After the games- later in the night

Following the games and dinner at a friendly restaurant, our kinky friends have returned to Tom and Suzy’s house.

When we got to Tom and Suzy’s house, she immediately said “John and Kathy as you are subs tonight, please come to the playroom.”

We all followed them into the playroom a few minutes later. When we arrived there, Suzy said “John you will stand in that corner over there” indicating towards the far side of the room. Tom added “Kathy you will stand in that corner over there” pointing to the opposite corner. “You will face directly into the corners. Do not move your heads or fidget while until we tell you to join us.”

They went to their respective corners as Diane and I watched Tom and Suzy remove the mattresses from the cages. Suzy produced a nobly mat and made sure that there was one in each and a single blanket and a pillow.

Tom was also busy getting the spanking horse ready while Dee watched on in fascination. He selected the same cane we had used with the game played on Susan in the dungeon. He went to Susan and whispered something in her ear. She giggled and nodded yes. She approached Dee and whispered in her ear and initially a broad smile appeared before it turned into a frown.

Susan then whispered in my ear “did you bring the neoprene flogger?” when I nodded yes, she continued “Can I borrow it?” to which I smiled and nodded again.

Susan asked the four of us if she could play with Dee for a few minutes on the cross before any other play started. Tom whispered something in Suzy’s ear while I whispered to Diane, “it’s the neoprene”. Diane smiled broadly and answered yes. Suzy with a wide smile also assented.

Susan then told Dee “stand by the cross facing outwards.” We will restrain you and put a blindfold on. Five of us will give you twenty full force strokes in total with a flogger on your front. So you will receive a total of 100 strokes. You will be released and that will end your punishment for being presumptuous”. Dee looked nervous as she approached the cross, and Susan restrained her and put the blindfold on.

I produced the flogger and passed it to Tom who proceeded to lay on six resounding thwacks on Dee’s breasts. Diane went next and six more noisy thwacks resounded round the room. Suzy was up next for her 6 strokes before she passed the flogger to me. I looked carefully and saw that there was no sign of any marks before I laid down my six. I passed the flogger to Susan who proceeded to lash with another six hard strokes. We all then proceeded to lay down another 10 strokes each.

Dee was beginning to get rather flushed and was breathing heavily before Tom removed the blindfold. Susan said you will now watch as we all give you another 4 strokes. We all laid into Dee’s pussy with really hard strokes. Dee immediately felt the vibration in her clit and started moaning with all the sensations she had felt and started on the road to her orgasm.

Susan laid into her with the most force and Dee started to cum with the first stroke, and continued with gasps and cries of pleasure during the last few strokes as Susan continued until Dee finished cumming.

When she had recovered from her orgasm, Susan said, “That is what happened to me when I earned the punishment for cumming.”

Dee looked happy and smilingly said “I did not think a flogger could look so nasty yet be so sensuous, and I saw the last strokes coming at full force and I expected a lot of pain, but all it felt like was a gentle slap. I now understand why you thought I had been unfair, but as you know rules are rules and you did not have my permission to cum.”

“Don’t worry, I am not complaining, I just thought I might as well play the same trick on you as they did to me.”

With that Susan, Dee, Diane and I went and sat by the table so that Tom and Suzy had plenty of room to play with John and Kathy. Tom called them over “you will be both restrained to the spanking bench. Suzy and I have decided that your play as subs will be short and sweet tonight as we also want to have a little time together. When we have finished with you, we will lock you in the cages for the night while Susan and Dee can have your bed. Once you are in your cages, they will be covered over so you will be able to hear everything but not see it. When we let you out in the morning that is the end of your role of being our subs. However the other part of the penalty for coming last in the games will start on Monday.”

