After the pentathlon

Following the Pentathlon, we sat relaxing comfortably in each other’s company.

Dee said “I have enjoyed your company all day and hospitality last night, and it is a change not to have people fawning around. It will appear presumptuous and I ask that you excuse me for this in advance. I had arranged for a small dinner with friends in the private room of a restaurant not too far from here. The restaurant knows me well, and would not be surprised if I cancelled at the last minute. However, I propose that we all go to dinner there on me. The friends who I had made these arrangements cancelled on me yesterday, and Susan was aware of this when we met up before coming here. So will you all join me for dinner at this restaurant? I will not be offended in the least if you say no, as Susan will lock me in your cage with crackers and water for my evening meal while you have dinner and then play.”

Susan chipped in “before you answer the question, there has been a small problem in the private rooms at the dungeon and it was not repaired yesterday. Therefore I have had to ring up the 8 other couples who planned on attending and cancel the party. I did not tell you, as Dee told me about the proposal she was going to make. I know that you all play in the main Dungeon and do not use the private rooms, so I propose that after dinner we go to the dungeon, and have our own private play party.  Dee and I will assist if requested and I would like to play a little myself as I get so little opportunity to play in the parties there. I think Dee would like the opportunity to be my top using furniture that we have not played on before.

“We will leave you for a few minutes so you discuss between yourselves.” They both got up and went to the kitchen.

Tom started “Dee has been great today, and I must say I would like the opportunity to get to know her better. Whilst I like Susan’s offer, I think that just eight of us would mean that we lose the atmosphere, so my vote is we have dinner, and then come back here for the play. That also means that we will not have to deceive our other friends if we say that we didn’t play there because of the cancellation.” Diane and Kathy said they agreed with Tom’s idea. Suzy said “at least it saves us cooking and we can still have a party.” John and I both admitted that it was a better idea as we could have a really intimate play session between us all.

I added as a joke, “if we accept the dinner, then Dee should have to take a penalty.” We laughed and agreed on the penalty and if possible we can have dinner naked. I went and beckoned Dee and Susan from the kitchen.

Tom said for all of us “Dee, first I must ask if you have a special bra like the one Susan wore when she pretended to be Suzy?”

“Yes, and I have it with me as Susan said if I lost the challenge, I might need it.”

“Secondly, you mentioned the restaurant knew you well, would they be offended if we did not have any clothes on while we dined.”

“That is not unusual in this particular restaurant.”

“Here is our counter offer, we very much appreciate the offer of dinner and would like to accept it, and however as a punishment for being presumptuous, you are required to wear the bra throughout dinner. I hope for your sake it has not been programmed to be on the highest settings all the time. Instead of the small party at the dungeon, we feel that the eight of us could have a more intimate party in our play room, and I can assure you Dee that the furniture is all original, and Susan has not seen the full flexibility of it.”

Dee looked at Susan, who was amused with our idea. Susan said “I understand about the intimacy of the play room, and yes we would lose that atmosphere at the dungeon. I am also looking forward to seeing you squirm in that bra, so I am happy with Tom’s suggestion.”

Dee then said, “It looks like I have no choice if I want a decent dinner. So, Tom can you order cabs for the eight of us to go to Warwick leaving here at 7.45 and the return pick up at 10.30 Also we will pay the drivers when they drop us back here tonight. That gives us all just under 2 hours to rest and clean our selves up.

We all assembled in the hall just before the taxis arrived. Everyone had showered and the ladies had all made an effort with their make up and hair. Dee’s in particular looked as she had just come out of the hairdressers.

As the taxis arrived, Susan touched the back of Dee’s bra and she looked very startled before she put her coat on. Dee, Susan, Tom and Suzy went in the first cab and the rest of us piled into the second. After a pleasant 20 minute drive we arrived at the front of a small intimate looking restaurant. The first cab did not stop at the front, went up the alley at the side to stop by an awning that jutted out of the back of the building. We waited until the first cab moved on and we then stepped by the awning and the doors for the cab were opened for us.  We were greeted warmly and there was a distinct “welcome back Dee” heard by all of us.

