Testing, Testing……

Susan arrived at Tom and Suzy’s house accompanied by a slave who was introduced as Owen. We had a leisurely lunch before we all went to the playroom. Owen was instructed to strip naked, and then insert the earplugs and then put on his hood which had an attached blindfold. Once the hood was well laced down, he was guided to a chair and restrained to it.

Tom went behind the screen with John and returned with the prototype that we had finished the previous day. A pillow was put up against the spanking bench and the machine tested to made sure it worked. John then explained the controls to Susan, who played with them for a while.

Susan went to Owen, made sure he was turned away from the machine, removed his hood and earplugs. She then added a blindfold. She asked him “what did you hear?”

“Nothing Maam.”

“Are you sure? As there was a nice noisy caning.”

“I heard nothing at all.”

“Well we will see, as you say you did not hear the caning, I will just have to administer a similar one to you.”

She helped him up, guided him to the spanking bench, secured him wrists, ankles and knees.

“Now, how many strokes should that nice ass of yours get, once I have warmed it up?” she asked Owen.

“It is your choice Maam, I am just here for your pleasure.”

“Nice try Owen, well as you cannot make a decision, I will ask the others, and you will get the combined total plus any extras I feel like giving you for moving or making any noise.”

She turned to us in turn and mouthed that we should all say six. She then asked us individually, and we all said “Six.”

Susan then said, “they have been very kind to you so you will only get 36 strokes. I will now start the warm up.”

Susan went to the machine, attached a gentle flogger and set it to strike at a low impact level. It took a few minutes before she changed the impact level to medium for a couple of minutes before she stopped it.

We all looked around at each other as the only noise we heard was a slight whoosh as the flogger went through the area and the sound on impact.

Susan then changed the flogger for her 3 ft long Lexan cane that has a nasty sting with no real thud on impact.

“Now we can start the caning. You will receive the strokes in sets of six. Each set will be harder than the previous set. You do not have to keep count.”

Owen mumbled “Thank you Maam.”

The machine laid down the first stroke to producing a grunt from Owen. The red line had just started to appear as about ten seconds later the next stroke struck just below the first producing another grunt from the well restrained Owen. The remaining strokes from the first set rained down on his ass producing yet more grunts and thin red lines.

The second set was started at a slightly higher setting and were all delivered in a matter of seconds, producing more grunts and at the end a further six distinct lines.

The third set of strokes were delivered at random intervals at an even harder setting. Owen’s grunts got louder. By now half his ass was covered by a series of distinctive lines, all of which were clearly visible as individual cane strokes.

The fourth set of yet harder strikes of the cane were delivered, and these were accompanied by more sounds from Owen, that were becoming more anguished cries of pain. This set of strokes appeared to overlap some of the earlier strokes.

The fifth set of even harder strokes were applied to an area that had not received any previous attention. The time between each stroke varied, so there was no rhythm for him to get used to and he was clearly struggling to keep his moans quiet.

Before the last set was delivered Susan said ”This last set will be the hardest, and will be on your nice untouched sit spot. You may make as much noise as you like.”

She pressed the button and the first strike landed producing a loud “OOOOOOWWWWW”. A vivid angry red line appeared. We waited about 30 seconds before the second stroke landed just below the previous one.


40 seconds later- “OOOOOOOOOOOOOOWWWWWWWWWWWWWW”. A further ten seconds elapsed before another squeal of pain came from Owen. Followed very shortly after by two louder squeals of pain about 5 seconds apart.

Owen tensed his muscles waiting for the last stroke that was delivered about a minute later right on the sensitive area just above the crease between his ass and the top of his thigh. A loud scream came from Owen followed by sobs as he was still in agony from that last stroke.

Tom and John removed the cane before moving the machine behind a screen. Owen was released from the spanking bench and Susan helped him to the chair with itchy stringing.

Susan allowed him to recover for a few minutes before she asked “now what is your feedback from that caning?”

Owen started” the first three sets of strokes were not so bad. I thought your aim was incredible as none of them seemed to overlap, and the intensity was consistent in each of the sets. The last set really were nasty and hurt like hell and again your accuracy was incredibly precise. Overall it is was a very carefully, and accurately delivered caning that was very painful towards the end.”

“Thank you Owen, now you rest here on the chair for a while, whilst the rest of us have a chat. This is your punishment for your bum breaking my nice cane last week.” She then secured Owen’s ankles to his wrists that were then secured behind his back to one of the chairs uprights.

