Monday with a Difference

Following a spanking and a dose of the paddle, Diane has to go a meeting with the boss without any knickers on wearing an itchy skirt.

Diane got up, adjusted her skirt and finished getting ready for her meeting at the head office of Bustards stores. When she was ready, I picked up the car keys and offered her a lift. She looked puzzled until I said “my meeting this morning is also in Croydon, so I can take you there.”

During the journey Diane was unable to sit still until I told her “look at this journey as practice for keeping still in your meeting. Any more movement will earn another spanking tomorrow morning before you leave for work.”

Diane managed to keep still for the rest of the journey and she was surprised when I parked up in the visitors car park and got out of the car. “What’s up, you don’t have to come in.”

“Oh but I do, I have a meeting here too, but I don’t know what it is all about yet. My boss just told me on Friday that I needed to be here for 9.30, so I am a little early.”

We both presented ourselves at reception and Diane quickly signed in and was asked to go up to the executive suite. A few minutes later I was also escorted up to the top floor and ushered into a large office.

I was very surprised to see Dee sitting there with Diane around a meeting table. Dee invited me to sit down. A few moments later a distinguished gentleman joined us. He opened the meeting “Thank you both for coming this morning.  I am Andy Birchall and chairman of Bustards. Please call me Andy.”

He continued, “we in Bustards have come across a major problem. We do not know how bad or how extensive the problem is. Charles, I know you were asked by the senior partner in your division to come here today, all he knows is that we need your expertise. You will still be working for him and reporting to him. The work you do here will be on behalf of Bustards and you will be reporting to Dee and myself only. Diane, you have been selected to from the shop floor staff to help Charles with this special task. Dee will explain more in a minute. However, as of now, neither of you may sell or buy any shares of the company until Wednesday when there will be an announcement to the Stock Exchange.”

Andy got up and left the meeting. When he had left Dee turned to Diane “what is the matter as you are fidgeting a lot?”

Diane blushed as I nodded to her, then said “I lost a card game last night and am now a sub for at least one week. I got a spanking and paddling this morning before we left home. What is worse is that I have no knickers and this skirt itches like hell.”

Dee smiled, “So it is not just my ass that got attention this morning. We did not have much time for play last week so Zack had me forgo my usual exercise routine today and instead I was given a mild but long session with the cane.

“Anyway, let’s get down to business. As you will know, I built up this small chain of department stores through hard work. I then sold 75% of the shares to allow those who put up the initial money to cash in. Zack and I held on to the remainder. When I left the business five years ago to pursue other interests I kept hold of my shares. In the last three years Zack has bought a significant number of shares and between us we now just under 50% of them. I was persuaded to rejoin the board a year ago as a non-executive director. Following this, I was not entirely happy with the way the company was being run, but there was nothing I could put my finger on. It was only when you, Diane, said that the HR manager was an idiot did it hit me what the problem could be.

“When I carried out the task of buying the vibrator, I was not entirely honest with you about what happened, and that is what got me the sore ass this morning. What actually happened was simple. After the meeting I drove to the store where you worked, donned my wig and saw you and a few others at work. What really got to me was one of your colleagues having to pass a customer over to another so she could get her lunch break and in doing so could have lost a lot of commission.”

Diane added “That is nothing unusual, we have to have our breaks on the exact timings agreed with the supervisor whether we like it or not.”

Dee commented, “I realised this and raised it with the HR manager. At the next board meeting I raised the issue as a piece of other business. The MD was not looking happy, and after a little digging over the last few weeks, the chairman, the audit committee and I have looked at this in much more detail. Following our investigations, a special board meeting was held and the Managing Director was asked to retire with immediate effect. I have agreed to act as Managing Director for the next year, and we will be looking for a new person during that time.”

Diane exclaimed “Christ!” and immediately blushed.

I just interjected with “Six.”

Dee looked amused asking “Six?”

Diane answered “six with the cane as I swore whilst a sub!”

Dee looked at me “you better not tell Zack, otherwise I will have a really sore ass everyday for the next few weeks.

“Anyway, the reason you two are here is that I want you both to help me rebuild the company into the values we originally had. Charles, your role is to dig and find out all the problems, and then report on them to me.

Diane, you are being asked to take on a special role, to talk to staff, helping with review. Also during the next year, you will be involved in setting up and delivering a training programme for all staff, and the digging you do will help, so you will not have to lie about what you are doing. Although I would have liked to make you Head of Training, this would hamper you in the work I need you to do, so there will be a new appointment and they will help you put together the training programme. You will be involved in the selection process so that you can feel comfortable with the person taking on that job.

“Now, before you say anything, Zack has asked me to give you this letter, I do not know its contents, however I have been instructed to give it to you at this point. I will leave you to read the letter and discuss what is on offer.”

Dee got up and left the room. We opened the letter to find a hand written note from Zack.

Dee will have given you a brief outline of what she wants both of you to do in the company. On Wednesday, we will be able to buy sufficient shares to be able to have a majority interest. We will then have much more control and can make the necessary decisions quickly. Your work is essential in getting the stores back on their feet. For Charles, this will be a temporary assignment, however for Diane this will be much more long term with her new proposed role.

Please accept the offers as made and if at the end of the year, Diane, you wish to revert back to your original position, we will fully respect the decision. Diane will also have the opportunity to “punish the boss” when we get together with the others at our home or other setting!

Further, I would like to incorporate a little entertainment for everyone, especially for Dee. Diane, as we close on Sundays, I want you to help arrange a party at our country estate where all staff and their families are invited. I would like this to have a medieval theme with a pillory in which we can put Dee, and I will let you work out how I will be involved. Dee has been told that there will be a staff party and that it will be arranged using a specialist party planner. She does not know who the planner is (Susan has accepted the role) or the theme I have suggested and I would like you to keep that to yourselves for the moment. Tom has agreed to make any props that are needed. John and Kathy will also be involved, so it should be fun for all of us.


Zack (PTO)

Diane and I spent about half an hour discussing the offer made to her, and whilst she was a little nervous, she felt she could do it. Dee came back when we were ready. Diane accepted the position before we showed her Zack’s note on the back of the letter.

If you accept the roles, I would like you to keep a tally of Dee’s swearing, as she can get a bit carried away when conducting business. I will arrange for suitable punishments to be administered. You can show this bit of the letter to her.

Dee’s reaction with a half smile was “sh*t, sh*t, sh*t, and double sh*t. I am now going to have a permanent F***ing sore bum.”

Diane said “4 S and one F words! You are definitely going to have a sore ass.”

Dee then said, “Tomorrow, can you both meet me at Biggin Hill at 9.00 and bring ski jackets and your passport. I need you both when I interview the current head of HR who is holidaying there. Charles you better go to your office and see your boss. Diane can go back to your usual store, and see the store manager, who I will brief before you get there. Oh, Diane when you are not in a store, you don’t have to wear uniform so you can spend £750 on suitable office clothing today on the company.”
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6 Responses to Monday with a Difference

  1. I wonder how many times she will swear and how hard she will be punished 😉

  2. I think this form of punishment may be more effective than a swear box!
    Rachel x

  3. My ass would have permanent welts if we kept a tally of my swearing… Whoops! There’s one more!

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