Preparing for a night out…

Following the session in the playroom, we continue the story later in the afternoon

Zack had made a quick phone call and said “thank you all for a most enjoyable afternoon. I know I have imposed on your playtime, but I do love to see Dee being put through her paces, and I wish I was able to be more hands on. I leave you with a warm heart and the knowledge that Dee is in good hands, but do not be easy on her. Oh, before I go, Dee, how many times have you cum whilst you have been here?”


“OK, I will deal with that tomorrow when you put your belt on.” We heard a crunch of the gravel as car came up the drive, and Zack shook hands with all of us gave Dee a big hug and a kiss and said “goodbye, and I hope we can all get together again soon.” Susan went with him to the door.

When Susan returned, she had a broad smile on her face. She asked “Tom and Suzy, is there a local pub that does food on a Sunday night and has a secluded alcove?”

“Yes, it is about half a mile down the road.”

“Dee please clear up the table and take everything in the kitchen. When you have finished the washing up, you will stand with your nose touching the fridge door and your hands behind your back.”

Dee did as she was asked, and went to the kitchen.

Susan said, “As I was taking Zack to the car, he made a suggestion that we all relaxed and had a few drinks tonight. I personally like the idea and encourage you to agree as I can assure you that it will be fun for us all and we need to know what Dee’s plans are for the next couple of days.”

Tom piped up, “the food is not as good as we had last night, but if it is entertainment for us to have a sub serving us in a vanilla setting, then this could be fun. ”

Susan got up, went into the kitchen and returned with a very worried looking Dee. She told Dee to explain why she was looking worried.

“When Susan came into the kitchen I was standing facing the fridge but I was relieving an itch on my nose and she says I should be punished for disobedience.”

I turned to Tom and asked if “Have you got a posture collar with D rings at the sides.”

Looking at me with bright eyes, Tom replied “of course, Dee you will find it in the cupboard in the playroom on the second shelf down. On the third shelf you will find 2 snap links. While you are in there, please collect one of the mats from the cages. Go and get them now.” I looked at John and Kathy who had smiles on their faces while Dee scurried off to get the requested items.

When she returned she was she sat on her chair as ordered by Tom who put on the posture collar and clipped her wrists to the collar. Tom advised her “This is the start of your punishment for this disobedience. We will be asking a few questions now. I will start by asking how are you getting home tomorrow.”

The answer to that and  a few others elicited all the information we needed. After we had finished talking to her, Tom said “Pick up the mat and join me in the kitchen.”

We all giggled as she struggled to pick up the mat, but after three attempts she got a grip on it and went the kitchen. Tom returned a minute or two later. “I have left her at the fridge, however she has a bit of paper between her and the fridge door that she has to hold up with her nose. I have also used a black marker pen to mark outline her feet which are on the mat. If she has moved her feet or the piece of paper has fallen, She has been told that she will meet my most fearsome paddle tomorrow morning at 11.45 for six strokes from each of us on her already sore ass.”

Suzy commented, “that is a nasty implement and I don’t think she will want it after today.”

About an hour later, Dee was relieved from her standing punishment by Susan and ordered to rejoin us on her chair. We needed start to get ready for the evening out at the pub. Susan suggested we be ready in about an hour and turned to Dee and asked her to go to the playroom with her. Dee looked a little ponderous as she thought there would be no more private play sessions.

After 20 minutes or so, Dee knocked on our door, entered at our call and said “Susan has ordered me to ask you each to select an accessory from a standard toy bag for me to wear tonight.”

Diane immediately replied with ben wa balls and I added a bullet vibrator. Dee thanked us, left the room and we heard a knock on Tom and Suzy’s room and a few minutes later John and Kathy’s.

We completed our preparations and met up with the others all dressed ready for an evening at the local pub.

Dee and Susan were still nude. Dee looked at us all a bit puzzled. Susan invited us all including Dee to join her in the dining area which we did. On the table were two dresses.

