Sunday morning after the Pentathlon

Following the games and play afterwards, Dee is to be the sub to all seven of us from noon on Sunday….

Tom came and released Diane and I from our bondage  before he then released John and Kathy from the cages. Dee and Susan appeared a few minutes later, both looking a little tired.

Dee complained that she had not slept very well because of the bullet vibe and we all laughed. When she went to the bathroom and Tom said “Dee did such a good job with lunch yesterday that I feel we can expect an equally good one today.”

As it was approaching noon, Susan said, if it is all right with you all, I think Dee should take a short break in the conservatory while we sort out the order of play sessions and timings. Dee left us and we saw she had picked up a magazine from the side table as she went to the conservatory. She was fidgety, I assumed from not knowing what she would be expected to do today.

Susan started off “before we decide the order of the play sessions, I have two suggestions, firstly at Lunch, she is offered a choice of joining us at the table to eat but sitting on that evil spike mat or eating from a dog bowl on the floor with her hands cuffed.”

Tom interjected, “better still, I have a chair that has itchy stringing that needs replacing.”

Susan commented “ouch, that could be fun, if it is itchy then we should warn her when she first sits in it that any wriggles will earn a punishment.” We all giggled and agreed to make the offer.

“That has been settled, now to the schedule, I have a feeling that it may be more fun to play the same game as you did to me in the dungeon, however this time there are 7 of us. It is about time she had a very hard caning session. I can tell you that she will feel it for days. It will also give a reminder of all the fun we had yesterday. The other advantage is that she will be able to spend more time serving all our needs.”

There was a short discussion between us all and overall we all thought it was a brilliant idea. However Tom added “If we have to stop because of her ass not being able to cope, how will we resolve it.”

“I have thought of that,” Susan started, “I know that Dee would be very disappointed if she could not see it through. So what I suggest is that if we have to break it off, we can all meet up again but instead of the cane we use today we go onto that double one you mentioned in the first caning session you had after the challenge. I think I can give her some training before then if needed.”

Tom laughed, “that is an evil thought”.

“That is why I am a Domme.”

A moment later, the telephone rang. Tom answered it in his study, when he came back he went over to Susan who nodded and then he whispered something in Suzy’s ear which produced a look of amazement. The rest of us asked Tom what was going on. He only replied, not to worry as it was only a message we have to give Dee at lunchtime.

A few minutes later there was a crunch on the gravel as if a car was drawing up. Tom went to the window, looked out and said its OK I will only be a minute. A few minutes later we heard the car leaving and Tom returned to the living room.

Susan got up, went to the hallway and ushered in a middle aged man dressed only in a pair of boxer shorts in a wheelchair. “Ladies and Gentlemen, please meet Zack.” She then opened the door to the conservatory and called Dee in, who immediately rushed to greet her husband who we had all recognised.

When they had finished, Zack said, “please forgive the intrusion, but the test match at Headingley finished last night and I was at a loose end today. I sent Susan a text asking her to get Tom to ring me this morning which he did. I asked him whether I could join you for lunch and maybe witness a little of Susan or Dee being the sub before I go back to London tonight. I was warned about the state of undress, and I have joined in as far is practical.

“Tom did suggest that I might want to stay the night, but with my health problems, I know that you would not have the necessary facilities so I declined the offer.  “

Susan immediately said she had no problem, and the rest of us looked at each other to say what other surprises are in store from this couple.

Zack saw the looks and said “I can understand your looks of surprise, and assure you that this was not planned. I expect the biggest surprise you had was when you saw Dee on Friday.”

John commented “That was the first of many surprises, all of which have been pleasant although unexpected.”

Zack laughed. “I’m not surprised, but many of them were Dee’s ideas not mine. She can be a mischievous little imp when she wants. I hope that she did not go too overboard on them. In the next few days I will get them out of her and Susan.”

It was clear that Zack was as playful as Dee had been since we met her. I whispered to Diane, “I don’t know about you, but I’m game especially as Dee will have some interesting marks.”

