The Pentathlon- Target Practice

Dee ushered us all to the gate where we had added the beams before Tea. She announced “this game is called Target Practice”

Susan started “Dee has borrowed eight paintball guns. They each have been set to fire at the lowest standard pressure and we have eight sets of differently coloured paintballs with specially soft skins to minimise any bruising, and at the same time ensure that you get spattered with paint. Each person, in turn, will be tied spread-eagled to the gate posts and additional beam. Your waist will be secured to the gate by a belt. You will each wear a mask and the men will wear their loin clothes, as am sure the wives don’t want their husbands to be bruised too much. The target is anywhere between the bottom of the face mask at the bottom of the neck to the bottom of the loin cloth for the men and for the women their pussy. Any shots that miss those target areas will be penalised.

“You will each take turns to fire six shots from a distance of 10 yards, marked on the grass, at each of your opponents; you will not be required to fire at your partner. You must fire the six shots within 45 seconds. The shots will be fired in rotation so that the first target will fire the last round of shots on the second target. You will score one point for a hit anywhere in the target area, you will score 4 bonus points for a hit on either nipple, on a clit or the area marked on the loin cloth. You will get 2 bonus points for a hit on the navel. You will only score bonus points for the first hit on each of the bonus areas. Any misses will incur a deduction of 5 points. Any unfired shots will also count as misses.

“Zack in his wisdom decided that we would not be allowed to miss out on the fun, and as a reward for the two us being judges he has decreed that you will also earn extra points in exactly the same way when you fire at Dee and myself, however we will be the target for 10 shots in one minute from each of you. In addition for our contest, we will fire 12 shots in a minute at our opponent with our scores being counted in the same way. The winner being the person with the highest scores. The points for the board will be tallied in exactly the same way as the other. If there is a tie at the end, the combined scores for each couple will be calculated and the highest score will be the winner.  Before we start, you have a chance to fire ten test shots at the target we are about to put up.”

Dee tuned the board over, removed a sheet of paper to reveal a life size picture of her husband sellotaped to the back. There was a black line to indicate where the bottom of the mask was and another at the crotch line. Dee warned with a grin “You will not have the benefit of the bottom line when you actually play the game.”

“Tom, as our male host you will be first target and Suzy will go second, followed by Peter and Diane then John and finally Kathy. That will also be the order of firing against the two of us, and Dee has elected to be the target first.”

We all took turns firing at the test target. When we had all fired our shots, the board was removed. Tom was secured in position and I stepped up to the line and aimed first at his chest. Then his groin and finally his navel. Dee and Susan looked carefully at the target, made their notes as I stepped to one side and Diane took her shots. I saw him wince when one of the paintballs hit his loin cloth. John and Kathy then took their turns to take their shots. I saw a further wince when he was hit close to his nipple. His torso was a mass of colours where the paintballs had landed.

Tom was released and Suzy was secured in the target zone. My first ball smashed her on her left nipple and a gasp of pain shot out of her. I did manage one hit on her pussy area, and the rest all scored. Diane had her turn and managed to hit Suzy’s right nipple with her last shot. John and Kathy stepped up in turn and fired their shots.

It was my turn to step up to be the target. I felt the first shot hit my navel with the same feeling of pain as the tip of a crop landing. One paintball hit my right nipple and that was a particularly sharp sensation and now understood why there had been cries of pain from the others. I felt the shot that hit my loin cloth which dissipated the tap so it would not bruise. When Suzy fired her last shot it was a second direct hit on my right nipple and a gasp of pain escaped from me.

I was released and Diane took my place. She winced as the first shot from John hit her left breast a scream escaped as he hit with his last shot, which was aimed at her groin area. Kathy managed to hit her navel and her right breast. Tom and Suzy’s shots were all over her torso until Suzy managed to hit her right nipple. I know from playing with her that they can get sensitive when she is aroused and she yelped loudly. She was released to let John and Kathy have their go as targets.

