A night out

The day after opening Zack and Dee’s new playroom.

After a leisurely morning, during lunch Zack asked “I hope you are all up for a night out tonight, Zack and Dee style.”

Dee looked a little startled, but wisely said nothing whilst the rest of us asked what was meant.

“All I will say is that it will be different, and there will be a bit of extra entertainment. I can assure you that it will be interesting for all of us.”

He then turned to Susan “would you object if I invited our mutual friend Ian to join us as your ‘partner’ for the night so everyone has a companion for the evening?”

Susan replied “No problem and I am sure everyone here will enjoy his company.”

Suzy interjected, “but we don’t have any suitable clothes for tonight.”

Zack quickly replied “I am sure Dee can arrange a short shopping expedition for all of you.”

Dee left the room for a few minutes, came back and said “all sorted, my favourite helpers will be available in an hour.”

I whispered to Diane “if you spend more than £150 on clothes, you will have to be my slave for a whole weekend.” Diane reluctantly nodded in agreement.

Dee called for a couple of cabs and we were whisked off to one of the really big high class department stores, ushered up to the fourth floor and were met by two people introduced as Alan and Jane.

We were split by gender and Alan was assigned to us men, while Jane was with the ladies. Quickly we were escorted to the relevant areas of the store where it became very clear that Alan knew exactly what would be appropriate for each of us. In a matter of about half an hour us men were outfitted for the night.

We were offered tea or coffee while we waited for the women to join us. When they arrived they had big smiles on their faces. Dee whispered something in Jane’s ear, she raised an eyebrow, said nothing a disappeared for about 10 minutes, returning with a small shoebox that she gave to Dee. What was surprising was that none of us had to find our credit cards.

We made it back to Zack and Dee’s home. I asked about paying for all the shopping. “Don’t worry about that. I have an arrangement with the store, and should I get a bill I will let you know.”

Zack interrupted “Dee gets a free allowance each month to use in the store. In return, whenever we go to a public event where there are photographers we only wear clothes purchased from them. Dee is so careful that she has accumulated quite a positive balance, so I doubt there will be a problem.”

Dee with a smile continued “that short call I made earlier was to check that I could use the allowance on one set of clothes for all of you and making sure Alan and Jane were available. However there is a little diversion that is of Zack and my devising and you will find out about it later and hopefully enjoy it.”

Zack then said, “I have arranged for our transport this evening and we need to leave in about two hours, which should be plenty of time for you all to get ready.”

About an hour and a half later, there was a knock on our Door. I opened it to find Dee there with a vibrating egg for Diane and a jelly ring for me. She then asked Diane to pick a remote control out of the bag, and then I did the same from a second bag. She then said, “please make sure you bring the remote you picked out with you tonight, as this is all part of the fun.”

As we gathered in the sitting room, Zack wheeled himself in, greeted Ian as he arrived and then waited for everyone to gather before starting “each of you has a remote control. Those that the men have will control the egg of just one of the ladies, and the remote that the women picked out controls just one of the cock rings. Dee has made sure that I am wearing a cock ring, and from the look of it, I think it is the most intense as there is an electrical shock system that the others do not have.

“Whilst we are out, you may play with the remote in your possession at will, however you need to bear in mind that we will be in a vanilla setting. The rules are quite simple. None of us knows who has which remote and you may not ask anybody to play with the remote in their possession. You may swap your remotes around between each other.”

We went out to the waiting cars and in just a few minutes drive arrived at the Royal Albert Hall. We were escorted up to one of the boxes to find a finger buffet waiting and we were all served a glass of wine before being invited to take our seats and watch Fleetwood Mac in performance.

During the concert, I felt tingles as the cock ring was being turned on and off by one of the women. I too was playing with my remote, so someone was getting a blast from their egg vibrator. Towards the end of the concert Zack, in his wheelchair was the only one in the box who remained seated as we all sang and danced along to the music.

After the concert we made our way out to find the cars which then took us to an upmarket restaurant. As we arrived, we could see some photographers who concentrated on Zack and Dee. We were greeted inside by the restaurateur, Brian, who guided us to a discrete table in the corner behind some screens. We were all given menus and made our choices.

I remarked “this is almost like Michael’s restaurant Dee took us to earlier in the year.”

Dee answered “yes, in fact Michael started this restaurant a few years ago before moving to the Midlands. The current owner worked with him here, and this was where they started the naughty menus.”

Susan said, “Well if that is the case, we need to put all the remotes on the table, and when Brian comes back he can distribute them around again!”

the 12 remotes, all looking identical, were piled up in the middle of the table. Brian came back in, laughed and said “what a collection!”

Susan replied, “Yes, we need you to give us one each.”

Brian dutifully distributed the remotes around and then said “who is the one in the punishment seat?”

Dee immediately replied “Zack!” The rest of us laughed while Zack looked at Dee suggesting she was in trouble.

The main course arrived, Brian served us all before he picked up a tray, wheeled Zack around so he was facing the corner, put the tray on the arms of the wheelchair and served him what looked like a bowl of soup and handed Zack a straw. He then said “As I do not have the same facilities as Michael, I hope this is a satisfactory alternative.”

He left us to enjoy our meals while Zack resorted to sucking his up through the straw. Dee went over when she had finished her meal and helped by feeding him with a spoon.

After dinner, we returned to Zack and Dee’s home for a nightcap. Diane and I eventually made it to our room. I used the bathroom, to find she had attached cuffs to the uprights all round. She secured me in a spread-eagle position before going to the bathroom. She returned saying “I am horny as hell after all the teasing of that egg. Whoever was given the remote at dinner did not turn it off. You are now in the ideal position to do something about it.”

I groaned. She climbed on to the bed, collected some pillows and placed them on my crotch area. She laid down in the classic 69 position, commanding me “You know what to do, get on with it.”

I set about my task with gusto, and in seconds I heard her moan in pleasure as she stiffened, released her essence directly into my mouth and then relaxed on me. I let her recover from her orgasm before continuing until I could tell she had fallen asleep. I managed to doze off for a while before she woke me with her movements, so I decided to start teasing her clit with my tongue. She wriggled about a little before settling down with a rhythmic breathing pattern. The speed of her breathing picked up as she became closer to her orgasm. She clenched her thighs, trapping my face so all I could do was pleasure her. She came again with a cry, and relaxed back onto me. Sometime later she kindly released my cuffs.  I was left to fall asleep with her crotch near my face.

I slowly woke up in the morning to Diane gently sucking on my cock. She continued for a while, stopped, climbed on top of me. She rode me hard until she came, squirting juices over my now fully hard cock. When she had recovered from her orgasm, she said “Time for you to get out of bed. Have a quick shower then go and get me a coffee.”

I quickly showered, knowing I did not have time to cum, so was left frustrated. I dressed, made a coffee in the kitchen and returned to find she had showered and was now fully dressed.

She turned to me and said “Go and put that cock ring from last night back on.”

I did as I was ordered. She dangled the remote in her hand, pressed the key fob and as it sprang to life she said “you are now going to have an interesting day.”

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5 Responses to A night out

  1. KaziG says:

    Heheheh… delightful account of the night!

    ~Kazi xxx

  2. mskjoy says:

    I am really enjoying this little series. I said it before and I will again, everyone needs friends like this!

  3. Definitely a fun night 🙂

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