Settled Debts

The spankings from the Secret Santa and other games are delivered.

Once all the swats had been totted up, Zack commented “the horse and bench are going to be busy tonight!”

To which Diane countered “not as sore as his ass,” pointing at me.

Dee asked “how come?”

“He tried hard not to giggle when you earned the 36 strokes of an implement of Zack’s choosing for failing on the Long arms task. I think maybe you should administer them for me.”

“I’d be delighted” replied Dee.

Zack giggled and said, “OK, my implement of choice was going to be Dee’s favourite paddle, but instead I think Dee can choose which one she is to feel.”

Dee looked astonished, “that is crafty, if it was just my bum on the line it would be an easy choice, but as it is both our bums on the line, I will still go for wood, it will be the naughty stick we receive.”

Diane instructed me to go to the vaulting horse. She brought over the ball I had received in the Secret Santa, and gagged me. Whilst it was soft is, the spikes made for an uncomfortable feeling if I tried to clench my jaws. Tom then said to Suzy, “it is about time you wore your present” and John said the same to Kathy.

Diane said, before Dee gets to use the naughty stick, I am going to warm your ass up and give you my little dose of punishment for that giggle.

I felt the gentle spanks as she started the warm up. As they got harder, I could feel my ass reddening. And when she had finished the warm up, there was a pleasant tingle of a gently spanked bum. She paused for a few a short while before showing me the leather paddle she planned to use.

She walked behind me and as I heard a loud smack, I felt the sting of leather meeting my ass. I tried to moan but all that came out was a muffled sigh. Another smack on the same spot definitely would have had me kicking back except for the restraints securing my ankles to the horse. I gritted my teeth as best as I could as the next few loud smacks rang around the room. When Diane had finished it felt like my ass was on fire, and I knew it was definitely going to be a dark red colour.

Dee was beckoned over and she showed me the naughty stick. It was about three feet long, two inches wide and about quarter of an inch thick, before showing me the business end, which had my eyes open wide in alarm as there was a series of holes drilled through it.

Dee moved around and tapped my bum lightly before I heard a crack as the wood made contact with my ass. It took a moment for the contact to register and started as a thud that then turned into an agonising sting. As the sting reduced to a dull ache, a series of rapid cracks were heard and one side of my ass was ablaze with fire as the thuds turned into the burning sting.

Dee paused for a short while before another series of cracks were heard and my other cheek burned with the sting. I had tears streaming from my eyes as Dee paused again, before a further rapid series of burning strokes landed on alternate cheeks.  A further pause allowed me to process the pain, before the loudest whack came and I howled as the pain was felt. The endorphins kicked in as I started to float into the happy zone.

Diane cradled my head whispering in my ears. She got up, reached behind her and then started to roll her new pinwheel down my back. I felt all the pins of the wide roller as it made its way down to my ass. The first contact with my red ass had me squirming from the contact. This carried on for a few minutes as I was pushed into subspace and felt no pain, just pleasure from all the sensations.

As I regained my senses, I found I was in the comfortable sofa snuggled up to Diane being stroked gently. I shook my head, and eventually managed to blurt out a thank you . She smiled at me, noticing my arousal and said “you better save that for the moment, as there is a lot more asses that need to be reddened.”

She pointed over to the spanking bench as Zack was being helped on to it. Dee lovingly held him as the others help position his ankles ready for the restraints to be locked on. I heard the click and saw Zack try to move his wrists away. Dee slowly walked over to the wall and selected a short whippy cane. She approached Zack, gently tapped his ass, stopped and got the machine out. John went over, helped her with the controls.

Dee said to Zack, “now you can feel the effectiveness of this machine.”

Before he could say anything, a whack was heard and a vivid red line appeared. This continued until he had received all of his fifteen strokes of the cane. He was released from the bench and helped back into his chair and grimaced as his now striped ass met the spiked mat.