Susan turned to Dee, “as I helped Zack to the car earlier he suggested we had a few drinks and a relaxing evening. He has told me that you are to pay the bill in cash tonight and you can add it to your monthly cash expense account. We are all going to the local pub tonight, where Dee is allowed one pint of bitter, and I do hope it is real ale. You may order it as 2 halves, but it must be real ale. That is the only drink you are allowed tonight. I will need to keep my intake down too as I will be in a cage too.

“I also asked him whether I could arrange the punishment for you cumming and I told him I would endure the same as it was me who encouraged you to cum. We also have the other punishment for you to deal with.”

Turning back to us, “Before we all go to the pub, we will get dressed and add the accessories chosen by you all. I am slightly relieved that there are only three of them. We will wear them till we get home and get undressed again. Tom and Suzy, I hope you don’t mind but I have taken the liberty of borrowing your bag that contained your handcuffs for part of the fun tonight.

“Dee, your punishment for being bratty during the caning is this. You will be required to take all our orders for drinks and meals, order them and serve each of us the correct drink. When the food is served you will inform the serving staff of who ordered what food. Any mistakes mean that you will earn one task. You put your hand in the bag and draw out one slip of paper. On that slip of paper is the name of the task. Some of them are more challenging than others, but as you will be selecting them, it is entirely your choice.

“If you are bratty, misbehave or are rude to any of us tonight you will be told to draw another piece of paper out of the bag. Now put on your dress.”

Dee went to the table  and started to put the summer dress over her head. While she did this, Susan picked up her dress for the evening and did the same. She then went to the toy bag and produced a pair of mild and discrete nipple clamps and a series of £20 notes. She laughed at Dee and said “as you will not have a hand bag, you have to carry them somehow, and I am very pleased someone suggested clamps. Finally, whenever you sit down, you will lift the back of your dress so you are sitting with a bare ass on the seat of the chair.”

She approached Dee, pulled the top of her dress to one side, applied the nipple clamp to the left nipple and secured a quantity of notes and smoothed them under her dress. She did the same on the other side. She examined the dress, asked Dee to bend forward a little while Susan looked down at her cleavage very carefully. Dee the straightened up and Susan looked satisfied. “I can’t see anything out of the ordinary, and I hope the rest of you can’t. She then attached a similar pair of clamps to herself and invited us to check her cleavage.”

She then approached Dee with the ben wa balls and bullet vibrator and asked that she insert them and she did the same. She passed a remote to Tom and Suzy. Tom pressed a button and both of them looked startled as the vibrator started up and said “it looks like only one remote is needed.”

Tom pressed the button again to shut them off. “Tom, before we put our shoes on can you go and get some uncooked rice for Dee.”

Tom collected a small handful of rice, helped Dee into her shoes and added a few grains under each foot. He did the same to Susan which she was not expecting.

On the walk to the pub, Tom said “what I did not tell you it is quiz night, and although Suzy and I are discouraged from taking part, as we kept winning too often, I thought of a little extra fun that involves us all and I am sure I can persuade the landlord to make an exception. The maximum team size is six, so if we can take part I suggest we have a team of each gender, and the ladies choose Dee or Susan. The losing team has to spend the night with their hands cuffed together and secured to the headboard and the feet connected to the foot of the bed. However, for Dee or Susan we will let them off this requirement as they will be fairly cramped tonight.”

“You devious sod” started Kathy “It sounds an interesting twist and I am happy to play along.” Diane quickly added her agreement. John and I had no alternative other than to agree and Suzy agreed too.

Next week- the start of the pub games!

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5 Responses to Preparing for a night out…

  1. Ah, more games. It sounds like a fun place to be 🙂

    Rebel xox

  2. Mia says:

    Oh more naughty games to drool over!!!! Mmmmmm:-)

    ~Mia~ xx

  3. kazigrrl says:

    Sounds like a fun night ahead 🙂

    ~Kazi xxx

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