John and Kathy looked apprehensive. As their asses were in a prime position for the cane. Suzy then said, you will each receive six strokes of the cane in turn. The cane we will use is the same as used on Susan at the party, and Kathy, Susan will give you your last stroke. With that she picked up the cane and laid a heavy stoke on John’s ass which provided a yelp of pain as the line of fire ran through him. Tom laid down a stroke on Kathy that produced an equally loud yelp. This continued until it was Kathy’s sixth stroke. Susan was passed the cane by Suzy, who weighed it her hand, swished it a few times before getting into position tapping Kathy’s ass as if she was going to cross all the existing stripes, raised the cane and a lash landed right across Kathy’s sit spot that produced the loudest scream of the night.

They were released from their bonds, given five minutes each to use the bathroom before they were settled down in the cage and then covered with blanket

Dee looked at us and said, “I have a fun game that involves us all, but requires Diane, Suzy and Susan to be the bottoms and there is no serious pain involved.”

We looked at each other and then agreed that this could be fun.

Dee continued “each of the three bottoms have their hands cuffed together so they cannot escape from the pole. Their breasts will have 4 clothes pins each so that one is tied to the each of the other’s nipple rings. Once all the clothes pins have been tied, we tops tickle them until someone looses all their clothes pins or cums. They are the loser of the game and they and their partner will spend a night in bondage with additional frustration.

To ensure fair play I will tickle Diane, Tom will tickle Susan and Peter tickles Suzy. Once one of the bottoms has lost, it will be a competition between the other 2 who are then flogged until one cums or looses all the clothes pins. The one who cums or looses the rest of the clothes pins will be deemed the loser and they and their partner will just be in bondage for the night. Each of the subs can do what ever they like with their fingers to make the others cum. For the frustration part, the women will have a bullet vibrator inserted and turned on to a low setting all night and for the men, a 5 ring gates of hell.”

We prepared the three subs and got them all tied together at the post when Dee said, right lets start. Don’t forget the penalty for losing. As soon as I started tickling Suzy I could see she was struggling not to move around much, but when Tom started on Susan, she immediately lost three of the clothes pins as she was so ticklish. Dee was doing her best to get Diane to move, but she resolutely held still and only lost one clothes pin when Susan started to wiggle around. I could see Diane was working hard on Suzy trying to make her come quickly.

Suddenly Susan let out a loud moan and then arched her back letting the last clothes pin come free. She moaned again, Tom up the tickling and Suzy continued to tease her till she slumped forward with a really satisfied expression on her face. Dee in the meantime looked a little aghast as she knew she was in for a night of torment and bondage with Susan. We released Susan from the pole so she could recover from her orgasm.

With Diane and Suzy still left I was fairly confident that Diane would not come, however she only had two clothes pins left to Suzy’s four. Dee and I both picked up some sensuous floggers and started flogging the backs of the girls. We had them both purring as they felt the gentle fall of the suede strips on their backs. I laid down a few hard strokes on Suzy, just as Dee did with Diane until she arched her back and the remaining clothes pins came off. Diane looked sheepishly at me as if to apologise for losing.

We let the girls recover from their ordeals and about half an hour later Tom suggested that we left the playroom and he and Suzy would sort out our sleeping arrangements. Diane and I went to the bathroom before lying down on the bed. We were required to wear our cuffs and Diane’s legs were loosely tied to the foot of the bed. I was laid down so my head was near the footboard and secured in a similar way to Diane. Tom then manoeuvred my wrists so that they were loosely attached behind Diane and hers were similarly secured behind me. He wished us a good night and left the room turning out the light.

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7 Responses to After the games- later in the night

  1. Floggers and clothes pins… those are my kinda toys 😉

    Rebel xox

  2. kazigrrl says:

    My kind of fun too! though I’ll trade pegs for ropes any day 😀

    ~Kazi xxx

  3. Molly says:

    Floggers… always floggers!


    • thelongbean says:

      Thanks Kazi and Molly for your comments.

      Floggers are lovely to both use and be on the receiving end. Just some are more sensuous than others 🙂

      Next week- Dee has a surprise before she starts being the sub for the day!

  4. Mia says:

    *Waves frantically* floggers for me please!!!! Love love love them!!!!

    ~Mia~ xx

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