Zack gets a present

Diane and I arrived at Zack and Dee’s home at lunchtime to find that Tom and Suzy, John and Kathy were already there. Dee told us that Susan would be arriving a bit later.

Susan arrived at about the time tea was served. Zack informed us that the staff would all be finished with their duties shortly and that they had been given the weekend off, so we could enjoy our stay without the worry of staff overhearing any comments.

Zack then said, “I would like to get Dee’s outstanding punishment out of the way tonight, so after dinner, I would ask that you join me in helping with it.”

We agreed and after a superb meal prepared by Dee we were all invited to change into suitable play attire and join Zack in the living room. Diane changed into a tight G string and bra covered by a stylish dress which had a very short skirt, whilst I was ordered to wear a thong and a very tight pair of spandex shorts.

We picked up our toy bag and joined the others in the living room. Dee was wearing a black bikini that showed her stunning figure. Once we were all gathered together, Susan said “Zack is there any task that Dee has earned that requires here to be kept restrained for about half an hour?”

“As it happens yes, she has earned the task called Ball.”

“Good, can she perform this task now with us here to supervise in case of problems?”

“I don’t see why not. Dee, go get your cuffs, blindfold, waistbelt and three padlocks. Put on the cuffs and waistbelt with the ring at the front and get back down here.”

A couple of minutes later Dee reappeared wearing her cuffs and waistbelt as instructed. Zack then said, “Dee the task is very simple. You join me in this corner, have your ankles and wrists all locked together and then they will be locked to your waistbelt. There one key in each of the other corners of the room. All you have to do is go to each corner, pick up  the key, return to this corner and hand the key to whoever is here. When you have collected all three keys, you wait there quietly for them to unlock you. You have half an hour to complete the task.”

Susan whispered something in Zack’s ear, he nodded and she then asked Tom and John to join her and Zack as they left the room.

It left 4 of us with Dee, so we proceeded to lock Dee up as instructed and let her make her way to each of the corners. She was in a really tight ball and she could hardly move as she only had an inch or two of movement between her feet. She had took about 15 minutes to collect the key from the furthest corner. The second key took about 10 minutes to collect and dead on the half hour she collapsed in front of us in the corner with the third key panting hard from the exertion.

The others returned just as she collapsed in front of us. Zack looked at her and suggested she should rest a little before she was unlocked. We left her there for about half an hour whilst we had a general chat. Susan went over to her, unlocked her from her restraints before locking her wrists back together in front of her. As Dee walked over there was the distinct smell of the nectar of an excited woman.

Zack asked us to put on Dee’s blindfold and handed us the earplugs to an ipod for insertion in her ears. He turned it on and the volume was set so we could her sounds from coming from her ears. He then asked us all to come with him. Dee was lead along the passageway to the lift that was installed to allow Zack to reach the upper levels of the house. He pressed the button for the top floor and once we arrived there took us to a door that had a gold ribbon tied in a bow.

“Welcome to the new addition to our home. Dee does not know about it yet, as she has been out whilst all the work was done. I now declare our playroom open.” He cut through the ribbon and we entered a large attic room which had been converted into a serious play room.  Along one wall was a selection of floggers, canes and whips. In the middle of the room there was a spanking bench.

Dee was led to the spanking bench, and once her wrists were placed in half bracelets and the other half was dropped down. The same happened to her ankles. A securing strap for her back was clipped into a special clasp and then Zack pressed a button. There was a short whirr as the strap tightened over her back, and a click could be heard.

He asked Susan to remove the ear plugs, bikini bottom and then join the rest of us to watch from the side.

Zack said “Dee, we are here to administer your punishment. Tell us all how many strokes you are to receive tonight.”

Dee replied “There are 72 strokes still due from when we were all together last time. I have managed to earn another 24 tasks so it is a total of 120 strokes.”

“I have decided that you will receive them all with one implement There will be six sets of twenty, each set will be applied a bit harder than the previous one. With that number, I feel a warm up is appropriate, so this will be done with a nice little flogger.”

He selected a horse hair flogger, handed it to Suzy to start the warm up. She gently laid down a series of strokes that had Dee purring before handing it John. We all took turns until her ass was well warmed up and a nice shade of red.

Zack played with a control box and the machine that had been in a corner silently moved into position. It was then that I saw an X marked in tape on the floor to show the right position. He tapped a few buttons on the control box and the first stroke of a whippy stingy rattan cane landed.

A quiet “Ouch” escaped from Dee’s mouth shortly followed by another as the second stroke landed. After the first twenty strokes had landed, Zack pushed a button, went to Dee’s head, stroked her cheek saying “that was the first twenty, If you get the answer to my question right you will have your total reduced by twenty, however if you get it wrong the count starts again. Who delivered them?”

Dee answered “I don’t know, as the intensity was the same each time and they were so precisely delivered.”

Zack smiled at her, “So who was it?”

Dee replied, “I just don’t know, it was as though it was a machine, but there was no noise, so it can’t be.”

“I see, so let’s wait until the end and then you can decide.”

He fiddled with the controls, and the next set of twenty strokes landed to increasingly loud noises from Dee. The time between the strokes varied, so there was no real rhythm. This continued until the fifth set when there was a series of THWACK noises followed by “OWWWW” from Dee.

Zack ushered Susan over to remove Dee’s blindfold. Once the blindfold had been removed we heard a click and he said “Dee, you can get up now and have a short rest.”

We all watched as she gingerly got off the bench and stood on wobbly legs. She had clearly had tears in her eyes. She gingerly rubbed her ass which by now was a deep red colour with a series of distinct line visible from the harder strokes. She walked over to him, gingerly sat on his lap and said “how did you manage this conversion without me knowing about it?”

“Easy really, I just had the workmen come round when I knew you would be out. This is my present to you for accepting my collar a few weeks ago.”

Zack hugged her tightly, they cuddled for a while and when she was ready asked her to look behind her. Then she saw the machine with the cane that had so recently been used on her. She blinked, and her mouth was wide open.

“What on earth is this?”

“A nice present from all of the others. I thank you all as it will be very useful, and now I can deal with this lovely wife of mine without any outside assistance.”

“Please can I say something without it being considered bratty or earning a task?”

“Yes, but only for thirty seconds.”

Dee looked at us all with a bright smile “that is a wicked, nasty, devious, evil, mean and sadistic device that is genuinely inventive The worst thing is that Zack will get to use it on me as when he likes. I am not sure that my ass will like it, but thank you all. I suppose it is Susan’s idea.”

She came over and gave each of us a big hug of thanks. We relaxed for a while until Dee had fully recovered from her ordeal.

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7 Responses to Zack gets a present

  1. mskjoy says:

    Dee is a trooper! Not sure if I would want a machine going at me over a 100 times, but I do need to find a group of friends like the ones in your story!

  2. I shiver just thinking about a machine handling a cane….

  3. Mia says:

    Oh a machine wielding a cane – scarey!!!!!

    ~Mia~ xx

  4. KaziG says:

    Wow! That’s an interesting concept, and I can see why Zack would be interested in it, though I think it detracts from the personal experience of wielding the whip.

    ~Kazi xxx

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