made it difficult to keep my balance as I made my along. About 2 feet from the end of the beams My left foot touched the ground so I hurried to the paddling pool made my way across it with out too much difficulty and started on the plastic which was only eight feet long, but as I started to go along it I found my feet slipping back each time I tried to take a hobbled step. Eventually I made it to the end without falling. Immediately I got to the end, the weight was lifted and I was released from my bounds. Diane had been shouting encouragement all along for which I was most grateful as the weight was very challenging.

I watched Tom then John’s attempts and they found the beam just as challenging as I did but they managed it without coming off. Tom completed the course without any other difficulty. When John reached the plastic he fell over both Tom and I had difficulty in suppressing a laugh.

It was now the turn of the girls. Diane was up first and I expected she would have no difficulty with the weight as I knew how powerful her pussy muscles are. She wobbled across to the beams, and confidently strode along them like a gymnast. I kept up my encouragement all the way along. After she nearly slipped over in the paddling pool and consequently was a little hesitant on the plastic, I could see that she was beginning to loose her grip on the rod, but she did make it across the line without incurring any penalties. She relaxed her pussy muscles and let the inch of rod still inside fall to the ground with a big sigh of relief. When she had been released and got back to me, she whispered “that pussy rod is fun, but keeping it in needed enormous concentration and my muscles are aching inside”.

I held her close and said “well done.”

Kathy went next and successfully negotiated the beams, but slipped over in the pool and managed gingerly to reach the end without any mishap. As soon as she finished the rod fell out of her pussy.

Suzy was fitted with the rod and managed the beam without any difficulty. Tom noticed that the rod was slipping and gave his encouragement. When she had got out of the pool, the rod fell out, and I heard a distinct giggle come from Kathy as she slithered along the plastic to the end.

Dee immediately announced “I heard a distinct giggle Kathy, so there will be a penalty applied. As Tom and Suzy invented this game, we invite them to prepare Susan and myself on our turns at this game. Zack has also ordered that I need to have extra weight training, so he has decreed that we both have one pound suspended from our hooks.”

With that they went to the start line and prepared Dee whilst Susan faced the hedge. Dee rushed up to the beam, but lost her footing half way along. She negotiated the paddling pool and managed to slither her way across the plastic and as soon as she finished the rod slipped out of her pussy.

Susan did not fare as well as since when she reached the paddling pool, the weight slipped out and she just rushed as fast as she could to the finishing line. Susan looked sheepish as she was sure that she had lost the challenge.

Once Susan was released from the spreader Bar, Dee said, “right we will do the little preparation for the final game. Tom and Peter, please could you bring the beams to the gate separating the main garden from the vegetable patch.”

We did as asked and Susan screwed in an eye hook to each of them about 6 inches from the top and clipped a pulley on with a rope thread through it. Once done, she said, “OK Tom please put one alongside in an upright position by the gate post with the pulley facing the house. Peter please pass the zip ties over.” She proceeded to secure the post to the upright and the long railings. Once she had secured it she checked that it was not likely to move and the process was repeated on the other side.

Dee said, “OK now for the scores for the last game. Peter you took 1 minute 56 seconds but earned 20 seconds penalty on the beam. John you managed the course in 2 minutes 3 seconds and earned 10 seconds penalty. Tom you took 2 minutes 8 seconds so win, with John in second and Peter third. Diane completed the course in 2 minutes 12 seconds and did not incur any penalties. Suzy completed it in 1 minute 54, but has 50 seconds penalty for letting the weight fall. Kathy you completed it in 1 minute 44, and incurred a ten second time penalty. However while Suzy was having her go Kathy let out a distinct giggle that we all heard. We warned that there was a penalty for making a noise while another person was taking their turn. The penalty is that your time is increased by one minute. So Diane wins, Suzy is second and Kathy third.”

When the scores were added top the board there was a three way tie between the three of us couples.

I informed the Judges that the result was very close between them as there was only one second between them after adding the penalties and announced Susan was the winner.

Dee the announced that “we will have a 30 minute break by the conservatory; if you need the toilet you can only use the outside one.” Susan went to the kitchen boiled a kettle and made us all tea.

We all discussed the afternoons entertainment so far and John said, it certainly has been stretching at times which caused an all round groan at the corny joke.

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11 Responses to The Pentathlon- Weightlifting

  1. Stranded says:

    You get a ten from the Canadian judge.


  2. I don’t think I would have been able to keep quiet. I would possibly have done a lot more than only giggling 😉

    Rebel xox

  3. Molly says:

    I wonder if there is going to be a gold medal awarded at the end of this… or something else maybe.


    • thelongbean says:

      Molly- you will just have to wait and see…..

      Rebel- interesting that you would be doing more than giggling….

      Stranded- Thanks for the vote of confidence…

      Next week involves a horse!

  4. Mia says:

    Oh my these games are certainly challenging!! A horse next week, I hope you mean of the wooden variety rather than with hooves Lol!!!

    ~MIa~ xx

  5. geekynymph says:

    Looking forward to hear how this ends. 🙂 Sounds challenging!

  6. kazigrrl says:

    I would definitely have been giggling from start to finish 😉
    These games are certainly inventive!

    ~Kazi xxx

  7. You’d get a perfect score from us! Sexy games!

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