The rest of us retired to the kitchen, where we discussed the machine and its operation over coffee. Susan said “That is one heck of a machine, even though it is still in development. Owen is not to know it was the machine.” She then suggested a few adjustments to the design and mechanical operation which us men agreed would be easy to make. She and John discussed the controls and he agreed to make the programming much more flexible.

The following Monday when I got back from work I found an email from Zack addressed to us all, inviting us to join him and Dee for a long weekend at their London home in just under three weeks time. I checked with the others and found that we all would be able to be there, so sent off our acceptance of the offer.

When I told Diane, she said “That was very naughty of you not to check with me first. I will decide what you need to do to make up for it when you have finished making dinner, and it better be good or it will get worse for  you.”

After dinner, Diane said “Go and get your chastity device now.”

When I returned with it and she had locked it on, she said “You will go to some of the US websites, find me an implement called a naughty stick, buy it and make sure it is to be delivered during the week before we stay with Zack and Dee. If it arrives before or after that week, you will have another four weeks in the device. Whilst you are in the chastity device, starting today, you will also make me cum twice each working day and four times a day at weekends. If I don’t cum the required number of times, then they get carried forward to the next day and the penalty for failing each time will be severe.”

I immediately set about the task of buying the naughty stick, eventually finding one that Diane agreed was suitable, placed the order hoping that the shipping times were accurate. Once I had returned to the sofa, I started on making sure that Diane had her daily quota of orgasms.

I managed to keep Diane satisfied with the required numbers of orgasm until the Saturday before we were due to stay with Zack and Dee. We had gone to stay with John and Kathy for the weekend and on the Saturday I only had the opportunity to bring her to climax three times.

On Sunday evening, I brought her to orgasm five times, knowing that I still had a punishment to come. Before we went to sleep I managed top bring her to orgasm twice so I had caught up with the challenge. On the Thursday, the Naughty stick arrived. After she had recovered from her two orgasms for the day, she decided it was time for my punishment. I was ordered to put on my cuffs and collect a length of rope, both long spreader bars and get her Hitachi wand.

She attached a spreader bar to my ankles and the other to my wrists. She used the rope to raise my arms above my head so I was in a standing spreadeagle. She removed the chastity device, brought me to full hardness very quickly with her skilled mouth. With a couple of Rubber bands she attached the hitachi to my upright cock with the massager part just touching the sensitive area between my cock and balls. She turned the Hitachi on to its lowest setting and left me to writhe around for a while. She went behind me and started to flog my back so it became a nice shade of Pink. She turned the Hitachi off, let my arms down before whispering come to bed. I waddled to the bottom of the stairs still with the spreader bars attached. I somehow managed to get up the stairs and into the bedroom.

Diane removed the Hitachi and spreader bars, allowed me time to go to the bathroom before making me lay down on the bed and re-attached the bars. She secured the spreader bar for my wrists to the headboard, and the one at my ankles to the foot of the bed, reattached the hitachi, turning it back on low, laid the quilt over me and turned the light off before snuggling up to me urging me to sleep well.

As the alarm went off in the morning, I was woken from the dozy state I was in with Diane sucking gently on me at the same time offering her pussy for attention from my mouth. “Ahh good, we are awake”. She moved around, sat down on my cock, rode me hard until we both came, making the perfect start to the day before we went to Zack and Dee’s……

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8 Responses to Testing, Testing……

  1. KaziG says:

    Naughty stick? I look forward to hearing more about that 🙂

    ~Kazi xxx

  2. Molly says:

    Looks like a over large ruler and make me think of sting. I am not a sting person, give me a good sound thump any day over a sting…. unless it is a misery stick sting. Now that is one sting I love.


  3. mskjoy says:

    I love it on my inner thighs, it hurts and sucks but I love any stick like object. But, Owen is a bit tougher than I.

  4. Ouchy but kinda good too!!!

    ~Mia~ xx

  5. A daily quota of orgasms… now that sounds interesting 🙂

    Rebel xox

    • thelongbean says:

      Thanks Mia and Rebel.

      For Mia, maybe a little Ouchy, but the next week or 2 reveals why the machine was made…..

      For Rebel, a Top/Dom(me) can decide the number of orgasms. What if you were denied for more than a week?????

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