Dee’s tasks

Dee earned a number of tasks during our evening at the pub…..

As we walked back I could make out in the dark that Dee was getting a little red around the face as if she was getting turned on by the vibe. I asked who had the remote, and Suzy showed me it was in her hand, I signalled for her to turn it up a notch, which she did. Both Dee and Susan immediately felt the effect.

Dee turned to Susan, “what did we do get it turned up?”

“As far as I know nothing, but these six can be quite inventive in their teasing of people.”

When we got back to Tom and Suzy’s house Dee was ordered to sit in her chair. She sat down looking decidedly nervous.

Susan  said “I am sure you want to know what all the titles mean and what you have to do before Tuesday noon. The first is ‘A Country Drive’. This one is quite simple, but could be embarrassing if you are seen. When you leave here tomorrow, you will leave all your clothes behind, and you will get in the car and stay in your birthday suit until you get home. You are not allowed to use anything to hide yourself away. Although this is not part of it, you may want to let Zack know that he might wish to meet you when you get home.”

Dee laughed, “easy, done that before and got the T shirt. Zack bet me £1,000 to a charity of my choice that I would not leave home and go to our cottage in Scotland in the back of the car naked. The only exception was if I needed to go to the loo, I was allowed to wear a long T shirt when I got out and until I got back in. In fact I beat him at his own game as I managed to have a loo break at a small garage without needing the T shirt. He was impressed and added another £500. The driver coming tomorrow is the same as the one who took me to Scotland.”

Susan picked up another piece of paper and handed it to Kathy. “Your second choice is ‘Writing on the Wall’ this one you might find difficult but you will write out 500 times in neat legible handwriting the words “I was a naughty little brat on Sunday and will improve my behaviour”. This will be written on one line at a time. Each page will be numbered and you will put 25 lines on every page. If you make a mistake you will cross out the line and start that one again. You will scan all the pages and email all of us copies by 12 noon on Tuesday. We will check them and each mistake or minute late in sending them earns one stroke of Susan’s favourite leather toy which she tells us you have yet to experience. This punishment will be carried out at your next session together which I believe is in about a month. I suggest that as soon as Zack has put you in your belt you start writing.”

Dee looked at Kathy, “That is going to mean a very late night tomorrow.”

Susan passed a piece of paper to Suzy who started “the third one is ‘The night is young’. This one is going to be frustrating for you. When you are locked in your cage, you will keep the bullet vibe inside you. You will have your hands cuffed and connected by a short chain that will run outside the cage behind one of the first six bars along the length of the cage. You will be allowed to chose which bar. Whilst you will have some movement of your hands, you will not be able to reach your pussy. The vibe will be set at its lowest setting just to tease you while you sleep tonight.”

Dee looked startled and commented “I hope I do get some sleep and with respect I consider that to be the worst so far.”

Susan picked up the next piece of paper. “Your fourth choice is ‘Car Seat Cover’ which you will not enjoy. As well as being in your birthday suit on the way home, you will have a nice seat cover to sit on. The seat cover is the same as used you stood on earlier. You are not allowed to remove it whilst you are on the way home, nor are you allowed to change your seating position to avoid the points. I will personally tell the driver to report directly to Zack any attempt to remove the cover or avoid the points. He is also going to be told to report any attempt by you to persuade him not to make the report.”

Dee looked worried “That is nasty, I’ll still have a sore ass, and four  hours sat in a car is bad enough without your latest addition.”

Suzy took out the next sheet and said “Your fifth choice was ‘Water Works’. When you are released from the cage in the morning you will take a shower. Your shower will last for a minimum of five minutes and Susan will supervise the shower and tell you when you have had your five minutes. However this will be a cold shower and no hot water will be available as before you are released from the cage.  We will deliberately turn off the hot water. It will be turned back on when you have finished your shower.”

Dee swallowed “I hate cold showers.”

