Crossbar revealed

Following the completion of the task Target Practice…

On Tuesday when Diane and I got home we found an email from Zack asking us all to install skype if we had not got it as he wanted to chat to us on it. I sent him our skype address and a few minutes later I got the call, I called Diane in and we answered it. He said that he also had John and Kathy on one call, Tom and Suzy on another and Susan on another and asked did we mind if it was turned into a mini video conference, which of course we all agreed to. Dee was at there with him with a really bright mischievous smile on her face.

I started our end of the conversation by asking Dee “did you know about the winner in advance.”

Her reply was “definitely not. If I had known, I don’t think I could have gone through with the task.”

Zack then joined in “Anyway that is not the real reason for asking you to join me on skype. When we got back last night Dee did her lines as required, she was up until 3am finishing them and you should have received them this morning.”

We all confirmed we had, and I added that I had not checked them yet, when Susan piped up, “I have started to look through them and I think there are a few spelling mistakes.” Dee started to lose some of the brightness of her smile.

Susan added “If the others can finish the checking them, we can compare notes and advise you of the number of errors. As we received it in plenty of time, there are no penalties for being late.”

Tom entered the conversation with “we have agreed with Zack’s idea for the postponement of your other three tasks, and his addition of “crossbar” and I look forward to finding out what it is.”

“Me too” Dee added quickly before Tom continued, “and complete the rest.”

Zack then surprised us with “Dee and I would like you all to join us for the weekend and to be our personal guests at the Charity event on Friday. This will enable you all to personally supervise her outstanding tasks and we can get her punishments for any mistakes on ‘Writing on the Wall’ and ‘Board report’ out of the way.”

Diane answered first, “We would be delighted.”

John immediately added that he and Kathy could make it, but Susan, followed by Tom and Suzy saying “we would love to accept, we just need to check we can leave work early on Friday.”

Zack replied, “I hope that it will not be a problem. If you cannot get here on Friday, join us on Saturday for the rest of the weekend.”

The others replied that they would do their best to be there Friday, but certainly will be there on Saturday morning.

Susan was the first to laugh and said “I am itching to use my nice favourite implement on Dee’s ass. As I have found some errors on ‘Writing on the Wall’, my favourite leather toy is going to meet a new ass very soon, and what pretty sight it will be too.”

I saw Dee shudder but maintain her smile. “I for one do not want to meet it.”

Zack immediately added, “Why don’t you all bring your most feared implement for the punishment part of the weekend.”

Zack then said, “so far Dee has racked up another three tasks. I hope you have the bag with the slips handy.”

Susan said “sorry Zack, I have not got the bag, nor the slips of paper. I do however have the details of those that she did not choose.”

Dee smiled sweetly and exclaimed “Ugh, I don’t trust this lot to be fair.”

Zack immediately said “that is now four tasks. Susan, why not read out the first four tasks you have to hand and we can adapt them as necessary.”

Susan retrieved the stack of papers and started “The first challenge is called ‘Truth or Dare’.” We saw Dee visibly gulp at the title. “It is a very simple task, written for the board meeting you had today. When is your next committee or board meeting, Dee?”

“Thursday. It is the HR committee of Bustards department store.”

Diane interjected “good luck, the HR guy is an idiot.”

Dee replied “we may need to talk later Diane, if that is all right.”

Susan continued “This task then will be performed on Thursday. At that meeting you will wear your special bra that you so enjoyed on Saturday evening. You will wear it under a white blouse, and it must be visible that you are wearing a dark coloured bra. As the bra is programmable, Zack, please can you program it to start exactly at the scheduled time of the meeting and for it to run for 4 hours. The settings should be random and at the lowest three levels.”

Zack answered “that will be a pleasure” with a broad smile on his face.

“The second task is ‘Plain and Simple’. This one requires you to visit a sex shop before we meet up. You will go there in daylight hours and purchase any toy you wish. If you are recognised, you first tell them “busted, but as you know my husband is in a wheelchair and a girl needs some sort of relief”. You will show us the toy you purchased and inform us if you were recognised. The only thing you may wear in the form of a disguise is a wig.”

