Secret Santa

Unusually for this series, I am able to use the prompt given by Rebel

We arrived for the weekend and had a sumptuous dinner that had been prepared by Dee. As we were all going shopping the following morning, Zack suggested a Secret Santa for the following night. The rules were that none of us could spend more than £10, and if you drew your partner, you had to put that name back into the draw, draw another person’s name and the present had to be BDSM related. The final rules were that it had to be used on Saturday night in the playroom after dinner and we could not say who we had drawn. We all drew one name each; with me drawing Kathy and Diane drew Zack.

At dinner on the following evening we were all chatty and when Dee served the coffee, she put down a wrapped package at each place. All the packages were in identical paper, and the label gave nothing away as to who the ‘buyer’ was.

Dee was the first to open a package to find a pair of knickers. They were fairly plain except the bit covering the ass which had a series of red lines embroidered on it. When you looked closely each line said “I have been very naughty.” Zack smiled “well that is very apt. We will have to ensure that the cheeks under them are as red as the lines.”

Next was Susan, who opened her package to find a pair of nipple charms. “Oohh those are really nice.” She then felt the underneath, saying “but then maybe not.” She showed us that there were a series of little spikes on the back of the charm.”

Tom opened his package to find an ornate solid wood ruler “umm that will be really useful in my workshop, especially if Suzy needs the odd swat.”

Suzy opened her package to reveal a gold coloured chain that split so that there were two pieces about 6 inches long with a clip at the end and a longer piece about two feet long. Suzy blushed as Tom said, “at last I can guide you along by your tits.”

John opened his present to reveal a wooden spoon and spatula set, in what looked like a really solid wood. He tested out the spatula on his hand accompanied by a painful sounding “whack”.

Kathy opened her package to reveal a couple of balls that had really sharp spikes sticking out that were suspended from a short string, obviously for hanging from her nipple rings. “Ouch” was her only comment.

My turn saw me slowly unwrapping a large spiked squishy ball with a leather thong running through it. It was clear that I would be silenced for part of the night when Diane said, “That will help keep you quiet.”

Diane opened her package to reveal what looked like a roller for sticking down the edges of wall paper, but instead of being smooth had a large number of sharp spikes. I shuddered as she said “even better than a normal pin wheel, especially on a nice red ass.”

Zack was the last to open his present, and he found a mat with a lot of dull spikes sticking out of it. “What am I supposed to do with this?”

Sue and Diane immediately replied together “sit on it bare cheeked!”

We made our way to the playroom to find it comfortably warm with suitable music playing in the background, and Dee invited us all to strip to our underpants and for the ladies knickers as we would probably be unclothed later anyway. She changed into the new pair of knickers that she had unwrapped earlier. Susan winced as she put on the nipple charms behind her piercings. Dee helped Zack, and when he was ready put the mat on his chair for him.

It was only when she turned around that Diane noticed a difference “Wow, when did you get those done.” Obviously referring to the bright gold nipple rings that Dee was sporting.

Dee replied “it was about a month ago.”

Zack then said “go on explain them to everyone.”

“It was quite simple; I had accumulated a large number of punishment strokes and tasks. Zack has always wanted me to get them pierced, but I had been reluctant. After seeing all of yours, I warmed to the idea but he made my ass pay. We agreed that if I had them pierced I could lose fifty tasks per nipple, however in addition, for each piercing, I would get 50 paddle swats added to my punishment strokes of the cane. When we were at the party, I had received my paddling a few days before and was still very sore. He has said that I can have the same arrangement if I get my pussy pierced, but it will be 100 strokes of a thin leather thong per piercing and he decides what is to be pierced.”

Zack then asked “what is the count now?”

Dee replied with a smile “Only thirty cane strokes and ten tasks.”

Laughing Zack said, “Well we can get three of the tasks and any punishments done tonight. But you still have the some fish to catch!”

He called Susan over, whispered in her ear as she grinned. Susan then said to Dee “Zack has asked me to help you with the ‘Long arms’ task.”

“OK over to the crucifix with you.”

They both went to the crucifix that was attached the main pillar in the room.

Dee waited while Susan found a suitable length of rope, and then tied Dee’s torso and legs to the pillar. She adjusted the height of the arm of the crucifix to the height of Dee’s shoulders and secured them. “Here are the weights.” Handing Dee a couple of 2 kg training weights.

