Dee is punished

Dee was collared  before we went to a Charity Dinner, we take up the action the following day

During lunch Zack said “We asked you to bring your most feared implement this weekend deliberately to help Dee get back into the zone she was in before my illness took hold. I suggest that we deal with the punishments she has outstanding after lunch. Dee, please give the progress reports on the “Truth or Dare” and “Plain and Simple” tasks.

Dee blushed, “I completed both tasks on Thursday. The Truth or Dare was easy, as luckily the bra only gave me mild infrequent shocks during the meeting. However after the meeting had finished for about the last hour, the shocks were a higher intensity and continuous.”

Zack smiled devishly “I hope you all don’t mind but I programmed it that way.” Dee scowled before he continued, “Dee your demeanour better improve quickly before you earn another task.”

Dee brightened and continued “I managed to leave the executive floor and find a suitable place to put on the wig. I then went to the 2nd floor of the store, had a wander around and talked to a couple of assistants before I left the store.

“I walked down to the nearest Ann Summers where I bought a Rampant Rabbit and left it in Zack’s office when I got home. As far as I know I was not recognised.”

Dee went to his office and came back with the Rampant Rabbit.

Susan said, “Well, I think that has completed those two tasks. Let me explain what ‘Stately Home’ and ‘The Rod’ entail. The first is simple, in the next three weeks you and Zack need to visit a Stately home, the only clothing you are allowed is a sundress. You will need to find somewhere discrete where you can remove the sundress and Zack can photograph you with the stately home in the background. Once photographed, you may put the dress back on, and then send the picture to all of us.”

“For ‘The rod’, next time you go fishing Zack, Dee is to accompany you. Whilst I know you like to be undisturbed when fishing, I think you will like this one. Dee, you will then strip off all your clothes above the waist. Two fishing lines are to be set up so that each can be attached to one of Dee’s nipples. I suggest a clover clamp with suitable attachment is used. When a fish bites, Dee will then stand up, walk backwards to pull the fish in until Zack can net it. If the clover clamp is pulled off, this will not count. The task is finished when you have caught one fish.”

Zack beamed, “that is great, it gives me an excuse to look at Dee’s lovely tits. That one is definitely going back into the pot for future use.”

When we had finished lunch, Zack announced, “Ladies and gentlemen, please bring your chosen implement to the dining room whilst Dee puts on her cuffs. When we re-assemble in a few minutes, we will deal with Dee’s punishment.”

We all gathered in the dining room. Zack asked us to place the implements behind the fire screen before Dee entered. When Dee arrived she was in her cuffs and looked decidedly nervous. She approached Zack who removed her chastity belt so she could receive her punishment.

Zack started “Dee we have four implements here, all of which I believe are pretty fearsome. I don’t think you will want to meet them again, but knowing you, I expect that you will see each of them again before too long. Susan, how many errors were there in ‘Writing on the Wall’ and ‘Board report’?”

Susan replied “after much discussion we have agreed that there were a total of 14 in ‘Writing on the Wall’ and two in the ‘Board report’ making a total of 16.”

“As mentioned in our skype conversation, she has 36 tasks earned from the hits on my picture making a total of 52 strokes to be administered.

“You must choose now how many strokes you will face from each person, the minimum being five strokes. You will also decide in which order you receive the strokes. They will take it in turns to deliver their first five strokes. And then after that they will complete their strokes before the next person starts. You will not see the implements until it is the first time it is used to deliver strokes.”

“If I decree that your ass cannot take any more, after 35 strokes have we will stop and we will carry those forward to your next session with an interest penalty of six strokes.” He turned to us all and added “ This has been agreed between us if there is a carry forward.” I looked at Dee who was looking very contrite.

“I have asked you to wear your cuffs as I want you to restrained for this session. At future sessions, you will have no choice on whether you are restrained. As there are no staff here today you can make all the noise you want.

“To the spankers, I want proper full force applications as this is a punishment session. However with this number of strokes to endure I feel a warm up is appropriate and I ask that Susan performs it with her hands and this gentle flogger that I know Dee loves. So Dee, you need to make your choices.”

Dee swallowed hard and chose the following:-

Diane 10 strokes
John 5 strokes
Kathy 5 strokes
Tom 10 strokes
Suzy 10 strokes
Peter 7 strokes
Susan 5 strokes

Zack commented when she finished “I would not have gone for that order, but is was your free choice. Please bend over that chair and put your hands on the arms at the front.” We helped secure her arms and ankles to the chair.

