Zack’ and Dee’s playroom

Zack has opened his new play room and Dee received 100 strokes of the cane delivered by a machine.

Zack cuddled her whilst she sat gingerly on his lap. When she had recovered sufficiently, he whispered something in her ear which resulted in a wide smile accompanied by a giggle.

She turned to Susan and asked “when was the last time we played properly?”

“About three months ago.”

“In that case it is time I put you through your paces again. Strip off completely, and get ready by the pillory.”

Susan slowly removed her clothes and walked over to the pillory where she waited for Dee. Dee inserted the earplugs from her ipod, turned it on and then blindfolded Susan. She asked Zack to help her by explaining the controls of the machine. John went over saying “I have not explained everything about it to Zack yet, so I hope you don’t mind if I make the odd suggestion.”

Zack looked up from his wheelchair with a puzzled expression. John continued “The handle is designed to be able to take most implements, so you can choose between the various ones you have here. There are four quick change handles which allow you to select the implements you want to use in advance. So if you, Dee, want to select the ones you want to use on Susan, I will show Zack more about how the controls work.”

Dee went to the wall where all the implements were on display and selected a suede flogger, a delrin cane, a leather paddle and the bath brush. John showed Zack how the implements were mounted in the handle and then showed him how the controls are adjusted for each implement.

Dee looked in alarm as the four implements were mounted on the handles as she was aware that she would be on the receiving end in the future with Zack at the controls.

John asked Dee “what order of implement, how many strokes and at what intensity?”
“I’m tempted to have 100 of each at full strength, but that would be unfair. So can I start with a five minute warm upnwith the flogger increasing from light to medium, followed by 10 at full strength?”

“No problem” as John showed Zack how to record these instructions.

Dee then added “25 strokes of the paddle at half way between medium and hard, followed by 25 of the cane at the same strength and finish with 10 of the bathbrush at full strength. Also it is possible to have the strokes applied with varying intervals between them?”

A couple of minutes later, Zack, with John’s help had pressed a few more buttons completing the instructions to the machine, wheeled it and himself over to the pillory. Dee placed Susan in the pillory, and looked for the retaining pins to secure it. Zack smiled, pressed a button which produced a click as the headboard and foot restraints become active. Dee turned off the ipod, removed the ear plugs and gently stroked Susan.

Zack quickly attached the flogger to the machine and pressed start. The machine started to gently flog Susan, produced moans of delight as the strands gently caressed her bum. As the warm up continued, the strokes got harder and her ass got a red twinge. After the five minute warm up there was a short pause before the first stroke of the flogger came in hard. A gasp of surprise came from Susan, which was quickly accompanied by a another hard stroke of the flogger. There was a pause of about thirty seconds before the next stroke landed accompanied by a moan from Susan. This continued as the flogging continued. Once these strokes were delivered, Zack wheeled himself to the machine and quickly changed the implement to the paddle.

Dee stepped back to watch as the paddle landed squarely on Susan’s ass, producing squeals of anguished pain.

The first stroke of the cane landed with a clear THWACK followed by an “OOWWW” from Susan. A red line appeared at the centre of her reddened ass. Just as Dee had suffered earlier, the machine delivered each stroke to a slightly different place. Each THWACK was accompanied by an “OOWWW” that became more anguished as the last strokes landed. as the last one landed, Susan squealed “OOOOOOOOOOOOOOWWWWWWW Fucking hell.”

As the cane was removed from the machine to be replaced by the bathbrush by Zack, Dee went to Susan, gently stroked the red ass, tracing her nails across the welts that produced a jiggle from Susan. Dee then said,”there was no need for that expression, so you will suffer a little more now.” She went to a shelf on the wall, picked up a couple of weights and hung them from Susan’s nipple rings. We could see Susan wince as the weights were applied.

Dee asked “are you ready for me to continue?”