I took a piece of paper and started “your sixth choice is ‘Board Report.’ This is a simple task. On your drive home tomorrow, you will write up, on your laptop, a full report of this evening’s entertainment. You will explain what each of your tasks are for, describe what you have to do, for those that you are told tonight, and when you get home, print it out and give it to Zack then ask him to read it. As well as printing it out, you will send each of us a copy. Having met Zack today, I am sure he will want to help out.”

Dee’s smiled and commented “That means I won’t be able to read the reports for Tuesday as planned. I know I should have done that earlier. As for Zack, you can be sure he will enjoy the report and will definitely help. Knowing him he may well add a little further in the way of torment.”

Susan then said “The other tasks, Uprights, Target Practice,  Double V and Chains all are about tomorrow evening, so we will put them in a sealed envelope for Zack to tell you about when you get home. If he is not home, at 5.00pm you are to photograph the back of the envelope with the BBC news channel on the TV with their clock in clear view. You may then open the envelope and you will find out what your tasks are.”

John then said “That is all you earned tonight, however, any brattiness tomorrow before noon will require you to make further choices.”

Tom said that “it’s getting late so it is about time that we put Dee and Susan to bed for the night.” He allowed them a five minute bathroom break and they slowly crawled into the cages. He secured Dee’s hands around the bar of the cage in the corner so she could not get at her pussy, turned the vibe up high, saw the reaction, then turned it on low, turned the lights out and closed the door.

We all then went upstairs and secured our wives for the night as their penalty for losing in the quiz. I took the opportunity to caress Diane all over, concentrating on her sensitive spots and brought her to the brink at least three times before turning over and going to sleep.

After a refreshing night’s sleep for the men and not so comfortable night for the women, we assembled in the kitchen. Tom turned off the hot water and went to release Dee and Susan from the cages. About 20 minutes later, Dee made her appearance and Tom turned the hot water back on, so Susan could have a warm shower.

Dee made us all breakfast without any complaints. As we were sitting around we told Dee to stand up. We all had a good look and there was still signs of three bruises on her chest which could be visible depending on the dress she wore at the awards ceremony.

Dee and Susan helped us men clear up the games and Susan took great delight in rolling up the print of Zack spattered with paint. She taped it securely so that it would not unroll.

Somehow Dee was extremely well behaved for the whole morning and did not have to make any further choices from the black bag.

At exactly 12 noon we heard Dee’s car arrive in the drive way. Dee’s day of being sub to us all was over, however she knew that she had 8 tasks to complete. She came to each of us in turn hugged us and thanked us for such an enjoyable weekend. As she turned to get in the car all she was carrying was her laptop bag and a small bag for toiletries. Susan went to the driver, handed him the rolled up paper and said “when you get home, you will give this personally to Zack and report whether Dee has tried to avoid sitting on the extra seat cover or wriggle away from it. Take care and drive safely. She has a little work to do on the way home as well.”

We all waved Dee off. Susan said “I hope you don’t mind but I have given the driver the sheets of paper that detail each of her tasks. This is to help ensure Zack sees exactly what she has to do. I expect I will get a request from him for your email addresses or telephone numbers. I hope you are happy for me to pass them on.”

We all replied that she could. We went to the playroom and helped tidy up and pack everything away.

Lunch was served and shortly afterwards John, Kathy, Diane and myself made our way home, having got dressed.

When we got home, relaxed and reminisced about the fun, long and sometimes gruelling weekend. I went to the computer to check our emails to see a message from Dee had arrived. Attached was a fairly long document. I printed it off and took it to Diane. We both read it through, had a good giggle and then discussed the errors we thought there were. At about 6.30 the telephone rang and Diane answered it, beckoned me over mouthing its Zack.

“Good evening Zack, how can we help you.”

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4 Responses to Dee’s tasks

  1. A long and hard weekend, filled with fun… will the fun continue?

  2. kazigrrl says:

    My, my… she was certainly taken to task! 😉

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