Zack then said “The task is simple; you have to stretch your arms out and hold the two weights so that they are at or above the arm of the cross for fifteen minutes. I will be watching and if your wrists drop below the arm of the crucifix I will warn you, and if they do not get raised back up you will get penalty strokes of an implement of my choosing at punishment level at the rate of one every five seconds your wrists are not in the right position. Any questions?”

Dee nervously replied “No.”

“OK time starts when you raise your arms to the required level.”

Dee quickly raised her arms, and did not get warned for the first five minutes, however after ten minutes she was struggling to keep her arms up receiving repeated warnings. As she passed the twelve minute stage she just dropped her arms, knowing she would get the strokes. Once the allotted time had passed she was released from her bindings and allowed to rest.

Zack said, “not bad, but you only managed 12 minutes in total so that is 36 strokes to come.”

I held back a giggle, but Diane had heard me and was not amused. “That is unworthy of you; I am tempted to make you receive the same strokes she has totaled up. In fact I will, and you can receive them from me before she gets her punishment.”

I gulped as I had no idea what Zack was going to use on her, and it sounded as I was in for a sore bum.

A few minutes later, on being asked whether she was ready for her next task, Dee confirmed she was. “The next task is ‘Crawl’. It is very simple, here are two keys to padlocks, however only one will work. You will be in a moderate hogtie, you have to crawl over to far corner to pick up the key, if it works you can release yourself and hobble back to me. If it does not work, you will have to crawl back for release. For every minute over you get another stroke, for every minute under, I get five strokes of the cane delivered by you. You have fifteen minutes in total. Now let’s get you hogtied.”

We all helped get her cuffs properly secured, connected together her wrists and ankles, and finally helped into a moderate hogtie using a chain with a single padlock between her wrists.

She chose which key was to be in the corner, and was allowed to start. She wriggled her way across the floor and reached the key. She fiddled with the lock and to her surprise it opened, so she quickly managed to stand up and hobbled back to Zack.

Zack smiling nervously said “That was well done; it took you a total of nine minutes, so you get to cane me later.”

As it is the season of goodwill, I am going to give you a chance to reduce the number of fish you have to catch. This task is called ‘Dice’.

“I have a pair of dice here. I will roll the pair of dice. You have to predict whether the next roll is higher or lower, if it is the same, the dice are rolled again. Each person here will take it in turns to roll them, so if you get all seven predictions right you will not have to catch any fish! But as is usual, if you get it wrong there is a penalty, which is to add another fish to the total or take the number of my roll of the dice as swats of the leather strap.”

John said to Kathy, “why don’t we play along, except we cannot both predict the same result except on a 2 or 12 roll and we take it in turns to make the first choice. The loser between us is the one who gets the most predictions wrong.”

Suzy quickly added that she and Tom would play along, and Diane volunteered us. Susan said she would accept the same delivered by Dee.

Zack frowned when he saw just he had only a 2. We all laughed nervously as Susan was invited to roll the dice as we all predicted higher. Susan rolled a seven. Dee said higher, and all the ladies followed suit. The dice were passed to Diane who rolled three, much to the annoyance of the girls, especially as they had all had the first guess. In unison the men decided to go higher as the dice were passed to John who rolled an eight.  Diane and Kathy chose to predict higher whilst the rest went lower and the dice were passed to Tom who rolled a nine. All of the men chose lower as Kathy picked up the dice and rolled a six. Diane and Dee chose to go lower, while the others chose higher. I rolled the dice and the score was another 2. The dice were passed to Suzy who managed to roll another 7. As this was the last one, I chose lower as did Tom and Dee. Dee was handed the dice and managed to roll a 4.

Dee immediately said she would take the eight strokes due as she hated fishing even though she still had 4 to catch.

As there was a tie between them, Kathy passed one dice to John and said, we will roll and the highest wins. Unfortunately for John he lost and  was the only man to lose and faced 6 strokes while Susan was due 8, Suzy 10 and Diane 8 swats of the strap.

To be continued next week

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  1. Such a lot of sexy holiday fun and great that you could use the prompt 🙂

    Rebel xox

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