Diane Giggled, “we have no problem, provided the rest of you are happy.”

John and Kathy had also been whispering and they agreed before Kathy added “but, if there are any more surprises from you two, we would love the opportunity to introduce Dee to a special toy we have in the presence of everybody here.”

Zack giggled whilst Dee looked nervous until he said, “I have no more surprises planned and I hope for her sake she hasn’t”.

Dee looked at Zack and sheepishly told him that she had lost yesterday. He laughed, “what fun this will be.”

As the clock reached 12, Dee was given her first order which was to prepare lunch for 1 o’clock sharp.

“Yes sir, it will be ready on time” she said in sub mode. While Dee went to the kitchen to prepare lunch we had an opportunity to chat to Zack who turned out to be really entertaining with a sparkling sense of humour.

At one o’clock exactly Dee announced lunch was served. The table had been laid with eight place settings. Susan then said to Dee, “you have a choice, for all the meals you may join us at the table in a chair we will get for you in a minute, or you will eat them from a dog bowl with your hands cuffed behind your back.”

Dee replied “that is an easy one, I would like to be able to join you at the table.”

“OK go and get a place setting while Tom gets your chair, we will place you next to Zack and this will allow a little time for you to chat.”

Tom returned with the chair and when Zack saw it he had an amused smile on his face whilst Dee looked on nervously.

Once she was sat down Tom added “This is your chair for all meal times and any time we allow you to be seated. If you wriggle on that chair then we will take suitable measures to ensure you stay properly seated.”

Dee replied “Yes, sir.”

With that we enjoyed the meal that Dee had prepared. I saw that Dee was finding it difficult not to wriggle. Zack asked whether we had any pictures from yesterday, Dee replied only one, and that Tom had taken it. He asked to see it.

Tom fetched his camera and showed Zack the photograph of Dee covered in splotches of paint. He laughed, “I need a large print of this, and I know exactly where the best place for it is.”

“I have agreed to send Dee the picture by email and she asked I sent it to the others.”

He asked Dee how many games she won. “I won one, and we had a tie on your one.” She replied quickly. He turned to us all and asked “was she giving her best in all of them.”

John answered “there was the first attempt of the long jump that we suggested they both not trying, so we warned them to do better and the results were much improved and when it was her turn with the paintball gun she just targeted Susan’s nipples and boobs.”

Zack laughed, “So she just played along in that game and did not make any effort to win it. For that I will devise a punishment that will be entertaining for me, at any rate.” He then changed the subject “How did your dinner at Michael’s go with your friends.”

Dee looked down “Unfortunately they cancelled on Thursday, so instead, I was a little presumptuous and offered to take all of us here there for a meal. They agreed, but I had to wear that punishment bra you bought after you heard about the one I had for Susan. And Michael did his usual trick for the main meal.”

Zack let out an amused chuckle, “I hope you all enjoyed your dinner, and I trust you felt suitably contrite afterwards Dee.”

“The alternative was crackers and water in a cage while they had their meal then went out and partied. I felt I needed a decent meal after the games so accepted the punishment.”

“Good, I can see you all understand how Dee needs to be kept under control from time to time. Now I know I asked about a bra on Friday, so what colour knickers were you wearing on Friday?”

Dee blushed, and said meekly “blue.”

“Well you were punished on Friday night for the bra, but you should have told me about the knickers, so when you get home on Monday, you will be locked in your chastity belt on Monday and you will have additional stimulation of my devising. You will be locked in for one calendar month.”

Dee gulped, “Yes sir.”

Tom then said “Dee, please will you clear up the dishes and join me in the playroom when you have finished. Zack if you wish, you may join us as an observer while I play.”

Next week, Dee plays another game……..

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5 Responses to Sunday morning after the Pentathlon

  1. It sounds like Dee is in for some fun…

  2. kazigrrl says:

    I agree, sounds like fun coming up 🙂

    ~Kazi xxx

  3. Mia says:

    Oh Dee…r!!! She could be in for some “fun”!!!!

    ~Mia~ xx

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