Dee’s playtime

Dee has been ordered to join Tom and Zack in the playroom ….

Tom whispered for all of us except Zack to stand by the wall behind the door until Dee had entered. Dee entered and approached Tom and Zack who were by the spanking bench. Tom ushered the rest of us to join him to Dee’s great surprise. He said, “Dee instead of seven separate one hour sessions, we have decided that you will have one session that involves all of us.”

Zack raised an enquiring eyebrow while Tom continued “I expect you know about the game we played with Susan at the Dungeon a few months ago.”

Dee gulped and meekly replied “Yes”.

“Well we have decided that we will play that same game, except there will be seven of us for you to choose from after each stroke of the cane. You will not be gagged and you can make as much noise as you like. If you are very lucky you will only seven strokes of the cane, however the chances of that are about one in ¾ of a million. The rules will be the same as with Susan, you will give the name of the person who you think administered the cane. After each person is eliminated, you may ask that we will release you from the bench for five minutes. You are not allowed to leave the playroom in that time. If we judge that you cannot take any more, we will resume the game where we left off on another mutually agreed date, however you will meet John’s special friend. Zack, will you judge this to ensure fair play?.”

Zack said, “It is a long time since I was last involved in any play, so I will be delighted to be the judge with four conditions. Firstly, as her ass is likely to get a lot of attention, I suggest that Susan is allowed to warm it up for a few minutes.”

Dee looked very worried.

Zack continued, “second, If I am not happy with the strength of application of a stroke, at the end, the offender is immediately punished with five strokes from each person here, including Dee, a total of 40, instead of them receiving the total that Dee gets.

“Third is that a different cane is used each round and that I decide which one is to be used. I am sure that between you all there are plenty of canes, and suggest that you lay them out on the table. John, As we want to keep your special friend in reserve, I suggest it stays hidden.

“The fourth could be the most interesting, If in the first round she guesses the name correctly on their first stroke, then that person spends the night in the cage in exactly the same set up as Dee did on Friday night.”

We all looked at each other and felt we had no option to agree. We all laid out our canes on the table. Zack was impressed with the variety and beckoned Dee over so should see the choice of implements available. He picked some up and asked knowledgeably about the various characteristics of each one.

He teased Dee, “your bum is going to get a lot of attention from seven of these. For me, this will be fun to watch.”

A couple of minutes later he said, “Dee, I hope you are ready to play as it is time you went across the bench.” Her hands were secured with the restraining straps, and her legs strapped down at the knees. She presented a really beautifully round, taut and well proportioned ass as a target, and I thought it was really pretty without any marks, so it was going to be a very enjoyable session.

Zack ensured a blindfold was properly secured. “Before we start, Dee, are you clear on the rules?”

“Yes Sir.”

“No two consecutive strokes will be laid by the same person and you cannot name the same person twice in a row. Do you understand.”

“Yes Sir” she said quietly.

He invited Susan to start the warm up and after 4 minutes there was a pleasant pink hue all over it. I was impressed at how calm Dee was when the intensity increased.

“Ladies and Gentlemen, let us start the game.” Zack announced.

He wheeled himself over to the table and pick up a medium length rattan cane that was very stingy, but did not leave serious welts.

We passed it around before Suzy approached the spanking bench swishing it a little to get a feel for it, laid the cane on the pink target in front of her, gave a couple of gentle taps, raised it and with a smooth arm movement and a flick of the wrist landed it.  A moaned oww escaped Dee’s lips before she offered the name “Diane”.

“Sorry you are wrong”.

We passed the cane around, and John approached the bench, gave a couple of practice taps, and laid a stinging stroke on the crease just where her ass joined the top of her legs and a loud gasp escaped. “That has to be Susan”.

“Again not the right person.”

Dee whimpered as I approached the bench, tapped the target and laid a line right across the middle of her beautiful cheeks. “Tom”.

“Again you are wrong.”

We took turns until the fifteenth stroke when Susan stepped up to the bench for the first time and laid on a stroke that did not initially look very severe until we saw a vivid red line appear. Dee let out an agonised howl, “Susan”.