“For your third task,” Susan continued, “the title is ‘Stately home’; I will explain it in detail on Saturday.”

“The fourth task is one I made up for discussion with the others following our conversation last night Zack. I hope the others will forgive me, but is the fourth bit of paper in the pile. So here we are, it is called ‘the Rod’ and again involves Zack, and I am sure he will enjoy this one even if you don’t Dee. This requires you go fishing with Zack. I will also explain the details on Saturday.”

Dee quickly interjected “I hate fishing.”

Friday came around really quickly, and as Tom, Suzy and Susan had all managed to get way from work early we all met at Zack and Dee’s luxurious home in Central London. We got ready in our respective rooms and then joined Zack and Dee in their dining room.

Dee picked up two permanent markers and said “who is going to do the necessary to complete ‘Uprights’.” Susan and Kathy were closest and grabbed a marker each and wrote vertically in large lettering between Dee’s armpit and chastity belt the words “I lost” down her side.

Zack then handed Dee two beautifully designed impressions of the sun connected by a chain about 9 inches long. He then said “Suzy and Diane can put these nipple charms on Dee so that she can complete ‘chains’.”

They went to Dee and carefully attached the suns so her nipples were perkily displayed through the central ring of the sun.

The next thing was for Dee to put on her Dress which as required plunged deeply so that the chain was clearly visible across her chest. Also any sudden movement would reveal the top of what was written down her sides.

At Zaxk’s request Dee approached him. Zack then produced a long thin box and invited Dee to open it. She gasped when she saw what was inside asking Zack to help her put it on.

Zack made her turn her back to him and we could all see an elegant necklace with some script. We heard a quiet click before he let her stand up and tapped her ass with one of his hands and saying “don’t forget you are still on punishment so you need to keep on your best behaviour.”

We could all see that there was a very stylish script, but could not work it out. Zack asked Dee to tell us what it meant.

Dee replied, “I am sorry, I don’t know.”

Zack said “This is your ‘Crossbar’ task. ‘Ego perdidi’ is ‘I lost’ in Latin. The necklace is locked on, and only I have the key. If any one asks you about it, you can truthfully say it is a present from me, and it is a private joke between us. The necklace will be worn at all times as I am now giving you back your collar which you have repeatedly asked for.”

Dee smiled brightly as she sat on his lap and gave him along kiss. Zack broke off the kiss whispering “Unfortunately, we all have to go to the dinner now, so you can wait a bit longer to finish that off.”

We all made our way outside to find a large limousine. Inside the vehicle, Susan asked about the collaring.

Dee blushed slightly “When I got home after last weekend, I knew that it had reawakened Zack’s needs especially as he was able to join in the game on Sunday. We have had a hard time dealing with his illness and because he could not play with me in a physical sense, we started to loose the dynamics of our relationship. That weekend gave both of us, especially me, the kick up the ass that we needed.”

Zack then took up the reins “When I released her from my collar four years ago,  she was still fairly well behaved. However recently she has been getting a bit wild. Despite her brattiness and being to a degree out of control, I do still love her and she knows it.

“However, she has been aware her being a bit wild and has frequently asked me to give her my collar again. Following last weekend with you all, I realised how important it was to her and that is why I added ‘Crossbar” as one of her tasks.”

Dee added “We have also agreed to ask that all of you are involved in any physical punishments I earn. Since Monday, if I earn a task awarded by Zack, I also earn two strokes of one of your implements. We suggest that every few weeks all of you together, or one or two couples or Susan on her own are invited to join us to administer my punishments. The only stipulation I have and Zack agrees is that he is there to witness the punishment and help if he can. As you can appreciate this is going to take some getting used to on my part as I have been running a bit wild over the last few years.”

Zack continued “This will help her get back to being a well behaved, but spirited and entertaining companion and wife. I do not want a subservient person and our old rules allowed her to be her gorgeous self.”

Next week- Dee meets 4 fearsome implements

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  1. Looking forward to read about the fearsome implements. Interesting developments in the story so far 🙂

    Rebel xox

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