Tricky task or a Treat….

Diane called me over to the office to show me an email from Susan that read “I have an idea that may help Zack. Please watch the clip linked below, then talk to Kathy and Suzy. I would like to have a call with you all before you talk to your husbands.”

Diane clicked on the link and I saw a woman in a pillory having her ass whipped by a machine with a thin strip of leather. She said “that looks nasty, but when I turn the sound on, the noise from the machine is a complete turn off. We girls have decided that the three of you will make a very quiet machine that would continually spank at random intervals and allow the top to adjust the setting depending on how much punishment she deserves.”

Diane continued “Kathy and Suzy are having the same conversation with John and Tom at this very moment. You three now have a task. In the next two weeks you will work out how such a machine can be made and calculate the cost of materials. If you do not come up with a solution in that time, you each will get 100 of our hardest strokes with that nice little flogger I used on Dee. We might even offer to allow her to help with any implement she wants from our combined toy boxes.”

“What happens if we decide it can’t be done?”

“You will have to convince us all including Susan with clear evidence of why it can’t be done.”

During the next two weeks all three of us men worked hard at finding a solution. At the end of the two weeks we had prepared a design which needed some refinements, but was workable, at an approximate cost of £500 in materials. Tom then started building the machine in his workshop.

As we had all agreed to go to Susan’s monthly party on the Saturday before Halloween, we all stayed with Tom and Suzy. On the Saturday morning we all went to Tom’s workshop and saw his initial prototype. This machine was silent except for the whoosh of the implement.

John immediately said, “I have the basics of an electronic control unit, but it needs more programming and co-ordination with your machine, but I think we have something worthwhile here.”

We told the girls at lunch that we were well on the way to completing the machine, but it was not ready for a test on a live subject; however we had a demonstration available after tea time.

We set up the machine in Tom’s playroom, connected it all up and then asked them to watch as we put a pillow over the end of the spanking bench and demonstrated the work in progress. The girls were delighted with the progress.

Suzy said, “You realise we will be asked by Susan about it. Why don’t we invite her and her slave to come for lunch tomorrow and demonstrate it.”

She rang Susan who replied that she would be delighted to come and could she bring her slave, to which we all agreed.

At the party we all relaxed, before Diane told me to go to the pole. I found John and Tom already there. We chatted and wondered what they had planned. We were instructed to strip just to our thongs, and they attached three foot spreader bars to each of our ankles and then connected them together so that we were stood in a triangle. Our wrists were then secured behind us and raised to force us into a strappado position so each of our heads were at the same level, we were blindfolded and our collars linked together by a chain.

Suzy then said, “as you have all worked hard with the designs we are going to give you a reward. You will find out what the reward is in a minute, but just enjoy.”

I felt the gentle slap of my favourite flogger on my ass and I was making pleasurable noises. At the same time, John and Tom were also making contented noises. At the end of the song playing in the background, there was a short delay before I felt the gentle caress of a lightly applied cane, the strikes coming in time with the music. When there was a louder section, I felt the strike increase in intensity, but it was clearly not at punishment level. At the end of that song, another short delay ensued where I felt a new stingy implement strike my ass. I gasped in surprise, Followed by yet more strikes in time to the music.

When the third song finished I had a really warm glow emanating from my ass and was clearly floating in the happy place following a playful spanking. We were released from our bonds and allowed to go to the relaxation area.

All three of us were smiling and although we had tender bums, were in a very happy place. The girls joined us and we were able to convey how enjoyable that play was. Kathy smiled as she revealed “We each only used one implement. We moved round one place at the end of each song.”

After about an hour, Diane said, “I think it is about time that we enjoyed being subs for a while.”

Us three men waved the girls away while we discussed what we could do to better our experience.

I instructed Diane that she was to remove her top, just as the other two did to Suzy and Kathy. We instructed them to go to the pole. We connected them together with snap links attached to their nipple rings so each of them was connected to the others. We secured their ankles so that each ankle was secured to both of the others, making it almost impossible for them to move. We then blindfolded them, and said it was our turn to give them a reward.

I selected the horsehair flogger; Tom got out the suede flogger and John a flogger with strands from a bungee cord. We gently warmed up their backs again in time with the music. After the warm up, we took turns so that they did not know who would receive the next strike of the flogger. All we heard were gasps and moans of pleasure as each stroke landed on the relevant back.

After the second song finished, we moved around one place and continued to caress their backs with our favoured flogger. There just sounds of pleasure coming from the three girls, together with squeals as they occasionally pulled on the nipples of the others. After we had flogged each of them for two whole songs, we returned to our respective wife and released them to cuddles and hugs. They each had the glazed look of pleasure that comes with a sensuous flogging.

When we arrived back at Tom and Suzy’s home, the girls were still purring so we all retired to our bedrooms very quickly. I held Diane and kissed her, she immediately returned the kiss with vigour and it was clear that she was extremely turned on. I asked what she wanted.

“I want you to make me keep cumming until dawn.”

I swallowed hard, and started to undress her. As I exposed each piece of her skin, I gently kissed the area just revealed. She panted, “hurry up, I want to cum.”

I laughed, “As it is Halloween, it is now trick or treat time, I will decide what you get and when you get it.”

“Grrrrr”. I want to cum now!”

I continued to gently caress her all over, paying special attention to her nipples which were rock hard. I continued teasing her nipples with one hand and my mouth, while I caressed her clit. I could feel the dampness and just as her moaning reached the point of tipping her into cumming, I stopped.

She started to swear at me for stopping. I said “Enough. If you don’t calm down, I will cuff you, insert the bullet on low and go to sleep.”

She calmed down before I restarted my teasing, bringing her to the edge at least four more times. I then laid back and told her to mount me and ride me. He rode me for a few minutes with her breasts bouncing up and down until I grabbed each of her nipple rings and held them. She continued to ride me with her nipples being stretched every time she rose. I could feel my cock twitching and as I came, she moaned loudly squirting all over me and she fell on me. She had a sweet smile of satisfaction on her face as her breathing steadied into a normal rhythm. Her eyes were closed and I managed to move her onto her side, and I held her close until her eyes opened.

Some intelligible gibberish came from her mouth as she started to come round. She eventually managed to say “Did I really cum hard?”

“Yes, and you are still twitching so, just relax and go to sleep.”

I held her tight until she fell asleep.

Next week, Susan and her slave come for lunch.

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6 Responses to Tricky task or a Treat….

  1. KaziGrrl says:

    Very interesting concept, that machine. Does one really exist? 🙂

    ~Kazi xxx

    • thelongbean says:

      Thanks for the comment Kazi.

      I know that there are a number of machines available, however whether there is a quiet one, I don’t know. It would be a really interesting experience if there was one, just think of all those nice swats of a really nice suede flogger!!!!!

  2. Molly says:

    Interesting idea….although I suspect sound control would be almost impossible. For me flogging is all about the interaction between the two of us… I am not sure a machine would have the same effect on me as knowing he is physically involved.


  3. Oh I am with Molly on this, I like to have my Husband physically involved, but I am curious to see where this is going 🙂

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