Diane in a Predicament

I had been ordered to get dressed wearing the cock ring from the previous evening out.

Diane dangling the remote for the cock ring in her hand sent shivers up my spine as I suspected she might be in one of her evil moods that would leave me very frustrated.

We went down to breakfast and as we approached the table I felt the vibrations as she turned the ring on. I stiffened slightly and started to blush with embarrassment.

Suzy noticed this, and saw Diane had something in her hand and asked “Diane, what is that in your hand?”

“Just the remote control from the ring that I made him put on this morning.”

Suzy laughed, and then turned to Tom “go and put the cock ring on and bring me the remote.”

Kathy smiled at John “I think you ought to do the same.”

Tom and John both got up from the table as instructed, left the room before sheepishly returning a few minutes later. They dropped the remotes in front of their wives before sitting back down.

Susan laughed, “Shame, I don’t have anyone to play with.”

Dee immediately shot back “well Zack could do with a little fun too.”

Zack immediately replied “If I have to wear it, you have to insert your special egg vibrator too.”

Dee laughed, “It will be worth it.” She got up as Zack wheeled himself out of the room. They both returned a few minutes later and Dee dropped 2 remotes in front of Susan.

Susan looked at the remote that was different to the ones in use the night before, grinned, fiddled with it, before pressing a button on it. This immediately made Dee gasp “Ouch.”

Susan with a smirk asked “So what is different?”

Zack replied, “You must have pressed the shock button for Dee’s egg.”

We carried on as though there was nothing untoward; however there were the odd occasions when one of the men stiffened slightly.

Later that day, we all made our way home after the very enjoyable weekend. I opened up my email to find a note from Zack asking if we could meet up at Tom and Suzy’s house the following weekend after Susan’s monthly party. I checked with Diane and immediately said if the others were able to be there, we would too.

After a light supper, I turned to Diane, “do you want to play a bit more?”

“Yes, what do you have in mind?”

“Something I thought about on our way back. Just give me a few minutes to make some preparations.”

I went to the guest room, laid out a few toys what I wanted to use and picked up the blindfold. I returned to the living room, hugged Diane, and followed it with a long kiss that had us both getting hot. I placed the blindfold on her, took her to the guest room, and slowly and teasingly undressed her. I laid her out on the bed in a spread-eagle position. I loosely secured her cuffs to the four corners of the bed.

She wriggled saying ”These are a bit loose for your normal binding of me.”

“I know, but this is just the beginning. You now need to decide how many orgasms you want to have tonight.”

“At least three.”

“That is not acceptable. You need to say how many exactly.”

“Umm, how about five.”

“Five it is then. Your wish is my command. Now stretch out so you get yourself comfortable.”

I attached a small, thin rubber band that was not particularly strong to each of her nipple rings. I then tied a piece of string to each of these bands and ran them through pulleys and tied the other ends to each of her thumbs. I then attached clover clamps to her labia and ran further strings from them through more pulleys to her big toes.

“Here is your predicament and challenge. I am now going to give you the five orgasms you asked for using some toys. You can move around as much as you like, but if you move too much you will make it painful for yourself. If the clamps come off, or you break the connection to your nipple rings you will suffer a week in your belt for each one that comes off. However if all four come off before you have had your requested five orgasms, you will suffer five weeks in the belt for each orgasm that remains. So if you have had three orgasms, and then they all come off before your fourth, you will get ten weeks in the belt. If nothing breaks, then I get four weeks in my device and will have to give you ten orgasms a week.”

She groaned, wiggled her toes and thumbs and immediately felt the tugs on her sensitive parts. “You devious sod, but I’m ready, but please no tickling.”

“I had not planned on tickling you, but as you requested it so nicely by calling me a ‘devious sod’, I might even do that.”

Diane moaned, and I gently caressed her spread-eagled form, getting her purring and make pleasurable sounds. I leant down and kissed her all over her stomach and lower breasts and even flicked her nipples with the tip of my tongue. I played with her for a while before I started to tease her inner lips with a small thin vibrator. She gasped and immediately started release her sweet nectar that started to seep out of her pussy. I licked up the inside of her legs stopping just before her entrance. She let out a frustrated gasp each time I stopped, before I started to suck on her clit. As soon as I touched her clit, she jerked her feet, pulling on her pussy lips to a squeal of pain as she felt the effect of the pull. As she started to orgasm, she fought to keep still so as not to inflict any pain on her pussy lips or nipples. She came hard, but managed to keep still enough not to pull too hard on any of her attachments.

I let her recover from her orgasm before starting all over again, this time starting with a gentle tickle of her feet. She protested a little, before I changed the focus and touched the vibrator to her nipples which immediately had the effect of making her tug on them. I picked up a different vibrator and gently eased it in her to hum away at a low setting while I concentrated on her nipples. They became even harder and pronounced with all the attention I was giving her before I turned up the vibrator in her pussy to make her thrash around a bit, but her self control was remarkable as she felt the tugs on her pussy and nipples. I brought her to her second orgasm which came quickly.

This time I did not give her any time to recover and quickly brought her to a heightened state, but was able to stop the teasing before she came again. I continued teasing her and finally sucked on her clit so that she came crashing into a third orgasm. In her thrashing around, she pulled the clamp from her left pussy lip. I gently kissed her, and then concentrated on licking the pussy lip where the clamp had been.

I picked up the Hitachi wand, set it on high and placed it where I knew it was most effective. It was not long before she became hot and bothered again, just as a fourth orgasm started to crash through her. I left the wand in place, still on a high setting and she arched her back just as her fifth orgasm hit. She was thrashing around so much that she pulled hard on her nipples and the remaining clamp on her pussy. Once the orgasm was over, I removed the clamp, without any reaction from her. I quickly released all her other bonds, and held her tight until she recovered.

As she recovered from the last orgasm, she looked at me saying “WOW that was intense.” I hugged and kissed her for another few minutes, before letting her go and clean up.

As I was clearing up after our game, she returned from the bathroom holding her belt which she handed to me. “How many weeks have I got?”

“Just one.”

“Thank god, I thought they all came off during that last one.”

I laughed, “Well if you want five weeks, I am quite happy to lock you up for that time.”

“Nooooo, one week is quite enough, thank you.”

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