Dee’s Tasks- target practice

Dee has returned home, with a number of tasks still to complete following her “mistakes” and brattiness at the pub. Dee’s husband, Zack, has called us…..

“Good evening Zack, how can we help you.”

Zack replied, “I have the others on the line, so if it all right I will connect you all up in a conference call.” Diane and I agreed, so after a few clicks we were all able to talk and hear each other.

Zack started “Dee seems to have been a little naughty last night and earned herself some rather interesting tasks. However, I have taken the liberty of removing the obligation to perform Uprights, Chains and the Double V tonight. The reason being the bruises at the top of her boobs are more visible, and I have instructed her to wear the special white dress that will leave them in plain view. Don’t worry she will carry out the three tasks later in the week where she will be at a high profile Charity Dinner. I have said she will have to wear her blue dress there and carry out your tasks, but there is a slight addition I have felt appropriate that will remain a private joke between all of us. I have added a task called ‘Crossbar’.  I suspect that there will be a tremendous amount of gossip about it. If photographs of her do not appear in the tabloids on Saturday, I will tell you about it.”

I looked at Diane who had a wide eyed broad grin on her face and said, “I will trust you on this Zack and it better be a good private joke.”

He replied “oh I’m sure you will see the funny side. I added “crossbar” as a task and she has incurred another 35 tasks that I need to work out.”

Susan immediately asked “How has she earned that many?”

“When the driver gave me the rolled up paper and she gave me your task of “board report”, I realised I could play with her. That little fun on Saturday using my picture as a practice target has earned her one task for every hit I could make out. I counted 36 hits. So I have also changed the time in her chastity belt slightly. She now has to wear it for 35 days. She will also have a little shocking device on her clit. I have replaced the batteries and they will last for well over the 5 weeks. I have programmed the device to emit shocks randomly for a minimum total period of 5 minutes and a maximum of 2 hours every day between 8am and 11pm. The first set of shocks each day will be at the lowest setting, but after that the level of shocks is at random on the five lowest settings out of 10. If she cums during that five weeks, she will get an extra 2 days each time in the belt. I suspect I will have a very horny Dee on my hands who is going to have a really interesting time.

Diane laughed, “she is a little minx, and was great fun to be with. I think she keeps bratting just wanting to be punished for it.”

Tom added “Thank you for confiding in us, and if you need help in working out tasks, I am sure we will all contribute ideas.”

“I think I will need it as that number of tasks is going to be hard to work out, if you don’t mind I will probably ring you tomorrow as I expect she will earn some extra tasks tonight as she has been warned that she is on punishment until she is out of the belt and anything untoward will add to her task list. I also thank you all for giving her an enjoyable weekend, although she admits it was hard work and at times uncomfortable.”

Kathy added “It was fun for us, but I admit I was speechless when she came through the door.”

Zack finished the call with “No problem at all. Anyway I must go as it is time for us to depart. I suggest you watch the awards ceremony on TV tonight as I know she will be on there and I know she has to complete ‘Target practice’. Goodnight to you all.”

When we returned to the lounge we both looked at each other and Diane said “It looks like we have given Zack inspiration on how to play with Dee despite his health issues. He sounded a very cheerful bunny this evening.”

I could only agree.

Diane then said “I think we should ring Susan and see if we can get anything out of her.”

We both went to my office area where we had a speakerphone, rang Susan and got all the usual pleasantries out of the way, before I asked “When we spoke to Zack he seemed to be very cheerful and sounded very playful, is it anything to do with the weekend?”

Susan replied “He has been finding it very difficult for the last couple of years, particularly as he has not been able to play. As you realised, Dee is a very spirited woman who also likes to play, and she could not get enough of it over the weekend. I think if we had put her through her paces for a whole week she would have been happy as all the play she gets normally is when she sees me and then she is the top most of the time. I can assure you that we have done them both a good turn, although the results are far better than I could have dreamed.

“When Zack left, he was in a far better headspace than when arrived yesterday, simply because he had been involved in some play, even though he could not do anything physically.”

I replied “Definitely, and thinking up the 35 days in the belt with the electric device as well as asking for help in thinking up tasks.”

Susan added “Yes, and don’t think it will stop there, I suspect by tomorrow Dee will have racked up a few more as he is now in serious top mode, and it is 2 years since he was there so Dee will have quite a lot of re-adjusting to do.”

We laughed, “well we better put our thinking caps on. I expect Tom, Suzy, John and Kathy will be ringing you about the same thing. By the way have you any idea what Zack’s crossbar is?”

“No ideas at all, we will just have buy the tabloids on Saturday to find out!” we finished off our call.

Later, we turned on the television to watch the awards show. The showed the usual celebrities on the red carpet and towards the end there we saw Zack and Dee. Zack had a really bright smile on his face and Dee was looking astonishing in a white dress that showed ample cleavage . They were stopped on their way in by one of the TV hosts and the little bruises were clearly visible on Dee’s chest. The interviewer herself did not ask about them, but clearly someone saw them and asked about them. Dee finished talking to the interviewer and as she walked away I heard a clear “no comment” come from her.

We sat through half an hour of people giving awards and the usual thank you speeches. The last award was announced, and the master of ceremonies announced that Dee was the person giving out the award.

She stepped up to the podium and the bruises showed up as very light brown spots at the bottom of the screen. She started her little introduction to the award with “Ladies and Gentlemen, I am most flattered to have been asked to present the premier award this evening. However some of members of the press have asked me about some minor bruises that may be visible. I do not want any rumours of untruths spreading on how I got them, so here goes. I went to stay with friends last weekend and we had a paintball session, and unfortunately my chest protection was a little awry, and I got hit by a few paintballs. I assure you that when they hit, it was most uncomfortable, and I can thoroughly recommend you use proper protection. Now onto the award for the best use of new technology which goes to a rustle of paper as she opened the envelope, a quick reddening of the face  and then a giggle as she said “The Protective armour company for their recently developed lightweight bombproof suit.”

The audience laughed very loudly and then followed it up with rousing applause for the winner. In his acceptance speech the chairman of the company offered to lend Dee a suit when she next went paintballing. The MC made a quip about it before closing the ceremony down. The TV commentator added that the tabloids were going to have fun making up the suitable headlines.

John rang followed shortly after by Tom and Susan and we all had a good laugh, with the basic view being “thank god we did not know when we gave her ‘Target Practice’.”

Diane and I left for work on the Tuesday as normal and I saw a headlines of the tabloids. Dee’s cleavage was all over the front pages with appropriate headlines. In my view the best was “Unprotected boobs”.

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2 Responses to Dee’s Tasks- target practice

  1. KaziG says:

    Good thing she has a healthy sense of hunmour 😉

    ~Kazi xxx

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