A proposal

We arrived at the party to find Susan in her usual place on the door. She took extra care checking toy bags as we entered, without letting on the reason.

On entering the relaxation area, we could see the reason. Dee was sat alongside the front wheel of Zack’s chair while they were chatting with another couple that we knew well. We greeted them warmly and joined in the conversation.

Later in the evening, Diane turned to me saying “time for you to have some fun.” We walked into the play area and to Diane’s delight the crucifix was free. She told me to strip down and wait for her facing the cross.

I waited at the cross in just my thong while she disappeared to the rest area. When she came back, she was accompanied by Dee. Diane blindfolded me and secured my wrists so that my arms were stretched out along the arms of the cross. “Time for payback from that stunt you pulled on me last week. I can’t wait until tomorrow when the belt comes off.

“Here is what is going to happen. Dee and I have one implement each. To start with, you have to guess the implement and who is wielding it. You need to get both parts right to finish the guessing game. Each wrong guess earns you 10 strokes of the implement you guessed wrong from that same person. Just to make it more fun, neither implement has come from the toy bag we brought in! Dee and I have agreed that the maximum number of strokes you can receive is 150 from each implement.”

I tensed up at this, cursing under my breath. I felt a crack on my ass and guessed Diane and a crop, only to be told I was wrong. I then felt a stinging thud between my shoulders guessing Diane and a thin leather flogger only to be told I was wrong again. After a few strokes had landed I managed to get the implements right, a dressage whip being wielded by Diane and a martinet wielded by Dee.

Once the guessing game had finished I was told I had earned 90 strokes with the martinet and 120 of the dressage whip. I was given the choice of which I would receive first, choosing the martinet. I was told “you do not have to count, as Zack is here and will be refereeing. If he does not think a stroke is hard enough, he will tell us so it can be repeated.”

I felt a line of fire across my ass as the first lash from Dee landed. As I was recovering the next lash landed on my upper back bringing a gasp. After I had mentally counted 40 strokes landing all over my back, I was given a short period to recover before Dee finished her allocation of strokes. My back felt on fire and I thought it must be bleeding as the lashes were delivered without mercy.

Diane whispered, teasingly “a really nice red back for me to work with. I hope I will be able to see all the nice welts from the dressage whip later.”

I felt the first sting of the whip land just at the top of my ass.  Diane had got it just right so only the little tip landed. I groaned as the next sting came from my left shoulder followed quickly by another on my left. I started to drift into the happy place as the endorphins started to kick in. I was drifting heavily and as the whip continued to keeping landing with a sting all over my back and ass, I felt myself falling into subspace. I was brought back with two vicious stings at the top of the backs of my legs.

Diane whispered to me “all over, you took that well.” She started to apply a soothing lotion before she released me. As there were no mirrors, I could not see the damage and would have to wait until we got back to Tom and Suzy’s home.

As we were leaving the party, Zack wheeled his chair over and said to Suzy “see you in the morning, about 11 OK?”


The next morning we were all up and Zack and Dee accompanied by Susan arrived exactly as 11 chimed on the clock in the hall.

After we had been served coffee, Zack started “I asked you all to be here for a good reason, other than being able to join you at the party which we both enjoyed. Unfortunately I was not able to play with Dee, but as she has a very sore ass from Thursday night, I don’t think she minded too much.”

Dee blushed, “No way could I have had any more attention there. By the way, how’s your back?”

I replied “Sore and I couldn’t sleep on my back, thanks to you and Diane.”

Zack continued “I need to tell you that tomorrow it is being announced that I am giving up all my business interests as my health is making it very difficult to continue. I do however need something to keep me occupied and this is why I asked for this get together. I know you all worked hard on the spanking machine and it is very effective, for which I am very thankful.”

Dee instantly replied, “My bum knows how effective it is.”

Zack laughed then continued “With all the interest that the book 50 shades has created there has been an upsurge in interest in BDSM and all things spanking related. I don’t want to upset any of you here, but I think the machine could become very profitable if you were to manufacture and sell it. I would also like, if you all agree, to help you in setting up this venture. Dee would also like to be involved, but due to her directorships she would have to be in the background.”

We all looked at him with jaws dropped, not knowing what to say.

Susan instantly said “It was made as a one off as a gift for you and Dee.”

“I know, and we both thank you, but as a business man, I see this as a marketable product, and my gift back is to see if you can make some money from it.”

“To help you to make a decision, I have an idea for you to consider. Why don’t we book a stall at each of the 4 major fetish markets in November, demonstrate it and ask for feedback from those present. I am happy to put up all the costs and expenses involved in the demonstrations.”

Kathy interrupted “In principle, it seems a good idea, but if we go one month, we will be expected to go again every month, and that will take up all our weekends.”

Zack replied, “I agree, however we need to find out what people think of it before we decide whether to go into production. Think of it as market research.”

A long discussion followed, and in the end it was agreed we would take his machine on the road. John was tasked with making the bookings under his business name, and explain to the organisers that this was a once only booking for market research purposes.

The first fair was the first week in November in Bristol. Zack booked us all into one of the best hotels, and I could see that the others were nervous about the idea of demonstrating a spanking machine. As we arrived at the venue on Sunday morning, the organiser looked askance when the nine of us turned up. Zack immediately said “don’t worry, here is the entrance money for all of us.” While handing over a few notes, the organiser looked a little relieved.

We set up the spanking bench and machine and put a sign behind us saying “5 spanks for £1, all money goes to the Spanner Trust.”

John and Kathy were ready with clipboards to get peoples comments as the first people started to browse around the stalls. As we knew we had to get people interested, Suzy was put on the bench and was given 10 light strokes of the cane. A crowd had gathered around to watch and the first couple were introduced to the machine. The sub was put on the bench and her master said I want 5 of the hardest cane strokes to be delivered as he flipped up her skirt. The instructions were programmed in, and the sub soon sported 5 vivid red lines across her bum. Each line was clearly defined. The sub only commented “that was hard.”

By the end of the day we had raised over £100 as most people who saw it had a go. The people who tried it were amazed at the way it worked and that it was so quiet. What was even more interesting was the number of comments about how well the spanking bench was made making Tom very happy indeed.”

We had the same reactions from the other three markets we went to and had managed to give the charity over £600 from our collections.

After the last fair in the North of England, Zack and Dee invited us all to come to their home in December for a weekend that would include time to do our Christmas shopping.

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4 Responses to A proposal

  1. Stranded says:

    Spanking bench…I knew I was in the wrong business…enjoyed this piece.


  2. Sounds like there will be some Christmas fun 😉

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