Playroom fully open

We continue in Zack and Dee’s new playroom. This is the final part of the opening celebrations.

After about half an hour of recovery for Suzy, John and myself, I turned to Diane and suggested that she might like to go to the spanking bench. She made her way there, knelt into position and Zack showed me the button which I pressed to secure Diane.

“Time for lights out.” I said as I tied the blindfold on her.

I handed Zack the leather loopy johnny that I wanted to use, and started warming Diane up with a gentle hand spanking. I relished the opportunity to stroke her ass that was moving up to receive each spank. When she had a bright glow, I picked up a dressage whip and laid down a stroke so only the last three inches flicked her bum. She squealed in surprise as she felt the sting of the tip as it landed. I continued applying little stings all over her upturned ass. She kept wriggling around as the little stinging bites from the tip of the whip landed.

After about fifty little welts had appeared, I moved in close to her, rubbing her beautiful rounded curves, soothing her. Zack moved the machine into position. I removed my hand and nodded to Zack who pressed a button and the Loopy landed.


A press of the button produced another “OUCCCCCCCCCCCCCHH.” This continued as I nodded and Zack pressed a button. I indicated to Zack to turn up the force of the stroke slightly, he pressed the button to produce a howl of “OOOOOOWWWWWWWWWW.” I stroked her bum, admired the rounded marks that appeared all over her delightful bum.

I leant down to Diane, whispered in her ear, “all over.” I pressed the button and the catches immediately released her from the restraints and helped her over to the sofa in the corner.

As I cuddled up with Diane, we watched as Kathy was the next person to experience the delights of the machine. John started it up and she was purring with delight very quickly as the swish of a horsehair flogger met her ass. It was about five minutes later when she started to gasp each time as the strands of the flogger started to impact more heavily. John encouraged her to breathe before he turned the control again to produce a more forceful impact. There were six cries from Kathy before she just relaxed totally, clearly in subspace.

John slowly reduced the force of the lashes before he finally released her. She was floating so far away in her happy space that he had to carry her to the rest area and hold her until she was able to sit on her own.

Zack took the machine over to Suzy who had Tom in the pillory. She handed over a paddle and motioned to Zack to start the spanking. She went to Tom’s front, held his head tenderly before saying, this your delayed Birthday paddling from Tuesday. After 45 strokes of the paddle had landed, Tom was writhing around trying to avoid the relentless whacks on hiss well reddened ass. Suzy then said “and now for the one to grow on.” As this last stroke landed Tom screamed as a very hard stroke landed.

He was released from the pillory, and joined the rest of us in the rest area.

Dee turned to Susan and said “You have had long enough to recover from the spanking, so now it is time for some more fun.”

She took Susan to the spider’s web, secured her face out and start to gently stroke her. Dee picked up the remote egg vibrator inserted it, turned it on at a low setting and said “You will not be released until you have come 3 times.”

Dee continued to stroke her and then started nibbling away at Susan’s nipples. There was a moan of pleasure, before Dee changed tactics and started tickling her all over. This tickling caused Susan to react wildly as it became apparent she was extremely ticklish. She was wriggling around and trying to avoid Dee’s unceasing torture of her most ticklish areas. It did not take Susan long to start to get red in the face and neck before she shrieked “YYYYEESSSSS” as she orgasmed.

Dee did not let up in the tickling and it was not long before Susan had her second orgasm.

Dee went behind Susan, reached through the web and started stroking around the area of the crotch. This continued as Susan tried to move so that Dee touched her clit. Finally, Dee relented and started playing with Susan’s clit and the same time pinching a nipple, and murmuring something we could not hear. We watched as Susan tried to hold back the third orgasm which came suddenly. There was a long scream of pleasure before she arched her back and relaxing with a dreamy smile on her face.

Dee looked down at the floor before saying “what a mess you have made, I suppose I will now have to clear it up.”

Zack Laughed and immediately said “Oh yes, you will Dee.”

We helped Susan back to the resting area on her wobbly legs while Dee cleared up the puddle at the base of the spider’s web.

Susan did not take long to recover. When she had calmed down she said, “You know there is still one ass that needs some attention.”

Zack looked alarmed as he realised where this was going.

Susan continued, “I know that Zack has not been on the receiving end for a while, so I think we should go fairly easy, and let you have just one stroke of the cane for each ass here, so that is nine.”

Dee grinned before giggling a little that caused Zack to turn around with what looked like daggers in his eyes. “I suppose this is your idea Dee.”

Susan immediately replied, “No it is mine and Dee did not know anything about it. Just get yourself over to the bench.”

Zack reluctantly wheeled himself over to the bench. Tom and I joined him and helped him out of his wheelchair on to the bench. When he was in the right position, Tom pressed the button and Zack was firmly secured.

Susan then said, “as he is still clothed, I think we should make it count with really hard strokes of this cane”, handing over a thick rattan cane that looked especially nasty. John attached the cane to the machine’s handle, pressed a few buttons and we all stepped back as a loud whoosh was heard followed by a loud grunt from Zack.

Susan whispered something in Kathy’s ear, she went to John and whispered in his ear. while this was happening six more loud whooshes followed by grunts that got louder each time were heard. John pressed a button removed the cane from the handle and gave it top Kathy.

Kathy stood by Zack’s left side, raised her arm and let rip a really hard stroke on a diagonal across Zack’s left cheek. “YEOWWWWWWWWWWWW.” She moved to the other side of Zack and repeated the exercise on his right cheek producing another equally loud howl of pain.

Zack was released and we helped back to his wheelchair producing a wince as his ass came to rest on the seat. Zack wheeled himself to the rest area where we were all relaxing and with a wide grin said “I think this room has been well and truly christened.”

He beckoned Dee over. She sat on his lap, producing another wince before he whispered something in her ear. She grinned, got up and left the playroom. Shortly afterwards, Zack invited us to join him in the lift and we descended to the living room to find Dee waiting there with a large glass of wine each.

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5 Responses to Playroom fully open

  1. KaziG says:

    Damn, now I desperately want to be spanked 🙂

    ~Kazi xxx

  2. mskjoy says:

    What Kazi said! A spanking would be great! Also a playroom and a group of willing friends! 🙂

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