The Pentathlon- Gymnastics

After the last three events-

After tea Dee announced “it is time for the game that Zack has devised and we call Gymnastics as it is a variant on the wooden horse. Tom, I know you were asked all about your clothes line. Well this game involves it.

“The game is quite simple. You will each straddle the 25 foot long rope that is secured to the post at each end. You will each have a six inch hobble bar attached to your ankle cuffs. Your hands will be cuffed behind your back. You will start at one end of the line, go to the other end, retrieve a piece of paper hanging at the other end using only your mouth, and return backwards so your feet are behind a line marked on the ground. The fastest person is the winner. If the note is dropped before you cross the line, you will still return to the line and suffer a one second time penalty for every inch between the point that you dropped the paper and the finish line.

“Whilst this sounds simple, the rope will be adjusted at the centre so it fits just comfortably under your crotch. The other thing my mischievous husband has done is every 9 inches there will be a knot in the rope and they are of differing sizes. You may encourage your partner and the same penalty for the last game applies if anyone else makes a noise during a person’s turn. You are allowed a maximum of two and a half minutes in which to finish your turn. There is a special penalty that the ladies in particular need to be aware of. These knots are likely to hit and stroke your clit as you go over them. If you cum during your turn, you will only score one point irrespective of your time. For Susan and myself, we will have the line height adjusted so that our toes just touch the ground at the centre point. I admit I am not looking forward to this one either.”

John was invited to stand in the middle and the height of the rope was adjusted so it was in his crotch with his heels on the ground he was then helped back to the start line and the hobble bar added to his ankles. Dee said you may start when you want. The time will start when you cross the line. With that he gingerly started to make his way to the other end, wincing when he had to cross a knot  and just either side of the middle point, where the rope was at its lowest, I noticed a larger knot. He had not seen it and just as he relaxed a little he hit to a mild grunt, raised himself back on to his toes. Passed it and carried on to the next one. He raised himself over that one and started to the end of the line. He retrieved the piece of paper and started on his way back and when he hit a big knot he grunted through clenched teeth until he made it back to the finish line.

It was my turn next and I started comfortably enough got to the end with no incidents but on the way back I misjudged where the first big knot was and felt a decided bump on my balls that was uncomfortable before again making it back to the finish line.

Tom took his time on his turn, but again managed to make it back to the finish before he dropped the paper. All through his turn there were grunts and groans when ever he hit a knot.

Diane went first and when she started down the rope she negotiated the first knots with ease and there was a very audible moan of excitement as she went over the two biggest knots. They obviously hit her sensitive clit and I wondered how she would cope with all the stimulation. When she reached the finishing line panting hard and clearly flushed with arousal.

Kathy took her turn and she felt the same bumps as Diane and I noticed that she was being turned on with the knots touching and stroking her clit. She just made it to the finishing line before she moaned in ecstasy, dropped the sheet of paper, vocalised a loud “YYYESSS” and then relaxed with a smile of satisfaction on her face. John looked worried as it was clear that she had cum and was not sure if it was before or after the finishing line.

Suzy took her turn and before she started I could see she was especially worried as her face was in a fixed smile. She started confidently enough and yelped in surprise as she passed both big knots and retrieved the sheet of paper. As she passed the second knot on her way back her mouth opened, the paper dropped and she moaned at the next knot before she suddenly stiffened, arched her back sighed in pleasure and then showed her face with a relaxed smile. She knew she had cum, so she asked Dee what happened if she did not finish. Dee advised her that she would get one point because she orgasmed and the “did not finish rule” would not apply. Susan released her from the hobble and she rejoined the rest of us.

Diane and Kathy were asked to help the two judges in their turns, especially making sure that the mid point was set as stated by Dee. Susan went first and just managed to make it to the finish line before her calf muscles relaxed and she crunched her pussy down on the rope and made a sound of agony. Dee started her turn and was clearly found it stimulating as the knots hit her clit. She hit the first of the large knots on the way back and emitted a painful grunt before she managed to reach the finish line and slumped in the same way as Susan had.

Dee was helped off the rope and announced the results. “Peter completed the course in one minute 44 seconds. Tom took 1 minute 43 and John 1 minute 41, so John was first, Tom second and Peter third. Diane took one minute 58 seconds, Kathy 2 minutes 6 seconds and Suzy scores one point because she came, although she did not actually finish the course. Kathy you will be relieved to know that you did not cum before you crossed the finish line.”

We all did the maths and realised that it was still a dead heat between all the couples.

John announced the result for the judges, you both finished the course with the same time of 2 minutes 12 seconds so we have decided to award you both two points. Once all the scores were on the board, it showed that Dee was still trailing Susan by one point.

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9 Responses to The Pentathlon- Gymnastics

  1. WOW, that is an interesting way to achieve orgasms! Great 🙂
    Rebel xox

    • thelongbean says:

      Thanks Molly:) Yes an endurance test, but next week is a completely different discipline!

      Thanks Marie, When I was a sub, my Domme made me do a similar task one time:)

  2. Molly says:

    Have I mentioned that this seems to be turning into quite an endurance task. I wonder if there are training days.


  3. kazigrrl says:

    I do love strategically placed rope knots… one of the reasons I wear a karada as often as I do 😉

    ~Kazi xxx

  4. jana says:

    wow, this sounds difficult, difficult and delicious! the thought of those rope knots.. hmmm..

    xoxo Jana

  5. Mia says:

    Ohh!!! I lke this!!

    ~Mia~ xx

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