Dee introduced us to Michael, and were told that the room was ready. We were ushered into a good sized room with a table laid with eight place settings. Our coats were collected and helped into our seats. Michael seated Dee saying “You look rather overdressed for the evening.”

She giggled and said “these nice people have decided that I had been a little naughty earlier.”

“Oh yes, and what did you do to upset them.”

“I was a bit presumptuous about the booking tonight, as I was originally going to come with some other friends.”

He laughed and said, “I hope for your sake they are in a good mood this evening. I will be the only one serving in this room as Tim is on holiday at the moment.” We were passed menus before he continued. “I will be back shortly to take your orders, in the meantime I have taken the liberty of putting a couple of bottles of Dee’s favourite wine in the coolers.”

He left the room. I turned to Dee and asked “why haven’t you got a menu?”

“The restaurant is owned and run by Michael. This room is only available on private hire to a few select guests. Michael is into the scene, and if he knows that there are guests being punished, he joins in by not giving them menus. This means that you have to choose the meal that I am served, and I have no say in the matter.”

We then studied the menus and giggled as we saw the titles of some of the dishes. I think my favourite was spanker’s delight which was described as a fillet of beef, which was cooked on a griddle so there were clear stripe marks on both sides. As I turned the page over I noticed a single dish on the back called ‘punishment rations’. I urged everyone to have a look before we all laughed.

I said that “Dee was most generous about the meal and I suggest that we at least let her have a decent meal as she will need her strength for her penalty starting tomorrow.”

Susan replied, “Have you gone soft?”

“No, she has seven one hour sessions in 24 hours; she will need all the energy she can muster.”

After about 15 minutes, we had all agreed on our choices. Tom and Suzy as hosts for the weekend were delegated to choose Dee’s meal.

Michael returned and took our order. We selected a large mixed salad to be shared between all of us and a few starters that we would share. We then ordered our main courses using the dish’s title, and I could not help smiling when ordering the Beef to be cooked to a delicate shade of pink with clear stripe marks.

The starters and salad were served and as expected of the highest standard. When Michael served the main courses, he deliberately left Dee’s till last. He removed the cutlery and then reached down to the lower level of and picked up a food blender that he plugged in to the socket by the side board.

Michael said “As Dee knows, in this type of situation, I add my extra touch of discomfort to the person being punished.” He picked up the plate and made sure that the whole meal was in the blender, switched it on for a couple of minutes, and poured the mixture into a bowl. He passed Dee a straw and then placed a bowl in front of her. “If there are any bits of food that are to big to go through the straw, there is a little child’s spoon here that can be used to feed her with them. Please enjoy your meal.”

He then left us in peace to enjoy our meal. Diane looked at me with delight as we ate one the best prepared meals we had eaten. Meanwhile Dee was having to suck up her meal through a straw and clearly not enjoying the experience as much as the rest of us.

When Dee had finished we all examined the bowl to be satisfied that it was empty.

Michael re-appeared while we were relaxing and chatting, and all of us except Dee complemented him on the meal. I will pass your compliments on to the Chef who will be delighted.

He then said, “I have a very special dessert, which is not on the menu tonight which I think will finish your meal off well. Please trust me on this.” Dee smiled broadly and I realised that she had probably seen this happen before. With that he cleared our plates and a couple of minutes came back with dessert. It was in the shape of a person’s back with little stripes all over it. He told us the name of the dessert is “whipped”. It was a glorious confection of strawberry parfait topped with a very delicately flavoured skin coloured cream and the stripes were made of red currant sauce.

We were served coffee before our cabs arrived to take us back to Tom’s house.

When we got back in Susan touched the back of Dee’s bra and she smiled and said “Thank you, that was most distracting and thank you for not having it on the higher settings.”

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6 Responses to After the pentathlon

  1. Such a creative menu at the restaurant. Great idea!

    Rebel xox

  2. Mia says:

    Oh I want one of those restaurants near me!!!

    ~Mia~ xx

  3. kazigrrl says:

    They’re not a chain restaurant, are they? :p

    ~Kazi xxx

  4. We’d love to eat at that restaurant!

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