As he settled down, he turned to us and said, “That was worse than any caning I got at school.”

There were still a number of penalties to be delivered, and Dee said, “I hope it is all right with you all, but can I be the last to be dealt with?”

Kathy motioned to John to go over to the horse that I had been bent over, while Dee collected the strap. John was not restrained and Kathy leant over him and said “there are only six to come, but they will count.”

She stood up, winced as the spiked balls hanging from her nipple rings made contact with her ample breasts. She tapped his ass, before a Crack was heard. A patch of red appeared on one of John’s cheeks as another crack of leather meeting a bare ass was heard. Another four cracks of leather later, John stood up, rubbing his ass gently.

Tom lifted the end of Suzy’s lead, and guided her to the horse laying her over it, and let the lead go so it pulled her nipples. She refused the use of restraints and Tom reddened her ass nicely with his ruler. “This is a warm up so you know what will happen if you disturb me in the workshop”.

After her bum was a nice shade of pink, he administered her ten strokes of the strap. Each time her ass felt the kiss of the strap, she wriggled around and pulling on her nipples as the chain moved too. She winced each time as the assault on her ass was transferred to her nipples.

Susan turned to Diane, and said “I do not think he is in a suitable frame of mind to be able to properly administer your strokes.” She turned to Dee, “will you substitute for him?”

As Dee smiled and replied “of course.” I saw Diane’s smile fade into a look of concern for her ass.

Dee got Susan to help her move the horse closer to the spanking bench. Susan took Diane over to the spanking bench, and restrained her before draping herself over the horse. Dee approached Susan, delivered a stinging swat with the strap that had her lifting up. Dee stepped over to Diane and delivered another stinging swat before returning to Susan. This carried on until all eight swats had been delivered to both Susan and Diane.

Diane was released and she came back to the sofa with watery eyes. She snuggled up to me “I didn’t realise how hard Dee can play; now I know how much you took.”

Kathy looked askance as John said “It is your turn now, I have those nice kitchen implements to try out.” Kathy went over to the horse and waited as John warmed her bum up with his hand. Once the warm up was finished he started with the spatula on her left ass cheek turning it into a mass of bright red skin. He put the spatula down, picked up the spoon and delivered the first strike, producing a rounded welt. This continued as he landed a series of swats that each produced its own individual welt. When he finished, there were a series of visible round red welts peppering her right cheek.

Zack turned to Dee as he reminded her that she still had her strokes to go. He ushered her over to the spanking bench and once her wrists and ankles were secured, he got the spanking machine lined up. “What order do you want for the implements?”

Dee sheepishly replied “strap, cane then naughty stick please.”

Zack invited Susan to warm her ass up with her hand, as Dee would be receiving a lot of attention there. Once the warm up was complete, the strap was put on the machine and the first stroke landed producing a loud yelp. The remaining seven strokes produced equally loud yelps. Zack gave her a couple of minutes rest as he changed the implements to the cane. He pressed the button to star it and the first stroke landed. “OWWWWWWWW” came from Dee as it landed. This was repeated every time until all her thirty strokes landed.

Zack lovingly stroked her now red, lined ass and said, here is the last part, and set the machine going to deliver all 36 strokes of the naughty stick in rapid fire. It took less than a minute, and Dee was writhing in pain as the last one landed. Zack immediately released her and cradled her head as she recovered from the shock of the very fast paced assault on her ass. When she had calmed down and her breathing returned to normal, she reached back and gingerly stroked her ass, wincing as she accidently raked a nail over one of the welts. She reached over hugged him and kissed him hard.

I heard her loud whisper “Get me to bed now, I am horny as hell and need to ride you hard.”

She stood up, quickly said goodnight to us and left the playroom with Zack following in his wheelchair.
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4 Responses to Settled Debts

  1. A very hot write and wonderful spanking story.

  2. mskjoy says:

    I love these stories. This is one I think I could handle and really enjoy. I love a good spanking!

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