Zack pressed the button and the bath brush landed with a thwack that echoed around the room and had Susan squirming. She gasped and moaned loudly. The same happened as the next eight strokes landed. She was wriggling around a lot that served to torture her even more as the weights hanging from her nipples swung around. The last stroke landed with Susan clearly crying out in pain. Dee went to her, removed the nipple weights, and then cradled Susan’s head. Zack pressed a button, there was a click and Dee raised the headboard to release Susan. Dee helped her stand on her wobbly legs, and held her in a big hug. Susan removed the blindfold, to reveal the tears in her eyes. Dee helped her to a chair and stayed with her until she was able to speak clearly.

Susan took a few minutes to calm down, and recover from her ordeal. She then said “Thank you for that, it has been a long time coming and I know I needed it.”

Diane turned to me “It’s time you had some fun, so go and get some rope and wait for me by the spider’s web.”

At the same time Kathy turned to John saying “and you can go to the spanking bench.”

As we approached the designated furniture I heard Tom say to Suzy, “You can go to the crucifixion cross.”

The three of us were secured to the respective items, I was secured facing the wall, not just arms and legs, but around the thighs and my waist. I was blindfolded so I could not see what was going on. In my darkness I hear the sound of a flogger and Suzy’s moans of delight as she felt the caress of the flogger.

I was left alone for a while, was it just a minute or was it a few were my thoughts. I then felt the caress of the silicon flogger on my ass and I knew it was becoming pink as the intensity of the strokes started to increase. I could feel my rear was getting very warm and then the flogging stopped. After a couple of minutes I heard a whoosh, felt a sting followed by a burning pain as the pain kicked in. I heard another whoosh and a different part of my ass felt the sting before yet more burning pain. This continued for a while and I was wriggling as much as I could in the bindings. I then heard an even louder whoosh and felt a heavier sting followed by a line of fire across my bum. I let ought an exasperated cry of “SHITTT.”

Diane whispered in my ear “you know the rules, that one does not count.”

Immediately I felt another thud followed by a line of fire across my sit spot, and Exclaimed “OOOOOOOOOOOOWWWWWWWWWW.” Another five strokes were delivered in different parts of my ass, all accompanied by gasps of pain.

Diane quickly released me from my bindings, hugged me and took off the blindfold so I could see the machine with a thin strip of leather hanging from the arm.

I was helped over to the sofa so I could relax whilst Zack took the machine over to Tom who was in the process of turning a blindfolded Suzy so her ass could be the next target.

Tom whispered something to Zack, approached Suzy and delivered a short warm up with his hands before stepping back to let the machine apply the crop. The machine’s arm whipped in a stinging stroke of the crop on her ass, followed by a series of very rapid strokes that peppered her ass all over. By the end she was gasping and moaning in pain.

Tom released her from the cross hugged her for a while, undid the blindfold, and led her to the sofa to rest. Suzy had tears in her eyes which quickly dried up to be replaced by a smile of satisfaction.

John was still on the spanking bench with a bright red ass as Kathy laid down a series of strokes with a leather paddle. She stopped and then handed Zack the double cane and he attached it. I whispered in Diane’s ear “That is going to hurt” which brought a big grin to her face and a whispered reply “about time too.”

Kathy nodded, Zack pressed a button and an anguished howl of pain was heard. Zack waited for a about fifteen second before pressing the button again. Another anguished howl came as John felt the effects of the cane landing on a different area of his ass. Another three stroke landed producing more howls of pain. Kathy waited for about thirty seconds before nodding to Zack who pressed the button. The machine moved down a couple of inches and the arm swung in and the canes landed in the sweet spot where the top of the thighs meet the bottom of the ass. John howled and then slumped in his bonds, panting hard as he processed the pain.

Kathy pressed the button, releasing John and hugged him as he started to find his feet. She helped him over to the sofa where we were all gathered. As he sat down he winced while finding a comfortable position to sit.

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  1. Ooooh I don’t think I ever want to be spanked by a machine….

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