Dee was then placed in position and we all took hour turns with me assisting Susan in judging Tom’s shots, Diane with Suzy’s and so on. When we had all had our turns, Susan took her place at the firing line, took three shots at Dee’s groin hitting slightly lower each time, followed by three shots at Dee’s navel and three shots at each of her breasts, one of which was a direct hit on a nipple. Three of us acted as judges for Susan’s shots. Dee was released, looking slightly uncomfortable, but still with a smile on her face. Susan was strapped in place and again we all took our turns shooting at Susan. Dee turned to me smiled, and immediately sent all twelve shots at her boobs, hitting her left nipple with three direct hits and her right with another. The three who did not judge Susan’s shots acted as judges this time.

When Susan was released, they went into a huddle. Dee announced “the scores for the male competitors in reverse order are Tom 46 points, John 50 points and Peter 53. The ladies, Diane scored 49, Kathy 50 and Suzy 58. This means that John and Kathy came third with 100 points, Peter and Diane with 102 and Tom and Suzy 104. I declare the winners to be Tom and Suzy. John and Kathy will be subs to them tonight.”

Tom then said “First I would like to thank Dee and Susan in the way they have carried out their task this afternoon in the spirit of fairness and clear definition of the rules.” We all heartily agreed and a round of applause from all six of us was given. He continued “secondly the scores between them in the target round were Dee 24 points and Susan 28, so Susan is the winner and Dee will spend 24 hours as sub to all of us from tomorrow 12 noon. Dee, as you are now covered with paint and look quite a picture, may I take a photograph of you with out showing your face as a keepsake.”

Dee laughed “provided I see it and can delete it if there is any of my face showing, yes you may take a picture.”

Tom got his camera from the kitchen, took the picture, and Dee laughed when she saw it. “Bloody hell, I didn’t realise I was that covered in paint. Zack will be highly amused, so I would appreciate it if you could send me a copy by email. You might as well send it to the others as well as a reminder of the day’s fun.”

Dee replied “I would like to say thank you to you all for taking the effort to think the games and for playing in a truly sportsmanlike manner.

“I feel that a drink is in order, and suggest that if it is OK with you all, Susan will make us some tea as I know that the party rules prohibit alcohol and one of you might be driving.” She gave a signal to her as if an order to make the tea.

With that we made our way back to the patio area. We all looked at the riot of colours all over us and Tom said, “How are we going to wash this off without dripping paint over the carpets.”

Kathy chipped in, “Tom I assume you have a hose pipe so why don’t we take it in turns to hose down our partners”.

Suzy shivered then said “while I hate cold showers, that will be better than having to spend hours cleaning the carpets.” Tom fetched the hosepipe and John turned on the tap and said, “It’s your idea so you’re going first” and started to spray Kathy down. With this Susan appeared with the tea. We then started playing like kids to try to get the hosepipe and spray each other. After about 10 minutes all the paint had been washed off and we all sat in the warm sun drying off.

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7 Responses to The Pentathlon- Target Practice

  1. Covered in paint sounds like fun, but being shot with a paintball gun… brave!

    Rebel xox

    • thelongbean says:

      Thanks for the comment, bearing in mind it is the softest balls and lowest setting, it actually is not as bad as it sounds.

      This is an important part for later episodes!!

  2. Molly says:

    So for me the hosepipe shower would have been a step too far but than I can not stand getting cold and cold water is like poison to me and not in a good way.


  3. Mia says:

    Oh like Molly I could not do the cold water! I do very much like the sound of the paintball guns though!!!

    ~Mia~ xx

    • thelongbean says:

      Thank you for the comments Mia and Molly.

      Oh dear- there is another cold water scene in the next few weeks:)

      Mia- the paintball is fun in a masochistic way…….. and yes I have suffered similar without the loincloth:)

      Molly- you better make sure your Sir does not hear about the cold showers if you have been naughty….

  4. kazigrrl says:

    I’ve played paintball in the past, but never in such a manner… deliciously evil 😉

    ~Kazi xxx

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