New Year games

When we have a quiet weekend, we decide that we will have some really sexy kinky fun. Over the last few months Diane has become much more interested in exploring her submissive side. This has meant I have had to become more comfortable being the top. It has been an interesting learning experience for both of us and whilst this has affected the dynamics of our relationship, it has also made us a lot closer as a couple.

One of our New Year resolutions was to play more, with card and board games being the way to determine who would be top or bottom. We agreed on the following basic rules:-

  • The games are only played at a weekend.
  • The winner of the game would be the top.
  • The roles would last for a minimum of a week and not more than five.
  • Punishments may only be earned whilst in the role of bottom.
  • The top decides when to play a game.
  • The top draws one slip of paper from the “games” jar.
  • The game drawn has to be played.
  • Changes to these rules may only be discussed after a game had been drawn and before being played.
  • Either of us could add new games to the jar at any time.
  • The game must be played within an hour of being drawn.

When the first weekend of the New Year came round, we were busy all day Saturday with chores and shopping before going out for dinner with friends, so could only play the game on the Sunday. We played Rock, Paper, and Scissors to determine who would draw the first game. I was fortunate to win with a Rock to Diane’s Paper. I drew the card game Cribbage and decided it would be the best of five games. As we both play the local pub league, we are fairly evenly matched so it would be an interesting contest.

Whilst we were getting ready for the game I got a piece of paper and a pen ready. When Diane frowned at this, I said “If I win, the number games you win will be the maximum number of orgasms you can have each day, and the points difference between us will determine the number of  hand spanks after a warm up you will receive each week.”

Diane countered, “Well if I win, you will be in your chastity device for as many weeks as games I win. The points difference will be the weekly number of cane strokes I will deliver.”

We cut the cards and I dealt the first hand. We were both playing well and the first game was very close with both of us just 8 points away from winning before the last hand was dealt. I dealt the last hand to find that mine was terrible. Diane had just as bad a hand as me, and after it was played, she was still one point short of winning. I managed to pick up the necessary points to win the game. The next three games were fairly close and the match was level at two games each. The last game was not as close and I finished winning by 30 points. I totted up the total points difference to find that she was due 48 hand spanks a week.

I reminded her that she was now restricted to 2 orgasms a day until the next game. I held in my arms and reassured her before saying “You are the sub for the next few weeks. I am not going to be too harsh, but you will find it an interesting and fulfilling experience.”

I sent her to collect together her cuffs, blindfold, IPod, her bullet and butterfly vibrators, some rope and the restraints for the door. She came back into the room with the items she had gathered together. I had to send her off (with a spank on her ass) to get the blindfold which she had forgotten. I then had her strip off all her clothing.

I spent some time teasing her, building her up to the edge of her orgasm on three occasions before finally letting her come. After a short recovery time it was getting late in the evening so I put her cuffs on and told her to go to the bathroom as this would be the last opportunity until the morning. When she returned I told her to stand by the door. I reached up, attached the door restraints and closed the door. I had her stand facing the door and restrained her wrists to the top.

I then said “this is where it gets interesting for you.”

I inserted the bullet vibrator and secured the butterfly so that it nestled in just the right place to tease her clit. I tied a piece of string from her big fingers to each of her nipples so any movement would pull on them.

I placed a spiked mat under her heels and then bound her legs tightly together and whispered “these ropes do not come off until we get up tomorrow morning. I am going to watch the sports highlights in a minute, and that finishes at around midnight. I will release your wrists and then take you to bed. In the meantime the vibrators will be going strong as I put new batteries in whilst you were getting the blindfold. You are only allowed to come once before midnight. Shortly after midnight, when I am ready, I will take you to our bed, but you will not know when that will be as the IPod will be on random. If you come more than once before midnight, I will deliver your spanking and 48 severe paddle strokes for cumming before you go to work.”

“Please sir, I have that meeting with the big boss tomorrow morning.”

“I know, so you don’t want to be sitting on a sore ass do you?”

She said nothing so I fitted the earplugs, set the IPod playing and started the vibrators on a low level.

I settled down on the couch, playing with the vibrator remotes until the programme started. I heard her moaning as I turned the butterfly vibrator on high for a couple of minutes. I turned it down a little so that it was teasing her as she struggled not to cum. Every time there was some action, I turned one of the vibrators on high to keep her entertained. About half way through the programme whilst the vibrators were on a medium setting I heard the sounds of her cumming hard. She slumped in her wrist restraints briefly before she stood up again properly. For the rest of the programme I tormented her with the vibrators. About five minutes before the end, I turned both vibrators on high. She struggled to fend off another orgasm, but eventually she squealed with delight, let out a long “YYYYYYYYYYYYYYEEEEEEEEEESSSSSSSSSSSSSS” and slumped down. The programme ended a minute later so I quickly turned off the TV, released her wrists from the door restraints and carried her to our bed. I went to the bathroom, before cuddling up to her in a spooning position.

I woke up, untied Diane’s legs and had my morning shower. As I came back in the bedroom, she asked “how did I do?”

“Not too bad. Now go and get showered.”

She got up, had a quick shower, and came into the room looking her beautiful self. I embraced her before letting her get dressed. As I prepared our breakfast, I got the paddle from our den and placed it on the table in front of her place.

As Diane entered the kitchen she saw the paddle on the table and sheepishly had her breakfast. When she had finished, I invited her to lay over my lap and I rapidly gave her ass a warm up before delivering her 48 stinging hand spanks. By the time I had finished she was wriggling all over my lap.

I then picked up the paddle, stroked her now warm cheeks saying “another two minutes and you would not be getting these.” I laid down the first stinging swat and she started to kick her legs. I hooked my right leg over her calves and delivered the remaining swats. I let her get up and as she was reached for her knickers, I said “you don’t need those today, hand them over.”

She was about to protest, but thought better of it. “Ugh, now I have to meet the boss with a sore ass, a not very long skirt and no knickers. You rotten sod, being knicklerless in this itchy skirt is bad enough on its own.”

Next week find out how Diane got on at her meeting.
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5 Responses to New Year games

  1. mskjoy says:

    I like these kind of games, a lot! Someone just told me, they would like to do pretty much the same thing with me. If it is as hot as this, I’m going for it,

  2. A very enjoyable wicked game and fun read.

  3. Maybe I should have played some of these games on New Years Eve 😉

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