Pub games……

Our intrepid group have decided to visit the pub and it happens to be Quiz night

As we walked to the pub, I distinctly heard Susan say to Dee “I am sure Zack will punish you in some way if you cum again this evening. Do I have permission to cum tonight?”

“No” was the tart reply. “We are both in it together and it was probably your idea for this punishment, so you are on exactly the same terms as I am.”

We arrived at the pub and were able to select a quiet alcove table. We sat down and Dee started to take our drinks order. All of us ordered a different drink. She went to the bar with Tom, who arranged a tab for the night and Dee started to order the round of drinks.

As Tom left the bar he put his hand in his pocket and both Dee and Susan reacted with a straightening of their backs as the vibes kicked in. Dee passed the drinks around and getting Suzy and Diane’s mixed up before she sat down. Tom put the remote on the table turned it the vibes off and passed it to Diane. Susan opened the bag and invited Dee to select 2 slips of paper. She was told to open them and tell everyone what they said.

She opened the slips and said “A country drive and the other is ‘writing on the wall’. What on earth are they.”

Susan replied “I have left the descriptions at Tom and Suzy’s so you will have to wait until we get back for the explanations.”

A little later, we gave Dee our orders for food, she went to the bar and Diane turned on the vibes and as Dee sat down she turned them off.  Tom then said, “I think the pattern has been established and every time Dee goes to the bar or there is a member of staff at our table the vibes should be turned on. When she sits back down or the member of staff leaves the table we should turn them off.” All but Dee and Susan laughed at this suggestion. They knew what a torment they would suffer in the pub.

When our meal arrived she got John’s wrong, but this was corrected before all of us were served so she had to select another slip of paper. She shuddered when she read “chains”. When we finished our meals, the pub started to fill up as quiz time came closer.

Tom called the Landlord over and said that “We all want to take part in the quiz, and I know that Suzy and I are discouraged from entering.” The landlord nodded in agreement. “We would like to have two teams on this table who compete against each other, we have already decided between us what the prize is for the winning team. If either or both of our teams win a prize in the quiz, it will be refused. I suggest that you mention this as you go round and collect the money and dish out the answer sheets.” The landlord looked at us and smiled, “Fine with me, but you will still have to put your pound each in the pot.” Tom replied, just add it to the tab.

The landlord went to the till, took £8 and put it in his pot, whilst he added a note to the till to remind him and returned with 2 sheets of paper and 2 pens.

The landlord went round the pub, and it was clear that he had to reassure some people that Tom and Suzy would not collect any prizes. He came back to us whispered something in Tom’s ear and he nodded. Tom then said “Dee, you are required to go to the landlord who will give you the microphone and you are to announce that neither of our teams will be claiming any prizes.”

When she went up to the landlord Tom picked up the remote and pressed the button to turn on the vibe. The landlord passed her the microphone and said “good evening Ladies and Gentlemen. You probably recognise me and are aware of my reputation for honesty. I am here with a group of friends for a quiet evening out away from the rat race. I know that Tom and Suzy are not allowed to take part in the quiz, however for this night I ask that you indulge us as we have a private competition going on between us in that the men are taking on the women and I have been selected as an honorary man for the quiz. Whilst we have paid our entry money for the quiz, I assure you that in the unlikely event that either of our teams win, we will not be claiming any prizes. Enjoy your evening as I can assure you we will enjoy ours as the girls are going to lose.” Whilst she was saying this I saw some of the quiz teams smile.

Dee came back and it quietened down when the landlord reminded everybody of the rules. Dee asked whoever had the remote to please turn it off as she was back at the table. Tom laughed and said “you made one minor error, so you need to pick another slip of paper from the bag. We are discouraged from taking part in the quiz rather than not allowed.” With that the vibes were turned off and Dee selected ‘uprights’.

At the first break we ordered a round of drinks and Dee went off to collect them. Who ever had control of the vibes waited until she had picked up the tray before it was tuned on. When she arrived at the table, there was a minor spill from her half of beer, which had been filled right to the top. Tom saw this and said, “as you spilt some beer on the way back you better select another slip of paper.”

Dee sullenly put her hand in the bag and picked out ‘Board Report’. Susan noticed the sullen expression, and said you don’t look very happy. If your expression does not change quickly, I will require you select another slip of paper. The vibes were turned off and Dee quickly brightened up. When the second break came she asked permission to go to the toilet. This was met with the turning on of the vibe and Susan gave her permission. Suzy said, “I think I need to go as well, it will give me an opportunity to make sure she does not take any liberties in there.”

Dee went with Suzy to the toilet and shortly after returned to the table. The vibes were turned off. Dee asked could she make a comment and not be punished for it. We all replied no, and that sort of behaviour deserved another selection of a bit of paper. She reluctantly nodded her head and selected ‘the night is young’. At this Diane commented,” I really thought you would have learnt your lesson by now, that is the sixth one you have chosen, and if you are not careful you will have a very busy time as we have 20 different ones there.”

Dee said she understood and the quiz restarted.  The vibes were turned on until the next question was asked, turned off until the third one in the section was asked and then back on again. This continued for the rest of the quiz. As the last question was asked, I noticed that Dee was not sitting with a bare ass on her chair. I whispered something to Tom and then said “Dee, you have earned another selection from the bag. You will tell us why and if it is wrong, you will select a second slip of paper.”

Dee hesitated and said “I don’t know why” to which I replied “you have earned two as you are not sitting in the fashion decreed  before we left the house.” She blushed, corrected the offence and drew 2 selections ‘car seat cover’ and ‘target practice’.

The landlord of the pub swapped the sheets around for marking. Once all the sheets were collected in, he sorted them out and announced the results. He announced the fifth place team, then said there was a tie for the third and fourth placed teams and the first two teams. The third and fourth placed teams were ours, and we were invited to send a representative of each team for the tiebreak. We all decided that Susan and Dee would do the tiebreak question. So they proceeded up to the bar as the vibrators were turned on yet again. The question related to an obscure sporting achievement. When the girls returned we turned off the vibrators and waited for the decision.

He commented “I’m sure you all want to know the result of the battle of the sexes over there.” The landlord announced that the men were the winners in our competition by being closest to the correct answer. Dee immediate showed Susan the Loser sign on her forehead. Kathy looked at her and said “that is worthy of another 2 selections from the bag for unsporting conduct and being bratty. Further, any more of this brattiness before we get to Tom and Suzy’s should add 2 selections to your already growing pile.” We looked at Dee as she acknowledged the situation and smiled sweetly, “You’re on” as if challenging Kathy. She made her selections from the bag which were “Water Works” and “Double V”.

We sent Susan and Dee off to the ladies so they could retrieve the cash from Dee’s dress and she could settle the bill. As Dee went to the Landlord, the vibes were turned on again. After a little banter she paid the bill and returned to the table.

“What was said between the landlord and yourself” asked Susan.

“He asked about the light bruise that is showing just above my cleavage, so I told him I got hit by a paintball there yesterday.” We all laughed, collected our things and started to walk back.
Next week- find out what Dee has selected

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4 Responses to Pub games……

  1. I definitely need the directions to this pub 😉

  2. We’ve attended and participated in “quiz night” type events at various pubs, but none were quite as fun as this one seems to be. Great job.

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