Susan looked very sheepish. “You are correct. Susan will take no further part this afternoon. Do you want a break before the next round.”

Dee replied “Not this time.”

With that he wheeled himself over to the table and selected a thicker cane where there was more of a thud on impact rather than sting.

I went to the bench looked at Dee’s pretty red stripes, selected a target area and laid down a hard stroke. A heavy breath escaped from Dee and she said “Suzy”.

“You are incorrect”. We continued with gasps of pain being heard until she correctly stated Diane on the tenth stroke.

This time she decided to take the offer of a short break. She was breathing heavily and   remarked she was finding it hard to process the different sensations because of the different canes and the different styles being used on her.

After her break, she was strapped back into position while Zack selected the lightest and kindest implement available. It was a little thin cane that on impact only gave a mild sting. I smiled when I saw this as I could see Zack was playing with her.

Tom went up and laid what looked like a really nasty stroke that only caused a quiet squeak before she guessed “Kathy”.

“Wrong”. We carried until the 19th stroke when she correctly guessed John.

She said no to the offer of a break and added those weren’t very hard strokes.  Zack laughed and said “they were all very fair and for being bratty, you should expect a punishment later.”

We laughed as he went and selected a heavier cane that makes a formidable sound and leaves some very prominent welts.

Tom took the cane and whispered to me “We will alternate cheeks this time, pass it on”. He approached Zack and whispered something in his ear which brought a smile to his lips and a clear thumbs up.  Tom went to the bench, did his practice taps, moved very slightly and laid a heavy stroke down on the left cheek. With a loud yelp of pain, she guessed “Peter” and was informed she was wrong. We alternated cheeks as she received a further 13 strokes that produced yelps of pain before she correctly guessed me and asked for a break. She was released and although her eyes were moist, she had a twinkle in them.

After the break, she was informed that there were three rounds left. She was strapped back in, and Zack selected another cane, this time a thick bamboo one which is particularly wicked. It leaves wider spaced welts than others and has a heavy thudding sensation.

Suzy laid down the first stroke across both cheeks and brought a howl of pain from Dee. She guessed it was Kathy. So Kathy stepped up, laid another searing stroke that produced another howl and gave another incorrect guess of Suzy. Tom went up and laid down a stroke right on her tender sit spot that produced an agonising howl before she guessed Tom.

She decided another break was needed. Zack informed that this was the last break as there were only 2 left in the game, Suzy and Kathy. She was reminded that there may be 2 consecutive strokes from either of them, and she could only name the same person twice in a row.

She laid down on the bench for the last session, and after being strapped down, Zack produced the most painful one yet. It was a very thin bamboo cane that produces a light sting at first and the burn increases slowly.

Suzy stepped up, laid down a stroke that caused a yelp and Dee started sobbing before she guessed Kathy. They whispered between themselves and Suzy went back up and laid down a diagonal stroke across her left cheek which produced a howl of pain and a gasped “Suzy”.

“That is correct.” Zack quietly asked Kathy to get the cane that she used to give Susan her last stroke. Kathy smiled as Zack went to Dee’s head and quietly said, its nearly over, just one more round. Kathy approached the bench let rip a hard stroke diagonally across her right cheek which produced a howl of pain, a quiet “Kathy” was heard and she was immediately released from her bindings. She was in tears as the blindfold was removed. She was given a big hug and a kiss on the forehead by Zack before we all gave her a comforting hug.

Zack then told her “As agreed earlier if you correctly guessed someone on their first stroke in the first round, they will spend a night in a cage. Well Susan will be here again tonight. You earned an additional punishment that I will leave the others to decide when I have left. All I ask is the punishment is to be carried out by noon on Tuesday.

“It can be whatever you want, can last up to 24 hours, but all I ask is it does not interfere with her wearing her belt from when she gets home tomorrow.”

Next week, more fun with Dee…..

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4 Responses to Dee’s playtime

  1. I think I would die if I had to get that many strokes from the cane…

  2. Molly says:

    Lets hope Dee has recovered this by next week 😉


  3. kazigrrl says:

    Owww… I’d probably be fine with the caning if I didn’t have to guess.

    ~Kazi xxx

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