After Susan had given a good 10 minute warm up, Diane collected our implement from behind the firescreen. It has a wooden handle and six leather tails about 18 inches long. Each tail has thin strips of leather tied on so that it looks like barbed wire.

Diane showed it to Dee, who retorted “Bloody hell, barbed wire.”

Zack said “I’ll let that comment go this one time. Any more of those types of comment will earn a task and five penalty strokes from that particular implement to be applied at the end.”

Dee gulped and looked ashen faced. Diane stepped up, got the measure of the target of the beautiful red ass, in a very inviting position, and laid down the first stroke which landed with a little crack. “YYEEEEEEOOOOOOWWWWW” shrieked Dee on that and the next four strokes.

John was up next and showed her the fearsome double cane that had created howls of pain from those who had felt it. Dee was not looking very happy when the first stroke landed to an agonised shriek. The next four strokes caused further howls from Dee, and there were tears in her eyes. Kathy took over from John with the cane and laid down another five hard strokes bringing even more tears and howls of pain.

Tom retrieved a long wooden paddle about four inches wide from the fire screen, and as Dee held back the tears she saw the added refinement of three small gaps that had been drilled out of the timber in neat lines. She gulped and asked what the gaps were for.

“For punishing naughty bratty subs, those gaps make a nice thuddy instrument sting.” He lined himself behind the target that was by now getting a bright red, and brought down five quick crisp strokes that produced one long scream from Dee. Suzy followed this up with another five strokes that were delivered about fifteen seconds apart. Each had Dee wriggling in her bonds, and after the fifth, she was definitely feeling the effects.

I stood behind her, saw the beautiful lines appearing as welts from the paddle and decided that her sit spot needed some more attention so I laid down five hard strokes in rapid fire just on the sit point. After the third stroke she tried lifting a leg to protect her ass.

Susan retrieved her implement which was a handle connected to a single loop of leather that was about ¼ inch thick. She said to Dee “meet Johnny, my loopy friend” before moving behind to select the target spot for her lashes. The first whistled down before a light crack was heard and then a shriek from Dee as she processed the pain. Susan left a long gap between each stroke as dee was struggling at this point. Once her strokes had been delivered, Zack indicated that we should release her wrists and connect the cuffs at the front. Zack inspected Dee’s ass, stroked it as if feeling for something and went round to Dee’s front. “Do you feel that you can take the remaining 17 strokes. You have dealt well with the cane and Johnny. “

Dee’s mumbled tearful reply was ‘let’s get it finished.’ After a short break she was laid back over the chair to receive Diane’s 5 lashes which she landed on Dee’s sit spot.

Tom whispered something to Suzy before he went up to deliver the next five strokes. He landed 4 heavy strokes on Dee’s left cheek and changed position so that a hard stroke landed that produced a criss cross pattern that produced a howl of pain from Dee. Suzy went up and repeated the exercise on Dee’s right ass cheek so there were 2 pretty criss cross pattern.

As I approached Dee Zack motioned me over and whispered something in my ear before saying to Dee, “only 2 more to go.” I took aim and landed a stinging stroke right across the two criss cross patterns left by Tom and Suzy. The last stroke landed just on the crease where her ass met the top of her legs and produced the loudest howl. We immediately released her and Zack held her tight for some time, before she came and hugged us all tightly.

Dee started nervously “thank you all for your punishment, I will certainly try to avoid any more attention from each of those implements. They are just plain evil, nasty, hurty toys that should never have been invented.”

Zack immediately retorted “that’s another four tasks earned. Dee, I am now going to give you a choice, but think carefully before you answer. You have so far earned a total of eight tasks. You can choose to be free of the belt today, however at your next punishment session you can receive 2 strokes for each of the 28 full days you are due remain in the belt, making a total of 72 strokes, before you earn any more. The strokes will be from an implement of my choosing.”

Dee pondered for a minute before answering “I am desperate to get out of the belt, so assuming that the next punishment session is not for at least another week, I will take the extra strokes.”

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8 Responses to Dee is punished

  1. KaziGrrl says:

    Looks like she’ll be standing for a bit 😉

  2. Molly says:

    I have to say that punishment is not that sexy…. it is to be endured and not enjoyed.


  3. Molly says:

    Opps I should have said FOR ME…punishment is not etc


  4. kjoy1019 says:

    Ow! My ass hurts after reading that. Dee is a champ, I think I would bow out after 60! 🙂

  5. Mia says:

    Wonderful endurance!!!

    ~Mia~ xx

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